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Omnipreneurship and the Hippiepreneur: Downloading the Latest Version of {GOD}


Omnipreneurship & the Hippiepreneur

Book II – Downloading the latest version of {God}.

Emile Raymond Emil Romestant

Copyright 2017

Shakespir Edition

Olive Cold Press

Cover adapted from Book I, designed by Daniel Braha (SOS Media)






Disclaimer~1~ – This is a work of non-fiction in the following sense. If our lives can be said to boil down to the observations we make about them, and these observations are often experienced and stored as images (and expressed in words), and if in the standard equation each image is worth 1000 words, and we are recording experience at say, 10 frames per second, then each second of experience is worth 10,000 words, and each minute 600,000, and each hour, 36,000,000.

, if on average we speak at approximately 130 wpm, and each hour of experience is worth 36,000,000 words, then each hour of experience would take 276,923 hours to talk about, or 800,000 to write about (given we can type ay 45wpm).

In that sense nothing I say here could possibly be false, if not only because it’s millions of words and hundreds of thousands of hours short of being experimentally refutable.

And that which can never be proven false, can never be assumed to be true.^1^










“I speak to you today as a free man, because despite having been detained for 659 days without charge, I am free in the most basic and important sense. I am free to speak my mind.”


[— Julian Assange-]^2^












INTRODUCTION (Anonymous Source)






To be very clear, but not transparent (one must be able to see what has been written, for which a certain amount of opacity is a prerequisite) the following work is an elaboration of a series of propositions originally published as the Olive 08 Mind Detox Dialogue.

I mean, this is what I have been told to say.

They are being elaborated here because, well, not sure really why, but just because, I guess, at least that’s what I’ve been asked to write.

In any case, the Olive 8 Mind Detox Dialogue has origins in many people and many places, at least as I have been lead to understand. The hippiepreneur’s role began in 2011 while supporting the Chairman and Governor of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and first Governpreneur, Amr Al-Dabbagh, who later became the first Omnipreneur.

You can read his book. It’s very good.

While nearing the end of his tenure in office, Amr Al-Dabbagh would co-author a book entitled Governpreneurship: Establishing a Thriving Entrepreneurial Sprit in Government, with Dr. Robert Hisrich, Garvin Professor of Global Entrepreneurship and Director of the Walker Center of Global Entrepreneurship at Thunderbird School of Global Management. In the Saudi case study in the book, Amr proposed Ten Golden Rules of Governpreneurship, which would later be refined as Ten Golden Rules of Omnipreneurship for the aforementioned book published by Simon and Schuster in 2016, and with the momentous title: Omnipreneurship: An Organized Approach to Living a Life of Meaning.

Though the hippiepreneur’s role was to formalize the Ten Golden Rules into language, and create and hone most of the original forms they would take, he was never one to propose rules for anything, let alone to encourage people how to run a public or private sector organization, or eventually a life, or a family or an afternoon. On the contrary, since I’ve known him he’s always been more or less inclined just to allow things to happen, which – given some of his life experiences to date – has turned out to be a rather decent way to live a life so far, though not always an easy one (and who knows for how much longer the luck will last.)

It’s all been a mess, actually.

From “explosion to explosion,” he once said.

But still luckier than mine.

Having gone through the process of encoding someone else’s life principles for publication, however, and feeling a sense of (total) alienation in the process, he began to imagine a system that was more in line with how he viewed the world, and perhaps, he wondered, some others like him, all two or three of them.

He began to consider what such a system would look like, and what propositions the system, or anti-system, as they would later be thought of, would entail.

Certainly whatever propositions he would come up with would reflect his experiences in time and space so far, which would mean they would be inherently relativistic, informed by his academic studies, and would empower people more towards dissent than the contrary, toward deconstructing existing worldviews and their accompanying architecture {mass}, toward creating worldviews and ideologies more of their own choosing, rather than simply collaborating with existing systems, social, cultural, commercial, political etc., in which were embedded the expectations of their conformity (and likely success). To avoid the an age-old philosophical and scientific conundrum about which came first – the chicken or the egg, the measured or the measurer, the observed or observer – the hippiepreneur doesn’t assume the existence of anything outside of context, i.e.,




Got it?

In other words, “we understand that should there be any natural predisposition as a species or an individual of that species, that predisposition is too often coerced or otherwise persuaded into a form it may not otherwise have expressed. That is to say, someone always has better ideas for us than we do.”

- the hippiepreneur


That is to say, water always follows the path of least resistance.

That is to say, we’d have probably followed a different path had form allowed us to.

That is to say, boy what a cock up it has all been.

Even my subconscious has given up.


