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Night Seasons (Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Suicide)


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Night Seasons – Overcoming Discouragement, Depression and Suicide

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[* Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 *]

[* Lesson One: Misunderstood By People Close To You----------------------------- 6 *]

[* Lesson Two: Transitional Periods----------------------------------------------------- 7 *]

[* Lesson Three: Closed Financial Doors------------------------------------------------ 9 *]

[* Lesson Four: What You Love The Most Is Delayed-------------------------------- 11 *]

[* Lesson Five: Suffered Hunger----------------------------------------------------------- 13 *]

[* Lesson Six: Pains in Raising Disciples------------------------------------------------ 15 *]

[* Lesson Seven: Prophetic Word Yet To Happen------------------------------------ 17 *]

[* Lesson Eight: Waiting For an Anointing To Step Into Purpose----------------- 19 *]

[* Lesson Nine: Learning Under the “Unqualified”------------------------------------ 21 *]

[* Lesson Ten: Open Rebuke---------------------------------------------------------------- 23 *]

[* Lesson Eleven: Message and Ministry Rejected------------------------------------ 24 *]

[* Lesson Twelve: Preliminary Spiritual Warfare------------------------------------- 25 *]

[* Lesson Thirteen: Missing Divine Instructions--------------------------------------- 26 *]

[* Lesson Fourteen: Sacrifice Your Only Seed------------------------------------------- 27 *]

[* Lesson Fifteen: Humiliation-------------------------------------------------------------- 28 *]

[* Lesson Sixteen: Confused Stage of Life or Ministry--------------------------------- 29 *]

[* Lesson Seventeen: Wrong ideas from the Anointed-------------------------------- 30 *]

[* Lesson Eighteen: Disappointment------------------------------------------------------- 31 *]

[* Lesson Nineteen: When God is Silent--------------------------------------------------- 32 *]

Lesson Twenty: Marital Challenge———————————————————————————-33

Lesson Twenty One: Pressure From Within—————————————————————-35

[* Lesson Twenty Two: The Burden of the Call------------------------------------------ 36 *]

[* Lesson Twenty Three: Times of Persecution----------------------------------------- 38 *]

Lesson Twenty Four: The Fatal Error—————————————————————————-39

[* Lesson Twenty Five: Walking By Faith------------------------------------------------- 41 *]

[* Lesson Twenty Six: Uncomfortable Accommodation------------------------------ 42 *]

Lesson Twenty Sven: Staying Under Opposite Anointing—————————————44

[* Lesson Twenty Eighjt: Crucifying Mr. Flesh------------------------------------------- 45 *]

[* Lesson Twenty Nine: Overcoming Sickness Alone---------------------------------- 46 *]

[* Lesson Thirty: Don’t Crash from Success----------------------------------------------- 47 *]

[* Lesson Thirty One: Standing in Another’s Office------------------------------------- 48 *]

[* Lesson Thirty Two: Death of a Loved One---------------------------------------------- 50 *]

[* Lesson Thirty Three: Answering the Call into Ministry----------------------------- 51 *]

Final Word———————————————————————————————————————————-52

I will bless the LORD, who hath given me counsel: my reins also instruct me in the NIGHT SEASONS.” (Ps. 16:7).

For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” (Ps 30:5).

I have experienced series of night seasons in my life and Ministry. Days of weeping, groaning, disappointments, lack, people forsaking me, hunger, and no accommodation. Sometimes, the affliction came as a result of my ignorance and others as a direct of opposition from the enemy; God permits all these.

A Minister who hasn’t gone through the school of suffering is dangerous to the people. All the people whom God lifted up He first humbled them to nothing.

A night season can come to you as a result of satanic opposition; it can come by your own ignorance and sometimes, God in His sovereign act, will permit a night season to come to you for a purpose.

Night seasons come in diverse ways. It will not come because you sinned against God. Was it Joseph’s sin that took him to prison? No! His righteousness took him to prison.

How about job that faced a serious night seasons in his life? Was it because of his sin? No!

The man that was born blind had blindness not because of his sin or his parents’ sin. God allow certain affliction in order to train us and mature us and to glorify his name. The same with Zechariah and Elizabeth; they were barren for years. The affliction wasn’t because of their sin or satanic works.

“There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth. And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.”(Luke1:5-6).

God operates by seasons. The season of adversity is just for a time. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivered them from them all.

It is sad that many preachers don’t balance the message of suffering or affliction and the message of total liberty of the blood. Yes, we are redeemed and all things are freely given to us but there must be under test and trials. We must be conformed to the image of the Son after we are born again. And this process is gradual as God uses situations of life to mould our characters. There will be tough and testing time in the season of our life.

But there is strength in adversity. God will ensure that you don’t break down in the midst of affliction. Just like He ordered the fish to only swallow Jonah and not to bite and break his bones, the adversity will only swallow you for a season. The adversity is not forever. You will be protected in the midst of it.

When the night season is over comes the glorious season. Your season of glory will surely come. Endure till the end. Any vision He gives you in your waiting period will come to pass. Just wait on Him.

-Daniel Affi

Misunderstood by People Close To You

There is nothing as painful as when the people who are close to you: your friends or family are misjudging the plans of God for your life. While some may not be bold to tell you they dislike your way of life in the Ministry, or your kind of calling, some will criticize; backbite, slander and sow seeds of discord against you. Such a night season could be so painful that you may be tempted to totally withdraw from them or say offensive words against them and just wish them evil. But this is the time you must love, care and prays for them the most.

God allows this kind of misunderstanding to develop your love for people who don’t see the way you see. Though so many people don’t like God nor are they serving Him, He loves all of them. He even loves the occultists. He doesn’t want the wicked to perish though He hates their sins.

Such period of misunderstanding is seasons you must strictly guard your speech. Mature believers confess positive words in the midst of misunderstanding.

Remember that you are the one that received the vision and not them. As such, they may not understand you. Keep pressing towards the fulfilment of the vision. It is better to please God than men.

“Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;” Rom.12:9-10


May God give you the grace, the strength and the needed wisdom to overcome this night season when your very close ones misunderstand you.

Transitional Periods

Transitional periods are usually the periods between moving into another phase of Ministry from another period. This is the period you are about ending a Ministry assignment and preparing and waiting to step into another area of purpose.

Sometimes such periods are never exciting times. A lot of challenges will come your way. First you have to be very sure that the Lord has spoken to you that the previous season of your life is over. At such period, people who are enjoying your services at the former phase may not want you to leave. Unconsciously to them, they would tell you a lot of deceptive words just to keep you. But when God speaks to you to leave, don’t be in rush to tell people. Rather, pray more and discuss with mature believers who will be able to keep secrets. Learn to prepare well for the next phase.

