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By Brandon McMahon

Copyright © 2013 Brandon McMahon

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

Hold on tight

What I seek

These Words

Shooting Far

Lay the tracks

You may know


When you influence

This Place

Believe me when I tell you

Hence forewords

Thousands of years

It was when

Help me help you

Every day

The world is always

My expertise

I’m no prophet

As are yours


What Do You Think

If nothing is lost

There is so much

Genius above All Others

You’re The Expert

We are all

Look beyond

If you were worth

Who can save us


We’re all

Today matters tomorrow

All of the pain

Death is a

To understand love

Quick and painless

I am the universe.

The less you forget


Dark Matter

I didn’t choose to be born.

A world of wonder

If there is a chance

I can tell you

I’m fucked up

My life’s not worth

All your work

You are the first

If I am gone

As I’m leaving

Your Words of Wisdom

Come the storms

I do not deserve

If I give you wings

To enter the unknown


Related as tree leaves

If you do not

You can be

Don’t you curse your world

The best that you can do

Time after time

Today shifts tomorrow

One cannot say

Once a generation

If you’ll allow

If you’d have done


The slightest moment

Identify your niche

As I shape

If tomorrow

Death is never pretty

Coming to know

You may not be famous

Feast your eyes

No one knows

You’ll feel it coming


The End

* * *

Hold on tight

And get ready for a ride

Ride the current freely

Until the end of time

Life gives me death

As death gives me life

I will give life

Much more than death

* * *

What I seek

Is not material wealth

But enlightenment

For myself

And for you

I’ll tell you why

The life you’ve lived

Will never die

[]These Words

These words I write

Are to heal, not kill

I’m here to unite

And unite I will

Believe when I say

These words are not to fill

And when I’m gone

These words will be here still

I can’t say enough

How much this world is yours

You are here to create

And to open doors

This is all I know

I’m sorry if it bores

Hopefully someday

What I say allures

[]Shooting Far

I am not your average

Charity-case manic

Nor am I a fad

Or a raging drug addict

But I am the one

Who can show you the way

So listen to me now

Because I’ve got something to say

This world is not a curse

Your life may not be bliss

You may not understand

But I can tell you this

You control the future

In the here and now

This is not a lie

Because I can tell you how

One split-second glance

Will cause a chain reaction

And will change your whole life

If only by a fraction

That shift is always there

As it will always be

In everyone you know

And everything you see

You’re a shooting star

Shooting far

* * *

Lay the tracks

For tomorrow


The time you borrow

The generation

That lies ahead

Will build achievement

On what you led

* * *

You may know

Or you may not

But you’ve already

Changed the world

The first decision

That you made

Has already

Become unfurled


The louder you shout

The longer you live

The higher you reach

The more you give

The world is

Your canvas

Your actions,

Your brush

Your time

Passes quickly

You’d better rush

* * *

When you influence

Those around

This influence

Is abound

[]This Place

Come and take my hand

And I will take you to

A very special land

Of which are far and few

I promise on the sand

You will enjoy the view

And everywhere you stand

Will finally start anew

This place is immortality

After your fatality

You can finally rest

Knowing all was for the best

This place is where

You’ll move on

Until the end of time

* * *

Believe me when I tell you

Death is not the end

Believe me when I show you

I do not pretend

And if you read me carefully

You will comprehend

That everything I do and say

Is the soul I send

So watch as I

Undo the things

That were wrong

And placed on me

And watch as I

Unfold my wings

And fly so high eternally

* * *

Hence forewords

The words I say

Will bring new meaning

Every day

With each reaction

That I cause

It never stops

And will not pause

* * *

Thousands of years

In the blink of an eye

Now is forever

You’ll never die

From nothing to now

From now to nothing

From something to all

From all to something

* * *

It was when

I came to see

Nothing’s lost

In eternity

That I realized

I was free

And all I’ve done

Will always be

* * *

Help me help you


How your impact

Changed the land

Know I know you

Shifted time

As soon as

You read my rhyme

Watch me watch you

Move it all

Move the world

Before you fall

Let me let you

Come to know

Come to realize

This is so

* * *

Every day

We pass away

And we lay

Our heads to stay

But look at

All we’ve done

Plus a lot

Of fun

We’ve only

Just begun

Now we are

The sun

