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Nameless Survivors

Nameless Survivors

(Translated from “Sobreviventes sem nome” of the same author).

Adriano F. Silva



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Title: Survivors unnamed

Description: Book containing three tales of mystery / horror. Digital format.

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Words of the author and thanks.


The stories present in this little book are a important milestone for me, as an author and as a person, because I write since I learned to read, and the influence of depression and panic disorder ceased this activity. Therefore, the existence of these texts are a “return” to writing.

I hope the reader and I like, get inspired with these little tales, as I play with several works of various genres that focus on the supernatural, fantasy, fiction of all kinds.

I thank everyone and everything that helps me in the fight against depression and in creating these humble stories, and make mention of H.P.Lovecraft, the greatest writer of all, in my opinion, able to charm with very few pages of text and mark all generations that read his works.

Please let me know if there’s any slight error in writing, and comment what you think about this humble work, it is a free translation by the author.

The Silhouette

It was night, too late to be on the streets, and a passenger would take the subway home after a typical day of work.

He waited with a number of people to get in the vehicle and was fortunate to find a wagon relatively empty and cool, away from street heat, which heats up a lot in the summer, even without the sun in the sky.

The passenger snuggled as was possible and waited the passing of the stops, since his stop was the last one, meanwhile, watching the coming and going of lights in the tunnel going very fast when it accelerated.

After the fifth stop, the door opened, some people left, but allowed a wind to enter with smell of damp.

Impressive for that passenger, so observant, who now wondered was raining outside because of the smell of wet earth.

From the fifth to the sixth station, the smell intensified, and it came out of the tunnel itself, passing the point of being a pleasant smell of wet earth, to turn a weird stench that pervaded everything, like mold.

The whole train slowed down then, and in the next stop it made a strange noise and the whole structure vibrated, making it stand still for a few seconds.

The engineer decided to communicate something, but everybody could only hear his fading voice say: “Attention passengers…” and then stopped, as if he had changed his mind, or his communicator broke without him noticing.

The passenger stood there with his traveling companions, awaiting information or everything to return to move, what happened, but in a strange way, with a clumsy shaking pattern, that no train should do.

After the awkward movement, it stopped all at once and the lights turned completely off, leaving everything illuminated only by the lights of the tunnel.

By this time everyone was already up, including the passenger in the wagon floor, with his suitcase in hand, more afraid of being robbed than any problem on the train or in the tunnel.

After less than five minutes, came a faint illumination from the front of the train, which could have been the energy returning or providences for people to come out of that cage without bars, as the heat was beginning to rise, physical and psychological .

From car to car came the dim light, clearing the tunnel to be complemented with the outside view, increasingly abnormal, a faint green glow, which would not be used by security in such a dark tunnel.

The earthy smell suddenly increased, and at the other end of the car came a substance that dripped from the higher side, going from liquid to gelatinous, shaping something that had bright spots, responsible for the green light in the tunnel.

Someone had to throw up inside the wagon, but it was too dark to see if it had been something more than that. But now it was certain for the passenger with his suitcase that he had a new concern, much worse than a robbery.

That thing was piling up in the ceiling, no longer as gelatinous, turning into a weird body in the manner of a termite mound, nailed to the ceiling, and the stains came together forming a pattern of thick lines, varied, phosphorescent, recalling symbols of some sort of ancient writing.

Suddenly the weird mass opened and spat luminous matter on the head of the first one found.

One was covered with that “helmet” of goo but tried not to let go of it, was inhert since being attacked, illuminating everything, vaguely, with the light emitting substance.

Other people tried to help, did everything to get that thing out, but the “substance” came off willingly, crumbling into ashes as it fell to the ground.

The passenger saw everything, terrified, holding the scream for himself to see what was left of the head of the attacked person.

It remained just a big, flat appendix, faceless, with bright lines in the place where it should have a human face.

Everyone screamed, and the transformed one moved, articulating the smooth face and making a exaggerated mouth show up like a huge hole in the middle of the head, then it attacked the nearest person, sticking the mouth and sucking the victim’s flesh with enough pressure to break the bones.

While it fed, people packed wagon exits, desperate, and the passenger went with others, running like crazy.

The tunnel situation was worse, the could see the front of the train, all taken by weak green lights, and there at the end, there was something different from the others. A tall silhouette too big to be a person, walking through those “fungi” that sprouted everywhere, ready to infect and consume.

