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Philly's Best

Philly’s Best

Copyright © by Wolfen Saunderson

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“Any news on the whereabouts of our guest’s little lovebird?” Lucretia asked his assistant, Bennett Marshal in a rather sadistic tone. “I don’t give a fuck about him.” Marshal answered flatly. “I don’t give a fuck. But my sister, I believe she was trying to side with that fox at one time, nearly ratted out our whole crew-…” “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY!” Lucretia snapped viciously like a black mamba. “It is by my grace that your head isn’t an ornament on the wall, over my fireplace! So, I would kindly appreciate if you actually did give a fuck about Victor Brown!” “Okay.” Bennett said, submissively. “I’ll see what I can do to bring him in on a silver platter as well. In the meantime, what are we gonna do with his little consort here.” “Oh, don’t you worry.” Lucretia replied. “I have sort of a special gift in store for her.” The recording ended with a chilling, blood curdling scream escaping from Hailey’s lips and my stomach churned at the sickening realization. “When was this audio made?” I asked Victor; whom I could see was also feeling a wave of nausea wash over him at the whole situation at hand. “Nearly four months ago.” Foxy replied with a sigh. “We found her body two weeks after in the Delaware river. She’d been…” I gulped as he paused, desperately trying to prevent losing my own lunch right then and there. “…Sexually mutilated.” “Fuck.” Robbie and Jessica both said disgustedly in unison. I sighed deeply but still managed to keep my composure. Just then, Leslie walked in. “I just spoke with Marshal.” She announced. “He said the only possible way to get close under Lucretia’s nose is through a hearts game usually played at his casino downtown. Robbie, you seem like you’re the master chess player type so, I need you to be the one to wear a wire and go in undercover.” “Good game.” Nikki agreed. “I believe this is only a two man job so, I volunteer to go in second.” “Are you completely sure about this, Nikki?” Foxy asked, worriedly. “You know almost just as well as I do that Lucretia’s a well-organized and dangerous man and will stop at nothing to obtain greed and power.” “Don’t worry.” Nikki responded with a somewhat reassuring smile. “I heard you and the guys on our old crew already took him down a notch once before and I have absolutely no qualms about doing the same again, and this time permanently. Just be ready to move in with the others when either one of us says ‘deal’.”


Jessica Burdell


We all sat for hours on end in my car, listening to Robbie and Nikki occasionally call out all the moves they made in the game but other that, things were so slow and quiet from there on it was almost somewhat eerie. I rested my head wearily on my right paw, watching various cars cruise up and down the still vivid evening street as sort of a simplistic way to pass the many seconds on the clock and try my absolute hardest not to keel over and die from boredom. “Well,” Foxy quipped in his usual sarcastic way. “This is most certainly what you call a waiting game.” “Yeah. Tell us something we don’t know, captain obvious.” Leslie deadpanned. “I wish we could go grab a bite.” I said as my belly yowled. “I’m starving.” “When are you ever not?” Leslie teased, giving me a playful punch in the shoulder. “You’re damn near worse than Nikki.” “Hey, she’s got a point.” Foxy cut in. “I actually could go for a little chow myself.” Before Leslie or anyone else could ponder murmuring another word in reply, the radio came to life once again but this time with something that made my heart skip a few beats; my blood running ice cold. There was a pained gurgling sound followed by Nikki’s voice distraughtly crying out an anguished shout of “No!!” In a pure Sadist tone, Lucretia’s voice then came over and uttered, “House rules, the boss always wins.” Quickly at the drop of a hat, we hopped as fast as we could out of the car and darted into the casino with our guns drawn and at the ready. We found Nikki over at an overturned table in the back corner of the half empty establishment, standing over a figure slumped over lifelessly in one of the chairs to the right; shaking them vigorously, repeating phrases like “Stay with me, damn it!” and “Don’t you do this to me!” As we got a little closer to begin investigating the scene, my heart sank and I felt the color and spots drain from my face when I immediately saw just who it was. Robbie now sat motionless in the chair with an oozing bloody hole in her neck from where she had apparently been stabbed with a rather large knife. Her icy blue eyes which once looked so full and lively now looked cold and empty, staring blankly down at her feet. “No!!!” Addison burst out, darting over to her and beginning to bury her face into her shoulder; beginning to sob as she held her tightly. We stared solemnly at the heart-rending scene as Leslie and Foxy tilted their heads to the roof and saluted with a long and melancholy howl and I began to mentally plan out just how we were going to get this bastard ace in the hole and make him suffer for his sins.




