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[][] Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Walk on the Water

Signs from Above

He Is My Resurrection

Who Am I? (2)

No Other Gods

The Pattern Man (1)

Prophetic Sketches (2)

Live in the End



The Man Within

The Signs of the End, SF

Eternal States

One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Days

God’s Wisest Creature

The Father

Brazen Impudence

I Am In You

Power and Wisdom

The Spirit of Truth

Before Abraham, Was I Am

The Source

Christ is Your Life

Be Imitators of God

Imagination Fulfils Itself


The Roll of the Book

No Other Foundation (1)

The Knowledge of God

Follow Me

The Heavenly Vision

The Revealer

God’s Almighty Power

Christmas – Man’s Birth as God

A Prophecy

Your Maker

Eschatology – The Doctrine of the End

The Mystery of Inspiration



20 June 1968

[]Walk on the Water

The Bible is addressed to the Man of Imagination, he who is immortal and cannot die. “The Eternal Body of Man is the Imagination. That is God Himself. The Divine Body, Jesus, we are his members.” (William Blake).

Ted Kennedy recently gave a eulogy for his brother, in which he quoted a passage from George Bernard Shaw. The thought was this: “Some men see things as they are and say, Why? I dream of things that never were and say, Why not?” When you think of your birth into this world as an act of God, can anything be impossible to God? Not knowing how or why you are here, you sin against the Holy Ghost when you dare to put a limit on the power that brought you here! There is no sin against the Holy Ghost other than man’s belief that something is impossible to his own wonderful human imagination! I want you to go all out! To put no limit on God’s creative power. To imagine that which is unimaginable and to walk on the water, through faith.

Water symbolises your acceptance of life as psychological, and its drama as taking place in the Imagination. When you cease excusing yourself or anyone for life’s experiences, and begin to rearrange the structure of your mind to feel your desire is fulfilled, you are walking on the water. Scripture speaks of the stone, the water, and the wind. Accept the facts of life and you are stepping down on stone. Change the facts in your imagination, and you have turned them into psychological truth, which then becomes a spiritual experience. When you live by this principle, you are walking on water, towards your birth from beyond.

Let me now share some experiences of a friend who practices the art of walking on the water. In his letter he said: “There is a lady in my office who was constantly talking about the absence of decent, eligible men in her life, claiming they were all riff-raff and no good. Six weeks ago, while driving home from work, I revised her words. I heard her tell me she was dating a marvellous man and sharing the wonderful things they were doing. Recently this lady was so glum, I reminded myself to revise her words again, so I did. Yesterday she spent twenty minutes telling me of the perfect gentleman she is now dating. He must be terrific, for this lady is now walking in ecstasy.”

Then he continued, saying: “An associate asked me to write a news review for his client. I gathered all of the material together that I would need, put it in a folder and placed it on my desk, which was piled high with pending work. Then one Friday my associate said: ‘My client wants to see me next Monday at 9:00 A.M. in his office,’ and I realised that I must produce the news review at that time. Immediately I sat down and imagined it was 5:00 P.M. My review was completed, read by my associate, and approved. I heard him say: ‘It is just fine.’ Satisfied with that scene as my end result, I found the folder, sat down at my typewriter and typed four pages, as everything flowed smoothly. At 5:00 that afternoon my associate stopped by my office, read the report, and said the exact words I had heard him say in my imagination: ‘It is just fine.’”

When you truly believe that imagining creates reality, you will know there is no fiction. How can there be fiction when imagining is forever creating its reality? You may hear something you do not like, but because imagining creates reality what you heard was first imagined, or it could not have happened. When you revise the hearing by stopping the action and rewriting the script you are walking on the water, imagining the reality you desire to hear and appear in your world.

My friend continued his letter, saying: “There are certain things in my life I do not understand. Last Sunday, as my wife, our youngest son, and I were planting summer flowers, I realised that I was experiencing – in detail – what I had dreamed as happening last winter. At the time I thought the dream must have been symbolic, but not knowing the symbolism of flowers, I dropped it. Now I do not understand the relationship between a night dream – which I did not control, and last Sunday’s planting – which I did control.”

Every event in life contains within itself something beyond its physical experience. Flowers symbolise the growth of plantings. During winter, when nothing grows, he planted seeds, which he will harvest not only in the world of Caesar, but also in the world of the Spirit, as we all do. I urge you now to use your imagination and walk on the water. Plant the seeds of desire in the depth of your soul and allow them to flower on earth. If you do not see their harvest immediately, believe what you did, for it will come whether you recognise it or not. And do not sin against the Holy Ghost by saying something is impossible, for God is your own wonderful human imagination and nothing is impossible to imagine.

When someone tells you something, although you may deny its truth or possibility, you must imagine in order to understand their words. Unless, of course, they speak in a foreign tongue, then all is nonsense. As Paul said: “I would rather speak five words with understanding, than ten thousand words that cannot be understood.”

Don’t think of the reasons why you cannot have your desire; simply think you already have it! If you tell yourself it is not possible, you are sinning against the Holy Ghost.

I know of no limitation to the power of God. David is described in the Book of Samuel as ruddy, with beautiful eyes, and fair of skin. If you judge from appearance, then certain races would be excluded – but David is not of this world. David is he who rises in us because of the descent of the seed of God. Whether you are Caucasian, Negro, or Oriental, Christ – God’s seed – descends and plants itself in you. And when union between that descending, higher seed and that which is only an animated being takes place, you are individually lifted into a supernatural world, where you know yourself to be the father of God’s only begotten son, David.

I urge you to use your imagination for everything that is lovely and loving. I don’t care what your desire may be – your imagination will give it to you, for the human imagination is the divine body the world calls Jesus. Because you can imagine and I can imagine, we are members of that one divine body, and all things are possible to him. There is not a thing impossible to God. All you need do is imagine its fulfilment!

Faith is an experiment which ends as an experience. Experiment by believing you already have all that you desire, and you will have the experience. Test yourself like my friend did. He experimented with the thought that the lady had a wonderful boyfriend. He then imagined hearing her tell him about the new man in her life. Then his experiment became her experience. You are the centre of the world in which you live. A seeming other is only an extension of yourself, for the centre of your being is protean. It is he who plays the parts of all the seeming others. I challenge you to experiment with a new or better job, a husband or a wife, a new car or home. Don’t try to analyse your desires or blame yourself, for the moment you do, you discover unnumbered things which are unlovely, and the moment they are thought, they are formed.

No one is without sin. At some time everyone has mentally coveted or stolen. Describe a man in unflattering terms and you have stolen his good name. Everyone is guilty; therefore, do not analyse yourself, for if you do, you will miss your mark. To worry about what you may have done, is to waste your creative power. You will reap the tares as well as the wheat, as every imaginal act fulfils itself. But start now to plant something lovely – not only for yourself, but for your neighbour, friend, or child. Fall in love with the idea that he is happy and secure. Feel the satisfaction that comes when one recognises his harvest, for if a harvest is not recognised, there is no satisfaction. But when you do something consciously and see your harvest, you will receive enormous satisfaction.

Prove your thoughts have creative power by consciously imaging constantly, and walk on the water. No matter what happens in the course of a day, revise it. Make the day conform to what you want it to be, and you are walking on the water.

Genesis tells the story of Jacob, who saw a well covered with a stone. Removing the stone, he drew water for his flock. And when he put the stone back, everything appeared to remain the same as before, so no one knew who had rolled away the stone and removed the water. In the New Testament, Jesus performed his first miracle by filling the stone jars with water and drawing out wine.

Facts blind the I of imagination. I have come to cure this blindness and show you how to remove the acts of nature. The woman in the office shared her facts, as well as the man who had been bawled out. Discovering imagination to be his well, my friend removed those stone facts from his mind, and drew the truth he desired to hear out of his imagination and placed it in another vessel – another fact. Pour water into any container and it will not care what shape or size the vessel may be. Freeze the container and the water will have taken on its shape. So if you remove the stone and draw out the water, you can place it into any shape you desire and it will externalise itself.

Do not let a day pass without practising the art of walking on water. Every time you use your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are mediating God to the seeming other. So many people use their imagination unlovingly, yet they are still mediating God to that other.

Millions of people believe that someone has placed a curse on the Kennedy’s. Do you know that such powers do exist, because imagining creates reality. William Butler Yeats once said: “1 will never be certain it was not some woman treading in the wine-press who started the subtle change in men’s mind. Or that the pressing out of which so many countries were given to the sword, did not begin in the mind of some shepherd boy, lighting up his eyes for a moment before it ran upon its way.” Who knows who, this night – feeling hurt and betrayed by a friend – will set his thoughts of anger and revenge into motion, with no thought of regret. Perhaps he does not know the art of forgiveness or have the desire to forgive, thereby allowing his thoughts to move and build and build until they come to their inevitable end – by out-picturing themselves in his life. But as George Bernard Shaw said: “Some men see things as they are and say, Why? I see things that never were and say, Why not?” I tell you the incredible story of Jesus Christ, the pattern which man must follow in order to escape eternal death, and say, Why not?

How can we who were physically born by the grace of God, yet cannot make one hair on our head or fingernail grow, dare to put a limit on God’s power? If the grace of God gave us physical birth, cannot that same power give us spiritual birth into a higher world? The promise is: “You shall be born from above.” If God makes such a promise, he has the power to keep it. And he does, through his gift of vision. Born of flesh by a power beyond ourselves, we are destined to be born into a spiritual world by a power beyond ourselves, because God’s seed descended and united with us. It was planted by a creative act; and when that seed is fertilised, it erupts, the pattern awakens, and we move into an entirely different age. God’s pattern has erupted in me. I am telling you my story in the hope that you who hear it will believe and prove its truth for yourselves. I have told you of Caesar’s law, taught you how to walk on the water and use this psychological law to change your world – not only for yourselves, but for others.

No one needs to remain behind the proverbial eight-ball if he knows this truth. There is no need to beg or ask anyone for anything, for everything lives in the human imagination, ready to appropriate and be made visible.

Everyone will be born from above, for everyone is God and there is nothing but God. No one can fail; but God’s story must be heard and believed. So God sends himself as the messenger, by choosing an individual and impregnating him. The person may or may not know what is happening, but in the perfect interval of time, birth will take place. Everyone here is called for a purpose. If you have not been united with this seed – wait, for it is sure and will not be late. There are those who have been conscious when they received the seed. Others have not; but when the child is born does it matter whether the moment of conception is remembered or not?

It’s all the fulfilment of a perfect plan within God’s eternal body, each filling his specific order. There are those who will be the apostle, others the prophet, still others the teacher, the helper, and the healer. There are different levels in the body of God, but it doesn’t matter, because in that body we are all one.

Take me seriously. When you know what you want in life, construct a scene which would imply your desire is fulfilled. See it as clearly as possible. Feel its naturalness. Experiment until you know the scene and all it implies is real. Now, to the degree that you believe in its reality, your experiment will become your experience. Do not stop there. Keep on imagining and share your results with others. Tell them how to free themselves from this bondage to Caesar.

When you know who you really are, you will not envy anyone. How could you, when you know you are God, and they are only yourself pushed out? If tomorrow, something comes into your life that is not to your liking, do not accept it, for this fact blinds the I of imagination. Remove the blindness by asking yourself what you would like, in place of what seems to be. Enter into that thought. Revel in it as though it were not a fact. Persuade yourself that it is. Believe in its reality and it will become your experience.

Now let us go into the silence.



24 June 1968

[]Signs from Above

The evangelists of scripture, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are anonymous names of men who wrote salvation history. They introduced characters who never walked this earth, but whose names are significant.

In the Book of John, we find the story of Nicodemus. Now, Nicodemus is not mentioned in any other part of the Bible, or in any historical records of the time; so we see Nicodemus was not introduced for some historical purpose. The word means “conqueror of the people; all victorious”.

Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a very learnt member of the Sanhedrin – which was the supreme council of Jews in New Testament times, having religious, civil, and criminal jurisdiction. In this case, Nicodemus desires to interpret scripture and pass judgement on his findings. Tradition has it that Nicodemus was the third richest man of his day; so we see he was not only learnt, but very, very rich. Observing all the rules of the rabbinical order, Nicodemus sought Jesus at night, as he did not want to be seen in the company of one who – according to scripture – had no education by standards known to man. Coming to Jesus by night, and recognising him as a teacher, Nicodemus said: “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God, for no one can do these signs unless God is with him.”

Jesus then answered in the form of a dialogue, saying: “Truly, truly I say to you, unless you are born from above you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus then said, “How can a man who is old, enter his mother’s womb for a second time and be born?” To this Jesus replied, “You, a teacher of Israel, and you do not understand? I tell you, unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh, is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit, is spirit; and flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom.” So we see that an entirely different birth must take place. That birth comes from above. The word is “anothen” and means “from the beginning; the top.” This same word, anothen, is used for the seamless robe John speaks of as having been woven from the top.

And when Pilate said: “Do you not know that I have the power to crucify you and the power to set you free?” Jesus replied: “You have no power over me were it not given to you from above.” Here the word anothen is translated “above.” Through the Gospel of John the word anothen is brought into play, as he distinguishes that which is spirit from that which is flesh.

When reading the 3rd chapter of John, start with the 1st verse, and go through to the 21st. Jump to the 31st, and continue to the 36th. Then go back to the 22nd, and on to the 30th. Do this and you will find a flow in the dialogue that is completely broken as it is now recorded. It is as though the pages were dislocated before publication. The words belonging to Jesus flow from verse 10 through 21, then continue at verse 31 through 36. As it is now written, words have been put into the mouth of John the Baptist that do not belong there.

Nicodemus was introduced when the evangelist was seeking a greater understanding of the meaning of Jesus, God’s image which must be implanted in the individual. There is an interval between the implanting of God’s Word and its eruption. And when that eruption takes place, everything recorded of Jesus unfolds in a first-person, present-tense experience, making that individual the son of God by nature, to be used as an agent to implant the idea that men may become sons of God by grace. That which is implanted, contains within itself the entire plan of redemption, which takes a period of thirty years to erupt into the individual’s birth from above.

Let us now turn to the Book of Luke, where it is recorded that: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore, the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.” And Paul tells us that the power of the Most High is Christ Jesus. Anyone who is twice born can be used as an agent for the creative power of the Most High. There may be no awareness of it on the surface level, but a supernatural impregnation must take place; and it takes 30 years for the child – the symbol of spiritual birth – to occur.

You entered this world of sin and death for the impregnation and ultimate departure from it. While you are here, you may own all of the treasures, have its people worship and adore you – if that is your desire. But when you leave it, you will simply assume a new body in a terrestrial world like this one, to continue your same journey of slavery. This you will do over and over again, until your supernatural impregnation and your spiritual birth. Then you will depart this world and enter an entirely different one; for after the implantation, a metamorphosis takes place within you. Just like a caterpillar who clings to a leaf and cannot move beyond it, that which comes out of you when you are born from above, is greater than the painted butterfly. In that new body, you move into an entirely different world.

Now, in the 3rd chapter of John, the words put into the mouth of John the Baptist in the 22nd verse, are really a dialogue between Jehovah and Nicodemus, the victorious one. Experiencing that which he could not find in a book, Nicodemus was seeking a fuller understanding of the meaning of the word “Jehovah” or “Jesus”, which can only come through revelation.

Now, if Nicodemus was a part of secular history, he would be mentioned elsewhere; but the Bible is not written about physical history, but about the supernatural history of salvation. There was no little boy called Jesus who was born of a woman called Mary. As you walk the earth and answer to your physical name, you conceive of the spirit and are supernaturally born.

Nicodemus personifies the Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, of today – those who keep alive any belief in an outside God. Believing that because of his social, educational, or financial background he should not be seen with certain people, Nicodemus sought one who could remove his blindness, because he was so eager to understand. His statement: “Rabbi, we perceive that you have been sent from God, for no one can do these signs unless God is with him,” is followed by these words which are seemingly not related to any sign: “Unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Then Jesus uses this phrase: “As the wind blows where it will and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell whence it comes or whither it goes, so it is with everyone who is born of the spirit.” This is true, for the vision comes so suddenly, just like the wind, as it is a spiritual experience. And if you conceived the word 30 years ago, your birth from above could come tonight.

