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Project Mars (Dying Planet Book 0)

p(((())))={color:#000;}. Project Mars

Dying Planet Book Zero

Written By

C.O. Amal


Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on March 2016

3rd Edition

All rights reserved


Shakespir Edition


ISBN 9781370910083

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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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To my father and mother


Table of Contents


Part 1: The Discovery

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Part 2: The Abomination

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part 3: The Fall of Civilization

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Part 4: The Sanctuary

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


Author’s Note

About the Author

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Mars, Sector 27, Iridium Mine, 2060 A.D.


Chief engineer Alex took a final look at the image structure obtained by Canto graphing. Canto graphing is used to find out the mineral structure of a region of the mine. Living in artificial environment is making him mad. It may be because of the artificial oxygen. He is desperate for his wife’s touch. His wife Julie is a teacher in Will Man’s public school in Los Angeles. He couldn’t forget her hands tracing around his head when they have nothing to do on earth. He has no children, but he is looking forward to have a bunch of them.


“Sir, I think you need to see this!” One of the technician announced.


Alex suddenly came back from his day dream. “Okay I will be there in a sec.” Alex said through the mic.


Alex quickly paced toward the control room.


“What is it?” Alex asked with a deep breath.


“Sir, we found heavy iridium deposition ten feet deep from here. And Canto graphing shows that some kind of biological material is wrapped inside the iridium deposition.” Technician Tony said.


“Biological matter? Did you inform NASA?” Alex asked.


“No! But I wanted to inform you first.” Tony answered.


It is mandatory that if anything unusual came up, they should inform NASA. Alex sat in front of the computer and checked the video link. After some mastered key strokes he established communication link with NASA. Monitor displayed a middle aged woman sitting in a chair.


“We are from the Iridium mine on the Mars” Alex announced. “Today we found something peculiar. Are you the right one to discuss this?”


“Yes! Please continue.” The woman answered.


“Today we thing we found some biological matter wrapped inside some heavy iridium deposition. Do you want us to dig?” Alex asked through the mic.


A minute of silence, then the woman answered. “Please dig, but do not damage the biological matter. It should be as it is, wrapped around the iridium deposition. We don’t want to contaminate it.”


“Okay. Are you going to send a ship to carry this to earth or do you want us to deliver it?” Alex asked.


“No, we will send a ship to get it. We advise you not to come in contact with the biological matter.” The woman said.


“Okay, I will immediately have some people digging this out of the ground.” Alex said.


“Okay then. End of transmission.” The woman said. Then the screen became blank.


Alex walked out of the control room. He approached the diggers with a map in his hand.


“Roony! Please come here.” Alex announced.


“What is it sir?” A middle aged man came forward and asked.


“We want to dig something out of sector 25. Some biological matter wrapped around heavy iridium deposition. We don’t want to contaminate it. So dig carefully and preserve it as it is.” Alex Said.


Alex hand him over the map. “The site is marked with red ink.” Alex said.


“We will begin extraction now.” Roony said.


“Okay. Once you are finished carry it to the ship dock. Some NASA folks will be there soon.” Alex said. With that Alex left the room to his cabin.


Wormhole travel discovered in 2050 changed the whole idea of space travel. It allows to travel between planets in a matter of minutes.


Roony has been here for almost two years. He misses Earth, his wife Jenny and their children. He live in Chicago in a small town called Soxenburg.


Roony called out for a ten member team. They got inside the rovers and began to roll towards sector 25. Once they reached there they assembled the digging machine and carefully starts to dig. When they reached ten feet deep the metal of the bulldozer clashed with iridium metal. Roony carefully marked out the iridium boundary and he and his fellow workers starts to dig around it. Roony placed the Canto gram in the iridium surface and checked. Surprisingly the graph does shows the presence of a biological matter. They dug out a large solid cylindrical shaped iridium container which supposed to contain the biological matter.


“This must be millions of years old.” Roony said.


Roony carefully placed the iridium container in the back of one of the rover using a crane.


“Sir, look there is one more heavy iridium deposition here.” One of the worker said to Roony.


Roony took a closer look at the pit they have just dug. There is in fact one more iridium layer. Roony used the Bulldozer to clear away the dirt and suddenly he accidentally dragged on the iridium layer. Suddenly some kind of pressurised gas inside the iridium chunk erupted out of it. Men frantically ran away from the pit. But the gas spread quickly enveloping the digging team. Men start to choke. But the gas existed for a short duration and it died out. All men except Roony was exposed to the gas because he was safely protected by the glass wall of the Bulldozer.


“Are you guys alright?” Roony called out.


“Yes, we are fine. It was carbon dioxide or something.” One of the men said.


It is normal that some of the metal layer contains trapped carbon dioxide.


Roony immediately called out for Alex through his radio. “Alex, do you copy?”


“Yes, loud and clear! What is it?” Alex said through the radio.


“We dug out the iridium container. But our men were exposed to some strange gas.” Roony said.


“Is everyone all right?” Alex asked.


“Yes, we think it was some pressurised carbon dioxide.” Roony said.


“Come back to the base, the NASA folks are here.” Alex said.


“Okay, we are coming back to base.” Roony said.


NASA scientist came in a Talon Class B ship. They are in medical suits. Workers loaded the ship with iridium container. Before leaving one of the scientist checked the iridium chunk with his Canto gram device.


“This indeed contains biological matter.” The scientist said surprised.


“This change many things.” Another scientist said.


“Yes indeed.” The scientist said.


With the precious cargo Talon left Mars to Earth.


Part 1: The Discovery

Chapter 1

NASA Research Division, Los Angeles


Johana quickly paced around the corridor to Professor Langton’s cabin. Professor Langton is the head of the NASA research division. At the time Johana reached his cabin, professor was having a conversation with Professor Lincoln. They were discussing about the possibility of existence of life outside earth. Johana smiled when she heard the conversation.


Is it really a coincidence that the news she’s here to give is similar to the topic the professors are talking about? Johana thought.


“Sir, I think you need to hear this!” Johana announced.


“What is it?” Langton asked.


“Some mining team on the mars contacted us earlier. They claim to have found biological matter buried deep in the Martian soil.” Johana said with a deep breath.


Professors exchanged an unusual glance.


“In what form did they found?” Langton asked.


“They said it is wrapped inside iridium deposition.” Johana said.


“And what are the actions you had taken?” Langton asked.


“I have taken necessary actions according to the protocol. I had sent a team to mars to obtain it. I advised the miners to not to come in contact with the biological matter. I have filed it under project mars” Johana said.


“Project Mars?” Lincoln asked.


“It’s the name came to my mind at that time” Johana said.


“Good. You can go now. Inform me, when the team arrives.” Langton said.


With that Jenny left the room.


“Biological matter embedded in iridium deposition. What do you think of that?” Langton asked Lincoln.


“It must have been there for millions of years. It may explain how mars lost its capability to support life.” Lincoln said.


“It is a great news. So mars must have supported life once. Our satellite images and our previous missions on mars had suggested the possibility of existence of rivers and oceans. It must had been a life thriving planet. But now a barren wasteland. It may indicate why mars lost its atmosphere too.” Langton said.


“But first we need to know in what condition the biological matter is in. It must had become a fossil.” Lincoln said.


“Fossil or not it can tell us lot of things that we don’t know.” Langton said. “But what puzzles me is that how come it became embedded inside iridium deposition. Iridium is one of the costly material no doubt about that.”


“Nature has its way. What if the material is perfectly preserved?” Lincoln suggested.


“It must had been millions of years old. How can it be perfectly preserved?” Langton asked.


“Anyway we can wait and see!” Lincoln said.


“It would take about two hours to reach here. Meanwhile we can prepare the instruments and laboratory.” Langton suggested.


“Your right. I will go ahead and inform the staff.” Lincoln said.


“Okay. I will take care of the lab while you select the experienced personal.” Langton said.


Lincoln left Langton’s cabin to his room. When he reached there he called out for a meeting. He quickly paced to the meeting hall. All of the staff had arrived without late. He walked to the center of the crowd.


“Today I have a mind blowing thing to discuss with you. As some of you may have heard we have found biological matter on planet mars. And we have sent a team of scientists to retrieve it.” Lincoln cleared his throat. “It seems that this biological matter is somehow embedded inside heavy iridium deposition. At this point we don’t have any theories for how it became embedded in the iridium. We will be sending a team to investigate Martian soil in the future but now we have something to analyse. The precious cargo will reach here in about two hours. People, this is a historic moment we had been waiting for. It could answer many of our questions about the life on planet mars.” Lincoln said.


“What do you want us to do?” One of the men asked.


“Everyone do their job. Technicians, prepare the lab room for analysing the specimen. I also need a team of experienced medics and palaeontologists. Contact the famous most experienced ones and bring them here.” Lincoln said.


With that everyone left the room and start doing their jobs.


Johana quickly came towards Lincoln through the crowd of people.


“I have contacted the most experienced palaeontologists and medical surgeons through government officials. Everyone will arrive here soon.” Johana said to Lincoln.


“Good work.” Lincoln said. “So you had done everything already?”


“Yes I did according to the protocol.” Johana said


The Talon reached earth at 2 O clock after noon. It landed in the yard of Los Angeles NASA research division. Workers carefully moved the cargo to the lab where it waits for dissection.

Chapter 2

Mars, Sector 27, Iridium Mine


Roony hurriedly walked towards Alex’s cabin. When he reached there Alex was standing there and enjoying the view through the glass window.


“Chief, some of the men are ill. I think it has something to do with the gas they were exposed to earlier” Roony said.


“You said it was carbon dioxide!” Alex asked.


“It looked like that.” Roony answered. “Personally I think they need some serious medical attention. Bruises are all over their skin.” Roony finished.


“You go ahead and do your job. I will contact the medical team.” Alex said.


Roony left Alex’s cabin. Alex walked toward the control room. When he reached there only Tony was there. Everyone else was having a coffee break or something.


“Tony, I need you to contact NASA.” Alex said.


Tony typed the commands in the computer. “Chief I have established the communication link.” Tony said.


The same middle aged woman is sitting in a chair.


“It’s good to see you again. What is the matter you want to discuss?” The women asked.


“Earlier today when my men were excavating the biological matter, they were exposed to some sort of gas. And now they are ill.” Alex answered.


“Why didn’t you mention this earlier?” The woman asked.


“We thought it was carbon dioxide. Its normal that metal layer contain trapped carbon dioxide in these parts.” Alex said.


“What are the symptoms?” The woman asked.


“Bruises are all over their skin.” Alex said.


“Put them under quarantine. We advise you to not to come in contact with them. We will send a research pod to your location.” The woman said.


Suddenly scream of one of the men emanated from the corridor Alex have just came in. Alex opened the door to see what it is. The scene in front of him horrified him. One of the men is eating the guts of another men. They were two or three feet away from him. Roony is running away from the scene towards Alex. The whole complex is filled with scream and growl. Alex froze where he stood.


“What is happening down there” The woman said through the speaker.


Alex said nothing. Tony is also in shock. Roony finally got inside and he closed the door panting. He sit on the floor with his back on the door.


“What was that?” Alex finally asked.


“I don’t know. I was in the cafeteria when it started. One of the ill men attacked another one. I think it was Joseph. Joseph or what was left of him bit him in the neck…and clawed at his stomach…and… he start to eat him. I tried to push him back. But…another ill man came out of nowhere and bit me in the hand.” Roony showed his hand to Alex. “I barely escaped from there when all other ill men came at me all at once. Anyway somehow I escaped.” Roony said panting.


Suddenly the door began to shake. On the other side of the door was a creature or what was left of the man and he is thrashing at the door.


“This glass door won’t hold long.” Roony announced.


“What should we do?” Tony asked.


“The only way to outside is through the exhaust pipe.” Alex said.


