Passage To Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017


Passage to Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017

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For my mother and sister, and for all the poets past, present, and future. Let your voices be heard and your thoughts written out to sail amongst the stars.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

-Maya Angelou


The April Fool

Is no more

Desiring to make

A change and take

The reins of fate

Away from those

Who want to control

Their destiny

They charged into

The unknown no

Longer afraid now

Remembering who they

Are and embracing

The path designed

Only for them

They keep walking

Closing in on

Their destiny

Now understanding who

They are to be

The April Fool

Is no more


Typical Sunday

Rising late eating

Breakfast, taking out

The trash, listening

To the annoying

Sounds of the


Cleaning the bathroom

Putting away the

Dry clothes while

Snacking on chips

Or mixed nuts

Eating a late

Lunch, taking a

Nap, waking up

Just in time

To watch Columbo

On MeTV.

Laying down at

Midnight as the

New day starts

To emerge in

Your dreams.


To the Basic Ass Couple

Every time it’s

The same problem

Loud conversation, aggressive

Make out sessions,

And the printing

Out of schoolwork.

After three months,

The inappropriate routine

Became stale and

My closed mouth

Had had enough,

So I spoke.

In a nice tone

Above a whisper

So only they

Could hear as

I didn’t want

To embarrass them

My warning only

Drove them to

Anger and they

Came at me

Defiant and intimidating,

Telling me their

Gross actions would


Next time I’ll

Be ready for

Them, with security

On the phone

And a smile

On my face

Don’t come

For me unless

I send for



My dreams take

Me on many

Unexpected journeys filled

With unique twists

And turns

I’m often stuck

In place, trapped

In whatever setting

My dreams assign

Never recalling the

Entire experience, only

Fragments of the

Weird ride remained

Whenever I wake

Most of the

Time it’s the

Shards of an

Unfamiliar song playing

In my mind

As I turn

Over, closing my

Eyes again waiting

For the sandman

To kidnap me

Once more


To the myriad

Of black and

Dark gray trucks

And SUVs with

The tinted windows

And the dark

Black tires that

I’ve seen on

The road:

Who are you

And what is

Your purpose?

Are you a

Newly founded death

Squad tasked with

The job of

Massacring people who

Look like me?

Granted this sounds

Like paranoia but

Considering I’m living

In the age

Of the orange

Terror, what used

To be plain

Fantasy now appears

To have escaped

To reality.

Nothing really matters,

Anyone can see

Nothing really matters…

And the wind

Keeps on blowing

As our children

Continue to go

Missing in a

24-hour news


Nothing really matters,

Anyone can see

Nothing really matters…

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

-Maya Angelou


What I miss:

Saturday morning cartoons


McDonald happy meal toys


The beach

My own pet

Rainy days


Janet Jackson, Rhianna, Lolawolf, and Straightline Stitch concerts

Robert Downey Jr. roaming around Sanford, FL





Let’s see…

With five more

Years till 40,

I live in

A great time

Of uncertainty

As a realm

Of orange terror

Hangs over me


Still I rise

To conquer the

Demons wherever they

May hide

Whether personal or

From society, it

Makes no difference.

I’ll fight them

All with the

Wind at my

Back and Mjolnir

In hand I’ll

Rise from the

Ashes and soar

As my goals

Properly demand…

I’ve learned and

Grown and I

Want to see

The seeds that

I’ve sown grow

And tower over

The myriad of

Naysayers who doubted

And abandoned me

When I was

In a state

Of despair…

35 I’m alive

With faith hope

And love tingling

At my self-taught

Cynicism and doubt

I keep swimming

Regardless of what

Comes to greet

Me in the

Morning, noon, and

Night, rain, snow

And sunshine…

I’m 35 and

Alive, I am

The dragon breathing

Fire as I

Tower over those

Who’ve attempt to

Keep me from

Who I’m supposed

To be…

I did not come

To play with

These hoes I

Came to slay


I’m 35 and

I’ll rise to

The occasion every

Damn time…


Do you love

My blackness?

