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This book is a work of fiction, where reports of events, conversations and illustrations wherein the reader can learn and imagine it. All content inserted in this book has copyright and is explicit prohibition to use any content for profit.


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Life is in your hands…

This little book is just a way for you to reflect. However, I have decided not to describe the physical characteristics of the characters, with the intention you create your own characteristic, taking your imagination even further.

In a lower middle class neighborhood, located in a big city called Roliver, there was a boy named Gliny. He had a great ambition to change his life because he had family problems, school problems, and even his friendships. He was a difficult kid to deal with, and he was very reserved and did not like to talk. However, he had only one friend from the school called Rousty, he was the best friend, where he told all his secrets and life situations. Gliny suffered a lot of bullying at school because he was considered very intelligent and quiet at school. He was thirteen years old and lived a troubled life, full of principles that tried to take him a dark path.

One day with beautiful sunshine. Gliny woke up to go to school, and he went to take shower, brushed his teeth, donned his uniform and went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. His mother was finishing tea. His mother was rude, systematic and did not like to show feeling in no time. Gliny had no father, his father had died in a motorcycle accident when he came from work, but his father was worse than his mother.

When her mother finished tea, she turned and saw him in the school uniform, and said:

“What are you doing with the school uniform in the kitchen?” She asked, very annoyed.

“I’m going to school, forgot?” Said Gliny a little frightened.

“Idiot, it is not you who will wash your clothes. I want you to remove this shirt, now!” she said with hateful eyes.

He lowered his head, he went into the bedroom and changed his shirt. The house was small, had two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Soon he changed and went back to the kitchen to have breakfast, thus soon to go to school. With a white T-shirt, he with low eyes said:

“Ready. I changed.” He said very afraid of being beaten.

“So sit down and eat. If no, you arrive late at school.”

When he sat down to eat, he took a piece of bread. She hit with a wooden spoon into his hand with great force, and she said:

“Disgusting, did you wash your hand?”

“Yes, I did.” he said with trembling his teeth and his head down.

Gliny asked if the tea was ready, she replied that it was already. Soon after, she put it in the glass and threw the hot tea on his face, and said:

“Take your tea. Change this t-shirt, it’s dirty.”

He screamed and left crying going to the bathroom, poured cold water on his face to ease the pain. His white shirt was wet with tea, his face became just reddish, but nothing that would damage his face. He looked at the mirror, seeing his tears falling slowly, the sadness and despair of getting out of that situation were big. Moreover, it was not the first time.

Then he went back to the kitchen, the glass of tea was on the table. He sat slowly, head down, eating slowly, afraid of being hurt by his mother again. She saw that he was wearing the wet shirt of tea, and she disturbed him:

“Ordinary, you’re wearing the wet shirt, did not you see? Are you blind?”

“I’m not blind. I’ll eat this bread and drink tea, and then I will go to school.” Gliny replied very scared.

“All right. Get away from here, I do not like looking at your face.” She said with much hatred and bitterness in her heart.

His mother used drugs and alcohol. She started drinking in the morning until midnight, thus she could fall asleep.

Gliny finished eating his bread and drank his tea in a single gulp, he put on his school shirt, caught his backpack, and went to school, taking his deep sorrow.

Arriving at school, he saw his friend at the gatehouse, the two got in together and he asked Gliny about his day:

“Hello, good morning. How is your day?”

“Bad!” He said his head down with great sadness.

“I imagine. Your face is a little swollen. What happened?”

“My mother threw hot tea on my face.”

His friend was upset with what he heard. He closed his eyes slowly, to comfort him, hugged him and said:

“My friend, it will end. Believe me!”

When Gliny received the hug, he soon began to cry. His friend passed his hand through his hair.

Not to maintain a cry face, his friend took him to the bathroom.

“Friend. Wash your face, so that no one notices.”

“They will realize. Sadness, you can’t hide. I assure you that.” He said washing his face.

“I know. What do I need to do to help you? I’ve already asked myself and you. What do I do?” Asked his very sad and unhappy friend.