That was all floating around the back of his mind when he met Cristina (so that’s what he said anyway), who had just Co-founded Olive Retreat and was looking for inspiration to solidify some of her own research on the subject of health in a more global context. Being half Swedish and half Spanish, she brought a certain historical and political mix into the health equation which the hippiepreneur found both fascinating and useful – “the Viking and the Conquistador” he called her – and out of their naturally occurring and immediate dialogue sprang the Olive 08 as a set of propositions to be reflected upon with a view toward educating people on the subject of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual health (that division is quite arbitrary of course). Their goal was to encourage people to become healthy, whatever that would mean to them, and in ways they might not have been able to imagine due to forces that would prevent their individual curiosity from taking over.

In other words, oppression.

Is that ok?
















Thank you, J(s) & C(s).


INTRODUCTION from the author







Let me start by saying i love you,

so much,


though i don’t know what that actually means,

doesn’t matter,

that i know how it feels,



What it feels like is this,

that i have seen the most amazing view,

from the most delicate of precipices,

that from where i sit,

i can see from either end of time,

and how the space between either end,

is either end itself,


just as we once kissed,

when green was each of your eyes, not a word,

when your body was enlightenment,

not a commodity,

when the wind blew a song,

lightning a story,

and thunder your name.


When that first star raced across the sky,

and you said, “make a wish,”

and i did,

i wished for only one thing,

that in knowledge would i find my answer,

when my answer was standing next to me on the running board of the white-Ford-house we drove around in,

for three months,

in which you’d save my life at least once,

asking me to “breathe,” you whispered, holding me in your arms,

“breathe,” when my stomach was eating itself apart and my intestines digesting me from the inside out,

but i did,

i breathed,

and i was born,

and that what i wished for came true,


which is why i will never wish for anything again.


What it feels like is this,

that were i to move too quickly,

speak too loudly,

use too bright a light,

i will frighten it away,

and the miracle of innocence will fade into the violence of observation,

the dancing deer at night,

the hole digging butterfly lizard,

the bright green snake,

the owl above me,

the peacock just a sudden movement away,

the spider the size of my palm,

the bat that just raced between me and my screen,

what it feels like is that

- its wings brushing my face -

everything is beautiful until we cut it apart,

and remove it’s lungs.^^3^^


So beautiful,

so healing,

so huge, whatever a balm you seek,

whatever a smile you crave,

whatever a comfortable bed you require,

tasty meal,




that were i to have the chance,


or for the first time,

the first balmy Montana evening,

i would pour it all freely into you,

all that i’ve known since,

until it spilled out over your entire verse,

washing up on the beach of all eternities,

in a bottle with no label,

as transparent as the water once was,

before GE’s PCB dumping leadership,^^4^^

Coca Cola’s mass dehydration,^^5^^

Nestle’s mass gutting,^^6^^

Montanto’s mass acquisition,^^7^^

Novartis’ mass opiation,^^8^^

and Ashok’s dead child,

whose guts spilled out when the factory blew apart,^^9^^

and his eyes rotted away.


I would,

like it did yesterday,

just rain,

and rain,

and last night,

all life sing wildly.


Yes, i am free in the most basic and important sense,

i am free to speak my mind,

when for so many years i wasn’t,

what i was afraid of,

was what would happen were that freedom conceded to,

should i have actually said what was on my mind,

or in it,

drank of the temptation tempest tempranillo,

i wouldn’t be around to speak about it,





A square^^11^^ is a geometric figure with 4 equal sides,

and 4 equal angles.


{now} = 9,345,770,435 pieces of a second.


See, nowhere in the tome of alltaking is the code for “ensuring anything within your sphere of influence isn’t severely wounded by your activities.”

including the female staff,

the wife,

the daughter,

the sister,

the hired mind,

the paid for {tools}.


This is the {leveraged} part about which much has already been written.^^12^^


About gaining mechanical advantage in moving or applying force to an object.^13^






How much for that object there?

the black one,

the girl one,

the slanted eye one,

the driver behind the garbage dump one,

the Hindi one,

the Bangladeshi one,

the destined one,

the chosen one,

the one the chosen one destroyed,

the one who picked the chosen one’s victim up,

and carried her to safety.


I know, that was me,

just as i saved the lamb behind Nueva Andalusia,

saved it from the dogs,

so the men could eat it a few months later,

after carrying it in my arms for kilometers,

in the rain,

cold rain,

its tiny hooves swaying with my steps,

its ears twitching,

i carried it to safety,

so they could cut its head off,

and chew it up,

but only after i held it in my arms for hours,

and felt its voice in my palm,



I kept stuffing my nose in the wool between his little ears.


I did the same thing for 17 years with a border collie.


I kept whispering to it, lying, “it’s going to be ok.”


I knew how to save objects because i learned in failing to save my own,


consistently, failed,

thoroughly failed,

day after day,

week after catastrophic week,

tear after bloody tear,

when my tie became my occasional imaginary liberator, attached to real doorknobs,

and my pool, my tempting watery grave, under the gaze of four wagging tails,

keeping me from sinking.


My failure was complete,

my impotence historical,

in spite of what those who helped me,


- the perfect blue sky disagrees,

- so too, the warm salt water beach 200 meters away,

- and the trees,

- the dancing midnight dears,

- the swooping of the swallows,

- the red painted tropical sky,

i am alive,

and then,

no more,^14^

she once wrote me.


I say this because – she called me last night,

she of the shes,^^15^^

her of the hers,

he of the hes,

they of the theys,

we of the wes,

all those who need a call to make,

an ear to hold,

a set of arms,


a place to sleep that isn’t threatened by manhole covers,



woman-hole seekers.


She called me as she had done many times over the last few years,

as i walked her from the all takers,

home again, home again,

jigity jig,^16^

to a series of mountains higher than any others,

where breath is limited,

and the view,



See, what the omnipreneurs^^17^^ leave behind,

the hippiepreneurs clean up,

the trash,

the trashed,

the knackered,

give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled low classes,

the wretched refuse from your teaming,

strategic door,^^18^^

your “deplorables” and “basement dwellers,”^^19^^

your “rednecks”^^20^^

the aimed,

the maimed,

the imperial gained,

Snowden tamed,

Assange inflamed,

Tor,^^21^^ reclaimed.


Whose hammer is syntax.




You Kill Them.


You Killed Them.


You Are Killing Them.


Ashe, Foster, Rich, Lucas, Montano, Thorn, Scalia, Manning, Petersen, Assange. (PBUEveryone).


They are dead, or dying now.


Having been all taken from.
















Heart disease.




Premature death.


She called me because she is nearing the end of her ability to lie to herself,

to sleep,

to remain awake,

to find reprieve in either,

when everything has been taken,

and everything else that can be grabbed, too,

including and especially,

the freedom of expression,

the joy of validation,

the barrier between us, and shame.


She called me last night from a country still reeling from the omnipreneurs, one of whom i met, and the other,

a killer in the most basic sense,

who in a “crescendo of killing,” ^^22^^

in the so basic sense of having removed,

as they all have,

the ability to talk about one’s death,^^23^^

the having-given-freely of what was taken anyway,

and only realizing too late,

there was never any intention of giving it back,

only a symbol remained,

“stored up labor,” as Marx called it,

“mammon,” as Jesus,

“fucking money,” she said.


“everything’s money,” he said.


“greed,” she said.


“fucking greed,” he repeated.


“fucking rotten at the core,” she wrote.


Nowhere is it recorded in the holy tome of alltaking are the stories of the leveraged, who when having nowhere else to turn, turned to the omnipreneurs themselves, in a long email, in a short one, in a series of them,

informing them of sexual harassment by one of the staff,^^24^^

of the alles abnehmer,^^25^^

of his wife’s need to see him more,

Über alles,^^26^^

of her family’s suffering,

his anxiety,

her fainting on the floor,

his blood pressure,

her insomnia,

his crying,

her cancer,

his depression,

her loneliness,

his hypertension,

her disability,

“help me,” she cried,

“help me,” he wrote,

there are witnesses, she said, their emails can be easily obtained,

i have them,

you have them,

the “perpetrator” as he is technically called, is well known for his dubious behavior,

the victims, well known for having vaginas,

needs, families, dependents, expenses, vulnerabilities, mortgages, hunger, skin colors and eye shades,

for having oft spoken of their victimization,

but were too poor, too nationally unendowed to be heard,

too female,

too co-dependent,

too Filipina,





i can’t tell you their names, or hers,

but everyone knows who they are,

and she is,

we are,

you, know a few of them yourself,

a few of those who – after having informed the omnipreneurs of their victimization – heard what they all hear,

“He’s a high performer.”^^27^^


Reassignment rejected.


Evidence is irrelevant for our caste,^^28^^

the media, less so.^^29^^


“I have big goals.”




“I don’t believe you.”


“I don’t believe you.”


As far as i recall, the only sin we can’t be forgiven for,


is the one we can earn millions from,


it’s when god closes the door to heaven,

and his jealousy prevails,

as it had in the beginning,

as it had with Lucifer,

bringer of dawn,^31^

morning star,

his greatest creation,


from smokeless fire rather than clay,^^32^^

whose beauty was too much a threat for the allmaker,

who – when driven mad by his own vulnerability -

became the alltaker,

who confined Iblis only to friends without faith,^^33^^

who, for a few seconds of self determination,

self actualization,

i.e., insubordination,

got punished eternally.


Fair enough.


The only reason i understand the suffering of the victims, other than their having come to me, as so many of them had, and still do,

Count – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 -

who come, who always come,

as i have been designed,

to tell me of it,


is that i lost my wife the same way,

i learned from the omnipreneurs themselves,

how to aim for the forest in spite of the trees,

only the outcome didn’t allow online chats,

internet calls at every time of the night,

in the rain,

on the icy, pre-statutory mornings,

she has no one to call at all, or nothing to call with,

because, after her harassment, as you call it,

and his,

she lost her mind,

and i, mine,

and why i am a little way crazy is because she really is, homeless, no recollection of who she was,


of the 15 years we spent together,

the spooning,

hand-holding walks through campus,



the time the river rose above its banks,

and nearly washed us both away.


The final washings would come over time in the numerous cries for help i would respond too slowly to,

too ineffectually,

too often they came as symptoms,

as behaviors,

in languages i didn’t understand,

at speeds i was too slow to hear,

too afraid to talk about,

too confused to act,

too ambitious,


and that’s just it,

i don’t know what happened,

only that her cries for help would appear in her actions for months and months and that would lead to years,

and {now} she walks alone,

no blanket,


teeth, so previously well maintained,

i don’t know,

i’m too afraid to ask,

too near the end myself,

to remember.


See, it’s all so obvious from where i sit {now},

the mistakes i made so well documented,

the errors, recorded,

memories felt in muscles as if they aren’t memories at all, but just as real as i am, sitting here looking at you,

holding on,

already apologizing for taking your time.


“I have big goals,” he said.


“I don’t believe you,” he said.


I knew he would say that because i just knew,

when one lives among those who aim as globally high as those who take all do,

one gets used to the cries of the targets,

the offal of the leveraged ones,

shots ring out,

tools break,

and the disfigurement deepens.










I promise you, in as much as i can promise anything,

which is only what i can intend,


hope for,


that i won’t fail you,

the next time.


See, i am rewriting it {now}.


See, i always love you.


See, i am dying {now},

in the trees,

between the leaves,

all the growing,

that we did,

all the loving, and separating,

all the turning to face each other,

I divide, in the sky,

in the seams,

between the beans,

all the loving, and separating,

all the turning, to face each other,

without biodiversity,

i’m nothing,

it’s like i never existed,

without my home,

with no reflection i cease to exist, and my children are dying out inside me,

My children are dying out, inside me,

my children,

all i love, all i know, all i’ve known,

i am dying {now}, inside me,

My children, my children.


- Lyrics to Manta Ray, by J. Ralf & Antony, from the soundtrack to the movie, Racing Extinction.^34^




















Omnipreneurship and the Hippiepreneur


Book II


Downloading the Latest Version of {God}
















LAWs and BEHAVOIRs^35^


– 1 –


“It’s important to distinguish between physical properties of the universe, and how we understand, manipulate or cooperate with these properties in living our lives. We begin making this distinction by assuming that everything we believe and “know” to be true, including our most cherished familial, social and religious values, are simply the customs and conventions preceding eras developed as ways and means to cope with the world as it was understood at the time, and are therefore open to critique and modification in light of new and better knowledge and systems of knowledge acquisition, i.e., change,

i.e., updates,

i.e., download the latest version, quickly!”

– Olive 8, Mind Detox Dialogue #1.






Think of it like this,

There are “laws,”^^36^^ physical and human, and there’s what we can actually get away with,

or do with them,

and these two are not always, often rarely, correlated,

such that laws, both physical and social,

do not always require our deference, or best judgment,

though there are often consequences for not doing so,

or thinking so,

it doesn’t matter,

one law that doesn’t appear to exist in the world,

is that {humanimals}^^37^^ must live their lives in a certain way,

or believe the same as all other humanimals do,

or behave the same,

or agree enough to prevent our own destruction,

as individuals, and species,

or care to.


It’s important to remember this because if you don’t,

if you forget,

if you fail to keep this in mind at all times,

you will confuse –

1. your suffering, with punishment,

2. your pain, with destiny,

3. your guilt, with reality.


As it is written, “the truth will set you free.”^^38^^

As it is written, “everything is true,”^^39^^


that i love you.


Think of it like this,

though it may run counter to everything intuitive (what we feel) and no matter how many times one does the calculations (what we measure) one finds that the faster objects move when at or near the speed of light,

the shorter they become in the direction of motion,^^40^^

like this,^^41^^ F_g = L_o√(1 – v^2/c^2) = L_o/ϒ

and the more slowly they experience time,

relative to an observer,

like this, t__[_v] = t_o/√(1 – v^2/c^2)

such that,

if you were to speed away from her at 299,000 km/s,

and you could see her clock,

it would appear to be running slow relative to yours,

and what’s so odd about that is,

it IS,

because, see,

there’s what appears to us to be the case,

that time and space exist independently of our experience of them,

and what IS the case,

that they don’t,

and what appears to be the case,

and what is,

are rarely the same,

which, really, as you will see,

is good news.


It means in simple terms,

that everything is true,

that, in spite of it not matching up when we join again,

in spite of the differences in our stories, our experience, our perspectives,

that when i hold your hand, walking between the pines, sleeping in the jungle,

spooning under the covers,

we are validated in our accounts,

you in yours,

me in mine,

and that’s really all there ever is,


7.3 billion of them, not including all other life forms,

that being 10^27 – 10^28, or 10^29 of them^.^^42^^


Think of it like this,

when we observe the path of Mercury around the sun, we observe that it does something surprising,

moves more forward more than it was once theoretically proposed,

in comparison to all other planets,

7% more that is,

that is 574.64±0.69 arc seconds per century,

which is contrary to what most planets do,^^43^^

which is F__[_g] = (Gm_1 m__2)/[_r]^2

which is what Newton said they would,

which is orbit in more or less the same relative place every time around,

with far less slipping forward each rotation,

but it’s ok,

it’s supposed to be that way,

the sun has that effect on things as they fall into it,

according to G__[_μv] = (8_π G)/c^4 T_μv

and so, for us, it looked quite odd for many years,

this precessing flower in the sky,

moving further forward each race around the sun,

when now we understand it’s really not odd at all,

it’s just the way it is,

the thing we know,

is that a body can’t resist a great mass when traveling by it,

the thing we don’t know,

is how anyone will use the knowledge,

or how everyone feels about it,

or if anyone really cares,

or knows,

but those who get paid to.


Think of it like this,

iodine 131 has a half life of 8.02 days,

half life being symbolized by – t~1/2~ -

making it one of the most feared fission products when released into the environment,^^44^^

as it was when a tsunami came and opened the doors,

to Fukushima,

and dumped it into the ocean at -

- 300 tons, or 71,895 gallons, or 272,152 liters,

per day.^^45^^


And another, caesium 134, 2.06 years,

and another, caesium 137, 30.2 years,

that means, half of that most feared fission product decays in that number of years,

leaving half of the other half, to do the same,

and half of the other half,

meaning a long time,

meaning that,

if you live in Fukushima,

mostly bad news,

but certain as the rate at which it decays,

- t~1/2~ -

is uncertainty at the rate at which it affects individuals,

that means,

that though half of caesium 134 & 137 decays every 2.06 and 30.2 years,


there’s no certainty that you will decay at the same rate she will,

or is there certainty, who, in spite of knowing the rate of decay,

- t~1/2~ = 2.06yr~1/2~ – 30.2yr~1/2~ -

stays in Fukushima,

or doesn’t,

or, where all that decaying takes place,^^46^^

or, how much of that decaying at 2.06 and 30.2,

- t~1/2~ -

we are told about,

which is likely very little since it has become illegal to report about our leadership’s failures,^^47^^

or even google them,^^48^^

or post them,^^49^^

or protest them,^^50^^,^^51^^,^^52^^

or fk them,^^53^^,^^54^^

or record them,^^55^^

so, in spite of our certainty over the rate of decay of iodine 131 & caesium 134 and 137,

that being – t~1/2~ -

there’s very little certainty how we humans will manage,

or mismanage it,

or where all that caesium goes anyway,

except that which seeps into the fish around Fukushima,

- 7,400 times more than the normal rate^^56^^ -

and that which finds the west coast of America,

by the sea,^^57^^

as does China’s industrial activity,

by the air.^^58^^


Speaking of China, i have a new friend, named Wu Yu, and as easy as it is to write that name,

it’s nearly impossible to say.


One thing for certain is possible, however,

in spite of the earth being 40,075 km in circumference,

or 24,901 miles,

it’s a small,

very small world,

and i am dying {now},

so too, are you.


According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or entropy,

our universe seems to be cooling off,

or in other words,

slowing down, or

falling apart,

at ∆S~Total~ =S~univ~ = ∆S~sys~ + ∆S~sur~ ∆S~sys~ + ∆S~sur~ > 0,^^59^^

and there’s nothing we can do about it,


everything we do requires more energy than remains after having done it,

in other words,

there’s no way out of here without hastening the journey by trying to forestall it.


And anyway,

it’s too big a job for us.


And anyway, “truth is a relational property involving a characteristic relation (to be specified) to some portion of reality (to be specified).^^60^^


That makes sense.


“To be specified.”


To be, or not to be,

To die, to sleep.^^61^^


Perchance to weep.


