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How To Enjoy It

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IF SO MANY PEOPLE FAIL, are sick or sad, it’s because they attract it with their thoughts.


But people who succeed also attract it with their mind. Because they know how to motivate themselves.


And here you will discover the method to achieve it. After reading this book you will see a boost in your life in a few days.


Today science keeps researching the human mind to understand its incredible performance. But in the meantime take advantage of the reality: you get what you think. That’s why your new motivation will boost your results, even if they now seem far.



You can´t imagine the power within you.

You can achieve any goal and master any skill. It depends only on your attitude. If you choose a positive attitude you will achieve whatever you want in life.

If you know how to focus your enthusiasm on a particular goal, you will be a laser ray going through all obstacles. With enthusiasm you will benefit from opportunities where others only see problems.


Most people wish for a wildly romantic relationship, financial independence, or make a difference in other people’s lives. But they don´t desire it like breathing. They aren´t motivated. And this is the reason why they aren’t successful. They don’t truly go for it.


They search for happiness drinking, eating or procrastinating. But so they continue living a meaningless life and depending on a job they hate. They don´t see there is no bigger pleasure than desiring a goal and getting closer to it.


But with the motivation techniques you will discover here, you will achieve the lifestyle you want. You will first create a goal to get excited and then jump to achieve it. With your new motivation you will overcome any discomfort and succeed.


So from now on forget old mistakes. You aren´t a slave of the past. Your circumstances won’t rule your character also. Nothing can affect you if you don’t cooperate. And of course, never listen to others. Because you can´t lose your life in an unfulfilling job, earning “some money” and following self-proclaimed leaders in politics or industry. You can’t follow other people’s way of life, listen to their senseless words and then hope for a lucky strike. The rule for external influences is as few as possible. And zero better than a few.


You will get results today with this book to get motivated. So don´t wait to the “appropriate moment.” If you wait for the perfect moment to feel great you will lose a precious time. Delay it and you will delay your happiness. Take advantage of this book now. Start today with this method and all will go downhill.


You will discover ideas here you will want to keep instantly. So when you hear you saying “Here is what I needed!” make it yours fast. Underline it, copy it, or burn it in your mind, because it will change your future.


Increasing your motivation will be your best movement.





If you had a minute before dying, what would you say to those you love?

The truth about your potential

3 Vital advices of the most experienced



Socrates story for success

Your only enemy

Will you let them model your brain at their will?

Choose or they will choose for you

Manage yourself like Marconi, Tim Berners-Lee´ and Einstein




1. Remember what you did right

2. Read biographies

3. Small steps for great goals

4. Say Thanks!

5. Confronting an obstacle (only confronting) will be your highest reward




Any state of fun and happiness can be obtained without marihuana or alcohol

Your brain already has the substances to grant you the highest joy and confidence

Substitution, the solution to any addiction

The 2 steps to get rid of an addiction




Which world do you choose when you wake up?

Benefiting from your mind’s power or losing it?

A prisoner’s story

The story of Victor Eytinge:

Your spark to success

How a company improved their benefits thanks only to attitude

How to become the enthusiast who takes advantage of everything

The exception: use negativity to plan like a master




How an average rally pilot won the world championship

A useless life leads to an early death

Do you spend more time on your shopping list than in your goals list?

If you feel your life is meaningless do this

A tip to find your mission in life

4 Steps to discover your personal mission

1. Lie to yourself with the truth

2. Decide the price to pay

3. Design a map

4. Write it

And finally a personal life in tune with work

Stay away from this “Dream Thieves”




A fashionable trap

“I´m the bad guy of the movie”

Bad is good

Do you know this mousetrap

This is what happened when I stopped blaming




The easy way to improve a 43% per year

How the “0,1% Technique” motivated me to eat less and get in shape

With the “0,1% Technique” you will also live longer

Never again regret with “I also could have done it…”

The benefit of taking the first step




Why obstacles will strengthen you

The moment you lose something, you win something better

The suffering that forged Michelangelo, Dickens, Goya and many others

The best advice of William James

Your chess game to become the best strategist

A simple trick to overcome bad times




Protect your future cutting off negative people

The seductive negative profile

High school heroes are tomorrow´s waiters

Don’t walk away from negative people… Escape!

How to avoid becoming a pessimist

Something you must know to avoid damaging your image

The 3 steps to surround yourself with valuable people

Step 1: Select only the right people

Step 2: The George Washington strategy

Step 3: If you don´t find them now be with them indirectly




If your life is not what you expect start by eliminating TV

The media traps

The 3 Steps to build a motivating information base and eliminate TV

Step 1: Peace of mind. Watch “serious” news with a smile

Step 2: Lower you news saturation

Step 3: Build your powerful base of





Ad beauty to your surroundings

Throw away the excess

Where to find great (and cheap) decoration ideas

The free luxury of nature

The luxury of laughing




The secret to face fear

If you know the origin of your fear you will eliminate it faster

Problems? Yes, thanks! The unofficial way to progress thanks to problems

3×3: The definitive technique to eliminate your 3 main worries

1. Getting rid of Worry Nr.1

2. Getting rid of Worry Nr.2

3. Getting rid of Worry Nr.3

The “gradual courage” method




The way to always “have time”

The question you should always ask yourself

There is never time for everything, but there is always time for the important

How to establish your priorities




1. Knowing the true origin of stress

2. A peaceful way to get rid of stress

3. An alternative way to get rid of stress

The story of Philipp




These numbers work for you

Get motivated… while turning into a better negotiator, entrepreneur or what you want

The true mastery

Your motivation to the roof while you brush your teeth




The error most people do with happiness

The art of enjoying the moment

The “only-rich” paradox

The environment is the same, but the difference is you




How to reach your goals and get motivated even if you aren´t skilled

Churchill´s famous words

The fast way to increase your assets

Do you choose the easy or the hard way?

The “harder” you make it, the easier your life

Persevere… but only in your priorities!

Thousands of millionaires ate rice and yogurt for some time

The worst pain is regretting you didn’t persevere

1 mm is the distance between failure and success

Never Quit. In The Last Lap You Can Win The Race




Your passive factory of motivation

Your active factory of motivation

The benefits of looking within yourself

The amazing story of Victor Frankl in the concentration camps

The 4 Keys to a powerful inner world




You will feel thousand times better forgiving

And forgive yourself

You will be free forever with your new forgetting skill




You will motivate anybody by improving yourself

Your big opportunity

[] 1







“I had all the disadvantages required for success.”

—Larry Ellison


IMAGINE YOU HAD A MINUTE before dying. What would you say to the 3 persons you most love?


Visualize it. You have one minute left… You lie in your bed and the 3 persons of your life are with you… What would you say to each of them? What would you regret not having done?



If you had a minute before dying, what would you say to those you love?

This exercise will open your eyes. Many break their voice and collapse. But it´s liberating. You will discover feelings that will transform your life. Imagining you before dying is a spiritual rebirth. It will change the way you see you. What is now important and what isn´t?


You are still on time to change your life. Happiness is within your reach. Your circumstances or money aren´t important if you decide now to get motivated and achieve your dreams.


Most people believe that after solving their money problems they will show the world what happiness is. But they don´t understand that not being happy now, not living the moment, will delay their financial and personal goals. It will cut their energy to win more.


Because happiness is neither a mansion, nor quitting your job, nor traveling in a private plane. There is a limited amount of trips, parties in Paris, and holidays in Bora Bora you will enjoy before getting bored. Happiness is achieving a positive attitude to get the life you want. And it´s free.


So be a nonconformist and deny the official idea of “things will go better in the future but not now.” In spite of that live the moment and get results. You will laugh more while you achieve your goals. Because you choose your attitude, not others. You choose your reactions and so your future. Nobody angers you. Nothing affects you. You only get angry when you don´t control your attitude.


Circumstances only test you. If you choose to react you fail, but if you choose to persist motivated you will achieve all the money, all the help and all the contacts. A good attitude will be your most important asset. People are hypersensitive to a positive mindset and they will open all doors to such a person. (Try a whole day smiling and you will hypnotize anyone.)


Your attitude is not another task on your to-do list. Your attitude is a tool you must use now. And it´s easy. You can change your life now. Because nobody can steal your attitude. Nobody can influence you with bad habits or erroneous beliefs if you don´t want. They can´t control your attitude.




The truth about your potential

Do you admire others and say “If only I could…?” Do you applaud others successes but are shy to recognize your capacities?


Change this false belief because you have all the talents, all the power and all the energy to achieve your goals. But therefore take the most important step: believing it. Because you are what you think.



3 Vital advices of the most experienced

One last thing you must know. A survey was made to 65-year-old people. What would they do differently if they could begin their life again?


This is what they answered:

1. They would think more

2. They would work in their passion

3. They would take more risks


They insisted that thinking more and taking more risks were most important.


So don´t lose your chance. You are on time. You are already on that fast track because nobody who reads books for personal growth like this fails. I predict a great future for you.


But therefore persevere in your motivation. Never look back and never regret about lost opportunities. You can go where you want if you start motivating you today. Your age doesn´t matter.


So use all the advice I will give you. Or use only one. Because any of them will put you on the fast track of motivated achievers.


[] 2











ONE DAY A YOUNG PUPIL went to his teacher Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, and asked him: “I want to find wisdom to succeed. Will you teach me all I need to know?”


“Yes,” replied Socrates. “Come with me.” So they began to walk and finally reached the sea. But on the beach Socrates continued straight into the water. The young man also followed him.


When both were with his chest in the ocean, suddenly Socrates took the young man’s head and forced it under the water. The young man fought his way to the surface, but Socrates was stronger.


Finally after 10 seconds, Socrates released the boy’s head.


Why did you do that?” asked the pupil.


And Socrates replied: “When you desire knowledge to succeed, like you desired that breath of air, then you will have it.”


Most people wish for an ideal life with money, charisma to win people, and health to enjoy life in good shape. But they don´t desire it like Socrates’ pupil wanted a breath of air. And this is why they aren’t successful in life. They don’t truly go for it.


People desire things in a superficial level. But they must desire it profoundly. They can´t hope for something better taking the same way of thinking wherever they go. They must create a strong need first. Only with a real desire will they overcome the discomfort to succeed.


That´s why you must think big. That´s why you must pursue something great that moves you. Your life won´t improve with trendy thoughts or new friends. Your life will only improve if you have the motivation to do what needs to be done. Your life will only change if you change yourself.



Your only enemy

You only have one enemy: you. And since the key in strategy is knowing your enemy, if you know yourself, you will win any war.


And to know yourself you must know what you want. So think of your biggest dream and desire it. Find a goal that burns in your soul, focus on it, and all the opportunities will appear. It depends only on you.


But if it depends only on you, why do so many people fail?


Because they aren´t serious. They want a better future but don’t want to make the effort of desiring it strongly. Instead, they disperse their mind in gossip, trendy news and easy ways to become rich. They want to change their lives, but not themselves. They will change their car, their partner, or their job, but that makeup is useless.



Will you let them model your brain at their will?

Beware because your current mindset can be others opinions marking their territory. What you think now can be false advice from friends, past relations, newspapers, business policies, TV, advertising or other hidden interests. So don´t accept that bear hug. Others opinion can´t command your life. Follow first your dreams and then your intuition. In that order.


Official advice is not for you. Let others live their miserable life. Let them think whatever they want. Their misleading information won’t turn your life into something great. It´s only flashy advice to think that one day you will do something.



Choose or they will choose for you

You become what you think about . Real life -and many neuroscience studies- prove that if you invest energy into thinking o n what you want, you create the motivation to achieve it. So follow your ideals and it will be a question of time reaching your dreams.


Your new starting point will be that you can achieve anything. So think and pursue intensely any goal, and you will find a way. Your dreams depend only on you. There are external circumstances, of course, but the way you handle them depends on you. So choose your dreams. Never follow official ideas or you will let others take the initiative and they will impose their goals, not yours.


Manage yourself like Marconi, Tim Berners-Lee´ and Einstein

The difference between living the life you want and years of frustrations is following your intuition. Maybe you were influenced by others in the past. But now take a closer look: wasn´t in the end your idea what provided benefits? Wasn´t it when you denied “official” advice and took initiative when you achieved your target?


Einstein with the theory of relativity, Marconi inventing the radio transmission or Tim Berners-Lee designing the World Wide Web, were normal people who chose their way despite conventionalism. They also suffered others opinions, but they keep following their instincts.


So disobey external influences. From now on follow your rules. You have millions of possible breakthroughs if you follow your intuition.










LOOKING FOR QUICK MOTIVATION? OK, here you have 5 fast ways to get motivated. You can use them today or this week and see results.


1. Remember what you did right

Think of what you have accomplished. Forget what didn´t work or you didn’t finish. Don’t minimize good things because being humble won’t motivate you. So remember that time when your memory recovered an important fact. Remember your plan that saved three days of extra work to all the team. Remember those books you read against all odds and provided you a priceless advice. And then congratulate yourself like a good friend.


A phrase that always works is: “I’m doing well… and the best is to come.”



2. Read biographies

I insist: read a lot. Read all the books and listen to all the audiobooks. Read at midday where others eat, or on the afternoon where others rest. And listen to audio books in your car while others hear music. Revise what you like to know and then plan your books.


And if you seek inspiration, read biographies. You will get motivated when you see how people with the toughest past, made it to the top. Through biographies you will discover you can do like them. You will also discover that life without challenges isn´t worth. That everyone has ups and downs and it will make you smarter.


And above all, you will see how great people looked for more challenges than anybody. You will copy that attitude and make the difference.



This text from the book “The Fast Method for Eliminating Bad Habits” will inspire you:


Total Knowledge: Read 30 Minutes Per Day


Knowledge is your ultimate advantage. Where most people quit, you will continue because you know the way. Where most complain about their broken dreams, you will achieve your goals because you know the strategy. So feed your brain daily reading in your bus trip or watching a video while eating a sandwich.


Save at least 30 daily minutes for growth. Your reading time isn´t for novels or newspapers, it´s for developing your career and personal life. So don´t miss opportunities to get advice about relationships, wealth, or survive strategies. Take advantage of thousands of specialized non-fiction books, biographies, courses and Internet with its free blogs.


And listen also to audios when you drive, cook in your kitchen or walk. Maximize your time feeding you with ideas, strategies and histories while completing other tasks. Audio books will increase your knowledge without effort. Its ideas, techniques, and stories wait for you to improve your life.


And empower your knowledge habit also with speed-reading. It´s not difficult and you will win several hours per week reading more in shorter time.


(More of this in Chapter16.)



3. Small steps for great goals

Plan small goals for each day, each week and each month. Because achieving small objectives along the road will give you wings.


If I’m working on a book, I boost my morale writing two pages a day, refining a chapter or planning the next one. Since I obviously cannot finish a book every day, I pursue small goals. But seeing how I come close to the final is priceless. Progressing is a great motivator.


Whether you write, make calls or build a house, make it easy with intermediate goals. You always can take aside half an hour for your big project where nobody distracts you. With this method you can finish something big in three months. One step per day and you will finish what others need a life for.


Your goals can be as big as you want, but if you break them into smaller goals, obstacles will disappear. When you achieve small goal after small goal your moral grows. And you internalize the habit of accomplishing something every day.


4. Say Thanks!

You are a privileged. Think about the possibilities you have that others don’t. You have the potential to keep growing because you have the discipline to read this book. And discipline is a lot.


So say thank you for what you have. Say thank you for your big possibilities and health. Never complain about your circumstances, there will always be someone doing worse. Make a visit to a hospital if you want proof.


I know that sometimes you run out of energy. You are confused and tired. But don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Since you can’t be always on top, forget your “bad moments.” They appear without warning, but they also go away quickly. It’s also good lowering your guard to recover strengths. These cycles are perfect for your brain to recover. As Sartre said: “Life begins on the other side of despair.” So don´t resist when discouragement hits, because what you resist stays. Say thank you because you learned a lot and will emerge stronger.


All feelings have to be lived, including negative ones. So enjoy the curves. You will be more motivated when you remember what you overcame. Give thanks for your past experiences and smile if something is hard. If people find it difficult and you try, do you know who will get the acknowledgment, money and rewards?


5. Confronting an obstacle (only confronting) will be your highest reward

Count your daily minutes of effort and you will know where you will be in a year.


The best part of confronting obstacles is that you don´t need to win. Only by fighting you win inner strength. And you build also a know-how nobody can steal you. More knowledge to impulse your life. Knowledge that added to past knowledge will generate many ideas and solutions.


If something is hard, smile. It will give you an experience others lack. If designing your plan gets tough, your plan will have great consequences. If continuing now is hard, you are doing what would take three days with interruptions. If you make an effort to understand that software program, you will save time in your future.









ALL THE ABILITY TO HAVE fun and succeed socially is already inside you.


But society prefers the classic scenario where drugs and alcohol lead to a state where you enjoy a short (too short) artificial happiness without the need of anything on your part. As if chemical substances were the only option. So many become addicted to chemicals because they believe it´s the only way.


But those who believe happiness can be only attained through drugs or alcohol destroy their life. It´s too unhealthy, too expensive and it doesn´t last.



Any state of fun and happiness can be obtained without marihuana or alcohol

There is something important most addicts don’t know: they can achieve the same feeling of joy or happiness WITHOUT drugs or alcohol. The very same one.


I’m not saying you are an addict, but I want you to see that even a little inclination to chemicals can affect your motivation.


The process is as follows: alcoholics and drug addicts have low self-esteem because they see themselves incapable of building relationships and having fun without their dose. But they will always need larger quantities to maintain their “high state,” a normal dose will be just to feel normal. So they end up increasing the quantity and fall into a spiral of insanity.


But this doesn´t go to a minority. Our society is full of “normal people” addicted to several drinks to connect socially on weekends. Their addiction hijacks them because they believe they can’t succeed without their shot. And during the week it also limits their interactions at work and the opportunities of knowing quality people. “No without my shot!” And since they can´t expand their circle being sober, labor days are lost days to knew better people.


Apparently normal people during the week need their dose of alcohol Friday and Saturdays to be “in tune.” They are not street junkies, but they are addicted. They think they aren´t, but they are. The exciting nights and the laughter with friends are only possible with a drink.


But understand that you can get any state you want without drugs or alcohol. Writer and former drug addict William Burroughs, after recovering from his addictions assured it: “Any feeling you can get on drugs you can get it without drugs.” You must only try. Insist and you will achieve it. Your brain can separate happiness from drugs and generate joy without external aids.


And this goes also for people who try to overcome depression with pills. They can make it also without external aids. It’s possible lowering smoothly their dose.



Your brain already has the substances to grant you the highest joy and confidence

The brain generates serotonin which is the key to happiness. It blocks anger and makes you sociably. And it also releases endorphins, the natural painkillers. You release serotonin and endorphins with drugs and alcohol effortlessly, but the effects disappear fast and it creates addiction. But your brain can also get them by itself, yet the effect will be stronger and last more.


Try for example to sing out loud for a minute in the street or try to talk with three different persons in the mall. After a while you will be the king of the party. “Are you on drugs?” will people ask, because you will have that same happiness and social confidence minus the side effects.


Producing mental well-being from the inside without chemicals is an advantage to succeed in life. Addicts don’t know this while a powerful industry also hides it, but you have the key. You can get any joy by yourself.


Therefore I will teach you later 2 steps to eliminate addictions and obtain this joy by yourself. Dedicate a week —or as long as it takes— to practice it. How would your life change without shyness? How would your self-confidence improve? How would your health improve without drugs?



Substitution, the solution to any addiction

To be motivated you must escape from addictions. Because you can’t depend on anything, you have to create happiness in your brain. And the key is substituting your addiction with something else. Advertisements saying “don’t drink” or “don’t do drugs” don’t work. They never worked.


The key is replacing your addiction with something else. Eliminating doesn’t work. Take tobacco addicts for example. They think smoking has its purpose. It is destructive but it has a purpose. “My bad habit is bringing something good, I get relaxed,” smokers think. And they feel better that way. Bad habits have perceived benefits. What is behind quitting their cigarettes? “It´s impossible, I need to smoke,” say addicts scared of the emptiness after no smoking. That´s why it´s hard to get cured if you don´t substitute.


So take a different angle and find an alternative. Do it like former alcoholics. They didn´t stop drinking and do nothing instead. They reinforced the thought that drinking killed them and they substituted. They knew that eliminating drinking at once without having another “addiction” instead would lead them to depression and then back to alcohol. So they substituted drinking with something else. They substituted the false courage of alcohol with the real courage of speaking in a meeting with other members. They substituted the confidence of drinking with the confidence of refusing to drink. They substituted being artificially happy with being genuinely happy expressing themselves without alcohol.