Alex could see the creature clearly now. Blood is oozing from its mouth.


“But these things are everywhere. I saw one of them going out of the base.” Roony said.


“We have to take the decision now. Look, more of them are coming.” Tony said pointing to the door.


“We will take the path through the exhaust pipe. And then we can crawl our way through this building to ship deck. NASA said they have send a research pod to this location.” Alex said.


Tony and Roony agreed with that with a nod. They open the Exhaust pipe by removing the grill. And one by one they entered the exhaust pipe. They began to crawl out of the pipe. Once they reached the ship deck they came out from the exhaust pipe to the deck. Alex looked out to see whether any of those things have found them.


“I didn’t saw any of them. We may be safe here. We can shut the door till the NASA folks arrives.” Alex said.


Tony nodded. When Alex take a look at Roony, he was laying down on the floor breathing heavily. Alex approached Roony to check on him. Roony have caught a high fever. And his skin are full of bruises.


“He said one of the creature bit him. This may be because of that.” Tony said.


“We must open the roof. NASA folks will be here soon.” Alex said.


Tony pressed the switch and the roof opened. They waited for an hour. But then something began to trash at the door. Some creatures have found them.


“How did they found us?” Tony asked with panic.


“May be they can smell us.” Alex said.


A distant sound of engines can be heard. “The sound of oncoming ship. They are here.” Alex said.


A silver coloured ship landed on the floor through the roof of the building. Two men inside large medical suit came out of the ship.


“We need to go now.” Alex said to one of them. “We think he is infected.” Alex said pointing to Roony.


One of the men approached Roony and checked him. Suddenly Roony grab hold of the medic and bit him in the neck through the medical suit. Blood started came out of the wound like a well. Alex and Tony froze. Other medic approached to help the one who has been bitten. Suddenly the door to the ship dock parted away and two creatures have arisen through the gap.


Tony and Alex quickly entered the ship and checked for pilot. But they found none. One of the medic was a pilot, Alex assumed. The room filled with scream of the medics and the growl of the monsters. The newly came creature have caught the other medic too.


Alex hit the switch to close the boarding ramp of the ship. The ramp began to close. Alex took the seat of the pilot. When he looked towards Tony he couldn’t find him. One of the creature have somehow taken him from the boarding ramp. The room filled with Tony’s cry.


The ramp quickly closed. Alex switch on the ship. He flew the ship toward earth. When he is at a safe distance he entered the command for wormhole travel. Fortunate for him the ship is fully automated. A wormhole appeared in front of the ship. And the ship flew through it. The velocity of ship increased. Alex was pushed back to the seat due to the increased G force.


When the ship is out of wormhole he could see earth as a tiny sphere. Finally home.

Chapter 3

NASA Research Division, Los Angeles


“2060 May 20, 4 PM after noon. Project Mars is a go. Subject is enveloped by heavy iridium layer. Cutting out the iridium layer.” One of the scientist said.


The scientist began to carefully cut out iridium layer with a metal cutter. He cut about two inches. Suddenly some kind of pressurised gas erupted from the metal layers. The pressure of the gas was enormous and it break the glass of the scientist’s helmet. And he was exposed to the gas. One scientist quickly took sample of the gas. Other scientists glared at the exposed scientist with disbelief. Some medics in biohazard suits came and taken the exposed scientist to another room.


Langton and Lincoln was watching the procedures from a safe distance through the glass that separates them from the lab.


“Who was that?” Langton asked.


“That was our palaeontologist John.” Lincoln said. “They have taken him to quarantine.”


Johana came rushing at Professor Langton and Lincoln.


“Sir, there was an incident on mars. In the mine from which we obtained the specimen. I think you should see this video.” Johana said.


Johana played the video on her tab and gave it to Langton. The video showed three men walking aimlessly in a room. Some part of their body tissue is hanging out of the body. Their mouths have blood stain. Their cloths are covered with blood stain. In the corner one of the men is eating a human corps.


“Earlier today one of the men contacted me from mars and he said some of the men were exposed to some strange gas and they were feeling ill. When I asked for symptoms, they said the exposed men’s skin were covered with bruises. I had already sent a medical team up there but I had lost contact with them.” Johana said with deep breath.


The professors exchanged an unusual glance.


“Our palaeontologist also have exposed to some sort of gas. They had moved him to quarantine. Could it be the same gas?” Langton said.


“Let’s check on him to see whether he developed the same symptoms.” Lincoln said.


They walked toward the quarantine area. At the time they reached there some of the medics were examining John. Professors and Johana watched the analysis through the glass window.


“Is there any symptoms?” Langton asked through the mic.


The medic examining John paused for a moment and then said “It seems that some kind of bruises are developing in his skin. He caught a high fever too. He’s burning up.”


“Please leave him as he is and come out of the room immediately” Langton called out.


“Why?” Lincoln asked.


“We can’t afford to take any chances. Didn’t you watch the video? He may become aggressive.” Langton said.


The medics inside the room start to come out of the room.


“What is it sir?” One of the medics asked.


Langton showed them the video. “These people on the video have been exposed to that strange gas. And I think they become aggressive in time.” Langton said with a deep sigh. “For now we are going to observe him from outside. Then we could decide what to do with him.”


“Okay, we will do that.” The medic said.


“Did you take the sample of the gas?” Langton asked.


“Yes we did. We will begin to study it soon.” The medic answered.


“Make it number one priority.” Langton said and left them.


Langton and Lincoln walked toward the laboratory. Johana left them to do her own business. At the time they reached the laboratory scientists had cut out all the pieces of the iridium. Professor exchanged a serious glance. They couldn’t believe what they are witnessing. Embedded inside the iridium was a perfectly preserved human being. Subject is missing some of the limbs. And it appear that it is decaying very slowly.


“Carbon dating indicate that subject is one million years old.” One of the scientist said. “Taking a body sample for analysis.”


The scientist took a body sample and gave it to another scientist. That scientist took it and began to analyse it under microscope.


“The tissue is appeared to have lost the human tissue behaviour. It appear that it is similar to plastic. It seems that a strange gas is emanating from the tissue.” The scientist recorded.


“Could that be the same gas that had just erupted from the metal container earlier?” Langton asked through the mic.


The scientist examining the body tissue paused for a moment.


“It appear that both gases are same.” The scientist said.


The specimen is indeed decaying slowly like plastic. It also is emitting a strange gas that is transmitting this disease to others. Martians may have suffered from this pandemic. This gas may have something to do with the plant life also. The victim may have died due to hunger. It is evident from its bony structure. May be this gas had destroyed the entire Martian environment.


“Please analyse the gas first.” Langton said through the mic.


“I will begin it shortly.” The scientist said.


The scientist captured the gas in a small device. And pressed a switch. Then the complex atomic structure of the gas became displayed on the big monitor in the laboratory. In the small window, beside the big screen displayed a moving bacterium or virus. After ten minutes the screen became blank.


“It appear that this is a virus. And it exists only for ten minutes without the host. For now we will call it the Alpha – 1 virus” The scientist said.


That’s a good news. So this disease is due to this virus, Alpha – 1 Virus, and it exists for only ten minutes in the gaseous form. Langton thought.


“The body tissue contain another form of this virus. It appear that it can be transmitted in two ways. One through body fluids and other through this gas” The scientist said.


This is a highly contagious disease. If it isn’t carefully treated it could be the end of the Earth. Will Earth have same destiny as that of mars?

Chapter 4

City of Petra, Los Angeles


The pod ship came at full speed. Alex struggled to control the ship. Finally somehow he manoeuvred it and landed in the yard of his house – one place he want to go as last resort. Julie came outside of the house probably when she heard the sound of the engines of the ship.


Without thinking Alex got outside of the ship and ran towards his wife – the person he want to see the most. He wrapped his hand around her and he rested his head on her shoulder. Tears ran through his face wetting her shoulder.


“Alex! It’s good to see you.” Julie said.


Alex began to cry harder.


“What happened honey? Is everything alright?” Julie asked.


“I will tell you when we are inside…” Alex answered.


“Okay, then let’s get you inside.” Julie said.


They went inside the house. On the way she massaged his back.


“So what do you want to tell me?” Julie asked.


“My co-workers are dead. I think I am the only one survived it.” Alex said with deep sigh.


“What?” Julie covered her mouth with her hand.


Next came out of her mouth was a series of questions.


“When? How? You survived what?” Julie asked.


“It was a normal day. Until I got a call about some godforsaken biological matter buried deep inside Martian soil…It was a normal day…” He began to cry.


“Hold on there honey. Let me get you some water. You must be starving. I have ordered Pizza. It will be here soon. We can talk while eating.” Julie said.


Alex said nothing. He remained motionless. Julie glance at him for a moment, then she went inside the kitchen to get some water. When she is at kitchen she opened the refrigerator for something cool. Finally she got hold of some orange juice. “It must be enough” She said to herself.


Julie walked toward Alex with the bottle of orange juice in her hand. She placed it in front of Alex.


“Here honey. Drink this. This will cool you down.” Julie said.


“Thanks…” Alex said and took the bottle in his hand and slowly began to twist open the cap. After he is done, he slowly placed the mouth of the bottle inside his mouth and slowly began to drink. He drank the whole bottle and after he is finished he slowly placed the bottle on the desk.


“When they were excavating it some of my men were exposed to some sort of gas…Yes…It must be the reason…Then me and Roony were discussing about the ill men. Then it started.” He said.


“You’re not making sense. Then started what?” Julie asked.


“Then the killing started…those ill men or what was left of them start to kill everyone on the base.” Alex said. He began to cry again.


Julie stood there motionless with disbelief and panic.


“And you are the only one survived?” Julie asked.


“Yes…” He said crying.


“Honey you are making me mad. It doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t make any sense to me. You’re frightening me.” Julie said.


“I am serious Julie. There is some strange gas on mars which make you mad, senseless, painless killer” For the first time he looked seriously.


“Now you are frightening me. Let me contact the copes.” Julie said.


“Copes can’t do anything. Those thing have killed the medics send by NASA. And somehow I got in their ship and managed to fly it down here. Tony was also with me…But those things got him. I can still hear his scream…I couldn’t help him. I was so selfish.” Alex said.


“Don’t say anything like that honey you just did what you had to do. Nothing more nothing less.” Julie said.


The sound of bell shifted both of their gaze to the front door.


“It must be the pizza. Let me go and get it.” Julie said.


Julie walked toward the front door. She opened the door. A pizza boy with red cap on his head was standing there with pizza.


“Oh! How much do I owe you?” Julie asked.


“That will be twenty.” The boy answered.


“Here you go. Keep the change.” Julie said.


“Thanks for the tip. Is the ship yours?” The boy said.


“Oh, that ship… it’s my husband’s.” July said.


“Okay. See you!” with that the boy left.


She carried the pizza to the table. Alex was still sitting there crying like a child.


“Stop it honey! You are worrying me.” Julie desperately said. “Here eat this.” Julie handed him a piece of pizza.


He took it and start to eat. “I can’t forgot their faces honey!” He said with a piece of pizza in his mouth.


“Don’t worry about that honey. Eat that and rest, we can talk about this later in the morning. It’s a lot to take inside. I am done for today.” Julie said.


They finished eating the pizza. Alex and Julie walked towards kitchen sink to wash their mouth. After they are done they walked towards the bedroom. She let him lie down. Then she rested her body besides him. She touched his head and quickly drew back her hand.


“Honey you are burning up!” Julie said.


“I know.” Alex said and closed his eyes.

Chapter 5

NASA Research Division, Los Angeles


One scientist exposed the gas to a plant life. After some time the plant start to wither.


“Alpha – 1 effects plant life too.” The scientist noted.


“That explain how mars must have lost its plant life.” Langton said to Lincoln.


“When all the plants start to die out carbon dioxide must have increased. With global warming drying up all the water, mars practically must have lost its ability to support life.” Lincoln said.