It’s a period that your faith must be proven; you may have to step out by faith and to cope with a fresh challenge of being alone. In the new, your daily time table or routine will change. Stepping into the next stage requires your faith and action. You must make a major adjustment in this period.

Sometimes, you will hear other voices within you challenging you that you missed it. The strange voice may be asking you how you would cope without money, housing bill, the lack of friend or family support.

One of the things that is constant in life is change. Expect change. Face the challenge of change. You can decide if the changes will make or mar you. Remember this: So many people have gone through this transitional period. You are not the only one.

There was a season that Paul had to be in Damascus; to Jerusalem, then to Antioch for some years, to stay with some teachers and prophets. Later from Antioch, he received the commission into the apostolic Ministry. In the apostolic Ministry, he moved to different places and had about three separate intensive missionary trips to nations. In the later part of his life, he was taken to Rome. Life or Ministry is in phases and seasons.

Learn to adapt to this kind of seasons. Pass through it with a relaxed mind and without pressure, knowing that God who began the good work in you will complete it.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” (Phil.2:13).

Prayer: May God cause you to understand when you are going through your transitional periods, may He guide your every step.

Closed Financial Doors

One of the major instruments that God uses to test your call and love for him is money. God doesn’t want our attention to be focused on anything except Him. He ensures that those He called and wants to use for His purpose do not make money their idol.

Therefore, He sometimes closes such doors to develop us. Has a financial door ever been closed at you? Have you ever been in lack that even to get who to borrow money from is difficult? Have you ever lend out money and the person who borrowed it refused to bring it on time or completely refused to pay back? What was your reaction?

God is highly interested in seeing us free from financial lust. When financial doors are closed and you are still alive it is a message for you to learn to give Him the glory. He is interested to see you live your life with little or no money during the trying time. Money shouldn’t be a determining factor in your life. Let God be the determining factor.

Learn to discern when God closes a financial door. The enemy also closes financial doors when we don’t pay our tithe or give out our resources.

If you want to do any Ministry work or travel for ministration and the financial door refuses to open, it could either be that it is not yet time or God wasn’t the one that opened the door.

The love of money is the root of all evil. Learn not to allow the love of money to destroy your life or Ministry. There is a night season you will go through when financial doors will be shut up at you. Don’t grumble or complain; learn quickly the purpose why such a door is closed.

Sometimes God closes financial doors so that we will not do Ministry before the set time. When you become mature, He will release the money.

Are you passing through the night season of lack of money? God will see you through. What you are passing through may not be from the devil.

It is at such point that many believers and Ministers backslide; go into gimmick to deceitfully raise money from congregation, steal church money or do something which the Lord didn’t send them just to get money. Others are shifting into other areas of anointing because of lack.

Many who are pastors by calling go into the pastoral Ministry and others into church planting or interceding for government to get money. Such night season is painful and tempting. Don’t sin. Obey the Lord despite the pains till the end. He will surely reward you with riches if you persevere.

“But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”(Deut. 8:18).

Prayer: May God open His financial door for you at His own time. May He cause you to know if the closed door were as a result of your lack of sowing financial seeds or irregular paying of tithe.

What You Love The Most Is Delayed

God will sometimes delay what you love the most from coming to you so that He can develop your patience. Patience is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit that can only be developed through delaying of some of your blessings from coming to you.

Not every delay in miracle is from the enemy. Some miracles will be delayed if you are immature to handle it. Have you ever heard of people who have backslidden shortly after they got a miracle? Your miracle will continue to be delayed until you learn patience quickly. You must get to the point that if the Lord doesn’t help you, you will remain with Him and never seek solution from other sources. Waiting to get your needs met especially what you love the most can be painful. It is a night season. Most times, we cry, groan, fast, go to pastors to help us.

Sometimes we try to solve the problem by human means. When this is happening, God will just keep watching until you come to the end of your strength. “…for by strength shall no man prevail.” (1Sam.2:9).

All the heroes of faith who fought the good fight of faith learned patience. God brought a unique challenge to every one of them so He could teach them patience.

Do not jump into alternative miracles because you refused to wait. Wait till the end if you have clearly heard from God. If He said it, He will do it.

Keep your trust on the Lord. He will never disappoint those who trust and wait on Him. You may be tempted to take the wrong step, but wait. Obey the Word of God. Decide to please God; obey His Word even if the need delays.

“That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith AND PATIENCE inherit the promises.”(Heb. 6:12).

Prayer: May God enable you to continually put your trust in Him. May He give you the grace to wait and may the fruit of patience be developed in you.

Suffered Hunger

Another night season that we face in life or in the Ministry is Hunger. Suddenly the sources of food supply will be stopped. And sometimes there would not be enough to eat.

This season will not be perpetual; but once in a while, at some given season of life or Ministry God will create a situation that will put you in serious hunger.

There is a saying: “a hungry man is an angry man.” Hunger makes us to act our true self. The children of Israel suffered hunger and they murmured and grumbled and complained. God must use food to test what is in your heart.

“And he humbled thee, and SUFFERED THEE TO HUNGER, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.(Deut.8:3).

What kind of words comes out of your mouth when you are suffering from hunger? Do you grumble and complain at people who you feel should help you but are not forthcoming, or do you praise and give thanks to God in spite of the prevailing hunger?

Hunger comes to teach us not to live a wasteful life. Anyone who has once suffered from hunger will not waste food in life. Many people misbehaved because they have abundance of food. They eat, drink and sometimes live on immorality not acknowledging the source that provide for them.

There were three trees in the garden: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; the tree of life and the tree that is for FOOD. God has made a provision of food for you since from the beginning. He will always make provision for you.

Prayer: May God provide for your need. May He deliver you from laziness, because a man who is lazy may not have food to eat.

Pains in Raising Disciples

One must have a large heart to train disciples. Disciple making is an integral part of our Ministry. Discipleship involves an ongoing process of teaching, training and living an exemplary life of Christ to transform believers.

Good parents endure to raise their children to maturity; bearing the mess and the night cries. It is so challenging to raise a child.

God will use the season of raising disciples to also equip you. He will use their weakness, immaturity and ignorance to mature you for service. Your patience is highly needed and must be developed to wait for the disciple to grow despite their weaknesses. You must be patient to see them grow to maturity because God also took time to raise you to maturity. At other times your love for them will be tested and some will do certain things that are hurting and may step on your toes but you will be required to love them unconditionally.

Where rebuke is necessary, you better rebuke them. Sometimes, you will need to discipline them. Anyone who spares the rod will spoil the child. And a lot of wisdom requires walking and raising disciples. Don’t give up because they seem not to meet up with your standard.