If you substitute you can eliminate a bad habit and get motivated. Alcoholics Anonymous use it with proven results. Self-esteem instead of alcohol. Loving yourself more instead of the false joy of the bar.



The 2 steps to get rid of an addiction

Smokers and drug addicts succeeded thanks to substitution. They replaced their addiction with different thoughts, with sport or with relaxation. The wellbeing after swimming a few laps or the pleasure of a clear mind substituted their addiction. Today they have a solution to a then impossible dependence to solve. They even dislike now the smell of tobacco or other drugs.


And it´s the same process for your addictions. Imagine a fast-food addiction. It’s not just about quitting. It’s not about eliminating suddenly and forever the hamburgers. It’s not about replacing industrial bakeries with nothing. Diets don’t work. Only substituting works. The solution is therefore changing the old junk food with healthy products which, properly cooked, will substitute junk food with a tasty flavor. The same will work if you change industrial lemonades with orange juice and frozen food with fresh vegetables.


So here are the 2 steps to eliminate addictions through substitution:



1. Identify the perceived sensation a bad habit offers.


2. Substitute that habit with a healthier one that offers a similar sensation.



If you want to quit coffee, replace it with a tasty Chai Tea with honey. Or replace it with refreshing you face with water. Or follow the advice of the Greek Ovid: “There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap.” Or all at once. Your possibilities are endless.


Try substituting a small bad habit today and you will train for bigger ones. For example, try to sing out loud in your room for a minute to be happy. Or try to dance and jump in your kitchen to eliminate shyness. Or try to laugh at anything you see through the window to be positive. Or try to design a plan to be positive about your future. Or try to say Hi to everyone in your company to feel confident. At first you feel weird, but it will be only one second. The minutes will pass and you will find yourself wanting to make contacts, smiling motivated and seeing that your future is in your hands. Your possibilities are limitless once you begin. Repeat the process and you will kill any bigger addiction.


[] 5


Nothing great in the world has been

accomplished without passion.”

—Friedrich Hegel



WHEN I DRIVE IN MADRID and say “How horrible traffic, noise and cars,” I’m saying “How horrible.” But I can turn that around (and that´s what I do because of its benefits): “I love this city, how much energy and movement.”


If the sun goes down, enjoy the night. If it rains, it’s great for diminishing pollution. And if that project failed you are closer to the right solution. There are only opportunities.


Which world do you choose when you wake up?

With enthusiasm you see opportunities everywhere. But in a bad mood the world is against you.


You choose what you want to have. In the middle of the traffic you can see beauty and opportunities or frustration and smoke. You will find what you want. So better choose in advance what you prefer:


-“It wasn’t an error, I learned.”


-“It’s not traffic, it’s energy.”


-“They weren´t unpleasant people, they were impressed by me.”


When you wake up there are several worlds. The bottle is half empty or half full. Which one do you choose?



Benefiting from your mind’s power or losing it?

Like I told you, if so many people fail, are sick or sad, it’s because they attract it with their thoughts. And vice versa, you can achieve any goal also with your thoughts.


You have all the power to design and achieve any objective. Not only are you as smart as anybody else, you can also achieve more than others. You only need enthusiasm. With it you will get all the creativity and solutions you need. It was enthusiasm what brought the great breakthroughs in science and created geniuses.


So never ignore a positive mind. Use it to attract unlimited opportunities. Anything your mind can imagine, you can accomplish it. Because once imagined it gets impressed in the subconscious and it begins to work for you. Like Orison Swett Marden said: “It is a psychological law that whatever we desire to accomplish we must impress upon the subconscious mind.”


More and more studies investigate human mind to understand its great performances. But while science deciphers the way it works, take advantage of the fact that you get what you think. So focus your enthusiasm in a particular goal and you will achieve it.


Enthusiasm works for you. It will show you opportunities where others only see problems. So forget old mistakes because you surroundings don’t rule your future. Find a goal, repeat with authority 10 times every day “I will make it” and go for it. It´s your enthusiasm what counts.



A prisoner’s story

Achievers are achievers because of their enthusiasm and his war cry “I can do it.” They crossed the desert with faith and never surrendered. In spite of failures they continued their way to genius. Quitting was the easy way.


The story of Victor Eytinge:

Victor Eytinge was given life imprisonment. He had no friends, no money and no good health. But he had something: enthusiasm.


In jail he saw other prisoners making money with trinkets they sold to visitors. But his enthusiasm saw a bigger opportunity. He would expand that market writing creative ads to prospective customers in other regions.


His sales letters succeeded so much that he could purchase the supplements he needed to improve his health, plus a few comforts. From prison, he also sent a letter to the Remington typewriter company requesting a loan to buy one. Remington gave him one for free.


Later his enthusiasm pushed him to write several companies asking to rewrite their advertising brochures. He improved those brochures and returned them. So he attracted the attention of more advertisers.


He continued to write the best ads he could and one day an important advertising company, impressed by his work, managed with a lawyer to release him and offered him a job. Within days he also married Pauline Lydia Diver, a lady he corresponded with when in jail. Not bad for an unhealthy and despaired life prisoner.


His enthusiasm was stronger than any prison.


With enthusiasm you can quickly reach your objectives. Nothing will resist. You will overcome the worst situation. Every event will help you. You will create opportunities out of thin air, because nothing beats enthusiasm. It´s better than being reasonable.


Your spark to success

When you have nothing, when you start fighting to achieve your goals, nobody lends you a hand. But if you succeed, they will pray to help you (even if you no longer need it). Success attracts success and failure attracts failure. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. How to begin then if you have nothing? If you aren´t successful now, won’t you keep attracting more failure?


No, it doesn’t work that way. Because you have a spark to ignite the success process: enthusiasm. It´s like when you are introduced to someone and think you will like him. The other person automatically corresponds and you win a friend. So do the same with your future success. If you think enthusiastically the universe will mirror it and you will succeed no matter what. But believe it intensely, don´t get comfortable and wait for it to happen.


So think and act as if you took already your way to success. It´s your spark to begin. You will enter a spiral of visualizing success to have success, and visualizing more success to have much more success.



How a company improved their benefits thanks only to attitude

In his great book “Learned Optimism,” Martin Seligman relates how he maximized the results of the insurance company MetLife.


The company spent millions of dollars training its agents, but most of them failed and quit their jobs. They couldn´t face 9 rejections out of 10 sales attempts. So he suggested the company to hire applicants for their enthusiasm instead for their career background.


With that strategy the new agents improved MetLife´s results 20% the first year and 57% the second year.



How to become the enthusiast who takes advantage of everything

Coffee will be spilled on your new suit, you will lose 2 hours in a traffic jam and you won’t win that big client… but it will be fine. With enthusiasm you will overcome any obstacle. If you are loyal to enthusiasm, solutions will appear.


The key is don´t getting angry because negative thoughts attract the negative. Turn it around and use your complications to improve. Because, by the way, no one can succeed without obstacles.


What is a punishment for others is a blessing for an enthusiast. Enthusiasts never fall into the trap of negativity. They only see opportunities. So adopt this viewpoint to benefit from every person and situation. You can become really good adopting this thinking. You won’t change the circumstances, but you can change your reaction and always win something.


