Power Affirmations for Wealth and Success (Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Yo


Power Affirmations for Wealth and Success

Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Your Subconscious, Manifest Your Dreams and Change Your Life!


Rachael L. Thompson

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: How to Make Affirmations Work for You

Chapter 2: Destroy Thoughts that Hold You Back

Chapter 3: Affirmations to Eliminate Subconscious Blocks

Chapter 4: Affirm the Perfect Amount of Money for YOUR Ideal Life

Chapter 5: Your Specific Money Affirmations

Chapter 6: Manifest Prosperity Today

Chapter 7: Top Manifesting Affirmations

Chapter 8: Develop a Millionaire Mindset

Chapter 9: Millionaire Mindset Affirmations

Chapter 10: 60 Affirmations for Success, Wealth and Ability Overview

Chapter 11: Powerful Affirmations for Success

Chapter 12: Powerful Affirmations for Money

Chapter 13: Affirmations to Improve Performance & Ability


About the Author


Welcome to your future! A future filled with the abundance and success you deserve. In this book you will find 100 powerful affirmations that will change your subconscious and help you manifest your dream life. Each chapter provides 10-20 affirmations covering specific areas, along with tips and advice on how to effectively make these affirmations work for you.

Affirmations are so simple, yet many never experience their power. Our subconscious minds account for the majority of our behavior, affect our perceptions and determine our actions. These affirmations will transform your subconscious so that you naturally begin to think and act in ways that manifest enormous success and wealth.

For the most benefit read through the book in order as there is a process to make these particular affirmations effective. Once you have read through everything, use this as a resource moving forward. Say the affirmations, in the way suggested, as often as possible and watch your new life unfold.

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Chapter 1:[
**]How to Make Affirmations Work for You

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is the declaration that something exists or is true. These simple statements help change limiting and negative thinking or belief patterns that hold you back from the life you desire. Many people swear by affirmations while some doubt their ability to make a difference. If you have habituated beliefs that you are trying to change, changing them with another belief that is more truthful or a belief that you want to become truthful, will only benefit you in the journey to your desired life. For example, if you believe you are a failure, an affirmation that can replace this would be “I am a success” or “I am working towards success”. Know that you will not always believe these statements at first. Try to add the feeling of the affirmation when saying it. Feel the bodily and emotional sensations of success each time you say “I am a success”. Perhaps you feel a release of tension, a warmth of pride in your chest, and a happy smile widening across your face.

How to Make Them Work Long Term

For an affirmation to work, you need to do more than just say it. As stated previously, adding in the feeling will increase their effectiveness but our brains are complex and changing ingrained thinking patterns takes time and effort. Repetition is another important component. The more you repeat an affirmation, the more likely it is to become ingrained and replace old, negative thinking patterns. Try to say each affirmation at least 3 times. Also say them as often as you can throughout your day.

There are unfortunately mechanisms in our brains that will resist the change you are trying to make in your thinking and in your life. There is a part of our minds that wants us to stay the same. There is safety in stagnation, and making a change forces us into the unknown. In order to prevent this sabotage and see the most success, you must first recognize what is happening and develop ways to overcome the potential sabotage. Let’s look at two ways to do this:

p<>{color:#000;}. Beware of the ego! The ego is our sense of self. Psychoanalysis explains this as mediator between our subconscious and conscious, between our ID (basic instincts) and our Superego (morals and values). Our ego helps us navigate through the world. All of your conditioning and experiences, good and bad, helped this form and it will do anything to preserve itself. Know that your ego resists change and will try to tell you that your new thoughts and affirmations are incorrect. Acknowledge this resistance as the ego and recognize there is no truth to it. Look at it as your lower self, as a small child who throws a tantrum because he is scared to try something different. If your five-year-old child threw a tantrum because he did not want to go to school, would you say “Fine, you really don’t need an education anyway”? No. You would reassure the child that everything will be okay, this experience will be good for him and make him go. Treat your ego as you would this child.