I decided to head on over to Nikki and Leslie’s place with Addison after shift, in a sheer and desperate attempt to lift us up out of the shitty and despondent world I felt all three of ourselves currently inhabiting. As we trudged up the stairs to our two compatriots’ decent sized two bedroom apartment on the fifth floor, I couldn’t help the many thoughts and flashbacks popping into my brain about all of the good times both Robbie and I had every off duty period with the perky wolfdog when I was only a mere rookie at this department and unit nearly six months ago. All the late night outings and things we’d do, and Nikki’s rather insatiable appetite leading us to all of the best eateries around town, drew us closer than peas in a pod and made me better appreciate the crap sack world I had grown up in for nearly a majority of my kitten hood life and how Robbie was so, so, much more than just another coworker and secret romantic love interest to Addy. We made our way up to their door to the left of the long hall and Addison proceeded in tapping the famous “Shave and a haircut” style knock on it before waiting for about a few seconds. Without even taking a moment of hesitation to question who it was, Nikki immediately threw open the door and cordially slapped paws with Addison and I before urbanely inviting us inside. She was munching serenely on a king sized bag of chips in her paw and still dressed head to toe in her usual duty attire of a brown leather jacket, black sleeveless tee, and blue jeans. She never once wore her almost trademark pure white sneakers while on her off duty period, stating she likes to feel the bare earth on her pads and that she’s been used to it growing up in poverty over on the south side of the city. We took a load off over on the large sectional in the corner next to Leslie’s shelf of about a billion or so CDs, just as she hit the off button on Leslie’s stereo which was blasting various 2015 era R&B and rap songs before asking suddenly, “You guys ready to bounce?” “To where?” Leslie asked, raising an eyebrow. “Laverne and Shirley’s, where else?” Nikki replied. “I thought that even with Robbie not being with us physically anymore, we can still celebrate her life and what a good colleague and practical sister she’s been to us with a few drinks to her name. And plus I’m a wee bit peckish.” “Well, that’s certainly pretty evident.” Leslie deadpanned observantly in her usual way. “Considering you just downed that whole bag of Fritos in about the same amount of time it took for the rest of the guys to walk in.” Nikki chuckled. “Hey, us ocelots have to keep up our strength, ya know.” She responded, showing off her toned physique. “Especially in our line of work.” “Yeah. Says the one with a bottomless pit for a stomach.” Leslie teased again. Surprisingly at that moment, Leslie’s own stomach began to loudly voice its opinion on the subject; shutting down her little bantering spree right then and there. “Sounds like somebody needs to eat their own words.” I goaded in return. “Okay. So, I may have missed out on breakfast and lunch today.” She admitted. “But that’s only because if you shared a home with a spontaneous eating machine, you’d be a bit run down having to make multiple trips to Walters Mart too.” “Yeah, yeah. Preach to the choir, wolfie.” Nikki laughed as we descended the staircase to our vehicles in the parking lot outside and began making our merrily way down to the restaurant, never even having the slightest clue what was soon in store for us just around the bend.




