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Newcomer Chapter 2: A Serial Flash Fiction Novel

Newcomer: Chapter 2

A Serial Flash Fiction Serial Novel


By: Mike White

Copyright 2016 Mike White

Shakespir Edition

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Cover Image by [_ Torley_] under Creative Commons


When Cali had gone as far as she could, she fell down against a tree and dreamt many lives. In some, she was a sick girl, dying in a hospital. In others, she was herself, as she had just been, waking up in the woods and walking alone.


But there were still others, many besides. She was some type of entity living only in a kind of electric space and observing humanity from afar. She dreamed she was a humorless man in a lab, a poet, and somehow both of them combined.


And none. She was an alien invader.


She was many other impossible things besides, a man striding through lava, an androgynous being with thin feet made of gossamer who walked on clouds in the sky.


As she woke up, perhaps the oddest thing of all was in the waking world.


There was something odd about her clothes, she could feel it.


They hummed.


“Humming clothes, and memories that can’t all be me, and can’t all even be real,” She said as the morning light of the sun crested next to a mountain visible high above the trees of the forest.


The sick girl, that was me, at least, right? Even if I was also some of the others, somehow? She had looked up at her brother from the bed, and felt fury, and didn’t know why. She was a sorcerer making her way up from the underworld, creatures wriggling free from the Earth at her call, the dead walked again, entities like demons responded to her command, power surging through her-and yet, she felt sad, and didn’t know why.


And as the memories faded, she was a woman who could look down and see her own two legs, whole, unburnt, and thinking clearly and without pain.


Feeling pure elation, and knowing exactly why.


“I get to try again,” She said to the trees, standing up and hoisting her pack. Her breath was misting, chilly with the early morning dew. She put a hand in her pack and pulled out some bars she had found in there, deciding to eat while she walked because she couldn’t bear to miss out on any walking opportunities, now that she had some.


This section of the forest was untouched and went on for some ways. She found it comforting for some reason she had trouble articulating.


The green of life was all around her, and she was here, seeing it and walking through it, away from what she’d been. The forest was darker up ahead, where the trees grew thicker together, and she couldn’t see what was there.


But that, of course, meant it could be anything.

Spend enough time dying in a hospital bed, and a setup like this is miraculous.


A creature flashed through the underwood right where she was looking and it looked a whole lot like something that shouldn’t exist.


Reddish. Long tail with a point on the end.


Like a demon imp.


Midway upon life’s journey, she came upon a dark wood, Cali thought, upon seeing the apparition moving through the forest. Although, in this case, dark woods are good. Assuming whatever that is doesn’t eat my face off. After all, here I am, intact. I’d rather be here than in a hospital, for sure.


At least here, the demons haven’t gotten me yet.


But still-


Just what kind of world was this?


Was she truly still on Earth?


Either way, she had her legs and eyes and damnit, she intended to keep them. So that-imp-better keep his distance!





Author’s Note-

Thanks for reading!

This is a (hopefully) long term flash fiction serial novel. Mouthful, I know. But, essentially-each section will be just a few pages long, and hopefully as complete as I can make it. A flash fiction piece on its own.

But, it will tell a larger story that fits within a larger world (called Newcomer).

Due to its nature, the chapters may be a bit rougher since I’m trying to go so fast. Please try to bear with me on the editing as a result. The goal is to go 1-4 times per month.

Other Newcomer stories are also already found below and more will be coming beyond this serial.

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Newcomer Chapter 2: A Serial Flash Fiction Novel

The Serial Flash Fiction Novel: Newcomer is about Cali, a woman who finds herself in a capsule in the middle of the forest with no memory of how she got there, and only spotted memories of her life beforehand. She is radically different now, physically, and the world seems to have changed around her too. Just where is she? Is any of it real? Or are her memories of her previous life false, instead? Can they both be real? How is that possible? Newcomer describes a world that spans time and involves a war between two distinct ideologies.People who witness the events call it a "war in heaven," though the accuracy of this description remains to be seen. There are many other stories occupy the same world, but many of them take place in different places and time. They will all connect in the end.

  • Author: Mike White
  • Published: 2016-09-29 23:50:09
  • Words: 881
Newcomer Chapter 2: A Serial Flash Fiction Novel Newcomer Chapter 2: A Serial Flash Fiction Novel