Now let us turn to the other side of this principle, which is the law of identical harvest. We are told that whatever we desire, when we believe we already have received it, we will. This promise is based upon the premise that imagining creates reality. There is nothing you cannot become or have as an objective fact, if you believe you already have it. No restriction or condition has been placed upon the power of belief. If you will deny the evidence of your senses, suspend your reason, and persuade yourself that you are now the person you want to be, you will become it! Ask yourself how your friends would see you if you now embodied the idea you desire. Your true friends would rejoice, would they not? Then, if this statement in the Book of Mark is true, all you have to do is persist in believing your assumption is true, and it will harden into fact.

I do not care what the world will tell you, imagination creates its reality. All of these precepts must be accepted literally, for they are literally true. What person truly believes that he was born to be what he is today? He may have been born into a family of great wealth, and – being surrounded by it – he takes wealth for granted; but that is an assumption. He may even believe he is entitled to it; but if you checked into his family tree, you would discover that his father or grandfather had a vision which became his reality. And if he who was born into wealth does not know the principle that supports it, he can lose the money and never regain it again. But you who know that everything is based upon an assumption realise that no one can take anything from you that you really want!

Take everything I have, but leave me with the knowledge of how I received it in the first place and I will reproduce it again by the seed of contemplative thought. This is stated so clearly in the 11th chapter of the Book of Mark: “Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.” These words are put into the mouth of one called Christ Jesus, who said, “I am the truth.” If Jesus Christ only speaks the truth, will you believe him? Live by his words! Accept on faith that which you do not understand, and apply that which you do. How would you feel if your desire were true? Catch the feeling and sustain it. Persist in your assumption and in a way that no one knows, it will become true for you! If you were given enough money to take care of all of your expenses this month, but did not know this principle, you would remain in need and have to be given to again. No individual or country is rich enough to give forever. Those who receive must be told how to become a giver.

I urge you to assume that you are important. That you are wanted. That you are contributing to the world; for as you do, you move to a higher level of yourself. The politician urges you to vote for him, claiming that if you do he will take care of you. He knows he is lying, but the average person, conditioned as he is, accepts these words and perpetuates the state. There is no prison strong enough to keep you behind bars when you know this principle.

In San Francisco, about ten years ago, I was teaching an audience of approximately one thousand, when a lady stood up and said: “My brother is in the army. I do not know what he did, but I do know that he has been court-martialled and sentenced to six months of hard labour. Neville, if I believe you, can I not set my brother free?” I said: “Yes, but only to the degree that you are self-persuaded that he is free.” One week later this same lady stood up and told this story. “Believing you last week, when I returned home to my second floor apartment, I sat in my living room and imagined I heard the doorbell. Then I ran down the stairs, opened the front door and threw my arms around my brother. I rehearsed that scene over and over again until I could hear the doorbell ring, feel the banister in my right hand and my feet moving down the stairs. The doorknob became solidly real in my hand and I could see, touch, and feel my brother’s presence before I stopped imagining. Last Wednesday evening, as I was dwelling upon my brother’s return, the doorbell rang and I instantly knew it was he. I ran down the stairs, opened the door and there was my brother. He told me that the army had reviewed his case and changed their judgement, setting him free with an honourable discharge.” This was a sign of the power of Christ operating in her. She believed the word and loved her brother deeply. Desiring her love to be free as the wind, she released it and in a way she could not rationally analyse, he whom she loved was set free.

You may think that was not right, but who is to say what is right and what is wrong? There are only two things that displease God. One is eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil by judging what is right and what is wrong, and the other is the lack of faith in yourself! If you do not believe that you are spirit, all imagination, you remain where you are and miss your goal in life. You must believe that you became the physical you, with all of your weaknesses and limitations. That you emptied yourself and took on the form of a slave, thereby becoming a slave to your passions and ambitions. But before you did this, you were one with God. Then you emptied yourself of your god-like qualities, and assumed the weakness of the flesh by becoming human.

Say to yourself and yourself alone, “If I do not believe that I am God I will die in my sins by missing my goals in life, so I must start believing now! And, because all things are possible to God, they are possible to me. I will begin by believing I am the person I want to be. I will believe my friends are what I would like them to be, and no longer eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Try to think of every person as one who is destined to be a son of God by grace, one who is destined to have union with a son of God by nature. When one is born from above he is a son of God by nature. Night after night he then enters the spirit world where he plays the part of the stallion, planting the seed of God in all that are called by his Father. Thirty years later, that seed which carries in itself the pattern of redemption, erupts within the individual, and he is redeemed. First, by waking in the tomb of his own being, finding the symbol of his individual birth, and then discovering the Fatherhood of God. This is followed by his spiritual body being split from top to bottom and the dove descending and sealing the Word with the words, “You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Now let us go into the silence.



28 June 1968

[]He Is My Resurrection

The gospel, which appears to be a little secular story, is truly a mystery to be known only by revelation.

In the 16th chapter of John we are told: “I came out from the Father and came into the world. Again I leave the world and I return to the Father.” In these four short phrases we find the pre-existence of Christ, his incarnation, his death, and his ascension. I could put this in the first-person, plural sense and say: “We came out from the Father” for we are told in the 1st chapter of Ephesians: “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world.” So all of us were chosen in him. That is why I can say, “We came out from the Father and came into the world. Again we are leaving the world and are going to the Father.”

How can this be? Let me use a simple analogy. A plant contains within itself the suckers which can be removed and transplanted. While existing within the plant, the suckers partake of the plant’s life, but when removed and transplanted they become the parent.

It was God’s purpose to give us himself, and God is a Father. The only way he could do it however was to detach us from himself. Yet, like the sucker, he who sent us has never left us; therefore we must express that which the parent plant is. If its flowers were red, that which was transplanted will bear red flowers. Now, regardless of how healthy the stock may be, when it is transplanted it appears to die, showing us the secret of life through death. The seed falls into the ground and dies in order to be made alive. So the seed, containing within itself all that the parent contained, dies and is made alive to become the parent, containing within itself that which was in the parent stock.

And so it is with us. We came out from God the Father and were planted in a world of death, a world of mortality. Then, having died, we become quickened and grow into the parent stock, for if we were a father before detachment, we must return as the one Father who sent us out. And everything God the Father possesses, we possess in our fullness. His son reveals himself as our son. Whatever happened to him happens to us, for we came out from the Father and came into the world. Again, as we leave the world we go to the Father. That is the great mystery of scripture.

Let me now tell you of a vision a lady who is here tonight shared with me. She found herself viewing a very long train ascending from a very dark cavern into which she descended. Immediately upon entering its blackness, she imagined herself aboard the train and was instantly on it. Moving up at an incredible speed, she wondered about her destiny, when a voice said: “It will not be long,” and she entered a world filled with pinnacles and sparkling light. Then a triangular-shaped light penetrated her brain and she found herself standing in front of a very tall chair upon which a great being was seated. As she gazed into his eyes she felt herself immersed in love and in a voice so very tender he called her, “Babe.” Feeling so small and young among these pinnacles, she said: “What shall I do?” when something exploded in her and she heard a voice and saw the words, “Record It” appear in script before her eyes. Seeing me in the distance, she said: “That is Neville” and the being seated in the chair began to describe me in the most endearing, possessing terms ending with these words: “He is my resurrection.” This statement was picked up by invisible voices which echoed and re-echoed and re-echoed all the way down through time as she awoke.

Yes, she saw the Father. I am his resurrection. He buried himself in me as he buried himself in you before you came out from him. Having resurrected the Father in me, I am his resurrection and know myself to be the Father. Before coming out I did not know this. I partook of the tree of life, but I was not individualised.

There never was a time that you and I were not partaking of this tree of life, but we were not individualised. We did not voluntarily detach ourselves and enter this world, but were made subject unto futility in the hope that we would be set free from this body of death and obtain the glorious liberty of the sons of God. Now, the Son of God is one with God, for the son erupts into the Father. Like the sucker which contains within itself everything that the parent tree contains, but cannot know it until detached and transplanted, we contain within ourselves everything the tree of life contains, but will not know it until we come out from the Father and come into the world. Having died, death will be transformed into sleep, from which we will all awaken as God the Father. Individually we will all have these four mighty acts erupt from within to spell out the being we really are.

In the statement: “I came out from the Father” the pre-existence of Christ in you, who is your hope of glory, is established. I am not speaking of some little man who walked the earth 2,000 years ago, but of the mystery of Christ which is buried in every child born of woman. Christ, God’s creative power and wisdom, pre-existed. His detachment and entrance into the world through his birth from below is his birth into death. Then, after the long interval of death he is born from above into a world of life. Having come out from the Father and coming into the world, his return to the Father is essential. He comes back bearing witness to the fullness within himself of all that the parent contained, thereby knowing he is the Father. This is how all the fathers return.

We are told that in the last days scoffers will come, saying: “Where is the promise of his coming? Forever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.” The scoffers do not know that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord; therefore, six days would be like 6,000 years to mortal eye. As He promised, you will return on time, not a moment before or after.

Your return begins through the impregnation by one who has awakened. He does not arbitrarily choose his offsprings. They are called by the depth of his own being. But he is spiritually born to play the part of siring that section of time to which he belongs, a role he did not choose but was born to play.

Now let me tell you of another vision. This lady said: “While standing at attention in a military drill, Marta and I were called to the front where you, Neville, dressed in a long black robe, presented us each with a black umbrella, which was opened and raised over our heads. Then you spoke profound words of eternal wisdom.

“Suddenly the scene changed and Marta and I, still with the umbrellas over our heads, are standing in a room, when I said to Marta: ‘Did you understand what he said?’ and she answered: ‘No.’ Dorothy Dix then entered the room and said: ‘I will explain it to you.’ I was so surprised with that remark that I awoke.”

The symbolism in this vision was perfect: a black robe and black umbrellas. In symbolism, black is the incomprehensible divine silence, eternity. In the Song of Solomon, the bride speaks, saying: “I am black.” The word translated “black” should be “the blackest of black.” In Hebrew there are no superlatives or comparative. To emphasise the comparative, a word must be repeated, as “black-black.” To make it superlative, the word must be repeated three times, such as “holy, holy, holy,” as there is no way to say “holiest” in Hebrew. The word “black” spoken by the bride should be repeated to the nth degree. “I am black, but comely O daughters of Jerusalem, black like the curtains of Solomon.” Here, black is the incomprehensible mystery, and in her dream she did not understand it. Then one appears who she least expected to be able to interpret it, but one who was present, by invitation, at the last supper. Don’t discount that.

Now, this vision was preceded by a conversation following my last lecture, when this lady, knowing she had been impregnated by the Holy Spirit, said to her friend: “What am I going to do for the next thirty years?” And her friend replied: “What are you talking about? Did he not tell you that you are blessed? What’s thirty years when you have been waiting throughout eternity to reach this point in time? How can you be concerned, when you know that in just thirty years you will depart this world and enter an entirely different age?” That conversation prompted the vision which she did not understand, because I was dressed in black as I revealed the mystery of mysteries. “I am black, but comely O daughters of Jerusalem, black as the curtains of Solomon.” This is the blackest of black, containing divine silence, eternity, and an incomprehensible secret which Dorothy knew (but don’t forget: Dorothy was present by invitation to the last supper).

Another lady who is here tonight shared this experience with me, saying: “In my dream I was talking to two people, when one looked at me and said: ‘How far is it?’ to which I replied: ‘It is only thirty minutes away’ and awoke.”

This lady has conceived of the Holy Spirit and is now waiting – not minutes, miles, or hours, but thirty years for the child to be born. Again I will say: what does it matter? She told me that all through her life she has never wanted things and knows that is why she has never accumulated worldly possessions. Hers has been a questing mind, always seeking, always searching for the cause of life. May I tell her that at this moment she is richer than the richest man in the world, for she has been selected to receive the imprint, receive the gift of God Himself.

We came out from the Father, containing within ourselves the ovum (all that is necessary to become the Father). Walking through the centuries we have carried our egg, awaiting that moment in time when the egg is fertilised. One who is a Son of God by nature, having been born for that purpose, will be used in that capacity so that others may become sons of God by grace. It is all supernaturally done. Some remember when the union took place, but it is not experienced on this level at all.

In the meanwhile don’t neglect the law of God which is: An assumption will harden into fact. If an assumption creates its own reality then there is no such thing as fiction. I may forget what I assumed today and when it appears I may not recognise my own harvest, but it could not enter my world had I not brought it in by an imaginal act.

Tonight some unknown author is writing a story in order to pay the rent. The story may not sell, but for a moment he will lose himself in its creation, and when his story comes to pass in the tomorrows, those whose lives will be touched will not recognise his harvest. Tonight the movie, A Night to Remember will be shown on television. Although the movie was recently made, it is based upon the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, which duplicated a book called Futility, written in 1898. In the novel, a ship filled with the rich and complacent was on its maiden voyage, when it sank on an iceberg in the Atlantic. Fourteen years later the White Star Line built a duplicate of the imaginary ship described in the book, filled it with the rich and complacent, where it sank on its maiden voyage on an iceberg in the Atlantic. And people say there is fiction? No, there is no fiction.

There is not a moment in time when imagination is not acting, causing the events of the world. You may not remember your thoughts and deny you have anything to do with what you are reaping, but you can only harvest what you plant. Kennedy’s death was a violent action, but I am told that the Kennedys had apparently felt they were destined to lose their sons this way. As a family they entertained this sense of martyrdom, this sense of violence which caused it to come to pass. There are no accidents; as a man sows, he reaps. You are free as the wind to imagine anything, but you must be willing to pay the price, for you will reap the results. Imagining yourself to be a good author you can write a horrible story of hate and violence and reap the results, for the hate you write about goes out and brings the violence back into your own being.

A friend recently told me that when he was about nine years old he received a Ouija board. One day he asked the board: “Who am I” and it spelled out the word “Christ.” Believing the board completely, he thought he was Jesus reincarnated, but when he told his minister (who was of the high church of the Episcopal world) he was immediately educated out of what they called “neurotic sin.” Believing he had sinned because of entertaining the thought, he prayed for a great sacrament and complete absolution of this sin, when a marvellous vision descended upon him revealing an altar with everything attached.

These so-called “wise” people, who go around with their long robes and conduct a service in Latin which no one understands, should read scripture. Paul said: “I would rather speak five words that can be understood than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.” If you want to speak Latin go to the Vatican, but don’t come here where very few people understand one word outside of English (and even that poorly) and speak in an unknown tongue. Speak the tongue in which you were born that you may be understood, or be silent.

This lad was educated out of his belief when he should have continued in it, as Christ in him is his hope of glory. Scripture urges you to examine yourself, to test yourself and see if Jesus Christ is now in you. And if all things are made by him and without him is not a thing made that is made, who is he? I’ll tell you who he is. He is your own wonderful human imagination. How do I know this to be true? By imagining a state, remaining faithful to it and watching it come to pass in my world. Believing that God makes all things, I made my desired state alive and can now trace its maker back to my imagination.

Now I know that Man is all Imagination, and God is Man and exists in us and we in Him. The Eternal Body of Man is the Imagination and that is Jesus, the divine body of which we are His members. I know this because if He makes all things and I imagine, remain faithful to my imaginal state and it happens. I have found him, not as someone divorced from me, but as my own wonderful human imagination.

So that little planchette, moved by this lad’s own unconscious motion, revealed his true identity; yet the so-called wise men called it neurotic sin. I know exactly what he went through, for I was raised in the low church of the Episcopal world and my mother used to tell me that the priests were the wisest men in the world. I believed her until I became a man and the visions began to appear within me. Then I realised how very stupid they really are. Throughout the centuries they have fooled the people into believing they are so wise because they can speak a little phrase in Latin. But when you ask them to explain the verse I spoke of tonight: “I came out from the Father and came into the world, again I am leaving the world and going to the Father”, they give you only the literal meaning and say that a glorious being came out from the Father.

“Where?” you ask, and they reply: “Don’t ask questions, my son.”

“He came out in what way?”

“Out of our holy blessed mother.”

“In what manner did he do it?”

Again, “Don’t ask questions, my son. This is the great secret of the church.”

