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Old Wine & Black Hearts

Gather ‘round for 20 tales of science, magic, and horror from the author of Abattoir in the Aether and the Achilles & Swiss series! Storyteller L. Joseph Shosty delivers new takes on classic themes in this collection of hand-picked tales from a career lasting nearly two decades. The stories are authentic, charming, and at times darkly brutal. Old Wine & Black Hearts is a fine vintage of imagination sure to stay with you long after you’ve closed the cover. THE DIFFICULTY OF SAVAGES – Patrons at a cafe near Roswell, New Mexico wonder if the oddball among them is an alien with a purpose or just someone slumming through the universe. OF ALL BEAUTIFUL THINGS - A Vietnam vet stricken with PTSD meets a mysterious woman who holds the key to the gates of Paradise. WORMS - Religious dissension develops among worms in a graveyard when the gravedigger runs out of decaying bodies to feed them. STRINGS – A dark retelling of Pinocchio is the backdrop for introspection on the relationship between father and son. THE SOUL OF THE SEA – An ancient myth merges with the 20th Century in a capitalist- fueled fairy tale when a man with a destiny returns to an island resort near the Bahamas. THE GRACKLE’S PLAN – This Aesop fable goes off the rails when a bird decides morality does not apply to his ambition to be popular. THAT TIME OF THE MONTH – Three rowdy pipeline workers hook up with a good-time girl only to learn the rent has come due on a sinister contract.

  • ISBN: 9780463786437
  • Author: L. Joseph Shosty
  • Published: 2018-11-09 08:45:05
  • Words: 59125
Old Wine & Black Hearts Old Wine & Black Hearts