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Ombra Mai Fui - The Last Roses Are You


Ombra mai fui: The Last Roses are you

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-63-2




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On the front cover: “Something I discover – irrigation free at the source eternity” 2016


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For those who keep enjoying what they see – may they live most happily.

And I breathe free my own eternity.



Ombra mai fui: The last roses are you



Ombra mai fui

The last roses are you


Gold Dust Lust

Moves Through All Of Us


She is not like one of us

And the simple word can hush


Where is now the recognition

Where is instant re-ignition


Except this mystery

What is left that I can see?


And I moved a little closer to

What it was that I once knew

In such seasons turned anew

What was left was not new

What was left could always hew

Better, greater things to do


What was left was old not new

What was left had no purview

What was left had just come through


Touching deep inside of you

The mystery proclaims

“You see me dance with rains

You see me dance with sun

You see the seasons I become

Alive to everyone”


Antipathy was not so much an enemy

but just a trundling through

of all the things you could do,

but then again you knew,


The seasons’ call had ended you

and now there was no more

that you could ever stall

that was not there before


Before the world began

A single spirit sang


Before the world proclaimed

The single spirit aimed


Higher than before

Open now the wider door

And the empty roar ahead


“Not much here”, I now said


The mystery lies in its bed

alien to a source

(the river runs its own course)


And though you think you see

We know it yet to be


a cacophony that wells into the gloom

the empty spirit tomb


for you cannot begin

with your soul to sing


if you are caught in everything

that leaves no mark on desire


see the pyre ever higher

of once discarded play


but the sunshine anyway

swept the clouds away


and beckons (me) now to say

the sense that what is true

is all around you


the sense that what is real

is a gently lifted veil

where all your courage pail

into a dropping song


the water moved along

the source was not a throng

of heaving that prolong


it simply did its thing

“the watering”


the watering of soul

a simple message whole


when the universe disperse

it is the single verse

that whispers to rehearse

with you what you have learned

and once thought true


was fluid like the ocean blue


a simple walk with all of you

into the great terrain

we call good earth again


and I cannot recall how I managed

no not at all


the feather stall the wind

as if a moment to rescind

the beauty of the flow

captured in the earth

we know


and entombed in our hearts

the whispers that great memory


at a single source


the water course and vein

right to your path again

a sense you cannot know

where it all shall go


for to the source the origin know


and to the force the gentleness grow


to simply always see


“life’s so much more bigger than me”


Tao Te Ching a mirage of my wondering

a clanging of my bell

but you shall know so well

earth has its own spell


of sweetness and desire

when we all aspire to be

singing in sweet harmony


the happy soul can see:

“the spirit moved (even) me”


eventually we see

the humming of the bee

the willow and the tree


and life’s great energy

returns as to one source


it was the final course

the river took its source

melded into one

for there the mystery

had once begun


seasons in the sun

seasons in its wake

oh how the water snake

when we our lives create

and see

a singing hymn reality


and bigger than before

all seasons knocking on my

door and I am welded in


my body now shall begin

to train in athlete pose

for there the knowledge grows

that life is lived in flows

of never-ending shows


and twinkling all around

the star dust I have found

scatters golden dust

the icing on the crust

of what we each desire


we march to death and funeral


but yet along the way,


we heard a wise voice say

“It is today you see

life’s hybrid energy


It is today you know

what calls your life

to final flow”


The fourth dimension show

twinkle star dust deep below


and I am left to see

“A world so much bigger than me”


I left without confusion

the joy of life profusion


reigned in a colour zone

that always seemed like my fresh home


and though I knew not where to go

I felt the fresh air open flow


and simply call to me


“busy busy bee

lets applaud eternity”


and then I really knew

the colour that splashed through

were moments in the sun


the joy of life in everyone,

and though I wanted to refrain


the source said “why not come again,

and again and again and again…


we think it’s really plain

but see how the earth moves yet again”


and so I really knew

I’d inched back to the source that grew

deep inside my head and had helped my soul

to wed what the greater spirit said


“A season’s in your midst

there is no twist and turn

when infinity burn

all that you now learn


your heart can now catch fire

with a much deeper desire

to always come on through

when the seasons call to you”


And a final thing, I do

is wish a season’s blessing fully on you


for I cannot repeat

what would make it less complete


I cannot concur

what it is that makes me purr


I cannot digest

a single source of happiness


I cannot just do

what it is you think and knew


and so I said to you:

the deep depths ocean blue

are what you need to see

alive to harmony


and I wanted now to carry on

with a different song

but related all and one


perhaps you start to see

it’s all infinitely

bound to reality


and so I inch back to

words that I once knew


that meant so much more

than I could ever ignore


and so I start to see

a limitless reality


is beckoning me explore

where I had been before


and the roar at my side

as the wind deep collide


hits the heart slide

as the spirit can glide

into an open source


where the water ran its course.


Blessings one and all

Blessings that stand tall


in the knowledge we are small

and yet in the vastness of it all


we are swimming free

into new reality.


Tao Te Ching -

I wanted now to sing


but you already know everything

that could ever give a heart its wing


and so I say to you:

Good luck in all you do!


Last roses I had sought

but now just came the thought


that blossoming all around

the source that is profound

is holy on our ground


and eager just to say


“play it anyway

what you had loved so far away”


and Ombra mai fui = the last roses are you

to change your bark and feel the spark

of living life anew in the environment

that put you at the centre of a field

great shelter to yield


(the plane tree you will see

is life’s own source of destiny)


ombra mai fui

a final time I call out to you

and know that in my heart

I have made the greatest start


to always ever see

infinity that beckon me

out to the very sea

of living life so easily


and ombra mai fui

a last time I play you

and sing in full gusto


this is the life I used to know

this is the life that time will show

had enough energy to grow


and blossom quite profound

in an earth so round


3-D: here now the eventually

and here now I see

the marvellous life that’s yet to be

growing as a tree

stretched out to eternity


ombra mai fui -

a last little whisper I bring to you


and as I settled in

the gold dust moved to bring


a simple twinkle source


the river ran its course


deep into my soul


and enveloped me whole


source and origin

where it all begin

the vast nothing


of what can echo through


when life absorbs you


in colours bright and blue


to twinkle life through


and though I carry on

I hope to rest

but move along


the song that moves so free

is at its own mercy


and carries me forth

beyond my south

beyond my north


and a fork in the road

is nothing but a sense to hold

an element of time

I knew at once to be divine


and twinkled on my brow

the sunlight caught me now


twinkling vast and free

happy in eternity.


Gold dust lust

moves through all of us


and on a crust of earth

we feel our second berth


skating out to sea

a brand new eternity.


And ombra mai fui

the last roses I knew

scented the earth with you.



Purple Eyes Publishing


Thank you for being with me this season.


May life always blossom through and irrigate your life anew.


Ombra Mai Fui - The Last Roses Are You

A quiet contemplation - a simple source sensation - when all is back in flow - the element that show is that there is nowhere left to go except to origin below. In a trigger and a thought, all worlds at once cavort, but the element so still, the fresh air will to see: a greater form of destiny. Quietly I exude, quietly I conclude and from the stage I leave: an element that cannot reprieve how life receive at origin source, the river as a water course.

  • ISBN: 9781910774632
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-06-19 15:50:07
  • Words: 1658
Ombra Mai Fui - The Last Roses Are You Ombra Mai Fui - The Last Roses Are You