At the end of your conversation you will discover you have been talking to one who doesn’t know the answers, so he gives you all kinds of confused thoughts to bewilder you. During my thirty years on the platform I have talked with them time and time again. They stand open-mouthed and bewildered as I speak from experience, while they speak from theory. They call it blasphemy when I tell them I have found the Son of God who called me Father, yet I see them as blind leaders of the blind, as foretold in scripture.

I tell you: your own wonderful human imagination is Jesus Christ. There never was another and there never will be another. One day He will awaken in you and all that is said of him will be experienced by you in the first-person present-tense; and may I tell you: far from being ashamed, you will be thrilled beyond measure. All you have ever done as a man in this world of mortality of which you are ashamed will be wiped clean. It is necessary for you to go through the muck and mire of this world so that this seed may erupt. And when it does you are one with God, who is perfect, and your entire past is wiped out as though it never were.

There is no such thing as earning your way into heaven. Heaven is not earned; it is a gift. When you hear salvation’s story and believe it, the kingdom will unveil itself from within, and from that moment on no man, regardless of his position in the secular world, can stand before you and make you feel unimportant. You will simply ignore his words, knowing that although he may sit on a throne he does not know who he is. And tomorrow if he leaves this world he will find himself in a world just like this, in an environment best suited for the work yet to be done in him, while you – unknown by the world – will instantly possess your immortal garment and mortality will be blotted out by light.

In the 5th chapter of 2 Corinthians, Paul is speaking to those he addressed when he said: “We groan in this body waiting for our heavenly body,” as he was hoping spiritual birth would come to them before death appears. Death here in the twenty-eighth year would leave you still unclothed in a spiritual sense, as you would still have two more years to go to be clothed with immortality. A lady here tonight is not yet twenty-eight, but her memory returned to another age, another time, and she said: “I recall you vividly. You haven’t changed. You still have the same face, the same voice. You told me then about a father and a son and I didn’t understand.”

I tell you: throughout the night I move through sections of time, for I have other sheep that are not of this body. I must gather them all into one fold before I can return to the Father as the Father. This is my story.

You dwell upon it and don’t neglect the principle of your wonderful imagination. Use it lovingly on behalf of everything, for when you do, you are using it on yourself, as there is no other. The world is yourself pushed out. Imagine and then drop it. You don’t have to burst a blood vessel, call the “right” people, or do the “right” thing in order to succeed. All you need do is assume you are now what you want to be. Remain faithful to that assumption and in a way that no one knows you will become it. Then try it again and again, and while you are about your Father’s business working this principle, another work, unknown to the world, is taking place in you, preparing you for the fullness of time when the egg you have been carrying throughout the centuries is fertilised. Then, thirty years later, it erupts and all that is said of Christ is experienced in a personal, most intimate manner.

Now let us go into the silence.



15 July 1968

[]Who Am I? (2)

You’ll find this an interesting series, for so much has happened since we were here a year and almost 10 months ago; so we have to incorporate all the things that have happened, those I’ve met across the country, and those who come to the lectures in L.A.

Tonight’s subject is: Who am I? That is the eternal question. If I told you who you really are, you wouldn’t believe me; but I will tell you how you’ll know one day that you really are the Being that I am going to tell you that you are. If I tell you now that you are the Lord Jesus Christ, you would not believe me, and you would think that I am blaspheming; and, yet, I am telling you the truth. There’s only one way you will ever know it, and there is only one way another will know it of you.

In the 16th chapter of the Book of Matthew a question is asked: “Who do men say that the Son of Man is? And they said, ‘Some say John the Baptist, others Elias, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets of old.’ And he said unto them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’ And Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.’” (Matthew 16:13-16).

He accepts the confession of Peter, but warns not to say it or to express it to another until he has first re-interpreted this popular concept of Messiah in terms of his own experience; but he said to Peter, “Flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven, He has revealed it.” (Matthew 16:17).

No man can tell you, to persuade you, that you are. I could stand here from now to the end of time, and you are not convinced; but I’ll tell you this night how you will one day be convinced. There’s only one way you will ever know you are Christ Jesus, who is God the Father, and that is through His son David, who will call you, “Father.”

There is a poem by Browning; he calls it Saul. It’s based upon the 1st book of Samuel, the 16th chapter, the 14th through the 23rd verses; and in this, Saul is laid low with an evil spirit, and David restores him to health by playing and singing to him. Then David becomes a prophet, and prophecies the coming of Messiah; and then he says to Saul: “Oh, Saul, it shall be a face like my face that shall receive thee; a Man like to me thou shalt love and be loved by, for ever; a Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!” (End of Stanza 23, from Saul, by Robert Browning.).

He paints a word picture of the one Being that is going to reveal to a man who has lost his mind, – for Saul had lost his mind, and did not know who he was.

This very moment, if you know a family – I am one of a very large family: nine brothers and one sister. If one of my brothers this very moment became the victim of total amnesia, and the rest of us stand in front of him and try to persuade him that he is our brother, he’s not persuaded. If I brought all of my friends who know him intimately and tried to convinced him that he is of a certain family, of a certain identity, you would not persuade him.

If I tell you that you have forgotten who you are, that travellers from Eternity pass into bodies of flesh and blood and forgetfulness; travellers to Eternity pass to the Father, and remember. Now, this is exactly what is going to happen to you one day. In my audience in L.A., as of today, there are over twelve who have had the experience.

One day an explosion will take place within your head; and when the whole thing settles, as it were, standing before you will be David of Biblical fame; and there’s no uncertainty as to the relationship. You will know that David is your son and he will know that you are his father, in fulfilment of Scripture – the 2nd Psalm. “I will tell of the decree of the Lord. He said unto me, ‘Thou art my Son; this day I have begotten thee.’” (Psalm 2:1).

You will never know that God gave himself to you in any other way than the one way, when His Son calls you “Father.” When he calls you “Father,” you will know who you are. And then you could tell it for the rest of Eternity, and no one will be convinced until they have this experience concerning you.

Now I’ll tell you, there’s only one body. That body is the Lord Jesus Christ.

“There’s only one spirit; there’s only one hope; only one Lord; only one faith; only one baptism; only one God, Who is the Father of us all, Who is through all, above all, and in all.” (Ephesians 4:4-6).

This is how you will know that the man who dares to claim it really is what he claims. Now, let me give you the experience of two ladies from L.A. I know what I have experienced. I could write it, as I have; I tell it to others, not convincingly because it seems, as I told you earlier, – it seems blasphemous, for you and I have been trained from infancy that a man who lived two thousand years ago was the Christ, and only the Christ, and no one else is Christ – in spite of Scripture that tells us: “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (2nd Corinthians 13:5, RSV).

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you will say, “No, I don’t know it at all”; but read it in the 13th chapter of 2nd Corinthians; “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” And he who is united with the Lord is one spirit with the Lord, and that he shall change our lowly bodies to be of one form with His glorious body?

Well, now, here are the two experiences: A lady finds herself in a large interior. The entire front is glass. There are marble columns, and it’s very sparsely furnished. There is but one chair, and she finds herself seated in it. Looking through the glass, she sees a carriage, self-propelled, come into view. A door opens automatically, and out steps from this door the speaker dressed in normal clothes, wearing an Inverness cape. I came into the place where she was. I ignored her; I showed no recognition of her, but began to speak on “Power,” – Infinite Power. And she looked, and she said, “Why, this is Neville, but it is God! It is Neville, and he is God!” and she kept on repeating this. Then I came to the end. I still did not recognise her; I paid no attention to her, – just proclaiming Power. Then she said as though by appointment the carriage came into view once more. I turned and re-entered this carriage and vanished. The whole thing vanished. It was sheer power.

When I was sent to do the work I am doing, it was Power who commanded me. I was first embraced by Infinite Love, and I fused with him; but while I’m one with Love, – and it’s Man, the Risen Lord, – I was taken before a being who was Infinite Power. Now, you might think it’s another being; no, God plays all the parts. God is a Protean being, like Proteus, the legendary sea god in the service of Neptune, He could assume any shape, any form, any body in the service of the One who sent him.

So Infinite Power is the same being who is Infinite Love; and we are told in Scripture that Christ is the power of god and the wisdom of God. So, in seeing me speaking only of Power, and Infinite Love, she knew who I was. I could tell her from now to the end of time; I could not persuade her. She would have to have it shown to her by the only Being that could show it, and that is God. For God speaks to man through the medium of dreams, but he reveals Himself through the medium of vision, as told us in the 12th chapter of the Book of Numbers. So, had she not had the vision herself, I could go from now throughout time, and I could not really persuade her of the truth of what I’m talking about.

Then another lady said: “I came upon a scene. It was an enormous scene, and every type of person was present – all different nationalities; and strangely enough, they heard you in the tongue wherein they were born. And you are simply standing, not in the water, but standing on the beach; but at your back was an infinite body of water – a huge lake, but you saw your shoreline. And there you were, clothed in a white rob, and you were speaking to the entire crowd. I knew you were Neville, and yet at the same time I knew you were Jesus! And there was no uncertainty in my mind. I knew, ‘This is Neville’; and I also knew, ‘That is Jesus’.”

Now, that seems insane, but I know from experience every one in this world is the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s only one body. You do not lose your identity. You remain as you are. You are John, you are Mary, you are Peter; you remain the individualised being that you are, and yet you are Jesus! Yet, you are God! And every one is destined to move toward the fulfilment of that which was in the beginning determined to be all God. There’s no room in Eternity for two gods – no room in Eternity for another. But you and I, separated from God the Father, in the sense only of losing memory as to who we really are, – that is the separation.

If this very moment I cannot remember who I am, I haven’t gone any place, but I certainly am separated from the Being that I knew myself to be. So, when I say that we are separated from God, I mean it in that sense.

So, separation from God is at once a tragedy and a triumph. It’s the Fall, and yet it is the beginning of a new creation. And this separation, which is now incarnation, – and complete incarnation is essential to individuality, – a complete incarnation which will now entail complete forgetfulness of the Being that I am when I drink that “cup of forgetfulness”. He said, “Shall I not drink the cup which the Father has given me?” (John 18:11, RSV). The drinking of the cup is forgetting who I am, and believing that I am a little being of flesh and blood.

Everyone came out from the Father. He said, “I came out from the Father, and I came into the world; again, I am leaving the world and going to the Father.” (John 16:28, RSV).

So, coming out from the Father is simply forgetting the Being that I am, and believing myself to be this fragmented being, seeing billions of us, and I am now at war with my fragmented self, not knowing that everyone I meet is my very Self “pushed out.” There is no other!

Until this experience happens in man, – when it happens in a man, he does not go and shout it from the housetops; he tells it to an intimate circle. And in that small circle, still only a very few will ever really know it – those who have the experience of meeting him in an entirely different world, for this drama is not secular. This drama of Scripture is a supernatural drama. There is no secular history in Scripture; the whole thing unfolds within the depths of the soul of man; and every one is destined to have this experience.

When the question is asked: “Who am I?”, you cannot ask it of anyone, save to one like a Peter; but Peter has the revelation, not from a book, not from reasoning. He didn’t sit down to rationalise the picture. It was unveiled to him from within him. So the voice said, “Flesh and blood could not have told you this, but my Father who is in heaven” – and Heaven is within you – “has revealed it,” (Matthew 16:17, paraphrase) – has unveiled it in a way that you saw the truth of what you now declare. So I accept your confession.

But now, then, let me re-interpret this concept that man holds concerning Messiah. It’s a false concept. They expect Him to come from without; and He never comes from without, – He comes from within. And He comes so suddenly that no one is prepared for Him. It comes “out of the blue,” as we are told in Scripture: “just like a thief in the night” (1st Thessalonians 5:2). When He comes, no one is expecting him.

I know, in my own case, these four major things in my life were certainly not expected. The first, one night in this City, and that was the birth from above. Now, we speak, and we are told in Scripture: “Unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3, KJV). Well, I had no concept – none whatsoever – that that birth was literally true. I thought that was simply a figure of speech: that I, a big man, grown man, the father of children – and I must be born again? Well, I acted like Nicodemus: How is this thing possible? How can I, a man – a natural man – enter once more into my mother’s womb and be born; when at the time that I was reborn, right in this City (San Francisco) my mother was gone from this sphere. Now, how could it be?

I didn’t realise that day, which was in 1959, that that drama was literally true until, within me, the whole thing began to unfold, – when my whole head became the most intense vibration, and I found myself awaking – awaking from a long, long sleep. And where did I awake? I awoke within my skull!

My skull was a tomb, and it’s sealed; and then I came out of it like a child coming out of the womb of a woman, and then the entire drama of Scripture confronts me. Here the wind, as told us in the 3rd chapter of the Book of John, when he tells Nicodemus: “You must be born again.” And that word translated “again” is the Greek word “an-o-then,” which means “from above,” – that is, from God, – literally from above; not from the womb of woman below, but from the Womb of God above, which is the skull of man. That’s where the Real Man began to dream this strange, peculiar dream of mine. And that’s where man will awaken. And out of that tomb man will come!

So, he awakes, and awakening is the Resurrection. He awakes from the long, long sleep; it was so profound, it seemed like the sleep of death; for you are in a tomb, and you know it’s a tomb, yet you know it’s your skull. And out you come!

Then the wind – a peculiar, unearthly wind, – you feel it and you hear it. Your attention is diverted from that body from which you’ve just emerged. You are only diverted for a matter of seconds; and when you look back, the body is gone, in fulfilment of Scripture. “Where have they taken the body?” (from John 20:15). The body’s gone! But in its place you’ll find three men.

In my case, they were my three older brothers. There they were where the body had formerly, – just a few seconds ago – lay. They, too, are disturbed by the wind; and one, who is now gone from this world, arose and started toward what he thought was the cause of the disturbance. He took not more than a couple of steps when something attracted his attention to the floor; and, looking down, “Why,” he said, “it’s Neville’s baby!”

My other two bothers said, “How can Neville have a baby?” With this, he doesn’t argue the point; he lifts the evidence. He lifts a little child wrapped in swaddling clothes and puts it on the bed; and then I lift the little infant, and in the most endearing terms I said, “How is my sweetheart?” The child had the most heavenly smile. As it broke into this smile, the whole scene dissolved.

That was the first of the major acts. Then came the other three mighty acts to complete the four sides of man. So, I know from my own personal experience, – I am not theorising, – what is in store for every child born of woman. It doesn’t even matter if those that you know beyond the veil did not have this experience. They’re not dead! Nothing dies in God’s Kingdom. They are restored to life – instantly restored. That, I do know from my own experience. Not reincarnation, – they are restored; and they are young and new, – same bodies in a world terrestrial, just like this, and unaccountably new – I can’t describe it.

How can someone drop at the age of 90, withered and shrunken, in pain; and when you see them, within a matter of moments, they are only 20 years old? They are not little babies. They are young – unaccountably new. No limb is missing. If they had a limb missing, it isn’t missing. If they had hair missing, teeth missing, legs missing, it is not missing. If they were blind, they are not blind. The body is restored – but not resurrected.

Resurrection differs completely from restoration. All bodies are restored. It’s a miracle. And the Being is still continuing in a world just like this. Those who are resurrected do not enter that world. They are in Heaven. They are one with the body of the Risen Christ – without loss of identity. And everyone who is restored – and all are restored – they continue in a world just like this one, with the same problems. They marry there, too, and they are just as afraid of dying there as they are here; and they die there too, to be restored again. And this restoration goes on until they awake in the tomb of their own skull, and then they have the birth from above.

So, who am I? The very one spoken of in Scripture. You ask that question, “Who am I?” and the answer is: “I am the Lord Jesus Christ!” But you don’t know it really until you experience it. But I promise you, you will experience it. Not one can fail for the simple reason it’s God, and God alone, Who is playing the part. He is playing all of the parts.

