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Written & Published by R.B. Roberts; Distributed by Shakespir

Originated in the United States

*HGRBS is a non-profit 501©(3) corporation of independent volunteers. Exclusive emphasis is on supporting your rights and privileges as an American private home decision maker towards making better contract-related decisions and getting better results from the people you hire to assist with your special home maintenance and improvement projects.

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*The work offers four free, critical, home-strategic information programmed which are available to you for online study and adoption which are free of charge, without solicitation for donations. These are part of the irrevocable HGRBS “Free Service Policy.” Please, take advantage of any or all of these. Each is especially designed for you to study in the confidence/privacy of your own home towards maximizing your personal leverage and control towards the successful outcome of each and every one of your contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects. These are:

1-Protocol & Performance

2-Homeowner’s Fast Track

3-Weekly Lessons for the Home

4-Home Service Validation System


1.Protocol & Performance

[“Protocol & Performance,” is a unique 2-week crash course exclusive to U.S. private home decision makers. This newly upgraded free online course of study is designed to enable you to make the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results on your home maintenance and improvement projects]

The development of “Protocol & Performance” grew out of the need for U.S. private home decision makers to be more informed and more connected with diversified sources and resources which would enable them to achieve a level of awareness, influence, action, and power unprecedented among residents of this genre of private home priorities.

First released as a webpage in June 2015 (Today, a complete “breathable” website, “Protocol & Performance” has not yet received the sort of notoriety which something of this far-reaching impact deserves. However, it is only a made of time before this is actually realized. In the meantime, it better than ever before.

The promise of this unusual 2-week crash course is to aide in U.S. private home decision makers to handily learn more in 2 weeks than most who are similarly situated “will learn in a life time.” The evidence to this effect is in the home study course, itself. Homeowners are exposed to far more information in this brief two-week period (a single sitting) than most residents will. The proof is in the study and in the potency of predictable results.

This amazing 2-week crash course features 14 consecutive days of intensive study for those who are the primary decision makers in their private households. Each exclusive lesson (beginning with “Day 1 – Stop, Look, & Listen” )appear on first glance as not much of a challenge (a pip).

Yet, that perception apparently begins to change when the participant inevitably realizes, even at “Day 1” that this home study has only the appearance of simplicity. It is when he/she comes to this realization that the seriousness and weight of the engagement begins to settle in. Residents dig in.

When one initially arrives at the site, he/she is heartily greeted by an array of intriguing and invitingly colorful images, each representing a lesson (Day 1-12). Since the lessons for “Day 13-14” are of a special mnemonic nature (replications of those images for crash course memory enhancement), they do not appear on the home page.

Yet, not until the participant clicks on the image for “Day 1” and is instantly translated to the actual lesson can this person truly say that he/she is in “the zone.”

Research Links

Each of the first 12 days worth of the self-empowering lessons of “Protocol & Performance” is replete with a “Research Links” subsection which appropriately caps things off. These “Research Links” enable residents to:

*Access true stories of private home decision makers around the U.S. who have experienced or are experiencing relative contract-related situations. Some of these stories are from earlier periods with dramatic historical value applicable for today; other are current. However, the design for presenting these stories is primarily for:

Preparing resident participants against making the same or similar mistakes;

Emphasizing the need for residents to always be on guard for anyone and everyone, anything and everything which would sabotage the success of EACH of their special home maintenance and improvement projects;

Hammering home the fact that there is no specific place in time when the reported events do not occur i.e., they occur “in continuum.”

*Access additional links of interest which you with actual surprise allies and allied websites whom/which coach and present informative downloadable and printable tips and strategies worth remembering and Applying always as the need arises (anytime presently and far into the future).

*Access special extra-self-motivational and self-empowering custom articles and strategic guidelines exclusive to private home decision makers developing and implementing effective protocol for related decision making for better results from contractors on special home projects.

