Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics

Get a head start to A Level Physics! Three experiments that you can do at home to help you bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level Physics! A Level Physics is one of the greatest academic challenges that there is, but you can succeed in it if, like anything else, you prepare well for it. These three experiments introduce you to some of the key ideas and techniques that you will need to be a success at A Level Physics. It is designed to be used over the summer between your GCSE exams and starting the A Level course, but could be completed at any time. Each experiment has an introduction, some video guidance, a method and instructions to analyse the results. There are then some questions to get you thinking about the topic and the answers so you can check that thinking. This would also be a useful study for anyone currently taking A Level Physics, or a similar level Physics qualification, or anyone aiming for one of the top grades in their GCSE Physics.

  • Author: Kit Masters
  • Published: 2018-06-25 07:50:06
  • Words: 6733
Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics