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P for Poetry

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“P for Poetry”

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Oh My Crazy Dream Reader,

A little more crazy,

A little less lazy,

Where are you? No answer!

The dream reader’s busy! 

Hunting in the common’s,

Somewhere far-off distance,

Virtually connected persistence,

My dream reader’s busy!

Categories of art,

Hitting the aim with dart,

Putting the best of his cart,

My dream reader’s Busy!

The daily reads and writes,

For every smiles and bites,

I just want to pass from your sight,

You, My Dream reader! Are you Busy?

If not, in your free time, grace your time reading my little poetic imaginations below!

Lyric 01

The Go and Let go


They come;

They Hurt;

They Go.


You Welcome;

You unhurt;

You Letgo!




Lyric 02

Love Quest


He sought and she ignored.

She ignored and he still stalked!


He found and she ignored.

She ignored and he still followed!


He reached and she ignored.

She ignored and he still made!


He said and she ignored.

She ignored and he still believed!


He waited and she ignored.

She ignored and he perished!


Lyric 03

The Little Hurts


Little deeds of passion,

Set the expectations high!

Little does the heart know,

A little remark will hurt high!


Little deeds of passion,

Bring the smiles live!

Be the one to support,

For another to grow high!


Little hearts bear little hurts,

Making the hearts strong!

For every little takes high,

Let the little heart know!




Lyric 04

The Mental Life


I don’t work when I go to work!
Because the fun keeps calling all the time.


I don’t eat, when I sit to eat!
Because the food I eat is not food at all.


I don’t walk when I go for a walk!
Because the worries of life eats it all.


I don’t sleep, when I go to sleep!
For the dream of earning kills it all.


I don’t have fun, while am supposed to be!
Because am sitting at my office, pending works all!


Lyric 05

Lyrics for Better Tomorrow


A hope, a rise, a sun shine

This life, a prize, divine


Do love, live and forgive

Be loved, give, and believe


Ever shy, act wise and be nice

Cry, Rejoice and sacrifice


We get, forget, goes on

Easiest, toughest, don’t let down


Say; what you do

And do what you said


Quest, request, respect

Life just goes on perfect!




Lyric 06



The gloomy days of past,
The frozen feelings of dark,

Girl, you are the thaw.


The promising days of present,

The caring like of divine,
Girl, you are the thaw.


The shining days of future,
The rising emotions of glory,
Girl, you are the thaw.


Lyric 07

Love Again


I am actually the one,
Like I was when I met you.


What I am today,
Is what you have made me all the way!


Can I be old me?
To again be we,


So that I fall in love
With you again,
And again,


Lyric 08

The Unsaid


Had a question,
Posted an update,
“How will I know, she loves me too?”
It remained unanswered for few full moons.


He kept thinking,
Amidst the day and dawn,
Alone and frown,
The days passed,
he forgot it too.


One fine day,
There was a comment,
It was,
“Only if you say, that you love her too!”


Lyric 09

When I See You


When I see you, I get a,

Sweet crush,
Sugar rush,
Honey ecstasy,
Saccharine fantasy,
Syrupy gulp,
Chocolaty pulp,
Overloaded drink!
Wink! Wink!


Lyric 10

The No


Yes” and “No” got married,
Everyone was worried.


For there existed opinion no more,
Would it be yes? or no? not sure,


I don’t know the answer,
It has put a mind stir,


Do you know? If so,
I don’t take a “no” for an answer,

For your “yes”, also has a “no”, balancer!



Lyric 11

The Earth


Brown is my creation,
Blue with major proportion,
Green is my revolution,

Yes, I am Earth.

The way I was on my birth.

Lyric 12



II is composed of I,
Twice, not once.
A better first,
Brings a second, in seconds!
With no second thoughts,
Do you second ?



Lyric 13


If you know it,

You should know it well.

If you know it well,

You should use it wise.


The know is,

Kindness has more of it,

Care has most of it,

Attention has all of it,

For ignorance, minds none.


It’s the little one.

It’s not the costly one.

It’s definitely the respect,

It’s definitely not the mock.


It will add life to your living,

It will add smile in your laugh,

It is looking for white in the gray

It comes with time and goes with time.


Remember, “Value” comes to you the way;

In the way you are ready to receive!



Lyric 14

The Modern Poem


10 mins and my class starts. Here is the scribble.


All poems need not rhyme,

For writing them is not a crime.

You can pull nothing at all,

Still say, it’s a deep meaning stall.

All jargon’s it may hold,

Meaning it may never unfold.


ok. i will be quick. little more to say!


Few things to increase the size,

For I know there is not a prize.

I still give it an interesting name,

making it part of hall of fame


okay, gotta go. I am running late!

Lyric 15




Rise one,

After another.

With little’s in a day,

We grow in every possible way.

They bring a mixture of every emotion,

Calm and steady mind has every needed solution.

Let’s grow, grow and grow! In-turn lets glow, glow and glow.

Lyric 16



I had a question,

Did not know whom to ask.

I had no answer,

For no one knew what question was.

If question need not be the one,

Simple answer is just to ask!



Lyric 17



My expectations make me live for tomorrow,

They yield at times,

At times not.


When they yield I plan better,

And increase the day other,

When they don’t,

I know what wont!


They bring lessons for life,

They teach about life,

They make us learn,

They build us strong.


Lyric 18



In every of it,

There is good of it,

There is bad of it,

A bit of it,

In It of Itself,

It seems,

We call it habit.

Lyric 19



Every doubt demands a clearance,

Every in-decision involves a resolution,

Every hesitation boards a confidence,

Every vagueness entitles a precision,

Every ambiguity is leading to un-ambiguity,

Every insecurity breaches a security,

Every improbability assures the probability,


And its doubt, in-decision, hesitation, vagueness,

ambiguity, insecurity and improbability,

[*That are moving Uncertainty to certainty!  *]




Lyric 20

Fog and Away


Early i was up, lost in thoughts,
Gazing through the window.


Amidst the mist my fingers moved and painted,
Symbol of immoral on window glass.


I sit on my bed watching the fog disappear,
Washing away the symbol at gentle pace.


I guess the darkness is over; forever,
I mourn with joy!


Darkness is a fog, wait it will disappear,
Sheds light, bright and clear.






Lyric 21

The End


In the end,
The End.


Only awaiting
The End.


Memories and Repeat.






Lyric 22



search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,

tell no one,
I will take someone,

–  ghost, me!






Lyric 23

Darkness in the Light


He never understood,
He never explained,
Hidden in his smiles,
Darkness and fear files.


He wore a mask,
Never no one to ask,
For it was not his dreams,
Taking darkness in his teams.


The cries of pain,
Heart with dark stains,
For all the things he dared,
The darkness itself scared.


The regrets were strong,
Never felt so wrong,
He did not knew why,
Where life seemed a lie.


Never saw the sunshine,
Or what it actually meant,
For only he could rent,
A deathbed just fine!


In the end, came all,
Looking at his fall,
Only words they sell,
“Sleep Well!”






Lyric 24



[*Away is not when, *]
I don’t get to see you.
I don’t get to hear you.
I don’t get to touch you.
I don’t get to smell you.


[*Away is when, *]
I see you, Still you stay blind,
I hear you, Still you stay ignored,
I touch you, Still you stay unresponsive,
I smell you, Still you stay unaffected.


Away is not when you are far!
Away is when you are near and yet so far!




Lyric 25

The Flawless Stranger


The one I never met
May not be a stranger.
The one I see but never conversed,
May not be a stranger.
The one I see around and ignore,
May not be a stranger,
Today, tomorrow.


But one, close to, yesterday,
Now in anger,
Revulsion getting stronger,
Bonding exists no longer,
Behaves like a flawless stranger!



Lyric 26



He thought of her,
She looked at him.


She blinked her eyes,
He nodded his head.


He took a deep breath,
She gave a naughty smile.


She made a cute face,
He moved his lips.


He unhurriedly winked,
She had cheeks red.


A silent love message,
A real wireless connection.




Lyric 27



Unsaid sacrifices,
Uncalled decisions,
Unwanted moments,
Unanswered questions,
Unwise mistakes,
Untold secrets,
Untitled stories,
Unconditional love,
Understood, Unwrapped and Untraceable.

Lyric 38



The silence was disturbed,
Silence was concerned.
Not a word uttered,
Not an emotion expressed.

Still a book of thoughts,
Alphabets, lots and lots.

Silently traveled,
Miles apart,


Lyric 29

Smokey Eyes


They catch in a glimpse,
Soak me and rinse,
Blissful mild start,
After effects to heart,
Beats of rhythm raga,
Freezes my saga,
I misplace myself,
Speculating and probing,
“Why me?”


That one sure thing,
Binds me in a ring,
I am scared to stare and ask,
Your killing,
Smokey Eyes!





Lyric 30

This, This Life!


I love this
Fanatical – Fixated,
Alluring – Abnormal,
Awesome – Awful,
Clear – Confusing,
Wow – Weird,
Magical – Miracle,
Almost – At times,
[Still, Beautiful Life!













I would like to dedicate this collection to my wife Vinuta and son Viven on our fourth Wedding Anniversary.


([email protected])







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