Murder Mysteries: The Chilling, Gruesome True Stories And Accounts Of The Worlds




The Chilling, Gruesome True Stories And Accounts Of The Worlds Most Famous Murder Mysteries, Unsolved Murders, Unsolved Crimes And Unsolved Mysteries

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Killers Who Got Away

Chapter 2: White Chapel Killings

Chapter 3: John Middleton Clayton Murder

Chapter 4: Andrew and Abby Borden

Chapter 5: The Axeman Of New Orleans

Chapter 6: The Atlas Vampire Case

Chapter 7: The Black Dahlia

Chapter 8: The Taman Shud Case

Chapter 9: Boy In The Box

Chapter 10: Jack The Stripper

Chapter 11: The Case Of The Lead Masks

Chapter 12: The Zodiac Killings

Chapter 13: Oscar Romero

Chapter 14: Tupac Shakur

Chapter 15: JoeBenet Ramsey

Chapter 16: The Salish Sea Foot Mystery

Chapter 17: February 9 Killer

Chapter 18: Olof Palme

Chapter 19: Marilyn Sheppard

Chapter 20: Where Did it Go?


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Humans sometimes can have a tendency to feel superior to their fellow beings and have a “know it all” attitude towards certain things in life. With the advancement in technology we feel our selves to be the Gods who walk this planet and every minute detail of the unknown amplifies this feeling by about a million times.


Take for example the discovery of the Higgs boson or the Higgs particle. We were so over confident about our discovery that we even named it the “God particle”.


But, there are times, when even we are struck in the face by a force of mystery so strong that we are left bewildered. Take the example of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline plane MH370. With all our modern aviation technology behind us in full force, we haven’t been able to locate the plane even a year after its disappearance.


This is not the first time we have been unable to solve a mystery. Over the years there have been several incidences which have left a big question mark in the pages of our history. In this book, we have compiled a list of the world’s most profound mysteries that have been befuddling us for years.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: The Killers Who Got Away

A lot of times when we watch shows like CSI, NICS, Blue Bloods, Sherlock Holmes and the likes, we often fantasize about being one of them and going around the city solving crimes and apprehending criminals. The TV shows make it look so easy.


But, the fact is that it is not easy as it looks. You just don’t look at a few clues and mysteriously gauge who the criminal is. According to a study of the FBI records over the years, about 6,000 killers go scot free every year! And that figure is just applicable in the United States of America! Still think it is easy?


Here’s a list of some bone chilling, cold blooded murders, whose perpetrators are still roaming free (unless they died over the years), the killers who got away!

Chapter 2: White Chapel Killings

The White Chapel killings are possibly the most famous unsolved crimes across the globe. 11 murders were committed over the span of 2 years, the first murder being committed on 3rd April 1888 and the last being committed on 13th February 1891, and the killer was never caught. All the murders took place in the Whitechapel District in London, an area notorious for its criminal activity in the late 1800s.


All the eleven murdered were women and were brutally murdered in different ways, but clues suggested that all of them were murdered by the same man, commonly nicknamed “Jack the Ripper”. The name originated after someone wrote to media, claiming to be the murderer. The murderer was also called the “White Chapel Murderer” or the “Leather Apron”.


Typically, Jack the Ripper was accredited with the killing of female prostitutes who boarded and “worked” in the slums of London. A common trait noticed among most of the murders were the throats of the victims were slit from left to right and then their bodies were mutilated, especially the abdominal area.


Internal organs of at least three victims were extracted, with almost surgical precision, which lead the investigators to believe that the murderer had a certain level of anatomical or surgical familiarity that aided him.


After an extensive investigation, about a hundred suspects were apprehended but the authorities could never agree on a single suspect and till this date the identity of Jack is unknown. The Jack the Ripper legend has sprouted off many copycats and is the topic of many books, movies and TV shows, all portraying a different identity of the killer.

