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Plane Crash

Plane Crash




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is a small fictional story how Arun and his wife must have reacted before the plane they were travelling crashed into the ocean. If my story resembles with some reality it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.

I thank all my friends and relatives for their encouraging words. I am thankful to my family members for their constant support. My sincere thanks are always due for Shakespir for their support.



Chapter I: Happy Couple

Mr. Arun Barua along with his wife, Dipanwita were a very happy and cohesive couple of thirty years. Their love affairs however started ten years before their marriage. Arun was one year older than his wife. When Arun was in class VII, he saw for the first time Dipanwita in a school function organized in his school. At that time, she was in class VI and accompanied her parents to attend the function in his school. He fell in love with Dipanwita on the very first sight. However, Dipanwita was not aware of Arun’s love for her for next two years.

Due to a Government education policy, Dipanwita was promoted to class VIII from class VI and then both of them became class mates from next year. After their matriculation, both of them joined same college for their higher secondary. Their love blossomed during this period. Slowly they became inseparable and after ten years of love affairs, they tied the knot thirty years back. Probably God has made them a perfect couple for next few decades.

Arun joined a multinational company after he passed out his masters in medicine and Dipanwita joined in a local college as a lecturer in political science.

They were living an ordinary life in the eyes of others. But their love for each other was envy for his friends and relatives. Even their children, once they grew up, used to tease them for their exceptional love for each other.

In due course of time, both his sons got married and settled down. Whenever their sons fought with their wives, invariably they mention about their parents. Sons used to phrase the common sentence, ‘My mother never, fought with Papa in last so many years. We are yet to complete three/four years of our marriage, but you are fighting tooth and nail with me all the time.’

Theirs wives’ views are also same, ‘Papa always respects the views of Mom. Have you ever love or respect me like Papa loves/ respects Mom?’

As both of their children have settled before Barua’s retirement, he had decided to visit few capital cities of Asia with his wife after retirement from his multinational Company.

After one month of his retirement, Barua took his wife to Sri Lanka for a week. Then in the next month they went to Bangkok for a week.

After resting two months at home they went to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia which boasts its magnificent modern skyline which is dominated by the 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers, with Islamic motifs. The twin skyscrapers are made of glass-and-steel with a public skybridge and observation deck. The city is also famous for British colonial-era landmarks such as the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Arun and his wife took time to enjoy their visit in these places.

Barua couple enjoyed their stay at Kuala Lumpur more than the earlier foreign visits due to its natural beauty along with modernity. The Malaysian culture is a mixture of modernity with glimpses of the past which both of them enjoyed. Originally, they were to stay at Kuala Lumpur for a week only. However, they decided to postpone their next visit to Beijing for another week.

They re-booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing after fifteen days stay in this beautiful capital city of Malaysia.

Chapter II: Visit to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur


Flight was on time at 9 PM and it started with Malaysian flavour. It was a seven-hour scheduled journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The beautiful airhostesses were at their best of their costumes and best of their hospitality. Once the aircraft gained the cruising speed and the height of 40, 000 feet above sea level, delicious food was served to the passengers.

‘Will you taste some wine?’ Arun asked his wife.

‘Why?’ With a twinkle in her eyes she asked.

‘For a romantic journey!’ He quipped.

‘Oh, thanks. I am going to sleep now. Do not disturb me after dinner.’ She knew he would disturb her. Without touching her body, he would not be able to sleep. He used to carry a dress of her in all his tours during his service time so that he could sleep taking her body fragrance. She also always liked his touches on every part of her body. Rather, she was vying for those intimate touches from her husband.

After taking their meal, they tried to have a nap. As usual Arun put one hand on Dipanwita’s lap. They were about to sleep.

Chapter III: The Turbulence


As already stated it was a seven-hour scheduled journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and few thousand KM journey was through the sea line.

The Captain announced, ‘All the passengers are requested to go to their seats and fasten their belts. Please do not use toilets. We are expecting some turbulence for few minutes.’

After one minute the Captain announced, ‘We are expecting unusual turbulence on our scheduled route. Therefore, we are diverting our route to avoid the turbulence.’