“Let’s take a look at John now.” Langton suggested.


They walked towards John’s room. Medics were noting down the results on the paper. When the professors reached there, they couldn’t believe what they are seeing. John or what was left of him is thrashing at the glass window. It must have sensed their presence somehow.


“Sir it is not safe for you without mask.” One of the medic announced.


Another medic handed over two masks to professors. Professors accepted them and wore it.


“How long did it take to change?” Langton asked.


“About twenty minutes.” One of the medic said.


“Is he emitting any gas from his body?” Lincoln asked.


“We think so.” The medic said.


“We need to take the blood sample and analyse this Alpha – 1 virus more closely.” Langton said.


“We will do that. But first we need to restrain him.” One of the medic said.


One of the medic said something in his radio. Then a group of men in biohazard suits came. In their hands was ropes and metal rods. They opened the door to John’s room. Suddenly John jumped on them. But the group masterly caught him and restrained him on the bed in the far corner of the room. One of the medic followed them with a syringe. And the medic took a blood sample and left the room.


All of the people left the room. The newly came men returned to their position. The medics began to analyse the blood sample in a separate room with glass window.


“The virus structure is nothing like we have seen before. It is multiplying quickly” The medic said.


“No sign of white blood cells. It seems that this virus shuts down body’s all resistant mechanisms.” One of the medic said.


It is mandatory that they record everything for future needs. The medics ran a series of tests on the blood sample.


“The virus is not resistant to saline water! The saline water completely destroys the virus.” One of the medic called out.


Other medics looked surprised. Finally they know how to defeat it. But that still doesn’t says about the possibility of a cure.


“What can we call this disease?” Langton said through the mic.


The medics paused for a moment then one of the medic said “MARSELIA.”


All the medics agrees with that.


Professor Lincoln and Langton discussed about how fast a cure can be developed. They must contact WHO for this.


Johana quickly paced toward them.


“Sir, earlier today I have said that I lost contact with the medics we had sent to mars.” Johana said.


“Yes you did. What’s wrong?” Langton asked.


“Well, now I have tracked their pod ship…And it seems that the ship had landed in the city of Petra in Los Angeles. I have a bad feeling about this.” Johana said.


“Send someone down there to check on the ship.” Langton said.


“I will do that.” Johana said and left them.


“What if the ship carried someone infected down to earth. We couldn’t contain this outbreak, not with the presence of the airborne variant of the virus.” Lincoln said.


“They could use common salt to clean the infected area. The airborne virus will last only for ten minutes or so, so we have a chance to contain this.” Langton said. “Let’s go and check that specimen.”


Lincoln agreed with that. They both moved toward the laboratory.


“It seems the body is emitting the gas through sweat glands.” One of the scientist recorded.


By the time the professors reached there the specimen was cut open. Incredibly all the organs are still preserved but with a yellowish colour.


“It seems that this specimen is not decaying at all. Its brain had destroyed. Supposedly only way to kill the host is by destroying the brain. The airborne variant may have destroyed the microbes that is responsible for the decomposition. The skin and all organs are like plastic. Tissue structure is similar to that of plastic. Alpha – 1 virus is capable of instant mutation. It must had mutated the body.” One scientist said.


“What will be like if Earth is full of those things?” Lincoln asked Langton.


“The airborne effects plant life too. Martians must have suffered a lot.” Langton said.


“The Martian is similar to a human on Earth. But specimen’s skull indicate a larger brain. Supposedly it belong to an advanced civilization.” One of the scientist said.


“So much for an advanced species. This pandemic must have killed all of them.” Langton said.


“What if some of them have escaped mars and came to earth. There are numerous archaeological findings which indicate the presence of an advanced civilization on earth.” Lincoln said.


“Where did you learn that?” Langton asked.


“There is a book titled Earth’s Forbidden Secrets by an Igman or something. I usually don’t remember the authors. Anyway it contain lot of information about these topics.” Lincoln said.


“I need to get one of that book.” Said Langton.


Lincoln smiled.


“Did you check the genome?” Langton asked through the mic.


“Yes, we have. Genome test indicate that specimen is hundred percent human” One of the scientist said.


Langton and Lincoln watched the dead human with mesmerized eyes.

Chapter 6

City of Petra, Los Angeles


Julie woke with a sharp pain on her hand. She looked at her hand and quickly drew back her hand. Alex was biting on her hand.


“Alex! What did you do?” Julie said with anger.


Blood is pouring out of her hand like a well. She screamed when she couldn’t hold back the pain. Suddenly Alex jumped at her and tilt his head to bit her neck. Julie somehow hold him at bay.


“Honey, what are you doing? It’s me your wife.” Julie cried out loud.


Alex seemed to have not heard her. His eyes are dark as night. Bruises are all over his skin. His mouth is covered in blood from Julie’s hand. Julie struggled to keep him not to bite her. Finally she managed to push him aside. Quickly she ran for the door. She shut the bedroom door behind her from outside. Alex came back to his feet and ran for the door. He began to thrash at the door. The sound of the bell shifted her gaze to the front door. She ran for the front door.


Julie opened the front door and two copes were standing there.


“Officer…My husband…He is sick…he bit me…he…” Julie struggled to say the words.


One officer stepped inside and checked inside. Suddenly Alex trashed open the door and ran for the first thing he saw – the officer inside the house. Alex or what was left of him jumped at the officer. The cop didn’t get the time to turn away. Alex got hold of the officer and bit in his neck. The officer’s scream filled the house and the street.


People began to attract to the scene. More people crowded outside Julie’s house. The other officer drew his gun and fired at Alex on the leg to slow him down. But Alex kept his hold of the officer and bit deeper into his neck. The other officer shot him again. This time on the chest.


Alex suddenly shifted his gaze to the officer holding the gun. He ran for the officer. The cop fired several shots in Alex’s chest but that only slowed him down. Finally Alex reached the officer and push him aside and jumped on him. He bit that officer also. This time he bit out a chunk of meat from the officer’s neck.


People watched in horror. Julie cried out loudly. Officer’s scream filled the atmosphere around the house.


Finally some people came forward and push Alex aside and helped the officer to stand up. Alex regained his footing and jumped at the crowd of people. He bit one more person. People quickly came forward and caught Alex. They restrained him.


Some people shoot the whole scene on their mobile phones. Suddenly the first officer stood up. A piece of meat is hanging in his neck. His eyes are vacant. He tilted his head in an odd manner. And then he ran for the nearest person. Julie suddenly became tired and fell on the floor. People start to run away from the scene. An odd pungent smell filled the atmosphere. People covered their mouth and nose with their hand. The other officer who was standing with the help of people also turned. He bit the nearest person. People pushed him aside and ran away.


Suddenly Julie also stood up with her eyes vacant. She was without any emotion. Julie or what was left of her ran for the nearest person.


The entire street is filled with scream and panic. More people turned, with dark eyes. Their skin is filled with bruises. People got in their houses and shut the doors.


A strange gas began to emanate from their body. The street is filled with pungent smell. People who are exposed to the gas also began to turn into monsters. The creatures ran for fresh meat. People of Petra began to surrender to the disease. People who got inside their houses also began to turn. They start to thrash at the door. Being the creature made them forgot their basic human behaviour. They forgot how to open the doors.


The news spread like wild fire. Media began to come to the scene, but only to surrender to the disease.


When the fresh meat ran out creature began to walk aimlessly on the streets. Some creatures sensed the people inside the houses and began to trash open the doors. Being the creature made their ability to smell heightened.


The street is filled with empty cars. Windows of the cars are broken. Cops start to wander around without knowing what to do.


The entire city fall to the disease. Few unfortunate people inside the house were become exposed to the pungent smelled gas. After twenty minutes or so they also began to turn.


Rayan watched the whole commotion through the glass window of his house with panic. He switched on the Television for anything about it. He flipped through the channels until he reached the ABC news channel. It showed live images of people killing each other. An old man around in his fifties appeared on the channel.


Everyone must stay indoors, avoid contact with the infected. It appear that the disease is spreading quickly. Always wear mask which cover your mouth and nose. I repeat do not come in contact with the infected. Do not try to reach your loved ones. Stay indoors.” The man said.


Doctor, is there any plan to control this outbreak.” The news lady asked.


We have positioned teams in various places. They will do everything they can to control this outbreak. It appear that the airborne variant doesn’t survive in the air too long. Also it is found that saline water destroys the virus completely.” The man said.


So doctor, what do we call this disease?” News lady asked.


We called it Marselia and the virus as Alpha – 1.” Doctor said.


So people, government urge you to stay indoors. And wear mask if you’re planning to go outside. Sorry! Wear mask all the time” The news lady said.


Ryan watched in panic. He ran for upstairs to the closet. “There it is.” He said to himself while grabbing a face mask from the closet. Suddenly a thrashing sound emanated from the front door. They had found him.


Part 2: The Abomination

Chapter 7

NASA Research Division, Los Angeles


Langton and Lincoln drank their evening tea while watching the experiments taking place inside the laboratory. They were tired after the TV interview about the outbreak on the city of Petra. The scientist cut opened all parts of the specimen. Scientist took out the yellowish organs separately and labelled them for later usage. It seems that all the internal organs of the Martian are yellow in colour. May be it is due to the disease or may be it is a property of the Martian’s body. Anyway the Martian seemed to be not decaying at all.


Lincoln and Langton are expecting a lot of thing from this experiment after hearing the outbreak on the city of Petra. They should quickly find a cure to this disease. Langton himself instructed the team went to the city of Petra about this disease and what they should do to prevent a major outbreak. He also told them to clean the area with common salt.


“The micro-organisms responsible for the decaying of a corpse, decomposers, are not acting on this specimen.” One of the scientist said.


“Okay take a break now. Your tea is ready at the cafeteria. Go and refresh first before continuing.” Langton said through the mic outside the laboratory.


All scientist went out of the laboratory and walked towards the cafeteria after disinfecting their hands.


Suddenly a thrashing sound emanated from the room where John is restrained. Langton and Lincoln ran toward John’s room. When they reached there the site in front of them made them puke. John’s both hand are torn apart, possibly happened when he pulled free out of his restraint. The missing limbs lay there in the bed still in between the ropes. The infected person’s body indeed act like plastic.


The creature or what was left of John is thrashing at the glass with its head. Cracks began to appear on the glass. The creature abruptly jumped out of the room through the broken window. It then regained its footing and jumped on to Langton. Langton kept the creature at bay by his hands. But then a pungent smell hit his nose hard. He tried to push away the creature but it kept on coming. The creature is biting the air hard. It couldn’t get hold of Langton.


Lincoln quickly took a chair on the far corner and smashed it on the creature’s head. The creature lost its balance and it fell to the side. Lincoln helped Langton to his feet. Langton and Lincoln ran away from the creature to the nearest exit.


Scientist on the cafeteria upon hearing the commotion taken place on the hallway ran toward the origin. But then suddenly the creature regained its footing and ran to the nearest person it saw. Scientist ran away from the scene with a scream. The security personal quickly came with a large net made up of steel. They threw the net at the creature. The creature got trapped in the net. It swayed inside the net. Scientist stopped running and watched what the security personal are doing.


The guards tried their best to restrain the creature but then the creature jumped on to the nearest guard and tried to bite its way through the steel net. Other guards quickly got hold of the corners of the net and wrapped the creature inside the net.


The creature finally surrendered to the might of steel threads. A pungent smell filled the hallway. Scientist covered their mouth with their hand realizing it was too late. Tears ran out of their eyes. They don’t know what to do. Panic filled the very atmosphere. Knowing that they will soon die made them cry. They began to run out of the building. But then suddenly some men in biohazard suits came with automatic guns in their hands and stopped everyone from leaving the building.


“All of you just stop there at once or we will open fire.” One of the men in the biohazard suit said.