“Nothing! Something will be done when she kills me. So they will do something.”

“What do you mean?”

“Human law is weak. They’ll just put my body in a hole, and that’s it.” He replied in a mocking and hopeless way.

His friend lowered his head, unanswered. Silence prevailed in the bathroom and Gliny took a paper towel and wiped his face. The two went into the classroom, and the mental disturbance began. The teacher had not come to the classroom, threw a pencil in his head, it was thrown by one of the students who did not like him. Then called him:

“Receive this pencil in your head. Idiot!!” He said smiling loud.

Gliny and his friend did nothing, just lowered their heads and sat down at their tables. Soon the teacher came and asked for silence. The class was tiring, exhausting and boring for Gliny, his mind and spirit were tired of living sadness. It seemed that time never passed, looked at the window wanting to leave the room.

The recess came, he suffered torture from the students in the classroom, his face was totally bruised, even though he tried to defend himself, but it was always three or four against him.

His life was meaningless, he always arrived hurt at home, and his mother always asked the reason. Gliny only responded that he fell and was injured, but on this day, he will be more injured than he has been in school.

The class was over, he said goodbye to his friend with a very tight hug. In a moment, he arrived the home, found his mother on the living room couch, bent over with all her messy hair. She was drunk and drugged. There were two bottles of vodka on the floor and cocaine rows on the living room table. He saw that scene sad, tears flowed, as he went to his room, his mother called:

“Hey, come here! ”

“What do you want? ” Gliny answered coldly.

“It’s not that way you must answer to your mother, right? Sit down here with me and let’s talk. ”

He walked up to her slowly and very afraid that she could do something. So, with her fully suffered face, her eyes purple and with a smell of alcohol. She looked at him and in a soft voice asked:

“Do you love me?”

He did not answer, just kept his head down. Then she asked again:

“So, do you love me? ”

“I don’t know! ”

“How don’t you know? ” She replied sarcastically.

“I don’t know.”

“If you do not know, why are you sitting next to me?”

“Because you asked for it, did not you? ” He said with a low head, and inside, his heart beat fast, afraid of suffering some aggression.

“Ah, who does not love, he will not sit beside anyone, do not you think? After all, you do not know what love is. You only know how to sleep, eat and go to school. You’re worthless!”

He kept the silence, the tears came down quickly, so he decided to say something:

“I will not know what love is. Because I never received it. I’m just trying to respect people.”

When she heard his words, she was furious, and said:

“Who are you to say you respect someone? You’re a selfish brat who thinks only about your life. So fuck you, if you respect someone.”

“I’m nobody. I’m just what I chose to be, some people will accept me, some will not.” He said very cold.

When he said that, silence prevailed in the room. She widened her eyes and furiously, even drunk and depressed, she said:

“What do you mean? No one will accept you. Useless.”

“I mean you never accepted me. I’m tired of being beaten and insulted without even having done nothing.” He said with closed eyes, but inside him, there was a great inner strength.

Soon after, she slapped his face quickly, with much fury she replied:

“Shut up and respect me. I do everything in this house, you’re a mere germ that came to end my life. So, do as I say, did you understand?”

He was tired of living those situations, he moved away from her, got up and looked deep into her eyes, and said:

“Look here woman. I’m tired of living all those insults with you, even though I know I’m not perfect enough for your life. After all, I have not come to this world to be perfect for you or for anyone, I have come to build my own life and do for those who will embrace me. Therefore, I believe that your useless life is just a lie you have built, and you think you have the right to judge me. So, I want you know this will end and you will not hurt me anymore. I can’t stand being with you because you have become unbearable.” He said with great energy, authority, and strength, without even afraid of being hurt. Where the fear and sadness ended at that moment. He said everything he felt, using class words and determination.

Now, his mother weakened with the use of drugs and drinks, she punched his face, he fell to the ground and hit his head on the table, and it was glass. He quickly took forces and quickly went to his room, locked the door and stayed there. She knocked several times on the door, cursing and speaking very heavy words, but her strength was not enough to break the door.