The hour “wasted” in traffic will be perfect for planning and then saving hours in the future. There you will discover you can go that evening shopping with your children and spend more time with them. At the same time, you will make three important telephone calls while your children are happy filling the shopping cart and relieving you from the work. Three-in-one: shopping, telephone calls and being with your children. And a lot of time gained for the future. The price to make your shopping faster, make three telephone calls you always procrastinated, and make your children happy was one hour in a traffic jam. Thank you traffic jam.


I also hope to find a big traffic jam today because I need to plan a lucrative project. Not kidding.


The exception: use negativity to plan like a master

Use positivity for your feelings and negativity for strategy!


When planning be negative. Think about all the obstacles that may arise. So you will plan your moves like an expert. If you look for negative outcome you will detect weak spots and solve them in advance. Like the software companies that pay hackers to attack their system and build a more robust one.


So think about your biggest project now. What could go wrong? How would you B-Plan look like?


And then attack with enthusiasm.





“Everyone has his own mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. “

—Viktor E. Frankl



GOETHE SAID THAT A USELESS life leads to an early death. Good advice to stop losing time with hundreds of tasks that seem to give happiness but only postpone a crash.


You have to pursue a personal mission to live fully motivated. Otherwise an emotional hole will follow you everywhere. Try to deviate your attention with superficial pleasures and the pain will manifest in other ways.



How an average rally pilot won the world championship

Beware those who have a personal mission, because the world belongs to them.


There is something exciting when you design your mission. When you see your future in detail you feel as if you already live that day. As if it were possible. And the longer you see it, the more motivated you are. It will change what you say, your relations, and your productivity. A clear and ambitious future will discipline you to progress.


Most people lose their life concerned about negative possibilities instead of focusing on their goals. They worry about not failing. But only if you focus on your dreams results will come. So never think on the hurdles, think on your goals. Dreaming is free and what you focus on expands.


And once you dream, dream big. Be bold. Surround yourself with big goals to progress faster.



A rally pilot (future world champion many times) was once asked at the beginning of his career: “Now that you run a car in a professional team, what will you do?”


He replied as though he talked about his dog: “I will be world champion.”


The journalist thought it was an unreasonable goal, he had proved nothing as a professional pilot and his short career was… too short, but he hid his surprise to the rookie.


So the journalist kept asking so calmly as he could. “And what will you do to become that world superstar?”


Following the same process I use in my life,” the pilot replied. “I will create the vision of who I want to become and live that image as if it were already true.”


It sounded ridiculously simple. Like all great ideas.




A useless life leads to an early death

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, you need a mission. A mission that makes you jump from the bed every morning.


Most people try to escape from a job and social situation they hate overeating, with a new hobby or following a cult. But they don´t know that happiness is advancing towards their goal.


It´s significant for example, how the baby-boom generation after World War II suffered from depression more than ever. The booming years after the war with full (and well-paid) employment provided them an easy living. But having it all effortlessly took off the meaning of their lives. It produced a generation with no mission. A depressed generation. Material goods but emotional emptiness.


So don´t compromise your future looking for short-term gratifications and design your great dream. You need a personal mission to live fully.


Do you spend more time on your shopping list than in your goals list?

People spend more time thinking on their grocery list than in their goals list. They know what they want for dinner, but not what they want for their life. And since they lack personal goals they end up accepting anything they see. So they think a safe job and luck means a full life. But pursuing safety or luck is no life.


That´s why first you must ask yourself: what makes me happy? What is my personal mission? Ask it many times, not just once. If you are not sure, answer this second question: do you feel excited for tomorrow? If tomorrow will be another grey day you have to search for your mission. Invest all the time necessary. It´s something too serious to think about it only two minutes. If you don´t have a dream you will pay a high price.


And never listen to your social circle, parents or friends about what´s important for your life. The answers to these questions are within you. You are different from others. You friends may love you, but they don’t know what you want.


So follow your instincts despite the ups and downs of life. What matters is your inner voice. Only you can perceive it.



If you feel your life is meaningless do this

There is no way round, if you don´t know your vocation, it´s time to stop and think.


It´s always time to stop and think, but if your life doesn’t make sense it´s more important. And therefore take 3 days of solitary thinking. Better a week if you can. Any day in solitude will clear many things.


If you can´t take that mini-vacation, then think more, read more, and take more walks. But try to spend at least one day in solitude. Sunday will be good if you can’t during the week. In that day simply hear the silence and answers will pop up.



A tip to find your mission in life

You can’t live a true life if you don´t serve people, and you cannot serve people if you don’t like what you do. Like Andrew Carnegie said: “No man becomes rich unless he enriches others.”



If you don´t have the time now for your days of solitary thinking, this specific 4-step plan will help you to discover your personal mission:


4 Steps to discover your personal mission

These 4 steps will design your mission in life. If you start now, you will revolutionize your motivation. Here they are:


1. Lie to yourself with the truth

2. Decide the price to pay

3. Design a map

4. Write it


1. Lie to yourself with the truth

Lie to yourself. Visualize you are now the person you want to be. You live in your ideal house and work with the perfect staff. Even if this is now a lie, in the future it will be true. But first aim high. Anything is possible if you imagine first what you never dare to imagine. If you want a house near the lake, manage a 3.000 employees business or fly a plane in your free time, think you have it now.


Steal therefore 10 daily minutes during a week to “lie to yourself.” Don´t stop until you see clearly your ideal situation. Once you see, it designing the steps will be easy, and a new energy will push you.


2. Decide the price to pay

Once you know your dream, decide also the prize to pay. Because all big dreams have a price. So ask: what must you give up to reach your big goal? Your career, a relation, a secure job, part of your free time? Have your mission crystal clear and then pay the cost without hesitating.


3. Design a map

For a long trip, you need a map. So have a specific plan for each age of your life. You will win extra years of time. If you establish your long-term goals and divide them into smaller easy-to-get objectives, you will boost your results and your morale.


In your map you will add deadlines for each small goal. And if you miss one, you set another one immediately. Have always deadlines.


Revise and redesign this map as many times as necessary. A plan is a living creature that readapts constantly. So don´t be afraid to make changes. True leaders have the same opportunities but they use them better with a permanent reworked plan.


And don’t show it to anyone. You don´t need envy or skeptic comments.


4. Write it

Success comes to those obsessed with their goals. So write your objectives to reinforce them.


When you write them they come to life faster. On paper they multiply your chances. They radiate energy. Otherwise they may get lost in your head and disappear.




These 4 steps will boost your life mission. They will give you the energy to persevere. With a visualized dream and a precise written plan, opportunities will appear from nowhere.



And finally a personal life in tune with work

Once you have your mission, jump to your dream. Don´t focus on what provides you income now. Hold to this job if you need the money, but minimize it as much as possible. The great money will come in the long run doing what you like, because there you will obviously perform better. Many people who are today successful as a scientific, writer or acrobatic-flight pilot recognized that their despair ended the moment they recognized: “My job don´t makes me happy.”