Chapter 3: John Middleton Clayton Murder

It is not just the murders of common people that remain unsolved; sometimes even murderers of high profile people get away.


John Middleton Clayton was a Republican Congressman, who was elected as a representative in Arkansas after the Civil War ended.


On January 29, in the year 1989, Clayton was shot dead while he was investigating an irregularity in the election in Conway County in the concluded elections where he lost due to a small margin.


He was shot through the window of the boarding house in Plumerville, while he sat at a table, writing. He died instantly.


Police begun an investigation into the assassination but couldn’t find anything conclusive. Even after strong suspicions on a lot of people and after an announcement of a $5,000 cash reward for any information, there was never a concrete suspect or any proof and the identity of the assailant is still a mystery.


After Clayton was murdered, it was found that his opponent had cheated and rigged the election and Clayton was declared as the winner.

Chapter 4: Andrew and Abby Borden

A couple, Abby and Andrew Borden were murdered brutally at their home, in Fall River in Massachusetts, on 4th August 1892. The news story made headlines across the country because the prime suspect of the murder was a family member, Lizzie Borden.


She was the daughter of Andrew Borden and had a less than cordial relationship with her father and step mother. There were frequent fights in the household pertaining to the distribution of her father’s estate and tension was thick enough to be cut with a knife!


On the day of the murders, it was found that Abby was murdered in the guest room between 9 am to 10:30 am. Abby was cut with a hatchet just above her ear and later was hit at the back of her head 19 times by the killer, who sat on her back and delivered the blows.


Andrew, it is assumed, was murdered between 10:30 am to 11:10 am while he was napping on the couch. He received 10 to 11 blows with a hatchet like weapon, and according to the reports one of his eyeballs was split into two due to the force of the attack.


Despite not having a concrete alibi and showing a plethora of what can be considered as very suspicious and shifty behavior (like burning her dress on the stove after the murders), Lizzie was let off without any punishment due to the inadequacies of the policemen, who failed to investigate and interrogate her thoroughly.


To date it is fairly unknown as to who murdered the couple: Lizzie, the maid Bridget Sullivan (who made a dying confession about lying in her testimony), Lizzie’s elder sister Emma, Andrew Borden’s illegitimate son William Borden or John Morse Lizzie’s maternal uncle who was visiting the family.


A lot of the theories name John Morse to be the killer as he never visited the Borden’s after the death of his sister and had a less than cordial relationship with the family. It was a strange coincidence that he visited the family just a night before the murders.

Chapter 5: The Axeman Of New Orleans

Another serial killer who (literally) got away with murder was the highly feared “boogeyman”. The axeman committed 8 murders between May 1918 and October 1919. His first victims were Joseph Maggio, a local grocer and his wife, Catherine Maggio.


According to reports, in most of the cases the killer broke down the back door and hacked the residents of the house using an axe or a straight razor, which usually belonged to the victim. These crimes were not robberies, and not in one case was any item removed or stolen from the victim’s house. This added to the creepiness of the killer, leading to mass hysteria in New Orleans.


The bulk of the axeman’s victims were Italian Americans, leading to a belief that these crimes had a racial motivation and maybe the mafia was the one behind all the murders. There were no leads or evidence found in this regard.


Another theory was that the killer was a sadist male who only wished to kill women and only killed men when they obstructed him from killing the women in the house. This theory was supported by the fact that in many cases the woman in the house was killed, while the man was spared.


The axeman was never caught and the crimes stopped as abruptly as they started. There were many possible suspects, each with a varied level of plausibility, but nothing concrete came up and even today the identity of the killer is unknown.

Chapter 6: The Atlas Vampire Case

The Atlas Vampire is the name given to the killer who committed the spine chilling Vampire murder in 1932 in Stockholm, Sweden.


The body of Lilly Lindeström, a 32 year old prostitute, was found in her apartment on 4th May 1932, almost 48 to 72 hours after being inhumanly murdered. The murders of prostitutes were not very uncommon in 1932, but the murder of Lilly grabbed the attention of the global media because after being delivered a fatal blow that crushed her skull, the murderer had consumed her blood.


