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Proving Dark Energy is an inflationary force by showing its function in the form

Proving Dark Energy is an inflationary force by showing its function in the formation of Super Clusters.

By T.S. Hagerty

The Expanding Universe theory came about with Einstein’s general theory of relativity and Hubble’s discovery that the Universe was growing larger. At that time; it was believed nothing existed beyond our universe; therefore it was generally accepted that the Universes’ growth must be due to expansion. For the last Ninety years scientist have been operating on the theory that our universe is expanding without any evidence to actually support their belief.

With String Theory comes the possibility of Multiple Dimensions. The possibility that there might be some interaction between those dimensions must be considered. I propose our universe is inflating. That Dark Energy is an inflationary force; and Dark Energy is pouring in to our Universe from a higher Dimension. The proof of my statement is in the formations of the Super Clusters observed in our telescopes; and I am now presenting two scientific experiments that can be conducted to prove, or disprove, my supposition that the expansion of our universe is not a response to some unidentifiable dark energy event, but is a reaction to the inflationary forces created by its movement through the dimensional planes from a micro environment to a macro environment.

The creation of tidal force through heat exchange

The first experiment is a low tech, low budget test that shows how a simple variance in thermal energy over a prolong period can have monumental effects on the medium in which those energies exist. The Second experiment is a computer simulation of Dark Energy as an inflationary force that shows it is capable of duplicating the forms of the Super Clusters now attributed to Dark Matter.

The first experiment is a pot filled with 3 cups of water and 2 ounces of vegetable oil. The purpose of this simple experiment is to show what a small amount of force can do when given a sufficient amount of time.

Most pots are created through casting. Casting is the process of placing a small disk of metal on top of a mold and placing several tons of pressure on the disk to stretch it around the mold and cast it into the shape desired. During the casting process most pots and pans will develop microscopic imperfections in the metal. Especially in older pans, created before the material purity and/or casting process was perfected.

When heat is applied to a typical pan to bring the water to a simmer, these imperfections will allow hot spots to form on the bottom of the pan and corresponding surface of the water that is being boiled. The associated bubbles from these hot spots will be larger and stronger and will produce positive pressure waves that push the smaller bubbles away and force them together into groups.

Because of the viscosity of the liquid due to the oil placed in the water, these bubbles will slide up on top of each other and create three dimensional forms; and as this experiment is reproduce it will show that these bubbles are going to, repeatedly, take similar forms to the Super Clusters observed in the night sky.

As stated earlier; this experiment is meant to show that the formation of the Galactic Star Clusters could be due to Tidal Forces and not Dark Matter and therefore Dark energy as an inflationary force must be considered as a possibility.

A computer model for creating superclusters

The second experiment provides a method to exactly duplicate the Formation of the Super Clusters by using a computer program that can create a three dimensional model of an inflationary process that can duplicate the Super cluster formations.

The first programming step is to create thousands of small round globes; spaced evenly apart, to form a large three dimensional cube.

The next step is to program the computer to select at least six, and up to forty, random locations within the cube and from those locations generate positive pressure waves that radiate outwards in all directions.

The pressure waves should carry along any of the globes they come in contact with as they inflate.

The program should end when the edge of the pressure waves meet in the center of the cube.

As you repeat this computer simulation with more and more globes and pressure points, you are going to find formations similar, if not exactly like the Galactic Filaments and their Super Clusters. These basic pressure waves are going to show how Galactic Filaments and Super Clusters are made.

However; I predict that many of the Filaments and Super Clusters are forming in response to hundreds, even thousands of pressure waves; many of those waves, having formed inside the voids of existing waves. Once the results of these random inflation points come close to an existing Filament/Super Cluster formation; it will only take a small amount of experimentation to figure out if a particular inflation point needs to be moved “closer or farther away”, or “higher or lower” within the cube in order to reproduce exact results. Once these adjustments are better understood it will be possible to generate a computer simulation of an inflationary event that is capable of reproducing any Galactic Filaments and their Super Cluster formations precisely.

But even this is not the proof you’re looking for. The Proof is in the fact that with every Super Cluster you reproduce with a simulation, you will also reproduce the associated voids that go with them. It is the voids that surround the clusters that can only be created by the positive inflation points of the dark energy that is pouring into this universe, and not just the clusters themselves.