Gliny stayed in the bedroom for a long time, sitting on the floor, crying and reflecting his sad moments. Soon, he ran his hand over his head and realized he had taken a cut. It was night, the house was silent. He decided to run away from home, took his backpack, put all his clothes and utensils that could fit in. He left slowly so that he could not make noise. He saw her lying on the floor of the room in a depressing way, she was drooling and snoring, a scene of broken glass table, bottles of drinks and cocaine powder everywhere.

He left, it was a cold, moonless night, he put on his coat and left without a turn. He went to the city center. He encountered many dangers, people who lived on the street without respect and with great discord but eventually found people who had great love. He ended up meeting a young guy, a homeless, his name was Fridis. The two lived intensely on the streets of that big city. A while later, they decided to do temporary work in people’s homes, such as gardening, cleaning the yard and so on. So with that job, they lived in a small apartment in a poor neighborhood, but Gliny was happy, where he left that depressing and sad situation. Gliny thought and he missed his best friend, but he thought, what’s the point of living in a sad situation and having a friend? However, he thought, he will get a wonderful life.

Ten years later, Gliny was thirty-five, his street partner had died of pneumonia, it was a loss he never forgot. Gliny became an entrepreneur, he did not resume studies, he created a home service company, being skills he learned in his life journey. He forgot his mother, but soon he knew that she was killed in his house by traffickers, they set fire to her house while she slept.

Gliny, even with the suffering he had in his life, he was not arrogant, selfish and exploitative, he sought to be the best. His company was mid-level in the financial sector. He married and had two children. His wife’s name was Alicia, and her two sons were a couple, the girl was Sara, the boy Zor. The two children were twins, they were born the same day and time, they were thirteen years old. His company was growing much more, after all, he became very rich. One day he decided to know about his best friend, he went to the place where his friend lived, but unfortunately, there was another family living.

Gliny, with the money and growth he was having in his life, his behaviors began to change. He began to become arrogant, selfish, and overbearing over his family and employees. He even beat his own wife.

One fine day, he and the servants in the house, dressed in his beautiful suit, took his little business suitcase and went to his company. Soon he received a call, it was the company, he answered and said:

“Hello, good morning. What happened? ”

The call was the company receptionist, and she replied:

“Mr. Gliny. There was a problem here in the company, could you come as soon as possible?”

“Yes, of course, but what happened?”

“You’d better come here, so we’ll talk.”

“All right, I’ll go. Thanks”

Gliny entered quickly in his car and left quickly to find out what had happened in the company. The traffic was in chaos, thus he decided to enter into another highway to arrive faster. His eyes were fixed on the road, and his mind on worry.

A few minutes later, a truck came at a great speed, Gliny looked at the mirror and saw that it was approaching even more. Then he asked himself:

“He will not overtake”

Suddenly, the truck got closer and hit his car, and began to spin on the track. Gliny tried to control the car, but it was inevitable. His car hit a wall that divided the two highways, and crossed to the other side of the lane and the other truck came at high speed and hit tightly on his car. The two highways had a great congestion.

Gliny was inside the car, totally bloody, his phone ringing non-stop, being the company and his wife.

An hour and a half passed the rescue arrived, and they take him out of that car all crumpled and destroyed. However, the driver of the first truck hit him, he was sleeping on the steering wheel, so he had a deep sleep and eventually crashed into Gliny’s car. The other truck driver could not stop because it was a downhill and he was at high speed.

Gliny lost a lot of blood, and they soon took him to an emergency hospital. He was totally immobilized, all bruised and covered in white bands because of the violent accident. His family went to see him. First, his wife arrived, shed tears and said:

“My love. I apologize if I did something bad to you. I forgive everything! Please come back!”

There was a great silence in his room, just the two of them, where it could only hear the device beep. His wife looked deeply into his face, the tears came down slowly. She remembered every moment. A few hours, the nurse came and said:

“Hi Alicia, are you ok?”

“Yes” She replied very afflicted and sad.