Think of it like this,

light, even the light you can’t see, which is most of it,

which is anything above and below,

- 390 to 700 nm, or 430–770 THZ -

nearly always^^62^^ travels at 299,792,458km per second, which means that in one second,^^63^^

it goes around the large earth, and small world, 7.46 times,

or from the mountain you see 50km away, to your eyes,

in .0006 seconds,

which means,

in spite of how certainly fast (or slow) light travels,

depending upon how you wish to see it,

there’s very little in the way of certainty that what you see, will feel any better or worse to you than what she does,

or he does,

or that he or she will agree on what they say,

that is,

though light leaps from the “same”^^64^^ painting,


visiting other,

buena vista,

- at 186,000 mi/sec – or,

- 671 million mph -

- that being (6.71×108) -

there’s no telling how we’re going to see it,

or who’s seeing it with you,


if anyone’s seeing it at all,

or if anyone cares.


Or, even if they do, it doesn’t matter,

because light, i.e.,

- what we see -

- what we read -

- what we watch -

- is oft manipulated for the publicity and prosperity of 1% of the earth's humanimals,

or even less, like 8,^^65^^

who can afford to see it remains that way,

i know, i met nearly many of them,

but only a handful of the enslaved of 7.5 billion others.


Things left to fall on their own, do so at 32ft/s2,

though we must always account for air resistance,

i.e., drag, at F_D = 1/2~p~AC_D v^2

which in most cases can be done with reasonable accuracy,

and yet in other cases doesn’t seem to matter,

as in his case,

where 32ft/s2 holds true,

holds a drinking glass to account,


at least for one recent experiment,

every time he released a drinking glass from two meters over the concrete floor,

it raced after it at for a very short period,

approximately .07 seconds,

and – until the most recent test -

shed its original form as a drinking vessel into the surrounding area,

meaning she has to clean it up, and the blood, whichever comes last,

but NOT, that he can’t keep performing the experiment over and over again,

or that, just because it falls at 32ft/s2,

he can’t drop as many glasses as he wants,

or throw, adding force by ma,

and impact by F = 1/2 m v^2 _]^[_/ s,^66^

and, should she want to,

leave the mess forever.


Which seems to have been the case,

so that no matter how hard i tried to clean it up, after throwing things out,

and others,

it just fell apart,

things just do,

“fall apart,”^^67^^

keep falling apart,

at ∆S~Total~ =S~univ~ = ∆S~sys~ + ∆S~sur~ > 0,

and in spite of it,

in spite of it being unpreventable,

in spite of my failure to save it,

i always love you.




Think of it like this,

without exception,

The earth rotates the sun out of our view every evening,

and every morning, rotates it back into our view again,

it does this every 24 hours with respect to the sun,

every 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.0196 seconds with respect to the stars,

at 1045mph, or more accurately at -


(7.2921150 =/- 0.0000001) x10-5 radians per SI (mean solar second)


such that, in the morning she can again see what she wasn’t able to when the earth fell backward,

blocking the light,

awakening the sounds of darkness,

a nocturnal orchestra of the unseen,

but imagined,

and preventing her from seeing the so vivid colors she went to bed with,

had become used to,

and the objects light bounces off of,

at 299,792,458 km/s,

into our eyes,

through the sclera, cornea, pupil, and lens before hitting the retina, where they become electrical impulses,

and from there through the optic nerve,

and then to the occipital cortex, where they appear upside down, and which,

depending upon how she feels,

or he,

can be experienced as beautiful,

or ugly,

or happy,

or sad,

or something in between, or on either side,

in other words,

rotation, light, and sight,

though highly predictable and “law” abiding,

doesn’t mean she’s going to feel good about it,

or for that matter,


or most importantly,

that she has to feel anything,

or that you do,



Or is that, either?


You are entitled to feel anything you want,

but maybe not as free to express it.^^68^^


Thus, in spite of his certainty at the speed of light,

and its rate of projection, say, onto a movie screen,

he could never be certain when sitting in the theatre,

or before a monitor,

or behind a seat,

that his lover would feel as he did,

with each scene,


she would cry where he did,

laugh where she did,

cringe at the moment the main character says the wrong thing to the wrong person,

be surprised when he enters the room suddenly, at the wrong time,

when she screams against her own dying,

when he stands before his maker,

when she is given a chance to live,

when they flee together into the countryside,

betting against predictions,

against wiring.^^69^^



it doesn’t matter how predictable light is,

we are equally and less conveniently un-.


Combine hydrogen and oxygen like this > H2O,

or 2 atoms of hydrogen, and 1 of oxygen,

and you get water,

try breathing in it,

and you get dead,

but that doesn’t mean people don’t drown every year,


and on purpose.^^71^^


When we eat sugar,

when we accelerate our rates of death,

our decent into disease, disorder, and bio-chaos,

our bodies go ‘crack,’

- like, in the cocaine way,

- the short term joy way,

- the dopamine and serotonin enhancing, addicting, way,

- like, the insulin flushing way,

- like, to save us from death or blindness way,

- like, so much for our blood sugar,

- like, crash,

- like, “please sir, more,”^^72^^

- like, a “legal narcotic,”^^73^^

- like, addicted,

- like, paying thieves to steal from us,

- from our leptin-mugged, drugged out, zombie’d incapacities to feel full, when we are stuffed, actually, just look,

- full of puss, stuffed in fact,

- 35.7% of all we americans, ^^74^^

- bloated white, black, red, gray trash of any color,

- market-induced blobs of human waste,

- with each bite, with each big gulp getting fatter,

- fuller, but we can’t tell,

- can’t feel,

- our livers, our pancreases – trashed,

- our vital organs inflamed against our inner skin walls until we can’t breathe because there’s no room left for our lungs or anything else that really matters except paying the dealers of our accelerated drug deaths,

- Indra, $26,440,990 for my addiction,

- Ahmet, $14,590,571 for my high blood pressure,

- Paul, $10,749,291 for my daily overdose,

- John, $10,809,999 for my cardiovascular disease,

- Irene, $19,674,812 for my stroke,

- Ken, $13,430,061 for my diabetes,

- Paul, £6,900,000 for my cancer (but he’s “ashamed” of that, and we shouldn’t let money “motivate us” anyway)^^75^^

- Hugh, $11,928,836 for my depression,

- Denise, $9,425,477 for my suffocation,

- Paul, $19,657,279 for my heart attack,^^76^^

- Sean, $9,945,810 for my Alzheimer’s,^^77^^

- Fanjul’s got sugar “all over,” like $500,000,000 worth,^^78^^

like another day, another nickel-plated coffin buries another 144 suckers dead every minute,^^79^^

worse than all wars,^^80^^

worse than smoking, ^^81^^

the most dangerous drug in the modern times,^^82^^

the biggest scam that every existed,

from the tallest of towers,

the safest of margins,

i know, because i met them,

which is why i rarely consume sugar, if at all,

but that doesn’t mean i couldn’t,

or you can’t, or he, or they, or we,

see, there’s no law that says we can’t eat as much sugar as we want,

- obviously -

pay as huge of salaries as we care to,

become as fat as we desire,

as sick as we can become,

because in life we are pretty much free to experience,

but not always to avoid being held,


even if at the cellular level.


If you don’t believe me,

believe him,

he lived his life backward, and said, there’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing.”^83^

and the saying of that,

plus all the other sayings during a 2.46hr period played over and over again a million times more,

would earn $329,809,326 in worldwide box offices,^^84^^

and a good part of a $28 million annual salary.^^85^^


If that doesn’t say something,

i’m sure nothing i can,



What we’re saying is that,

for what it’s worth, “there are no rules to this thing,”

only a few laws that leave a lot of space,

for breaking, and being broken,

or conceding to,

and living with,

or dying from.


See, objects accelerate at a rate of 32f/s/s,

which meant when he jumped,

he reached 159.38 km/h (44.27m/s) before hitting the pavement,

and leaving a family punishing themselves,

for gravity.


For 1/2 m v^2 _]^[_/ s.




For 49000.00 joules.


For 4.52 seconds of vertical flight,

all hundred meters of it.


When touching an exposed electrical wire,

save a 220v one,

at 60hz,

we can expect that conduction happens,

at 1 ampere = 1 coulomb / 1 second,

which typically is painful, and often,

as in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and maybe Arkansas and Oklahoma,

quite deadly,^^86^^ still,

which is why most of us try to avoid touching wires unless they are either,

not plugged in, or

well insulated, insulation having the effect of,

(2X Name Plate Voltage)+1000,^^87^^

yet, at the same time,

there’s nothing that says we cannot,

whether by accident or by purpose,

no law that says we can’t violate the law of conduction,

σ = 1/p

even if it costs us our lives,

or at least the pre-frontal cortex,^^88^^

of them.


See, electrify flows through the body,

- fast! -

generating these side effects,^^89^^

- 1mA = Barely perceptible,

- 16mA = Maximum current an average humanimal can grasp and “let go,”

- 20mA = Paralysis of respiratory muscles,

- 100mA = Ventricular fibrillation threshold,

- 2A = Cardiac standstill and internal organ damage, and these all can be enhanced by water,

and high or low voltage,

so that, when he stepped in a puddle while polishing the floor that day with a very powerful and very high voltage machine,

and x happened at why?

it would be his last fraction of a second of life on this earth,

his family’s last few seconds of reassurance that any life would be there tomorrow,

or that god could be trusted,

or that god cared,

or that being good meant experiencing good things,

or that her brother would ever speak to her again,

or that, my uncle suddenly left my mother,

crying on the front lawn,

the day the planes flew low over head.