So when David comes into your world, there is no other way that you will ever know that you really are the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, listen to the words carefully. No one asked him the question. The Sadducees, who are called the scientists of his day, – they did not believe in the Resurrection; so they said to him, to trip him up: “Master, Moses said that in the resurrection a man’s wife,” – first of all, he paints the picture. He said, “‘Moses said if a man is married and dies leaving no offspring and he has brothers, then the second should marry the widow to raise up offspring for his brother. Well, there were seven brothers. The first one married and died, leaving no offspring, and the second took her. He died, leaving no offspring, and the third took her. Finally all married; all died, leaving no offspring, and then she died. Now, tell me, Whose wife is she in the resurrection?’ And he answered, ‘You do not know Scripture, for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are they given in marriage. Those who are accounted worthy to attain to That Age, they neither marry nor are they given in marriage, for they are sons of the resurrection. They are sons of God, and the Son of God is one with God, for I and my Father are one. But those who have not attained to That Age, they continue marrying, and they are given in marriage.’” (Luke 20:28-30, RSV).

So, here is an entirely different concept from what is taught concerning what is your future. Your real future is Jesus Christ. There is no other body. There is no other spirit. One being, fragmented.

Now, see how it was told us in the Old Testament. It’s the 82nd Psalm. “And God had taken His place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods He holds judgment. And I say, ‘Ye are gods, all of you – sons of the Most High. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man, O ye princes.’” (Psalm 82:1,6,7).

It is said by scholars that this is the most difficult passage in the entire Bible to understand; that if at one time the ideas were perennial, they no longer are understood by the scholars of the world, because it can only be known through vision. One man – now listen to the words: “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4). Therefore, who fell? The One Man. He fell for a purpose – nothing wrong. Not a thing was wrong in that Fall!

If I put you in garments of passion, as you are, – these are all garments of the animal world, filled to overflowing with passion, – and then I tell you under threat of death you must not entertain one concupiscent thought, you have convicted me. If you tell me the result of my concupiscence is death, – well, then I must die.

But nevertheless, “I say, Ye are gods… and you are going to die like men. You will fall as one man, O ye princes.” (Psalm 82:6,7). So, the One Man is scattered, like a rock being broken and fragmented. And everyone now is to be gathered together in the same One Being – one body, but glorified by reason of the experience.

Well, now, Scripture tells us, I didn’t do wrong in the Fall. Our priesthoods tell us that we did wrong. Well, then, listen to these words: If disobedience drove me out from the Father and caused me to lose the identity of my own being, which is Jesus Christ, and believe myself to be a little animal, then what are these words doing in Scripture from the 11th chapter of the Book of Romans: “God has consigned all men to disobedience, that He may have mercy upon all.” (Romans 11:32, Moffatt’s Translation). So, if disobedience drove me out, the cause of my disobedience was the One who clothed me this garment of skin, for He put me in an animal body, and then threatened me with death if I entertained a concupiscence thought. Well, how could I help it? What man in this world, if he has any red blood in him and is healthy, could have helped it? Even if you went to the extreme and emasculated yourself, you still would entertain the thought. If you are impotent, the thought is still there. While the energy is turned down into generation, you cannot help it.

When the curtain of your body is torn in two from top to bottom, and then the energies are reversed into regeneration, you can take all the world and expose them in the nude before you, and there is no desire. You couldn’t entertain a concupiscent thought. But until that moment, – when you are turned down into generation, then you are condemned to death by reason of the fact He Who first told me I must not eat of this is The One Who said to me He made me disobedient. “For he consigned all men – consigned all men to disobedience, that he may have mercy on all.” (Romans 11:32).

So, in the end, all return – all are forgiven, and everything is perfect. Man, when he’s down, can’t believe that. He wants to be punish, he wants to hurt; but then you’ve never stood in the presence of Infinite Love. You cannot be in the presence of the Risen Christ and feel any emotion but Love. It’s impossible to feel anything but love, and you are looking right into the face of the Risen Christ.

He asks a very simple question: “What is the greatest thing in the world?” And automatically, as though you were divinely prompted, you answer: “Faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1st Corinthians 13:13, RSV). At that moment, He embraces you, and you fuse, and you become one with the Risen Lord. And he who is united with the Lord becomes one spirit with Him.

Are we not told: “If I have been crucified with Him in a death like His, I shall certainly be one with Him in a resurrection like His”? (Romans 6:5). So, the Crucifixion is over for all of us. The Resurrection is taking place, one after one, after one; and not one will fail. So, all have once been crucified with Christ – every one. “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4). So, His Crucifixion was our crucifixion!

Now the Resurrection has started; and one after the other, He is being awakened within the tomb of their own skull, and the drama unfolds within them, and out they come. So, in the end you shall only be the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, when you are told in Scripture they saw the Law personified, they saw the prophets personified in Moses and Elisha; here is Jesus transformed before them. And when their eyes were opened, it was Jesus only; for Divine Mercy step beyond and redeems man in the body of Jesus – only that one body. And, yet, you do not lose your identity; but those who who have the vision will see you and know you, but still know that you are Jesus. They will know you, and still know that you are God and the Power of God. “And Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God.” (1st Corinthians 1:24).

So, this question is not something that man can answer. Flesh and blood cannot tell you that you are Jesus Christ. I could stand here and use every argument in the book, but you will still be unpersuaded. You will go out saying, “That man is either insane or it’s sheer blasphemy”, for it’s in conflict with what the churches have taught you. But I am not speculating, I am not theorising; I speak from experience. I tell you what I know from my own personal experience. I did not read it in a book; I was not taught it by a man. It simply came by a revelation of Jesus Christ in the same manner that you read it in the very first chapter of the Book of Galatians. “And Paul said, I did not receive it from a man; neither was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:12). And he tells you there is no other doctrine, and he made this claim in a statement of Scripture before the Four Gospels were written. In fact, it was not only written before the Four were, but it was already an established school of thought. The earliest book in the New Testament is Paul’s Letter to the Galatians; and no one dates it later than 52 A.D.; and yet our Gospels go anywhere from 70 A.D. up to 95 A.D.

So, a generation after Paul’s letter appeared instructing the Galatians – and then came his Thessalonians, and then came his Corinthians; and these all pre-dated the Gospels. So, I know that the story of Jesus Christ is the story of every child born of woman: that we all fall together, and all will rise in our own good time. He calls us, one by one by one.

In the meantime, He tries us in the “furnaces of affliction,” as we are told in Isaiah, “I try you in the furnaces of affliction. For my own sake I do it. For my own sake I do it, for how should my glory be given to another? I will not give my glory to another.” (Isaiah 48:10). You have to become Him to receive His glory.

And the day will come that we will take off these garments of flesh and blood and put on the body of glory, which is yours. You took it off for this experience, and you came out of Heaven to have this experience. You’ve had it, and you’ll return glorified. And that’s how The Infinite Being expands.

There is no limit to translucence, to expansion; there is only a limit to contraction, and man is the limit of contraction. Man is the limit of opacity, but the day will come that you will break the shell; and then you will add to the glory of the Body of God; for your glory adds to that glory, and it all expands and expands beyond measure.

Now, this may be a little different from what you had last year, or even in previous years; but this is based upon the experience of the last year and ten months. Not my personal experience, for they go back to 1959, but I mean this confirmation from those in the audience.

Now, a lady will have the experience in this manner: She will follow the pattern, not of Abraham, but she will follow the pattern of Sarah. And Sarah was too old to have a child, for it is said of Sarah: “It had ceased to be with her after the manner of women.” (Genesis 18:11).. In other words, she would be incapable of conceiving a child and carrying it to fruition, as you’ll read it in the Book of Genesis. So, a lady has it in this manner. I could give you a dozen from my audience in L.A.; we will take one: She has two brothers. She hasn’t seen these brothers in forty-odd years. She has a landlord, whom she looks upon as a younger brother. She was away from home one night, a thing she rarely does unless she leaves the city; but she was in the city and someone was distressed and asked her to “please sleep here tonight.” But she said, “I’ve got to go home first of all and tell my neighbours where I am because they depend upon me. They are elderly ladies.”

She said, “All right, but do promise me that you’ll come back.” So she did. She said, “I’m in some strange home with a strange person in a strange atmosphere, and here I am in the wee hours of the morning, when I feel this peculiar breeze and vibration in my head. It increases in intensity. When it reaches the apex of intensity, suddenly here come my two brothers that I haven’t seen in over forty years, and my landlord. My oldest brother said, ‘But she is too old to have a baby.’”

“Well, they all agreed, but he picked up the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and put it in his sister’s arms.

Now, this lady is 77 years old – a retired school teacher of L.A. It comes in her case as it comes to Sarah – too old to have a child, but this is not a physical child. This is a supernatural experience. So, she heard the words: “But she is too old to have a child” when the infant was raised from the floor and put into her hands.

After that, she found herself in a canyon where she lives. Unlike my experience, she’s in a canyon – the rugged side of a canyon; and here comes this blond, blue-eyed lad. And said, “I did not have to ask him, ‘Whose son are you, my lad?’ I knew he was my son, and I knew he was David of Biblical fame.”

She’s had every experience but the Dove, and that takes nine months and two years after the third mighty one. She will have it, because she’s had the first three.

So, a man differs in this work from a woman. She takes the pattern of Sarah and he takes the pattern of Abraham, – but the identical picture as related in Scripture.

So, you dwell upon it tonight, even though you cannot completely accept it. You dwell upon it: Who Am I? Is he telling the truth? Does Neville know what he is talking about? Has he really had these experiences? Ask – just ask, and see if you cannot get from within yourself an answer to the truth of what I am talking about. I tell you, the answer will come. In some strange way, God will answer, for God is not a being far off. God is within you. He is never so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation.

God cannot even be near me. Why? Because His name He gave to me. Well, what’s His name? I Am. Can you find anything that even is – well, you can’t say “I am near”; it’s The One; it’s the root, it’s the very centre of your being.

My hand is near, my head is near; my friends are near. But I can’t say, “I am,” and entertain this word “near”. And I Am is the name of God forever. If “I Am” is His name forever, well, then, He cannot be far off. In fact, He cannot be even so far off as to be near, for nearness implies separation. That is who you really are; and that Being which is “I Am” – that’s God! That’s the Lord Jesus Christ.

And when He asks: “Who do you say I am?” – he could have said, “you are the Power of God,” for the word “Christ” is defined in Corinthians as the Power of God and the Wisdom of God.

One day you will have the experience, and you will see someone who has made the claim – without boasting; and you will come upon a scene, and the scene will unveil itself before you, and you will know her claim, or his claim, is a true claim, for you will know him to be Jesus, or her to be Jesus, and you still will not think it is not the being you know. There is no loss of identity, and yet – Jesus. And you come back to your waking state here, and there is no uncertainty in your mind as to what you’ve experienced. And who did it? God-within-you did it. God unveils Himself within you.

Now, let us go into the Silence for a moment, and then have questions and answers. Good.


Now, are there any questions, please?

Question: At the beginning of your talk, Neville, you said there is only one Spirit. At the present time there are a lot of books coming into the book-stores about necromancy and sorcery and witchcraft, and so forth. With what are these people who deal in the black arts dealing, if there is only one Spirit?

Answer: There is only one Spirit. Read Ephesians: “…one body, – “It starts with the body first: “…one body, one spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all, Who is above all, through all, and in all,” as told us in Ephesians. (Ephesians 4:4-6).

Don’t get away from the oneness of God. The foundation of the whole faith begins with that Shema, or the confession of the Hebrews: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.” (Deuteronomy 6:4). You can’t get away from that.

When Jesus was asked to name the greatest of all the Commandments, he did not mention what we call the Ten. He quoted this Commandment: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.” It’s a compound unity – one made up of many. That’s what the word means. The word “Elohim” is a plural word, and it’s one; but, yet, being plural, it’s made up of many. There are billions of us, but we are all part of that One Body. That One Body fell. That One Body shall rise, taking with it all, but in its own good time, into the new Living Temple.

I don’t care what books come out. Many a person thinks because something is printed, it is true; but nothing could be more false than that. The morning paper that comes out, – that’s printed. Is it true? Nothing but violence and publicity. I have a scheme I want to put over, and so I get with my press agents and they write all the lies in the world; and the paper prints it, and you read. And because you read it in the paper, it must be true. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! But because imagining creates reality, it will prove itself in performance, – and God allows it! There’s nothing but God.

Question: When we have attained resurrection, do we still have to return?

Answer: You do not. After resurrection, you do not find yourself restored to Life; you are one with the Body of God. It will come to every one, or one part of God would be lost, and that is impossible. He said, “It is not your Father’s will that one be lost.” (Matthew 18:14, Moffatt’s translation).

Question: The Parable of the Sower would tend to make us think that some will be, because it says that some fell upon rocky ground and some fell on thorn.

Answer: All right. It’s happening right here tonight. There’s rocky ground here tonight. They’ll go through that door and say, “That man is nuts.” That’s rocky ground. Then there are those who will say, “Well, you know, I’d like to believe it, and I think I’ll try it.” Well, that’s among the thorns. They go out all enthusiastic, but the cares of the day will choke it; and then there are those not prepared for the revelation, and will bear thirty-fold, fifty-fold, a hundred-fold. But every moment of time when this revelation is said, there are always those four grounds on which it falls.

Question: Just what does the resurrected do?

Answer: What does he do? He’s part of the Body of God. He’s the creative power of the universe, without loss of identity. No loss of identity, – that’s one thing I must assure every person who listens to me. You are not absorbed, and yet it’s one body. She saw me on the beach. She’s not alone; the other one saw me in the interior, and these two are not alone. Dozens find me on the outside at night beyond the world of dreams doing this work, teaching the Word of God, and they know the teacher is Neville, but they also know that He’s Jesus, and they also know that he is the Power of God; and some know he is God! And, yet, they all know I’m Neville. Yet, in this world, I’m as weak, I’m as limited and as fragile as the next. You take upon yourself the weaknesses of the flesh to reach those who are in the flesh.

Question: You say, “Beyond the world of dreams.” Exactly what do you mean?

Answer: Oh, there’s a world beyond the world of dreams, and that is where the real work is done.

Question: What is the world of dreams?

Answer: The world of dreams? Well, really, to be brutally frank, you are right now in the world of dreams. This is a dream – a nightmare. This is a dream. God Himself enters death’s door with everyone who enters, and He lays down in the grave with them in visions of Eternity until they awake and see Jesus, and the Living clothes lying there that the female has woven for them; and the Living clothes are just a figure of speech. This is the Living clothes (referring to the body) that the female – my mother – wove for me. And when I take it off after I awake, that’s the linen cloth, and I can’t take it off until I am He, for Jesus is the one who resurrects. He is the resurrecting one.

Question: I consider myself fragmented as of now because I haven’t had that experience (remainder of question inaudible on the tape).

Answer: Can you divide “I Am”?

Question: No; but I mean at this time, since I haven’t had that experience.

Answer: Well, it doesn’t really matter.

Question: It doesn’t matter?

Answer: As you are seated here, my dear, you say, “I am,” don’t you? Well, it cannot be divided, for that’s the unity of which I speak. That is God.

Question: Even now, before that experience -

Answer: Before the experience, you can claim, “I am He.” You are told that if you do not claim, “I am He,” you will die in your sins. (John 8:24). You are passing the buck to some other person to do it.

Question: Oh, do it right now?

Answer: Why, certainly! You don’t resurrect right now. That comes in its own good time; but you exercise the power of God right now, for the power of God is your own wonderful, human I-Am-ness. That’s God! So, when you say, “I am beaten,” – all right, that’s the power of God, and you’ll be beaten. When you say, “I am wounded,” that’s the power of God, and you will be wounded; but if in the face of all things, you say, “I am wanted. I am contributing to the world’s good,” in spite of the absence of all evidence to the contrary, you will contribute and you will be wanted, for you are using the power of God!

Question: Right now!

Answer: Right now! You’ve got to use the power of God. There’s only God’s power. When you speak of the devil, what devil? Listen to the words of Scripture in Deuteronomy: “I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal… I raise my hand to heaven and cry, I live forever. There is no god beside me.” (Deuteronomy 32:39). The same one that kills is the one that makes alive. The one that blesses is the one that curses. So, man is the operant power, and he has to operate it. God became man, that man may become God.

Question: But most of us have put everything in the future. When, in the future, are we -

Answer: But “I Am” is not future. “I Am” is present. He didn’t say, “I was God,” – “I am the Lord.” There’s no past and future; it is simply “I Am.” So, use the power now.

Any other questions, please?