* * *

The world is always

Being born

And no one and nothing

Ever dies

And if you think

This is too complicated

Everything I say is lies

* * *

My expertise

Is in the word

Of immortality


What you’re best at

You need to do

Something you like

What makes you new

* * *

I’m no prophet

Just a child

Drifting around

From side to side

Here to guide

Another direction

Show you your

Everlasting reflection

* * *

As are yours

My ideas are wise

So they will surely

Grow in size

Then they’ll come

To be despised

But I won’t


And as these

Opinions arise

I’ll just show

My words are lies

And then we’ll come

To recognize

A good idea

Never dies


Nothing can be false

And nothing can be true

In this world of theory

And paradox view

There’s nothing you can say

And nothing you can do

Without opposing theory

And paradox view

So let me set

The record straight

Everything’s a lie

There is no

Definite answer

As to how or why

[]What Do You Think

I cannot tell

If I’m doing the right thing

Who is to say

What the right thing is?

Should I be writing,

Should I be preaching,

Should I be telling,

Should I be teaching?

I have a true talent

And I’m using it well,

Stories of immortality

And others I tell.

* * *

If nothing is lost

Then nothing is found

If there’s rightness and truth

Then everything’s bound

What’s not done today

Will come around

So scream all you want

You won’t make a sound

* * *

There is so much

We don’t know

And so much more

To be done

The possibilities ahead

Are everything

Under the sun

[]Genius above All Others

There are a lot of different

Ways of being smart

And there is a unifying

Theme in your knowledge

That makes you, you

You know a lot of stuff

I don’t know

As I know a lot of stuff

You don’t know

You are smarter

Than everyone else

[]You’re The Expert

Every one of us

Is an expert at something

And when you’re

An expert at something

You know it.

Don’t ever let

Anyone tell you

You can’t do it

Because they don’t

Understand your expertise.

* * *

We are all

Smart enough

To think of

Something new

Every one

Of us knows

Something that

No one else does

* * *

Look beyond

Your limitation

And look around

For inspiration

What you find

May be the key

To understanding

What can be

* * *

If you were worth

Your weight in gold,

Would you sell yourself?

If you were free

And were needed,

Would you give yourself?

If you were lost

And somehow found,

Would you steer yourself?

If you were asked

What you do best,

Would you know yourself?

* * *

Who can save us

From ourselves

The bomb is ticking

As we speak

If we continue

This way

The future’s looking

Very bleak

Stop polluting

Stop overdoing

Start recycling

Start reusing

This world is ours

But not for long

If we keep

Treating it wrong


It is time

To start protecting

Our depleting

O-zone screen

By putting in

Our resources

To truly begin

Going green



And less pollution’s

What I mean

When I tell you

That we should

Truly begin

Going green

* * *

We’re all

In this together

And we all are one

We’re all

On the same planet

Under the same sun

To leave a

Neighbor stranded

Is to live by the gun

When everyone

Can prosper

Is when everything’s done

* * *

Today matters tomorrow

Forever is an instant

The space you own

Matters everywhere

The universe

Is one and together

Your money changes hands

And disperses throughout

To make a choice

Is to make your voice

Broadcasted universally

* * *

All of the pain

Possibly felt

Can only be felt

By one’s self

Yet through the

Strength of many

Anything can

Be accomplished

Remember this

And if asked

Do a good deed

It will last

* * *

Death is a

Breath of life

On us all

* * *

To understand love

Is to understand hate

To understand freedom

Is to understand fate

To do your worst

Is to be at your best

To be yourself

Is just like the rest

* * *

Quick and painless

As life is

A brief moment

In history

Lasts a lifetime

And beyond

What we believe

As our fate

* * *

I am the universe.

I can create an alternate universe

With the snap of a finger.

My life is yours.

Yesterday’s decision

Is tomorrow’s reaction.

Nobody cares

Where I’ve been,

But what I’ve done

Will live on.

* * *

The less you forget

The more you grow

The more you remember

The less you know


I’m here to help

And to enlighten

Not to harm

And not to frighten

There’s a reason

To be here

Share your talents

And keep you near

Without you here

It’s not the same

I wasn’t loved

Before you came

When here with you

I’m at my best

You are nothing

Like the rest

[]Dark Matter

Do you see this ink?

Do you see this paper?

You are only seeing

Ten percent of this paper

Because the rest is

“Dark Matter.”

Dark matter can’t be seen.

Dark matter can’t be felt.

Dark matter can’t be heard.