Langton and Lincoln came to the scene.


“People we can’t let you leave. We have to contain this outbreak. There is already an outbreak in the city of Petra and we had send samples to WHO research facility. They are working their best to find a cure. Meanwhile we all must stay under quarantine and wait for the cure to develop. WHO scientist will find a way to reverse this and make you normal again.” Langton said.


“Sir I have kids in my home, their father lost his life in a car accident. I am the only person to look after them. I have to return to my home.” One of the female researcher said crying.


“Do you realize that if you go near your children they will also become infected? Is that what you want? Social service workers will worry about your children. You don’t have to worry. You all must stay in the quarantine area until a cure is developed.” Lincoln said.


“We don’t have time to loose. Everyone, move to the basement of this building. Jimmy, lead the way.” One man in biohazard suit said.


Another man in biohazard suit came forward and led the people to the basement. On the way one of the scientist fell down possibly due to tiredness. One of the man in biohazard suit came beside the fallen scientist and helped him to his feet. Suddenly the fallen scientist turned to one of the infected creature with dark eyes, the creature jumped on top of the man in biohazard suit. The creature bit on his hand through the suit. The man screamed with pain. He finally balanced his gun in his hand and fired at the creature. The room erupted with panic. People start to run in all directions. On the way some scientist fell down and after a moment they arose from the floor, reborn to kill.


Gun fire erupted in the building. Men in biohazard suit quickly fell down under the might of the creatures. Lincoln ran to the nearest exit and closed the door behind him. He looked around the room for any sign of the creatures. But some movement caught in his eyes. Someone else is also in this room. Lincoln looked closely. It was Johana.


“Johana, how did you end up here?” Lincoln asked.


“I was on my way to tell you guys about the outbreak in the city of Petra. Then one of those ill men came at me. I barely escaped from them. Then I got in here. What happened out there?” Johana asked.


“Our palaeontologist John somehow managed to break free and got outside by breaking the glass window. Our scientists were exposed to the gas, including me. I may change in to one of those creature in any minute. It looks like the virus have begun to mutate. Some of the exposed men quickly turned. It is not safe for you here. I haven’t shown any symptoms but soon I will. So please run away from here.” Lincoln said.


“I can’t go outside. Those things are out there.” Johana said.


“Did you came near any of them?” Lincoln asked.


“No.” Johana said.


“Did you felt any pungent smell?” Lincoln asked.


“No.” Johana said.


“You are fortunate Johana, you must get out of here. Here wear this.” Lincoln handed her a face mask.


“But how am I supposed to get out of here?” Johana asked while wearing the face mask.


“You must wait until the creatures move far away from here. Meanwhile you must bind me.” Lincoln said. “Look for any rope…” Lincoln didn’t get time to finish, he suddenly fell on to the floor.


“Oh crap!” Johana screamed. Some kind of bruises starts to form in Lincoln’s body. Johana quickly opened the door a little to see whether the creatures had moved on. When she saw no sign of the creatures she quickly got out of the room and ran towards the front of the building.


“Please god, save me.” Johana prayed while running.


She somehow got outside the building. She ran towards her car which is parked in the driveway. The entire place is extremely quiet. Blood stain is everywhere on the road. Johana finally got inside her car and started the engines. Suddenly a creature came out of nowhere and began to thrash at the front door of the car. Johana nearly jumped. She put the car in reverse. The creature followed. Then Johana drove the car through the abandoned road. She accelerated toward the city of Petra, only through there she could get away from this place. Abandoned cars are littered on the road in all directions. There is no car whose window is intact. Johana’s car rushed through the road. Trees are on both sides of the road. Some people are running through the wooded landscape possibly in search for a sanctuary, away from the creatures.

Chapter 8

City of Petra, Los Angeles


Rayan watched the fall of the men in biohazard suits. They tried their best. But the creatures are stronger and faster. They easily takeout the men who came to prevent the outbreak. He afraid that this is happening everywhere. He checked the news for more information. It seems that all plane services are delayed and government is trying their best to contain the outbreak. Marselia is still roaming free through major American cities.


The sound of thrashing on the front door seemed to have stopped. Rayan checked downstairs whether the creature have got inside his house or not. The front door appeared to be intact. Suddenly a creature smashed open the door and rushed towards Rayan. Rayan quickly went upstairs. The creature followed. Rayan shut the bedroom door behind him.


Panic began to stir inside him. He still wore the face mask. Rayan quickly packed the essential things in a small bag. He wore the bag on his shoulders and opened the window in the bedroom. The creature have moved on to somewhere else. No creatures are on eyesight. Suddenly the creature inside his house began to thrash at the bedroom door. There is no time to waste. The creature will smash open the door in any minute. Rayan got outside his house on to the roof of the house through the bedroom window.


Based on the sound the creature is already inside the bedroom. Rayan blamed himself for not having a car. He quickly jumped from the roof on to the bush in front of his house. The bush broke his fall and Rayan safely landed on the ground. Rayan walked away from his house toward the woods. Suddenly a car stopped in front of him. Inside the car sits a middle aged woman. The woman looked at Rayan with panic.


“Hello, can I join on your journey?” Rayan asked with desperate eyes.


The woman looked around the place for any creatures. The woman is also wearing a face mask.


“Did you came in contact with the creatures?” The woman asked after sliding open one of the driver side window.


“No. I have been wearing this mask since I saw the news.” Rayan answered.


“Then come inside.” The woman said.


The woman unlocked the door for him to get inside.


“I am Johana by the way.” Johana said.


“Nice to meet you Johana. I am Rayan. Do you know what is happening around here?” Rayan asked.


“I sort of know.” Johana answered.


“Sort of?” Rayan said.


“I work for the NASA and earlier today we got a specimen from the Martian soil. And the specimen had a virus on it. It contaminated the whole NASA research center. Marselia virus is highly contagious. The infected persons are releasing an airborne version of the virus as a gas. That is why the virus is spreading quickly” Johana said.


“So the outbreak happened here originally started from your research center?” Rayan asked.


“No. The outbreak happened here because someone from mars who had been infected came here.” It is from that infected the outbreak happened here. We had deployed some men here to contain the disease. But I fear for them.” Johana said.


“I saw some men in biohazard suits. But they all fell under the disease.” Rayan said.


Johana drove the car through the gravel road.


“Do you think the military will come to contain the situation? Rayan asked.


“If they would, they should have done it already. The disease may have spread throughout the country because of the presence of airborne version. Our only hope is to get out of Los Angeles, may be go and hide in a bunker or something like that.” Johana said.


“So, where are you going to now?” Rayan asked.


“I have kids in my home all alone. I have to get to them before the virus spreads.” Johana said.


“Where are your children?” Rayan asked.


“They are here in Los Angeles in Centorus.” Johana said.


Centorus is a small town with population about hundred.


“Can I come along?” Rayan asked.


“Of course you can. Besides, my husband is outside United States in Africa. We could help each other.” Johana said.


Rayan smiled. Johana drove the car towards Centorus.

Chapter 9

City of Centorus, Los Angeles


Rayan and Johana reached Centorus at night. The streets seemed to be abandoned, not normal in these times. Johana reduced the speed of the car. They watched each house they passed for any danger. No danger so far.


Finally Johana stopped in her house’s driveway. They got out of the car and carefully moved toward the house. The house have already lightened. The power is still working. Suddenly the front door opened and two kids came out of the house.


“Oh! My dear children, are you guys alright?” Johana asked.


“We are alright mom. But the people on the streets were not fortunate like us. They killed each other. We were waiting for you to come.” The elder kid answered.


“Rayan, meet Josh and Sam. My children.” Johana said to Rayan.


“It’s nice to meet you guys.” Rayan said.


“Rayan, come inside we have lot to discuss.” Johana said.


Rayan and Johana went inside the house. Johana shut the door behind her.


“Josh, Sam, did you guys come in contact with any infected people?” Johana asked.


“No mom.” Sam said.


“Did you guys smell anything weird?” Johana asked.


“No.” Josh said.


“Good. Take your face masks from the closet and wear them. We are going to a safe place in the morning.” Johana said.


“Okay mom.” Josh said. With that Josh and Sam went upstairs to take their face masks.


“Rayan make yourself at home. Feel free to use the refrigerator, there may be something to drink inside.” Johana said.


Rayan walked toward the refrigerator and opened its door. He took a bottle of fresh water and drank from it. Suddenly a sharp screech emanated from outside. The creatures have found them. All the creatures nearby rushed forward toward Johana’s house.


Johana and Rayan exchanged a panic glance. They ran upstairs.


“Josh, Sam, come here we are leaving right now.” Johana said.


Josh and Sam quickly came towards Johana.


“What should we do? The creatures are on your doorstep.” Rayan asked.


“We should somehow reach my car. I have a gun here somewhere. Let me take a look in my bedroom.” Johana said.


Johana quickly got inside the bedroom and came out with a pistol and a box of bullets in her hand.


“Where did you get a gun?” Rayan asked.


“It’s my husband’s. He is an ex-military.” Johana said.


Johana took a hand bag from the corner and placed the gun inside it with the box of bullets. Then she went near refrigerator and took three water bottles. The creatures began to thrash at the front door.


“We should take the fire exit. While the creatures are busy at the front door, we have a slight chance of survival.” Johana said.


All followed Johana to the fire exit. There is an escape ladder on the back of the house. Johana carefully climbed down through the fire escape ladder. Others followed. After they reached on the ground Johana motioned them to follow her. They followed her toward the parked car. She pressed the remote switch of her car key to unlock the door. The door opened but then the creatures rushed at them after hearing the beep sound indicating that the door has been unlocked.


Johana, Rayan, Josh and Sam quickly got inside the car and locked the doors just in time. The creatures collided with the car door. They began to thrash at the car windows. Josh and Sam screamed with panic. Johana put the car in ignition and drove away from the house. The creatures followed the car. Johana accelerated the car to maximum speed and the car rushed through the road. The creature can now be seen as tiny spots through the back window.


“Where are we going to?” Rayan asked.


“I haven’t determined yet.” Johana dialled a number on her cell phone. “…Shit no network…” Johana threw the phone to back seat.


“What do you mean you haven’t determined? You must have a destination in your mind.” Rayan asked.


“This thing is spreading fast we need to get out of this place before we become infected. Based on the records this thing can even affect plant life and other living organisms.” Johana said.


“What? So this thing indeed will spread quickly.” Rayan said.


“Yes it will. Our only chance is an isolated place. Do you know about anything like that?” Johana asked.


“No. I don’t have any places in my mind. May be we could go to some remote island or something like that.” Rayan said.


“That’s a good idea. We could go to an Island. According to the scientist who have studied the Martian specimen, the Marselia virus cannot spread through salt water in other words salt water destroys the virus completely. An island surrounded by the ocean is a perfect place to hide from this.” Johana said.


“But the government will contain this, right? They have to contain it.” Rayan asked.


“So far did you saw any government workers? No soldiers are deployed so far. I think they may had been infected.” Johana said.


“Did you guys have any luck on the cure?” Rayan asked.


“As far as I know, there is no cure. We had sent samples to WHO research facility. We haven’t heard from them after that.” Johana said.


“So what do you think we should do?” Rayan asked.


“We should go to an Island as planned. That’s our only hope.” Johana said.


“Then we should head to the nearest harbour.” Rayan said.


Johana rushed the car until they reached an inter section connecting two roads. The street sign indicates that left road leads to Los Angeles harbour. Johana accelerated the car in the direction of the harbour where they could possibly find a boat and go somewhere far away.

Chapter 10

Washington DC, White House


“Mr President, we need to take a decision now. We don’t have time to waste.” General Williams said.


“So the project mars was a failure?” President asked.