So if you like architecture, build a business or create a website around it. If you like painting, paint, and if you like writing, write. Hidden forces will help you, but first you have to jump.


If you work in your vocation you will accomplish your goals ten times faster. Statistics show that the best salesmen are those who like selling, and the best-paid experts are those who would work in his field for free. So find your mission and you will enter another dimension. You must wake up every day saying “There is no time to lose!” At the same time you will be more useful to others and the universal karma will repay you with greater rewards.


Once you discover your mission, a hidden creativity will appear. You will combine work, relationships and entertainment with your vocation. Finally a life in tune with your mission.



Stay away from this “Dream Thieves”

Do you remember your inner child, that one with an overflowing imagination? So daydream as you did then. Adults tend to lose that spark but you must maintain the illusion. But therefore keep an eye on certain people.


Stay away from those who don´t support your changes. And be careful because those “dream thieves” can be friends or relatives. They will envy your motivation and try to drag you to their grey world. Since they lost their dreams, their resentment will try to infect you with a little comment here and there. But a little comment here and there can be very dangerous.


So watch out who you share your dreams with because you never know their hidden intentions. Even if they are “close friends.” If you suspect from someone, walk away. Your instinct never fails. Be only with those who encourage you openly. (More of this in Chapter 10.)





“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. “

—Albert Ellis



BEING A VICTIM HAS BECOME a trend. Media sells victimization as something acceptable and society buys that idea. People love reality shows and bad news, they liberate their guilt. They feel better thinking that evil comes from other persons, not from their attitude.



A fashionable trap

So people blame their partners, their parents, the economy, the high class, the low class, the competition or the neighbor’s dog. But they only fool themselves.


Their problems don´t come from others. Their problems come from themselves. But since avoiding responsibility is comfortable, they prefer living an unreal life. Like Erica Jong said: “Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.”


Are you still reviewing old scenes of injustices and “bad luck”? Then you won´t ever succeed. So drop this weight. Forget that comment years ago and that criticism the other day. If you feel sorry for yourself, you lose.



“I´m the bad guy of the movie”

Do you believe others didn´t have the same discouragements than you? Do you believe I didn´t have disagreements in the past? I could give you an endless list. But I simply say it was my fault. I´m the bad guy of the movie.


And then I feel better. Because it was my fault! I could have prevented the situation. So do the same. Stop reviewing the past. If you see yourself as the villain it will be easy, because no one wants to review a scene where he is the bad guy.


And then focus only on your goals. You can´t improve thinking about lost opportunities. It’s impossible to accomplish anything remembering bad movies. To succeed there is no time to be a victim. Like therapist Michele Wiener-Davis said, “People who accomplish their dreams are the ones who stopped counting their troubles.”



Bad is good

Zen masters insist on not going through life dragging remorse. Because you can´t change your past. Why lose time with it?


So beware yesterday’s remorse because it´s one of the biggest time thieves. If you let it in, it will steal your present. Eliminate the hard work of assigning guilt. Use your energy in focusing on today and the future, where the opportunities are. Your results only depend on what you do up to now.


Your past is a university. The more good or bad experiences, the more careers you have. Think about how wiser you got with that mistake others didn’t made. You are much stronger now. What happened before will help your future. And you are still on time. You aren´t too late and you aren´t too old for big results.


Do you know this mousetrap

People are too confused. On one hand they blame others and on the other they hope others will rescue them. It doesn´t have sense!


But they continue waiting for their rescuer. Some wait for the government, others for friends, and others simply for luck.


“If the economy would grow…”

If only I could win the lottery…”

If only I could get hired for an exciting well-paid job…”

If only customers bought more…”


One day something great will happen to them. Their life will change and everything will be perfect. But this thought is as stupid as crossing your way with a tiger and waiting for luck.


I know you are bombarded with ads that say you will have the luck you “deserve,” that politicians will save you, and that newspapers show “real” stories of luck. But no one will rescue you. It doesn´t work so. There are two errors in this strategy:


1. A life without challenges is impossible, you need challenges to progress.


2. Nobody will rescue you because other people think about saving themselves, not you.


So burn your ships. Accept no one will save you and then you will get all the power. You will see you can achieve everything without help. From the position of being your own rescuer, your relationships won’t be based on fear and people will notice that. You will be followed and the universe will also take note sending you opportunities.


Whenever a setback appears, point at yourself and say: “It’s my fault, and solving it´s also in my hands,” and you will immediately feel stronger. If you see yourself as a victim you lose the power. But if you say “I’m responsible” you play in the first league, you learn from giants and get stronger. No time for resentment or fear. Only to develop full speed creativity.



This is what happened when I stopped blaming

The first time I declared myself guilty of my situation I was skeptical. I felt more comfortable pointing my finger to others. I didn´t like being responsible of a debt with many zeros. I didn´t like being responsible of my company not paying me more. I didn´t like being responsible of not reading and knowing more. It was better blaming someone else for not finishing my big project, arriving late and many other flaws in my personality. I lived more comfortable so.


But with the old mindset something wasn’t right. My life was stuck and nobody cared. Year after year I was doing the same job with the same salary. So out of despair I decided to practice the advice I read so many times, this strange thing of “being responsible.” During a whole week I would try to declare myself guilty. I had nothing to lose, so after every setback I repeated It was my fault. I remember saying it at least twenty times per day. If I arrived late, it was my fault for not thinking in advance. If I felt depressed, it was my fault for not designing my future. If I didn’t get a better job, it was my fault for not knowing more. If I didn’t finish a task on time, it was my fault for not planning ahead. If I didn’t know something, it was my fault for not reading about it. If I didn’t have good relations, it was my fault for not looking for better friends.


And freedom came.


I felt better that week and enjoyed 2 advantages:


1. I noticed that in fact I was responsible of the bad things that happened. That meant that I had all the power in my life.


2. I was happier that week. The unpleasant moment of resentment disappeared. And I stopped waking up in the morning with a sad face.


So I adopted this technique forever.


Now do the same, you will benefit from a new power once you stop blaming. You will solve all kind of problems thanks to a new vision. While others cry pointing their fingers at others, you will advance straight to your objectives.











I REMEMBER WHEN I DECIDED to change my life years ago. Too many ups and downs (more downs than ups). So I jumped to change all my bad habits in three days! It was going to be my big victory. But after those three days my old habits counterattacked. They were clever than I thought. And I fell back into my old overeating, procrastinating and lack of concentration habits.


But I learned one thing. If I accomplished some changes during those three days, in little steps I would eventually succeed. That week I was also reading a book about the power of small changes, so I would try that strategy. Only a 0,1% improvement each day. And after a week I saw the first results.


With a little improvement every day my performance increased. And also my motivation thanks to see the progress.


And the next three months I lived a revolution. The power of small changes transformed all. I understood why great achievers admired little steps. It was not the fastest but the surest way.



The easy way to improve a 43% per year

So if you want to get motivated increasing your results in the following days, think where you can improve 0,1% a day. Ask what part of your job, diet or habit can change 0,1% for the better. And then take an easy step every day. You will see how your personal power increases exponentially.