p<>{color:#000;}. Understand the confirmation bias. The confirmation bias is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirming current beliefs. You will both notice and remember instances, situations, events, and conversations that confirm your current beliefs and will more easily dismiss those that do not. If you believe you are a failure, you will remember each time that you failed, pay far more attention to perceived failures and easily dismiss any successes. When trying to change old and develop new beliefs, you must become aware of this confirmation bias. It will not be easy to focus on success when you are used to focusing on failures, so you must be diligent to focus on any success, not matter how small, and stop labeling failures as such. Be mindful of how you automatically label experiences and change these labels when necessary. For example, if you did not get a job that you interviewed for, your immediate response will likely be negative self-talk that confirms you are a failure. Be mindful of this, and replace these thoughts with more positive ones. This one situation does not define you as a failure. Think of what you excelled at during the interview and continue to affirm that you are working towards success. You can still hold yourself accountable and work to develop particular interview techniques that need improvement, but do not allow the negative aspects of the situation to skew the perception you are trying to develop for yourself.

Use these techniques (affirmations, challenging the ego and refuting negatively biased views) to get rid of all the beliefs that are holding you back and replace these with ones that will lead your life in your desired direction. It is not until you are free of these limiting beliefs that you will be able to pursue the life you desire. Once you are free, you will be able to naturally think and act in ways that encourage a wealthy and successful life.

Chapter 2:[
**]Destroy Thoughts that Hold You Back

We have grown up in a society that places a lot of labels on wealth and success. Everyone holds beliefs about money, some of these may be apparent and some function on a subconscious level, which means they affect you without your awareness. If you have found that no matter what you do, you are unable to earn the money or attain the success you know you deserve, most likely there are subconscious thinking patterns that are blocking you from your goals.

Many of us grow up with well-intentioned family members, friends and teachers that want the best for us but teach us ideas that sabotage any chance we have for becoming successful. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“Rich people are bad.”

“Rich and successful people are corrupt.”

“Other people are rich, not you.”

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

These are simply a few of the hundreds of commonly held beliefs that parents unknowingly teach their children. Think also of what you witnessed growing up? What does money and success mean to you? If you have any blocks around money, then before any wealth and success affirmations will work, you must first eliminate these blocks. Use the simple set of affirmations in the next chapter to eliminate all negative beliefs you hold. As you eliminate these, a whole new world of possibilities will open up to you.

Chapter 3:[
**]Affirmations to Eliminate Blocks

What I was taught about money is not true. I choose to adopt a new, wealthy, and successful mindset.

I eliminate all blocks that hold me back from living a wealthy and successful life.

I let go of all past experiences surrounding money and open myself up for an abundant successful future.

My inner world creates my outer world and I choose to only think happy, successful and abundant thoughts.

I free myself today of any old, untrue beliefs that have held me back.

Money is simply energy, and I can attract it easily into my life.

I am able to become a balanced, happy, wealthy and successful person.

Money and success are not good nor bad on their own. I choose to attach positive energy while attracting both into my life.

I am as smart and capable as any other wealthy and successful person.

I easily learn everything I need to live the wealthy and successful life I desire.

Chapter 4:[
**]Affirm the Perfect Amount of Money for YOUR Ideal Life

Just as setting goals in your everyday life can help you accomplish big picture dreams, so can setting specific goals using affirmations. You want to tell your subconscious exactly what you want. Saying “I want to make more money” is such a broad statement. If you made one dollar more this year than last, you have technically accomplished your goal. The clearer you can get with your affirmations, the easier it becomes for your subconscious to direct you accurately towards your goals.

For this set of affirmations, take some time and think of exactly how much money you want to make. Do not allow your doubts, fears and ingrained beliefs about money to stop you from setting large goals. The reason you are saying affirmations in the first place is to change ingrained belief patterns that have held you back. For this, let go of all disbelief and set specific financial goals that will allow for your ideal life.

