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Newton Luxury Realty's Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona




[*Newton Luxury Realty’s Guide *]

To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona


Todd Newton

Table of Contents

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Selling Your Home

Purchasing a Home


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About the Author



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Life is all about new beginnings.  Not knowing what lies around the bend is what makes getting up in the morning so exciting.  Few undertakings prove more invigorating than purchasing a new home or selling your current property.  Whatever it is that may lead you into the real estate market, the adventure of listing your home or going out in search of a new place to hang your hat can be as exhilarating as it is terrifying.


My number one priority at Newton Luxury Realty is making the entire process-from our initial phone call to being the first to congratulate you on closing day-as pleasurable as it can (and should) be.  As I often tell my clients; the difference is in the details.


I have created this short, yet informative, ebook in an effort to squash any apprehension you may be experiencing before we even begin working together.  By providing you with answers to some (or all) of your initial questions, you are able to enter the process of listing or buying a home armed with valuable knowledge.  That knowledge instills confidence and a sense of security that you and your family deserve during a memorable life event that many polls claim to be “more stressful than bankruptcy or divorce.”  You will soon see that need not be the case.


I am privileged to work alongside some of the most talented and qualified real estate professionals in Metropolitan Phoenix.  From lenders to title officers to home inspectors, we all work together for the benefit of our clients and you will hear from them within these pages.  When I reached out to my circle while gathering information for this book, not one refused to share their expertise with you.  They are  shining examples of the Southwestern sense of community that attracts so many families and professionals to the Valley of the Sun each year. 


It is my sincere wish that [_Newton Luxury Realty’s Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona _]serves as a sound launching pad for your next real estate transaction.  For Sellers, we provide a perfect balance of the latest in technology with the most tried-and-true traditional methods of marketing your home to obtain the maximum price within the most efficient amount of time.  For Buyers, Newton Luxury Realty offers the most comprehensive search tools available to locate a home that delivers your every need and want.  I hope you will consider giving me the opportunity to show you why our level of service and commitment is nothing short of spectacular.


My Best,

Todd Newton


[][]Selling Your Home


A growing family.  A job relocation.  A desire for something more or a need to consolidate.  Retirement.  Releasing equity.  All are very popular-and very valid-reasons for making the decision to list your home with Newton Luxury Realty. 


Selling a home is no small undertaking.  In fact, it can be one of the most time consuming and detail-oriented tasks a person takes on.  But by aligning themselves with a qualified REALTOR® who can guide them step-by-step through the entire process, today’s educated Seller relieves themselves of much of the stress and is better able to focus on the future.


Approximately five million homes are sold in the United States each year.  According to recent research conducted by realtor.org, [* 89% of sales are facilitated through the services of a REALTOR® ].  I site this statistic not in an attempt to influence you, but to shine a light on how our experience often results in money in your pocket.  After all, [ recent Sellers indicated that their homes were sold for at least 98% of the listing price *].  Impressive numbers, indeed.


My Home Group is the seventh fastest growing real estate company in the nation.  With offices in Arizona, California, and Washington, MHG is recognized by INC. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  Operations Manager Mark Hutchins says, “A REALTOR® sets expectations from day one.  There are no surprises for the client.  The entire process is understood upfront.”


That being said, let us now examine the key points of action when it comes time to place your home on the market and make it available to Buyers.


  1. The very first step in any relationship should be an honest discussion about your goals.  At Newton Luxury Realty we cherish your business and make no secret of our desire to be the very best in the industry.  In our quest to outdo ourselves on a daily basis, we focus on your goals and wishes.  Exceeding our clients’ expectations is the cornerstone of our business.


I personally sit down with each and every potential client because I want to make certain that I am the right agent for you.  No two transactions are the same because no two clients are the same.  Your wishes for the outcome of the sale are uniquely your own and I want to serve you at the level you deserve.  We call it The Star Treatment.


After our initial conversation I will request a tour of the home.  During this time I will ask you to point out additions and renovations you may have made while owning the property as well as inform me of any major repairs that have been made over the years.  It is as important for me to know the home as it is to know the owner.


