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Your Complete Guide to the World of Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go was launched on July 6th, 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular games, surpassing social media sites in daily users and money spent within a few days. Who created Pokémon Go and what was the idea behind the game?

John Hanke is the mind behind the game. Hanke, born in 1867, was interested in programming when he was a young child, beginning to work with programming when he was only in middle school. After graduating college with an MBA, he dove into the gaming world, creating three startups, all related to gaming. Hanke began a small company called Keyhole that compiled a large quantity of geological pictures all around the world. Google bought Keyhole, and Hanke continued working with Google to develop Google Maps and Google Earth from his original idea. As you probably know, these applications are very popular today.

In 2010, Hanke started Niantic, keeping it separate from his work with Google. Two years later, he created the game Ingress, which caught the attention of the Pokémon company’s CEO. His game Ingress reached seven million players worldwide in 2014. That was the year his idea for Pokémon Go began forming, and the smallest hint of it can be seen when he released a picture of Pokémon on top of Google map images. In 2015, Hanke left Google and began raising money to produce this new game idea he had. Pokémon Go was created and developed once the funds were raised, being released on July 6th , of 2016. Two days later, 5% of all Android phone users had already downloaded the game.

When the game was only a week old, users were averaging more time spent on the game than Facebook, Twitter, and Candy Crush, which are some of the other most popular games.

You may be surprised to learn that Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, released what might be called a “practice” for this game in 2014. Niantic was part of Google at the time, but Hanke was able to separate his idea from Google. However, the game, which was an April Fool’s Challenge at the time, only served to be the base on which Hanke would build the ultimate game idea behind Pokémon Go.

People like the idea of being explorers and discovering something they may not have known was so close at hand before, especially in places they thought they already knew. The idea that Pokémon or “hidden treasures” can be at your school or your own backyard is intriguing. You thought you knew these places, but now, they seem completely new. The game allows players to get exercise, yes, but it also allows them to re-experience areas that they may have thought completely familiar.

The game has a wide target audience. There are many old Pokémon fans who were excited when the game came out. While some may think a game like this is only for teenagers, that is not true. Old Pokémon fans, who might be in their twenties, thirties, or forties, are interested in Pokémon Go, finding a way to connect with the sweet memories of their childhood or young adulthood. However, because Pokémon has continued to be a popular part of TV, the current children and teenagers are also familiar with the characters and loved the production of this game.

Pokémon Go started as an idea from Hanke. He tested the idea and got a positive response. Before he put the game out, he took the time necessary to gain support and advertise the coming of the game before the official release date. Even Hanke has been surprised by how successful the game has become.


When you are first starting to play Pokémon Go, you might want to just start having fun without really reading the directions or doing the tutorials. After all, you have heard enough about it. You should be able to figure it out. However, many players who started playing without reading any instructions missed out on these benefits. Here, you will find a few things that now-experienced players wished they had known before they began playing.

1. Pikachu Can Be Your Starter

When you first start walking around with your phone, you will see a Pokémon approach you. You will want to catch him, so you can get started with the game. However, you can get Pikachu as your starter. Because Pikachu can be a harder Pokémon to catch later on, it will help you to have him from the start of the game. The way you do this is simple. When you see the first Pokémon approach you, walk away from him. He might remain in your vision for a while, trying to follow you, but he will eventually disappear. Another Pokémon will appear. Walk away from him too. You will need to do this three or four times. After that, Pikachu will appear in front of you, and you can capture him by throwing your Poke Balls.

2. Capture Everything

When you start playing the game, every Pokémon you see is a new one. Of course you are going to catch them all! However, after you have been playing the game for a little while, you will begin to see a lot of the same Pokémon. You might choose to walk right by them, because you already have them. However, you should still catch them. Why? Well, each Pokémon you catch, regardless of if you already have it or not, gives you evolution candy. Then, if you don’t want that Pokémon, you can trade it in to the professor for even more evolution candy. This evolution candy can be used toward the Pokémon that you do want to keep, making every Pokémon valuable.

3. Nearby Pokémon

Sometimes, it may seem like you are in a particularly barren area. However, there is a meter in the right-hand corner that shows what Pokémon are close by. There will be a number of footsteps underneath the Pokémon to show you a measure of how far they are. If you have never caught one of those Pokémon before, then the picture will appear as a shadow. You can tap on the Pokémon, and the map will show you an approximate location. You can use that to help lead you to certain Pokémon.

4. Capturing High-Level Pokémon

In the beginning, you may think that capturing Pokémon is easy. You just need to have a general aim then throw the Poke Ball. But when you begin seeing some higher-level Pokémon, you will realize that the capturing gets a bit harder. Here are a few tips to capture the harder Pokémon. If your circle is green, your Pokémon will be easy to catch. Red is when they are hardest. If you are able to purchase treats, you can throw the treats to the Pokémon, making them easier to capture. If you press and hold the Poke Ball, you will see the circle begin to shrink. The smaller the circle, the more accurate your aim will be. You are more likely to get more points or an “excellent” instead of simply a “nice.”

5. Augmented Reality

Seeing the Pokémon in real life is part of what makes the game so unique and interesting; however, you may find that turning off augmented reality while you are trying to capture a Pokémon will make it easier. Doing this will help stabilize the Pokémon and make it less likely to flee. Sometimes, the Pokémon flee if you take too much time to capture them, as though they get “bored.” However, if you turn off augmented reality, then you will be able to catch them before they become bored.

6. Cheating Doesn’t Work

You may see a few different cheats out there that say you can walk on the treadmill or put your phone on an old record player to get the eggs to hatch. The truth is that you really have to walk to hatch the eggs. The game now uses GPS tracking instead of a pedometer, meaning that it can tell if you are not really walking. The game also has a speed limitation, which means that traveling in a car or bus will not be counted. You need to walk in order to hatch the eggs. While taking a car to different Pokémon locations may help you reach them more quickly and be able to gather more Pokémon for your collection, the egg hatching does require walking.

7. Keep the App Open

You need to keep the app open at all times to make sure that your walking is being tracked. This is one aspect of the game that has received some complaints. You will not receive notifications of Pokestops or Pokémon nearby unless you have the app open. Your steps and distance traveled will also not be tracked. That means that unless you have the app open, your walking will not help advance you in the game. You can place the phone in your pocket as long as you set your screen to not sleep.


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Pokemon Go: Your Complete Guide to the World of Pokémon Go

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Pokemon Go: Your Complete Guide to the World of Pokémon Go Pokemon Go: Your Complete Guide to the World of Pokémon Go