The passenger ran in the opposite direction, as he had never done in his life, insisting on shouting for the other wagons, not yet affected, for people to flee without even knowing the current gravity of the situation.

That legion of people screaming and grouping to escape, was nearly caught by the hungry creatures that we were not people anymore, and it all turned into a race for survival.

At the end of the crowd, the beasts began to reach the prey, grabbing people what they saw and sucking, swallowing tissue, skin and body, leaving holes in the devoured.

Half of the train was now turned into monster, so there were enough things to consume any survivors.

The passenger tried to run as much as possible, but with such small space was impossible, he could not pick up the pace in the middle of so many people in a tunnel.

The whole situation reminded a wildlife documentary, with predators chasing prey crowds, eating the slower, weaker, which fell behind.

When the passenger noticed, he was almost in the back row, close to being the prey of the fastest creature, then someone behind him was thrown to the ground, suddenly, knocking him too.

On the floor were four people, fallen and in horror, but the passenger was the one who did not scream, just clenched beneath his suitcase, trembling.

He heard the screams of his escape companions, the sound of huge sucking mouths, bodies breaking, but did not cry, just kept there solid, completely scared.

Suddenly he realized was turning into a survivor, and for a simple reason, he not scream.

Around him, dozens of creatures passing, running behind the other survivors, but he did not emit sound and was not found by any monster.

The gruesome wave of screams, dead people and green lights was moving away, leaving the tunnel back to the passenger lying on the ground, among the remains of the attacks, not knowing what to do and if would be safe to walk again.

Slowly he raised the body, not even shaking the dust, avoiding noises as he walked slowly toward where the crowd had followed.

According to the logic, they would spread in the other stations, coming to the surface, drawing attention of the authorities to end this problem.

Step by step the tunnel became absurdly quiet, macabre, hot, still with the sensation of being in the middle of many people, observed by all.

Therefore came the light from the station, and he could count the victims of the creatures, but without any visible beast around.

They were on the surface at this point, then the passenger would also be going up to the platform to walk among the horrors of a battle inside the subway station.

It was later in the night, and there wasn’t a lot of people outside, but once he left the rails, the passenger continued to feel being seen surrounded by.

When he turned around, expecting to see nothing, he was a few centimeters of something.

Only now it had showed up, but probably followed him through the entire walk.

It was the silhouette that walked through the horrors, nothing like a human, and did not seem to be any kind of known creature.

The silhouette was a silhouette of a huge body, but when looked at the “skin”, patterns apeared, symbols, unknown marks, inconceivable types, and the human eye could not keep up with so many details in shape ranging as the flame atop a candle.

The thing caused distress, was too uncomfortable to look at, and the passenger nearly fell, taken by a strong dizziness.

The legs moved by instinct and he ran, even confused and dizzy, almost tumbling down the stairs.

Far away it was easier to look at “it”, coming toward the passenger without any hurry, but its vision just caused more fear.

The passenger got out of the empty station, rushed, trembling, recovering from dizziness, and heard sounds of shots, many of them, it was a mess on the surface.

Then he saw a group of police mans shooting at those faceless beings moving in groups, and then he ran with arms raised, shouting for help.

The officers took him to the back of his own car while shooting the creatures that showed up by either side of the street.

The passenger warned that there was a worse thing coming up the subway station, but could not accurately describe, just shout and cry, saying that “the thing is coming!”.

The beasts were running, falling and being killed in the street, so “it” appeared, the confusing and disturbing silhouette, going up the stairs without moving what should have been legs.

The police immediately turned the shots at it, out of desperation that the presence caused.

The bullets hit that confuse body, pouring a brown liquid everywhere, with so many projectiles being shot.

Apparently it was some type of “blood,” but the way it flowed was abnormal, splashing the walls, staining the street and the buildings around.

The police celebrated the victory, but seconds later that thing was not hurt anymore, just stood still, and the splashed liquid began to react with air, bubbling slowly, shaping.

The passenger had seen something like that before, it was probably the way the beast spread its “spores” to infect more and more. And shouting, he tried to tell police that it was not blood, but something evil.

In the end they did what the creature wanted, spreading over its hideous creations.

Puddles of blood shaped, but now the formations were different from those of the subway, perhaps for the amount of liquid gushed down the street.

Now they were no bulbs with green lights, but misshapen creatures with luminous lines, sprouting from the ground, imperfect, with uneven steps, losing pieces and gathering them again, just like wet mud alive.