Chapter 5:[
**]Your Specific Money Affirmations

I make (inset amount of money) within the next six months.

I make (insert amount of money) within the next year.

I make a yearly income of (insert amount of money) within the next 3 years.

I make a yearly income of (insert amount of money) within the next 5 years.

I have made (insert amount of money) by (set you own time frame goal).

I am able to do (insert what you want to do with your money) with the money I earn.

I am able to travel to (name your most desirable travel location) with the money I earn.

I am able to help (list charities/causes/people you want to help) with the money I earn.

I am able to buy (insert what you want to buy with your money) with the money I earn.

Every day I use my money to (insert how your money will help you in your daily life).

Chapter 6:[
**]Manifest Prosperity Today

Money is nothing more than energy. In its physical form, it is paper. Paper can be burned, ripped apart and destroyed easily. If you tore a piece of notebook paper, would you be upset? Likely not. If you accidentally dropped a 100 dollar bill into a fire, would you be upset? Likely, the answer is yes. This is because the energy the bill holds has more importance to you than a plain piece of paper.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to easily attract money and success, while others work just as hard merely to keep their heads above the water? This all has to do with the thoughts and beliefs held by these individuals. Thoughts are also a form of energy. When watching a scary movie, you often get the physical sensations of fear. You know that it is just a movie, but your mind is involved and what is real in the mind becomes reality. Use this same concept to manifest the abundance and success you desire. Know that your thoughts will unlock the power to abundance. Keep your thoughts and beliefs positive, be certain that you will attract your desires without struggle and suspend all doubt as you say the following affirmations.

Chapter 7:[
**]Top Manifesting Affirmations

I only think successful and prosperous thoughts that attract success and prosperity into my life.

I radiate positive energy at all times.

Money is simply energy and I easily attract this energy into my life.

I observe my thoughts and only hold on to those that attract positivity, abundance and success.

I only focus on abundance and success and thereby attract this into my life.

I truly believe I am attracting all of the abundance I desire into my life now.

The universe wants me to succeed and I open myself up to all gifts of prosperity and success.

I love abundance and success and attract it easily.

My positive energy gives me the life of my dreams.

I see abundance everywhere and today I claim my share.

Chapter 8:[
**]Develop a Millionaire Mindset

Becoming a millionaire seems far out of reach and even impossible for many. When trying to change your mindset and attract more money, do not feel guilty asking for too much. Guilt comes from commonly held beliefs that rich people are bad, wanting too much money is greedy, or simply that making a certain amount of money is not in the cards for you. Other people can be millionaires, but not me.

These affirmations will help you eliminate any of these blocks. It is not greedy to want to earn millions of dollars. One million is simply a number. Any additional labels or feelings you have attached to it comes from ingrained, subconscious thinking patterns that can be changed. There are plenty of hard-working, down-to-earth, non-greedy millionaires and you can and will be one of them! Let go of all disbelief and say these affirmations with a sense of knowing that becoming a millionaire is in your future. If any of these affirmations are hard to say, this simply means there is a block. Say any difficult affirmation as many times as you need until you are able to say it effortlessly. You have to eliminate all blocks before this amount of money will manifest in your life. Use these affirmations to shift your thinking and your energy so you can begin to attract millions into your life now!

Chapter 9:[
**]Millionaire Mindset Affirmations

I easily make millions of dollars.

I am a happy, successful multimillionaire.

I love earning millions of dollars.

I am constantly filled with million dollar ideas.

I easily attract millions of dollars into my life now.

I easily connect with other successful, multimillionaires.

I am confident that I will earn millions of dollars.

Others are amazed by my ability to earn millions of dollars.

I am open and willing to receive millions of dollars now.