Question: I can’t understand why I would – when I would be enjoying a servant of heaven, heavenly being – why I would choose to dream up this kind of a stupid experience.

Answer: Did you hear the question? It’s an interesting question. But may I tell you, my dear, this is not stupid, a stupid experience. This was a plan. This is not something that is the result of some emergency thinking on the part of God. This was planned in the beginning of time. “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4).

Question: Well, why?

Answer: Why? To expand. If God was finished forever and forever, and could not expand, then he’s a finite god. He has to reach the limit of contraction to break it. He has to die to prove that He really lives. And, so, this is a constant wonderful challenge forever. Just imagine the joy when we all awake, and the whole thing seemed to be the most frightening thing in the beginning. But we had faith, like Abraham, – faith in God that He would die and still not die. And, so the power that comes as an increase of power and an increase of wisdom, an increase of luminosity – don’t let anyone tell you God is a finished product. Truth is an ever-increasing illumination.

Question: Why did the Kennedys have to suffer? They lost two boys -

Answer: My dear, I wouldn’t say the boys suffered. The family left behind grieves, yes. We do not even recognise our own hearts. No one knows the thought of a man, but the spirit of man who dwells in him. Likewise, no man knows the thoughts of God, but the Spirit of God dwells in Him. Who knows what thought those boys entertained? The three of them were killed violently, and so was a sister. Joseph was killed in the war. His sister was killed. Her husband was killed, and these two boys were assassinated. Who knows what thoughts they entertained? To be dramatic, I do not know. In other words, everything was done when the first one was assassinated to identity his name with Lincoln – the same feeling – not McKinley, but he was assassinated too. But they tried to make it a Lincoln fiction, to set it for the future, and they’ve done it. So, if you want glory on earth, they certainly have it. They have it if you want on earth; but all the things of earth will vanish, and leave not a trace behind them. Everything here is going to pass away as though it never were; and all will awaken.

Now, here, I say you cannot violate Scripture. Scripture must be fulfilled in me. David is described in the 16th chapter of 1st Samuel as a blonde lad; he’s described as ruddy – ruddy with beautiful eyes, implying blue, blue, wonderful eyes and a ruddy complexion. (1st Samuel 16:12). In my audience the blackest man I personally have ever seen, – and I was born among black people on Barbados, – and we have them blue-black in Barbados; but Benny is the blackest man I have ever seen. Benny is the father of David, and he knows it. Benny has had the experience of the birth from above. And what was the child? A little babe – a little rosy-cheeked baby son. It would be impossible for Benny to marry the blondest woman in this world and produce a light child, – I’m telling you, he’s so black! You have never seen anyone as black as Benny – Benny Gould, a big, strong, strapping fellow. He’s had the “birth from above,” and that child that was placed in his arms is a little blonde, blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked child. It’s the Christ Child. The Christ Child is the child, and David is a blonde, and Benny – he doesn’t object to my using him as an example to prove that we are not black or yellow or pink or white. We are spirit. But God is a protean being, and the same God that plays the part of Neville plays the part of Benny, for Benny says, “I am,” – that’s God; and I say, “I Am,” – that’s God. Look at each other, and I can’t see how we could come out of the same parents. And we don’t come out; we are the parents! We are the parents.

Question: (Inaudible on the tape).

Answer: My dear, God didn’t will it, but God gives man complete freedom of choice. Listen to these words: “I set before you this day life and death, blessings and curses, good and evil. Choose life.” (Deuteronomy 30:15). It’s entirely up to man. If I were not free in my choice, I were a puppet. If I had to be good, I’m no good! But give me choice, and let me make mistakes.

Man will not recognise his own harvest. It couldn’t happen without cause, and the cause is in the imagination of man. Imagination creates everything. That’s God-in-man!

So, if I want to make a fortune and I have the means, and that is to sell guns, – well, what’s happening now? What a lobby, that when two hundred million people really wants laws that will protect the neighbourhood! I have to register my car. Why can’t I register a gun? They don’t say I can’t have a gun. They say you’ll have the gun as you have a car, but there must be a licence for it, and a renewal year after year; so if they come into my house and I can’t produce that license, – well, then, they will question me: Was it stolen? Did I see it? Did I give it away?

I must keep track of that thing that I bought with a license, and yet, often this whole thing that has happened in our world – there were three: Martin Luther King, and the two Kennedys; and the demand of the entire nation is to have a license. Other countries have it, but we still say, No. What a fantastic lobby to get to these people who are the lawmakers!

Well, if he insists on doing it, he’ll do it. You can’t stop a man from imagining. Put me in jail and throw away the key, but you can’t stop me from imagining. And who knows who is “treading the winepress”? (Nehemiah 13:16). It could be some woman in jail who is thinking that she is inured, that she is not entitled to that treatment; and she is carrying on in her mind’s eye the most dramatic scenes – and they aren’t love scenes! These are all seeds that are being planted; and when the seeds come up for recognition, we don’t even recognise our own harvest.

Well, I think the time is just about up. I’ll take one more.

Question: I remember a passage which says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35). What does it mean by “my words”?

Answer: He is the word. The written word must be matched by the Living Word. Scripture must be fulfilled in me; so I come as the Living Word. If I am the Living Word, then what takes place in me must parallel what God wrote through His Promise in the written word.

(Question inaudible on the tape.)

Answer: Discriminate. Heaven is simply the final unity of humanity with God, because that one Body, wherever God is, that’s harmonious. That is Heaven. Heaven is Harmony. So, wherever that Body is, there is no conflict. That’s infinite creative power and wisdom and love; so union with that Body is heaven. So, Heaven is really the final union of humanity with God. And there is only God. There is nothing but God. So, all things will pass away, but God cannot pass away; and He redeems us, one by one by one. Where? In His own Body. Whose body is that? The Lord Jesus Christ. So, when a man says, “Well, now, I’m a very wise person. I have a Ph.D., and I have all these degrees, and so and so, and I don’t believe one word of what you say,” it’s perfectly all right.

Then they will say, “I am an atheist”. Do you know what the Bible calls an atheist? He can be the wisest thing among men, but read the 53rd Psalm: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God,’” – only the fool; so what he calls “the fool” is in the eyes of God wiser than what he is in the eyes of God. He has to go through many furnaces to burn off the nonsense he’s acquired in the world of men. All these are “furnaces” through which we go. The loss of a child, – that’s a furnace. A broken friendship, – that’s a furnace. All these emotional conflicts, – these are furnaces. They are not furnaces where you walk through actual fire. These are the fires, and they linger and burn; and so all these are the fires of earth that I’m put through; and in the end, it’s Infinite Mercy redeemed. I didn’t acquire it. Let no one brag; Let no one boast.

No one can, by acquiring merit, earn the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s Grace, Grace, – Grace – Grace, and still more Grace! And, so, my fitness for the Kingdom is not the consequence of what I did; it’s not the result of it.

It’s because God so loved me, He just simply picked me up. With all of my nonsense – with all of my weaknesses, He picked me up at that moment in Time, with unclean hands – unclean all over; but as I fused with Him, I was made clean.

(Question inaudible on the tape.)

Answer: No, it’s not a God out there, but I’ve got to convey between two people who seemingly – you seem to be “out there.” I’m speaking of one God all the time; but I repeat again, as I said earlier, God is a protean being. A dream is an analogy of it. In my dream there are a thousand characters that occur in my dream. I conjure them all, and I am the being playing all the parts because I am a protean being. Yet, in the dream I run from myself, scare myself to death, – until one day you wake up to realise that it’s all yourself “pushed out.” This whole vast world is the dream of God.

(End of recording.)



16 July 1968

[]No Other Gods

Tonight’s subject is There Is No Other Gods. You find this in the First Commandment in the book of Exodus, the 20th chapter. “I am the Lord your God, who have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:2), followed by the Second: “Make no image, whether on earth, the heavens, or below the sea.” (Exodus 20:4).

No image! Now if I hear the word, “God”, do I make an image? If you hear the word, “Jesus, do you have an image? If you have any image other than I Am,” you are violating the Commandment.

“ I am the Lord -” Well, that could be translated: “I am the I am,” for the word translated, “The Lord”, is the same word which is: “Jod He Vau He”, and: “When I come to the people of Israel, and I tell them that the God of their fathers has sent me, and they ask me, What is his name? What shall I say? Say to them, I am has sent you. That is my name forever, and by this I shall be known throughout all generations.” (Exodus 3:13-16). My own name: I Am. So, “make no graven image unto me,” (Exodus 20:4). and those who know thy name put their trust in thee.

Now, these are the commands of Scripture. If I really believe it, I can turn to no other. I can turn to nothing in the world, but to God; and God became me, that I may became God. So, the very core of my being is I Am. Before I say, “I am a man,” – I am. Before I say that I am sick, poor, known, unknown; before I quality it, condition it, put anything upon it, that core is God. That’s I Am!

Now: “Why, call me Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say?” (Luke 6:46). Now, he puts no limit on this power, none whatsoever. “Whatever ye desire, when you pray, believe that you have received it, and you will.” (Mark 11:24). He does not say it’s good for you or it’s bad for you. It’s entirely up to man to make the choice. Do I know what I want? Well, if I know what I want and I believe this and trust wholly in God as my own wonderful human imagination, then I should change my outer world to conform to my imaginal activity; so Israel’s delivery from Egypt, from the “house of bondage,” is your own wonderful human imagination delivered from the facts of nature.

You see the facts, you hear the facts; but I don’t like them. I will admit I must have something to do with externalising the things that I dislike; so in my ignorance I imagined all kinds of things. I thought I could get away with it. I thought no one saw me, that no one would know what I’m imagining when I’m alone, for no one is around. I am not speaking, I am not talking to anyone, not writing it down; it’s a secret, – it is my secret. It’s all my imagination, so can’t I indulge myself?

I pass someone on the street and say, “Oh, what a face!” I said it all within myself, and then I heard some news of someone else, and I was envious of what I heard. I heard it, and I became envious of what I heard. It’s my own wonderful imaginal activity. I fail to recognise my own harvest when they appear in my world, but I cannot deny there’s a law that supports every phenomenon in the world. Therefore, be not deceived, for God is not mocked, “As a man sows, so shall he reap.” (Galatians 6:7) and I am sowing – morning, noon and night by what I entertain in my imagination, for that is Christ Jesus.

Man is all imagination, and God is man and exists in us, and we in Him, and the External body of man is his imagination, and that I Jesus himself, and we, are his members – one with the body of Jesus, and that is our own wonderful human imagination. And one day, it will awaken like a flower, and we shall see what we did in our darkness, in our ignorance.

No condemnation, for we have paid the price while we acted unwisely. So, there’s no final judgement when you and I are brought before some external being to be judged for what we did. We are paying the price morning, noon and night, as we walk the earth. I read this unlovely thing, I read this lovely thing, and then I suddenly realise, Why, I did it myself! I planted it. No God on the outside gave it to me in response to a prayer; my own imaginal activity did it. No one rewarded me – no reward! I simply set it in motion. I did it, wisely or unwisely. I did it, willingly or unwillingly; but I did it. And so everything comes into my world because I, in my moments of imaginal activity, – and I don’t stop it; I’m doing it morning, noon and night, – I set them in motion.

So, if I am really free in the sense that I have been delivered from Egypt, it means that my imagination is so controlled – and I am one with it, that I refuse to accept the “facts” of life unless they conform to the ideals that I want to enjoy in my world.

So, I hear something of a friend of mine. He is unemployed. So, he’s unemployed, – that’s the “fact”. Well, am I really free? If I am really free from the tyranny of Egypt – free from the “house of bondage”, having heard what I heard, I will now represent him to myself as gainfully employed. Now, the facts deny it, but I will remain faithful to my assumption as though it were true, confident that imagining creates reality; and, therefore, if I persist in my assumption, it will harden into fact.

Well, having done it and proved it over and over and over, having shared what I have discovered with others, to see them doing it over and over, – then you become indifferent as to what others think. If there is evidence for a thing, does it really matter what another thinks, – if they tell you that you are stupid to believe that an imaginal act will harden into fact? You mean that you have nothing in this world, – but nothing! and you dare to assume that you have, – not only that you have, but you have what you want, and that others share it with you, and they know that you have it; and you’ll sleep this night on an empty stomach in the belief that you’ve been well-fed? that you sleep this night as though things were as you desire them to be, when every “fact” of life during the day denies it? Well, that’s what we are called upon to do!

We are called upon to trust Him – to put our trust in Him. Who is He? My own wonderful human imagination. I don’t say his imagination, – not his. “I Am” is his name. It’s first-person present; not “I was”; not, “I will be”, but “I Am”.

But I suppose I have imagined it and it hasn’t happened? Well, then, what am I doing now, saying that I once imagined it and I am not still imagining it? In other words, if you call me by my name, you say, “Well, Neville”: I’ll respond. If I’m running away from something of which I am ashamed, I will still in some strange way show that I do respond to that name. Well, now, I’ve put a name on “I Am”. I am – and you name it; healthy, wealthy, known, – whatever it is you desire in this world. Why forget it? Why forget what you’ve put upon the name of God? For the name of God, and the only name of God, and the everlasting name of God is “I Am”. He has no other name.

Now, the Christian world will speak of Jesus Christ; but the minute you say, “Jesus Christ”, you make an image, painted by the churches of the world after two thousand years, in violation of the Commandment: “Make no graven image of me.”

There is no personal description of Jesus in Scripture, but none! Can you write an autobiography of a man – any man, and not in some way give away just what he may look like? Can anyone write the biography of Lincoln or the late President Kennedy, and not say something about his personal being? You can’t do it. Yet, here is the greatest in the world, and not one word of his personal being is mentioned in Scripture. Was he tall? Was he short? Oh, I know there are priests in the world who will tell you he was five feet one. They have found some kind of a shroud. They’ve just found the bones of Peter! And all this nonsense in the world – this is not Scripture. Scripture is a psychological drama. It is supernatural, completely supernatural. It hasn’t a thing to do with any person who walked the face of this earth. And the living reality of the world is Christ Jesus. But Christ Jesus is your own wonderful human imagination. When you say, “I am”, that’s He!

Now, of course, the Christian will say, “The Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord,” meaning external to himself, and he worships that; but you will say, “Adonai,” or “Jehovah.” The Adonai Elohim, – that’s my God. And something external, in spite of the Commandment; and both are totally unaware of the fact that Jehovah and Jesus are one; and Jehovah and Jesus, both being one, – and what is one? I Am. I Am, – that’s the oneness of the universe. Well, if I can get through anyone’s head, and he completely believes it and trusts in it, and is willing to die rather than turn to a false god, he cannot fail.

You will say, “Well, then, when is it going to happen, for I imagined it?” Well, here are the words of Habakkuk:


The vision has its own appointed hour, it ripens, it will flower; if it be long, well, then wait, for it is sure, and will not be late.”

- Habakkuk 2:3 (Moffatt’s translation)


It’s like planting a seed. Well, don’t dig it up every day; just plant it in confidence that it contains within itself the powers to externalise the contents of itself, whether it be a grain of corn, a grain of wheat, or the sperm of a man. It will bring forth whatever is contained within it. And, so, all things bring forth after their kind.

So, if I dare to assume that I am the man I want to be – and I define it, – I don’t modify it, I don’t limit it, – I dream of the kind of a person that I want to be. Now, it need not be based upon the assumption of another or upon any recommendation of another, because if I discuss it with another, he will say, “Well, you know, you should have money.” Well, it’s not my desire in life. I have to have money to live, yes, and pay Ceasar’s world; but that is not my goal.

Here recently, a man down south died leaving a personal fortune of seven hundred million dollars. You have heard of the name; his name is Allison ____________. We have his theatre down south, a lovely theatre - I’ve gone into it - something new in the Music Centre. He owned the entire stock of the largest insurance, - that is, home insurance and loan company in the country - it may be in the world with assets in excess of a half-billion dollars. He has all the stock; it’s his. He left it to his wife - his second wife of a few years, and his son by the first wife of 18 years. Now, that man thought that if you didn’t work eighteen hours a day making money, you were no good. He didn’t contact his people; in years he never made one contact with the managers of the different branches. He remained at home; he didn’t want that personal contact. He was aloof. Just money - money - money - money. Well, I tell you, he didn’t take it with him!