It is believed that through giving “Protocol & Performance” this extreme make-over and upgrade from a webpage to its own specialized site that more and more private home decision makers will appreciate its enormous utility to their contract-related home maintenance and improvement engagements in the present and for as long as they opt to continue updating their managerial priorities for their respective home settings. Crucial.


“Learn More in 2-weeks than Most U.S. Private Home Decision Makers Will Learn in an entire Lifetime!”


No Registration Required

This is a private, personal online home study course. Residents retain all liberties for deciding if whether or not they will share their experiences as a result of taking this amazing 2-week crash course.

There are absolutely no interruptions or infringements in the form of surprise e-mails, special deals, or junk mail and spam.

This is an entirely free undertaking. There are no fees or solicitations for donations of any sort.

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2. American Homeowner’s Fast Track to Best Contractors! (Successful Home Improvement) Part 1

[“American Homeowner’s Fast Track … …” is fundamentally, a free online booklet/tutorial custom-fitted for each geographic region (state, commonwealth, District of Columbia) which offesr to U.S. private home heads advanced contractor vetting and complaint system specifically prepared in association with HGRBS in support of U.S. private home decision makers arriving at the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible home project results]


Premised on “Universal Law of Home Project Success & Failure” which states:

“The leading reason for most successful contract-related home projects is that residents ‘do’ thorough enough research or service validations on contractors; the leading reason for most unsuccessful contract-related home projects is that residents ‘do not’ do thorough enough research or service validations on contractors.”

This “Universal Law … …,” undoubtedly, is not something “discovered,” but is, instead, an exemplification of a circumstantially true phenomenon. However, the primary emphasis of the “American Homeowner’s Fast Track … …” system is relative to U.S. private home heads of single-family, duplex, and small to mid-sized mansions and estates.

Why “Fast Track”?

Historically, many American private home decision makers have been, on the overall, under-prepared, under-supported, and under-strategized in terms of authorizing contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects.

“under-prepared” because authorizing significant contract-related projects is not something which residents do on any regular schedule. A few examples for what is meant by “significant contract-related projects” are:

*Roof Repair/Replacement; *Driveway Repair/Resurfacing/Construction; *Garage Construction; *Additions to Structures; *House Painting; *General Refurbishments/Renovations; *Gutter Installation/Repair; Landscape Architecture (such as surface shifting/swale removal); asbestos abatement, etc …

Since many private homeowners do not authorize any of these or other “significant” projects on a regular basis, they are often easily fooled/charmed into paying advance monies, opening purchase accounts for contractors, consenting to contractors filling out their insurance claims or authorizing their insurers to pay contractors directly (where these are legally permitted), unknowingly allowing fugitives from justice on their land or into their homes, signing contracts with costly “lock-in clauses” and unfair penalties, making “significant” deals with only promissory notes, hastily scribbled contracts, or without written contracts, etc …

Invariably, there is a very long list of “consumer-un-friendly” contract-related situations which many private home heads often get into because they are not adequately prepared to avoid them. Although, “American Homeowner’s Fast Track … …” does not address many of these, its purposeful design fosters a system for preparedness among residents which can enable them to avoid many of sort contractors who would normally be party to those undesirable situations. This is accomplished through offering residents a credible contractor vetting system to follow. Succinctly, when this screening protocol is loyally implemented, it potentially enables residents to make the best possible contractor scouting, selecting, and hiring decisions from the outset;

“under-supported” largely due to a false sense of “self-sufficiency” which caters to a very real circumstance of “support-deficiency” in that this predisposition among many residents causes them to neglect adequately conferring with conducive sources and resources;

“under-strategized” because many have no working “protocol” to allay incidences of victimization by dishonest people. However, this is inter-relational with the shortfall from voluntary-involuntary snubbing of well-versed allied sources and resources which are here to facilitate the home improvement successes many private home heads hope to have.

What is most unfortunate is that most private home decision makers in the U.S. risk living out their lives unaware of the shortcuts offered through this system for being sufficiently prepared, supported, and “strategized” against related home project failure. However, in an amazingly short period of time, some will. That is where the vernacular “fast track” enters.