“Yes president, it was a total failure. They failed to contain this. Now it has spread to our entire country. We have delayed all flights leaving and entering to our country. We are trying all we can to contain this, but with the presence of airborne virus we don’t stand a chance.” General said.


“So what should we do?” President asked.


“At this time you should declare martial law. And should give permission to exterminate all of our infected citizens before this goes out of our hand.” General said.


“Is your soldiers prepared for this?” President asked.


“Half of my battalion is infected by Marselia. Only half remains and they are well prepared.” General said.


“Then martial law is in effect from now on. I give permission to exterminate the infected persons.” President said. “Also I want full information about which cities fell fully under this plague.”


“We will get you the records.” General said.


“Then this meeting is dismissed.” President said.


Everyone went out of the room. President walked toward his personal chamber.


“Do you think we will be safe here?” First Lady asked.


“Soldiers have surrounded the building. No infected will come near this place. Soldiers are well trained to handle these problems. So don’t worry about a thing.” President said.


“Did you watch the news? The disease have spread to Canada. They have reported minor outbreaks all over there.” First Lady said.


“What? But the General said all possible exits from our country had sealed. How did it got out.” President asked confused.


“News reported that it had spread possibly through birds.” First Lady cleared her throat. “The airborne version of the Marselia virus is affecting all plant and animal life forms. I think we don’t stand a chance for surviving against this. What do you know about the origin of this disease? Did General mentioned anything about that?”


“The virus was originated from planet mars.” President said with a deep sigh.


“What?” First lady asked confused.


“Yesterday a mining team on mars had found some biological matter buried deep under Martian soil. Some of the men were exposed to a strange gas, possibly the airborne version of virus, during the extraction process. They have turned in to those creatures shortly after the cargo arrived here. Some infected persons managed to escape from the mars and Landed around Los Angeles. The first outbreak had reported from that location. Then somehow the scientists experimenting on the specimen were exposed to the virus from the NASA’s research facility in Los Angeles. The major outbreak had happened from Los Angeles.” President said.


“So it spread right under our nose.” First lady said.


“Yes indeed.” President said.


Suddenly a gunfire erupted from near the building.


“What is it?” First Lady asked.


President went near the window and observed the surrounding. The infected people are storming to white house. It seemed that the gunfire is only attracting more infected people. Soldiers are inside biohazard suits. But they didn’t stood a chance against the might of the creatures. The creature took over the place quickly. Soldiers were ripped apart by the creatures.


“We should head to the bunker right now.” One of the security personal came to the President’s personal chamber and said.


“Is it that bad?” President asked.


“Yes Mr President. Come on, we don’t have time to waste.” The security said.


“All of you walk to the bunker right now.” President said to his family.


Everyone followed the security to the bunker. The front doors are shut. But the infected are trying to thrash open the door. Finally they reached a room with a steel door. The security pressed some buttons and the door burst opened. The door is an air tight door. Nothing gets in. Everyone entered the bunker. The walls are filled with rows and rows of canned food.


“How long do we have to stay in here?” President asked.


“This bunker is designed to support life for up to two weeks. We will stay here as long as it takes.” The security said.


“What happens after two weeks?” President asked.


“We will monitor everything from here. Once those creatures are gone we will go outside.” The security said.


“Let’s wait then.” President said.


“But what about the civilians.” First Lady asked.


“We have given them warning to stay indoors at all possible. We have issued all warnings. Now their fate rest with them. We can’t risk going out there.” President said.


“President said right. We can’t risk going out there. We will wait for help. We have informed the UN about this. They will take necessary actions any minute from now on. WHO is still working for the cure. We haven’t heard from them yet. But soon they will find a cure.” The security said.


Suddenly the steel door began to vibrate. The creatures are outside and have somehow detected the people inside the room. Security personal quickly switched on the CCTV camera.


“It seems that the creatures have found us.” The security said pointing at the monitor.


The monitor is filled with the image of the creatures. Their body is filled with bruises. Some of the creatures had lost limbs. Some creatures’ face is missing large chunk of meat. All of them are thrashing at the door at once. The door is vibrating at maximum level. Suddenly the door’s hinges broke and the door fell inwards. The creatures rushed toward the fresh meat. Scream of the victims lost in the growl of the creatures.


The white house fell under the might of Marselia.


Part 3: The Fall of Civilization

Chapter 11

UN Headquarters, New York City


“These creatures are storming to every populated areas. It seems that they are always hungry for flesh. We need to find a solution now before the creatures storm here also.” An old man in his fifties said.


“It’s your duty to contain this situation. We can deploy our soldiers if you want. What is Mr President has to say about this.” Russian representative, a middle aged man, said.


“We have lost contact with the White House. I fear for the worst.” The old man, American representative, said.


“We all have to take a decision now. We may deploy soldiers here or we may choose to stay in our country blocking all possible exits.” Russian representative said.


“With the presence of airborne version nowhere is safe. Also this Marselia virus affect plant and other animal life forms. So we are looking at a major catastrophe.” American representative said. “These beings, infected people, appeared to release this airborne version in a larger scale. It will reach about three feet from an infected. Even though the life time of airborne version is less it still poses a great threat.”


Suddenly a gunfire erupted from outside the building.


“It looks like they have reached here too.” The American representative said looking through the window. “Quick move to the upper level to the helipad.”


Everyone starts to move to the upper level through stairs. No one wants to take the elevator. They were afraid whether the power go out during the elevator journey. The creatures stormed at the surrounding buildings. People’s desperate scream can be heard everywhere. Now each person’s fate rest with them and god.


Finally they reached the helipad. A blue coloured helicopter with UN logo is parked there. Everyone opened the helicopter door and entered. The small helicopter’s back seat filled with ten people. The pilot entered in his seat.


“Where are we going to?” The pilot asked.


“We should head to any of the military ships. It’s our only way to survive.” American representative said.


“Okay we will head to USS Mariner. I heard it is around New York harbour.” The pilot said.


All nodded. The pilot switched on the engines. The rotor start to rotate at high speed. The helicopter slowly began to rise from the helipad. When the helicopter is at a safe height the pilot rushed the helicopter in the direction of New York harbour.


“What is that pungent smell? It seems that this place is filled with a strange odour.” The Russian representative said.


“It may be the rotting smell of those creatures.” French representative suggested.


The helicopter finally reached the New York harbour and safely landed on the USS Mariner. The ship is huge with plasma cannons. A soldier came near the landed helicopter and opened the door for them. Everyone landed their feet on the ship. The ship is floating on the ocean water about one mile away from the harbour.


“Is everyone alright?” The soldier asked.


“Yes we are fine.” The American representative said.


“So where is this ship headed to?” Russian representative asked.


“We are waiting for any survivors. We have deployed ships nearly in all ports for survivors. We can’t go near the city because the place is filled with the airborne virus. The creatures are continuously emitting the virus.” The soldier said. “Come with me, I will lead you to our captain.”


Everyone followed the soldier. Suddenly the Russian representative fell down possibly due to tiredness. The soldiers nearby quickly came to help him. They helped him stand up, but then the Russian representative shifted his head in an odd manner and jumped on to a soldier and bit him on the neck.


“We have an infected aboard…” Soldiers yelled.


Quickly the other UN members also turned.


“Kill them before it is too late.” One soldier yelled.


The nearby soldiers aimed their assault rifles. But the creatures were quick. They rushed at the soldiers. The fallen soldiers quickly turned. Some soldiers fired their guns. The shots hit some of the creatures on the chest but the creatures kept on coming.


“Shoot at their head.” One soldier yelled.


But it was too late for a resistance. The ship filled with screech, scream and gunfire.


“What is happening down there?” One of the fallen soldiers radio beeped, presumably the captain trying to contact his sailors.


The ship’s atmosphere quickly filled with the pungent odour. Soldiers covered their nose with their hands. Captain came to the bridge. The site in front of the captain horrified him. The creatures are everywhere on the ship. Some of the creatures are eating on the corpses of the soldiers. Captain quickly went to the ship’s control room and shut the door behind him. The crew looked at him with panic eyes. Panic is in everyone’s face.


“What is that smell?” One of the ship engineer asked the captain.


“It must be the gas emitted by those creatures.” Captain said with mourning face. “If it is this gas, my dear friends, we may have been exposed to the virus. Soon we also may change into one of those creatures.” Captain finished.


Captain took a pistol from its holster and pressed it against his head.


“It was good working with all of you but I don’t want to be one of those rotting creatures.” Captain’s eye filled with tears. He pulled the trigger. Captain’s mutilated body fell to a side.


Everyone inside the control room placed their hand on their mouth in disbelief. They couldn’t process what they had just saw. The room filled with scream of a female soldier.


“Please god. Don’t turn us in to one of those creatures.” The female soldier prayed.


Suddenly the ship engineers fell down only to rise again as one of the creatures. The control room filled with scream. But the screams were short lived. They quickly replaced with the growl of the creatures.

Chapter 12

Los Angeles Harbour


Johana and co-mates reached Los Angeles harbour in the morning. The place looks abandoned. They exited the car and walked along the beach. Many boats and ships are there. They haven’t removed their masks yet. All ships looks empty. Suddenly they saw some movement in a nearby building. They looked closely. It was an infected person. That thing is walking aimlessly in the building.


Johana tightened her grip on the gun.


“So you know how to shoot?” Rayan asked.


“My husband had given me some instructions about how to operate the gun.” Johana said smiling.


“Mom, I am hungry.” Sam said.


“We will get something for you honey” Johana said with desperate face. “But first we need to get into one of those ships. There may be people in the ship far away who could help us.” Johana said pointing to a ship about one mile away. “We could take one of the small boats to get there.”


“We need to be careful. We don’t know that the people, if any, in that ship is normal and healthy.” Rayan said.


“That’s why I took a gun with me.” Johana said.


They moved to a nearby boat. Then suddenly the creature in the building saw them and rushed toward them.


“Hurry, that thing have found us.” Rayan said.


They finally got inside a small boat. Rayan pressed the switch on the motor. But it seems dead. Johana pointed her gun at the approaching creature and fired. The bullet hit the creature in the chest. The thing fell back. But it regained its footing and rushed toward them again. Johana fired again. This time the bullet hit in the head in the dead centre. The creature quickly fell down.


“Good aim!” Rayan said.


“Hurry move to another boat.” Johana said loudly.


They all got inside another boat. Rayan pressed the switch to wake up the motor. The motor quickly hum to life. But then they heard some screech. They all looked back. The beach is filled with infected. They all are rushing toward Rayan and Jenny. Rayan quickly drove the boat away from the beach.


All infected stared at them from the beach. None of them are approaching the sea water. The infected must have sensed the presence of salt in the water, which is the only thing that can kill the virus. They finally reached the ship. The ship looks abandoned. They got inside the ship through the small ladder on the side of the ship. Rayan was the first to get aboard the ship. He looked for any signs of danger. When he made sure it is totally abandoned outside he signalled others to follow him. Johana and her children followed Rayan. They got inside the first level of the ship. The ship is a high-tech one with automatic controls.


They all entered into the ship’s control room. Then they saw it. The creature. It is pacing to and fro aimlessly. It seems that it doesn’t know its way out. The creature indeed lost all human behaviours. The creature’s hands and face are filled with bruises. The creature suddenly sensed human presence and shifted its gaze toward Rayan. It sniffed the air. Rayan and his co-mates stepped back and closed the door. The creature rushed forward and collided with the steel door. It began to thrash at the door. But it is not strong enough to break the door. Rayan quickly lead others away from the scene toward the boat they had left.


“We should try another ship or maybe we could go in this boat.” Rayan said to Johana once they climb aboard the tiny boat.


“We can go away from this place in this boat and maybe we may see the navy in the deep waters.” Johana suggested.


“Okay we will move to the deep waters in this boat.” Rayan said.