“Let me see how Mr. Gliny is doing.” The nurse said touching his wrists and looking at the whole medical devices. “It seems to me that he is well. And you, what do you say? Are you in shock with all this?”

“Yes, I am. I can’t believe this accident happened. Will he survive?”

“I do not know. He lost a lot of blood, and he’s going to need donors. Do you know anyone who could?”

“I do not know, but I can search.”

“Very well. So start quickly. We will search it from our blood bank.”

“All right”

Silence dominated for a while, soon after, Alicia decided to talk:

“Why do these things happen? People suffer, get sick and soon die. This cycle never ends. What is the reason for all this? Can you tell me?”

The nurse was silent for a short time, but soon she took all her attention to her and said:

“Alicia, my grandmother said that all things are to regenerate. Everything that is in us is going to die one day. We must always be connected that which gives us strength, love, and wisdom. We must not forget that everything we receive has its value, and we must enjoy this value to add something in us. This something is to change within us.”

“Deep what you said. Sorry, what’s your name?”

“My name is Lara”

“Thank you, Lara. After all, what you said is something to think about because Gliny forgot gratitude, affection, and tenderness. He started to become aggressive when he began to become rich. His company began to expand, so his attitudes were not the same. It seems that this wealth has only brought more sorrow and trouble. He has already attacked me physically.”

“Really? Why? What did he do for you?”

“He slapped me on my face. It was just that, but it was a discussion that I do not want to talk about deeply. I’m sorry” Alicia said with her sad look and looking at the floor.

“I see. All right, feel free to talk. I feel that you have a lot of sadness.”

“I have. I think about my children too.”

“Do you have children?”

“I have. They are beautiful.”

“How many?”

“I have two. It’s a couple.”

“That’s good. You must love them a lot, do not you?”

“Yes, I love. I do everything to give the best to them.”

“That’s good. I realized when you said that Gliny changed his attitude when he became rich, but I want you to know that it is not wealth that is the problem of his aggression.”

Alicia’s eyes widened, not quite agreeing with her. Then she asked:

“What do you mean? How?”

Lara lowered her head and sighed, with her serene energy and with much love, she said:

“I mean it’s not the money brings the problems. We are the problem. We attract, think and make everything happen. My grandmother, a great one sage, I miss her. She said that you can have a thousand horses on the pasture quite tight, and if you’re in between them, and maintaining balance and inner peace, none of them will hurt you. Anyway, I must say that it is not the money hurts us, but we are responsible for our own life. Do not blame it, much less you and him, all right?”

“Yes, thank you. I have no words to thank. This day was wonderful for me.” Alicia said with tears in her face. She hugged Lara with much affection and tenderness.

“I want you to know, this life is neither the first nor the last. There will come other situations that you must break free. All right?” Lara said in her soft and serene voice. “Yes. All right!”

“Now I need to go. Tomorrow, you come back here, and I’ll tell you if we have the compatible blood, okay?”

“All right. I’ll be back. Thank you. Is he well now?”

“Yes. He’s just resting, but we need to find blood as soon as possible because he has very little. I need to go. See ya”

“See ya. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome”

Lara left Gliny’s bedroom. Alicia kissed his face and then returned home.

When Alicia arrived home, it was already night, she was greeted by her children. The first one to ask his father was Sara:

“How’s Daddy?”

“He’s not very well. He needs blood because he lost a lot in the accident. Tomorrow I’ll go back there, and I’ll know what his blood is. We need to find a compatible donor as soon as possible.”

“I see. Zor and I are not?”

“I do not know, we’ll know all this tomorrow. We need to sleep, it’s too late. Where is Zor?”

“He’s in the bedroom. He is very worried.”

“I’ll talk to him. You can go to bed.”

“All right. Good night mom.”

“Good night”

Both embraced affectionately, and Alicia went up the stairs and went to Zor’s bedroom because his bedroom was next to the couple. She entered the room, he was sitting on the floor, looking up at the sky, because the window was open to the sky. It was a starry, clear night. Alicia came slowly and said:

“Zor, are you okay? ”

He did not answer anything, he kept looking up at the sky. The silence stayed for a short time. Alicia asked again:

“Zor, are you okay? Why are you quiet?”

