Parkinson's Self-Help

Parkinson’s Self-Help is a free book inspired by Peter’s eight year Parkinson Journey from diagnosis in 2010 to his crippling symptoms which progressed rapidly while we had no understanding of the disease to restoration of a normal active life. His limbs and organs were all adversely affected and functioned erratically by winter 2014. With dopamine medication and specialist’s help Peter was motivated to regain independence by exercising and walking daily. Within a year his appetite, weight, strength, energy, flexibility and a kilometre twice daily walking habit were restored. We describe how Parkinson’s progresses and how with logical, free, self-help remedies Peter took control of them. When the brain is depleted of the dopamine neurotransmitters, its signals to limbs and organs become erratic and bradykinesia, rigidity, tremours and dyskinesia develop. Peter’s messaging pathways in his weakened body were increasingly faulty until dopamine supplements, healthy routines, walking and exercises stimulated his 82 year old brain and Central Nervous System to repair his damaged messaging networks. From weak, fragile health in 2014, he has triumphed to enjoy a normal healthy active lifestyle for three years. We address all symptoms in this book and describe remedies which restored Peter’s health; his weakened body, his asthma, mucous filled lungs, double vision, and all other Parkinson symptoms.

  • Author: Beverley McLeod
  • Published: 2018-08-30 04:05:06
  • Words: 15466
Parkinson's Self-Help Parkinson's Self-Help