Rayan rushed the boat through the everlasting ocean waters. The boat glided through the open ocean. They travelled for an hour. Based on the position of the sun it is nearly noon. Then Rayan first saw it. A military ship is coming in their direction. Rayan slowed down the boat a bit. The Ship reached near Rayan’s boat and it stopped moving. Some soldiers wearing biohazard suit came to the side of the ship.


“Stop where you are.” One of the soldier said.


Ryan switched off the motor of the boat.


“Are you infected?” Another soldier asked.


“No.” Rayan answered. “Can you take us with you?”


The soldier said nothing. Then he asked “Did you come in direct contact with the infected.”


“No. We are not exposed to the virus if you’re meaning that.” Johana said.


“Then climb aboard.” The soldier dropped a rope ladder.


Rayan, Johana, Josh and Sam climbed through the rope ladder to the ship.


“Where are you headed to?” Rayan asked the soldier.


“We are going to LA harbour.” The soldier answered.


“But we just came from that direction. The harbour is infested with the infected.” Rayan said.


“Let me contact the captain.” The soldier said.


The soldier took a radio in his hand and switched the channel.


“Captain, this is Corporal Danny, Do you copy.” Danny asked through the radio.


Yes I copy you, what’s the situation? Are they clean?” Captain asked through the radio speaker.


“These people are clean. They came from LA harbour and they claim that the harbour is infested with the infected. Do you want us to continue the mission?” Danny asked.


Our mission is to rescue the survivors and exterminate the infected. Our mission still continues. Nothing changes.” Captain said through the speaker.


“Okay captain, it’s your call.” Danny said and kept aside the radio.


“You can’t go there. Those things are fast and strong.” Johana said.


“I am sorry. I have my orders.” Danny said.


The ship began to move toward the Los Angeles harbour from where Johana and Rayan escaped in the first place. The ship halted about half a mile away from the harbour. The harbour is swarming with the creatures.

Chapter 13

Los Angeles Harbour


“Snipers, take out all of them.” Captain’s voice echoed through the ship’s speakers.


Snipers pointed their sniper rifle at the creatures. All of them aligned a head shot. Then the snipers fired one round. The first line of creatures fell down. The creatures became more active when they heard the gun fires. But they are not going to touch the sea water too. They stayed there staring in the ship’s direction biting the air. Snipers fired again. This time ten of them fell down at once. A sharp screech emanated from the creatures’ throat. They began to jump in mid-air agitated by the gun fire. They seemed to have noticing the reduction in their numbers.


The creatures appeared to be showing a pack behaviour. They seemed to care about their fellow comrades. Snipers fired again and again until every last one of the creatures on the beach is dead. Soldiers deployed five small lifeboats in the water and they got inside it. They stir the boat towards the beach.


Soldiers on the boats are armed to the teeth. Everyone have advanced assault rifles with many magazines attached to their waist. Rayan and Johana watched the soldiers, who have went to the beach, with great expectation. The soldiers are leaded by Danny. All the soldiers are in biohazard suits.


The soldiers finally reached the beach and got outside the boats. They first made sure the location is secure. Then they split in to five groups and moved in separate ways.


“Alpha one radio check, over.” Danny said through the radio.


“Alpha two radio check, over…Alpha three radio check, over…alpha four radio, check over…alpha five radio check, over.” Other soldiers said.


“Please proceed everyone.” Captain said through the radio from the ship.


Some soldiers in bio hazard suit are aboard the ship watching for any movements. Snipers are high above the ship, also watching for any danger through their scope.


“Alpha one I am seeing some heavy activity toward you. Brace yourself. How copy?” One of the sniper said.


“Loud and clear.” Danny said back.


Danny and his team of ten soldiers moved carefully through the open road.


“Everyone ready your grenades. Snipers have detected heavy movement towards us.” Danny said.


Everyone got hold of their grenades. Suddenly a group of infected rushed toward Danny and his team. Everyone threw their grenades at the approaching horde and braced for explosion. After a moment the grenades exploded. Body parts of the creatures littered on the pavement. Soldiers shot down the remaining creatures.


“Alpha one, is everyone alright?” One of the sniper asked through the radio.


“We are fine. We have a successful encounter. All the approached creatures exterminated. Over.” Danny said back.


Danny and his team paced quickly through the road. Nearly all the buildings’ front door had been thrashed open. There is no sign of human life. Suddenly creatures start to jump out of the roof of the buildings on both sides of the road toward Danny and his team. Soldiers yelled commands. Some soldiers start to shoot the creature who have landed on the road. The jumped creature’s limbs seemed to have broken. Their movement is slower than usual. Soldiers easily shot down the creatures. But some of the creatures landed on top of the soldiers who are closer to the buildings. Soldiers’ scream echoed through the street.


Danny and rest of the remaining soldiers shot down all the creatures. But then some heavy movement caught Danny’s eye. The creatures who have possibly attracted by the gun fire and recent explosions stormed at them.


“Everyone fall back to the boat.” Danny yelled.


Danny and the remaining soldiers ran toward their lifeboats. On the way Danny took out three grenades and threw at the creatures. The explosions were loud. Most of the creatures torn apart by the explosion. Rest of the creatures still ran towards Danny.


Danny and team finally reached the lifeboats. But the creatures was quick. They jumped on to the lifeboat from the beach. Soldiers didn’t get time to react. The creatures bit everything that came in their way. Danny somehow managed to jump out of the boat in to the sea water. Soldiers’ scream lost in the screech of the creatures. Danny swam toward the ship.


Danny somehow managed to swim large distance and finally reached the ship. Other soldiers helped him climb aboard the ship. Danny lie down on the floor of the ship with his face towards the sky. He took heavy breaths. Danny was the only survivor of the Alpha one group.


“What happened to rest of the groups?” Danny finally asked.


“Creatures have not yet detected them. Alpha two is on the roof of a building. Other soldiers’ location is currently unknown.” The soldier who helped Danny said.


Danny finally regained his footing and took a sniper rifle from the ship and moved toward the snipers. He joined them and took a position. He looked for Alpha two group on top of each buildings. Finally he got a glance at them. They are on top of a shopping complex. Each members have took place on the side of the roof. They are monitoring the surrounding.


Danny then changed the view and searched for others. He spotted a soldier running toward the building where Alpha two is located. Behind him is a horde of creatures all running to capture the soldier. The creatures are quick. With two or three leaps the creatures got near him. One of the creature made a hell of a leap and landed on top of the soldier. Others followed. Blood sprayed in mid-air. The creatures torn apart the soldier and ate him.


Danny looked away from the scene. He met all the other snipers eyes. They all had seen the desperate soldier’s final moments. Their eyes filled with tears. Danny could clearly see their eyes through the glass helmet they are wearing.


Danny looked again at the Alpha two group. It seems that the horde of creatures have somehow detected Alpha two group. The creatures are rushing at the shopping complex at once. Some of the soldiers on top of the roof dropped grenades to the ground at the horde of creatures. The grenades exploded just in time at the very center of the horde. The creatures were thrown away in mid-air. They landed some place far away from the front door of the building. Some of the creatures regained their footing and rushed at the door again. Some of the creatures were completely torn apart by the explosion.


More grenades landed the ground. Creatures again lost their footing. But the explosion only attracted more creatures. Even the creatures very far away are also running at the origin of the explosion. Danny and other soldiers glanced each other. They couldn’t believe what they are seeing. It seems that they haven’t even damaged these horde of creatures. Creatures’ number is increasing rapidly. More people fell under the might of Marselia.

Chapter 14

Los Angeles Harbour


Danny looked through the scope of his gun. The Alpha two team is continuously dropping grenades at the horde. He changed the position and looked far beyond. More horde of creatures are approaching the shopping complex from all directions. After a moment the explosions stopped. The team must had ran out of their grenades. The horde is still storming at the shopping complex. Then the soldiers on top of the building start to shoot at the approaching creatures from the roof. Sound of gun fire filled the streets.


More than hundreds of creatures rushed inside the shopping complex. Soldiers on top of the roof looked frightened. Soldiers braced for attack. The creatures thrashed open the door on the roof of the building and hundreds of creatures emerged through the opened door.


Soldiers fired continuously at the approaching creatures. The creatures seemed to be not caring about the bullet wounds. The horde of creatures rushed forward. Some soldiers took pistols from their holster and pressed it against their head and pulled the trigger. The creatures jumped on to the soldiers and the creatures jumped out of the building with the soldiers in their hands. Soldiers were ripped apart. Blood sprayed everywhere.


“Captain we have to do something.” Danny said to captain who have emerged from the ship’s control room in his biohazard suit.


Captain looked at the horrifying scene through his binocular.


“What can we do for them?” Captain asked.


“The soldiers are dead. No doubt about that, but we could still launch missiles from here. We could dismantle the shopping complex along with those creatures.” Danny said.


Captain took out his radio from its sheath. “This is your captain speaking. Aim and fire missiles to the shopping complex you can see through your window.” Captain finished with a deep sigh.


“We copy captain. Missiles away in 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Missiles launched. Three missiles cut through the clouds in blazing speed. When the missiles are at a safe distance from the ground they travelled in a projectile path and fell on the shopping complex. The shopping complex exploded in to millions of tiny pieces along with thousands of creatures in the surrounding area. The fallout of the remnants of building fell on top of a horde of creatures.


“Missile attack successful.” Captain said through the radio with excitement but the excitement was only short lived.


Then they saw it. Millions of birds in a formation are approaching the ship from the sky. Captain looked through his binocular. The birds are yellowish in colour possibly due to the plague. Some kind of liquid is oozing down from their peak. Blood is everywhere on their head.


“Everyone fall back to the ship’s protection.” Captain yelled.


Rayan, Johana, Josh, and Sam ran inside the ship’s control room along with some soldiers.


The birds rushed toward the ship. Snipers ran for the nearest door. But they didn’t reached there in time. The birds covered the place and start to cut down the soldiers. Soldiers screamed in pain. Birds’ peak sliced through the flesh of the soldiers. Captain and Danny lost their life in the massacre along with other snipers. The birds were like locusts. Soldiers were torn apart by the birds. After they had finished they stared at the control room through the glass window at the survivors.


The bird’s horde quickly rushed at the glass thinking there is nothing stopping them. Fortunate for the survivors in the control room the glass was bullet proof. The birds finally fall back and fly away to another location in search for better fresh meat. The ship’s hull is covered in blood of the soldiers. Bones littered everywhere on the ship. The birds have even eaten the flesh of the soldiers’ head.


Rayan and Johana came out of the ship’s control room and watched the leaving birds. Birds haven’t noticed them. They are busy searching for fresh meat. Other soldiers joined them.


“What should we do? Now that captain is gone what would we do?” One of the soldier asked.


“We should move to a secure location. If possible to a remote island. It’s our only chance for survival.” Rayan said.


“But with the presence of those hellish birds nowhere is safe. They will fly everywhere in search for human survivors.” One of the soldier said.


“Those birds will not fly everywhere. They stick to only in populated areas. If we could find an island filled with trees we are saved.” Johana said.


“Okay we will then go and search for a remote island.” One of the ship engineer said.


All agreed.


“Now that we are near Los Angeles we could go near Guadalupe Island which is remote and is filled with wooden landscape.” One of the soldier said.


“Then let’s move to that island. We don’t want to waste time here. There is nothing here for us now.” Johana said.


The ship’s engine came to life. Ship slowly start to move in the direction of Guadalupe Island.

Chapter 15

New Delhi, India


“Mr Prime Minister, we have blocked all flights leaving to and coming from United States and all other North American countries.” One of the men in black suit said.


“But the news from all over the world had reported the presence of infected birds. Did we detected any of that?” Prime minister asked.


“So far we hadn’t detected any of that. But we are currently searching the skies for any of those birds. Our new laser gun will prevent those creatures from entering our atmosphere.” One of the men said.


“Did we detected any infected persons?” Prime Minister asked.