[2.  *]Once our agreement has been signed, we will work together to *arrive at an effective listing price for your home.  This price is not necessarily the price you came up with on your own accord.  It is, instead, a price that we arrived at after investing the time to conduct a thorough market analysis of your neighborhood and surrounding areas.  The tools we use in our complimentary CMA’s (Comparable Market Analysis) are state-of-art and provide a more in depth look at like homes that have recently sold or are currently on the market than the multitude of advertisement-based  websites that offer similar services and require the collection of your private information for marketing purposes.


We never encourage our clients to inflate the asking price simply because it may be a “seller’s market.”  Today’s Buyer knows when a home is priced too high and that home will normally sit as a result.  At Newton Luxury Realty our goal is to make your home [_move.  _] Therefore, it has been my experience that by establishing a listing price that is 1%-3% above that of comparable homes we are often able to generate multiple offers.  More bids equal more room to negotiate.


[3.  *]When it comes to *marketing your home, no one is more qualified or more diligent than Newton Luxury Realty.  The days of simply sticking a For Sale sign in the front yard and waiting for the phone to ring are long behind us.  Exposing your home to the right group of Buyers at the right time through the right methods requires skill and a knowledge of the latest techniques.


The majority of today’s home Buyers begin their search online and it is vital that the finest features of your home are demonstrated in the most professional and eye-catching fashion possible.  Research indicates that listings with low quality photos or only exterior photos are often passed over.  We begin by arranging a photo shoot with a photographer who specializes in real estate.  With a trained eye, photos of your home are taken from a variety of angles and distances.  In certain cases we are even able to utilize drone technology to offer an ariel view of the property.


Virtual tours are also a technique we highly recommend.  Video saves time which is our most precious commodity.  Buyers love being led from room to room from the comfort of their couch via smartphones, tablets, or computers.  Virtual tours can also include individual photos that the potential Buyer can download and print to share.


We analyze each photo taken and carefully edit the video to ensure your home is shown in the very best light once the listing is posted  You never get a second chance to make a first impression and we want to “wow” them from the first click.


When a Buyer or a Buyer’s agent views your unique listing, whether it be on a MLS site (multiple listing service), one of our much-viewed social media pages, or one of the major online portals like Trulia, realtor.com, and Zillow our goal is for that individual to experience the very best.  From photographs to video to the language used in the written description, your home should be marketed as the one not to be missed.


“You must be where the eyeballs are daily,” says My Home Group’s Hutchins.  “Print is great, but where are the eyes?  Once a property is listed on MLS it syndicates to most search engines.  However, it is an agent’s job to blast socially and consistently.  That is the most important factor today.”


In addition to the features your house, condo, or townhouse has to offer, Newton Luxury Realty includes in its description the many upsides of the neighborhood in which it is located.  After all, people do not just purchase a small piece of property, they join a community.  Marketing the lifestyle is as important to us as marketing the home.  Your listing will inform buyers of nearby shopping, restaurants, parks, and schools.


[*4.  *]The question of whether [*open houses *]can lead to a sale or if they are a dinosaur technique replaced by Internet savvy house hunters is a well-debated one.  I believe there are pros to holding an open house: the perfect buyer may walk through your door, it gives a Buyer’s agent an opportunity to experience the home firsthand, promoting the open house online could result in more clicks for your listing, and it can provide immediate feedback on the asking price of the home and its more desirable features


The main argument against open houses is merely the fact that they are time-consuming and often lack significant results. 


Should you choose to hold an open house, please keep these suggestions in mind.


Stage the house to show how the rooms are meant to be used.  Consider hiring the services of a professional staging company.

Clean thoroughly.  We tend to develop “blind spots” to the things that surround us every day.  Piles of clutter seem to become invisible.  Certain smells become victims of sensory adaptation.  Even our unique way of decorating becomes the norm for us.  This will not be the case with visitors to your home.  A good scrubbing is in order prior to showing.