I licked my lips contently after downing yet another full plate of barbecue pulled pork which now happened to be my third one for the entire time we had spent here at the restaurant. “Wow.” I said after letting out a loud and rather unladylike belch; patting my full stomach contently. “Paws down, best meal I’ve had in a long, long time.” “Well, no shit.” Leslie wisecracked yet again. “You nearly swallowed the whole damn plate. If being starved like an undead zombie is what it’s like to grow up in Philly, than I’m almost damn glad to be a cheese head, country wolf.” I laughed. “Been here a few times in the past myself, actually.” Jessica chimed in, after shoveling down the last of her food in only a few gulps. “It’s not really all that bad. Just some parts happen to be poorer than others and some areas you would most likely and definitely want to avoid, but other than that, it’s a pretty good city. Almost reminds me of my old home, sweet home.” My attention to the conversation was suddenly diverted at that moment as a group of hyenas, donning all blood red apparel, swaggered suspiciously into the establishment. Already, my instinct screamed there was something very off-putting about these guys and it was nearly around closing hours so the place was practically empty aside from us four. Sure enough, my gut was right, as the lead hyena suddenly reached for object under his hooded jacket which I almost instantly pinpointed was an Uzi. He then proceeded in aiming it directly toward our booth right where Leslie was sitting, but before he could get even a single shot out, I rapidly drew my P2022 and fired a single, precise shot of my own straight to his cranium which erased him from the world almost immediately. The three others around him attempted to go for their weapons as well but soon suffered a somewhat similar fate as their dumbass Rambo leader. Once I was sure that all of them were indeed dead and no more where on the way from somewhere, I began to assess the situation and begin a quick investigation into who these guys were as Leslie breathed a gratuitous sigh of relief. “Damn! Good eye, Nik.” She said, clapping me on the shoulder. “You saved us all from a trip to the morgue tonight.” “Nothing to it.” I responded with a wry smile. “Oh, shit. Hey, guys!” Jessica called out suddenly. “It looks like we have even more dire things to worry about right now. Apparently, these motherfuckers are not only mercenaries for Lucretia but also the Philly chapter of my former gang, ‘The Uzis’.”




I stood solemnly and in total silence next to my dearest friend and roommate in the yard of the local church on 59th Street, staring solemnly down at my feet as the bagpipers played the usual sorrow filled tune of “Amazing Grace” and we bid at least one last goodbye to our beloved crony, Robbie before finally calling it a day and beginning to slowly disperse for the long trip home. “Wanna go grab a bit of lunch on the way?” Nikki asked as we sauntered slowly over to my car in the parking lot. My stomach abruptly let out a growl in response. I had once again skipped breakfast for the third time of the week this morning and had not at all realized until now I was absolutely starving. “Sure.” I answered affirmatively. “Who’s buying?” “Me of course.” Nikki chuckled. “Hell, don’t I always?” “Good. Cause you’re always the one who does all the eating around here.” I scoffed. Nikki waved her hand dismissively in reply and was just about to hop in and take the wheel when the explosive and familiar sound of a rifle shot promptly knifed through the still midafternoon air. We both turned on our heels quickly in the direction in which it came and immediately began sprinting back toward the gravesite of the church where we found Addison and Jessica with their guns drawn, huddled around the now bloody body of an all too vaguely familiar figure; both of our hearts sinking when we found and saw instantly just who it was. There, lying still and lifelessly in a pool of blood from what looked like a fifty caliber bullet directly to his throat, was Nikki’s old pal, Victor “Foxy” Brown.




I ran as fast as my lupine legs could carry me alongside my partner down the long and narrow side street, hot on the heels of our number one subject, Lucretia and a few of his little dhole underlings as we raced down the corner of 55 Terrace. We quickly dove for the nearest cover we could find behind a parked sedan, as somewhere mid-chase two of the fools decided to go straight for their guns and immediately begin popping rounds at us; only for both of us to of course return fire with even more on point shots with two to the chest from Nikki, and one right smack in between the eyes from my own M9. “Fuck!” Lucretia screamed angrily, blindly turning the corner into an alley on the left. We instantly followed suit and came up behind just as the lynx picked up a nearby piece of rebar beside a garbage dumpster. I snatched it from him quicker than he could attempt to swing it, and made one swift swipe of it at his right leg; knocking him clean off his feet with him pummeling face first into the concrete. “Well, if it isn’t our old, friendly neighborhood Davie.” I said with a smirk while Nikki cuffed him and gruffly hauled him to his feet. “Looks like this time you’re biting the big one.” I called it in to Addison and Jessica, and within minutes they were already on the scene along with plenty of backup from both members of our patrol and special response division, all the way to the US Marshals and FBI. Lucretia remained eerily mute the entire time even as Addison began to read him his rights and stuffed him into the back of a waiting transport van. Nikki turned to me and smiled pompously. “You still wanna go grab that bite to eat?” She asked. My stomach once again grumbled loudly in response to her inquiry and I sighed half-heartedly. “Sure.” I answered simply. “Shelley’s again, right?”