And, so, to give all of your life to the building of something that you can’t take with you, – and you so love it and you can’t take it, – that’s why we are told; “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these things will be added.” (Matthew 6:33). “For your Father knows you have need of all these things.” (Luke 12:30). But put your heart completely on a goal that will be taken with you. So, we are told: “Set your hope fully upon the Grace that is coming to you at the Revelation of Jesus Christ.” (1st Peter 1:13. RSV).

If anyone would ask me tonight to advise him as to what he should want in this world, I would quote that passage; “Set your hope fully upon the Grace that is coming to you at the Revelation -” the unveiling - “Of Christ.” Well, who is He? Your own wonderful I-Am-ness. Christ is God the Father. Well, if he is God the Father, He has to have a Son.

Don’t tell me you are a father and there is no son to bear witness of your fatherhood. So, is He really a father? Is He really in me? Yes, He’s in thee, and He’s a father. Well, where is it said in Scripture that Jesus Christ is a father? Did it name his son? Yes, it did, if one reads it carefully.

“And so he turned to the crowd and he said, What think ye of the Christ? Whose son is he?” (Matthew 22:42), for the New Testament begins on the statement: “This is the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David.” (Matthew 1:1); so they answered, “The son of David.” (Matthew 22:42). And he then asked a very simple question: “Why, then, did David in the spirit call him, Lord? If David thus called him Lord, how can he be David’s son?” (Matthew 22:43,45).

Well, every son of the ancient world referred to his father as, “my lord”. He’s telling you David is his son. Well, now, chronologically, David lived – if I take it chronologically, as a secular history, David lived one thousand years before the Advent. Well, how can he be his son? Because it is not secular history. “Before the world was, I am” – “Before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58). And when the world shall cease to be, I Am. Therefore, he is not something that came into this time slot at a certain point in time. He was before the whole vast world was. And he was a father before the world was. And who is that son? David.

David is the sum total of all humanity. For to the Hebrew world, history consists of all the generations of men and all of their experiences fused into a single whole, and that whole is called Eternity. And Eternity – the Hebrew word is “Olam” (O-l-a-m; it’s translated: “Eternity”.

Now, in Scripture, David stands before the king; and first he asks his lieutenant, – he said, “Abner, whose son is that youth?” (1st Samuel 17:55). Listen to the sentence carefully. He’s not concerned about the lad; he’s concerned about the lad’s father. He said, “Abner, whose son is that youth?” and the lieutenant answered and said, “As you so liveth, O King, I cannot tell.” He said, “inquire whose son the stripling is.” They inquired; no one knows. And then David stands before the king, holding the head of the giant Goliath in his hand; and said to him – He said, “Whose son are you, young man?” And he said, “I am the son of thy servant Jesse, the Bethlehemite.” 1st Samuel 17:55-58).

Listen to it: in each case he’s inquiring about the father; so the answer comes back: “I am the son of Jesse.” Well, Jesse is any form of the verb “to be.” He’s telling the king: I am the son of Him Whose name is “I Am.” That’s who I am, the son of the One Whose name is “I Am”. Well, who is “I Am”? “I Am” is the name of God forever and forever; so he tells you he is God, for David calls him “father”.

Now, if Christ became me, as Scripture teaches, “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you? unless of course you fail to meet the test!” (2nd Corinthians 13:5). Well, if He is in me, then I, too, must be a father, for He is (our, my?) father; and if I am Christ, I have to be the father of the same son. There can’t be another son, – not a David, but the David. Well, David does come, – one glorious explosion in your head, and when it all comes down and the dust is settled, here before you is this glorious boy as described in the Book of Samuel. Here is David; and he’s calling you, “Father”; and there’s no uncertainty as to this relationship: you the father, and David the son. There is no other way that you will ever know that you are the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah, unless His only son calls you, “Father”.

And that’s how Scripture unfolds within us, and everyone is going to have the experience.

So, have no other God, but God. Do not turn to any outside God. They do not exist; they are false gods. If there be Christ other than He who is crucified within us, who actually rose and continues to rise in us, that Christ is a false Christ; and that Christ, all the priesthoods – and, I mean all denominations; Protestants, Catholics, and the Rabbinical world – teach us an external god. Any teaching of an external god is a false god. There is no external god. “Make no graven image unto me.” (Exodus 20:4).

So, here, – to have no other God, we are asked by Scripture to put it into practice, for I must fulfil Scripture. Scripture must be fulfilled in me. The only purpose for being is to fulfil Scripture, for everything in my world is going to vanish. If I owned the earth, I will leave it behind me; and eventually everything is going to vanish and leave not a trace of ever having been present. But this reality I cannot leave behind. So, I only can take with me that portion of Scripture that I have fulfilled.

So, to what extent have I fulfilled Scripture? To what extent am I living by Scripture? I must live by it. So, you find yourself free – free of the horrors of the world when you really have only the one God, – not two gods. “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.” (Deuteronomy 6:3) – not two. That is the great confession of faith of the Hebraic mind; but do they mean it when every Friday night in Temple they say, – it’s a beautiful thing when it’s intoned in the Hebrew language; it’s beautiful, it moves you; but those who hear it and give the response, do they believe it? – when they believe that something outside of Self is their security? Take from me everything, but don’t take from me my name that is God. If you don’t take from me and rob me of the feeling that I am, then take all the little things for these are only shadows. I’ll rebuild it. I will rebuild everything as you take it from me. So, I grant you the right to take it from me, but don’t take from me the knowledge that I am the One that men called God, – not Neville, not any little thing that you can tag but just simply my awareness – when I am aware of being, and this wonderful human imagination, – that is God!

Now, is there anything I can’t imagine? No. I may not believe it’s possible to do it, but don’t tell me I can’t imagine. I can take anyone in the world and tell them a little story. The story could be fantastic, incredible; they will follow me if I use language that they can understand. Let me use the language that they use, and let me come down to their level and find words that they understand, and tell the story. The most incredible story in the world, – they can follow me. They will follow me how? In their imagination. As I tell the story, they will follow me, and they will know exactly what I’m talking about; so let me tell it with understanding, for they can do it. What is impossible to a man who can understand? So, he begins to imagine the state.

Now, let me show you in a simple way how this thing is done, because in the world of Caesar we do depend upon our senses, and we give reality to things based upon the sense – the sense of touch, the sense of sound, the sense of sight; and we give reality to it. So, we employ these. Imagination is spiritual sensation.

Now, I don’t need the actual object before my senses or to touch it with my hand at the moment. I can imagine it, but can I touch it in my imagination? Well, see if you can’t touch it now. Think of a tennis ball. Just think of a tennis ball. Well, it’s out where? Can you bounce it and hear it? Bounce it in your imagination, and hear it. Can you hold it? Can you feel the texture? Can you smell it? All right, you’ve done that much.

But you will say, “That’s all imagination; that is unreal. It doesn’t exist.” All right.

Now, take a baseball. Do the same thing to the baseball. Does it bounce? No, it’s harder; it doesn’t really bounce in the true sense of the word. Well, does it feel like the tennis ball? No. Does it smell like it? No. Well, if you can discriminate between these two substances – these two objects, – well, then, they must exist. You can’t discriminate between nothings. If one is nothing and the other is nothing, – well, then, you discriminate. You can only discriminate if they exist. They exist, invisible to mortal eye; but they exist.

Now, everything in this world exists in the same way. If you bring it into your mind’s eye, it exists. All it needs on your part is the acceptance of the reality. Can you believe that it’s real? If you can agree that it’s real to the degree that you are self-persuaded that it’s real, it will become real.

Now, when men like our late President and the late Churchill and the present Anthony Eden will make these bold statements, – if you tell people as they listen to you, who said it, they are inclined to accept it because the men were prominent when they lived here. And, so, here, Mr Hoover – he sent me an autographed copy of his address that he gave in the City of San Francisco the last time he spoke at the G.O.P. Convention; and he said that nations with its many forms of government, its revolutions – all the things concerning a nation – “The rise and fall,” he said, “could be written in terms of the rise and fall of ideas implanted in the minds of men.” Now that is Mr Hoover.

If I said John Brown said it, all this is silly; but a man who sat in the White House, – and, although he only held it for four years, I do personally feel he was a very able man, – a man that was far, far greater than present his story has ever given any account of, – a really great man. And he said, “The rise and fall of nations (or the rise and fall of families – the rise and fall of an individual could be written in terms of the rise and fall of ideas implanted in the mind of that individual or that family or that nation.” Change these ideas, – you don’t have to fight; it will go down if you put it down. It will go up if you rise up to it.

Now, Churchill said, “This is an age in which the fortunes of people are determined by their moods.” This is not an age where people think, “Well, now, give me something first and then I will feel happy about it.” No, he said the mood determined the fortunes, rather than the fortunes determining the mood. Now, that is Churchill, a very practical man; and here he is telling the entire world who will listen to him that a mood – if you hold a mood, – well, what is a mood but an imaginal state? How would I feel if this moment I desired some intense wonderful thing and I had it? But how would I feel? Well, that’s a mood. Churchill tells us: Catch the mood, and the mood will determine the fortunes. Don’t wait for the fortunes to react to the mood, but catch the mood and make the mood become causative and produce the result in the outer world – the fortune.

And, then, Anthony Eden made the statement that: “An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.” it’s denied by the evidence of the senses; reason denies it, but he tells us, “If I dare to assume a thing,” – and he said this at the Guild Hall in London when he was Prime Minister. It was his duty to address all the heads of the different aspects of the Commonwealth on this day at the Guild Hall. And they were having difficulties then with Russia, and he was calling upon the entire Western World – speaking to the British people but calling on the Western World to change their attitude; for, unless the attitude is changed, you cannot change Russia; and if you are always going to be suspicious of her, and treat her as though she could never be trusted, – well, then, you are going to have similar things multiply in the world. “All you have to do,” he said, “Assume that they are reacting as you desire them to react; and if you persist in that assumption, it will harden into fact.”

Well, I have tried it. I have tried it with some person in my world that seemed stubborn in their attitude towards – well, another, or even self. My wife, when we were first married, she worked at the Music Hall, and the man who was her boss – a Russian, would keep her after hours. He wouldn’t come to work until noon; she came to work at 9:00, and her hours were from 9:00 until 5:00; but he didn’t come until 12:00, and he liked to work late at night, and just as she was about to go home, he would call her into his office and say, “Billie, I want you to do this, that, and the other,” – and delay her dinner by an hour and a half, two hours, or more. And she resented this attitude of this man; so I said to her, “Why, Darling, as long as you are going to act this way towards him, he has to respond in like kind. You know the Law; he doesn’t. So he makes a fortune, and you don’t make a fortune, but you are an artist.” She was a designer for the costumes that appeared on the stage of the Music Hall for eleven years. So, I said, “Talk to him as though he has praised you for your work. This morning when you go to work,” – we were only five blocks from the Music Hall where we lived on the 55th Street – “as you walk down Sixth Avenue, make a mental picture of him walking with you and hear his voice” – its’ a distinctive Russian voice – “and have him in his own broken English tell you how thrilled he is with your designs – so much so that he wants to use all of them, but the budget does not allow it; yet he wants to use every one you’ve brought down. How would you feel if he wanted all of them, and not take just two or three and send you back to your office to bring another four or five; but he wants every one that you have submitted?”

She started doing it. Do you know? It wasn’t 24 hours that his attitude changed towards Billie, and remained changed because she changed it. So, we have that in Scripture: “We love Him, because He first loved us.” (1st John 4:19). Our love of God is response. Well, your love of any one is response, unless you know what you are doing and you set it up in motion. And, so, if you want someone to respond, you have to start it first. So, she started it with him – Leonidov; and to this day, – of course, she hasn’t worked there in years, – but to this day when we go back, if we go to the Music Hall, he is all praise and joy. He could not be nicer; and yet, for eleven years he was, in her eyes, the devil!

Well, this is life. And it’s entirely up to us. What are we going to do if I have no other god? The minute she spoke of him as causation, she had another god; and he had the power to do what he was doing, and he had no power; because the very day she changed it to the real God, he had no power. He could only reflect the activity of her own mind. So, if I think, “Now he can fire me,” – then, I’ve given him a power he doesn’t really possess, because the world is yourself “pushed out”. The whole vast world bears witness of the being that you are; for you are God, and God is a protean being. He’s playing all the parts – good, bad and indifferent. So, it’s entirely up to us what we are doing, that we conjure in our world the different ones that bear witness to what we are doing. They reflect the activity of our own mind.

So, if you have no other god, life will be so marvellous for you. You can’t begin to believe or to understand how free you are! Yes, in the world beyond this – in the world of dream, you still catch yourself in the world of dream not responding like some automaton. You don’t act like some slave simply moving under command of your attention. you find yourself breaking it and changing it even in the dream. When you get to the point where in dream you are in control, and your attention is not – I would say – the victim, but it is actually the one under control of you, then your whole vast world will change.

Now, all I can ask you to do is try it. Just simply try it, and don’t say one thing is too difficult or this one is impossible.

Here is a chap. His best suit he tells me: “It was my best suit. I liked it. I sent it to the cleaners. I always liked the job the cleaner did; and when I call for my suit, the pants were missing. After two or three days of intense search all over the plant, he couldn’t find the pants. My wife began to bawl him out. I said, “Don’t do that. I really believe in this law.” The man said to me when I made my third visit, “I want you to sign this. I’m insured, and I will get a new pair of pants for you to match the suit.” I said, “No, I don’t want a new pair of pants; I want my pants. I just want my pants. I will not sign it, – no signing.” He said, “On my way down the freeway to work, I took my imaginary hands – I didn’t take my physical hands off the wheel; I’m driving down the freeway doing 65 miles an hour, but in my imagination my hands is on the pair of pants. I can feel the texture, as you just did it with the ball. I can feel the pants. I’m actually feeling it. I did it all the way down to the office. That night on my way back, I rode wearing the pants; I could feel them on my thigh, and my hands could feel the texture of the piece of cloth. The next day, the man calls my wife to say that in delivering a suit, that the pair of pants were under the pants for that suit.” Someone had hidden two pants on the one, but it happened that his was the hidden one. And they found the pair of pants!

Now, you will say, “Well, that’s a mere coincidence.” There is no accident in this world. Don’t think that one thing happens by accident. There is no sure thing. All things have causes. Everything in the world begins with some cause. Well, now, he redeemed his pair of pants by not accepting the evidence of the senses. You can do that with everything in this world, – I don’t care what it is. But we are the operant power. It doesn’t operate itself. If I know what to do and I don’t do it, it doesn’t work itself! I have to actually operate this wonderful principle in my own wonderful human imagination. So, I can’t pass the buck.

You get to the point, as my wife – years ago – said to me, “You know, the one thing wrong with you, Neville, – you don’t trust anyone but yourself.”

I said, “I trust everyone, but I don’t ask anyone for help, if that’s what you mean.”

I will trust them, because they are myself “pushed out”, and I do trust myself. But why must I turn to another and ask another, when God is not another? He is centred in me, as my own wonderful human imagination. And wouldn’t it be far better for me to suffer in the interval to discover God than not to suffer and never discover Him? Always passing the buck? Asking this one, that one, or the other one? No; I’ve got to stand on my own feet.

In fact, my dancing partner, when Billie and I got engaged back in 1936, – she said to my wife: “You know, I’ll tell you one thing, how to keep him. Wear a dress that resembles the Bible. He’s always reading it.” She heartily disapproved of my interest in the bible. To her, the theatre and all the things of that sort were far more interesting; but for me to sit home and find interest six hours a day, seven days a week, in reading the same book – the Bible – well, I haven’t exhausted it, and I could not in eternity. It’s the Word of God. It’s even fresh; day after day, the Book is fresh. And yet, the sixty-six books, I’ve read them over and over and over; and I read them with the Concordance – both the Hebrew and the Greek, and it’s even a fresh book. When people say to me, “Have you read so-and-so?”

I say, “What so-and-so?”

“Well, it’s the best seller.”

“No, I haven’t, and please don’t give it to me. I have no time to read it.”

So, they are always forcing books on me, but I don’t have time to read them, because I never exhaust the one Book, and that is the Bible.