“I just do not want to talk. My father is well?”

“Yes. However, he lost a lot of blood and need a donor. Tomorrow I will go back there to know his blood. We need to find a compatible donor.”

“No need to find. You already have”

Alicia got a look of astonishment. She did not understand what he meant, so she asked:

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you do not need to search for it. I am this person” He replied with great confidence and clarity.

“How do you know? I do not understand! You do not know your blood type, much less his.”

Zor closed his eyes and remained silent for a while. He said a few words to comfort her:

“Mother. That is the harm of some humans not believing and hearing what other creatures want to say. Of course, we should not believe everything, but we must pay attention. Observe things around. I feel like you do not believe me.”

Alicia was amazed about what he said. However, she wanted to deeply understand why he knew these things:

“How do you know these things? I know that you are a very intellectual and reserved person, but how do you know that you are the donor?”

“I know myself. I talk to myself and this everyone should do. Will you believe me?”

“I do not know. We’ll see that tomorrow. I’m tired, the day was bad today. Good evening. Tomorrow we talk.”

Alicia left Zor’s bedroom, but he did not answer her, much less he said “good night”

The next day Alicia took her two children to school and said she would return to take them to the hospital for the blood test.

A few hours passed, Alicia took her two children and took them to the hospital. Soon, Alicia and her children were welcomed by nurse Lara, and she took them to the field that performs the blood test. Lara said the hospital’s blood bank did not have Gliny’s blood, so she asked everyone to take the blood test. In a few hours, the result came out, Zor’s blood was compatible with Gliny’s. Alicia was amazed at everything she was living. There were several questions in her mind. How did Zor know his blood was compatible with his father? Why did he keep the tranquility inside him?

Alicia and her children were sitting on the bench, waiting for some return. Alicia was amazed by everything that happened in this short time. Soon after, Lara approached and said:


“Hi, Lara. How’s Gliny?”

“He is fine. We will perform the transfusion procedure. It seems to me that you are very depressed and distressed. What happened?” Lara said looking at her children. Zor was head down, together with his peace and quiet.

“I just want to talk. Can we?”

“Of course. Come here. Kids, wait here?”

“Yes, of course” both answered.

Lara took Alicia to a private room, it was Lara’s room. Lara asked her to sit down. He offered her a coffee and Alicia accepted. Both had coffee and Lara began the conversation:

“What happened?”

“I’m amazed by all this. The accident, the donor, everything.”

“You should not be like this. It’s a new chance that your husband has received. You should be happy, should not you?”

“Yes, but Zor knew he would be the donor. He told me yesterday, at his words, that he would not have to find another. He was the donor.”

Silence dominated the room. Lara took Alicia’s hand and said:

“Alicia. I think you need to open your mind. Things happen to renew. I told you that yesterday, remember?”

“Yes, I remember”

“So do not be scared. Your son has a very prominent mediumship, I think you have not understood yet. His consciousness is not normal for some of the people we have on this planet. You should not be astonished. Did you understand?”

“Yes, I understood. I did not know that Zor was like this. He has always been a reserved and very intelligent person, but he does not expose or talk about these things.”

“The people of this behavior, they do not like to talk much. They just do. I feel like he will not be staying here for long.”

Alicia looked deeply into Lara’s eyes, her heart beat faster. Fear and sadness took over her wherein she should have a loss, so she said:

“What do you mean? Is he going to die? ”

“Yes. He has a mission here. I’m talking this to prepare you, not to have any kind of fracture in your feeling. You need to get rid of things. I feel that you are very stuck and this takes us seriously problems.”

“I’m not stuck. I just love them.”

“I know, but being stuck with someone does not mean it’s a love. Your son, husband, and everything around you that is not yours. Can you understand? You are living in a moment of change, and these changes are for you to grow much more.”