“The leading reason for most successful contract-related home projects is that residents ‘do’ thorough enough research or service validations on contractors; the leading reason for most unsuccessful contract-related home projects is that residents ‘do not’ do thorough enough research or service validations on contractors.”[Universal Law of Home Project Success & Failure]

End of Part 1

American Homeowner’s Fast Track to Best Contractors! (Successful Home Improvement)

Part 2 – Conclusion (Follows)

American Homeowner’s Fast Track … …

“American Homeowner’s Fast Track … …” derivative of “American Homeowner’s Fast Track for Best Contractors.” This is an amazingly new national website where private home heads of all 50 states (including the District of Columbia)have the luxury of visiting, and downloading the free 7-8-page interactive booklet (called a “tutorial”) specific to their geographic regions.

For example, if the private home head who visits the site lives in South Dakota, there is a link for “South Dakota” (It would be on the “Fast Track A” page, easily accessible from the site’s hover link.

The resident locates the link image “South Dakota,” click … … the booklet instantly appears! “South Dakota Homeowner’s Fast Track to Best Contractors!,” accompanied by a beautiful pic from a scenic place in his/her geographic area!


The “Homeowner’s Fast Track to Best Contractors!” booklets are each subdivided into two major parts:

a. Necessary Research

b. Filing Complaints

These are premised on the practicality that many homeowners who are looking for the best possible contractors for their home projects are also interested in the best possible information which would help them achieve these goals. In addition, what is taken into consideration are those residents, whom are seeking best contractors synonymously pursuing and working on best alternatives for successful dispute resolutions with other contractors.

Hence, what “Homeowner’s Fast Track … …” enables the latter residents to do is access helpful links and information which will help them validate reputations of better contractors while at the same time know where to look to effectively file complaints and to pursue resolution for scandalous issues originating with the other contractors. That gives rise to the concept of “one-stop-shopping” with regard to such contrasting contract-related home maintenance and improvement affairs.

3. Necessary Research

This portion of the free online booklet/tutorial can is premised of the “Home Service Validation System.”

This system was developed in association with HGRBS to enable private home heads to develop more effective protocol for scouting, selecting, and hiring residential contractors or contractors who do residential work. It is very likely the first of its kind in the U.S. The method “grows out of the use of the “Service Validation Form.”

a-1-Service Validation Form

The “Service Validation Form” is called such because it is a form which residents require contractor candidates to take with them to fill out, then to return after a 24-hour period for residents or residential designates to “validate.” Of course, this is with respect to validating the credibility of the information entered therein.

The “Service Validation Form” is unofficially dubbed “the nation’s first standardized contractor screening document for residents.”

a-2-Home Service Validation System

Subsequently, the “Home Service Validation System” grows out of implementing the tenets of this screening document. It is purported to influence extraordinary assertiveness and investigative pro-activity on behalf of applicable residents. In a nutshell, it is a “leave-no-stone-unturned” situation when it comes to deciding about contractors. However, the free online booklet/tutorial (each customized for each State and for the District of Columbia) is presented in a more refined way (as opposed to the original). This is further subdivided into:

a-2-1Initial Research (Scouting) which entails *word-of-mouth; *internet search engines* and *the contractors themselves;

a-2-2-Ten-minute Meeting for maximizing interviews of at least five(5)contractors in the space of 1-hour. Each interview is then capped off by private home heads physically handing each a “Service Validation Form” to take with him/her to fill out elsewhere (That’s part of the system as well as requirement for returning it “after a 24-hour period” agreed upon. It is used to fend off high pressure from contractors and hasty decision making).

In addition, there is related information which encourages residents to prepare better for making the BEST possible decision after the contractors return the forms, and wait another 24 hours or so for their information to be “validated” or for them to be “invalidated” for their home projects.

b. Filing Complaints

Where applicable, in this second major section of the free online tutorial, residents are carefully walked through the complaint process beginning with an optional complaint letter to the contractor or to the contract firm.