I know it

May not be

Your cup of

Tea but I

Drink it everyday

It’s versatile and

Free I can

Sing, dance, and

Be me as I

Embrace who I’m

Supposed to be

Whether it’s rock

Or hip-hop, pop

Country, jazz, or

Somewhere in between

My blackness always

Finds a place

My hair loves

My blackness, it

Can be whoever

It wants to be

One day its

Long styled in

Locs, the next

It’s chopped short

And then the

Day after its

Shaved to a

Buzz cut and then

Several months later

A short afro

Has grown and

Then takes the

Shape of a

Pigtail yarn braids


My blackness has

Roots in my

Ancestors, especially those

“Angry black women”

Those loud black

Girls who refused

To be silenced

My blackness includes

Being a blerd,

One who enjoys

comics, anime, gaming,

Cosplay and more

Even while these

Spaces continue to

Demean, dismiss, ignore

And exclude people

Like me

I could write

All day about

My blackness,

But I’ve taken

Up enough of

Your time so

I’ll ask you

Once more do

You love my


It might not

Be like yours

But it has

The right to

Exist, to breathe

And live free

As Deray says

In an almost

Daily tweet

“I love my blackness

And yours”


Purple makes me

Happy it brightens

Up my day

As it leads

The way from

Despair to joy

Whether big or

Small an item

That’s purple makes

For an important

Discovery because for

The small amount

Of time that

It takes in

My day, finding

Or receiving something

That’s purple replaces

The sorrow and

Cynicism in my

Heart with hope

Purple makes me

Happy it brightens

Up my day

As it leads

The way from

Despair to joy


To Whom It May Concern:

Why are you

So greedy?

Why do you

Gobble up your

Food with barely

Even a chew

As if you’ve

Got to rush

Off somewhere?

Why do you

Willfully place the

Books in the

Wrong order that

It makes searching

For them a

Begin to be

A needle in

The haystack?

And you say

That you want

To be a






Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

-Maya Angelou


Passage to Valhalla

Death and the

End of the

World awaits you

My dear Odinson

But first-

You must meet

Your match the

Angry dark-haired

Goddess of death

Who’ll crush your

Hammer like it’s

A piece of foam.

Then you’ll be

Sent on your way

From the depths of

Hel to the fighting

Pits of Sakaar

Where you’ll duel

With your friend

From work and

Meet the Valkyrie

Of Valkyries

Afterwards you’ll go

On a road trip and

Then return to

Asgard and battle

For your reward:

Passage to Valhalla


Freedom is coming


That’s what they

Sang, fists raised

As they continue

To march and

Fight for their


Let my people


Is what Moshe

Said to the

Stubborn Pharaoh, whose

Harden heart refused

To listen

As we recline

Around the table,

Singing, feasting, and

Telling the story

Of our people

We must remember

That the injustices

In our world

Threaten freedom for


Continue to demand

From those whose

Harden hearts block

Any empathy,

Let my people



It’s easy to fall

Through the cracks

Of despair when you

Have no friends to

Count on.

The ones who you

Believed you could

Depend on have receded

To the background,

Ghosting you, leaving

Empty spots in your

So called circle of trust.

But as you continue

Your downward spiral

Feeling anxious, frustrated

As to not knowing why

They’ve abandoned you

A light shines down through

The cracks, giving you an

Epiphany as it rescues

You from the wallow

Hole that you’ve found

Yourself entering in.

By retreating from your

Awkwardness and state

Of being, these people

Have done you a favor

One that you’ll appreciate

For the rest of your life

Their exits make way

For new opportunities

And amazing adventures

That you would never

Partake in had these

Folks stayed.

And as you reach

Out and grab that

Light and climb

Back up from the

Bottom of loneliness

And despair, your

Now prepared to

Conquer and overcome

Anything, allowing for

The creation of a new

And stronger circle

Whose bond will never

Be broken.