They were pure contamination, praying on the nearest police members, contaminating their bodies to make each one a creature made of many mouths, sucking the life out of anyone near.

Manufacturing horrors from horrors meanwhile the passenger entered one of the cars, along with a survivor cop, and both fled to the opposite side of the street running through the town where the beasts were beginning to spread.

The passenger, again, I was just a passenger fleing and unaware of where his journey would end in what should have been a normal day, and, now, more and more people were involved in the madness.

As the car accelerated, he wondered why that creature, origin of all others, have not finished his life when they were so close.

They Were there, centimeters away of each other and there was no attack.

Little by little, he began to make up a theory of how everything worked, and soon shared it with the police and other authorities, as they were going toward the nearest police station.

When they arrived, the passenger got out and went straight in to tell all he knew, so the police could understand the situation told by those who saw it all from the beginning.

At that time, everyone had heard little about the creatures, and were without sufficient information to provide a solution to the problem.

The passenger reported that the source of evils, the macabre silhouette, did not want to cause damage directly, but take damage, so it could reproduce, spread spores and make more creatures.

With this detail provided, the delegate made a quick plan and consulted all the cars, she wanted one of the creatures capturated. Those who were infected humans, with their huge mouths and endless hunger.

Within minutes, a group of police brought one of the monsters, which was very similar to a human, but with that bizzare head and the huge mouth that sucked everything it touched.

The arms were cuffed back legs too, with every chains they could put around those arms.

The delegate took a pen and laid over the mouth of the beast, watching as the object disappeared.

Believing in her own instincts, she asked someone to bring the trash can, to turn it inside the entire mouth of the beast.

The creature was sucking anything, never filling the stomach, like some kind of infinite vacuum cleaner.

Now they had found the perfect weapon, that thing would suck the origin of beasts, and it was necessary to test it immediately, taking advantage of the few people in the streets in the night, preventing a disaster involving the whole city.

The problem now was the difficulty of approaching the target, as it was surrounded by his own guards, children of macabre transformations.

It was possible in silence, for the creatures had no eyes, but how they would silence the one they would carry? hungry and tied?.

The passenger suggested an idea with simple steps, and was keen to participate at his own risk, for he could only calm down after seeing the end of it all.

The delegate went to acion with the passenger and four cars, all stopping when they were close to where the creatures should be.

There, according to passenger planes, they removed the shoes and walked separated toward the creatures.

Soon they were before the horrendous squad, all fiends walking together, with the silhouette in the center, guarded like a queen bee.

Passenger and four other police officers would, from time to time, make low noises to guide the multitude of beasts, and make sure to pass by the nearest hotel, a simple construction, but that would serve the purpose.

On top of the small building, the delegate would wait with a group, holding the tied beast.

When the macabre silhouette was under the hotel, the passenger and his colleagues used a cell phone to make the loudest sound possible.

The creatures alert, began surrounding the object, trying to touch any living being emiting such a sound.

At that moment the delegated launched the devourer in the center of the creatures, but unfortunately, it did not fall with the mouth in macabre silhouette.

Desperate, the passenger dared to take the tied beast, wonded through the fall, lift it in his arms and run with that abysmal mouth pointed at the silhouette, the origin of the beasts.

When the two met, the beast started sucking, swallowing the silhouette.

It was a macabre scene, astonishing like no phenomenon of this world.

That silhouette was being swallowed by its own creation, unable to move, escape.

It made a horrible sound, as if angry by own failure to create beings capable of being its only weakness.

The beasts around, listening to the sound, entered a collapse, with shuddering bodies, dissolving, evaporating.

When the horror was completely engulfed, leaving only steam, the creatures that had once been human, were now in original state, healthy and humans, sleeping on the floor.

All the victims, including those killed in the subway tunnel, had their bodies returned, recovered their lives as if nothing ever happened.

It was amazing, and only eyewitnesses could believe.

The next day, the victims had no memory of what happened, but that group of police and the passenger had much to reflect, from the importance of their achievements in those hours to the reality around them.

It was gruesome, revealing … But it was very important that, if other phenomena arose, there were also the presence of figures such as the police, the delegate and the passenger.

The sudden appearance of ghoulish beasts make heroes appear disguised by routine.

The invader.

That night in a house lit by the full moon, two children were waking their parents.