“I think you must be talking nonsense. You’re a witch than a nurse.” Alicia said with some anger and mixed with sadness.

“Do not say that, Alice. Even if I were a witch, what would be the difference? Being a nurse, witch or anything else in this life, it will not release my responsibility to live in love. Love is the light that guides us. I received a great value, this value is the chance to grow. We have the great power to solve everything. We must work with ourselves and live in love intensely. Love is not selfish, hypocritical, and unhealthy. I hope you can understand me.” Lara said in her quiet, forceful voice.

“You say it like this is easy. I love them and will do everything they can to have the best. I love my husband.”

“You say all the time “my” looks like they are your wares. Beware of the words, and I hope you know what you’re doing. So I am available to help you.” Lara said with a smile on her face. Where her countenance and smile conveyed peace and tenderness.

“I need to go. I think I’ve done what I need. I just want to see Gliny before I go. Can I?”

“Not now. Wait a few minutes, I’ll call you, okay?”

“All right. Thanks.”

Alicia left Lara’s room reflecting on everything she said. She sat on the bench next to her children.

A few minutes later, Lara came out of Gliny’s room with a very sad countenance and called her into her room again. She asked Alicia to sit down. Alicia sat slowly and felt something very strange on Lara’s face, so she asked: ´

“What happened?”

“Are you ready to know?” Lara asked with a pitiful look.

“Yes. You’re frightening me. Say now”

Lara lowered her head, closed her eyes and sighed slowly and said:

“Your husband is dead. Unfortunately, he could not survive. I went to his room, we didn’t save him.”

Alicia, at that moment, she was floorless, her eyes were fixed at a spot where her mind was in total ecstasy. Tears fell, and she cried desperately. She left the room without saying goodbye to Lara. Lara called to her, but she did not care. Her children saw her leaving the room and they followed her.

There was a square in the hospital, Alicia sat on the bench and there was a big tree, the wind slowly passing in her hair. Her children arrived and Zor very sadly asked:

“What happened, mother?”

“Your father is dead.” Alicia said crying.

Sara sat next to her mother and hugged her tightly, kissed her wet face and said:

“Do not cry mother. He’s fine now.”

“How do you know?”

“You do not need to know. We need to be open to feeling it”

Alicia, after hearing this phrase from her daughter, looked at her with a very sad look, but then smiled, closed her eyes slowly and laid her head on Sara’s shoulder.

A while passed, Alicia turned into a very selfish, aggressive and depressed person after Gliny’s death, she was not the same person as before. Her children noticed these acts, one night, Zor went to Alicia’s bedroom slowly, the door was a little open and he saw her lying down, the light of her room was on. Zor spoke politely:

“Mom, can I come in?

“Yes” She answered coldly.

Zor entered slowly and went toward to her bed, a large, red bed containing several floral designs on the bed sheet and pillow. He sat down beside her and said:

“Mom, why are you like this? You are so different. What happened?”

Alicia was silent for a while, then said:

“I think it’s just your imagination.”

“It is not my imagination. You got arrogant, do not talk to us anymore. You just come from work and stay in your bedroom. You became so this after the father died.”

Alicia began to cry. Zor just stared and said:

“Mom, it’s no use crying. It’s no use getting stuck in the past.”

“You do not know what I’m feeling. He was my husband.”

“Mom. First, it is not yours. The person comes into our lives to live the moment with us. The ship comes to take us to a new life. Do you understand?”

Alicia did not answer, just kept silent with her tears. Then, with deep sadness she decided to argue:

“For you, it is very simple a dose of forgetfulness, but you do not know what I feel. You do not know when you live every moment with it, in that, it repeats many times in our minds. That’s sad! Because you know you will not have that moment again, it will just be movies recorded in our minds.”