When the police broke through her apartment door, they found the lifeless body of Lilly, lying face down on the bed, completely naked. It was observed that there had been some sexual activity before her death and there was a used condom in her anus. Near the bed the police found a gravy ladle, which was used by the killer to consume the blood of the victim.

As there was not much advancement in terms of forensic technology and there weren’t any suspects, despite having a suspicion of some of her shadier clients, the police couldn’t nail the murderer and the murder is still unsolved.

Chapter 7: The Black Dahlia


“The Black Dahlia” was a moniker given to Elizabeth Short, a 22 year old starlet, by the media who had a habit of nicknaming shocking crimes to add another level of mystery to them. Despite being a white woman, her dark hair and her wardrobe were the things that prompted this nickname.


On 15th January 1947, during the wee hours, the body of Short was discovered on a vacant lot, situated in Leimant Park, Los Angeles, California. This was a week after she apparently went missing on 9th January. The most shocking part of this murder was the fact that the victim’s body was sliced into halves using surgical precision, her body mutilated and all the blood drained out of her body.


The body of the victim was washed by the killer and the corners of her mouth were slashed up to her ears to create an effect known as the Glasgow Smile (think the Joker from the Batman movies.) She also had multiple cuts on her breasts and her thighs, in some places the entire flesh had been cut off.


Ligature marks were found on her neck, wrists and ankle, and while she did not have a fractured skull, she was found to have bruises on the right side and front of her scalp. The cause of death was determined to be haemorrhaging from the various lacerations to her face and from the shock of the blows delivered to her head and face.


There was extensive investigation carried out by the police as well as the reporters (looking for a new scoop) and many people wrote letters to the editors claiming to be the murderers, but nothing conclusive was ever found. This is the oldest unsolved crime in Los Angeles and one of the most popular ones too, which is why about 50 to 60 men and women (most of them men) confessed to committing the crime. Was one of the real murderers one of the confessors? We will never know.

Chapter 8: The Taman Shud Case

Also referred to as the “The Mystery Of The Somerton Man”, the case grabbed the attention of the world due to the mystery surrounding the murder and the fact that the Australian police widely distributed the available material across various countries in an attempt to get any information possible on the mysterious man . On the morning of 1st December 1948, the body of an unidentified male was found on the Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia.


The police found the body in a weird position. His head was rested on the sea wall, while his feet were pointing towards the sea. His left arm was folded at a peculiar uncomfortable angle, while his right arm was double bent. An unlit cigarette was found behind his ear, while a half smoked cigarette was found on the right collar of his shirt, held in place by his cheek.


In his pocket was an unused rail ticket for a trip from the city to Henley beach, an already used bus ticket from the city, a packet of Juicy Fruit chewing gum which was half used, a narrow aluminium American comb, a box of Bryant & May matches which was quarter full and some Kensitas cigarettes in an Army Club packet.


In a hidden pocket of the man’s trousers was a scrap of paper of the final page of The Rubaiyat Omar Khayyam, inscribed with the words “tamam shud” which means “finished” or “ended” in Persian.


An autopsy revealed the man was poisoned and his spleen was about 3 times the normal size. Apart from this, there was no other information about who the man was, where he had come from, what had happened and who had killed him. The Taman Shud case is considered to be one of “Australia’s most profound mysteries.”

Chapter 9: Boy In The Box

The murders of young children are the most heartbreaking of them all, after all what could a little child have done to warrant such an end? Similar is the heart wrenching case of the Boy in the Box, which raises more questions than the answers it provides.


On 25th February 1957 the body of a young 4 to 6 year old male was found in a cardboard box, in the Fox Chase section in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The child was naked and covered with a plaid blanket and had an unprofessional haircut and there were bruises along the hairline of the child.