Also, ensure that it is God who gave you the disciples you are to mentor. Keep raising disciples for Christ despite the storms and their immaturity or ignorance.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: {teach…: or, make disciples, or, Christians of all nations. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. (Matt.28:19-20).

Prayer: May God increase the capacity of your heart to be able to raise the weak, the ignorant and the stubborn.

Prophetic Word Yet To Happen

Before God finally confirmed the dream of Joseph to make him great in Egypt, the word of greatness he received was tested. It was delayed to see if He would hold onto the word or not.

It is God who speaks, He will always bring it to pass. When a promise is given to you, it creates an expectation in your heart and an atmosphere of waiting. At such season, God will be interested in maturing you and building His character in you. In the waiting period, most times our flesh begins to wrestle with what our heart received from God. The flesh will tell you that the prophecy will never happen; it will set the individual who received the promise into a state of doubt and unbelief, and most times into a confused state.

Sometimes, you desire the miracle to be done that very day you received the promises but the word must try you to build your patience, self-control and trust in the Lord.

Beloved, be happy if a promise is delayed in your life. Use the season to walk on your bad characters like impatience, lack of self control, materialism and the spirit of competition.

On the other hand, the person whom God used to give a prophetic word of promise may also experience a night season especially when he or she gives a prediction and the word is delayed.

When a prediction is delayed from coming to pass, people easily criticize the person who gave the word as a false prophet. Most of the night season faced by prophets is usually the time between when they give a prophetic word of promise and the season of its fulfilment or manifestation. They sometimes suffer reproach even from their loved ones. Such period could be so painful. And greater joy comes when a prophetic word comes to pass.

If God has spoken it, He will bring it to pass. Every vision has its time of fulfilment. Wait for the promise; wait with joy and peace. Never be depressed in waiting. Never cry while waiting. Wait with joy.

Prayer: May God grant you the understanding that every prophetic word has its time of fulfilment and May He help you to wait in joy and not in depression.

Waiting For an Anointing To Step Into Purpose

There are times God puts burdens to meet the need of humanity: the need to bring healing, deliverance, direction or joy. But the anointing or the commission to step into the purpose may be delayed.

Every believer has a measure of anointing. When God calls you into the Ministry, He will use you. He will empower you with a measure of an anointing to meet a demand. But as time goes on, the demand in the work will continue to increase and God may show you a vision of how the need of the suffering and dying humanity can be solved by an anointing. As the burden for Ministry comes strongly on you there will be a crying and groaning for empowerment from the Father. Yet, God will not release the anointing on you until you are mature in the Word and in character.

God also closes Ministry doors by caging you in a place. Most times, such a place may be where you wouldn’t like to be. He will use that location or the circumstances you found yourself to train you before releasing you into the purpose you desire to solve.

In the waiting period prior to stepping into purpose keep believing the Lord; keep interceding for the needs that are in your heart and do not step out mechanically because of impatience. As God clearly called you into the Ministry when the time of anointing to step into purpose comes, He will clearly tell you. Most times you will know that the season has come by divine encounter- something real beyond human works.

Continue to be faithful with the “little” anointing you received; be faithful in administering what you received with great joy. The more faithful we are, the more God increases responsibilities for us. Anointing goes with the responsibility.

Prayer: Lord help me to understand my purpose, and help me to wait and receive the next grace for my next phase in life and Ministry.

Learning Under the “Unqualified”

It takes a person with a humble heart to stay under a person he or she feels is not qualified enough to learn from. Your educational level or years of experience could make you feel there is nothing to learn from such people.

A season will come in your life that God will put you to learn under those you are more experienced or more gifted than. Its purpose is to develop your character and make you more humble. It helps to remove the subtle pride of achievement that is in you. God hates the proud but gives grace to the humble.

In every place we find ourselves, we need to first find out the purpose for which we were there. Always find out the areas that God may want to build your character. The areas can be easily identified; it is usually the area in which you face conflict with people within that environment. It could also be a conflict within you because of the activities in that environment.

Learning under such a season helps to make the knowledge you already acquired to take root in your heart from your mind.

Can you learn under someone you feel is not qualified? That was the wisdom of Aquilla and Priscilla. When Apollos was preaching an ‘outdated’ message of John the Baptist, they didn’t stop him. They allowed him to finish his sermon. They knew there were some truths in what he was preaching but not a complete truth. After his sermon, they took him aside and corrected him with much detailed explanation the message of Jesus.

When God puts you under the unqualified to learn, be careful in criticizing. You may be there to help them do better. We easily forget that we were once imperfect and all that we know now are what we learnt even from others.

Prayer: Lord help me to be meek and humble. Give me the grace to learn in the place you put me.

Open Rebuke

How would you feel if someone rebukes you openly before people telling them the wrong you actually did? God usually uses people as instrument to mature us. He could use your spouse, children, disciples, or your pastors.

After an open rebuke two things will happen. It is either the person that was rebuked rebels and leaves that Ministry or they will use such a rebuke for correction and spiritual growth. When you are openly rebuked, find out your errors and correct them. Stay under such Ministry and love people who correct you.

Open rebuke is better than secret love.”(Prov. 27:5).

A season of open rebuke helps to mature you if you yield to it. It helps to give you a larger heart to accept corrections. It makes you more humble and sober about the things of the Spirit. The seasons are not an exciting one, but learn from them.

If you find out that your spirit resent correction, then you need to know that you have pride in you. Proud people don’t like to be corrected. Deal with the spirit of pride now.

Receive an open rebuke with joy.

“My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction: For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. (Prov.3:10-11).

Prayer: Lord connect me with people who would boldly correct me when I am wrong. Connect me with people who could discern my wrong without bias. Give me a humble heart.

Message and Ministry Rejected

How would you react if God sent you to preach the gospel and to help a suffering people who in spite of your sacrifice, care, prayers and concern for them decided to willingly reject you, your message or Ministry?

A season will come in the life of a believer or Minister of the gospel when your message or Ministry will be rejected though you are in the centre of the will of God. There were some nations that rejected the gospel of Jesus. Even Jerusalem did not recognize the time of their visitation when Jesus came for her. (Luke13:34-35). It could be very painful when people whom you were sent to reject you. Jesus wept because of this kind of situation.

Judgment is inevitable for people or nations that reject the gospel of Jesus Christ; sooner or later, they will pay the prize in pains. But we should allow God to bring His judgment when their time of “woe” comes.

Jesus and His disciples were rejected to Minister in a certain town when they cast out demons from a mad man of that town. In another place they went but were rejected. John and James wanted Jesus to allow them command fire to destroy those people. But Jesus stopped them. Love those who reject you, your message or your Ministry. Pray for them. Someday, God will touch them. Never be angry with them but love them. You will also come across people who will criticize you or your ministry. Never give up because of criticism. In Ministry, it is common for people to criticize or accuse us. Jesus also suffered the same night season. Keep walking with God and keep doing what He told you to do despite all the opposition against your message or Ministry.

