Obama as what? A different perspective on International Relationship!


Obama as what?

A different perspective on International Relationship

















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This is a text matter I wrote many years ago in one of the Online locations, I used to write on.


Currently I do not know what the huge text matter that I have written is. It seems to suggest a different way to look at International Relationship.


For a long time, I did have a feeling that current day academic subject called International Relationship is utter nonsense and does not know a thing about what ticks and triggers national passions and urges and spurs international relationships. In fact, academic ideas on most social science ideas are mere nonsense and more or less skims over the real deeper themes involved.


An array of choices


I am confronted by a strange choice of defining. It is about Obama. Is he a fraud? A gullible, nitwit? Or someone who knows what he is doing, and knows how to go about it?


In an absolute sense I have no right to go about measuring or judging him. But then, as I understand him to have inherited a powerful antiquity, and is also in charge of a particular amount of its destiny, I need to ponder on my misgivings. For, this powerful antiquity is one which I have been quite fascinated with, one which has bestowed mankind with a lot of blessings. If this heritage falls into the hands of misfits, then it may stand to be tarnished.


The legacy that has been bequeathed


What is this fantastic legacy that he has been bequeathed with? Well, it is his English connection. Any man who is born or domiciled in the US of America is naturally embedded with this link. What makes America great is its English heritage. Maybe what I contend may seem quite preposterous. However it is the truth. All one needs as proof of this just see the immensity of nations where English has not come in. Well, I should say here that many European nations may need to be kept away from this comparison, for at least some of them may have a certain level of positivity that English naturally has.


A plateau-like language and structured languages

As I have written elsewhere about English, I need not go into it the detail. However it may be mentioned that English is a plateau-like language, while many others are feudal. What it means is that feudal languages are not simply software for human communication, but are also powerful command structures. When a group of persons speak Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Italian and such other languages, they arrange themselves into a hierarchy of levels, wherein all of them can be comfortable. When there are more people, there can be different pyramids of hierarchy. The problem then arises when the different pyramids needs to communicate among each other constantly. There can be continuous friction in the communication between different levels of persons in different pyramids. Inside each pyramid, each word that links the persons have a code of command or obedience attached to it.


The problem can be discussed a bit more here, for the sake of clarity. In feudal language, there are different kinds of words for such words as You, He, She, His, Her, Hers, They, Theirs etc. In some languages, there can be different levels of words for even nouns. Even though English native-speakers may have been fooled to believe that these different words are simply synonyms, the truth is dangerously far from that.


For example, look at the word: You. In a South Indian language called Malayalam, this word can be differently spoken as Nee, Thaan, Eyal, NIngal, Thangal, Sar etc. However the basic strata are three, composing of Nee, NIngal and Thangal. The same is the case with most Indian languages. In other feudal languages of Asia and Africa also, the same can be true. In some of the European languages also, there can be similar problems or issues.


Now these different levels of You are used on the basis of different measurements of a person. It can be on the basis of age, caste, profession, financial acumen and such. The problem arises when one pyramid of people will have persons arranged on the basis of a particular factor, say age. The other pyramid of people, when they interact with this pyramid may not take this factor for stratification. Instead, they may take financial acumen, professional status or even social status for their communication with them or even for referring about them.


The atrophying


In present day India, the growing tendency is the use financial acumen for such communication grading on the grand scale. In fact, in certain Indian languages there is even a saying that a person without money is just *stink*.


Now, what makes a man a piece of stink? Well, look at the word Nee. It is slightly equivalent to the Hindi word Thoo.


Does addressing a person with a Thoo or Nee make him equivalent to stink?


Well, the answer is No. For, Thoo or Nee can be an address of endearment, intimacy, domination, feudal command and much more. But then, this is a very simplistic understanding of feudal languages. The issue is that feudal languages work in a very complicated way with the stringing of different words of varying levels by different persons of different levels. The ultimate result is a powerful arrangement of persons into powerful levels of positions.


Even though one may think that it is the persons on top of the hierarchy who hold powerful command strings, there is another thing that is not usually mentioned. It is the power of the lower placed persons to simply lower a person, despoil a person, socially cripple a person, demean him, dismantle his social or professional command ability etc. by simply trying to be equal to him or her; or by bringing him or her below them by a simple use of a different You; or him or hers; or his or hers.


The stinking inducting machinery


Now, to just give a simple example: One man is addressed by the senior government officer of the regal Indian Administrative Service (IAS) by Nee. Well, has this man become a piece of stink? Well, no. It depends. If he also addresses the IAS official as Nee, well then, there is equality between them, if they are friends, or it can be a case of powerful demeaning if they are not friends. The IAS official will naturally call the police in the second case, and they will beat him into a pulp.