Because Gravity gets weaker with distance. The only way to promote the formation of Super Clusters as the result of Dark Matter is to create an arbitrary change in how Gravity works around the clusters in order to explain their formation by Dark Matter; as well as the formation of the associated voids. But an inflationary universe explains the formation of the Super Clusters and the voids while using the known laws of physics.

I no longer see vast empty space between the galaxies. I see large pockets filled with the energy from dimensions beyond our own.

T. S. Hagerty


The Universe within 1 billion Light Years showing The Neighboring Superclusters from Atlasoftheuniverse. ://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/superc.html

The images above & below highlights just some of the spacial points radiating positive pressure that is squeezing the Galaxies into the formation like the Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex through the inflationary processes of Dark Energy. Glancing back and forth helps visualize the results; even without all the inflation points highlighted.

A Unified Theory based on an inflationary universe.

The following questions must be answered by any unified theory of creation.

p<>{color:#000;}. What caused the big bang?

p<>{color:#000;}. What caused the rapid inflation of the universe micro-seconds after the big bang?

p<>{color:#000;}. What caused the rapid inflation to end?

p<>{color:#000;}. What is the Dark Energy which is causing the universe to expand?

p<>{color:#000;}. What is causing the universe to expand faster now than it was after the big bang?

p<>{color:#000;}. What stripped gravity away from the other fundamental forces at the beginning of creation?

p<>{color:#000;}. What is dark matter?

p<>{color:#000;}. Why does light move at light speed, and how can light act as both a particle and a wave?

p<>{color:#000;}. Why does mass increase as objects go faster?

This section answers questions 1,2,3,4 & 5

The best way to understand creation is to think of it as a large sphere; billions of light years in diameter, with a singularity at its center. The Big Bang was a reaction to a critical mass event at the core of this singularity; and the period of rapid inflation occurred as the contents of that critical mass event were thrown outside the singularity and equalized with the energies surrounding it. Once this equalization was complete our universe began a slower inflation rate as the energies from the higher dimensions filtered into our existence in a process of energy equilibrium. It is the movement of our universe from the micro environment at the center of this sphere outward to its macro circumference that can best describe the process of our continued existence. Since creation itself is a sphere, for each degree it moves outward our universe doubles in size; and will continue to double with each degree of Equilibrium. This analogy also explains why the universe is expanding faster now than it was after the big bang.

To understand this process better; consider our sun. Solar energy is created deep within the core of the Sun. At the core; temperature and pressure is so intense that nuclear reactions take place. Energy generated in the Sun’s core takes a million years to reach the surface before being released as heat and light. This energy defies the sun’s gravity as it rises from the core to the surface, before being released into the solar system; and because the sun is round, the energy created at the core expands to a greater diameter as it rises towards the surface.

To illustrate this in a more down to earth explanation I will use a water/air analogy. Imagine seeing a lava vent at the bottom of the ocean just when it releases a burst of hot gas. The heat from the gas would boil the surrounding water and create a steam pocket around the gas bubble and in the first micro-seconds of existence the bubble of Gas would go through a period of rapid inflation as it equalized to the surrounding pressure at the bottom of the ocean. Once the bubble equalized to the surroundings its rapid inflation would end but its expansion would continue at a much slower rate as the bubble rose towards the surface. However, because the pressure of the ocean would drop as the bubble rises; its rate of expansion would seem to increase the higher the bubble rose.

This section answers questions 6 & 7

Gravity was never stripped away from the other fundamental forces. Gravity did not exist following the big bang because the hot plasma gas within our universe was not dense enough. It was only after the hot plasma cooled enough to begin forming particles; and those particles began to form denser elements that they began to contract the fabric of space/time and it is this contraction that we call gravity. As these elements began to effect the fabric of our universe they began to draw in the lighter elements and remaining particles into their orbit, with dark energy pushing from without and the dense elements pulling from within; the vast majority of our universe was forged into billions of black holes. The formation of these black holes and the spinning of the space around them is what created the stables condition that allowed the remaining mass of the universe to create the galaxies that exist today.

To explain this better, we must go back to the water/air analogy. If you could see inside the bubble from the moment it was created you would see the millions of hot gaseous particles which make up the bubble. These gas particles would have been drawn throughout the bubble as it went through its period of rapid inflation and as the bubble continued to expand, the steam surrounding the bubble would start mixing with the particles; causing them to cool and begin forming heavier and heavier molecules as they went through different compositions in response to the cooling process.