“My brethren, COUNT IT ALL JOY when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”(Jam.1:2-4).

Prayer: Lord cause me to be joyful in persecution. Grant me the wisdom to handle the night season when my message or Ministry is being rejected.

Preliminary Spiritual Warfare

Jesus overcame Satan by the written Word during His 40 days and 40 nights of fasting. The warfare between Him and Satan happened at the preliminary stage of His Ministry.

There will come a season in your life or Ministry that you will not only confess the word to get your miracle, but you must step into spiritual warfare. Spiritual Warfare is the will of God even though He does not want us to take it to the extreme.

God permits such a season to develop our faith and to help us to see and exercise our covenant right in Christ. The devil is never happy when you first gave your life to Christ thereby leaving his kingdom. He will fight by all means to make you fall and deny Christ or make you feel that what you are doing for God is useless. Resist the enemy’s arrows during such seasons. He may raise your loved ones to persecute you because you accepted Christ; never give up. Fight the good fight of faith: the victory is always yours.

Some believers had faced demonic opposition and defeat in the preliminary stage of life or Ministry. Such attacks weren’t signs that they were leaving in sin. Sometimes God permits this so that you can develop your faith and exercise the anointing.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Eph. 6:12-13).

Prayer: Lord, teach me and guide me in spiritual warfare to enforce your will on matters that concerns me. And help me to take back whatever the enemy had stolen from me.

Missing Divine Instructions

Judgment is most times inevitable when we deliberately refuse to follow a divine instruction. Such madness is caused by our sins. You will pass through certain pains, shame or humiliation as a result of deliberate disobedience to the will, word or divine instructions. God’s protection and provision is usually in His perfect will. He ensures that you get detail instructions. He ensures that one understand the message. But if we resist Him, He may give you a long time to repent or change and if after that you still didn’t follow the instruction, then judgment or shakings will befall you. He is both the God of love and severity.

Be very sure that what you are about to embark on is from the Lord. Never guess it is the Lord. I have missed divine instructions more than once and presumed matters. I assumed that the Lord spoke to me because I desperately wanted that particular thing in question. However, the moment I went into it I suffered unnecessarily. Don’t be in haste over the issues of life, Ministry or marriage.

In such night seasons, you need to first repent for the act of disobedience, then you must forsake or cut-off from what the Lord didn’t send you to do. Never do things or go into situations because people advised you. Rather, ensure that their advice is the will of God and it confirms what God has already put in your heart.

Learn not to miss divine instructions especially missing it deliberately.

“But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:” (Deut. 28:15).

Prayer: Lord, cause me to know my sins and forgive my sins. Give me another chance to obey your instructions.

Sacrifice Your Only Seed

The measure of your Ministry will be tested by the amount of sacrifice you put into the Kingdom. Jesus had to leave His glory in Heaven to come to earth. God had to sacrifice, to release His only begotten son. If we must go higher in life or Ministry we must sacrifice.

A season will come in your life or Ministry that you must sacrifice your only seed; your precious time, or resources to be able to receive or enter certain spiritual blessings. The season of sacrifice is not usually easy: something you are so used to or something you cherish the most and God may want you to lay it on the altar. Sacrifice is a test of our obedience. God gives great treasures of the

Kingdom to believers who dare to sacrifice what He wants them to sacrifice.

Many believers refuse to sacrifice because they fear that they will enter a night season if they give their best to God. If it’s the Lord impressing in your heart to sacrifice you better to that. Any sacrifice commanded by God opens great doors of blessing.

Are you in a night season because of your sacrifice? If you sacrifice your pleasure and comfort just because you want to do the will of God, He will surely reward your labour (sacrifice) of love.

“Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.” (Ps.55:5).

Prayer: Lord, give me the grace to sacrifice my life, seed, time and energy for your purpose.


Before honor comes humility. There is a city of humiliation, a place where God must bring you to nothing. God will make you common so that you will be able to feel the needs of others who are passing through suffering.

The level God may bring you would be so shameful that you can’t share some of what you are passing through with others. God may permit the enemy to crumble what may be the cause of your pride.

Sometimes, we enter a city of humiliation by our mistakes. When such a mistake is done, it is to tell you that you are not a perfect person. It is also to let you know that your life on earth and what you think you have is given to you by the grace and mercies of God.

In the city of humiliation, you will become a laughing stock to people. They will backbite, slander and say all matter of things against you. But if you continue to walk with God with a perfect heart in such a night season, He will turn the shame to glory. After Shame comes glory. Are you in a shameful situation right now? I want you to know that God will turn it for your good. People who laugh at you will come to celebrate with you. God will do things in your life that would surprise people.

“Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.”(Ps. 66:12).

Prayer: Lord help me to be patient in the place you put me so that you can refine me. Turn my shame to glory.

Confused Stage of Life or Ministry

There are times or seasons in our lives that we will need divine direction. A season will come in your life that you may have to make a choice between two major options. The devil wants us to derail from the perfect will of God. Therefore, during such a season he will bring so many negative ideas to your mind. At times, your human will may also have an ambition. So it is a conflict of three personalities: you, the enemy and God.

Don’t be in a rush to act when you are in a confused state of restlessness. Such a night season is a time you need to have a personal retreat to pray and hear God accurately. When God clearly speaks to you in such a night season, every false voice will automatically fade away.

During such night season, you need to pray together with other mature believers. In the multitudes of counsellors there is safety. Don’t be alone when it comes to a season of making a major decision in your life. Give time to any instruction or revelation you received during such period.

At any confused state, you need to know that it is the time God needs you the most in His presence for fellowship, and it is also a season demons are working hard to make you miss the perfect will of God. It is a point of spiritual battle. Learn to walk with the Word of God. Don’t assume divine instructions and never take a step at random. It is a season that God wants to develop your patience and faith in Him.

The light of God will shine your way if you are in such night seasons of confusion. He will guide you through.

“Teach me thy way, O LORD, and LEAD ME IN A PLAIN PATH, because of mine enemies.”(Ps. 27:11).

Prayer: God help me to understand the leading of your Spirit in such a period. Guide me into truth.

Wrong ideas from the Anointed

Words are powerful. What we say tells people more about us. People usually take you for your word, especially when someone is under your Ministry. This is why spiritual leadership is not meant for the novice. There would come a time when your service under an authority or Ministry is over but your superior may not agree with your leaving. There will come a time that you will receive a word clearly from the Lord, but your superior may think contrary. When this happens, it makes us ask certain questions about the ‘anointed leader’ such as, “Are they still in the faith”.