Be flexible with your showings and attempt to accommodate the buyer’s schedule rather than your own.

Disappear.  As stated above, buyers need to imagine themselves living in the home and not witness another family enjoying their day-to-day routine.  Leaving the house also gives the buyer the freedom to discuss their likes and dislikes without the fear of offending.

Remove all traces of pets; dishes, toys, and the animals themselves.


A common alternative to the traditional walk-thru is an agent/broker open house.  At these sometimes lavish affairs, local agents and brokers are invited to wine, dine, and network while experiencing your home.  The hope being that they will enjoy themselves (and be impressed with your home) enough to want to share it with their clients who are in the market.


[*5.  *]Few moments in the selling process will seem more “real” than the moment a [*For Sale sign *]is placed in the yard.  Agents nationwide agree than in addition to e-flyers, direct mail advertisement, open houses, and online marketing, traditional signage continues to generate phone calls.  It is a tried and true method that we still believe in. 


[6.  *]Now for the exciting part; *fielding offers.  You and your family are fully aware of how magnificent your home is, but when complete strangers demonstrate an appreciation and a desire to become the new owners by placing of an offer you begin to see the process take shape.


Sellers possess a bit of power in that, when multiple offers are received, a bidding war can ensue.  But a good offer is not based solely on the dollar amount placed on the table.  I encourage Sellers to examine all offers carefully and also to consider the quality of the Buyer.  Has he/she been pre-approved by a lender on the basis of credit score and credit report?  Have there been verifications of deposits showing cash on hand?  Is one buyer seeking a longer escrow while another is looking to close sooner?  All of these questions must be taken into consideration when choosing with whom you will move forward with the acceptance of an offer.


Understand that very few real estate transactions occur without negotiation.  Reaching an agreement all parties are satisfied with requires patience, understanding, and communication.  The art of negotiation is a skill Sellers should seek out when choosing an agent.  At Newton Luxury Realty, we believe the negotiation process begins with the delivery of the offer and does not end until closing.  Each component is carefully calculated in order to keep the Seller’s best interest at the forefront.  As one often hears in real estate, “It ain’t over until the county recorder sings!”


[7.  *]Once the right Buyer has been found and an offer has been received, it is not unusual for the sales contract to include *repair contingencies.  If an issue arises during the home inspection the Buyer may request that it be addressed by the Seller before closing.  The Seller has the choice to elect to make the repair or pass on the option to do so.  Unless the requests are unrealistic it is wise for the Seller to make the suggested repairs.  Repairs made prior to closing and per the sales contract will be verified by the Buyer during the final walk through.


An alternative to making repairs is offering a credit to the Buyer equal to what the cost would be to have the work done.  The amount is negotiable between the two parties and would be outlined in detail in the repair contingency clause within the sales contract. 


8.  Closing.  The big day has finally arrived and it can often be bittersweet.  Saying goodbye to a place your family has called home can be difficult, but the thrill of moving on to the next chapter of your life is unparalleled.  Homes in the Phoenix area statistically stay on the market for an average of 60-90 days.  After dealing with contracts, showings, and back-and-forth emails with an agent many Sellers are ready for the entire process to just be over with.


At Newton Luxury Realty I believe a consistent stream of communication is essential.  An informed client is a happy client and we often see that happiness reflected in satisfied smiles at closing.


Closing, which generally takes place at the office of the title company, is when the Seller and Buyer fulfill each and every agreement mentioned in the sales contract.  It is when the Buyer transfers money to the Seller and the Seller transfers ownership and possession of the property to the Buyer.


At closing the Seller will also pay off all loans and see to it that all pro-rated property taxes have been satisfied.  We will discuss closing costs further in the [*Purchasing a Home *]section, but all parties who contributed documents and services to facilitate the sale of the home are paid at closing.


Once the closing is complete, you are no longer the owner of the property and must have moved all household possessions out by this time.  We also recommend investing in the services of a professional cleaning crew so that the home is handed over in pristine condition.  The escrow officer will place the deed for recording with the county recorder of deeds, transfer all documents to the Buyer, and provide the Seller with the sales proceeds.