“So far we haven’t encountered any of the infected. Journalists claimed that the White house have fallen under Marselia. The entire North America is filled with the infected people. They are ravaging all the places. We also had heard news from Europe, South America, Africa and Australia about the hellish birds.” One of the men in black suit said. “We haven’t heard from rest of the Asian countries about this. But we can’t take any chances. We must prepare for the worst.”


‘What do we know about this Marselia disease?” Prime Minister asked.


“According to our intelligence report, the Americans had discovered some life form on mars. And they were experimenting on it by code name Project Mars. Somehow the virus got outside and did what we saw. The infected people’s body seemed to be like plastic. They don’t rot over time. Only greater damage to their brain is fatal for them. This Marselia disease is spreading quickly because of the presence of airborne version of the virus. The infected people are emitting the airborne version from their body. This disease can even affect plants and other animal life forms too. This highly contagious disease must not be treated lightly. The entire North America has fallen under this disease.” The man in black suit finished.


Suddenly a scream came from outside the building.


“What is that sound?” Prime minister asked.


The men in black suit went near the window and looked outside.


“It seems that people are storming in our direction.” One of the men said.


“What? For what? I haven’t heard about any problems for the last few weeks.” Prime minister said.


The guards quickly closed the gates to the building and closed all doors. The place is filled with a pungent smell.


“What is that horrible smell?” Prime minister asked.


“We don’t know.” One of the men said.


Then the men saw it in the sky. The hellish birds have come for them too. A laser grid have formed in the entire Indian hemisphere. Birds are falling from the skies when they touch the laser grid. Indian scientists’ invention is working well. But something is not right. Why people storm here.


“The birds about which we heard is here and our defence system is killing them down.” One of the men near the window said to prime Minister with excitement.


Prime Minister went near the window to watch what is happening outside. He saw the fallen birds and the people who are trying to smash open the gate. Something is entirely wrong. It seems that the people outside the building are not normal. Their bodies are filled with bruises which can be clearly seen through the window.


“It seems that the Marselia infected people are here.” One of the men said frightened.


Suddenly the gate broke away from the wall and it fell inwards. The people or what was left of them stormed to the building in which prime minister and the other men were discussing.


“God! Help us!” Prime minister said.


“We have to get out of here.” One of the men in black suit said.


“Where should we go? The only way out of here is by the helicopter parked in the yard. But those infected people are there. They are storming towards us.” Prime minister said while looking through the window.


The scream of the guards filled the very air they are breathing. The pungent smell is sharper now. Some of the guards aimed their pistols and fired many times. One of the infected people fell. But it is replaced by hundreds of those things.


“We should move to the basement of this building. It is with steel doors which may save us from those creatures.” Prime minister said.


Prime minister leaded them to the basement but on the way prime minister fell down. Other men helped prime minister stand up. But something wasn’t right. Prime ministers eyes are vacant. They are black as night and his hands and face are filled with tiny bruises. Suddenly prime minister turned his head in an odd manner and jumped on to one of the men. The men frantically tried to push back the prime minister. But the prime minister was strong. He bit the man in the neck. Blood oozed down like water flowing through a tap.


Other remaining men hold down the prime minister but suddenly those men also fell down. A moment later they rose, reborn to kill, to infest the surviving humans.


The creatures outside increased in number. They all rushed to the building. Creatures smashed open every doors which had protected many humans before. The entire building got filled with scream of men and women.


Outside a helicopter hummed. Commandos have landed on the ground armed with AK 47 guns.


Commandos shot down creatures from behind. A moment later about the whole of the Indian military arrived at the scene wearing bio hazard suits. They all joined shooting. Some of the soldiers threw grenades towards the creatures. The infected people’s number considerably reduced. But then a sharp growl sound came from soldiers’ back side. Everyone looked back.


A big horde of creatures is approaching the soldiers. The speed of the infected is greater than that possible by a normal human being. Soldiers launched rockets from rocket launchers. But that only increased the creatures’ number. The creatures are quickly attracted by the sounds of gun fire and explosions. It’s like the whole city is storming at a handful of soldiers.


Finally soldiers surrendered to the creatures. The creatures roamed free through the roads. Soldiers’ scream got lost in the growl of creatures. Finally India too fell like rest of the countries.


Part 4: The Sanctuary

Chapter 16

Pacific Ocean


The ship USS Enterprices glided through the Pacific Ocean. Rayan, Johana and the soldiers are in the control room discussing about the future plans. Sam and Josh are at the ship’s kitchen eating nutritious food.


“So Guadalupe Island is totally remote?” Johana asked.


“It is remote and the island is full of trees. Lot of natural resources. We can start a new life there until things become normal again.” One of the soldier said.


“Do you think it will go back to normal?” Rayan asked.


“As far as I know those things need food to survive. That means they need us. When the food become scarce they will possibly die out. Then we could live there again.” The soldier said.


“As a matter of fact, you’re wrong. As far as I know even if they die, their bodies continuously emit the virus. The virus even affect all other living organisms living around it. The corpses will never rot. It will become like plastic. True plastic.” Johana said.


“And who are you again?” The soldier asked.


“I am Johana and I work for…worked for NASA. We are the guys who researched on the Martian’s body.” Johana said.


“Martian? What Martian?” The soldier asked.


“You don’t know? I thought the military guys knew about everything.” Johana said.


“Well our superiors didn’t mention about any Martians.” The soldier said.


“Well we have found proof that once life existed on mars. It was a mining team on mars who had found it. They said it was some biological matter. But when we actually recovered the matter, it is found to be a corpse of a Martian human.” Johana said.


“Martian human? Mars had humans?” The soldiers asked all at once confused.


“Yes. It indeed was a human. We have found that the corpse wasn’t decaying at all. We also found the strange gas emitted by the corpse. The corps’ whole body was emitting the airborne version of the virus.” Johana said. “But accidentally the virus got out. And this catastrophe happened.”


“So this virus plague once ravaged mars?” One of the soldier asked.


“Our conclusion leads to that. All our proofs suggested it. This Marselia virus seemed to affect plants also. Plants will soon wither and die out. If no plants are on earth the carbon dioxide level will increase. It will lead to global warming and things go on until earth will lose its capability to support life. At that time earth will be a barren wasteland like mars.” Johana said with a deep sigh.


“So are you saying that we have no chance of surviving?” One of the soldier asked.


“There is a slight chance of survival. This virus is not resistant to saline water. That means the ocean water can destroy the virus. If we find a remote island such as Guadalupe, as you had said, we may be able to survive. The only thing on the way is those hellish birds. But supposedly they will stay only in populated areas. So we can survive.” Johana said.


“So there might be a sanctuary for us.” One of the soldier said.


“Yes. In this case the Guadalupe Island could be our sanctuary.” Johana said.


“With that all the soldiers returned to their positions. We will reach Guadalupe Island in the night. We are about hundred nautical mile away from the destination.” The ship engineer said.


Rayan went out of the control room to get some air and to look whether there is an incoming danger. Everyone including Rayan is in biohazard suit. They couldn’t take any chances now. They all must take precautions. With the presence of airborne variant of the virus the Marselia disease is highly contagious. Based on the position of the sun it is evening. Sun is blazing in the horizon in red colour.


Rayan remembered one of the movies in which presence of red sun indicated a death. He thought about how true it is. Today millions of people died or become one of those mindless psychotic creatures who ravages the entire earth now. Will earth’s destiny same as Mars’.


Rayan is really afraid after all those things he got through to get here. A moment later Johana joined Rayan in full biohazard suit.


“I was looking for a perfect biohazard suit for my sons. So how things are going?” Johana asked.


“So far so good. We haven’t seen those birds again. We may have to stay inside the ship throughout night. We can’t see if those things come at night.” Rayan said. “Did you contact your husband?”


“No. I didn’t get a signal. It seems that the entire network is down. I am afraid for him.” Johana said.


“So where exactly is your husband?” Rayan asked with a deep breath.


“He is in Africa. He is a nurse in South Africa. He used to call every day.” Johana said with a deep sigh. Her eyes filled with tears. “I am afraid he is one of those creatures. Since he is working in a hospital there is all the possibility that he might have exposed to the virus.”


Johana began to cry.


“Don’t worry about it. He will be alright. At least you could think that he is alive like us surviving somewhere in a remote place. Don’t think about probabilities.” Rayan said.


Suddenly the ship came to a halt. Rayan looked in front of the ship. Then he saw it. Everyone saw it. A cruise ship is in front of their ship. That ship seemed to be dead silent. It is about night time. Around Seven O clock. Rayan blamed himself for not wearing a watch. Everyone looked at the ship with great expectation. There could be survivors inside the ship. They may be hiding from those hellish birds. Or there may be creatures aboard if they are unfortunate.

Chapter 17

Pacific Ocean


Soldiers created a bridge between the two ships using a plane metal sheet. Ten soldiers went to the silent cruise ship pointing assault rifles. Soldiers are wearing NVGs for night vision. Rayan also joined the soldiers with a revolver in his hands.


The ships blistered in the moonlight. The control room is empty. Blood stain is everywhere. Soldiers carefully moved inside the ship. The ship is huge.


“We split in to two groups. We could clear more areas in short time.” One of the soldier said.


“Guys I don’t think that’s a good idea. We should stick together.” Rayan said.


“We split in to two groups. We can’t waste time in this ship.” Another soldier said.


All other soldiers agreed to that. Rayan forcefully agreed. They split in to two groups and start to move in two directions. The group with which Rayan is part of moved to the base of the ship. They all said it’s a good idea to start from bottom.


“I hate to ask you this, but do you have in any chance a device that could detect the presence of the virus?” Rayan asked to the soldier in front of him. Rayan is the last person in the group.


“We don’t have none of those things.” The soldier replied.


The group moved farther into the ship. Blackness is everywhere. Ship’s emergency lighting systems must be down. All the guns soldiers took have flashlights on top of it. Finally the group reached the bottom of the ship. Suddenly gunfire erupted from somewhere on top of the ship. Soldiers become alerted. They searched their surrounding for any sign of creatures. None of the infected were at the bottom. Soldiers opened a door to a room and stepped inside the room. Flashlight on top of the gun lit the room completely.


The room is completely empty. Then something caught in Rayan’s eye. He found a secret compartment in the room. He opened the small latch. Inside the secret compartment is two young kids. Both are female. They wore face masks and they seemed to be sleeping. Rayan reached near them and touched one of the kid on the hand. Suddenly the kid woke up startled.


“It’s Okay. We are the good guys. No need to worry.” Rayan said.


Soldiers looked at them patiently.


“That’s what the man who came earlier said to us. But then he turned out to be an asshole.” One of the kid with silver hair said.


“What other guy?” One of the soldier asked.


“A man with same uniform as yours. He became one of those creatures. And he tried to eat us. We somehow managed to get away from him and found this room and this secret room.” Other kid said.


“Did that infected guy happen to be here in this level?” Rayan asked.


“No. He is in the second level trapped inside a room. We dead bolted the room from outside. He won’t be coming through that door easily.” The kid with silver hair said smiling.


“How long before did you come in contact with the creature?” Rayan asked.


“It’s about two hours now.” The kid said looking at her small watch.


“Do you have any idea what happened to this ship and its passengers?” One of the soldier asked.


“We were warned about the infected through news. We all wore face masks and prepared for the bad thing to happen.” The kid with silver hair said. “Then it happened in the form of those hellish birds. We both were in the cafeteria when those birds hit. Those things cleaned out everything. About all of the passengers died. Rest of them exposed to the virus and became the infected. That’s when the military came in a helicopter. Few soldiers safely landed on the ship and exterminated some of the creatures. But then we saw the helicopter on fire and it crashed into the ocean. We don’t know what caused it but that’s what we saw.”