A leader can make mistakes. You must learn to know this fact or else you may end up withdrawing from many anointed people God has sent your way. Stay where God wants you to be.

In such a season when wrong ideas come from top people, it can put you into a night season.

We need a large heart. God could permit such to happen to you so that He will check if you know the main reason why you were under that anointed person. He will also use that to test your patience and love for the person. Withdrawing from them should be by the voice of God. He must speak to you regarding that issue. Don’t withdraw because you were hurt. If you feel hurt, then it’s a sign that God want to develop certain character of fruits of the Spirit in you.

Don’t leave a Ministry because of hurts. There will be offences everywhere. What you consider an offence might just be the weakness in you God wants to remove. Don’t run away from God’s dealings and His refining process in your life.

Prayer: Lord to be patient with my superior when I feel he is wrong. Give me the grace to walk with people with love, joy and patience.


When you put your trust in man then be ready. Sooner or later you will face disappointment. God doesn’t disappoint those who put their trust in Him. A night season could come your way when those whom you trusted for help fails you.

It there any area of need in your life when your focus is on men? You need to be careful People could give you a promise and fail: sometimes, they will fail you at the eleventh hour when you needed them the most. There are times when someone you hoped could be your deliverer might end up dashing your plans.

When you arrive at a point where you see God as your only source- your provider, your healer, your deliverer and director- He shows up to help you. “For by strength shall no man prevail.”(1Sam.2:9). “God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.”(2Cor.12:9).

You can also face a serious disappointment when your demands are not the will of God for you. If it is not the right time for a door to be opened for you and you keep pressing, you can be disappointed. Hold on to what the Lord told you. What you don’t have now you don’t need provided you are walking in the centre of the will of God.

Listen to God clearly before acting or else you will enter the night season of disappointment.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Ps.146:3).

Prayer: Lord, heal my heart of every hurt that occurred as a result of disappointment. Help me not to, by my personal way of life, bring disappointment my way.

When God is Silent

There are seasons we will enter in life or Ministry that the Lord will seem silent not speaking and you will be left alone to do a particular work.

God could be silent and not speak for several reasons. Some of these reasons could be either of these. One, if He has already spoken to you about His will but you refuse to act on the instructions, He will be quiet. Secondly, God will choose to be quite if we have a biased motive for request. God speak frequently when His hand is on an issue.

In such a season of God’s silence, find out if the answer lies in either of the two instances above.

At other times God may choose to be silent deliberately, just to test our faith in Him. He will test us to find out if we will never take a step until He speaks. He wants to test our fear and reverence to His name by waiting for an instruction regarding His will.

During God’s silent period, people are easily prone to serve other idols and others backslide to horoscope and the soothsayer for a word. King Saul had similar problem. When God was no longer speaking to him, he sought after evil medium. Stay put in God’s silent season. He will speak if you would be patient to wait on Him.

“Thou hast heard my voice: HIDE not thine ear at my breathing, at my cry.”(Lam.3:56).

“Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: HIDE NOT thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.”(Ps. 143:7).

Prayer: For Lord, teach me your ways. May I understand your still-small gentle voice at all times. Forgive me for everything I did which made you to be silent over some situations of my life.

Marital Challenge

Nothing can be so painful than when the person you love the most hurts you. If you don’t know how to handle hurts, it will paralyze your prayer life and will keep you in pains and depression.

Every human being is unique. We all have our differences. Even people with the same personality or the same temperament blend behave differently. You need to find out the potential weakness of your spouse and pray to God to deliver him or her. Sometimes, you need to manage the weakness by wisdom and gradually help the person out of the weakness. The two life partners must be sincere to admit their weakness and help each other correct them.

Find out what your partner does that irritates you. It could be that there is something negative in you that God wants to remove. We easily point people to their mistakes, but don’t see our own fault.

Some of the night season of pains in marriage may be that God wants you to develop your love; joy, peace, patience, humility, self control, faithfulness or meekness.

Never go into relationship because of lust, sex, beauty, the personal educational background, business connection, money, competition and so on. Rather, only marry someone based on the will of God. Total peace, joy, protection and fulfilment come when we are with the right individual.

Divorce is another challenging issue in the body of Christ. It can be so painful when your spouse suddenly leaves you; someone to whom you are intimately and spiritual attached. Divorce can come as a result of direct satanic opposition against the marriage and most times it comes as a result of your ignorance or impatience. It is your responsibility to do all you can to work 100% to make your marriage work. There are no perfect partners. If one thinks that he can divorce because of the potential weakness they discovered in their partner, such a person is wrong for God hates divorce.

God specializes in healing the divorced family. He can bring back your spouse if you continue to walk with Him.

Put God first when it comes to the time of choosing who your spouse will be and ensure that God clearly spoke to you before you start the courtship process. When you begin courting, do all you can to completely avoid any kind of sexual immorality or else you may enter into a night season some days or years to come. Learn to understand and tolerate each other. Forgive your partners’ wrong doing. Always have a prayer fellowship between you, your spouse and God. Dwell on the Word continually. Learn to say “sorry” or “thank you” to your spouse.

Making your marriage to work is your choice.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be patient, tolerant and understand the weaknesses of my spouse. Enable us to remain as husband and wife till the end.

Pressure From Within

Pressure not the leading of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t lead us by pressure, but by the impression of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Out of selfish ambition to have our needs met now, one could invite pressure within. When we are not ready to wait on the Lord but want to do it our way even after we have already received an instruction from God, can put us under pressure. Impatience can also put us under pressure. We are commanded in the Scripture not to worry. By being worried, you may have high blood pressure and other related sickness or diseases.

Such a night season is self imposed. Choose to wait on God with joy and peace. Crying doesn’t move God to do what He doesn’t want to do. God is only moved by your faith and the Word.

You can be under the night season of pressure within if you want to use one stone to kill five birds. Learn to do one thing at a time with a relaxed mind. Never do the things of God under pressure. It is good to be time conscious, but learn to subdue time. Time should not control you. Learn resting in Ministry and never take too much you can’t handle. He who believes does not make haste. God is never in haste. It took Him hundreds of years to bring to pass the promise of Jesus’ coming to the earth to save humanity. God works slowly, surely and suddenly. Are you under any kind of pressure? Find out the cause and deal with it quickly. Get out of this night season of pressure within now.

“Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:’ (Isaiah48:17-18).

Prayer: Lord, help me to be patient and not to be in a hurry in life. Holy Spirit, remove every pressure I accumulated in my heart because of lack of understanding of your will, ways and Word.

