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For sure, if preparedness is good enough for Brian Tracy and good enough for Oprah Winfrey, then, I guess it’s good enough for you! But my guess is worthless without you being thoroughly convinced that, for sure, there’s no better way to go!.“

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[This is the edited transcript of the BTR podcast episode of “Preparedness” Nov. 12, 2016. Title is modified for this series]


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You are just in time for another extraordinary episode of our show “Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. – Road to the Future, TODAY.”  As you can see, this is the shortest title of all other episodes on this show … … only a single word “PREPAREDNESS.” That is how you stay ahead of the game as opposed to being buried by it.

So, I am really glad you are here for this episode. This can enormously contribute to your own proactivity towards ensuring that you have all the information and allied support you require to continually be the best you can be in this realm of things.  As you know, when you are the best you can be, you will automatically require the contractors you select for your special home project(s) to be best they can b. You do so because your standards, in such cases, are quite a bit higher. These are what enable you to enjoy the best possible contract-related success … … again and again. Please, do not miss this one.

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Preparedness! (Episode)

Hi. This is RB, and welcome to another extraordinary episode of: “Private Home Decision Makers, U.S.A. – Road to the Future, TODAY!”

Many thanks to you for investing time from your personal schedule to be right here, right now. To me, that’s amazing. But then, when you think of it, amazing people tend to do amazing things.


We’re going to open this message with a few experienced words of motivational wisdom. For sure, these have been and often are spoken by none other than Brian Tracy:

More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than at any other time in history. There have never been more opportunities for you to turn your dreams into reality than there are right now.”

And, so true and forever will that be.

That applies as much to you “becoming successful at a faster rate than at any other time in history.” But, for our purposes, it applies to you maximizing your intuition towards making better decisions about and getting better results from the people you hire to assist with your special home maintenance and improvement projects.

Ya’ know? I think many of us are aware that Brian was once an unsuccessful salesman. He worked with a large enterprise in obvious competition with other salesmen. He just couldn’t figure out why other sales personnel were regularly doing a lot better than he. In his message “Speak on Your Feet,” he’s very candid about why he was so unsuccessful while a respectable number of his cohorts were.

After a while, in order to satisfy his curiosity, he asked them. He watched them. He listened to them pitch. He found that they were so successful because they “studied” the right things about the people and operations which would cause them to “act” i.e., “buy!” What made them tick? What were they really interested in? Where did they stand? Where did they want to stand? Are they where they needed to be? How can he really help get them there? What can he offer? What should he say? What should he do?

Brian learned that if you really want to achieve a certain result or certain results, then you’ve got to really know a lot more about others you’re trying to convince than they may initially think you do.

You’ve got to develop from what you study and learn about them, a realistic proposal, then you’ve got to clearly share it with them. You’ve got to “be where they are” and be a personal buddy towards helping them get to where they’d really much rather be. You have to be convincing enough for others to trust you enough to believe that you’ve got something they truly can benefit from, at a price they’re willing to pay. You bring with that your personal sincerity, integrity, honesty, empathy, sympathy, and camaraderie! All things with tact, timing, accuracy, and courtesy.

Of all Mr. Tracy’s successes, there’s one thing which is most thematic in his words and actions: PREPAREDNESS!

The Relativity

In just one simple equation: PREPAREDNESS = SUCCESS! Period. When I use this equation, I’m speaking in terms of successions of success. No one person ever remains successful without realizing a continuous stream of successes which overshadow those of loss. For sure, some of the most successful people we can think of have very deep and dark stories of loss. What’s more, those whom we see as successful encounter variations of losing on a regular basis. This confirms the old, most familiar adage: “You can’t win them all!” No doubt about it. Now, let’s just take a micro-mini tour about someone whom most of us either adore or envy. We’re going to consider briefly the cycle of success delays in her life. However, we’re going to do this in generality. Ladies and Gentlemen? … … Ms. Oprah Winnnnn-freeeeeeey!

Of course, I know that everyone who’s really into Oprah knows that her beginnings weren’t humble. Instead, they were dreadful and painful. As a child, she was continuously abused in every sense of the word. Under circumstances where some had become so dejected that they’d successfully commit suicide, she opted to live. Oprah opted to do more than just “survive” (“Hey …heyyy”).