Now, it may seem insane to take one book over the two thousand years and still make it modern, but the Bible is contemporary. It’s not an ancient work; it’s forever! It’s contemporary. These characters are eternal states dwelling in the imagination of man, and the day will come when you will meet them, and you will know they are states; but when you enter the states, they become animated. You animate the state of Abraham, and here is Abraham; but it’s a state, but suddenly it takes onto you flesh and blood. It becomes an animated being, and it is Abraham. You don’t have to ask any questions as to who are you? – you know when you enter the state of Abraham, which is the state of faith.

All these are states – eternal states, which is God’s drama; and man passed through states, as he passes through cities. If I pass through a city, the city doesn’t cease to exist because I passed through it. It remains for anyone to pass through. Well, the same thing is true of states. I pass through the state of poverty. When I pass through poverty and rub it off and assume, while I’m poor, that I am rich; then when I become rich, poverty hasn’t cease to be, any more than the state or the city ceased to be. It remains a state for anyone to enter it.

When you know this, you can forgive every being in the world. He fell into a state, and people say, “He’s poor.” He isn’t poor; he’s in a state of poverty. He can get out of that state. While he’s in it, assume that he is free. Assume that he is now wealthy, or whatever he feels would be security; while he is in that new state, the other one ceases to be to him; but it remains a permanent state for anyone, knowingly or unknowingly, to fall into it.

Therefore, when you know this, you can say with Blake: “I do not consider either the just or the wicked to be in a supreme state, but to be everyone a state of the sleep which the soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of good and evil.” It falls right into a state and remains in it, and then the state externalises in his world.

When you know this, you are as free as the wind, and you will not go to sleep at night in any state other than the state of your desire. You just would not. And, yet, people will say, “Just give me five more minutes, because I so love the feeling of being unwanted.” Haven’t you known people that way?

I knew a man in New York City during the Second World War. He hated Roosevelt – hated him! And the man said to me quite innocently – he came to my meetings; he said, “When I shaved in the morning, I tell him what I think of him. I spend every minute that I’m shaving my face telling him what I think of him, and it isn’t pleasant.”

I said, “Why do you do this?”

“Well,” he said, “you know, if you go to a Broadway show tonight and spend ten dollars for a seat, you couldn’t get the kick in the two and a half hours for ten dollars that I get for nothing in ten minutes in the morning. I get all my emotions aroused, and they are flaming because I so hated the so-and-so.” He says, “Who do you think you are? A king? You put your son, who is not a soldier, and make him a general.” And he’s telling all these things.

Well, Roosevelt wasn’t hurt; he was hurt. He offered Roosevelt gifts that he did not accept. If I give you a gift and it’s not accepted, who is stuck with it? I, the giver. I offered it and you didn’t take it; so I’m stuck with it. So, he offered these things to Roosevelt, and Roosevelt didn’t take them; so he was stuck with them, and his world simply went this way. He was an only child. What possessed him to dislike a man he’d never met, – but people do that. And people will not get out of the mood; knowing the mood is causative, they still stay in it, and “eat worms”, as it were, – just revel in it for a while, not knowing that it’s going to come to pass. And when they least expect it, the harvest will appear. They will not recognise their harvest, and they will deny they even planted it or had anything to do with the planting of it, but it had to come just as they did it, and that’s the law.

So, here, take this seriously. Find out who God really is. I tell you from my own experience, He is your own wonderful human imagination. And that wonderful human imagination is the Eternal Vine – the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are His members (paraphrase of Ephesians 5:30). And the Lord Jesus Christ is one with the Lord Jehovah. They are one, and the name of both is “I Am”. That’s God! Well, can you say, “I am”?

A little child when it’s born, before it can see anything or know anything, it must first know that it is. Its little hand comes up, and it doesn’t even know that its hand is its own, and it looks at it for a second and then it falls, and it wonders, “What has happened? Where did that something go?” It doesn’t know it’s its own hand, – eventually if it stays long enough for it to look at it; but before it can identify a hand, it must first be; and it is saying, without using words, “I am”. Everyone is saying, “I am”, for that is the breath of man, because that’s God-in-man. Without God-in-man, there is no man. And God’s name is Himself; and therefore, everyone, even the moron, is saying, “I am”.

One who suffers from total amnesia is aware of being, even though he doesn’t know who he is and what he is and where he is. He still knows that he is. Well, that’s God.

Now, we start on that premise and build the structure that we want in this world of ours. Now, let us go into the Silence. Good.

Now, are there any questions, please?


(A lady asks a question which is inaudible on the tape.)

Answer: No; David is the second event. The birth comes first. In fact, strangely enough, in the Resurrection – man in the Resurrection is above the organisation of sex. He’s not a male. I’m not speaking of a male; I’m speaking of Man. You are Man, but on this level, you are a female. I am Man, but on this level I am male. Now, don’t confuse male with man, for God is Man. And, so, when you see David, even though you be woman, you will know that you are the father of David. Strangely enough, it will not strike you funnily or in some strange way; it will be the most natural thing in the world, because you are God, and God is Man. This division is only on this level, but man in the Resurrection is above the organisation of sex; and, so, the second great event is the coming of David; the third is the splitting of the Temple of your body from top to bottom and the ascent, like a serpent, into heaven; and the forth is the descent of the dove. And the dove smothers you with affection. That is the symbol of the Holy Spirit accepting you completely – the seal of approval of the work that he’s done. So, these are the four major ones. After that, you fulfil Scripture in many ways; but these are the four major ones – the Four Mighty Acts of God, unveiling Himself in you as you.

So, don’t think for one moment because you’re a lady that it will stun you when David stands before you and you know that you are his father. It will not, my dear, – any more than it stuns a woman of seventy-seven to find a little infant and know, “That is mine.”

Now, many of you have conceived of the Holy Spirit, but you’ve forgotten it. I’ll give you a case.

This lady in L.A. – a sweet, lovely lady, I would say my age, – being a lady, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s five years younger. So, she’s my age; therefore beyond the age of bearing. I asked them all in L.A. to please share with me their visions, that I may interpret and see where they are in the unfolding picture, for I’m only interested in the unfolding picture of Scripture.

“Well,” she said, “I was coming down on a ship along the California coast and I turned to a passenger on deck, and I said, ‘Let me know when we pass or arrived at Point Conception’; and this passenger said to her, ‘Why, we passed that thirty miles back. Don’t you remember?’” And she said, “I felt so sheepish and so foolish that I did not remember,” and I said to her, “Oh, yes, I forgot! Point Conception thirty miles back.”

I said to her, “You have had the Conception. You’ve conceived of the Holy Spirit. You only now have to await the birth; and if you’ve forgotten the conception, the chances are you’ve forgotten the birth.”

So she said, after I spoke to her, three weeks later this is what she had: She said, “I found myself in a house – dark, pitch dark – no light. I was finding it difficult to open a door leading to the outside. There was something wrong with the handle, or something, but I finally got it open, and I was blinded by the brilliancy of the outside – it was so brilliant with light – this enormous brilliant light. On the steps in front of me was a little babe wrapped in cloth in a basket, and two women dressed in the robes of the ancient world,” – like the Biblical women as you see in pictures, and a third one standing a little bit removed – maybe ten feet away; and she said, “I knew when I saw that baby that it was mine!” One woman said, “It is her baby,” pointing to this lady; the other one said, “How could it be her baby? She was in the house. Someone must have left it there. I will take it.” But the one said, “Oh, no, you don’t.” and then lifted the infant and put it in her arms. She said, “I knew it was my baby. I knew it was my son – not just a baby, but my son,” and the little boy looked into her face and a heavenly smile broke upon it, – the story of Isaac.

Well, she’s a woman beyond the age of bearing. I could tell many of the ladies in the audience they’ve all had the birth; and right after the birth comes David; after David, the Temple’s being split; and then the Dove. It takes three and a half years from the birth to the end of the drama. Well, we’ve been travelling for thousands of years. We didn’t start in our mother’s womb. We’ve been coming through this “furnace of affliction” for thousands of years, and the end is perfect. But the end comes so quickly! Up to the very end, you’re totally unaware of what is going to happen, and then suddenly in three and a half years the drama is over.

But you will not be surprised, my dear, when you see David and David calls you “father”. You see, in the most critical book on the Bible, – it is the Encyclopaedia Biblica, – they claim that the original manuscripts that they have used to translate – the volume is this thick, – an enormous volume. You can get it today in four volumes. I have it, unfortunately, in the one big thick one, and it falls apart it’s so big and heavy. But when it takes David, David has no mother in the ancient manuscripts; but in our Bible, the scribes along the way – in the Book of Ruth – gave a mother to make it secular, and it isn’t secular history at all.

Listen to the words: “And I will tell of the decree of the Lord. He said unto me, Thou art my son. Today I have begotten thee.” (Psalm 2:7).

There is no mother mentioned. That’s the 2nd Psalm, and these are the words addressed to David. “And I have found David, and he has cried unto me, Thou art my father, my God, and the Rock of my Salvation.” (Psalm 89:26).

Who is speaking? The Lord is speaking.

But there are people in this world, – I have a lady in New York City, and she said, “I just cannot for one moment pray to a male god. My god has to be a woman.” She was bitter in marriage. She hated her husband; undoubtedly, he hated her, too. She’s an interior decorator. She and her two sisters all work as interior decorators, and they all have this strange feeling about men. They hate men. Therefore, because they hate men, they can’t conceive that God is man, and her god has to be a woman, and she’s going to pray to a woman.

I said, “Go ahead and pray to a woman if you want to. I don’t pray to any man or woman. I appropriate.”

I’m told the world is mine and all within it; and “were I hungry, I would not tell you.” (Psalm 50:12) I would slay and eat, “for the cattle on a thousand hills are mine.” (Psalm 50:10). So, why should I ask you for permission to take what is mine? So, she’s asking someone else – a woman god; but you will not ask a woman god, – you are that God, and you are not male or female; you’re Man.

That powerful statement of Blake:


Thou art a man. God is no more.

Thy own humanity learn to adore.”


Are there any other questions, please?

(Question inaudible on tape).

Answer: Well, my dear, look at this fabulous world and see the activity. It’s kept alive by this causal action in the mind of man. All this action that you see is not on the “outside”.


All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your own wonderful human imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.”

- William Blake


(Further question by some woman, inaudible on tape).

Answer: Inner talking externalise themselves. They do! The outside world bears witness of the inside world; and we do it morning, noon and night, and we can’t seem to arrest it. We are causal beings. And morning, noon and night, get on the right one, because if you don’t you are going to start the confusing and add to the confusion. People think, “I’m alone. No one sees it.” Then read the 8th chapter of Ezekial. They do into the little places, and they think, “No one sees us”; and all these monstrous things are creeping within their minds, but the Lord sees, for the Lord is within, “and he sees what man is doing there – with the abominations within the chambers of their own minds.” (Ezekial 8:6).

If man thought for one moment that what he is entertaining as though was visible to a being, he would hesitate: but he doesn’t think that it’s visible to any being, including God. he thinks god is too busy running the universe; so, because he’s put God “out there”, some place – I don’t know where he’s put Him, but somewhere “out there”, and He’s so busy holding all these planets and galaxies in their place, He has no time for this one little worm called John Brown. Yet, He is in the very heart of John Brown, or John Brown couldn’t breathe – John Brown couldn’t live! And it is the same God that created and sustains the universe, – the same God. There is only one God. There are not two gods. There’s no room for two gods. And get it right into your mind so that you will not turn to another god.

Every once in a while some phony drops upon the stage and tries to mislead you into some meditative act, but give him some money first. They want ten percent of your salary to teach you how to meditate; and then the first thing they do, they enslave your mind. Then they put you on a special diet. That’s the way to God, – or wearing certain kinds of clothes, or doing something else, – all external things. And that’s not God. Leave them alone any time that they approach you with something to be done on the outside in order to reach God, – leave them alone.

“Who will now commend us to God? You are no worse off if you do not eat, and no better off if you do.” (1st Corinthians 8:8). That’s what we are told in Scripture. He says, “I know, and I am persuaded by the Lord Jesus Christ that there is nothing unclean in itself; but anyone who sees anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.” (Romans 14:14).

So, let them not eat this, and not eat that because it’s unclean. Well, then, it’s unclean to them. But don’t let them influence you. God gave you a palate to exercise it. Well, I couldn’t exercise my palate on the kind of thing that holy people eat. And may I tell you? If anyone is introduced to you as a holy man, turn around and run in the opposite direction. No matter what he look like and how he’s publicised, there aren’t any “holy” men! If anyone says, “There is Christ,” or, “Here is Christ,” believe him not. For when He appears, you are just like Him. Well, do you look like that person? No. This one? No.

I was on TV one night, a two-hour panel. We had a Baptist minister and the head of the Seventh Day Adventists in Los Angeles, with headquarters in Glendale, who teaches philosophy at U.C.L.A., and an archaeologist. We all started off, and the two ministers said, “If we accept what you are teaching, you have robbed us of two thousand years of Christianity.”

I said, “I have? Well, you’d better accept it, because if you’ve been holding onto something in conflict with this, it’s all wrong – all speculation. I’m not speculating, I’ll tell you the truth. It’s all revelation.”

Then the archaeologist takes out a shroud – some long piece of a cloth, and he tries to convince the people on TV because he puts it before the camera. He said, “This is the impression of the body of Jesus.”

I said, “That’s the impression of the body of Jesus?”

He said, “yes; it was found, I think, in 500 A.D.”

I said, “You believe that? You, an archaeologist!”

And, of course, the Seventh Day Adventist believed it; and the Baptist didn’t commit himself, but he was on the verge of committing himself.

I said, “Now, you are all students of the Bible, aren’t you? You are both ministers.”

“Oh, yes, students of the Bible.”

I said, “It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know this much: When he does appear, we shall know him.” ‘Why?’ “We shall be like him.” (1st John 3:2).

“Now, do you look like that? Why, that is so far removed from anyone around this table that you couldn’t compare it. It doesn’t even look human to me. But you look like that? Well, when he appears, you will look like him. Well, now, do you think you are going to grow into the likeness of that?”

Well, they didn’t know what to say – all tongues going this way, and the cameraman moved; and the Moderator picked it up and started in a different direction.

When I start with Scripture, they all become confused, but I am only quoting Scripture. And when I say, “David is the son of Jesus Christ”, – “Where is that? Christ wasn’t married!”

I said, “Must a man be married to have a child?”

There are millions born in this world without marriage. Well, we won’t go into that angle of it.

He tells you that David in the spirit called him, “my Lord”; and my Lord is my father. A son refers to his father as “my Lord”. He’s telling you, if he is a father, he has to have a son and he’s pinpointed the son for you, but you think Jesus Christ is the son of God. he tells you he is God.

He said, “Philip, I have been so long with you, and yet you do not know me? He who has seen me has seen the Father. How, then, can you say, Show us the Father?” (John 8:9).

Good night.



17 July 1968

[]The Pattern Man (1)

The Bible is a mystery, to be known only by revelation. You can sit down and think about it and rationalise from now to the ends of time; if it is not revealed in you, you will not know it. And the majority of the teachers of the world take the traditions of men and teach it as fact; and so we come, then, to one Bible with these preconceived misconceptions of the great revelation of God to man.

So tonight we are taking the Pattern Man. Everyone who has heard of Jesus Christ thinks of him as a man. Jesus is not a man; he is the man – the only man – who is buried in every child born of woman, and who will rise in every child born of woman. And when he rises in us, then we and the Lord Jesus Christ are one. He comes only to fulfil scripture. Man goes, building on this world of ours – it’s perfectly all right, – let him do it, – he’s encouraged to do it; but the story of Jesus is to fulfil Scripture. He said, “I have come only to fulfil Scripture. Scripture must be fulfilled in me.” (see Mark 14:49).

And beginning with Moses and the Law and the prophets and the Psalms, he interpreted to all, all the things concerning himself; for the Scripture was not the New Testament, – it was only the Old. So, when you spoke of the Scriptures in that day, you only had one Scripture, and that was the Old Testament. So the Old Testament was a prophecy, and the New fulfils it; and He is the New. So, He is the Pattern Man in every child born of woman. So, he’s not a man; he is the man, the perfect man; and this Perfect Pattern awakens and unfolds in us.