This is all the information we have pertaining to this case. The boy was nicknamed “America’s Unknown Child” and the police gave it 100% of their attention to find some clue pertaining to the child’s identity, but in vain. The case received high media attention and the picture of the child was even printed on the gas bills sent out in an attempt to gain some information, but nothing was ever found.

The police had a few theories, each more likely than the other, but nothing concrete ever came up and to date the identity of the boy and what happened to him continues to confound the world. Even his grave reads “America’s Unknown Child.”

Chapter 10: Jack The Stripper

There has been an alarming trend of serial killers giving the law a slip and their identities remaining a mystery. As mentioned earlier, Jack the Ripper was one of the most famous serial killers across the world and he inspired a lot of copycats.


“Jack the Stripper” was one such copycat who mimicked the modus operandi and the victimology of the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper and was responsible for the “nude murders” in London. The 6 murders attributed to Jack the Ripper took place between 1964 and 1965. Two more murders were also attributed to him, but a lot of critics disagree as they do not fit within his modus operandi.


Most of his victims were strangulated and their teeth knocked out. Flecks of paint were discovered near the bodies of the victims, prompting the police to think that the killer might have been a worker in a paint factory and the flecks were from his workplace.


When the body of his last believed victim, Bridget O’ Hara, was discovered, the flecks of the industrial paint were traced to a transformer nearby, which had been covered. Her body showed signs of being stored in a warm environment, and the transformer met both criteria of the paint and warmth, leading to speculation that her body was stored for a while near the transformer.

With not much to follow, the police kept hitting dead ends and the murders stopped as soon as they begun and the murderer was never discovered. As with the Jack the Ripper case, a lot of people came up to the police and confessed, but not one individual was convicted of committing the crimes.

Chapter 11: The Case Of The Lead Masks

How would you feel if you left to pick up some supplies and never returned home? In a few words, this is what happened to the victims of the “Lead Masks Case”.


Two mechanics, Miguel Jose Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz, set out from Campos dos Gostacazes, Brazil in order to pick up supplies for their car. This was on 17th August 1966. On 20th August 1966 their dead bodies were discovered in Vintem Hill by a teenager.


The most mysterious part about the discovery was that both the men had lead eye masks on, which had no holes (the kind usually worn to safeguard against radiation), formal suits and impervious coats. Also discovered near the bodies were two towels, empty water bottles and a notebook which had the words: “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.”


The money which they had on them for the car was never discovered. An investigation into their belongings revealed that the coats and water bottles were purchased from the town nearby, and a waitress described them of being nervous when they bought the water bottles from the bar.


Apart from this, there were no clues about the death of the two men or the possible cause of death. There were no signs of trauma on the bodies of the two men and an autopsy couldn’t be conducted due to a lack of time; by the time the lab was free, the organs of the two men had decomposed too much to be tested.

What happened to these men? Were they a part of some new drug experiment? Were they human lab rats? Or was there any extra terrestrial activity involved? (The area where the bodies were discovered was known for frequent UFO sightings.) We shall never know!

Chapter 12: The Zodiac Killings

The inexplicably odd and infamous killings are the world’s greatest unsettled mysteries, second only to Jack the Ripper, the infamous murderer of 9 women in the White Chapel district of London.


The “Zodiac Killer” was a serial killer who committed about 4 murders and is suspected of committing 3 other murders, between the late 1960s and the early 1970s. It is even suspected that there may have been some murders committed by the killer well before and well after the aforementioned dates.


The title “Zodiac” was self-named, as the notorious Zodiac Killer wrote four clue laden letters to various San Francisco newspapers, taunting the police and investigators with hints of what he would do to his next victim. He referred to himself as “Zodiac” in one of his letters. Out of the four encrypted 408 symbol ciphers in the letters, the meaning of only one of the letters was cracked.


Here is the transcript of the letter that was cracked:




The meaning of the last 18 letters is unknown.


More than 2,500 suspects were rounded up, but the mystery was never solved and the case is still open and there have been no Zodiac murders since the year 1970.