Though we know how conductivity works,

there’s no law saying we can’t find ourselves on either end of it,

that we’d do again, if we found ourselves on the wrong end,

and that we’d not punish ourselves forever over it,

or would.


Or someone else, no one would ever recognize again.


That is to say, “one does not need a medical degree to recognize the destructive potential of passing 100 to 150 volts of electricity through the human brain.”^^90^^


Is there anybody in there?


See, every time he needs to know the area of an octagon, he uses either the formula,

A = 2(1+√2)a2

or most likely, https://rechneronline.de/pi/octagon.php,

which tells him at least two things,

that some human minds have a knack for easily determining patterns and making them accessible to others,

and those others, including him,


great at utilizing the formers’ gifts,

free and online.


Think of it like this,

sound travels at approximately 600km/h, depending upon air density, heat, wind direction and speed,

which means a sound made at 1 kilometer away will take around 1.66 seconds to reach you,

and this can be reasonably well accounted for,

given all other variables are,

but what can’t be reasonably well accounted for,

or even accounted for at all,

is how you, or anyone else, will respond,

to a sound,

such as an explosion,

or a gunshot,

or a deer chewing near your tent,

or a word,

a sentence,

to “help me,”

which is what she said, but in a language i hadn’t learned,

a language of symptoms,

a language of shame.


A Remington .222^^91^^ 50 grain soft point travels at 3070 fps, that is 2093.182 mph, depending upon wind speed and direction, and strikes its target with approximately 1045 ft-lb’s of force, meaning one who is well trained in such devices can either have a good meal,

or eliminate a neighbor,

or themselves, such as he did,

the day it all became to much for him,

including she.^^92^^


One can never be sure, when one writes a sentence, or utters one -

in spite of the relative predictability of grammar,

and its relative malleability,

- that what we mean,

is what they’ll hear.


It seems often to be the case they don’t.


Or that what we say,

is what we mean.


It seems often to be the case it isn’t.


We can never be sure, when we express our deepest convictions,

that they will be understood by our interlocutors,

or how they will be understood, if,

or, what action will be taken, if,

or, that what came out of our mouths, having first originated somewhere in a place we call the mind,

will appear that way, in what we call theirs.


It seems – there are certain things about the universe we understand,

and can predict,

and very little about ourselves we do,

or can.


It appears, the universe has created certain things to work certain ways,

and others,

for us to be baffled by.


It seems – the universe wanted some things to be predictable, and others to be guessed it, wondered over, pondered,

fought for, and over,

battled against, and this – in our best days, when we are the most intrigued by our selves -

called “free will,”

which, after consideration seems mostly likely to be the delay between how fast the universe operates,

and our ability to comment on it.


100-300 milliseconds^^93^^ stands between the universe’s design, and our reports of it,

or in other words,

how slow the present version of artificial intelligence is,

we are,

god is.


It seems – in the grand reformation of being, there are things we know, like what can happen when we >

- use asbestos in car parts, house roofs and certain kinds of clothes, and drive, use, or wear them,

- put lead chromates into paint, paint our houses with them, breathe the fumes or ingest pieces that fall off,

- spray dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane onto our agricultural products, and eat them,

- add benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, eugenyl methyl ether, myrcene, pulegone, pyridine, and styrene, into food, and eat it,

- fill a flimsy shell with 200 million liters of hydrogen gas, load it with people, and try to park it in the air,

- mix painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid and industrial cleaning agents, and inject them into veins,

- use creosote treated posts to build a house, and live in it,

- put polychlorinated biphenyls into anything that can burn, like mattresses, carpets, and cars, and use them, regularly, while breathing,


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Omnipreneurship and the Hippiepreneur: Downloading the Latest Version of {GOD}

An impossible read by most standards, "Downloading the Latest version of GOD" grapples with the biggest questions of our time. Should I mop the floor? Should I wash my clothes after only 3 wearings? What happens when I touch this? Inspired by his mentor, Amr Al-Dabbagh, whose "10 Golden Rules" of Omnipreneurship have had enormous impact on the known world, Emile Raymond reflects upon the 8 propositions derived from his time as an unknown Hippiepreneur supporting a well known Omnipreneur. Originally published as the "Olive 08 Mind Detox Dialogue", the 8 propositions have been proven very effective over the years at helping people from all walks of life, and with all manner of suffering or illness, and all manner of performance, creativity, and relationship intentions. It's also a love story. But, then what isn't?

  • Author: Emile Raymond
  • Published: 2017-03-08 05:05:12
  • Words: 37882
Omnipreneurship and the Hippiepreneur: Downloading the Latest Version of {GOD} Omnipreneurship and the Hippiepreneur: Downloading the Latest Version of {GOD}