These heavier molecules would naturally sink to the bottom of the bubble, but because they are not heavy enough to break through its surface tension they would continue to rise with the bubble. However their weight would stretch the bubbles cohesive membrane where they came in contact with it. The heavier the molecules the more the bubbles’ cohesive membrane would be affected.

Furthermore; because the steam is pouring into the gas bubble from all sides, most of the gas particles would be pushed along by tidal forces until the fell into the orbit of the larger molecules. It would only take a short time before the gas bubble was replaced by a handful of large molecules, hundreds of smaller particles and steam. The lighter particles would either be pushed along by the steam until they fell in with the heavy molecules or they would become stuck on the edge of the cohesive membrane of the bubble itself.

Assume you were the size of an ameba and born inside this bubble. If you could move along the inner surface of the bubble, where it was being stretched by one of the heavier molecules; you would perceive, from your point of view; that the molecule was producing Gravity and the lighter particles were in orbit around the heavier molecule. The closer you moved to the molecule the stronger its pull would become and the harder it would be for you to move away. The effect this heavier molecule would have on the fabric of the bubble would be exactly the effect a large mass has on the fabric of space/time; and from your perspective you would conclude that the molecule is responsible for the gravitational forces being created. You might also calculate how much mass was needed to create the bubble and in viewing your surroundings you might also conclude that much of the mass within the bubble was missing, but without fully understanding the process of the bubble creation or the possibility that the steam within the bubble came from outside you might even conclude that some mysterious and mystic force working beyond the laws of physics was responsible.

But unlike the molecules and particles in the air/water example; the dense elements in our universe are operating on a dimensional plane; which is why gravity pulls inward from all directions. It is this relationship between the inflating universe and dense-mass which create the effect of gravitational forces. The reality is; without the inflationary force, there would be no gravity and it is also why gravity, along with the other fundamental forces, would cease to exist; instantly! If our universe stopped inflating, because the fundamental forces of Gravity, Strong and weak nuclear attraction, and the electromagnetic force are all “together” the combined reaction to the inflation of the universe.

This section answers questions 8 & 9.

The speed of light is determined by the interaction of light particles with the dark energy pouring into our universe. The wave formations of light particles are actually the Dark energy reflecting back from the light particles as they are passing; like the wake that is created at the bow of a ship as it passes through the water. Dark energy not only determines the speed of light it also reflects the light particles as the particle pass. It is the dark energy being pushed away from the light particles that create the wave results in the double-slit experiment.

Because the universe is filled with Dark Energy which continues to flow into our existence, any object that attempts to move through the universe must push through that Dark Energy. Like a person in a moving car who holds their hand outside the window. The faster the car travels the more resistance they will feel, even on a clear windless day. The faster an object moves the greater the resistance it will observe. It is this resistance that we perceive as an increase in Mass. In plain English, Motion times Resistance equals Mass.

T. S. Hagerty

How to calculate the life cycle of an inflationary universe.

I have previously state d that creation is like a sphere with a singularity at its center. As the universe rises from the singularity to the circumference; the universe inflates. By using the 360* for a circle, as the measurement; we can calculate the size and time of our existence from the big bang until the end of time.

I believe in this mathematical model of creation; however, as we learn more about our universe, I know we will be able to drill down on the data points to increase the detail of the results. The very first example of this statement is the 360* used to measure the circumference of existence. Just by doubling the number of degrees used to measure a circle we would double the data points of measurement.

The images below show a dot, with an oval above it. They are both enclosed in a circle. Each successive image shows the growth of the universe as it rises. By using 360* degrees for the outer circle and by assuming the Universe rose to a point equal to 3.141 Degrees of a circle at the moment of the big bang. You now have the basis to calculate existence.

The distance between the two vertical lines represents 3.14 (Pi) degrees of the circle.

The universe at the moment after the big bang was about one (1) light year across.

Each time the universe rose by 1 degree, as measured by the circumference, it doubled in size.

These Data points allow us to calculate the universes life cycle and when it will end.

T. S. Hagerty

Proving Dark Energy is an inflationary force by showing its function in the form

An analysis of Dark Energy as an Inflationary force with instructions on two experiments to prove the supposition. With a theoretical description of a unified theory based on an inflationary universe and an explanation of the life cycle of creation.

  • Author: T. S. Hagerty
  • Published: 2017-04-28 02:20:09
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Proving Dark Energy is an inflationary force by showing its function in the form Proving Dark Energy is an inflationary force by showing its function in the form