“Look we don’t have time for this. We need to clear this level and find the rest of the soldiers.” One of the soldier said.


“I am Jenny and this is Rose by the way.” Jenny said.


“Well Jenny it’s glad to meet you two. We have to move quickly, we are going to a safer place and you’re welcome to join us.” Rayan said.


The kids nodded and everyone start to move out of the room. The moment one of the soldier entered the corridor one of the creature jumped on to him. The hallway filled with the soldier’s scream and gunfire. Rest of the soldiers quickly went outside and shot the creature in its head. The creature went down. The soldier was already covered in blood.


“Don’t leave me like this please. I don’t want to become one of them.” The soldier cried out loud.


“One of the soldier came forward and pointed his gun to the fallen soldier’s head. And he fired. The soldier became motionless. Nobody said anything.


“Quick, move forward.” One of the soldier yelled.


But then a sharp screech came from their front. Everyone looked carefully. The site in front of them was unexplainable. A horde of creatures who are possibly attracted by the gun fire are running toward them. Quickly everyone got inside the room from which they had exited earlier. Rayan shut the door behind him.


“Quick drag that table over here.” Rayan said.


The soldiers dragged the table in front of the door and blocked the door. The creatures began to thrash at the door. The door vibrated. Soldiers dragged all the things in the room and piled all of the things in front of the door.


“Now they won’t come through.” One of the soldier said.


“They won’t come through. No doubt about that. But how will we get out of this ship?” Rayan asked puzzled.

Chapter 18

Pacific Ocean


Johana and the remaining soldiers rushed inside the control room. A horde of creatures are behind them. The metal sheet connecting the two ship turned upside down and fell on the water due to the weight of the creatures. Creatures are now crossing the ships by jumping from the cruise ship to USS Enterprices.


Johana sealed the door of the control room from inside. Soldiers looked at the horde, which are thrashing at the door, with panic.


“What should we do?” One of the soldier asked.


“We could crawl our way through that small compartment on the ceiling of this room to top of the ship and we could shoot those creatures down with ease.” One of the soldier said pointing at the small hatch on the ceiling of the control room.


All other soldiers nodded in agreement.


“Whatever you’re going to do, do it fast. Our friends may be inside that ship waiting for our help.” Johana said.


“Okay guys move out.” One of the soldier said.


Sam and Josh looked with wonder what the soldiers are doing. Soldiers removed the hatch on the ceiling and slowly entered in to the small vent that leads to the top of the ship from where supposedly they could kill those horde of creatures.


The creatures haven’t stopped thrashing. The steel door vibrated due to the force with which the creatures are thrashing. Soldiers finally reached on top of the ship. They could see the violent creatures clearly now. Some of the creatures lack limbs. But they are very active. They are using their head to thrash at the door.


Soldiers took positions on the roof and aligned their assault rifles. A moment later soldiers start to shoot. The ship’s atmosphere filled with sound of gunfire and the growl of creatures. Every bullet hit the creatures on the head in the dead centre. All creatures quickly went down. Soldiers jumped on to the floor from their positions and waved at Johana and her children from outside. Johana opened the control room door.


“We should search for our friends on that ship.” Johana said pointing to the cruise ship.


“We will go there now.” One of the soldier said.


A team of twelve soldiers jumped onto the cruise ship from their ship. They adjusted their NVGs and slowly moved through the ship to the inside of the ship. They disappeared behind a door that leads to the inside of the ship.




“What do we do now?” Rayan asked.


“Hey, we could break this window and jump on to the water and swim our way to the ship.” One of the soldier said pointing to the small round window on the wall.


“That’s a great plan. Somebody please break that window.” Rayan said excited.


One of the soldier came forward pointing his gun to the window. He fired several shots and the window broke. Sound of creatures increased when they heard the gun shots. Rayan took his gun and cleared the small glasses that are protruding.


“Okay who’s going first?” Rayan asked with excitement.


None of the soldiers moved. They remained motionless looking at Rayan with great expectation.


“Looks like I should be the first one.” Rayan said with a grin.


Rayan slowly poked his head out of the ship through the window. The window is perfect for a single person to jump out. Rayan slowly jumped out with his head towards the water. He landed safely on water and came up.


“Okay, everyone come out one by one quickly.” Rayan called out.


One soldier looked at Rayan through the window. Rayan is blistered on the moon light. One by one soldiers and Jenny and Rose jumped out of the room through the window. Suddenly some of the creatures spotted them from the upper level. They jumped on top of the soldiers. Creatures hit the water hard. Some of the creatures landed on top of some of the soldiers. Soldiers screamed in pain. Creatures on the water began to roar loudly and start to rollout through the water surface. Looks like the salt water have a good effect on the creatures. All the survivors quickly swam toward USS Enterprices.


Suddenly Jenny began to cry out loud. Rayan and soldiers looked back. Jenny was looking at the mutilated body of Rose. Looks like one of the creature had landed on Rose’s head. Her neck must had broken, because her head is turned in an odd manner. Rayan quickly swam towards Jenny and began to calm her down.


“You have to let her go now. Come, there are people waiting for you with great expectation. You have to take this as a woman.” Rayan said soothing words to Jenny.


“Rose was my only friend. This was her idea, of going to United States. Without her I would had been dead long ago.” Jenny said between hiccups.


“Don’t worry about it. You have us now. There are children of your age aboard the ship. You will not be alone. That’s a promise.” Rayan said.


Jenny finally calmed down and stopped crying. She followed Rayan to the ship.


“Is anyone out there? We need help.” One of the soldier called out from the water.


Johana came near the side of the ship and looked down.


“Rayan! And everyone. I knew you weren’t dead. I knew it.” Johana said with excitement.


“We need something to get on to the ship. A rope or something like that.” Rayan said.


“Wait a minute. I will get you that.” Johana left them and moved to somewhere else.


A moment later Johana returned with a rope ladder in her hands. She attached the rope ladder on the side of the ship and she rolled it down. Rayan and others climbed to the ship.


“Where is everyone else?” One soldier asked.


“They went inside the cruise ship to search for you guys.” Johana said.


They waited for an hour. There were some random gunshots from the cruise ship. Then the team of soldiers emerged from a side door on the cruise ship. They walked toward USS Enterprices.


“So how did it go?” Rayan finally asked.


“We lost seven of ours. We managed to trap most of the creatures on the bottom floor.” One of the approaching soldier said.


Everyone jumped on to their ship.


“Who do we have here?” One of the soldier asked looking at Jenny.


“That’s Jenny. New member of our group.” Rayan said smiling.


“Then let’s find our sanctuary now. We don’t want to waste time here.” One of the soldier said.

Chapter 19

Pacific Ocean


The ship USS Enterprices glided through the ocean water at maximum speed.


“We will reach our destination in any minute now. We are only one nautical mile away from Guadalupe Island.” The ship engineer announced.


Everyone sighed with relief. Finally they are going to really survive this plague. The moon lighted their path with silvery light. Stars are blinking in the skies. Sam, Josh and Jenny stood outside the ship staring at the stars.


“Kids, you may want to be careful down there. Those hellish birds may come back. We have to be cautious.” Johana said with worry.


“Don’t worry mom. We will be alright.” Josh said.


“You should be…” Johana mumbled.


“Rayan, please keep an eye on them.” Johana said to Rayan.


“I will. You don’t have to worry about anything. Besides we will be there in our sanctuary before the moon goes down.” Rayan said.


Johana smiled at the comment and she went inside the control room. Rayan glanced at the young children who are enjoying the beauty of the night sky. Dark silhouette of some island appeared in a distance. Rayan looked at the image with patience. The size of the Island increased relative to the motion of the ship.


Everyone came outside the control room and looked beyond the skies.


They have reached their destination. Only the sunlight can tell the difference now. They have to wait a few more hours for sunlight.


“We are there.” Ship’s engineer came outside and announced.


“Is this the Guadalupe Island?” Rayan asked with relief.


“Yes it is.” Ship’s engineer said.


“I can’t wait to see those tree lands.” Johana said.


“Should we move in there now or should we wait for morning?” Ship’s engineer asked.


“We will move in the morning. First we have to make sure that the island is safe for us to live. Only then we should move to that location.” One of the soldier said.


Everyone nodded in agreement.


Everyone waited for four hours for the moon to disappear. Sun came up from the east. Sun’s light illuminated the forest landscape. The entire island is filled with trees. They could start a whole new life there for sure.


Soldiers launched small lifeboats on the ocean water. Everyone got inside the boats and paddled the boats toward the Guadalupe Island. Finally the boats touched the sandy beach. Soldiers dragged the boat away from the tides and settled them in a side. Everyone looked at the massive trees in front of them with astonishment and relief.

Chapter 20

Guadalupe Island, Pacific Ocean


The island is huge about the size of Los Angeles. Everyone moved through the treeline. No one had taken away their biohazard suit. They can’t afford to take any chances now. They should be very careful if they want to survive among the plague lands.


They ventured deep inside the woods. There is clean water and there are many banana plants everywhere on the island. They are saved. This is the sanctuary they were looking for. This island could support many generations for sure, provided the plague won’t reach here.


Soldiers built a make shift camp using wood. They have cut the wood using the chain saw from inside the ship. Birds are chirping on the trees. The whole island is alive and well. A healthy island for sure.


“Can we take off these suits?” Josh asked.


“No. We have to wait at least two weeks before we could throw away the biohazard suit.” One of the soldier said.


Everyone nodded in agreement.


They slept on the ship when night took over the island and moved further into the island when the sun is highest in the sky.


They spent one week on the Island. No sign of infected creatures or those hellish birds. So far so good.


“Now we have to build houses.” Johana said.


“We can do all sort of things, but first safety is important. We have to make sure this entire island is clean and we can’t disregard the fact that those birds are still out there.” Rayan said with a deep sigh.


“But I can’t adjust to sleeping on the ship. It just making me lonely again. I need some space.” Johana said taking Rayan’s hand in hers. “I need a companion now.”


“I will always be there for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Rayan said. “But first safety is mandatory. We have to wait until we make sure those creatures have dead due to hunger.”


“I can’t wait to take off these suit. It is really hot in this.” Johana complained.


“Well you have to make some sacrifices for the greater good.” Rayan said.


“So much for sacrifices.” Johana said.


“Mom! We found it in the woods.” Sam called out. In his hands is a rabbit.


The rabbit looks very healthy.


“Oh! We could make dinner with that.” Johana said smiling.


“Mom!” Sam said with anger. “It’s my new pet!”


“Oh honey. I am sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Johana said.


“No. you didn’t.” Sam said and left the scene.


“You have a nice pair of kids.” Rayan said.


“Thanks.” Johana said.


Soldiers had started building small houses now. Rayan and Johana walked deeper into the forest discussing their future plans.


Guadalupe Island, after one month


Rayan woke with a sharp pungent smell in his nose. He covered his mouth and nose using his hands. Johana mumbled something. She is still in sleep. Rayan opened the door and walked toward the beach. Soldiers were already there. Everyone is watching something.


Rayan got closer and he saw it too. The entire ocean has changed its colour to a reddish brown. Fishes are dead and floating on the water. Rayan covered his mouth with his hands in disbelief. After all they have been through. It was all for nothing.


Suddenly a sharp screech came. Everyone looked at the horizon. The hellish birds are filled in the whole sky. They have found them. There is no escape from this anymore. They had already exposed to the virus.


“It good knowing you guys.” Rayan said.


Everyone smiled.




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Author’s Note

A few words about the creatures depicted in this book. These creatures are like the undead, only difference is that these creatures’ body operate even if these things are dead. Their body will continuously emit the airborne version of the virus infecting more people or more animals or may be more plant life. The plague virus can destroy all living things.


The most important thing that should be remembered about the creatures is that unlike zombies these things will never rot even if they are dead. The fact is that decomposers won’t work on the infected people’s body.


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