It’s easy to fall

Through the cracks

Of despair when you

Have no friends to

Count on.

But once you’ve

Picked yourself up

And made your way

Back from the forgotten

Desert, with new friends

On the horizon

Who support and

Truly care for you

You’re ready for

Anything and anyone

Bring it on.


Why do I constantly

Dream of you?

Why are images of

Our wedding and

The birth of child

Or is it children

Keep popping up

In my mind as I

Sleep dreaming of


I haven’t even

Met you yet,

Though I know

Who you are or

Who I hope you

To be…

Why do I constantly

Dream of you?

Why do different

Variations of how

We meet entering

My mind during

The REM sleep


We haven’t even

Met each other

Though I know

We will though

I’m not sure

When or how

But I know

It’ll happen…

Why do I constantly

Dream of you?

Why does music

Play at the end

Of each sequence

Leaving me more

Puzzled when I


Eddie Bunker kept

Telling Jack that

There are signs

Everywhere yet he

Didn’t pay him no

Mind until that

Shot woke him


Does that mean

We’re going to

Meet soon? Or

Is this all some

Twisted fantasy, torturing

Me every evening

And leaving me to

Scratch my head

At the crack of


Why do I constantly

Dream of you?

‘Cause I’m dreaming

of you tonight

‘Til tomorrow, I’ll be

holding you tight

And there’s nowhere

in the world I’d rather be

Than here in my room

dreaming about you and me

I can’t stop dreaming…



I hope that

If and when

My children come

That I am

As good of

A mother to

Them as you’ve

Been to me

I often look at

You and think

Of everything that

Life’s put you

Through and I

Still can’t wrap

My head around

How you keep

Ongoing through

The rough times

And the blessed

Times, I don’t

Think I could

Do it if I

Was in your shoes

You’ve been hurt

By strangers, so

Called friends and

Even your own

Kin, but you

Keep going, keep

Believing that one

Day life will

Get better for us

When you have

Days of self-doubt

You manage not

To show it

And though your

Children are often

Grumpy we love

You, mommy you’ve

Cared for us when

Nobody would could

Or should and

There’s nothing on

This earth that

Can replace the

Love you’ve given

Us and continue

To give and give

We hope that

We’ve made you

Proud for you

Make us proud


When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

-Maya Angelou


When you’ve outlived

Your usefulness with

Someone or a group

You find yourself

Tossed away like

Yesterday’s garbage

Tumbling like a

Tumbleweed in the


Except you aren’t

Trash and you

Know it. All you

Need is a spit shine

To wipe away all

The filth and grease

That was placed on

You during your

Time in the toxic

Wasteland of faux


Once cleaned and

Dipped into a

Lazarus pit to

Revive you spirit

And cleanse your

Mind of the many

Voices trying to

Takeover, you’ll

Find your way

And ascend to

A better path

One that’ll take

You on a

Journey of a



You were a mother

A daughter and a

Sister, one who

Will be cherished


A mental health

Advocate one

Who spoke out

Bravely and often


An amazing writer

The one people

Counted on for

Fixing a script

You were a friend

Bearing an amazing

Wit and dark humor

An onscreen

Princess, Hut slayer, and

General of the resistance

Always fighting for freedom

Against the dark lords of

The Empire and First Order

Now gone after

Being drowned

In moonlight and

Strangled by your

Own bra,

You’re up in the

Big night sky

Looking downward with

Those big brown

Eyes, a sly smile on

Your face as you

Lovingly extend your

Onscreen brother and

Friend in real life

The middle finger.




I can’t seem

To focus on

One thing due

To the many

Ideas and goals

That moving in

My mind constantly

Vying for attention

And it’s hard to

Figure out what

I actually want

To do in this life

All I know is that

I want to help others

And I’ve done that

In many different

Ways and formats

But what I really

Want to know is

What is the right

Path for me?