The Burden of the Call

The call of God upon believers comes by a revelation of a need. These could be the need to serve God; help humanity, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, reach the unreached lost souls and so on. When God wants to use you for a purpose He will place a burden on you. The burden could be so intense that sometimes you would cry, groan or mourn for the emancipation of the people in bondage whom you were sent to.

The burden could lead you to a season of prayers and fasting. Nothing satisfies you than to hear the news of the freedom of the people you have a burden for. The burden could be on the situation of an individual, family, Ministry, nation or continent. There are people who are crying and weeping daily for the total freedom of Africa; they are burden bearers. Burden bearers easily intercede for the people they are called to.

Do you have a burden for the will and the purposes of God to be established somewhere?

When your assignment in a place is finished, God will lift the burden off you. The kind of burden you are carrying might be a clue to your purpose, call, or commission in God’s service.

It is a serious and dangerous matter if for a long period of time you don’t have a burden for a purpose, especially if you are a believer with the call of God on your life.

A burden of Ministry is a spiritual load placed on you. But His yoke is easy and His burdens are light.

…in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft. Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, THE CARE (BURDEN) of all the churches.” ( 2Cor.11:23-28).

Prayer: God, lift away from me any burden I am carrying that is not from you, and give me the grace to fulfil the purpose of every burden you placed on me in this season.

Times of Persecution

You will be persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Jesus promised His disciples that they will be persecuted. Persecution could be anything or person that oppose the things of God you believe.

When you give your life to Christ to walk with Him people will persecute; the devil will raise people to persecute you so that you will withdraw from Him. Love the people who persecute you and pray for them.

The season of persecution is a time to rejoice because you are sharing in Christ’s suffering. The persecution could be blackmail, false accusation, your family disowning you because you choose to follow Jesus Christ, and so on. You could lose your job, prestige, position and resources because you want to live a righteous life.

Never compromise the faith for fear of being persecuted. Proclaim Christ. Live a Christian life despite every act of ungodliness.

Persecution period is really a night season. If you were never persecuted it is either you were not really walking with God, or you are compromising His word somewhere. When you are suffering for being righteous don’t fight those who misunderstand or persecute you. Don’t wish them evil, but pray for their salvation.

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus SHALL SUFFER PERSECUTION.”(2 Tim.3:12).

Prayers: Lord, give me the grace to endure persecution as your servant and the need to be joyful when people persecute me.

The Fatal Error

Many believers have made great errors in their process of growing up in the Ministry. Some errors could be easily forgotten by people while others may remain for years. Many great men and women of God experienced night season when they fell. Some never rose up to the dimension where they were operating before they committed the error. The higher we go in life or Ministry and make mistake the greater the pains, shame and humiliation we will face.

I have heard stories of Ministers who were highly anointed by God who made a fatal error that ultimately crushed them. Some people are more interested to hear that a believer or a Minister of the gospel fell. Therefore, it is important that we guard ourselves very well so that we don’t make great mistakes.

Some of the fatal errors committed happen gradually. When we are alone in the Ministry and never open to one another for counselling or when we are into sin, we will fall into error.

It is needful that we get someone whom we will be accountable to: someone to help check some of our excesses in life or Ministry. Listen to godly instructions especially from people who are very close to you and love you so much. If your spouse or friends are pointing to you about a particular fault, be glad and make adjustments. Don’t create circumstances that will make you sin. Always ensure that what you want to say or do is in line with the Scripture – the written Word of God.

Never disobey God’s voice because of your personal ambition. Don’t deny God’s Word because it opposes your evil intention. Never get to a point where you feel you are very knowledgeable to do anything contrary to the Word of God; to add or subtract. Respect His Word.

When it is God’s appointed time for you to step into purpose and you keep resisting you are likely to fall into error. When you are surrounded by ungodly friends, you can be influenced into fatal error. When you refuse to spend time to listen to the Holy Spirit’s instruction for your life but only depend on others to prophesy to you, you may fall into fatal error.

Study to be wise: learn more about life and Ministry and from the mistakes of others. Never take things for granted. Be sensitive to the ways of the enemy for he goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone he can devour.

Discipline yourself and pray against falling into fatal error. Be ready to please God till the end in spite of the lack of money, fame or material things.

Deal with greed, lust, and the spirit of competition, lying and taking the Word of God lightly so that you will not fall into the painful night season of fatal error.

“We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the SPIRIT OF ERROR.” (1 john 4:6).

Prayer: Lord God, forgive me for every error I have made in my process of growth in the Ministry. Help me to live a blameless life and Ministry. Deliver me from the spirit of error.

Walking By Faith

There will always be seasons in your life that you must walk by faith. Abraham believed God’s word to leave his father’s house and his people to a land he did not know. It is God who initiates faith. When He speaks, He expects you to act. When He speaks, He will expect you to trust Him to the end. A season to walk by faith on “nothing” will come to you in order to test your obedience. All the heroes in the Bible who subdued kingdoms lived by faith. It is impossible to please God without faith. When you discover situations in your life that demands your faith to believe God for the impossible, then you are in line.

Such a season could attract a lot of discouragement from people, friends, and your family. You will feel discouraged by looking at the situations that warrants you to walk without physical evidence. Night season could come in such period.

God always comes to meet our need if we hold to the confession of our faith. Don’t get to a point in your life that you don’t live by faith but by sight. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”(Heb.11:6).

When the season of walking by faith comes on you believe God and walk by faith. It may require a long period of waiting, criticism and slander from people. Many will misunderstand you but keep waiting in faith provided that you have heard clearly from God.

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.”(Heb. 10:35-39).

Prayer: Lord help me to hold on by faith for the things I am trusting to receive from you. Help me not to give up or to live by sight.

Uncomfortable Accommodation

If God discovers that the only area to train you and strengthen your character is to touch your comfort, He will permit a situation where you will never have a comfortable place of rest for a SEASON. You will always have a place to lay your head, but it may never be what you desired. Such a season can be so painful.

In some case, you need to stay in the apartment with people who have opposite mind set: people who don’t think the way you do, or sometimes they could do certain things that will affect your quiet time of prayer. You will have to walk with such people in love and patience till the time God provides a better place for you.

God could decide to tamper with your comfort so that He can move you from one place to another for spiritual purpose. He brings you to certain uncomfortable environment so that you will be a blessing to some people living there. And when it is time to move you to another place, He will do it by His wisdom.

Paul got to a time in his Ministry that he didn’t have a certain dwelling place – he moved from place to place and will have to adopt to any kind of accommodation he gets.