She went on to complete school capping that off with a career in journalism in a time when there still was so much overt expressions, depictions, and innuendos about women of color only fit to be maids, housewives, whores, and/or entertainers. Hah! Surprise! Not this woman! Oprah went even farther to not only become an outstanding journalist (being a pioneer among women of color in America for so doing in the mainstream sector of things), but, as much, to become a household name and a highly respected, very powerful, and very loved icon!

Little, however, is there emphasis on how Oprah was able to be so massively successful. It wasn’t by happenstance or mistake. Like Brian Tracy, Oprah had goals. She diligently studied normally successful people. She studied their technique, conferred with and hung out with them.

She studied other people, often meshing a lot of what she learned with what she already knew from her own experiences (both negative and positive). Each success was the absolute result of Oprah’s preparedness. It wasn’t just her, but it was lots of people, engaged in lots of things, many of which were relative to what she wanted and needed to accomplish.

She was (and is) sincerely empathetic, sympathetic, caring, sincere, and really a friend and a confidante to so many. Whatever her preparational approaches and technique, these were (are) only amazing expressions of the person she actually is. She realized that she needed mentors, cohorts, and results to enable her to truly express herself even more. These were crucial keys to her preparedness every time. Inevitably, each time, because of that preparedness, she normally achieved over and above what she’d anticipate. Preparedness!

It was no clean sweep. The worst obstacles were the people who said and did everything they could legally get away with to derail her previous to and at every successful juncture. Many times she felt like giving up; many times she entertained thoughts of just living a “normal” life without all the racial and sexist pressures, situational and verbal attacks on her honor. She’d been harshly criticized, threatened, and ignored (generally speaking), but with each wave, being steadfast in her convictions, she was applauded, supported, and lauded even more. Preparedness!

All efforts to quench the flame of Oprah failed. The reason is that the flame of this towering woman was instilled in her by Almighty God. Therefore, it was (is) most certainly impossible for any human being to extinguish. Today that Olympic flame of love and concern, tenacity and understanding, wisdom, grace, majesty, and good taste burns warmer than ever before!

There Goes That “A-word,” Again

We’re talking about alliances. Just like the successes of Brian Tracy, Oprah Winfrey, and an amazingly long list of most successful people in our country (in terms with which we’re most familiar), your success depends on with whom you’re “actively connected” in relation to what you’d like to accomplish. Yet, like in all things, if it’s not for you to know or to have, then it doesn’t matter how much you “prepare,” it’s not going to happen.

The same applies to the success of your special home projects. When you go about scouting for, selecting, and hiring just about anyone to assist with your home maintenance and improvement objectives, you set yourself up for getting just about any sort of results. Your home is a sacred place. Am I right or wrong? Why? Here’s the reason: It’s sacred in the sense that it’s God’s gift to you, your family, your friends, and guests. Home holds a very special place for you above all other places. Go anywhere you like in the world. Guess what’s always on your mind? Oh yeah! Home! Above all places, you’d truly rather be, there’s most certainly no place like home! This is what makes it, truly, the best wonder of the world!

On the average, successful contract-related home projects don’t just happen. Although, for a spell, you may get away with whimsical scouting, selecting, and hiring behavior (not recommended), one day, it’s going to cost you dearly!


I remember a few years ago while on one work site. There was training protocol for all new guys. Part of that protocol entailed viewing a very special video. It featured a guy who for many years worked the silos of a company here in the U.S. So he was really good at it. Well, as the story goes: one day, while working on the brim of a silo (by rough estimate, approximately 100-ft deep), he somehow “forgot” to attach/clip his lanyard to perhaps the secure forged steel bar welded into the steel framing of the silo.

*As an explanatory interjection to this: A lanyard is a very strong strap 3-6 feet in length which normally accommodates a forged steel safety hook/clip on either end. To be safe, the worker first clips one end of the lanyard to the forged steel ring at the back of the harness. Here is where other strong straps he/she wears securely around each thigh and each shoulder join. Then he/she clips the other end of the lanyard to something stable enough to break a fall. Let me explain:

The rigid straps of the harness reach up and over both shoulder, then down the back , then intersect between the shoulder blades where there’s a strong, free moving ring of steel/titanium held in place by a high-endurance, multi-layered leather patch. The worker clips one end of the lanyard to this ring between the shoulder blades (normally just below)of the back and the other to the steel bar (or some other immovable object) part of or proximal to the silo.