The Zodiac continues to be one the frontrunners in the mystery section of the world and continues to be the number one inspiration for mystery books and movies, all implicating a new suspect.

Chapter 13: Oscar Romero

Even God’s men are not safe, as proved by our next case.


Óscar Arnulfo Romero y-Galdámez, commonly known as Oscar Romero, held the position of a bishop in a Catholic Church at El Salvador. Romero was the 4th archbishop in San Salvador. Pope John Paul II bestowed the title of “Servant of God” upon Romero and was declared as a martyr by the Pope Francis on 3rd February 2015.


On the fateful day of his murder, 24 March 1980, the archbishop spent his day at a recollection that was organized by the Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic Church institution.


In the evening, while he was giving mass, he called upon the Salvadoran soldiers, asking them to follow the way of God and stop with the human right violations and repressions they were carrying out on the orders of the government. As soon as he was done with his sermon, as Romero moved to the middle of the altar, he was shot.

Till date, no one has officially claimed the responsibility of the assassination, but it is strongly believed that the assignation was carried out by one of the members of the death squad maintained by the former major Roberto D’Aubuisson. But as nothing conclusive came about, there were no arrests made with reference to this case.

Chapter 14: Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was an American gangsta rapper who sold more than 75 million records around the globe, making him the “best selling music artist of all time.”

On 27th September 1996 Tupac went for a Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon boxing match at the MGM Grande in Las Vegas, with American record producer and music executive, Suge Knight.


After they left from the match, an associate of Knight saw Orlando Anderson near the lobby and informed Knight. Anderson and a bunch of his gang members, known as Crips had robbed a member of the Death Row’s entourage earlier that year. Enraged by that, Tupac, along with his entourage, Knight and Knight’s associates, attacked Anderson and assaulted him. After the brawl was over, Tupac and Knight headed to Club 662.


Tupac was in the car with Knight and was standing up through the sun roof. After a minor altercation with the police for playing music too loud and flirting with a few women in the neighbouring car, the duo were stopped at a red light when a four door Cadillac pulled up next to them. Suddenly a window was rolled down and there were shots fired upon Tupac who was out in plain view.


He was shot in the chest, pelvis, thigh and right hand. Rounds have been said to pierce through his left testicle and his right lung too. Knight, who was driving, was hit in the head by the fragments.


After 6 days of being hospitalized, Tupac died in medical care.


Thorough investigation revealed no clue, but a piece written by Chuck Philips in 2002 revealed that after a yearlong investigation, the author concluded that Tupac was murdered by the members of the gang, with whom Tupac had an altercation with earlier that night.

Chapter 15: JoeBenet Ramsey

There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower


Truer words have never been spoken. A bud plucked before it had the time to bloom, a life ended even before it had a chance to live. Something similar happened with JoeBenet Ramsey, a six year old beauty queen, who was found dead in the basement of her own home.


A winner of various pageants like Little Miss Charlevoix, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, National Tiny Miss Beauty, America’s Royale Miss and Little Miss Colorado, Ramsey was destined for a life of fame.


A day after Christmas, the child was reported missing by the family and the body of the young girl was found 8 hours after the report was filed. The child had been strangled and struck on her head using a heavy object. The body was found by the father, John Ramsey and he saw that the body of the child was covered using her special white blanket.


There was a nylon cord around the girl’s neck and her wrists were twisted and tied up above her head and a piece of duct tape covered her mouth. Although there wasn’t any proof of the child being raped, there were a few clues which lead the investigators to believe that the child had been sexually abused.


Earlier on, the parents and elder brother were suspected of killing JoeBenet, but with technological advancement, a DNA test revealed that no immediate family member was involved in the crime. This ruled out the main suspects in the case and as there were no other suspects or clues, the killer was never discovered.

Chapter 16: The Salish Sea Foot Mystery

Our next mystery is not a “murder mystery” in the strictest sense, but it does relate to the death of a few human beings.