Inside the room they called, no one woke up. Then they shook the couple, but they were still sleepy. Then they jumped on the bed, awakening them.

The children complained of a noise in the room, a tremor and how “there were two moons and it was hard to sleep because of the light.”

The parents walked to the room to check if there really was a problem, but there was nothing but the lights on.

Children despaired, holding their mother tightly.

The light was not on when they left the room.

The both kids were too scared and both the boy and the girl had similar stories, they could not have imagined or dreamed everything.

The father searched the room, seeing that there was nothing, while the mother was holding them tightly, worried.

When the father was ready to comfort everyone, someone moved some object in the kitchen. probably a plate.

That man was smart, opened the window and told his wife and kids to go to the neighbors, screaming until they woke up to help fight the invasion going on next door.

The father couldn’t bare his curiosity, and said he would run away at the right time, but wanted to see the invader.

Even against the will of the family, the father went inside the house, toward the kitchen, using silence as assistance to find the stranger.

There he was, at the sink, looking the other way, and only the father had seen him, looking at things, choosing what to take, probably a robber.

Suddenly he stopped, shivered and shuddered with fear, for the back and neck of the invader were not normal.

The neck was too thin and the back was very square, abnormally square, impossible. And with each step he perceived varied lumps, and they were not any clothes … That things was not dressed.

The father retreated with the utmost care, jumping the window to wait for the police, because the whole neighborhood was already informed about the case.

Outside, the man expression was enough to shock and convince everyone when he said, almost in a scream, there was something in the house, but wasn’t human, it was not “one of us”.

Coinciding with the story of the children, all deduced that the invasion did not belong, even in this world.

A police car came and the police entered bravely, without hesitation before the gruesome reports.

After minutes of silence, a couple of shots broke the silence, then more shots followed, an intense burst.

A policeman came through the window, running toward the car, asking for reinforcements and, later, went back into shooting at something.

Everyone started to fear even more, because the sound denounced horrors inside.

Finally other cars arrived and dozens of armed men came to fire with everything they had brought, causing the attacker to make a disturbing sound, a dialect in pops and hisses, emited by some unknown organ.

Finally, the front door opened and the creature came out, looking at everyone.

It wasn’t sure if it was an alien, but it primitive and macabre, with a single huge eye in the head, bright as a moon.

Now the family understand the “two moons” that their children saw. One was, in fact, the moon, and the other was the face of the grotesque being.

Suddenly that huge eye emmited a flash, the father felt his body lose control when his vision was taken by light.

He fell and all was silent for seconds until a bump made him awake.

He was on the bed, it was morning and his sons played around.

“It was just a dream …” he thought before getting up to follow his daily routine.

Later, he felt his body cold to see that, even though everything was normal, there was the mark of a deep scratch on the sink metal close to the same place where he saw the intruder in that bizare “dream” …


That was a summer night, hot, full of flying insects and moths disoriented by street lights.

A drunken trio is going through the most wooded area of the city, and are suddenly approached by a beautiful woman, with the shortest clothes they have ever seen in life.

Smiling at them, she calls the group into the woods, in the “privacy of nature” because she wanted “to surprise the three.”

Drunk or sober, they would accept the same way, then they entered laughing.

Within minutes, the cry of the three echoed that area full of trees.

The men were never seen again, and parts of their clothes were found at several points, increasingly distant from that area.

The authorities believed that someone had kidnaped and taken them to somewhere in the middle of the metropolis, but could not imagine what could have been the end of the three friends.

A week later, a couple was walking through the wooded area, both exercising on a hot summer morning.

Suddenly the girl hear an odd sound and alert her companion, who is already stopped because he also heard.

The sound was like a hard thing breaking, unlike the sound of breaking branches, more like popping a bone during a body stretch.

The couple went closer, both fearful and very curious about the noise that continued repeating itself with different intensities.

When curiosity overcame the fear, the girl opened the nearest bush and took steps toward the forest, feeling gradually pleasant smell of perfume.

The lad followed her fearing for her life, but soon they were both going slowly on a path guided by their noses.

Already far from the road, the sound stopped, but the smell kept around and seemed to come from a point in particular, where someone was lying on the ground.

The fallen person breathed and moved slowly, without getting up, what made the couple run to help the stranger.

When they arrived, there were the three … “Bodies” of the disappeared friends, prostrated on the ground, but with the lower parts of the body fused to a huge volume.