Changing a little 0,1% is powerful because it´s easy. It’s easy to read one minute more. It’s easy to eat a 0,1% smaller portion. It’s easy to substitute the last part of your car journey with a 200-meter walk. It’s easy to drink an extra glass of water every day. It’s easy to wake up five minutes earlier. It’s easy to plan your next week for five minutes.


With the 0,1% Technique you will be motivated to any change. But the best part is that it grows exponentially, improving 0,1% a day implies improving 3% per month and 43% per year. Imagine being 43% better every year with a minimal effort. In two years you would improve 100%. Two times smarter, healthier and efficient. In five years 600% (6 times better) and in 10 years 3800% (38 times better). Improving over previous improvements you have no limits.


So don’t try to do it all at once, Don Quixote wasn’t written in a day. Try a small difference every day and you will transform into a new person before you notice.



[*How the “ 0,1% Technique” motivated me to eat less and get in shape *]

I tried the 0,1% Technique first with my diet. I didn´t know how to get rid of my extra weight and eat less. So I tried it little by little. No big plans. Only a 0,1% daily improvement. I added a salad here and one piece of fruit there. Those little steps were easy. Some days I ate a little less, others I rejected a quarter of a plate and others I skipped half of the dessert. Step by step. And it worked, each day was easier. The good habit emerged. I looked better and my energy improved as well. After a few weeks eating less was easy, eating fruits for breakfast was easy, and looking to the mirror was also easy.


With little improvements where before I couldn’t avoid a high-fat meal or a candy, now I substituted it with a salad. In 3 months I was eating like an athlete. Only innovating 0,1% per day. Slowly but steadily. And I didn´t suffer. I didn’t miss the sweets or the junk food. Now I liked the fruits and vegetables, my new addiction. And I could run or swim for 30 minutes where before I got tired in five.


Most people follow hard diets and exercising programs. They suffer them for two weeks and then return to their old habits. And they recover the lost weight and the bad shape. They don´t change their diet and exercising habits slowly and so fall back into their old habits. They don’t know the magic of the 0,1%. And they pay it with their health.



With the “0,1% Technique” you will also live longer

While researching healthy people over 90, a fact always pops up: they practiced moderate sports their whole life. Not with the intensity of athletes, but with continuity.


So insist in a daily walk, going to the swimming pool three times a week or playing in an amateur football league. This will lead you to live 90 years without effort. It will oxygenate your body and make it stronger. And you will also become more positive and overcome any challenge. With little sessions and constancy your brain will switch to yes-mode and ideas will flow. The right and left sides of the brain will connect and solution to all challenges will appear. Like magic. Sometimes the best tips will emerge even while you are running or swimming.


But take care, because there will be always an excuse to skip exercise. One day you will have a meeting and the other the laundry. But even if your hand hurts or you have a lot of pending tasks that day, you must keep an eye on your physical condition. Like they said 2.000 years ago: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” And therefore use the 0,1% Technique. No great effort, no expensive gym, only a 25-minute daily walk. But don´t skip this step.



Never again regret with “I also could have done it…”

When you see a best-selling book, do you think you could have written something similar? When somebody boost sales with a simple product, do you believe you could also have done it? Because that’s what most people think. And they are right. They could have done it. But they never tried.


Your ideas can be brilliant, much better than those of others, but if you don’t act they are air. Only if you do something with them they will be good ideas. Actions is what matters.


How many things could have been done back in the days? How many broken dreams? Many people had the potential but procrastinated. Like Buddha said: “Everyone knows the road, but few follow it.”


So don’t be proud of what you know. Use it. 10 Minutes of action are more valuable than 1.000 ideas. Knowledge is power, but only if used. Paraphrasing Buddha again: “Knowing and not doing is like not knowing.”


You can do something big, but therefore you have to turn your thoughts into actions. There is a point in your life where you have to stop thinking and dive in . And now you have the method, the 0,1% Technique. Simply taking a step to improve only 0,1%. If you need to read, read a little. If you need to plan, plan a little. Once you begin it will be easy to repeat and building a powerful habit.



The benefit of taking the first step

The great philosopher Goethe was also a novelist, a scientist, a painter and a politician. How did he achieve so much in one lifetime? Where did his motivation came from? This was his answer: “Whatever you think you can do, begin it. Action has magic.” He was a visionary of the 0,1% Technique.


D on’t you like your current situation? Then improve today 0,1% of that project that will change your life. Successful people act. They aren´t the smartest, they don´t have all the knowledge, buy they act. That’s why you will win if you move.


The world needs more people act ing instead of talking. So differentiate from the rest with a little move today. You will learn all you don’t know along the way. Wake up 0,1% earlier, decrease your interruptions by 0,1%, concentrate an extra 0,1%, improve your personal relationships 0,1% looking to the eyes of people, or increase your productivity 0,1% working an extra 0,1% in something important. Just a 0,1% each time and in a few days you will build a great skill.


Get each day a little better and you will gain an exponential power for the rest of your life. You will achieve goals that before seemed impossible. By improving 0,1% a day anything is possible. A new career, a long lasting body or a new mind. As the Marquise du Deffand said 300 years ago, “The distance is nothing, only the first step is difficult.” Pure 0,1% in action.





ACCORDING TO MANY LEGENDS, WHEN ancient warriors killed their enemies, they absorbed their courage and became invincible. Mythology always reflects how overcoming obstacles motivates you. The Hindu hero Karna, the Greek Ulysses or the Nordic Siegfried became heroes thanks to obstacles.


But you don´t need to fight against an entire army or travelling around the world now, the modern hero fights against himself. That´s why getting up one hour earlier in the morning, working one more hour to finish a project or reading an important book despite its denseness will make you stronger. If the challenge is small you win some strength, if it´s big you become very strong.


So if you want to be powerful, take everything as a challenge. Use past bad experiences to get wiser and big goals to get stronger.


Why obstacles will strengthen you

Difficulties were always there. Even 150 years ago Benjamin Disraeli said: “Nowadays, manners are easy and life is hard.” So no one escapes. (If you stop finding obstacles it will mean you are dead.)


Pain and setbacks are inevitable. But if you accept them as a training you will recover quickly and get motivated for more. Like good steel, in the fire your character becomes stronger instead of breaking. Children know this instinctively showing their injuries as a sign of strength. Struggling makes you ten times stronger than someone who escapes from challenges. If you accept pain you will win good habits fast. And pain will pass quickly if you see it as a growth. It´s much more pain suffering forever from lost opportunities.


When you struggle, you contact a spiritual self you otherwise wouldn´t find. An infinite intelligence will reveal in times of extreme pain. Recently one of my best ideas appeared running up a mountain, when my primary thought was getting oxygen.


You have a capacity to overcome suffering you can´t imagine. If you knew all you can resist you would jump toward your greatest goal today. Adversity never kills, it strengths you. It gives you experience and trains you to win. This is the mindset that turned losers into achievers, rehabilitated drug addicts and turned average persons into heroes.