Jesus moved from place to place to fulfil God’s purpose. When God sees that you are ready to follow Him despite the uncomfortable dwelling place you find yourself, He will provide you with a better place. But He must first use discomfort to develop your character. Do you know that the heroes of faith dwell in tents from one tent to the other? Having a big house or living in a large mansion is not a yard stick to measure true success in Ministry. Paul stayed in a rented house for two years after many years of Ministry. In these times, however, if you have been in Ministry for about 20 years and you are still in a rented apartment, people will question your walk with God.

“And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own HIRED HOUSE, and received all that came in unto him, Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.” ( Acts 28:30-31).

Prayer: May God give you the wisdom on how to overcome and use the night season of uncomfortable accommodation successfully.

Staying Under Opposite Anointing

Have you ever stayed under someone who has a different type of anointing from you? The kind of anointing on you makes you to think in a certain manner and will move you to lead people by that pattern in your mind.

When a believer who has a prophetic anointing stays under an administrative anointing, there is bound to be misunderstanding between the two. This is because an administrator thinks practically while a prophet thinks spiritually. A true prophet does only what the Spirit is saying; he thinks and speaks spiritually and not practical.

It can be so painful because there will be clashes of idea. Sometimes, God puts us to stay under a believer with a different kind of anointing than ours so that we can learn certain things from them. There are a lot of things a prophet can learn from an administrator so that he will not go to the extreme in his prophetic articulations. Similarly, there are things an administrator will learn when he is under a prophet; he will learn to be too practical. Being too practical to the extreme can also result in error. The administrator should learn to hear the voice of God for any project he wants to embark on.

Ensure that it is God that puts you under an opposite anointing or else you will dry up spiritually. When you stay under a Ministry that is becoming

Burdensome with no spiritual overflow it could be that you are under an opposite anointing.

I appreciate the differences in anointing. It is God who gives all the anointing. They are all for the purpose of the building up of the body of Christ. He gave some to be apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelist, miracle workers, administrators, etc.

Prayer: Lord, cause me to understand differences in anointing. Help me to discern and understand that I need to walk with others for the fulfilment of my purpose.

Crucifying Mr. Flesh

Jesus overcame Satan and all the works of the flesh at the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus’ flesh didn’t want to go to the cross to die a shameful death. At the end of the struggle, He said ‘let thy will be done’. He wanted God to take away the cup of suffering; His flesh did not like it but He gave in to the will of God.

A night season will come in your life or Ministry where you will have to make a decision to obey your flesh (your human ambition) or what God wants you to do. Following the will of God sometimes will require us to make a major adjustment. And such adjustment period could be painful.

Many people refuse to obey God’s call to step into their Ministry because of their ‘Mr. Flesh’. They are afraid to venture by faith; they think of what people will call them.

Some wouldn’t step into the work of God thinking of how their family will live or feed. As long as we choose to follow our human, natural or practical reasoning, we cannot live by faith. As such, we cannot please God.

Some of our weakness and sins are not caused by the devil; they are habit we developed over time. We need to discipline ourselves through the help of the Holy Spirit to put them off. It may be difficult and painful but we must learn to stop any weakness we need to put off.

The grace of God will help you to put away the deed of the flesh. Sometimes you need to change certain friends and environment to be able to break off from certain manifestation of the flesh. And we need to sincerely open up to mature believers who can help us out.

“Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.” (Heb. 12:4).

“So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.”(Rom.8:8).

Prayer: Lord, help me to bring to an end the works of the flesh in my life. Whatever you want me to do; Lord I am ready to do it now.

Overcoming Sickness Alone

It is the will of God for us to live in divine healing and health. Healing is for us. But sometimes believers fall sick; having one form of ailment or another. God could use other believers to pray for your healing and you will get healed. You could personally pray and receive healing without someone praying for you. But a season will come that people will pray for you. Many Ministers will pray and nothing will seem to be happening. It is not because God cannot heal through them, but He will want you to personally believe Him and confess the word of healing by yourself. You must overcome the sickness alone.

Parents give their babies food, water, clothes without the baby asking. But a season will come in the baby’s life when he will grow up and will have to cater for himself. In such a night season, it doesn’t mean that God has left you. God wants to develop your faith in His Word. He wants you to grow through that means so that you will be a blessing to others. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you are in such a season, believe God and confess the words of healing until the word heals you. The healing may be gradual, but it will begin the very MOMENT you begin to believe and confess the word of healing. The word of God cannot lie. If He says it, believe it and start acting it NOW.

Prayer: Lord, teach me your ways. Help me to understand the purpose of everything; including the sicknesses that always come my way.

Don’t Crash from Success

The higher you go in life or Ministry and crash, the fatal it may become. Someone said that riches are more difficult to handle than poverty.

When a person at the top falls, the news spread faster than someone rising to the top that people hardly know. The crashing season can be so painful. God desires to make you successful without you falling; He is able to keep you from falling and to preserve you BLAMELESS before himself. His blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow.

But it is your responsibility to work on yourself not to fall. You need to have the right spouse and relationship around you. Stay in God’s ordained location for your life and find out the potential weaknesses in your life that can make you to fall and deal with them. Never be proud when you become successful. Pride will always lead to a fall: pride is one of the door ways to a fall. Remain humble. Success season is the period you must continue to give God the glory; to keep telling people that it’s the Lord that lifted you. Don’t quench your first love for God.

When you are becoming successful never stop hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit before doing things. Maintain your integrity at the top. If you have already fallen from the top believe God that He can raise you up again. If you fell because of your sin, repent and forsake them. If there is a need to make restitution it will be a good thing to do. Many people in history who have ever fallen rose up again. Failure is a stepping stone to success. If you fall, don’t remain stagnant. Keep going and after a while, if God sees your faithfulness and dedication to walk with Him, He will turn the shame to glory.

Don’t crash when you become successful but depend on God for a lifting. Crashing from success can result in a great night season.

Prayer: “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1Thess.5:23).

Standing in Another’s Office

Ministry office is a divine call. No one can stand in any of the Ministry offices except God puts them there. You can’t call yourself into the Ministry. If you still doubt whether or not God has called you into Ministry it is possible that you are not called. If you are called, you will know beyond all reasonable doubts that the hand of God is upon you and He has called you into the Ministry.

In the Old Testament people received INSTANT punishment or die immediately when they stand in the Ministry office they are not called. God still punishes people who are standing in a Ministry office they were not called into.

Some night seasons that a believer may face is because they are operating in a different anointing than theirs. You have your own original anointing. Remain there and function in it. It is the place of your safety, provision and glory.

If God has called you as an evangelist remain in your office and don’t claim the prophetic office. Remain there and never claim the apostolic or teaching office. There are believers who may have two Ministry offices. When that happens, one will be more pronounced than the other. Learn to put your main Ministry office before the other should you have two Ministry offices. Many Ministers die before their time and others are suffering because of this sin.