Once your lender has received full payment of your outstanding mortgage loan, you will receive a release of mortgage.  It is strongly advised that you keep this release, and all other documents received at closing, in your files as your tax preparer will need this information when it comes time to prepare your taxes for the year of sale. 


As you can clearly see there are many delicate facets to selling your home.  All the more reason why choosing a REALTOR® who understands your needs and wants and commits to providing you with a high level of service is essential.  Please visit newtonluxuryrealty.com and allow us to show you what The Star Treatment is all about. 

[]Purchasing a Home


[* *]

It is the American Dream.  For many, the pride of ownership is reason enough to purchase a home.  For others, the decision to buy may be based more on the financial aspects; risk capital, tax advantages, or the fact ownership can equal forced savings. 


Whether you are a first-time home Buyer or a seasoned investor, following our simple guideline for buying a home in Arizona can help make the dream of owning your little piece of the world a beautiful reality.


[1.  *]Our colleagues unanimously agree that the logical first step in purchasing a home is *assessing your financial situation to determine what you can comfortably afford.  By taking an honest look at your savings for a down payment, your employment outlook, and the parameters of an acceptable monthly mortgage payment, a Buyer can minimize the possibility of future stress and the threat of remorse.  But experts believe you should not go at it alone.


“Don’t wade in…jump!”  Aaron Payne heads the Aaron Payne Team at Suburban Mortgage in Mesa, AZ.  “You will never know how close you are-or are not-to qualifying for a home loan until you have a licensed mortgage professional take a look at your credit and income.  Too many times I have had people tell me they will not qualify only to discover that they do, and vice versa.”


First-time Buyers tend to demonstrate the most hesitation, but Aaron believes this need not be the case.


“By speaking with someone who specializes in purchase finance, clients learn of available products and the many down payment assistance loans for Buyers who do not have enough money saved.”


The rule of thumb is a home should cost no more than three to five times a family’s annual household income.  Also, a 20% down payment is required to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI).  We recommend utilizing the online mortgage calculator available at www.theaaronpayneteam.com to determine your ideal purchase price.


A common obstacle faced by those wishing to enter the world of home ownership is the black cloud of poor credit. 


Your credit score is just one of many factors that will ultimately determine the mortgage loan interest rate a lender may offer, if any offer is made at all.  Before you set out to determine how much a lender may approve for your home purchase, we suggest visiting www.freecreditreport.com online or downloading the Credit Karma app on your smartphone to learn the details of your credit score and credit report.  Doing so in advance may provide you with the information needed to polish up your score before applying for a loan, resulting in a more desirable interest rate.


Lenders vary when it comes to an acceptable score for a conventional loan.  Cornett Communications advises a minimum score of 650.


“If you are concerned with your credit being low or not having a down payment,” says Aaron Payne, “operate knowing that bad credit is not always hard to fix.  In certain circumstances it only takes days to get someone into a position to purchase.  Your lender will be able to refer you to a reliable credit services company that can help.”


2.  *]When your credit worthiness is in order, the next step is [*getting pre-qualified for your mortgage.  Obtaining a letter of pre-qualification is a major feather in your cap when placing an offer on a home and can be obtained by providing some basic financial information to your mortgage banker.  Required information includes proof of income, savings account documents, and statements of investment accounts. 


After a careful review of your documents, debt-to-income ratio, and other criteria the lender may then provide you with the amount available to be borrowed.  You are now armed with the information that states your buying power.


3.  *]It is at this point in the home buying process that we recommend seeking out the right [*real estate agent *]for you.  Bear in mind that agents are compensated by the commissions paid by the Seller.  [*Buyers pay nothing to work with a REALTOR®.