Once you are on board of an International flight, you hardly bother the route of the flight. It is up to the pilots and the navigators from the ground which route the flight is taking. Almost all the passengers almost ignored the announcement of the Captain of the flight. But—

Arun Barua used to travel by air thousand times around the world before this journey. But he found the jerking of the plane that time was different from earlier ones. But he did not want to tell about the abnormal jerking to Dipanwita thinking she might be frightened.

The jerking increased to an intolerable limit within next few minutes. Even airhostesses and other cabin crews took their seats meant for landing position to avoid injuries due to heavy jerking of the air craft.

Chapter IV: The Panic


After two to three minutes, the Captain announced again, ‘We are midst of a violent turbulence. Let us pray to God for not facing any serious trouble.’

There was pin drop silent amongst the passengers inside the aircraft. But there was deafening sound of jerking inside the air craft. Arun saw face of his wife became as pale as a dinner dish.

The voice of captain again came, ‘We are facing serious trouble. We have already lost control with the radar of the base. We are trying to be afloat in the same direction of the turbulence to avoid damage of the aircraft. Pray to God.’

After one minute the voice of captain heard, ‘Another bad news. One engine stopped working. Pray to God.’

There was panic all-around. Some of the passengers started crying. A lady was heard saying to her husband, ‘It is all your fault. We could have taken another flight. You always go for the cheapest flight. Now you go to hell!’

In another situation, in another place people probably would have laughed at her statement. But at that moment none had the mood to listen even.

Small children were crying and their mothers embraced them to console; but at the end they were also crying. A sportsman was seen crying at his top voice. Some elderly persons tried to be calm. Arun looked at the Malaysian celebrity sitting at the executive class. He was crying like an ordinary person. Arun recalled, there was a pandemonium at the airport to see him by his fans.

There was chaos everywhere. One of the overhead luggage opened. The items were gone one place another place hitting few passengers. Some of the passengers were bleeding due to those articles freely moving around in the aircraft. Nobody had time to see the bleeding faces of the co-passengers.

The Captain announced, ‘Now, except God none can save us. All the engines stopped working. Pray to God.’

That was his last announcement.

Chapter V: The Romance


Dipanwita was horrified with the jerking of the plane and at the last announcement made by the pilot. She saw her impending death in few minutes away. She grabbed the hands of her husband and for few seconds she was speechless. After grabbing the hands of her husband, she was able to discard her fear for death. She remembered in a fraction of second, she had always prayed to God, she wanted to die in the arms of her husband Arun with full sense. She thought, ‘God has heard my prayer.’

She felt the warmth of her husband. She realized she had few minutes or few seconds to live in this world. But best part of it was that she would live with her husband till her last moment.

Her husband was still in a state of shock. She smiled at him and told at the top of her voice as the commotion in the plane was too much. ‘Arun I am happy. God heard our prayer for last forty years. He invited us to his place together. Are you not thankful to him?’

Arun saw to his wife. To his utter surprise, he saw no panic in her face; rather he saw peace in her beautiful face. Her calmness made Arun also bold enough to face the eventuality. But still he was not as calm as his wife.

Again, his wife told him, ‘Can you remember when we were riding on a roller coaster at Appu Ghar in Delhi just after our marriage and I was fearful, you comforted me by saying, ‘I am with you, darling. Why you are worried?’ Then when you patted on my hand my fear was vanished from my mind. On that day, I promised to myself, I shall not fear for anything so long you would be with me. See today, I am not fearful even for my death. I have few more seconds with you. I do not know, whether there is a rebirth or not. But if it is, I want to be your wife only in the next birth also. I love you more than anybody, even more than our own children!’

By the time, Arun also got back his wits. Embracing his wife, he said, ‘Yes darling, we may have only few seconds in this life. I also pray, you should be my wife in my next life as well. Now, I can discard my fear for death as well. We need not worry for our children also, they are well settled. We should pray together to God for the last time for us and for wellbeing of our children.’

They embraced each other tightly. Arun tried to kiss his wife on her lips. Probably, he could not fulfil his last wish.

Chapter VI: The Crash


Finally, the inevitable happened!!!!!! The Plane crashed into the mighty Ocean!!! Probably none survived!!!! Probably some survived!!!!


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Plane Crash

  • ISBN: 9781370969920
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-01-31 09:35:11
  • Words: 2277
Plane Crash Plane Crash