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My Best Stories in Shakespir


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2017 Mario V. Farina

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I have authored and published into Shakespir about 200 short stories involving love, humorous situations, space travel, paranormal happenings and other topics. In all, I’ve avoided the use of vulgar, obscene, and other forms of objectionable situations and language.

Several of my stories are very good; others good; many simply fair, and a few, poor! Alas, there are so many stories I authored, even articles on the subjects of grammar and investing, you might have trouble deciding what to read if time available for reading is limited. In an effort to save you time, I wrote this guide to what I consider are my best stories. When you’ve read some, you may find that you don’t agree with my selection. I won’t be offended. After all, my selection is only one person’s opinion.

Here they are, the ones I think are best. (Search for them by name.) But, when you’ve read these, don’t stop. I’m writing a new story every few days. There may be some gems there!

Wife For A Day

Walter Watkins was to be honored at work as “Husband of the Month.” But he wasn’t married. Wanting to incur the benefits of the honor, he asked Judy Maxwell if she would agree to pretend being his wife. Reluctantly, she agreed. At the celebration, Walter’s supervisor took a shine to Judy. This story tells what happened as a result of this infatuation and how it as resolved.

Who’s Shirley

Marilyn and I were very much in love. We loved playing with words. Marilyn loved playing tricks and she saved a very good one for our wedding night. Read this story to find out what it was. I think you’ll find it, not only humorous but also very loving.

Remembering the Anniversary

Ben had forgotten his wife’s first anniversary. Wendy had been deeply disappointed. He had not given her so much as a card! Ben had learned his lesson and was not going to forget next time. He wrote a computer program that would remind him about an upcoming anniversary. Alas, the program worked, but he almost forgot anyway. You’ll chuckle when you see how the story ends.

You Need To Be Watched

Mr. Davis, my employer, asked me to do something confidential for him, After being convinced that what he was asking was not illegal or immoral, I agreed. He wanted me to watch one of his other employees. He did not tell me the reason. I did what he asked, but, in addition, fell in love with her. This story tells why Mr. Davis wanted me to do what he asked and what was the outcome.

The Girl In Red

I introduced Dave Turner to Gina Lopez at my birthday party. I’m the girl in red on the cover of this book. They fell in love and became engaged to be married. Dave was hurt in an auto accident and lost his memory. After Gina failed to bring it back, I asked to try. As I tried, I felt that he was falling in love with me. This was not happen. This story tells what did happen.

Judge Me Fair

He had been wrongly accused of murder. His sweetheart knew this and was helping him behind the scenes. You won’t believe the surprise ending of this love story.

First Date On A Windy Date

Matthew was in love with the lovely Glenda Robinson. He wanted to make a good impression on their first date. But he wore a hairpiece that had a penchant for blowing away when he was driving a sports car. He feared this would happen at the time when he least wanted. Alas, it did blow off on his first date with Glenda. Her reaction was priceless.

A Meal To End All Meals

Vincent had not been happy with Nancy Beth and had taken steps to remove her from his life so that he could seek a better partner. Susan Wilkerson seemed to be the ideal replacement. One happy experience with her was followed by another, then another. There came a time when she cooked a splendid dinner for him. It had been a meal to end all meals. See whether you can guess what happened after this sumptuous repast.

Thou Art A Witch

There are many witches in the United States, good and bad. Our people should know more about them to avoid getting into trouble. In my youth I learned this lesson the hard way. This story tells about my good and bad encounters with witches.

I Married The Boss

Marilyn Willkie had been advised by her grandmother that the best way to a successful marriage was to marry the boss. Her dad, on the other hand, said that love was of paramount important in any marriage. Her boss, Bernie Ralston asked Marilyn to marry him. She said no. This story gives the explanation of why she couldn’t say yes to Bernie but did say yes to another person.

You Married For Gain I Married For Love

Mary Ann and Mary Lou were identical twins. They had grown up together and had enjoyed their lives as twins. However, they have come from a poverty-stricken home and each of the women strived to better their finances in different ways. Mary Ann married John, but the marriage ended in divorce. Mary Lou married the same man and their marriage was working well. Mary Ann asked why the difference.

What Do We Do Now

Tim and Angie had been married that afternoon. Tim kept asking a question that Angie was afraid to answer. She dreaded the evening and what was to come. She finally revealed what it was that she feared. This story tells about a suggestion Tim made and what was its effect.

About The Author

Mario V Farina has worked all his life, from age 18 to 90. He worked for the American Locomotive Company, served in the U. S. Army during WWII, was employed at General Electric. He taught computers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After leaving his position with RPI, he became employed with the New York State Labor Department. He earned his BS Degree from the College of Saint Rose at age 50 after years of part-time study. He’s a car buff, a pun creator, and a computer enthusiast. He loves English grammar and the mysterious lore of numbers He wrote textbooks for the programming languages COBOL and FORTRAN and a book of puns and short stories called, “A Little Light Reading.” He has authored about 250 stories and articles in e-books published by Shakespir.

My Best Stories in Smashwords

  • ISBN: 9781370795413
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2017-01-14 02:35:09
  • Words: 1170
My Best Stories in Smashwords My Best Stories in Smashwords