Dark matter can’t be tasted.

Dark matter can’t be smelt.

Dark matter is all around us

And inside us, making up

Ninety percent of

What’s really there.

It’s scientific fact!

What exactly makes up dark matter

Can’t be said, since it

Can’t be detected.

But it is there because it absorbs energy.

I think God resides in the dark matter.

* * *

I didn’t choose to be born.

I didn’t choose to be alive.

I didn’t choose

To be forced

To choose a side.

Are my concerns not valid?

Are my concerns not wise?

Are my concerns

Not meant to be

Anyone else’s guide?

How am I supposed to believe?

How am I supposed to know?

How am I supposed

To have faith

In the opinions of others?

* * *

A world of wonder

Has arrived

How it appeared

Is a mystery

Yet it continues

To survive

All throughout

It’s history

If God made this,

Who made Him?

Were we brought here

For something?

What created

The first whim

From nothing

To everything?

* * *

If there is a chance

I won’t live forever

Then there is a chance

That I will surrender

If there is a chance

I’m on the wrong endeavor

Then there is a chance

That I will sever

So don’t follow me

I can’t lead you anywhere

Don’t follow me

My skin is almost bare

Don’t follow me

I am not so rare

Don’t follow me

I cannot take you there

* * *

I can tell you

I’m defenseless

I can tell you

I am scared

The end will come

The end is all

No one knew it

No one cared

I can tell you

I am hollow

The end is near

You’ll know when

Study me

When I’m gone

That’s okay

Try again

* * *

I’m fucked up

And I’m always sorry

You’re fucked up

And you’re always sorry

We’re fucked up

And we’re always sorry

That’s fucked up

So of course I’m sorry

If I don’t live

No one lives

If you don’t live

No one lives

If we don’t live

No one lives

If this doesn’t live

Nothing lives

* * *

My life’s not worth

Looking into

There is not much

There to see

Making my acquaintance

Is no honor

I’m no saint

I am just me

* * *

All your work

Is going nowhere

There is always

More to do

Nothing good

Lasts forever

Everything is

Still the same

So go ahead

Take a break

Life is meant

To be lived

Not to spend

As a slave

But to live

To the grave

* * *

You are the first

You are the last

You are the only

One who passed

The world is large

The world is vast

The world is moving

Very fast

To know it best

Is to know this

You’re the only one

Who exists

The rest is an

Empty abyss

There is nothing

Else amiss

* * *

If I am gone

By tomorrow,

Do not cry for me

I am in a

Beautiful place,

Where I can be free

If you see me

On my way,

Please just let me be

It will all be

For the best,

This I clearly see

* * *

As I’m leaving

Please do not cry

Just gently smile

And say goodbye

Do not get sad

The day I die

I am not gone

I simply lie

I will always

Be with you

And here my life

Begins anew

Someone out there

Fits my shoe

And along

I shall ensue

[]Your Words of Wisdom

In this time of need

I beg of you

I’ve no idea

What to do

My helping hands

Are far too few

Please help me out

To make things new

And once you’re here

I’ll listen well

And if you listen

I will tell

Of grey clouds above

And how they fell

And I can’t be heard

However loud I yell

You will guide

And hopefully

Your words of wisdom

Will help me

Help me learn

And help me see

Then be on your way

And leave me be

* * *

Come the storms

And come the crisis

All that can come

Just entices

Us to push through

And survive

Anything that

Can arrive

* * *

I do not deserve

To be hit

So I will not

Run away

If I am true

And I am right

Then from my path

I shall not stray

* * *

If I give you wings

Could you learn to fly?

If I give you space

Could you get by?

If I give you truth

Would you choose to lie?

If I give you life

Would you choose to die?

