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Phantom 500 - Episode 17






Phantom 500


Episode 17


By Alex C. McDonald






Phantom 500 – Episode 17


By Alex C. McDonald


Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald


Shakespir Edition


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Phantom 500 Episode 17


The sea was like a calm lagoon and the sun was shining, as Captain James Riker sucked on a Cuban cigar, savoring every puff. This was the life. Riker had shown that he wasn’t simply a space ship Captain, but a cunning businessman.

Over the past month he had cleaned up the mess the Europa Mining Corporation had left, salvaged all of the equipment and re established trade routes, with his ship, ‘The Phantom 500’, as the sole supplier of Europa Water.

Business was good and James Riker was going to get rich once the cargo he had shipped to Earth was transferred to its buyers, but that was the easy part. All of the hard work had already been done.

As a thank you for all of his hard work, Sergei Starov, had offered Riker his beachfront mansion in the Caribbean. Riker had jumped at the opportunity and left Kakura as Captain of the Phantom 500 while he took a well-earned vacation.

“Your margarita, sir,” said one of Sergei’s house staff.

“Oh! Thank you,” said Riker who took the green drink from a silver tray.

“Is there anything else?” asked the waitress.

“Actually, yes. I didn’t bring any swimming clothes. Do you think you could find some?” said Riker.

“Certainly sir,” said the waitress and she walked off to complete the task. Riker tucked himself back into the deck chair and smiled, while taking a sip of his drink.

“I could get used to this,” said Riker, who lent back to take a nap before his bathers arrived. He drifted lazily away with the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the lulling of his senses from his margarita. He felt like he could hear someone calling to him, but he didn’t want to fight his sleep anymore.

“Captain?” came the voice quietly. “Captain?”


  • * *


“CAPTAIN!” screamed a voice. Captain James Riker opened his eyes and saw a Starfleet infantrymen dressed in full battle gear kneeling above him. “Captain are you okay?”

“What?” said Riker.

“I need a medic over here pronto?” said the infantrymen.

“What is going on?” said Riker.

“Don’t worry, Captain, I think you’ve suffered a bit of concussion, but we need to get you out of here. The Lycan’s are landing,” said the infantrymen.

“The who? The what?” said Riker who pushed the infantrymen away and stood up. He looked down at himself and realized that he too was dressed in full Starfleet battle gear. He was wearing his helmet, his vest, his suit and had an automatic rifle attached to him. “Is this a dream?”

“Captain, we’re getting orders from the Admiral.”

“Sergeant Walters? But how? You’re dead?” said Riker.

“Sir? I beg your pardon?” said Sergeant Walters.

“Oh no! Oh, no, no, no! We’ve got to get out of here,” said Riker, looking around and realizing that his worst nightmare was coming true. He was back on Mars, right in the midst of the Red Battle. The most gruesome battle in human history. He pinched himself several times, but couldn’t wake himself up.

Riker looked around at the dozens of Starfleet bodies littered across the floor. More were being dragged in.

“They’re going to take this hallway,” said Riker.

“Holy shit! Look, they’ve landed!” said the original infantrymen. Riker stared out of one of the portholes of Starfleet’s Mars Base and saw hundreds of Lycan infantry carriers landing. The upside down half-spheres of the landers opened up and they poured out like insects running to a feed.

“ Captain, are you listening? The Admiral has said that no matter what we have to defend the south corridor and not let any Lycan’s pass us. There is something -”

“Valuable there. There is something valuable there that the Lycans cannot get,” said Riker finishing Sergeant Walter’s sentence. “Yes, I remember. I never asked what that valuable thing was. All I know is the order I’m about to give is an order that I have always regretted.”

“Captain, I don’t know what you are talking about, but we need you to make an order, now! The Lycans are here,” said Sergeant Walters.

“I’m not going to leave the wounded behind this time, Sergeant. We’re taking them with us,” said Captain Riker.

“What? Sir, we need to move out of here, now. I’m afraid if we don’t move, then we all die,” said Sergeant Walters.

“No. Everyone, quickly help the wounded, we need to retreat to the south corridor. Move now, anyone who doesn’t pick someone up, will be shot,” said Riker.

The Lycans then fired a missile right into the Mars Base’s wall and it exploded. Riker’s helmet immediately detected the atmospheric change and a glass visor quickly shot out of it covering his face and providing him with oxygen. It was at this point that he remembered retreating with his men and hearing the screams of terror from the wounded soldiers he left behind, by now he was well down the corridor, running for his life, but not this time. This time he fired.

Lycan’s were charging in and were beginning their slaughter. Riker then began his own slaughter and his men followed his lead. He couldn’t count how many Lycan’s he was killing as when one was shot another appeared. It was like they were multiplying.

They charged with their guns and began using them like mallets to break open the glass of the Starfleet infantrymen. Men were going down everywhere, but Riker was happy. This was where he had wished he had died and this is where he was going to die.

His trigger then made a click to signal its chamber was empty. So he turned it round and swung it like a baseball bat, clubbing a Lycan over the head. Three Lycan’s jumped on him, but Sergeant Walters fired and shot all of them dead. Riker nodded at him in gratitude, just before a Lycan grenade was thrown and exploded right at Sergeant Walter’s feet, killing him.