Fate, gods, whoever

You are up there

In the sky

Tell me what

Am I supposed

To do in this

Thing we call life?

I’m just trying

To get through it

And it’s made

Harder by the

Forces of orange

Who constantly keep

Wanting to undermine

Common sense, liberty,

Justice, Freedom and

Everything I hold dear

Who am I?

How can I

Make a difference

In a world

That reminds me

Daily that I’m not

Important that I’m

A speck of dust

Amongst the specks

Of dusts and

No one will

Miss me when

I’m gone.

This whole thing

Scares me but

Yet I keep going

Not knowing when

It’s time for me

To leave this

Plane of existence

For another.

Isn’t heaven just

Another plane of

Existence? Isn’t hell?

Sometimes Death herself

Beckons me to

Follow her shadow

And the evil that

I fear tends to

Overwhelm and suffocate

Me that I often

Cry out in the

Middle of the night

And must grab

Hold of my mp3

And put on my

Earphones and listen

To the soothing

Sounds of artists

That others may

Or may not

Love and finally

I can close my

Eyes and sleep

Despite the voice

Of a black, disfigured ghost

Who warns me in

A hellish whisper

“Momento mori.”

And then the

Restlessness and ambition

Overtake me once

More, forcing me to

Question what my

Purpose is and will

It make an impact

Or am insignificant

Like the friends, crushes,

Lovers, family members,

And strangers who’ve

Abandoned me throughout

My thirty-five years of

Existence have proven

To me time, time, time

Enough at last.


I respect myself

Enough to know

And understand that

My life matters.

I respect myself

Enough to believe

That I am enough

My clothes, hair and

Appearance are an

Extension of myself

And an expression

Of who I am

Not who you think

Or declare that

I ought to be

I respect myself

Enough to believe

That life, liberty and

The pursuit of happiness

In spite of not

Originally being intended

For my people

Is for us to grab

And hold on to

Never to let go

We have and

Continue to

“Do the work”

Despite being erased

Despite not being

Credited, despite them

Getting angry when

We succeed and outshine

The mediocre efforts

That are continually


Yeah we do the

Fucking work.

We grind from

Monday to Friday

Work from Friday to Sunday

Us doing the work

Requires us to

Work twice as

Hard and earning

Half of what

They get

I respect myself

Enough to know

And understand that

There’s nothing wrong

With my baby afro

And negro nose

My skin tone

Whether dark, medium,

Light or whatever

Color of black the

Good Lord decided

To grace me with

Is beautiful and

No amount of

Bleaching will earn

The acceptance of

Folks-that I don’t

Need, want, or

Asked for-who

Hate and despise

My very existence

I respect myself

Enough to know

That the various

Rhetoric of respectability

Are a goddamn lie

And no amount of

Dressing, talking, acting,

Believing, etc. a

Certain kind of

Way will never

Bring back those

We’ve lost and

Won’t ever save

Our lives

I respect myself

Enough to know

And understand

That my life

Matters and no

Acts of respectability

Can ever discredit that


Nothing is shocking

Nothing is sound

With all of

This useless hype

That abounds

Too many events

Try to be profound

Killing off characters

Who eventually return

Back to town

Nothing is shocking

Nothing is sound

With all of

This useless hype

That abounds

Awesome trailers get

Us excited and

We think yeah

This movie’s lit

So often the

Film is shit

Nothing is shocking

Nothing is sound

With all of

This useless hype

That abounds

They say this

Person, place or

Product is the

Next big thing

But upon their

Arrival they’re not

Award winning

Nothing is shocking

Nothing is sound

With all of

This useless hype

That abounds

Everything under the

Sun isn’t always

Life changing or

Brand new they

Manipulate and alter

Them just to

Screw fool you

Nothing is shocking

Nothing is sound

With all of

This useless hype

That abounds

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.

-Maya Angelou



Large quiet greedy

Feline who rubs

Their constantly shedding

Orange fur onto the

People they love.