When Alicia said those words, she kept a great silence in the bedroom. Zor tried to find alternatives to cherish her, he argued:

“Mother. Do you know how much time has passed? Four years! You still cry and still change your behavior with us. You have become selfish, arrogant, for a situation with which you know, there is no turning back. Do you think you’re in love? Would you like to be called every moment while you were waiting for freedom? Would you like to be stuck in a world of which you have only sadness? Are not we being selfish to the point of thinking that people need to be with us forever? Life is memories and moments to be lived. If you think, my mother, changing your personality will bring him back, I’m sorry, you’re living in an illusion. Even…”

When Zor was to keep talking to, he was interrupted with a slap of Alicia on his face. Alicia with those eyes with tears of fury and at the same time of sadness, she looked deeply into Zor’s and said:

“Shut up! You do not know what you’re saying. It was not you lost someone you love so much. I want you to know that your words will not solve, and much less will change me. You hear me?”

Zor lowered his head, sighed, and hurried out of her bedroom. He closed the door of her bedroom with great fury, and Alicia called him:

“Zor, come back here now! I’m not done!”

Zor remained locked in the bedroom, Alicia was knocking on the door asking him to open the door, but he did not say anything.

The life of this family was very troubled. Alicia’s children were abandoned. Alicia, while later, became a person who was dating several men. Each day she was staying with a different man, but these men only wanted to have fun with Alice. Alicia fell in love with some of them, trying to turn it into an object of possession. Unfortunately, she could not get any of what her feelings would like. Her life was turned upside down, she got into alcoholism and drugs. Gliny’s company began to have financial problems, so the situation became more difficult.

A time passed, Zor became very sick, he got cancer and suffered a lot, the whole family was suffering. Alicia had to spend a lot of money to save him, but unfortunately, Zor eventually died. After this loss, Alicia was totally upset, her world had collapsed, the guilty feeling of not having listened to him that night came to the surface. Everything passed in her mind and the feeling of sadness consumed even more.

Alicia was in a very extreme depressive situation. She could not get out of bed, and Sara had to take the reins of the house and company. Sara was seventeen years now, so she had to take on great responsibilities even when she was very young.

One day, Sara came into Alicia’s bedroom, it was all messed up, with bottles of drinks and drugs, she was staring, with a body posture saying, when will she get out of this situation? Then Sarah called her:

“Mother. Wake up. It’s time to wake up. I’m tired of seeing you here. This room has an unbearable odor, I do not know how you’re enduring staying here. After all, you do not let employees clean it. It’s time mom! Wake up to life. How long will you stay in this situation? Is your life over? I do not think so! You still have someone who needs your love, your strength, and vision to continue the journey here. Do not flee from the responsibilities that life gave you, after all, life did not come to judge you, it came to teach you. Learn the things of life as long as it can teach you, enjoy the short time you still have, maybe the ship for a new trip can reach. Come on, mom, get up! Get out of this situation, your life is not over. I saw how many men you brought into this house, trying to pretend the situations. Always trying to hold them like if they were your product. Mom, wake up, nothing is ours!”

Alicia began to cry, and the feeling of reason struck her heart. Alicia rose slowly and hugged Sara with much affection and tenderness. Both hugged for a long time.

A time passed, Alicia recreated herself, followed her life forward and forgot the losses she had gained during her journey of life. Some years passed, Sara got married, had three children and Alicia kept single and living alone in her big house.

Thus, we may reflect that everything in life is just the right time to make some decisions, we will learn to let go of many things in our lives through it. We must leave old things, to get into the new, not reap the rewards like being our ownership, because nothing is on our property. So we must be ready for good and bad changes.







A short book to reflect on our lives. What we have in our lives is ours? Should we stay connected with people and material things on this planet? Should we give up when we are experiencing many bad situations? In this little book relates a human being who has experienced difficult times in his life, he has been mistreated by family and school people, but he has conquered what he sought so much, after all, some people could not believe what he could conquer. He got a family and various events occurred, showing the side of pain, suffering, love and illusion. Who will be the character "Myself" who is in this story? Should we judge the first character to be introduced? After all, let's pay attention to the details and take it as a lesson for all of us.

  • Author: Racross
  • Published: 2017-01-02 17:50:08
  • Words: 6167
Myself Myself