You have heard the radio commercials while driving in your car and you have received the advertisements in the mail.  Perhaps you’ve even seen a REALTOR® or two on the local morning news discussing current market trends.  Arizona Association of REALTORS® boasts a membership of more than forty thousand licensed agents locally, all of whom have undergone extensive training and adhere to the strict Code of Ethics outlined by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR).  With all of these potential candidates to choose from, selecting the agent that is best for you can prove challenging.


It is wise to schedule meetings with multiple agents and seek referrals from friends, family, and co-workers.  Recommendations from those you trust combined with your natural instincts will lead you to the right real estate expert who can provide you with information and insight that is not easily accessible to the public.  In addition, your REALTOR® is your partner.  He or she is skilled in all areas of the home buying process; from familiarity with local neighborhoods to price negotiation to preparing and executing the dozens of forms, reports, disclosures, and technical documents involved.


[*4.  Shopping for your home *]is unlike any other type of shopping.  In addition to being one of the most expensive purchases you will commit to in your lifetime, there are many factors that must be considered.  Location, price, starter home vs. forever home, surrounding commercial and residential areas, etc.  Your REALTOR® will compile a list of homes that match your initial requirements.  Do not be surprised if you find your wants and needs evolving with each home you visit.  This is part of the process and an example of why patience is often a virtue.


As we tour homes within your price range and desired neighborhoods, I encourage Buyers to take detailed notes and photos to assist in later periods of consideration .  Pay close attention to the “little things” and do not hesitate to open/close windows, turn light switches on/off, and test the plumbing by turning on a faucet or two. 


One of the more popular videos on the Newton Luxury Realty YouTube channel is titled “Find Your Perfect Neighborhood.”  Though less than three minutes in length, it contains valuable tips for families who are searching for a new place to call home.  One of the pieces of advice I receive the most feedback on is my suggestion to drive by the home you are interested in three times in a day; first in the morning, then after lunch, and again late in the evening.  Doing so offers an accurate assessment of the amount of traffic the street gets and how well lit the area is at night.


In addition to the ins and outs of the home being toured, Buyers are advised to observe the other homes in the area.  Are they well maintained?  Street parking should also be considered as should freeway access and proximity to restaurants, shopping, and schools.


Realize that the seemingly trivial details can mount up very quickly.  At Newton Luxury Realty we document every home visited so those details are not overlooked or forgotten once we walk out the front door and drive away.  It’s all part of _The Star Treatment. _

[_ _]

[5.  *]Rarely is the first home the perfect home.  Recent research conducted by realtor.com found *the average number of homes that Buyers see before making an offer is ten and the process takes most people about ten weeks. Regardless of how long the search takes, I am confident in our resources and in this market.  We will work together until we come upon your dream home in the Valley, and when we do you will know it.  You will feel it.  And I will see it on your face. 


Now comes the time to make an offer on the home.  I strongly believe that a fair offer is the best offer.  You and I will arrive at a number that is based on the value of comparable homes in the neighborhood while still adhering to your price range.  If the submitted offer is accepted by the Seller the home will go into escrow.


Depending on the state of the current market, how long the home has been for sale, and how eager the Seller is to move, a counteroffer may be made.  This is not uncommon nor is it cause for alarm.


A counteroffer may include any number of contingencies such as a higher price, a different closing date, or an exclusion of specific fees.  It will also include a date by which the Buyer must respond.  If no response is received by the stated expiration date the offer is void.


How a Buyer responds to the counteroffer depends, in part, on how strongly he/she feels about the home.  If the Seller’s counteroffer is acceptable to the Buyer, the deal moves forward.  If not, a counteroffer is then made back to the Seller.  This is where strong negotiating skills play a major role and often where a qualified REALTOR® can prove to be a valuable resource.  I do not hesitate in reaching out to listing agents in an effort to find out what terms are most important to the Seller.  Doing so assists me in tailoring an offer they may find more acceptable. 


[*6.  *]Purchase offers are typically contingent upon a [*home inspection *]during which a qualified inspector examines the property for signs of structural damage and needed repairs.  This contingency provides the protection of allowing the Buyer to renegotiate or withdraw the offer if significant material damage is discovered.