The three bodies were mixed as part of a single thing that resembled a huge plant with a bulb enclosed in the center.

The dead were the tips of living tentacles, surrounding the couple in a manner they couldn’t flee.

Plant and dead body moved, snapping the bones, in a decomposition prevented by some chemical produced by the plant.

Soon the couple was involved, literally, by tentacles. The trapped girl and the boy suspended over the bulb.

Slowly, the tentacle came down to bring the man near the bulb, which would open.

They saw with horror the bulb opening and turning into a giant flower, containing a human silhouette in the center. A very attractive woman.

That creature was in a hurry and went straight to the point:

“I need you to mate and expand my tentacles… If you accept, I’ll spare your life and let the girl go …”.

The creature wanted the boy to breed, and the couple did not have much time to decide the right answer.

The man agreed, but winked one eye, signaling to his girlfriend that he already had a plan.

The truth is, the creature would keep them both and would use them as a macabre adornment with no chance of escape.

Inside the bulb, the man met the creature, which had a beautiful naked body, and soon he began to feign interest to get closer to his target.

Embracing the beast by the back, he pretended to kiss her neck following to the point where , in a human body, it would be vital.

In a sudden movement, he sank his teeth with all his strength, giving the greatest bite of his life, breaking the neck of the beast with an effort of the whole body.

It was not blood that flowed, but a sweet perfume of sap, soon to attract the insects in the vicinity.

Seizing the moment of confusion, the lad darted out of the bulb, then ran out of the place while her companion went few steps ahead.

Both escaped the creature, writhing and drying up little by little, so that the authorities found only confusion and an unidentified plant, which ‘eventually dried next to the bodies of the missing mans”.

But that was not the end, because, at home, the couple recovered from the shock as the days passed, but the smell of the creature’s sap still impregnated the man, no matter how many baths he took or how many different clothes he wore.

It could be psychological, but everyone felt and even praised the fragrance.

At home, on vacation, he tried to distract himself by cooking, but an oversight, or destinny’s will, made a small cut on his index finger.

To his horror, there was no blood, just a clear and fragrant substance, as the creature that day…

His companion was equally startled to see that, but tried to remain rational, after all, he felt good … maybe better than before.

In the following days, nothing that the girl said would change his situation, as he began to find several large and sharp thorns in his body, enough to convince anyone that it was not a normal person’s problem.

Few days later, he fell asleep to awaken usually in the yard, standing, illuminated by the sun.

The body felt fine, but the mind was too confused to understand all the changes.

Instead of skin, thick layers arose and were impossible to remove, but the man still had his human mind.

Side by side, the couple held firm until the day he “woked up” in the yard again, completely covered by a bizare think layer full of thorns, unconscious and solid, immovable.

While the girl tried to break through that cocoon, inside her companion was facing an internal battle.

He found himself in a vivid dream, wrapped in branches and roots, kneeling on thorns of roses, in an empty dark and disorienting place.

Suddenly, the creature appeared before him without its tentacles, with only her feminine body. And laughed watching the situation that poor fellow.

He tried to get up, remove the branches and leave the pain of thorns, but the creature just kept coming closer, laughing, giving him greater sense of urgency.

Before him, she raised a hand and part of the of the empty place lit up, revealing countless tentacles behind the beast’s back.

Many of them came together to form a powerful arm, descending upon the man, blending his body with twigs and thorns that bound him.

That man, or what was left of it, had two options, move and try to escape or stop the movements.

He went limp, eyes closed, broken body, and the creature continued to strike … One, two, three, four times.

The creature crushed him completely… but the dream was not over, something of that man was left.

The creature continued to strike and crush everything she saw, and when tired, finally realized that the will of man was unshaken.

He could be flawed, fragile and be defiled, but he was sober about his identity.

Little by little the beast couldn’t stand the fact of turning into a mere ghost inside a stable mind.

She began to dissolve, her pieces floating in a vacuum, bursting, being blowed away.

Finally the dream ended, the cocoon broke and what came out of it was a man, not an uncontrolled beast.

Hugging his girl, he was in full control of his mind, and some beast couldn’t make him lose consciousness of who he was.

The contamination and spread of the beast was ended by the force of a strong mind.


Nameless Survivors

  • ISBN: 9781310140921
  • Author: Adriano Silva
  • Published: 2015-12-15 18:05:07
  • Words: 4889
Nameless Survivors Nameless Survivors