What goes around comes around and this applies to the sea too. Throw something into the sea and someday, somewhere it is going to wash ashore. A plethora of things wash onto beaches around the world, from garbage to clothes to seashells to feet. Yes, you read that right, FEET.


These feet have washed ashore on the banks of the Salish Sea in British Colombia, Canada and Washington, United States of America. A total of ten or eleven feet have washed ashore in British Colombia and four feet have washed ashore in Washington.

Earlier, it was assumed that these feet were washing up from sites of boating or airplane crashes, but all of the feet that have been found were wearing running shoes. What is even more surprising is that no other body parts have washed ashore, just the feet. There have been speculations ranging from tsunami victims to suicides, but there has been no conclusion declared officially.

Chapter 17: February 9 Killer

On the 9th of February, a Hispanic woman was attacked and murdered in Salt Lake City, while she was alone in her apartment. The shocking part is that the aforementioned events took place twice, on the SAME DATE, two years apart, once in 2006 and once in 2008.


The police and the investigators at first thought of it as a mere coincidence, but they were in for a shock. The DNA evidence, which was collected at both the scenes later, proved that it was from the same man. He was dubbed as the “February 9 Killer” by the media.


The victim killed in 2006 was named Sonia Mejia. Mejia was pregnant when the killer strangled and assaulted her in her home. In 2008, the victim Damiana Castillo was strangled in her home, which was about a mile away from the home Mejia was murdered in.

It was observed by the investigating authorities that there was no sign of forced entry in both the houses. While the agencies investigating the murders were reluctant to label the perpetrator as a “serial killer”, murdering two women in a similar fashion, on the same date was a pretty clear sign of a modus operandi.

Chapter 18: Olof Palme

Olof Palme was a Swedish politician and a Prime Minister and despite being a high ranking official, he leaned towards leading a simple life and was never surrounded by bodyguards.


As a Prime Minister, Olof, made a few controversial decisions, like trying to restore a socialist economic policy in Sweden and was very opinionated about his position in European security. He had even introduced a referendum in order to make Sweden a nuclear free country and remove all the nuclear reactors in Sweden.


These things made him unpopular in a few circles and on the 28th of February he was shot dead while on the walk to Hötorget metro station with his wife, after watching a movie with his son and his wife. Olof was shot at a point blank range, while his wife was also shot, but she survived.


There were about 25 eye witnesses, who came up to the police with a description of the shooter, who was described to be a male aged between 30 to 50, and there were many theories about the motive and identity of the killer, but there was nothing concrete and the killer walked away scot free.

Chapter 19: Marilyn Sheppard

Marilyn Sheppard was found murdered in her bed on 4th July 1954 just hours after entertaining neighbors in her home in Bay Village, Ohio, Cleveland. The prime suspect? Her husband, Dr. Sam Sheppard, a neurosurgeon. But, he maintained he was innocent throughout his life, till the day he died.


According to the timeline suggested by Sheppard, he was asleep in a daybed in the living room when he heard his wife crying for him. Thinking his pregnant wife may be convulsing, he rushed to the bedroom to see a figure in the room. Then he was knocked down by it. When he regained consciousness, he checked his wife for a pulse.


After not finding one, he rushed over to check on their son, 7 year old Chip, who slept soundly through the ordeal. When Sheppard rushed down, he found the figure lurking downstairs and chased him out of the house towards the lake, where he was knocked unconscious again. When he regained consciousness, he realized he was dragged close to the lake and half his body was in the lake.


Some items from the house, like Sheppard’s key, keychain, a fraternity ring and Sheppard’s wrist watch, were found to be missing. But, these were found stashed in a canvas bag in shrubbery just outside the house, making the investigators believe that robbery was not the motive.


Sheppard was the main suspect and he was put to trial, not only by the judicial system, but also the media, who declared him to be a murderer even before the trial began!