“Basically the inspector is giving the clients a general overview of what is working, what appears to be not working, and any areas of concern,” reports David Wellnitz, owner of Git R Done Properties in Chandler, AZ.  “If an issue is noted the inspector will recommend further evaluation or repair by a qualified handyman or licensed contractor.”


The Buyer is responsible for the majority of the costs in a real estate transaction.  This includes the home inspection.  Wellnitz adds, “The cost of the home inspection varies depending on the square footage and age of the home.  A 2,000 square foot home typically runs about $310 and increases $50 for every 500 square feet.”


Many popular Arizona residential amenities can escalate the cost even higher.  “Pools are an additional $50 and the jacuzzi adds another $25.”


The average inspection typically takes 3-5 hours in the home followed by an additional 2-4 hours to complete the report.  Final reports are then delivered to both the Seller and the Buyer.


Mr. Wellnitz advises Buyers protect themselves even further by taking photos of needed repairs and the serial numbers of all major appliances to be included in the purchase agreement to ensure that the issues have been addressed during the final walk through and  that the agreed upon appliances are present when the new owners take possession. 


[7.  *]Once the home inspection is complete and the party responsible for the needed repairs has been designated, it is time to *secure a loan with your lender.  As Aaron Payne noted in the previous chapter, there are a variety of loans and programs available to today’s Buyer, but it pays to be proactive.


“The fastest a loan can go from application to approval is eight days, but don’t count on it,” Aaron claims.  “Average turn time is 30-45 days if you have a solid lender.  Lenders who specialize in purchase transactions know the importance of closing on time and protecting a Buyer’s earnest money.”


Some buyers focus on keeping monthly payments as low as possible whereas others want to secure an interest rate so they know their payments will never increase.  We advise all clients to seek referrals for trustworthy and experienced mortgage bankers in order to ensure the process is handled easily and properly.


Whichever lender you choose to work with, that company will arrange for the [*home to be appraised *]by a third party appraiser who will provide an independent estimate of the value of the home.  The appraisal is an important step in that it lets all involved parties know that a fair price is being paid for the home.


[8.  *]Every step that is detailed in [_Newton Luxury Realty’s Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona _]undoubtedly requires its own share of *paperwork.  In such a significant transaction, countless documents, forms, and signatures are required to make certain no detail slips through the cracks. 


The majority of this paperwork falls into the capable hands of a title company such as Lawyers Title of Arizona in Tempe, AZ, where a Senior Escrow Officer like my colleague Maria Shelley will examine public records-often going back fifty years or more-to look for past deeds, bankruptcy filings, court judgements, divorce decrees, tax records, wills, or trusts are attached to the property that could potentially delay the closing.


“A key factor in an escrow closing in a timely fashion is communication,” says Maria.  “A title search will list any judgements against the individual, not just the property.”


Many times a seller is unaware of existing liens until the process of the sale is well underway, but all is not lost when such an obstacle is discovered.  In fact, a recent survey of title companies revealed the startling fact that “extraordinary work” must be done in more than one-third of all transactions due to title issues. Maria says, “Many homes will have a lien, such as a mortgage.  Maybe even two!  When the Seller provides us with the information needed to obtain a payoff or secure the release of said lien, clearing it can often be accomplished within the timeline of the closing.”


She again stresses the importance of open and timely communication. 


“When we request information from the Seller it is imperative that we receive that information quickly in order to face possible issues head on.  In an escrow transaction every day matters.”


[*9.  Closing *]is the final step in which all of the home tours, all of the signatures, all of the anxiety suddenly become worthwhile.  The Buyer will sign all documents and pay all closing costs required to mark the purchase as complete.  It can typically take 1-3 days for your loan to be funded after the paperwork is returned to the lender and for the check in the amount of the balance of the sales price to be delivered to the Seller.


This is your moment.  This is your time to take a deep breathe and congratulate yourself, for now you are a homeowner.  Cheers!