I am committed to becoming a millionaire

Chapter 10:[
**]60 Affirmations for Success, Wealth and Ability Overview

In conclusion of this book, I have provided general affirmations to increase your money, success and ability. Read through each one daily or highlight those that stand out and develop a personalized list to repeat to yourself. Take some time after saying each one to experience the emotions associated with the affirmation. As you say the affirmation, also develop a sense of certainty that it is true in your life. The more you say these affirmations, the more benefit you will see. Good luck!

In addition to this book, I have also put together two free affirmation meditations, available on YouTube: 100 Power Affirmations for Success, Wealth and Confidence and Positive Thinking Affirmations. I hope you find these helpful along your journey.

Chapter 11:[
**]Powerful Affirmations for Success

I am successful.

Everything I do turns into a success.

I work hard every day towards my success.

I am creative and successful.

Others see me as successful.

I live a life filled with success.

I see success in everything.

I am grateful for all of my success.

I love being successful.

I wake up feeling successful every morning.

I easily accomplish all of my goals.

I am grateful for my incredible success.

I never fail, I only learn.

I deserve success.

I am persistent in all that I do, and enjoy amazing results because of this.

I always succeed with ease.

I successfully set and accomplish goals daily.

I am always moving in a successful direction.

I generate successful ideas often.

I only attract successful opportunities and successful people into my life.

Chapter 12:[
**]Powerful Affirmations for Money

I am wealthy.

I am abundant.

Money comes to me easily.

I love being rich.

I help others with my money.

I deserve to make a lot of money.

I enjoy all of the abundance life brings to me.

I make more and more money every day.

I spend money easily as I know I will always make more.

I invest money wisely.

Money comes to me in variety of ways.

All of my ideas lead to great financial success.

I am grateful for all the abundance in my life.

I am open to all the abundance the universe has to offer.

I easily afford the life of my dreams.

I am happy, successful and wealthy.

I take my share of the great abundance the world has to offer.

I easily exceed all of my financial goals.

I make money doing what I love every day.

I am comfortable making a lot of money.

Chapter 13:[
**]Affirmations to Improve Performance & Ability

I accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I am smart.

I am determined.

I am capable of achieving my dreams.

I am unique and special.

I am always coming up with new ideas.

I am awesome.

I am persistent.

I never give up.

My hard work always pays off.

I confidently work towards all of my dreams.

I know I will accomplish all of my goals.

I confidently interact with everyone I meet.

Others see me as a confident and successful person.

I am a smart, successful person.

I easily dismiss all doubts and fears.

I love working towards the life of my dreams.

I am a wealth of great ideas and I easily act on each one.

I am committed to my life goals.

I have the power to do amazing things in my life.


I hope you found your perfect set of affirmations in this book. Say them all or pick as little as 5-10 to say daily. Remember repetition and feeling are key to rooting these into your subconscious. Please also bear in mind that it took years to develop your current thinking patters and this cannot be changed overnight. With persistence and effort you will begin to see magnificent changes unfold in your life. You deserve all of the wealth and success you desire. Believe that it is on its way. Keep your eyes and heart open for all new opportunities the universe will present to you. Finally, take action on your ideas, pursue opportunities and have faith everything is working in your favor.

If you have not yet signed up for the Free Mindset Makeover Video Training, sign up HERE! Take this time for yourself. You are work the investment. I wish you the best of luck!

About the Author

My name is Rachael and I am the founder of Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur LLC. I spent far too many years following the path I thought I was supposed to take. I dealt with overwhelming anxiety, fearing that I would never find something that truly made me happy. Through trial and error, introspection, and overcoming a lot of mental barriers I discovered my path. I now want to take what I learned to help others live a happy and successful life.

Learn more about my journey to success and happiness in the FREE 90 Minute Video, Mindset Makeover Training! In this training I give you the exact steps I took to discover and pursue my passion so I could finally live a life of fulfillment.

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Power Affirmations for Wealth and Success (Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Yo

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Power Affirmations for Wealth and Success (Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Yo Power Affirmations for Wealth and Success (Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Yo