The other man calls the IAS official as Sar or Ningal, while he is addressed as Nee. Well, in this case, has this man become a piece of stink? Well, not exactly. For, if the IAS official’s subordinates address this man as Sar, Thangal, NIngal etc., he is still a big man, but lower than the IAS official. However, there is a level of hierarchy among the officials. This man can be made equal to that level, by a simple use of words. For example, if the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels below uses the word Nee to this man, then till that level he is subordinate.


But if the seventh level down, addresses him as Sar or NIngal, he is equal or higher to that level.


Now let us imagine that it is the lower most menial level of persons called the Grade Four over here that addresses him with a Nee. Does this make that person a piece of stink? Well, not necessarily. For, if this person is basically from that social level or class, then there is no despoiling. He is comfortable at this level of addressing and positioning.


The piece of stink


However, if the person is really from a higher social, intellectual, financial or professional class, he or she is more or less made into a piece of stink. It is a powerful change, and really affect that person’s total personality, looks, mental equilibrium and intellectual capacity.


The continual worry


This stinkification is what worries everyone in a feudal language social system. The exact issues and the ways and manners by which it affects everyone is of a very complex machinery. In many ways, it is the basic element in all social and communal tensions that haunt every feudal language social system. Essentially it is all a problem of different hierarchical pyramids trying to interact with each other from different arrangement patterns.


The farce of Indian social developmental work


Again, another point may be mentioned here. In India, this stinkification of human beings is an essential part of national social development programme. Some years ago, I was talking to a young girl who had completed her MA in Social Welfare and was joining an NGO to work in some village in a North Indian state, as part of her field studies. I asked her pointedly about the issue of respect and insult in the communication system. She then told me that they were told in no uncertain terms that all the persons who come to them should be kept suppressed by the lower level words and usages. Otherwise their own level of respect would be lost. The issue here is that if one can disparage the other with lower words, then what comes back is respect.


These type of issues may not be understood in English. That is, to the lower man use Thu, Nee etc. and about him use such words as Uss, Avan, Aval etc. Then they understand your higher status and place you in a position of respect. If on the other hand, you extend respect to them, and use words like Aap, Ningal etc. they feel elevated, and show disrespect back. They would then be inclined to use such words as Nee, Thu etc. back.


What takes place is a formation of a command structure and route.


Essentially all Indian talk of social development is mere shallow talk and there is no real substance in it. Everyone who talks of such high aspirations only aims at self development and fears to see the real mental and social development of those they profess to develop. Even the national fraud known as Gandhi was a master of this art.


The stinkifying of independent tribes in the new nation of India


In the state of Kerala, there was and is a tribal development department. What they did essentially was to place all the tribal population under the dirty levels of the peons of their department. That is, all men and women of the tribal population were made the Nee, Aval, Aval etc. even by the peons of this department. What social development can be accrued by the tribal people when placed in such obnoxious levels? Actually when the new nation called India started extending its sphere of right into independently existing tribal areas, this is what they essentially did to those people; all of them, their tribal chiefs, men and women, all were made to exist at stink levels.


A dunce and the reality of people’s freedom


Did the dunce called Clement Atlee know anything about this? All Indian talk about freedom from British keeps away from these realities of Indian social communication. If it is mentioned the whole conceptualisation of Indian freedom may go topsy-turvy. For in the light of this sublime information, the freedom of the huge mass of Indian population started with the British rule in India, and ended with the British exit from India.


When accosted by diabolic languages


I have only mentioned one single effect of what can be defined as feudal languages. English is devoid of all these dangerous satanic codes, and this is what makes it a most divine language. However, English is also very soft and one essentially needs to understand what English is dealing with, when it has to move in close spaces with feudal languages.


The command codes


Feudal languages contain powerful command codes. It may not be easy to explain this concept to the English native speaker. Let me try:


Gandhi is addressed as Gandhiji by his followers. They use the word Aap to address him as You. He is Unn. At the same time, he would use the words Thum and Thoo as You to them. They are Uss. There is a powerful code of direction and positioning in this. At the same time, if anyone from outside come in to the area and address him as Mr. Gandhi, it is a very powerful dismantling of his revered position. In Indian languages, the title Mr. vanishes fast, and if this Mr. is allowed to be used by everyone, in no time Gandhiji becomes a mere Gandhi. If this happens, he is a nonentity, and nothing. His followers would not allow that.