Now, we are told in the last chapter of Zechariah: “The Lord will become king over all the earth, and in that day the Lord will be one, and his name one.” (Zechariah 14:9).

If you are born into the family of the Browns, you automatically, – regardless of the name given you – you are a Brown. So, you may be given the name of John, but nevertheless you are John Brown, if you are born into the family whose name is Brown. Well, all are being born into the one body whose name is Jesus. So, in the end, every one will be Jesus; for “in that day the Lord will be one, and His name one.” (Zechariah 14:9).

You will not lose your identity. I will know you in this world of Caesar, and I will know you by your name, a friend of yours. But in the end, when you are born in the body of Jesus, you’re still the John that I know here, but you are Jesus; and I will see you, and see you as Jesus, for there’s only, in the end, only one man, – the Perfect Man, the Pattern Man, and that man is Jesus. And Jesus and the Lord God Jehovah are One! They aren’t two gods; they aren’t two lords. It’s only one God, – “only one body, only one spirit, only one hope… only one God and Father of all.” (Ephesians 4:4-6).

I know it seems strange to many who have not had the experience, because they have been trained differently, and you can’t blame anyone. I came out of a family of Christians, – at least, we think we are Christians; and I am quite sure that my family today would be shocked beyond measure to hear me say what I am now saying. I know this past year in Barbados, discussing it with my sister, and she is trained as I am trained, or was trained, – but this is before the vision. And before the vision, certainly I believed in Jesus as a man – trained as any Christian in the world, believed that he was a man, born of a woman who knew not a man in some strange miraculous manner; and then came the vision, the actual experience of the mystery of Christ.

As Paul tells us in his letter to Timothy: “Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion.” ( Timothy 3:16, RSV).

Well, if it’s a mystery, then it isn’t history; for history is certainly not a mystery, for history is based upon facts. So, there’s no mystery to the facts of life. And if the Bible is based upon secular history, then it’s not a mystery. But Paul, he said: “Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion!” (1st Timothy 3:16, RSV); and he uses the word “mystery” no less than twenty times in his letters. He said: “And God has made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth as a plan in Jesus Christ for the fullness of time.” (Epehsians 1:9,10. RSV).

So, when the time is full in you, in everyone, that plan erupts. And everything said of Him in Scripture, which you were taught to believe was secular history, proves itself in you to be supernatural history. It’s a history of salvation. You are “saved” by that Pattern – that perfect pattern.

So, he was born in a supernatural manner. You’ll be born in a supernatural manner. And if his name was Jesus, you remain the same – John or Mary, whatever your name is – but you are Jesus by reason of that “birth”, for you are born supernaturally. It comes so suddenly, it comes so unexpectedly; you don’t look forward to it because you were not taught to believe that it is going to happen this way. You were taught to believe that some time in Eternity, if you are a good person in the eyes of Him who is your Saviour, that then He will decide whether He will save or not. While not a thing on the outside world help, nevertheless you depended upon His grace, whether He would save you, when all of a sudden you discover He was in you all along!

The whole story of Christ was wrapped in man as a pattern, but it can’t erupt in man until a certain moment in time. At that moment nothing can stop it! You may be on a journey at the moment, and certainly not thinking of this, when suddenly the whole thing unfolds within you. And the drama takes the same time as mentioned in Scripture: it takes twelve hundred and sixty days, as told us in Scripture.

In the last chapter of Daniel, a book written six hundred years B.C., Daniel said, “How long to the end of these wonders?” (Daniel 12:6). Not a statement is made as to when you begin to count, but: “‘How long will it be to the end of these wonders?… and he who stood above the water, he said to him: A time, times, and half a time.” (Daniel 12:6,7).

The Ancients counted a “time” as a year, and a year to the Ancients was three hundred and sixty days. They divide the three hundred and sixty days by twelve, making twelve periods of thirty days. Then a half of that would be a half of a time, which would be a hundred and eighty days. So, a time was a year; times, two more years; and then a half a time. Well, you multiply it and add it up, and you will see it comes to one thousand two hundred and sixty days, as told us in Revelation – the 11th chapter of Revelation: “And my witness will come and prophecy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.” (Revelation 11:3).

Well, this erupted in me on the 20th day of July 1959, in this City of San Francisco. On the 6th day of December was the second eruption of the same year ‘59. On the 8th day of April of 1960 was the third eruption. And then on the first day of January of 1963 for the fourth eruption. When you add from the 20th day of July 1959 to the first day of January 1963, you will see it comes to 1,260 days – right to the day. I had no idea that Scripture was so literally true, but not on this level, for the birth was certainly not a physical birth, yet I was taught as a child to believe that Jesus’ birth was a physical birth and they came from some physical section of time and place to find a little physical child. But in reading Scripture after the event, you see the whole thing was a drama taking place, not on earth, but taking place in Heaven, for He is made to say: “I am not of this world. You are from below, I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world.” (John 8:23).

So, he is telling you in the most graphic manner what takes place in man. He is the Pattern – the pattern of a New Man that unfolds, that takes the man from this world and puts him into an entirely different world called by men “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Until you are “born from above”, you cannot in any manner enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:3); and you don’t acquire it. It’s all by grace. But that grace was “in the beginning…” John 1:1), “for He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4).

So, we are all chosen in the one body. The one body fell for a deliberate purpose; and we continue within the one body when the time is fulfilled and the body begins to erupt to fulfil its purpose. You and I are “born” in this manner, and we discover the Fatherhood of God in this manner. We discover the section of the torn part of the Temple in this manner, and then we find the complete satisfaction of what has taken place in us when the Dove descends upon us individually. But you read it in the story as something that took place two thousand years ago, and there it stopped. Then we are on the outside, hoping in some strange way, through our efforts, that He will see our efforts and then add them all together and we will acquire merit, and that He will save us because of acquired merit. You cannot, by any effort on your part, bring about this birth or enter the Kingdom of God.

It’s all grace, grace, grace, – and still more grace! So, we are told that grace and truth come through Jesus Christ. Well, grace is God’s gift of Himself to man. That’s grace.

People think of grace as something else; but, actually, in the Scriptures the word “grace” of which so much is said today as “he has charisma”; they spoke of the Kennedy’s as charismatic. They were those who had charisma, meaning that a peculiar spiritual force seemed to have moved them. Well, “charis” is the root of the word “grace”, meaning a gift from God. And God’s gift to man is God Himself!

God becomes man, that man may become God. So, that’s God’s gift. What greater gift could He give me than Himself? Well, he gives me the ultimate, – that’s Himself. So He “dies” by becoming me. He has to empty Himself of His glory to take upon Himself the limitation of this slave; and He “wears” this slave throughout unnumbered generations, for I didn’t begin in my mother’s womb, and I do not end in the grave. You and I began unnumbered generations ago. But at a moment in time predetermined by Him who gave Himself for us, we erupt; and erupting, we find that we are He!

So, God becomes as I am, with all my weaknesses – all my limitations, that I may become as He is, without weakness, without limitations – free beyond measure. And without this Pattern in us, it could not work. He could not mould us from without, and make us what He desires to make up. He had to enter us. So, we are the grave in which God is buried.

God Himself entered the tomb, which is man, and He lay down in that tomb with man and shared with me my visions of Eternity, until I awake and see Jesus. And Jesus is whom, then, I become! For everything said of Him, as they think, erupts within you, – you experience. You don’t hear it coming from without; you actually experience it; so you are talking then, from then on, from experience – not from theory. You don’t speculate. If He was born from above, and you are born from above; if the infant child is brought to you as the sign of your birth, as it was brought in the cave – as we call it in Scripture; and if there are witnesses there to record this birth, – the child was not the thing born; the child was the evidence of something that was born. God was born. So, you are told in Scripture: “And this shall be a sign unto you.” (Luke 2:12). What sign? “You shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.” (Luke 2:12).

So, they went in haste, and they found just as it was told. They found what (is told). The sign of a birth. The child wasn’t the thing that was born; that is the symbol of a birth. Well, what was born? Man was born as God!

For you are told: “and that thing -” and the word is called “thing” – “that thing which shall be born of you shall be called holy, the Son of God.” (Luke 1:24). So when you are “born”, then that is the thing.

Well, how do I know that I am “born from above”?

I felt the whole thing coming from inside, – that is, from the whole head exploding; and something is coming out – and I am coming out – out of a grave. But, within a matter of moments, here comes the child; here comes this “infant wrapped in swaddling clothes”, placed in your hands, with the same heavenly smile that is told in Scripture. And, then, the whole thing dissolves.

On the heels of that, a few months later, comes the discovery of the Fatherhood of God. And this is the most fantastic thing, because when it happened to me, I could hardly believe this thing. Had I gone off my rocker?

I went to bed quite innocently in a normal manner, as I did night after night; and here, this night, my head begins to explode, – and you feel you are exploding, and you wonder: “Is this the last moment in time for me? Is this what the world calls a ‘massive haemorrhage’?”

Not having had anything wrong with my head before this, you entertain this thought, because the whole thing is simply intensifying, and your head becomes more and more vibrant, and you cannot arrest it. You can’t stop it, and it increases in intensity; and when it reaches the apex of intensity, there is an explosion. And all of a sudden, standing before you is the David – not a David, but the David of Biblical fame. And he looks at you, and you know he is your son and he knows that you are his father. Here you are, admiring and drinking in the beauty – sheer beauty. You can’t describe the beauty of David. People have tried to paint him. There is a sculpture called “The David”; it can’t come near the David – that living reality – that comes before you!

Well, who is he? In Scripture, Jesus said, “He called me Father.” (Luke 20:44). Well, Jesus tells us in the Scripture that: “I am the Father. He who sees me sees the Father.” (John 14:9). “How can you say, Show us the Father? Have I been with you this long and you do not know me, Philip? He who hath seen me hath seen the Father.” (John 14:9).

And, if I am a father, there must be a son. And then, where is my son? And here comes David to fulfil Scripture, for he only comes to fulfil Scripture. For the prophecy was – and these are the words in the mouth of David: “The Lord said unto me, Thou art my son. Today I have begotten thee.” (Psalm 2:7). Read it in the 2nd Psalm, a psalm written one thousand years B.C.; and these are the words of David.

Now, in the 89th Psalm the Lord comes upon David: “I have found David, and he has called unto me, Thou art my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.” (Psalm 89:26). So, here you find yourself fulfilling Scripture; and here, as you read the Gospels, he says: “I am only here to fulfil Scripture.” (Mark 14:49). He didn’t raise one finger to change the world of Caesar. He knew that every one born of woman was enslaved by the body that they wore.

You would be born in a castle or born in a hovel; you are a slave of the body that you “wear”, because of the ambitions of that body, the desires of that body. So, if you wear it for ten years or a thousand years, you get up in the morning and you bathe it and you shave it and you feed it, and then you allow all the normal functions of nature to dictate. You are a slave of it! If it’s in pain, you’re in pain.

So, he knew that even though one calls himself a Pharoah or a King, and one a slave, all were slave of the body that they “wore”. He made no effort to change the world of Caesar.

“Whose coin is this? Caesar’s. Well, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” (Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17; Luke 20:25). He’s not concerned about that. He’s only concerned about the Kingdom of Heaven – the “new birth” that will set man free. For, no matter how long I live here, or how much I hold as things in this world, I am still a slave – a slave of the things.

The day you buy a chair, you pay rent from then on. Let someone give you table, and you accept the gift and from then on, you buy some place or pay rent for some place to house the table. You either give it away or, when you cannot use it any longer, you put it in storage and pay rent on it. You buy one thing in this world, and from then on you are a slave of it! And He knew that; and so brought freedom to the world, and the freedom comes with a “second birth”; and that “birth” is the “birth from above”, not the birth from below.

Everyone born from the womb of woman is a slave. Everyone “born” from the skull of man – by “man”, I mean generic Man – is set free; and that is told us in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. (Galatians 4:22-27). He said, We have two mothers; one is Hagar who bears children into slavery, and one is Jerusalem, called Sarah in Scripture (Old Testament), and she bears them into freedom. One is from above, and one is from below.

So, no matter who you are, how wealthy you are, how strong you are as a body, it’s still a slave. But when you are “born from above” – when you take off this “garment” for the last time, you immediately take on that immortal garment, the body of glory, for you’re in the Body of Jesus. So, he is not a man, as the Christians believe and pray to a man on the outside; he is the Man, but the man who was crucified in us, and who rises in us individually, one after the other. Now, when he rises, you are set free! When he rises in me, and I am He, and my name must be One, for in the end the Lord’s name is One, – not two.

So, I will be of the Body of Christ, one body, and of the name of Jesus; therefore the name Jesus; yet I’ll be Neville. You’ll know me, and know me as Neville, but you will know me as Jesus. I will know you as Peter or Mary, or any other name; but I’ll know you as Jesus after you are “born from above”, because Scripture must be fulfilled, for the Word of God cannot be broken.

So, we are told: Do not add to the words of God, do not take from the words of God, (Deuteronomy 4:2) – leave them just as they are. But throughout the centuries our scholars, in translating, they bring their own prejudice to the Bible, and they insert. That’s why it is essential that year after year new editions must come out, to see where these zealous people have been carried away by their own preconceived misconceptions and incorporated that misconception into Scripture. And you’ll find it time and time again. So, it always calls for a new edition to delete these misconceptions. But even then, those who are called upon to do the job, they will bring their misconceptions too.

But after the eruption takes place in man, it’s all by vision; so you don’t really care what they say. It’s what has taken place in you, and you didn’t do it consciously. The whole thing happened. And, so, you didn’t sit down to compose some workable philosophy of life. The thing just happened! Well, if it happens in this way, then you tell it, so you will relate your own experience. If it doesn’t fit their concept, it’s perfectly all right. You relate your own experience.

But you will find that the same pattern will be followed by everyone “born from above”. So, you are on very solid ground. You tell it; and if the whole vast world rises up in opposition, it doesn’t matter, – you tell it. Record it, if you will; but leave it as a record and a witness, for we are all called upon to witness the truth of Scripture.

Now, there must be two witnesses if my evidence is to “hold water”. If there are not two, it’s thrown out of court. Well, when two different persons agree in testimony, it’s conclusive; and, so, if I tell my story and go on record, and put it into written form, and then you have an identified experience and see that, then, you and I are the two witnesses. Can we find Scriptural support for our experience? I then search the Scriptures, and I find in Scriptures support for what has happened to me. So, I have the external witness of the Word of God – the written word of God; then I have the internal witness of the Living Word of God as it unfolded within me, paralleling that which is the external Word of God.

Then what does it matter what the world will tell me? What does it matter what anyone will tell me? I can only say to everyone: You wait. God is merciful and patient, and in His own good time He will unfold it within you. It may come this night. It may come before the evening goes. Who knows? “It comes like a thief in the night”, (2nd Peter 3:10) but it hasn’t a thing to do with any external behaviour on the part of a man. You can go to church every day of your life. You can go to church and give to the poor, and do all the things on the outside, – it hasn’t a thing to do with the moment of eruption.


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Neville's Lectures, Volume Four, 58 Lectures, 1968 to 1969, Australian English E

Every Neville Goddard's lectures collected from all over the internet, in Chronology form for the first time in history, gathered, sorted, carefully dated, and arranged in chronology form of Neville's work from 1948 to 1972, with various undated lectures collected for the final volume. All lectures Edited and Proofread to reflect my background in Australian English, for my own personal studies. I also shares my version for others who prefers Australian English rather than the American version which is still extent all over the internet if you prefers. Neville's collected lectures focuses on mystical messages contained within the Biblical Scripture, showing the links between the stories that provides insights into the principles forming the foundation of life. Neville interprets his insights into scripture with real-life examples of how the spiritual law works, showing how the Bible can guides people desiring to understand the Biblical language of symbolism underpinning the plain text of Scripture. Neville's lectures collected here in Chronology form, edited and proofread, in Australian English, for comfortable reading by Australian readers.

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Neville's Lectures, Volume Four, 58 Lectures, 1968 to 1969, Australian English E Neville's Lectures, Volume Four, 58 Lectures, 1968 to 1969, Australian English E