* * *

To enter the unknown

Is to leave yourself

And to keep going

Is to be yourself

You don’t run out of room

Until you see yourself

And more room will appear

When you free yourself


To help ease

A person in pain

To survive

Through the sun and rain

To begin to confide

And put the past aside

To never try to leave

This world and bereave

I now believe

And this isn’t funny

Apart from my love

Of sex, drugs, and money

I have begun to know

How to find

Happiness and hope

* * *

Related as tree leaves

From a common trunk

We wither, die and fall

Then into soil we’re sunk

The seeds will fall as well

But they will germinate

And new trunks will be born

And into soil they’ll saturate

* * *

If you do not


What I’m saying

It will mend

You are not lost

You are not blind

You are not very

Far behind

Maybe I am

Wrong myself

Maybe you can

Enlighten me

I am changing

Every day

With everything

I cannot see

* * *

You can be

What you want to be

Everything you know

Is everything you see

Go ahead and strive

Because you are free

Life is a door

And you hold the key

Don’t let your

Dreams fly by

Time is wasting

All you have

To do is try

Time is waiting

* * *

Don’t you curse your world

You have the power to bless

You were sent to charm

Help clean up this mess

What’s wrong with what you see

It’s your job to guess

The pains of this life

Will only become less

So as you’re following my words

Follow through with your heart

Nothing is written in stone

Today is a fresh start

* * *

The best that you can do

Is reach to your potential

Maybe you won’t get far now

But you should at least try

The mark that you will leave

Will be very substantial

Maybe you will fall for now

But you will always fly

* * *

Time after time

We come and we go

Make the same mistakes

With nothing to show

Over and over

We live out our lives

But please rest assured

Everyone survives

* * *

Today shifts tomorrow

And tomorrow the next day

So whether you stand

Or whether you lay

Whatever you silence

Or whatever you say

The shifts will continue

From you anyway

* * *

One cannot say

What tomorrow brings

But what’s done today

Gives tomorrow wings

* * *

Once a generation

Always a generation

* * *

If you’ll allow

I’ll tell you who

Is affected

By what you do

If you choose

I’ll tell you what

Doors you’ve opened

Will never shut

If you’d please

I’ll tell you where

Things you have done

Fill the air

If you want

I’ll tell you when

The life you live

Returns again

If you listen

I’ll tell you why

Your only limit

Is the sky

If you’d like

I’ll tell you how

Our tomorrow

Matters now

* * *

If you’d have done

Things differently

We’d be in a

Different place

So think back

On what you’ve done

And see the changes

You could make


Tomorrow’s forecast:

You’ll be here

On the ground

And in the air

Because today

You changed it all

And your impact

Never falls

Forever’s forecast:

You’re here too

The shift you’ve caused

Will ensue

And the difference

You have made

Does not burn out

And will not fade

* * *

The slightest moment

Lasts a lifetime

And beyond

* * *

Identify your niche

And create supply

Do what you’re best at

And soar so high

Do more for yourself

Than just get by

Leave us all a mark

And never die

* * *

As I shape

The world around

I’ll continue

To astound

And if you

Can relate

I’m sure you

Will fascinate

This rings true

To everyone

Not everything

Has been done

So proceed

To pave the way

For tomorrow

Pave today

* * *

If tomorrow

No one knows

I was here

That’s how it goes

I came through

I made a difference

That’s how I’ll

Keep my existence

* * *

Death is never pretty

But the life thereafter is

The ripple affects

And lives you’ve changed

Do not die with you

* * *

Coming to know

The hidden meaning

Within the world I know

A fast and forever

Entirely new world

With each stroke of my pen

The more I describe

The more I discover

How I’ve changed the times

I can envision

My reflection

On the face of all

* * *

You may not be famous

You may not be rich

You may not be royal

Or any of which

This world is yours too

You do have a stake

The future’s whatever

You want to make

* * *

Feast your eyes

On your forever

When you die

Is probably never

So forget

All that you know

This world is

A one-man show

The lives you’ve changed

Will change others

Forever one

After another

So step out

Of your cage

Take a bow

And get off stage

* * *

No one knows

The exact date

Or the moment

It arrives

But you surely

Know your fate

It happens

To all our lives

Hopefully I’ve

Prepared you

With these stories

That I tell

So step out

It’s your cue

See you soon

I wish you well

* * *

You’ll feel it coming

And try to fight

Then you’ll relax

And see the light

You’ll stop feeling conflicted

And you’ll never know

You existed.


If you’re looking for

Some peace of mind

Just rearrange my words

And make up your own kind

If you look close enough

You will find

Seasons don’t sit still

And time will never rewind

Don’t ever get yourself down

The greatest power is you

You’re the center of the world

You create a world that’s brand new

Time will carry you


The same world it was

Before you came

It will never be

[]The End

The alternate world

You create

During your life

Before your final fate

Will always remain

No matter how long you wait

This is why you’re in

An immortal state

Could you ask

For anything better?

This is why we’re all

As one and together

So don’t worry

What’s around the bend

And say hello

To the end.

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