Being a REALTOR® in the Valley of the Sun could never be described as mundane.  Every day I am introduced to people from all over North America who have selected Arizona as the place they wish to start a family, retire, or open a business.  They are professionals and students, millennials and seniors, athletes and artists.  All of whom have ventured to the Southwest to bask in the 330 days of sunshine we enjoy each year.  I am always honored to welcome them as a neighbor.


Conversely, I am a bit saddened when life’s winding road calls for a client to relocate to another city and bid farewell to the desert.  Somehow we always feel as if they will one day return.


The many wonders of Arizona are recognized and envied worldwide.  In addition to the weather, we boast of professional sports teams, wondrous parks and hiking trails, natural wonders, and the very best in theater and concerts.


In 2014 MyLife.com chose Scottsdale as “The Best City in the United States to raise children.  Admittedly, this honor which was based upon average family income, cost of living, crime rate, and quality of public schools, was the primary reason for my move to the area and I have never second guessed my decision.


Clearly I am not alone.  The Phoenix metropolitan area is ranked fourth nationwide in population gain.  And in 2015 the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Maricopa County first in the nation for net domestic migration. 


“We are a safe city with great parks and outdoor spaces, served by top notch schools,” boasts Kelly Corsette, spokesman for the city of Scottsdale. 


Whatever the reason.  Whatever the season.  Whether you are coming in or moving on, Arizona has a knack for finding a special place in your heart and making one feel right at home.


I look forward to serving you with your upcoming real estate needs.  Visit us online at newtonluxuryrealty.com or call me directly at (480) 331-6004.  At Newton Luxury Realty, the client is always the star!

[* *]

[][]Special Thanks


[* *]

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the many men and women of the Arizona real estate community who took time out of their busy schedules to contribute to this book.  Mark Hutchins and Jereme Kleven of My Home Group.  Aaron Payne of Suburban Mortgage, Inc.. Karin Back and Maria Shelley of Lawyers Title of Arizona.  David Wellnitz of Git R Done Properties.


Most importantly, I wish to thank my father who spent a lifetime in the mortgage and banking industries and successfully facilitated countless transactions for countless families. 

[* *]

[][]About the Author

Todd Newton is the founder of Newton Luxury Realty in Scottsdale, AZ.  Often referred to as The Celebrity Real Estate Agent™, Mr. Newton services sellers and buyers in the Valley of the Sun with a premier level of service and professionalism.


Todd is known to millions of television viewers across North America for his work on E! Entertainment Television where, for over a decade, he brought viewers face-to-face with Hollywood’s biggest stars.


As a Daytime Emmy Award® winning game show host, Todd has awarded contestants more than fifty million dollars in cash and prizes on shows such as [_Whammy!, Monopoly Millionaires’ Club, _]and _Family Night. _

[_ _]

Personally, the proud father of two amazing children is the author of multiple books including Life in the Bonus Round: A Game Show Host’s Road to Success and Fulfillment, which was named Best Autobiography at the prestigious Beverly Hills Book Awards and is the founder of Newton Fund 4 Kids, providing the financial support necessary to offer quality medical care to children in need regardless of a family’s inability to pay.  Visit www.newtonfund4kids.org for more information.

Newton Luxury Realty's Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona

Many polls indicate that selling or purchasing a home is considered to be one of the most stressful and time consuming endeavors one can experience. Newton Luxury Realty in Scottsdale, AZ, feels that does not need to be the case. Todd Newton is recognized by millions of television viewers across North America for his work on E! Entertainment Television and countless game shows, but when not in front of the camera he is known across Arizona as The Celebrity Real Estate Agent™. In his latest book, Newton explores every stage of purchasing and selling home in an effort to answer the questions that make the experience seem daunting to so many. From the mystery surrounding closing costs to home inspections to getting the best loan possible, Todd Newton and his team of experts leave no stone unturned and bring you several steps closer to making your real estate dreams come true.

  • Author: Todd Newton
  • Published: 2016-07-05 15:06:05
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Newton Luxury Realty's Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona Newton Luxury Realty's Guide To Selling Or Buying Your Home In Arizona