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My What if Christmas Wish

Patrice Nelson is a hard working psychologist with everything she has ever wanted in life, or so she thinks. She has always helped people with their problems, but has failed to face her own. However, when Patrice runs into her old college boyfriend two weeks before Christmas, she wonders is her life really complete the way it is. Seven years have passed since Patrice last saw Adam Chambers. Once she does, her old feelings for him resurface. This time they are stronger than ever. With Christmas quickly approaching, Patrice analyzes her own life. Did she make the right decision seven years ago? Or was the man she once loved part of her destiny? *Originally published in 2013*

  • ISBN: 9780463505953
  • Author: Daria White
  • Published: 2018-10-07 04:45:06
  • Words: 24782
My What if Christmas Wish My What if Christmas Wish