Some geographic regions have this part covered. In the latter case, the link of that government consumer information source is transposed into the booklet for the intended populous, instead.

[Remember, each booklet is specifically customized to only that specific region. Therefore, all related crucial hyperlinks contained therein are included to facilitate getting that information to the intended constituency]

Succinctly, this complaints section is engineered to honor, respect, and support the wishes for complaint filing “as prescribed by of the powers that be” for their respective constituencies.


The “Homeowner’s Fast Track to Best Contractors” free online tutorial/booklet closes with a few helpful tips for the residents concerned.

Through creating these interactive informational resources for each geographic region concerned, it is hoped that they will immensely assist residents towards making the best possible decisions, about the best or worst possible contractors, for the best possible results …

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3. Weekly Lessons for the Home

This special weekly course is for self-motivate, proactive U.S. private home decision makers ready, willing, and able to devote the time necessary towards dutifully studying and completely grasping the function of special contract-related home maintenance and improvement forms on the available website. These are only facsimiles and not intended for use as-is.


This personal home study experience is for self-empowered  U.S. residents who are really interested in personally mastering the concept and utility of forms which are ideally used in special contract-related  home projects as “insurance” against making regretful mistakes (some of which will otherwise prove very costly).

Reason for National Partiality

In this view, each legal/leveraged  form is made available to you (free of charge) to thoroughly study assuming you are a legitimate U.S. private home decision maker. The reason for such partiality is that our laws, customs, and legal allowances are unique.

We believe that each nation has its own uniqueness, as well. Further, in lieu of this exclusive national nature, we do best when we do not attempt recommending to others our own cultural values (Constitutionally, commercially, and statutorily) on issues so sensitive as the conduct of affairs in the “residential setting” (the most fragile and most sensitive setting in the world).

The featured “SERVICE VALIDATION FORM,” (as an example), however, is most recommended for you to study (when this is your decision) for at least a week until you have completely mastered its concept and have a fairly clear grasp on how it can be developed into a working system for screening out the bad guys and screening in the good.

Service Validation Form

Contingent on your decision to actually engage this study of leveraged/legal forms relative  to successful contract-related home projects, the suggested recommendation is that you conscientiously learn as much as possible about its use and application before going on to proactively study the other leveraged/legal forms offered on this site under the heading  “Ultra-Modern Home Policy.” 

Again, these leveraged forms are specific to contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects.

Special Note: Leveraged/Legal Forms are the beginning and end of all legitimate contract relations. Therefore, if you are a private home decision maker, it is recommended that you become as familiar as possible with their uses. When you have questions, please, do not hesitate to contract.

Why Weekly Lessons?

Of course, on sight, one may wonder about why this is called “Weekly Lessons for the Home” (?). My goodness! We’re doing forms (for crying out loud!). Why not call this “Weekly Forms for the Home” (?).

Well, the major reason is that forms are nothing but “forms” without understanding why they are and why they must be used.

These leveraged forms can be tactfully used to guide the speed, direction, and consistency of all efforts which ensure that your project expectations will be matched or exceeded. This isn’t fundamentally about “forms.” Although there’s emphasis on them, this is really more about operating your home project like the business it is. It’s a “business operation.”

Each home project is literally a “business operation” within the total operations of the home. It’s the business of maintaining and improving the comforts and conveniences of the home. Pursuit for doing whatever is necessary towards the comforts and conveniences of the home setting are the primary functional priorities. That, in itself, is a natural, normal social, business process.

Specifically For Contract-Related Home Projects

These are lessons on the use of specific forms specialized towards home maintenance and improvement using outside assistance. The crux for emphasizing “lessons” is that it’s hoped that you train yourself to develop a greater sense for being engaged in a study of forms, their use, and their irreplaceable value especially when you’re considering enlisting the assistance of contractors to contribute to maintaining and/or enhancing the comforts and conveniences of your home.