When the lanyard is so attached, in the event the worker loses his/her footing, although the worker falls, it’ll only be for about 3-6 feet (depending on the engineering of the lanyard) before the fall is stopped. The worker either pulls him/herself back up to the brim of the silo or calls for help. Without this crucial assembly of the “full” body harness, the secure connection of the lanyard to forged steel/titanium ring of this fall-safety gear, and the other end of the lanyard being correctly fastened/clipped to whatever nearby immovable object available for that purpose, that worker would continue falling, and in a matter of seconds be killed from the impact of hitting silo floor!

Now back to our story. The result of that silo worker’s “one-time” neglect clipping his lanyard to something to break his fall, within milliseconds, he plummeted 100 feet (by estimation) to that silo floor. What was normally a fatal fall, was for this worker, a lifetime in a wheel chair as a quadriplegic. He was busted up from the impact.

Here’s the correlation: sometimes, we think we’re really “good enough” to keep getting away with taking unnecessary risks or for making hasty, uninformed decisions about our contract-related home projects. For a while, we may get away with it. Yet, since the practice, in itself, without proactively communicating with our allies, is always reckless at best, it’s only a matter of time before you “hit the silo floor,” too.

Your preparedness is your “harness” and “lanyard;” your “safety bar” are your allies. Through working with allies especially well-versed and practiced in matters of effective contract-related home project decision making, you enormously increase your odds for successful contract-related home projects every time. Better to be prepared than impaired!


One of your best possible avenues to your best possible state of preparedness is to ALWAYS include conferring with and working with your alliances to achieve any special personal results for each of your home projects. Therefore, through conscientiously working together being correctly connected with qualified allies and through implementing their informed recommendations, you increase both the quality and the level of your preparedness to succeed at any reasonable special home projects you’ve got; conferring with and working with your allies, using all relative information and service they’ve got, increases your chances for successful contract-related home projects every time. This is what you want. Am I right? This is what you need. Am I right? By golly! As you do all the necessary research, conferring with allies and relative allied information … as you put it all in action …. that’s what you’re absolutely going to get! Preparedness!

For sure, if preparedness is good enough for Brian Tracy and good enough for Oprah Winfrey, then, I guess it’s good enough for you! But my guess is worthless without you being thoroughly convinced that, for sure, there’s no better way to go!

Time to get your game on! Oh yeah! …and just to really help you along the way, and to learn more about whom your allies actually are, please take advantage of any or both of the free courses offered you online, okay? Go to your favorite search engine, then browser for “Protocol-Performance-RB” and “Weekly Lessons for the Home-RB!” For sure, they’re among the most elemental factors for the sort of preparedness you need to ensure that every special project you’ve got is so much sweeter than the one before! All right!

As always, it’s a pleasure and a great honor serving you!


****You are cordially invited to drop by with other most amazing American private home heads to tune into another most controversial but informative episode of this show each Saturday night, 9 PM (PST)!

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Preparedness - Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. - Series No. 3

“For sure, if preparedness is good enough for Brian Tracy and good enough for Oprah Winfrey, then, I guess it’s good enough for you! But my guess is worthless without you being thoroughly convinced that, for sure, there’s no better way to go!.“ "Preparedness" is really about you, as a U.S. private home decision maker, and your preparedness for truly making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results. In this moment, we investigate reasons some private home heads in America today experience successful contract-related home projects on a regular basis, and why some either habitually "hit 'n' miss," or "miss" all together! Most earnestly, the results you get with residential contractors are all premised on the degree to which you are prepared. Those who are unprepared are normally those who rely on "gut feelings," "good feelings," and on "mis-guided" religious sentiments. They rely on themselves without conferring with more informed sources and preparing in kind. On the other hand, those who are the most prepared are invariably those who rely on the input of informed sources and they perfect their protocol consistent with that. They do no depend on how they feel, individually, about the people asking to work on their properties and in their homes. They have a "system" for scouting, selecting, and hiring contractors premised on the information and the guidance of sources well-versed in matters of contract-related home maintenance and improvement. Here, you will learn a bit more about whom these are.

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Preparedness - Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. - Series No. 3 Preparedness - Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. - Series No. 3