Podcast Library, Vol 4

A retirement hobby of listening to podcasts grew to this published collection of over 20,000 descriptions of the most interesting topics out of more than 100,000, arranged alphabetically, with download links for individual files and collections. I aggregate podcasts and make a weekly collection available in a blog called Media Mining Digest. It's the result of a listening hobby that started over a decade ago, plus the discovery that useful podcasts are increasing, and the lack of a good place on the web where they're available, despite what you find on iTunes. Over a thousand new entries are added each year. These are a modern version of the old library file cabinet full of organized pamphlets, leaflets and miscellaneous useful bits of information that don't fit on book shelves and magazine racks. Free cloud storage and blogging support allow production of the blog and this encyclopedia with on-hand equipment and software. Time and labor are the biggest cost. It's a productive retirement project. Some seventeen thousand twitter followers receive a tweet when each blog episode is posted. The effort will continue as long as the collector is able, and free storage exists.

  • Author: Jim Vandiver
  • Published: 2018-04-16 20:05:07
  • Words: 725797
Podcast Library, Vol 4 Podcast Library, Vol 4