My Doggy Did a Do-Do


My Doggie Did a Do-Do

By Irene Davidson


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This is a work of fiction. All characters, organisations and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously

Dedicated to Smudge, rescue greyhound extraordinaire.

A Short Poem about Picking Up The Poop

My doggie did a do-do,

Now I should pick it up,

Though I want to keep on walking

Like it wasn’t from my pup.

When doggies do their do-dos,

It’s not a lovely smell,

It’s soft and warm and squishy,

And the odour is quite foul.

I’ve got this special baggy,

For picking up the poop,

But it’s still not very pleasant,

To reach and grab that goop!

My doggie won’t be bothered,

To leave his poop right there,

Though some poor person will be,

When they step in canine schmear!

It’s just one poop, I tell myself,

And not a great big deal,

I could walk away and leave it,

But how might others feel?

“Cos there’s ten floors in my building,

And four dogs on my floor (though numbers do vary),

(Come on, you can help me do the Math here,)

…You get a LOT of do-do,

From forty dogs or more!

So, I’m gonna pick the poop up,

And drop it in the trash,

That way it’s far more pleasant,

For passers-by to pass!

About the Author:


Irene Davidson is the writing pseudonym of Adrienne Oaks.

Growing up in the far south of New Zealand, she rapidly came to the conclusion that her native home was a long way from anywhere and unless she wanted to spend all her holidays on Stewart Island she’d need to get used to flying.

With this in mind, she jetted off to school in Tennessee, university in Palmerston North (that’s in the North Island), living in London and France, then Australia and the USA, gathering material for writing along the way.

Following a degree in biology, she studied post-grad in Landscape Architecture before producing two beautiful babies; both of whom are now well on their way to being grown-ups.

She currently lives in Washington State, with her husband Tim and an adopted greyhound called Smudge, who sleeps in Seattle while she writes.


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My Doggy Did a Do-Do

A short illustrated poem about taking responsibility for picking up the poop, especially when you and your dog live in a building where there are a lot of other dogs.

  • ISBN: 9781370787821
  • Author: Irene Davidson
  • Published: 2017-08-22 18:17:15
  • Words: 550
My Doggy Did a Do-Do My Doggy Did a Do-Do