Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Five

Strange goings on abound on every page of this issue of Neon: urban wildlife becomes oddly violent, the devil appears in a familiar-looking toy car, and a woman throws the last party she’ll ever need to organise. Esteban Rodriguez takes us on a visit to an abandoned theme park, while Caroline Hardaker muses on the boiled egg of her dreams, and Al Rocheleau weighs up the relative merits of eating a hundred onions. There are stories from M Durand, Erica Mosley, Jake Ristic-Petrovic and Simone Martel, as well as poetry by Benjamin Palmer and Jon Kemsley Clark. Neon is one of the most long-running independent literary magazines in the UK. It shows its face twice each year in print and a range of digital formats. Each edition features a blend of surreal and speculative fiction, poetry, art and photography. Neon sits on the edge of horror and science-fiction, but with strong literary leanings. If you have a taste for the magical realist or uncanny, Neon is the magazine for you.

  • Author: Neon Books
  • Published: 2018-10-24 16:10:09
  • Words: 14727
Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Five Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Five