Dr. Sheppard was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn child brutally, by bludgeoning her with an unknown object. So, how is this a mystery?


The judiciary ruled that the previous trial was too influenced by the media and hence, wasn’t a fair trial at all. During a retrial Dr. Sheppard was declared innocent and released from custody.


Dr. Sheppard has long since died, but little Chip, i.e. Samuel Reese Sheppard (who has obviously grown up now) is still looking for the murderer of his mother and unborn sibling and is looking to clear his father’s name.


Sometimes, you just need closure, even when the situation was a long time ago and not getting closure, especially after the death of a loved one, can have a scarring effect on the individual.

Chapter 20: Where did it Go?

We often hear stories of the great jewels, paintings and other valuable artifacts around the world, but so many times these priceless valuables are stolen from their owners, plunging the concerned authorities into chaos.


More often than not, the investigating authorities succeed in getting the artifacts back to their rightful owners, sometimes even years and years after they are stolen. But a lot of times, it so happens, that these artifacts are never found and we are left wondering, “Where did it go?”


Here is a look at some of the artefacts that were never found.

The Amsterdam Diamond Heist

The craziest part about this diamond heist was not its location (the cargo terminal of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol), but the fact that it was pulled off in broad daylight in front of various eyewitnesses.


This was the largest diamond heist pulled off, with the estimated worth of the heist being 75 million Euros or about $118 million.


The heist was brute and simple, and lacked sophistication, but it was nevertheless effective. Two men, who were disguised as KLM employees stole a car from the cargo terminal of the airport and rode it up to the truck, which was carrying uncut diamonds that were on their way to Antwerp, Belgium.


With a number of witnesses watching, the duo pushed out the truck drivers from the truck at gun point, made them lie face down on the ground and drove away with diamonds worth $118 million in broad daylight.


No official arrests were made in regard to the heist, but the investigating officers suspected an inside job as the perpetrators easily got their hands on KLM employee uniforms and knew exactly which truck would be carrying the diamonds and how many men would be in the truck.


The merchants who lost their diamonds held the airport responsible for their poor security measures and the diamonds were never seen again. Maybe the diamonds on your ring may have been from the heist? You never know!

Gardner Museum

Two men pulled the oldest trick in the book and ended up stealing $ 500 million worth of art pieces, making it the largest private property threat ever! So how did they pull it off? Read on to know…


In the wee hours of St. Patrick’s Day in 1990, two men buzzed the museum saying “Police! Let us in. We heard about a disturbance in the courtyard.” The guard buzzed them up without a single query. The two thieves tricked the guard at the desk into leaving his desk, which had the alarm button, and handcuffed him. When the other guard showed up, they handcuffed him too. They tied up their hands and feet using duct tape and handcuffed them to pipes in the museum basement.


After this they went around the museum and ended up stealing about 13 valuable paintings within the span of 81 minutes. The loot was such that it took the thieves several trips to the car to load it all up.


A reward of $5 million was announced for anyone who could provide information related to the identity of the thieves or related to the whereabouts of the stolen artworks, but in vain.


What puzzled the investigators the most was the pieces selected, as there were more expensive pieces in the museum which were left behind. In March 2003 the FBI revealed that they may have the identity of the two thieves and they believed that the robbery was carried out by a gang which was based in mid Atlantic or in New England. They also believe that the artwork may have been sold in Philadelphia in the early 2000s, but none of the artworks have been recovered.


The Gardner Museum has a few empty frames put up in remembrance of the artworks that were lost and as a saving place; in case the artworks are ever recovered.

Amber Room

Well before you rush to correct us that the Amber Room is still very much there and has not been stolen, hear us out! (Or, just read on)


The original Amber Room was constructed in the 18th century in Prussia and it disappeared during the Second World War. How can a whole room disappear? Well that is the mystery here!


The original room was designed by a German sculptor named Andreas Schlüter and an amber craftsman named Gottfried Wolfram from Netherlands. It was installed in the Charlottenburg Palace of Frederick, the first King of Prussia and was considered to be the “Eight Wonder of the World”.


