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No Exit

No Exit
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Shakespir Edition

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Welcome to the last book of the “Mirror Reflektion” series. Sure I did tag it as horror and I bet many of you thought “this isn’t scary”.. I don’t think I ever intended on it actually being scary but I wanted to show people that horror isn’t just something that people do, but it also happens to people.

I had three or four ideas how I was going to end this series but recently my wife and I sat down and binge watched “13 Reasons Why”. We both have been a victim of bullying in school at some point in time for various reasons.

If your still confused over the perhaps “horror” in this series let me point things out:

Chapter 1 – Robbie (our character) came across a local tv series shooting a horror show in his town but at the start it appeared that he was unaware of what was happening and it triggered flash backs in his past.

Chapter 2 – It some what gave the idea that our character was planning something further, but while he got along with his classmates he was bullied by his teacher, whom he later knocked out during a baseball game and act like he didn’t care.

Chapter 3 – bullying happened more and more at high school and now running with no friends he had place to turn and like many of the victims that get bullied they no doubt go home and cry at night.

Chapter 4 – bullying at home, it happens.. Some people can get away from it but others can’t they have to deal with that sort of shit 24/7.

Now we’re in chapter five, I did plan a few different chapter fives but they won’t be shared I decided to take this thing in a completely different direction today.

I wanted to point out that out of the four chapters they were all based on reality including the main character “Robbie”… If you haven’t figured out since you may or may not know me, yes he was based on myself. Certain things may not have happened but I felt the need to add them for the sake of the story for example:

Chapter 2 – I was never bullied by my teachers but I always had trouble at school and speaking in public due to a speech impediment. I also never knocked out my teacher during a game of baseball or any other time. However playing foot hockey did happen almost every recess and the various things that people say playing baseball like “hey (insert name here) pretend its (insert name here)” it wasn’t something they did to be mean to either person but it was just joking around with the batter to put some anger behind the swing… it was simple childhood goofing around.. But I know in this day and age one couldn’t do shit like that. I am fully aware of it but I didn’t grow up in this day and age where everything is examined.

Chapter 3 – For those wondering, yes I was bullied in high school. It’s also true that almost every night I went home and cried, yes I’m a guy and I cried… For some reason people think that men aren’t suppose to do so or it makes them “less of a man”… I could sit here and argue with what you think but personally I feel no point in doing so for more reasons than one… Yes the story I mention of in regards to the dream or nightmare I had to write about in school, yes it does exist. No I don’t have a copy of it I have been asked a lot if I do and sadly I have to say no. Yes the school sent me to a school psychiatrist however it was just one visit. My parents weren’t happy when I told them about it either since the school did it without the permission of my parents and with me being a minor anything that happened in school meant that they had to get permission from them.

Chapter 4 – I felt I was bullied by my parents however others may have seen it differently and I won’t go into detail about this.

I felt the need to change the ending and change my thoughts about the book to show everyone that bullying happens to many including me (your perhaps favorite writer) I’m still living. It does still affect me with things that I do as I sit here and write this in my mid 30’s.

I’ve also decided to do one thing different in this book, I know bullying is a personal thing with many people and I get it. I didn’t really talk about it for the longest time but I decided to take a “huge leap” to do something. It maybe a little bit more personal than one may think however I decided to incorporate my email address into this book.

I do so because being a fan of many musicians and learning from them I have learned that many of them do various things to reach out to fans and that’s what keeps fans connected to them.
So here you go:

[email protected]

No Exit

  • ISBN: 9781370101306
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-05-08 17:35:08
  • Words: 900
No Exit No Exit