Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Four

In this edition of Neon we visit the quaint yet dystopian English town of Scarfolk, observe mysterious goings on in a grand hotel, meet a rather more respectable imaginary version of the president of the United States of America in a dream prison, sit in on a number of brutal executions (one historical, one sexual) and witness the creation of some seriously amazing fantasy inventions. There’s a graphic short story by acclaimed illustrator Stephen Collins, and some beautiful illustrations by Jia Sung, as well as fiction and poetry by Thomas Evans, Elizabeth Sackett, Ed Cottrell, Cheryl Pearson, Frederick Pollack, Eric Shattuck, Molly O’ Brien and James Hodgson. Published winter 2017, this is the forty-fourth issue of Neon Literary Magazine. Neon is one of the most long-running independent literary magazines in the UK. New issues appear twice each year in print and a range of digital formats. Each edition features a blend of surreal and speculative fiction, poetry, art and photography. Neon sits on the edge of horror and science-fiction, but with strong literary leanings. If you have a taste for the magical realist or uncanny, Neon is the magazine for you.

  • Author: Neon Books
  • Published: 2018-10-23 00:35:05
  • Words: 12895
Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Four Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Four