When Jinnah spoke in a public meeting where Gandhi was also there, he used the words Mr. Gandhi to refer to Gandhi. As far as Gandhi’s followers are concerned, Jinnah was literally removing all the studded reverence borne by Gandhi through the powerful code words ji. They booed him down, did not allow him to speak, and literally made him run down from the stage. Did Gandhi object to this type of behaviour from his followers? Naturally no. For, this is the only means to maintain himself as an object of reverence.


A sample Gandhi


To make this point a bit more clear, let me tell about a politician I saw in a remote village in Kerala. Here even though the average intellectual bearing of a person may be intrinsically abysmally low, no one is aware of it. For many of them work as peons, drivers, clerks etc. in the middle east and come home with a tidy pile of money, that the swindle known as currency exchange rate garners up for them. That is a peon over there, with a monthly earnings of around 2000 comes home with 27000 Indian rupees. While a local hard working man earning around 8000 per month, cannot do any wizardry to multiply it. The middle-east working drivers and peons are considered as cultural leaders of the local society. They set up schools, including English ones. The social culture they radiate as leaders is really of the satanic one, but no one knows that.


In this remote village, there is a Communist party leader, Balan. He was a schoolteacher who taught in class one, some twenty-five years ago. His knowledge in English is more or less nil. He addresses the vast majority of his communist party followers with a Nee, and uses the degrading words Avan, Aval, Avattakal etc. about them. As they are thus degraded, they show him reverence. They call him Balan Master. Now, it is the word Master that makes this man great. Once, I just mentioned him as Mr. Balan. The shock, grief and agitation that was seen on the face of his followers was phenomenal. It was just like the defrocking of Gandhi. Mr. Balan was a denuded apparition, while Balan Master was a divinity. The rays of his divine aura extends outward through the appropriate changes in the various other Malayalam words for He, His, Him, You, Yours etc.


Now, why I have mentioned this here is to stress the routes and roots of command structure in Indian languages. When Balan Master calls anyone of the persons he can address as Nee, it is literally a command, though cloaked in seemingly non-command language. The person thus called treats him as a guru or some other such being. For him, whatever wrong and evil Balan Master does is nothing. At the same time, if the same misdemeanours or less are done by anyone who is not in the same code position as Balan Master, he or she is a miscreant, an antisocial and such.


Spreading the divine aura


When this man speaks of Balan Master in such revered terms to others, it can become a social standard as far as how others treat Balan Master. Actually this is a very cheap technique used by almost all persons in India. For example, think of a Jeep Taxi driver. In most Indian higher social areas, this person is treated as a socially lowly class. But then in the lower social areas, he can be a higher being, especially in small time villages, where the lower financial classes live. I have seen how they extend their social leadership. They have under them a group called the cleaners. These are persons who go in their jeeps, standing on the backdoor steps. They sort of manage the passengers who are sitting inside and collect the fare. Beyond that they act as a sort of serving class of the drivers. Among them, the taxi drivers are mini-gandhis. They address the driver with reverential words such as ji, chettan, annan. Now, there is a wider unwritten social duty given to them. It is their job to move around in their local social areas, and pronounce the words ji, chettan, annan etc appended to their driver’s name and have such reverential titles made a social reality for their driver. Whenever the driver moves in such social areas where his reverence is thus accepted, he is a leader.


The magician’s secrets exposed


In all ways of looking at it, this is also the secret of the hoax phenomena called Gandhiji. To make the power of this devious method clear, let me mention the issue of Gandhi’s sexual misdemeanours in his ashram. It may be mentioned that sex is a weakness in many individuals and need not be taken as a measure of that man’s other qualities. However, what needs to be mentioned here is if what Gandhi had done was done by anyone in a social atmosphere wherein he or she is not a divinity in the language code, it would have been dangerous.


What Gandhi did was not much, if taken from the perspective of a great man’s doings. It was Unn, Adheham, Avar etc doing it. He had an unquenchable craving for young girls, and the story goes that he used to have at least two of the ashram girls to sleep with him. All of them would be in the nude and he would feel their body and they were to massage his naked body. His cravings could have come from his early sexual experience with his wife who was an adolescent girl at the time of his marriage. In a way, it could also point to his repulsion for his aged wife.


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Obama as what? A different perspective on International Relationship!

This is a text matter I wrote many years ago in one of the Online locations, I used to write on. Currently I do not know what the huge text matter that I have written is. It seems to suggest a different way to look at International Relationship. For a long time, I did have a feeling that current day academic subject called International Relationship is utter nonsense and does not know a thing about what ticks and triggers national passions and urges and spurs international relationships. In fact, academic ideas on most social science ideas are mere nonsense and more or less skims over the real deeper themes involved.

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Obama as what? A different perspective on International Relationship! Obama as what? A different perspective on International Relationship!