When the Second World War broke out, an attempt was made to disassemble the room and re assemble it in a secure place. But, over the years the amber had dried out and got brittle and it made the task of disassembling the room next to impossible without crumbling the amber. So, in an attempt to protect this work of art, the room was plastered will wallpaper, in order to conceal it.


But, the wonder of the Amber Room had reached the far corners of the Earth and it was impossible to hide such a famous room. The German soldiers found it and disassembled the room in less than 36 hours and moved the room to Konigsberg, for storage and display on November 13th 1941.


In January 1945, Hitler ordered the removal of all the important loot from Konigsberg to an even securer location, but before this could be done Konigsberg was under fire from the Royal Air Force.


After the war, the room has never been available for viewing to the public. There are occasional reports stating that some parts of the Amber Room survived the war and were hidden away somewhere, but there is no conclusive proof.


Some parts of the Italian mosaic used were found scattered around: soldiers claiming they had helped pack the room and took a part of it, some parts were apparently found in the debris of the castle, some believe that parts of the room still exist in the cellar of the castle, but there is no official proof.


What we see existing today is a replica or a reconstruction that was built in 1979 and took 24 years to build. The room was constructed using the drawings and old black and white pictures of the original room. This task was made difficult due to the fact that there were not many skilled workers who could carve amber, as amber carving was a skill lost over the years.


It is said that the original Amber Room was so beautiful and had so many ambers studded to its walls and the ceiling, that even a slight ray of light would light up the room like it were on fire. It is highly ironic that this work of art has probably met its end at the hands of a fire. We can just hope that there is some part of this beautiful wonder that still exists and we may get a chance to lay our eyes on it!

The Confederate Treasury

The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 and was one of the most gruesome and bloody wars in the history of civil wars. As the war drew to a close, a lot of the confederates hid their gold.


Millions of dollars’ worth of gold was unaccounted for or even lost after the war ended. A lot of the gold was hidden until the South would rise again or to prevent the Union from getting a possession.


One such individual was the Confederate Secretary of Treasury, George Trenholm. In a last ditch attempt to save the assets of the South from the Union army, he liquidated them.


While the President, Jefferson Davis and his men managed to carry a large fortune in jewels, gold and silver to Richmond, Virginia, all was lost when they were captured. All that remained behind were a few banknotes, the rest of the fortune was never found again.


The most surprising part of it all was that about 4,000 kilograms (8,819 lbs.) of Mexican silver dollars simply vanished off the face of the Earth and not a single coin was recovered.


There have been a lot of theories relating to this mysterious lost treasure. Some people believe that this treasure was distributed amongst the plantation owners in the area, to be buried on their plantation till the day the South rises again. A lot of people believe that the lost silver Mexican dollars were buried in Danville, Virginia, where they are still hiding under the Earth, waiting to be re-discovered.


According to a theory, the lost funds were entrusted to a secret society, known as the “Knights of the Golden Circle”. The aim of this is said to be the fact that the secret society was expected to finance a second civil war that may arise in the future.


But, in reality, not a single coin was ever found and the confederate treasury still continues to be a topic of speculation among historians and treasure hunters alike.


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Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” – Neil Armstrong


Mysteries have a way of creeping into our lives and each piece of knowledge we don’t have is like a gnawing thought in the back of our heads. Even right now after reading these mysteries, there is a nagging thought in the back of our minds, screaming at us “WHO DID THAT?” or “WHAT HAPPENED THERE?” or “WHERE DID IT GO?”


Some of the mysteries are alarming (cold blooded murderers and serial killers getting away with heinous crimes), while some are interesting (diamonds being stolen in broad daylight and the perpetrators not being caught even after a decade), while some are just plain sad (possible destruction of the beautiful Amber Room), but all mysteries are undeniably intriguing and arouse this tingling sense in your brain that you can’t help but enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this book!

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