“No!” screamed Riker, but he didn’t have time to think as another Lycan jumped on him, sending him to the ground. The Lycan was strong and wrestled with him on the floor. The alien pinned Riker to the floor and then pulled a knife from his belt. He swung high and was about to plunge the knife into Riker’s helmet. Riker closed his eyes ready to take his fate, but the blow never came.

The terrifying noise of battle had gone, but Riker could still feel the weight of the Lycan on top of him. Slowly, he opened his eyes. The Lycan was still on top of him, but was frozen somehow. He didn’t even blink.

Riker pulled out some inner strength and pushed the Lycan off him and got to his feet. He looked around and saw that the whole battle had frozen in time. It was a horrifying scene to see. Soldiers were in the midst of being killed, bullets had stopped in midair, explosions were caught before they could kill. People and Lycan’s were frozen and many were saved from death by the strange happening.

“What is going on?” said Riker, but he received no response. He knelt down next to the Lycan who was about to kill him and pried the crude knife from his hand and then thrust it into the Lycan’s heart. To his surprise blood poured out. “They’re all frozen but still alive.”

He then saw an incredibly unique opportunity to win the battle. He took a machine gun off a soldier and then began firing at Lycan’s. Ensuring that he put a bullet hole in every one of them. Lycan blood poured out in the Mars Base.

Riker then walked out onto the red sand of Mars where thousands of Lycan’s were frozen in a charging motion. He then fired on all of them, covering the red planet with Lycan blood. He found a rocket launcher and began putting large gaping holes in all of the Lycan landing ships. He was single handedly winning the Red Battle. It took him two hours to kill every Lycan, using grenades, missiles and rifles. When he was satisfied that the fight was won, he began dragging the frozen and wounded Starfleet personnel to the infirmary and began patching them up.

He spent all day fixing the wounded and all the time, not one of them became unfrozen. Despite the fact that all the medical machinery was still reading their heart rates.

“Are you in there?” said Riker, to an infantryman he had just pulled a bullet out of. He got no response.

Riker lost track of time, but when he could do no more and felt satisfied he walked to a kitchen and made a pot of coffee and sat down. The last thing he could remember was sitting on a deck chair in the Caribbean and then suddenly here he was, back to his worst nightmare, ‘The Red Battle’. He had pinched himself many times to make sure this wasn’t a dream. He felt like he had entered some kind of bizarre alternative world.

“The South corridor, something valuable that the Lycan’s cannot get?” said Riker out loud to himself. He got up out of his chair with his coffee mug in hand and began walking to the south corridor that had been forever infamous in Riker’s mind, a place he had vowed never to return to.

Riker walked slowly towards the south corridor of Starfleet’s Mars Base. It was there where he and some brave Starfleet infantrymen had made the last stand in the original ‘Red Battle’. They had created a barricade that had been gruesomely fortified by Lycan bodies. It was hailed as a great military achievement, but Riker had always wondered why the Lycan’s used nothing more than rifles with no grenades or missiles to help them in their attack of the south corridor. There was obviously something valuable there that they hadn’t wanted to damage.

Riker’s footsteps echoed as he walked through the metallic hallway. Not a body in sight in the south corridor as the walls turned from metallic to the ancient rock Martian walls that were full of a unique type of hieroglyphs that archaeologists had salivated over since humans had discovered them.

“I was wondering when you were going to get here,” said a voice that echoed down in the dark ancient Martian ruins, startling Riker and making him spill his coffee.

“Hello? Who’s there?” said Riker.

“I forget that Earth has changed you Martians,” said the voice. “Martians would never had been so sentimental in battle all those years ago. If a Martian had the opportunity to replay a battle they had once won, none of their decisions would have changed, they would have played it out exactly as it had been done to ensure victory. You on the other hand stayed with the wounded this time in the vain hope that you would change their destiny and save them.” The voice chuckled. “Wow, Earth really has changed you.”

“Who are you?” said Riker. He then saw a glow deep down from the darkness of the ancient Martian ruins that began to approach. Riker squinted his eyes as it came closer and closer.

“We have met once before that you remember, but I never introduced myself. The other time that we met, it was right here in this same spot. I introduced myself then, but you don’t remember that time,” said the glowing light. Riker was then able to make out the look of the person. He was tall, blond hair, green eyes and wore a long robe.

“I know you. You saved us that day on Europa,” said Riker. “And you are the hologram that projected out of that metal thing we found on Europa.”

“Yes, correct, my name is Enoch and it is nice to meet you, Captain. Well, meet you again,” said Enoch.

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Phantom 500 - Episode 17

Riker looks like he has finally made it. The money is going to be pouring in and he's celebrating by taking a well-earned vacation, relaxing in the Caribbean. However, a bizarre turn of events occurs and horrifyingly for Riker he finds himself sent back in time to be in the midst of his worst-nightmare, 'The Red Battle'. It is the most bloodiest recorded battle in human history fought on the planet Mars. The Lycans are pouring in and Captain James Riker needs to figure out quickly how and why he is back in this horrifying part of history.

  • ISBN: 9781310619250
  • Author: Alex C. McDonald
  • Published: 2015-10-22 00:20:06
  • Words: 2310
Phantom 500 - Episode 17 Phantom 500 - Episode 17