What is your original call or major Ministry office? Do not presume you are called into a Ministry office when you are not. King Uzziah wanted to stand in the office of a priest and God smote him with leprosy.

“And Azariah the priest went in after him, and with him fourscore priests of the LORD, that were valiant men: And they withstood Uzziah the king, and said unto him, It appertaineth not unto thee, Uzziah, to burn incense unto the LORD, but to the priests the sons of Aaron, that are consecrated to burn incense: go out of the sanctuary; for thou hast trespassed; neither shall it be for thine honour from the LORD God. Then Uzziah was wroth, and had a censer in his hand to burn incense: and while he was wroth with the priests, the leprosy even rose up in his forehead before the priests in the house of the LORD, from beside the incense altar. And Azariah the chief priest, and all the priests, looked upon him, and, behold, he was leprous in his forehead, and they thrust him out from thence; yea, himself hasted also to go out, because the LORD had smitten him.” (2Chro.26:17-20).

Prayer: Lord I will remain in my area of call. Help me to know when I am claiming a Ministry office you did not clearly told me.

Death of a Loved One

One thing is certain in life: all of us sooner or later will die. You may not know the pain of death until someone close to you is dead. Though we are believers and we know that our beloved ones are at home with the Lord Christ, but the human aspect of us may still mourn and cry for such a departure. It is more painful when the death came suddenly.

Our heart must be prepared to know that death is certain for all of us. But God desires that we fulfil our purpose on earth before death. Ultimately death is not God’s will.

No matter how much we claim and confess that we will not die but live, and still DO NOT WALK IN THE WILL of God, you may be affected. Walking in the centre of God’s will guarantees safety.

Are you walking in the will of God for your life presently? Are you walking in purpose or are you pursuing your earthly ambition? Learn to obey the Word and the instructions of the Holy Spirit if you want to live longer.

Ensure that what you are doing is instructed by God. It is better to go to the house of mourning than a place of dancing and feast. Because, when someone dies, it is a time we should verify our lives to see where we can make amendment. Find out what killed your beloved one so that you don’t fall victim of the same death.

The death of the righteous is precious in God’s sight. Believers don’t die. They transit from the earth to the glorious heaven. We will join them someday if Jesus’ coming tarries.

Prayers: Lord, help me to forget the past; the memory of my beloved who is resting with you in heaven. Help me not to ignorantly invite untimely death to myself.

Answering the Call into Ministry

Taking the first step to answer the call into Ministry requires great faith. It involves making a major adjustment to follow God in such a season.

If you want to enter a new environment of life or Ministry, many discouraging voices from those who are close to you will speak; those who don’t understand that God is calling you. They will give you wrong ideas on how to start Ministry with human wisdom. The enemy will come to oppose you through several discouragement or attacks. That such thing is happening to you because you answered the call does not mean you are out of the will of God. There are challenges in Ministry. You must make your mind to face the challenges of answering the call into Ministry.

Such a season needs you to abandon your life completely to God in the place of prayers, fasting and waiting on Him. Ensure that God clearly calls and confirms to you of the place He is sending you to begin the work. But He must first train and equip you. Submit yourself to learning.

Such a learning time is also a unique season. Submit yourself for counseling from mature believers or Minister who will give you a godly counsel.

The fear of starting or the fear of the unknown can come to a beginner in Ministry. If God speaks, go ahead. If He calls you, He will protect and provide for you. If you put your trust in God, He will never disappoint you.

Don’t imitate other Ministers at the onset of your Ministry. Hear and obey only what God wants you to do or else you will experience night seasons that you were not supposed to face.

Prayer: God, today, I have made up my mind to answer the call into Ministry. I want to do just exactly what you want me to do. Cause me to know the kind of call that is upon my life and give me the grace for the Ministry office you called me to operate.

Night seasons can be caused by different reasons and factors. Learn to identify the cause of your night season. If your night season is caused by the devil, then you need to know your covenant position in Christ and send the devil out- he is a thief and he comes to steal, kill and to destroy. Just a word of faith can send the devil away and not necessary “70 days” of fasting. Will Jesus spend 70 days to pray and fast just to cast out devil? A believer that is born again today can bind and cast any kind of demon.

Our problem in the church is that we are ignorant of who we really are. Again, if you find out that your night season is caused by your sins, earnestly and sincerely pray for forgiveness, and God will forgive you. If there is need for you to confess your wrongs or make restitution to people, it will be good you do so.

If your night season is the direct sovereign hand of God to train you, be happy and learn all that He wants you to learn. It wasn’t Joseph’s sin that took him to prison but his righteousness. He refused to commit sexual sin: to sleep with Potiphar’s wife. God can shut people in His prison for His future purpose. God can shut up wombs and Ministries until the set time of their manifestations.

The good news is that even what the enemy destroyed, God can make it to work for His goodness. In God, there is no loss. God will restore to you the years you have lost. He can turn away every shame of glory. If we suffer with Him, we will reign with Him. Though He was a son, yet He learnt obedience through the things that He suffered and now he is glorified sitting in the highest place of honor. Suffering ends in glory.

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God. (Zech. 13:9).

Books written by Daniel Affi are:

• Visions and Revelations; Timely Prophetic Messages of Year 2015-2022

• World War 3; Elmaltafir Understanding Dreams, Visions and Prophecies

• Prophetic Ministry: How God speaks and the prophetic ministry

• Associate Visions and Impact Power

• Consequences of Sex and Porno; How to overcome the habit

• Night Seasons: Overcoming Discouragement, Depression and Suicide

• Writing and Travelling Ministry

• Handling Success in Life & Ministry

• The Spirit of Jezebel

• Revival is Now

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Daniel Affi is the president and founder of Missions To Nations Ministries. He is also the coordinator of National Prayer Network in Plateau State. He is a prolific writer; an author of 15 books. Also he is a counselor and mentor to so many people. He functions in the prophetic ministry with over 15 years experience with accuracy, with signs and wonders. God had given to him hundreds of visions, dreams, and prophecies about people, families, churches and nations, which all came to pass. He is happily married to Nadine Daniel and they have two children; Deborah and David-Stanley. They all reside in Jos, Nigeria in West Africa.

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Night Seasons (Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Suicide)

Everyone who had ever lived in this planet earth had been into a night season in his or her life. And so many people are in their night season right now. May be you are in your night season. Night season speaks of hardship, pains, difficulties, disappointment, consistent lack, lost of loved ones, divorces pains, etc. This book is written to encourage you and to enable you understand the gain and the good that night season brings, but to avoid the negative impact of such seasons in life.

  • Author: DANIEL AFFI
  • Published: 2017-02-25 19:50:11
  • Words: 13066
Night Seasons (Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Suicide) Night Seasons (Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Suicide)