Therefore, these forms are presented here for you to thoroughly master as “weekly lessons”(one per week). It’s guaranteed that when you do this, you’ll be all the more enlightened and encouraged to conscientiously (and like clockwork) resort to business protocol/business sense in the use of the appropriate forms, at the appropriate junctures, which literally can lead to you being, literally, a better  “master” of the situation. Many cuts above most private home decision makers in the country!

More About Technique

 These forms are especially presented to you to highlight the fact of how vital they are towards defining and refining business relations consistent with the results you expect. For sure, any business (of which operating the home in fact is) which has no written forms or formality fore employing the services of others is one which is the most vulnerable to being thrown off course and into chaos. The design is for you to get on course, stay on course, and to have the peace which always accompanies home projects successfully completed. This is more about strategy. This is more about technique. This is more about using “forms” to express yourself in such ways that at all times you’ll remain in COMPLETE control of all your home projects.

This control entails making better decisions in this realm which practically guarantee that you’d get better results every time. These forms are only representative of your will, somebody else’s will, and/or of mutual wills for achieving mutual benefits and for accepting mutual accountability for what we do or don’t do. Although it’s said that forms will actually make or break you, the fact of the matter is that it’s not so much as the forms as it is the action or inaction which they can and often do inspire or discourage.

Of course, with respect to language, we often use written means of communication to represent our thoughts, intents, and expectations. We use them to establish our priorities and we resort to action consistent with behavior which influences the best outcomes for our home projects.

In the realm of home maintenance and improvement, with regard to hiring Contractors, the timely use of the right forms and your willingness, readiness, and ability to present and to enforce them as needed, represents your full expression for how you choose to do business.

This being the case, you’re strongly advised to dutifully study each form presented, each week, until you’ve got a full grasp of it use. You must know what it means and what its use can mean to the success of your home projects.

Home is the best wonder of the world! Your home is the best home of the world! Please, don’t give place for anyone, at any time, to treat this best wonder of the world as though it’s insignificant. Please, don’t, since inadvertently your wishes are treated likewise…..After the money, so are you!

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4. Home Service Validation System

Nation’s First Contractor Vetting Form Suggested for Residential Standardization

[Among the leading reasons for most contract-related home maintenance and improvement improprieties in America is that private home decision makers neglect doing the necessary research on contractors. The HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM_ *is enormously instrumental in changing that. It all begins with the _SERVICE VALIDATION FORM “*

[* There is a website (match heading) where you will learn how to effectively use this ultra-modern document and to successfully develop its complementary system in order to decrease by as much as 100% the risks for you making hasty contractor selection and hiring decisions. This is the nation’s first standardized residential contract screening system which is predicted to be practiced in all major U.S. geographic regions by the year 2024.] *]

Universal Law of Home Project Success & Failure

“The leading reason for most successful contract-related home projects is that residents do thorough enough research or service validations on contractors; the leading reason for most unsuccessful contract-related home projects is that residents do not do thorough enough research or service validations on contractors.”

The Line Up

Therefore, when it comes to the home project you have in mind for which you anticipate authorizing contractor assistance, one of first things it is strongly recommended for you to do, is thoroughly research “contractors.” That is, of course, pluralized since time and again it has been proven that your chances for getting the sort of service you need, in the reasonable price range you need, are much greater when you first interview at least five (5) contractors who are similarly skilled towards the sort of project you have in mind.

Initial Research

The “initial research” entails asking around about the best contractors for the sort of project you need accomplished. Sources in this regard are … …

1. word-of-mouth; 2. internet search engines; 3. contractors themselves.

What you are looking for are contractors who are best skilled for the project. People can tell you anything; the internet can tell you anything; even the contractors themselves can tell you anything. It may take a while before you have at least five (5) likely candidates for your project. Please, do not rush a thing. Once you have your candidates, you can then set up a brief introductory meeting. Ten (10) minutes at most.

The 10-Minute Meeting

It is recommended that you schedule these separately but in the same hour, on the same day. You will later hand each of them a special screening document (This is later introduced in this tutorial). Be certain they are whom they say they are.