So I see you’re

No longer single.

I should have

Suspected the two

Of you were

An item, the

Clues were all

There in that

Press interview ya’ll

Did for the

The third film.

It was just

Like Tom and

Taylor at the

Met Galley, we

All knew those

Two would be

Together. Though I’m

Happy for you

I’m also crushed

Cause you know

You’re my bae

But since there’s

A tiny chance

In hell that

I’ll ever meet

You and even

A speck of

Dust chance that

If I ever do

We’ll become an

A couple, I’m

Going to wish

Both you and

Sophia the best

Of luck and

Try not to

Ball my eyes

Out at the

Same time.


I’m so sick

And tired of

You my dear

Storm, you’re

My first and

I’m grateful to

Have you but

Your damn quirks

And annoyances are

Giving me a

Bloody headache and

I tire of going

To the dealership

That is so far

Away from my

House only to

Find out that’ll

Cost two arms

And a leg

To fix whatever’s

Wrong with you

And that’s after

I pay the

$99 diagnostic fee…

Suddenly all of

Those calls for

Trading you in

All make sense



It’s been a

Year since you’ve

Left us and

Ascended into the

Purple rain

It’s been hard

There’s barely any

Musical geniuses left

And the artists

Of the younger

Generation hardly show

Any promise and

I wonder will the

Music die?

But then I hear

Your voice and

Know that no

Matter what this

Thing called life

Brings, the music

Will play on and on

Thanks to the

Awesome DJs in

The big purple



Shot out to

All of the

Failures out there

I feel as if

I’ve haven’t gone

Nowhere but down

Down, down into

An everlasting abyss

Of uncertainty and


Where am

I going? What am

I going to do with

This life I was given?

I’m never good

Enough or I’m

Not making a difference

What is my purpose?

What am I supposed

To do with in this life?

Anxiety and depression

Keep pinning me

Down and inside

My head there’s

Mostly always a


What will I do

When the shit

Hits the fan?

What will I do

If the situation

Breaks me?

Will I continue to fight?

And if I do what

Will I become?

I must carry

On for I

Am one with

The force and

The force is

With me.

Shot out to

All of the

Failures out there

We keep picking

Ourselves back up

Out of the

Pit of despair

We go hard

And despite the

Fear we will

Never back down

If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.

-Maya Angelou


I’m hopeless like

A penny with a

Hole in it.

I rather live in

The world concocted

By my imagination

Instead of the

One that I’m

Forced to immerse

Myself in

In my imaginary

World, my life’s

Much more interesting

Adventure and opportunity

Strike me at

Every turn and

I’m happy even

When faced with

The unknown challenges

But reality can

Be a bitter

Pill to swallow

Sure it’s not

As bad as

Other alternatives that

Other people live

But my god

It could be

Should be better

Forces known and

Unknown continue to

Keep my happiness

Away from me

Some have been

Due to the

Hand that society

Dealt me while

Others are from

Shooting myself in

The foot as

I curse the

Day I was


Nothing is sound

Nothing is new

Under the sun

Everything is relative

And awesome in

Its inception but

Somehow gets fucked

Up during its

Course of action

We’ve all got

Issues and in

Our many failed

Attempts to solve

Them, somehow our

Goals get lost

In the matrix

Ultimately we must

Decide which path

To traverse along

In life

The red pill

Or the blue

Are always the

Only choices available

But they’re never

The right ones

For me so

I reach into

Deep into myself

And find that

Purple pill that’ll

Help me escape

The mundane and

Cruel stagnation that

Is my entire

Life so far

But I won’t cry for yesterday

There’s an ordinary world

Somehow I have to find

And as I try to make my way

To the ordinary world

I will learn to survive


Twenty-five dollars.

