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Private Security

“Take away the shepherd’s purpose, their place to do good as the protectors of the flock, and they will not become sheep, but rather wolves themselves.” - Michael Davidson Michael Davidson is a combat Veteran and the CEO of a private security company, Shepherd Security. While filming a commercial for his recently established business, Michael receives a series of new job offers in response to an attack against a multicultural centre, the violent suppression of a left-wing protest group, and a vicious assault against a liberal commentator. His success isn’t a coincidence, and Michael has more to do with the outburst in violent crime than he would have us believe. Private Security is a short work of fiction combining elements of criminality, retribution, and social discourse detailing the latent effects of liberalism and the potential radicalization of the police, military, and security personnel as the shepherds of society and the protectors of the flock. For more works by Christopher Holmes Nixon, please visit www.foehammerpublication.com

  • ISBN: 9781988151090
  • Author: Christopher Holmes Nixon
  • Published: 2018-10-04 12:20:10
  • Words: 7116
Private Security Private Security