I sat quietly at the kitchen table of my decent sized duplex, munching contently on about ten to fifteen strips of maple flavored bacon along with a bit of leftover cheesesteak sub for my weekend brunch, until I was rather rudely interrupted by the loud activation of the door buzzer nearly two minutes later. I quaffed down the last of my meal as quickly as I could; letting out a hearty belch upon completion, and sprung up to dash my way straight through the living room to the front door where I threw it open to find just the wolf I was looking for, standing there boldly dressed head to toe in his golden brown vest, pristine brown leather pants, and other attire along with his jet black and chocolate brown fur shimmering in the early hours of the brilliant Spring morning sun. “Brandon Saunderson.” I said with the biggest smile appearing on my muzzle as I dapped him and invited him inside to slip on my socks and boots. “Right on the ball; same as always.” Brandon was a good old bestie of mine back in my early days of running with the Uzis and was currently the proud leader himself of his own gang, the Golden Thunder Pack down on the corner of Abbottsford. Sure, just like the daily grind of any other gang in the city and the rest of the world, they killed; got into a few rough bar brawls here and there and were never once afraid to get their paws dirty in any bloody conflict of the sort in any variation, but they did so all in all for a good cause in order to protect those around them and that one little corner of the world; the very place in their heart in which they proudly deemed their humble home. “Oh, well, you know me.” He replied. “I’m usually here all week, nine to five. Anyway, you ready to hit the road?” “And for what, exactly?” I asked, confused. He chuckled. “Why, for the Joe concert downtown, of course.” He said. “I know he’s always been your all-time favorite, and over the phone you said there were a few friends of yours you’d like to introduce me to.” “Oh. Right.” I answered, stuck on stupid and mentally punching myself for nearly forgetting about the biggest event of my entire weekend and spring season we had all been planning a month to attend. “What the hell are we still waiting around twiddling our thumbs for then?” He retorted impatiently. “Let’s get this show on the road.” I quickly laced up my boots and followed him quickly outside to his black two seater parked out front, practically slamming the door shut behind me before proceeding to hop in.




I immersed myself in the ambiance and boisterousness of the crowd as the vividness of the late and great, Joe’s sweet, sweet soul hits lovingly caressed my lupine ears. I had found myself a nice stepping buddy to one of his most popular songs, “If I was your Man”, a fellow wolf Jessica had introduced me to around my age; with jet black and mud brown fur, and golden brown orbs that almost indefinitely matched his pristine leather vest, pants, and wellington boots. Our feet moved in precision timing with the music all the way until the very end of the piece which came about three and a half minutes later. “You’ve got real mad skills, girl.” Brandon Saunderson said flatteringly, slapping paws with me in condolence. “For a cop especially, I mean.” “And just how did you know that?” I asked curiously, as I always kept my badge fully hidden in the left pocket of my hoodie, and never showed it to anyone unless absolutely necessary. “Oh, well, let’s just say I’ve seen you around.” I smiled wryly at him and was just about to give him my reply when suddenly all sounds and activity around me began to gradually become indistinct; replaced with the steady beat of my heart as my innate sense of perception and inner knowing instantly picked up on the ever familiar presence of incoming danger. I turned and sure enough, almost blending in like chameleons with the rest of the crowd, I could just make out the appearance of a stocky built and scruffy looking Rottweiler leading an almost equally muscled and tawny colored wolf; with about three to five striped hyenas trailing behind all dressed from head to toe in blood red attire just like the ones at the restaurant nearly four days ago. My heartbeat began to quicken and my fur stood on end as simultaneously, they each drew what looked like automatic machine pistols and were in the process of training them on Joe and all of us fellow patrons around him when I drew my berretta and ended up putting two rounds in the wolf bodyguard’s head, cutting him down like cold turkey while the rest began to scatter like ants with their guns blazing in return fire; striking about eight to ten unfortunate bystanders. I turned to Brandon and the others who were just now climbing to their feet after hitting the deck in the concealment of the now scrambling crowd the very minute they all heard the first few shots. “You okay?” I asked each of them, concerned. They all nodded and Nikki gasped exasperatedly before exclaiming, “What in the gundy glass hell was that? Did we all just randomly become marked for death by the great and powerful zealots of R&B or some shit?” “Nope.” Brandon replied. “But I definitely think I have at least one idea whom. There’s only one group of kats in this town that would swing this low and unakin to the code of the streets… The Uzis.”



Philly's Best

  • Author: Wolfen Saunderson
  • Published: 2016-05-27 03:05:06
  • Words: 3687
Philly's Best Philly's Best