That’s all I

Needed to spend

And you were

Trying to drain

Me of more

Than five hundred


I’m soo glad

I didn’t fall

For your wicked



I keep thinking

About the day

When I’ll meet


Despite the setbacks

And everything else

That life hurls

My way I’ll

Never stop believing

One day you’ll

Come and that

Day is coming

Soon I know…

The dreams I

Keep having keep

Getting more real

Than the last

Sometimes I’m not

So sure if

I’m awake or

Asleep, it often

Feels as if

I’m caught in

Between the bright

Lights of the

Reality and the

Big cityscape of


Even when I

Feel depressed and

Sour I know

That soon at

Hand will be

The hour when

We kiss and

Embrace while promising

Never to let

Go in this

World or the


And that day

Is coming soon

This I know…


Slowly but surely

I keep rising

To my destiny

Where I’m supposed

To be and

Where I want

To be are

Becoming the same

Thing and though

I often take

A step or

Two backwards it’s

Still on the

Right path, always

Forward, forward always


On course, with

The wind at my

Back I ride with

My three dragons,

Sailing amongst the

Clouds towards my

Own personal Valhalla

The slush

Of life, the mud

Of respectability and

The storms of hatred

Attempt to halt

My quest

Oftentimes I must

Fall and crumble

I fall so I

Can sleep at night

All so I can

Wake up and rise

It takes time

For me to

Learn to walk

But I keep moving

So I won’t

Crumble so I’ll

Sleep at night

And wake up

And rise as

A dragon breathing


We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

-Maya Angelou


The Musings of a Blerd is writer, poet and self-published author T.C. Harrison.

T.C. Harrison is a writer originally from Eureka, California presently residing in Central Florida who writes about music, poetry, comics, anime, TV, movies, writing, fashion, food, love, life, & wherever their imagination takes them.

Between 2011 to 2016 the author wrote for a myriad of pop culture sites, before retiring. Some of their posts are also featured on Panel and Frame on Medium.com

Six of T.C.’s comic book stories were published in the Womanthology and Grayhaven Comic’s The Gathering anthologies. Their short story “Uirusu” was first featured in the August 2014 Apocalyptic Fiction issue of The Sirens Call EZine.

The author has also self-published six poetry books, one horror short story/flash fiction collection, and a mermaid fantasy novella. In addition, they co-wrote an article for the Fall 2013 issue of the Florida Libraries Journal, Florida Libraries Association.

T.C. continues to work on poems and stories that they hope to publish. The author’s first novel I, Darcy is set for publication this October.

Follow the Author on their social media pages:


Twitter: @musingsofablerd

Facebook: @themusingsofablerd


Novellas & Novels

I, Darcy, Self-published, 2017

Short Stories

“Uirusu”, The Sirens Call eZine, August 2014 Issue #16 Apocalyptic Fiction

A Visit From the Soul Eater: A Trove of Horror Stories, Flash & Short, Self-published, 2014 & 2017


The April Fool: NaPoWriMo 2016, Self-published, 2016

The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess: Musings of a Blerd (Vol. 3), Self-published, 2015

April Showers Always Bring Musical Flowers: NaPoWriMo 2015, Self-published, 2015

Poesy Rainbow: NaPoWriMo 2014, Self-published, 2014

The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess To Know And Love Thyself (Vol. 2), Self-published, 2014

The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess College Days of Future Past (Vol.1), Self-published, 2013


“The Musical Mechanism”, Grayhaven Comics

The Gathering Anthology: Time Travel/Faith, 2014

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Passage To Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017

This is the fourth volume of T.C. Harrison’s NaPoWriMo series. Once again, each of the 30 poems were written each day during the month of April and are reactionary pieces inspired by the author's feelings, reflections, life experiences and the daily events that took place throughout the month. Like the previous year, each poem is meant to inspire the reader as well as reflect upon the world at large.

  • ISBN: 9781370471843
  • Author: T.C. Harrison
  • Published: 2017-05-02 19:20:18
  • Words: 4562
Passage To Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017 Passage To Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017