Physically, inspect ID. You must see it clearly. If they do not have proper ID, it is recommended that you go no farther. Decline service. However, when contractors have proper ID, proceed. During this meeting, you can:

1. give each a walk-around or a walk-through (depending on your project’s location), synonymous to discussing your hopes for project results, then winding down at the front of the house where you can ask his/her bid;

2. carefully, record the bid in your pad; note who gave it in writing, as well;

3. then ask the contractor to wait at the foot of your front steps or at the front gate until you return. Do not allow contractor inside for ANY reason since nothing has been finalized. If your screening document is not readily accessible, please, gently lock your door if you have to go more than a couple yards into the home);

4. return with your SERVICE VALIDATION FORM (It is a contractor screening document) and ask the contractor to take it with him/her, fill it out 100%, then return it  within 24 hours (or at some later time) along with five (5) references from residents for whom he/she has “RECENTLY” done the same or similar work;

5. Repeat with the other contractors;

6. Once the contractor returns the 100% complete  [_“SERVICE VALIDATION FORM,”  and the required five (5) residential references, _] you can thank him/her for dropping it off, then let the contractor know that you will get back to him/her some time on the following day or later;

7. Do the research or delegate it. Here are websites/links you can use which will facilitate the process:

8. Ideally, after a day or so, depending on your research using the SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM, and checking the 5 recent residential references for whom contractor claims having done the same/similar work, please, make your BEST decision. Results must be 100% favorable, however. If not, it is recommended that you search for more reliable candidates using same procedure. Sometimes best candidates are just around the bend. Please, find them! [End]

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*You are cordially invited to tune to episodes of my podcast show especially for U.S private home heads “Private Home Decision Makers U.S. A. … …“ each Saturday evening 9 PM (PST), and to also feel completely free to take advantage of all the additional strategic home ideas offered in the archives on board!

Better Decisions, Better Results!”

As always, it’s a pleasure & a great honor serving you!



New Assertiveness Among U.S. Homeowners - Free Online Offers (HGRBS)

"New Assertiveness Among U.S. Homeowners ... ..." is an entirely resident-friendly presentation especially assembled for you as an American private home decision maker. The major focus is only you being better prepared for making the best possible choices for the sort of people you may select and hire to attend to your private home maintenance and improvement needs. It is an established facts that aside from routine lawn and garden services and a slew of miscellaneous property concerns, most private home heads do not select and hire contractors on any regular basis. Yet, on occasion, you are ready for one or more special home/property projects. It may be you need work on your driveway, replacement of roofing, related roof repair, or repair/installation of your fencing system. You may want to redesign your garden or have a garage build. Your sewage or drainage systems may be up for an upgrade. It could be any number of special projects which is/are best delegated to related specialists whom are properly certified to deliver. Whatever the case, it is a given that you do none of these on regular basis. Yet, when you are finally ready for it/them, your expectations are that the people or person you hire to assist will rightly and expeditious fulfill your expectation(s). However, in far too many cases, residents operate on defective "auto-pilot." This is when residents automatically engage selection and hiring practices which are not premised on resorting to certain precautions which have the highest probabilities to making the best possible choices, for the best possible contractors to deliver the best possible results. Subsequently, "New Assertiveness Among U.S. Homeowners ... ..." offers four, free major home-strategic options which you can study in the privacy of your own home and learn more about successfully monitoring and coordinating each and every one of your contract-related projects as though this is something you do all the time. Each of these four offerings is backed by over 50 years observation, experience, expertise, and research into matters of real property. Each is freely available to you and downloadable. Print out or e-read, either way, you are getting quite a bit more than expected towards making the best decisions.

  • ISBN: 9781370732753
  • Author: RB Roberts
  • Published: 2017-05-02 00:20:09
  • Words: 4581
New Assertiveness Among U.S. Homeowners - Free Online Offers (HGRBS) New Assertiveness Among U.S. Homeowners - Free Online Offers (HGRBS)