So think that before a victory you will go through difficulties and half of success will be yours. If you overcome obstacles with the strategic vision of accumulating strength, you will be motivated to jump to challenges just for the pleasure of growing. Turn your efforts into an asset. And also be proud of your past failures. The more wounds, the bigger your genius.


The moment you lose something, you win something better

A man searched unsuccessfully for gold during years. But he didn´t quit when others abandoned. One day, riding on his mule overloaded with all his belongings, the animal broke its leg in a hole. Things couldn’t go worse.


Desperate, he tried to help the mule and dug into the hole to rescue the animal. And in this hole he found copper. Tons of copper.


The most valuable copper mine in the world was discovered by a man who failed to search for gold all his life. But he continued is spite of all adversities.




The suffering that forged Michelangelo, Dickens, Goya and many others

Many artworks and scientific discoveries emerged in times of extreme suffering. (The ancient Greeks knew what they did turning tragedies into masterpieces of theater.)


Look into history and you will see how suffering created great men:


-Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with terrible physical suffering due to the posture he needed. Add to this his tormented character.


-Knut Hamsun failed in all his projects and then wrote the history of his failures in the novel Hunger. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature.


-O’Henry committed a crime and in the hardest prison environment he turned his bad experiences into writing talent. This made him immortal.


-Goya painted his legendary black paintings to fight his inner demons.


-Jack London reflected all of his childhood unhappiness into fascinating novels.


-Charles Dickens suffered a failed love and turned it into David Copperfield, a universal classic that made him very wealthy.



So why not use your hard experiences to get inspired for an immortal masterpiece? You could produce your best creations thanks to your struggling moments.


With this mindset you will find wings for difficult moments. So forget self-pity. Look pain in the eyes and absorb its energy. Welcome the setbacks because they will strengthen you. Failures bring opportunities, when you lose something you win something greater.



The best advice of William James

Looking for difficulties doesn’t imply getting into trouble. Quite the opposite. Trouble appears when you seek the easiest path. Looking for difficulties saves future headaches.


That´s why philosopher William James recommended this: do every 2 two things you don’t like to increase your resistance.



Your chess game to become the best strategist

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said that “Man needs difficulties, they are necessary for health.”


See difficulties as your particular chess game. What resources can I use and what not? Do I attack now or later? What other new players can appear? Isn´t it the perfect occasion to discover who is with me and who against me? Am I previewing my opponent’s movement? What would I do in his or her position? What similar model can I use from the past? How can I maximize my time better to attack now? Who could give me the right advice? What other problem could I solve at the same time?


Enjoy every situation as a chess game. Give thanks because so you have a great opportunity to become a world-class strategist. Where others give up you will gain a profound intelligence.


Obstacles don’t warn. Otherwise they wouldn’t be obstacles. An unexpected setback appears and you must use all your creativity to push through. It´s chess time.


The mental laziness of most people doesn’t let them see advantages in problems. But don’t fall into this trap and look at your setbacks like a game that transforms you in a skilled strategist. The rollercoaster of life will be an exciting game if you act so. The intelligence and self-confidence won will be better than 10 years in the best university. And like mythological warriors you will also convert pain into strength.



A simple trick to overcome bad times

Another good way to absorb energy from an obstacle is to smile. Even if it doesn´t seem the right time. But it´s always the right time to smile.


Most people think results comes first. They have to accomplish something and then enjoy. But turn it around. Start smiling without reason and motivation to act will follow. Don’t wait for good news or the wait will be too long. Act as though you already enjoy it.


Be an actor. If you need to finish a document and your back hurts, say you enjoy it. Smile and you will automatically feel better. If a project doesn’t get finished on time, smile. If you lose a friendship smile, if things get though smile.


If you want to be happy act “as if” you were happy. Who can stop you? Try to smile for a minute with an old joke and you will win a permanent smile where it seemed impossible a minute ago. Being happy is as easy as singing or remembering a funny story. So give it a try. You must smile always, even if there are people around (especially if there are people around). Don’t worry about what they will say, because they won´t say anything. A friend of mine with an astounding social success says we would lose our shyness smiling to everyone during ten minutes.


So test it today in your office, in the street, and at home. Force yourself to smile and you will end up smiling for real.




YOU HAVE TO REVISE YOUR relationships. It may be painful, but you must cut off bad relations or they will kill you.


You must protect your future freeing yourself from negative people or they will cut your energy to improve and also help others. Eliminating the negatives will be useful to you and many people.



Protect your future cutting off negative people

If you want to progress you have to escape from negative people. Even if some of them are friends. The price of not doing it is too high. Allow a small negative influence here and another there and you will silently slide into failure. Because influences are subtle. They will erode you little by little, but firmly.


So r e-evaluate who you relate with and prepare for drastic changes. Here is the challenge: spend your time with the 20% of people who will help you to achieve 80% of results.


And with the rest, well… as little as possible. Because you can´t play with your future. Give five minutes to the negatives and they will steal all your time. Out of the fast lane. This useless 80% people are masters in influencing. They influence in small doses, but in the long term its effects are devastating.


Probably you know who they are. You know that specialist on infecting and demoralizing. A few minutes with him and you feel uncomfortable. Somehow his mere presence makes you nervous. But since there are no laws to protect you from these people (an interesting matter), you have to act.


It’s not easy detaching yourself from the danger, because many are “old friends.” But you can´t afford being with those who only look for shortcuts, steal your time and gossip. They are resented about their situation since don’t understand they have to give in order to receive.



The seductive negative profile

Negative people believe they know everything. And their extremist point of view is perfect to attract doubtful characters. It looks like they understand the world. But they don´t understand nothing and deep down they are scared.


Pessimist people have fear and don’t want others to know. Their unhappiness needs company so their goal is making whoever they can miserable. And, of course, they have a special envy of those who pursue their objectives. In their war against the world they will only do what is most comfortable: not acting and criticizing. So they will look for any setback in those who try and criticize with their “I told you…”


Sadly many will listen to their creative speeches about the dangers of life and accept their loser´s philosophy. Pessimists have an arsenal of horror stories that combined with a persuasive character refined during years, gain adepts. So stay away.



High school heroes are tomorrow´s waiters

Do you remember in school how the most popular were those with a tough attitude?


Their cool indifference without showing enthusiasm was a role play. A façade to hide their ineptitude. But many copied them to also hide their fears with the same calculated indifference.


But today those negative persons still haven´t changed their ridiculous character. So stay alert because a negative attitude always hides an incompetent person.


Choose only the enthusiasts and you will choose right. High school heroes are tomorrow’s waiters.


Don’t walk away from negative people… Escape!

Cutting off relationships is not a game. It’s something you have to plan and execute.


So act today if you can, because every minute with a negative person is dangerous. His gossip may seem a temporary distraction, but it´s poison. Every minute hearing their point of view downgrades the most skilled person. And never forget, since they are skilled at persuading, they will exploit any chance to infect your life.


Never let the negatives suck your energy. Accept they exist and escape. Don´t risk. A daily minute with them is a lot. Change your timetable if necessary.


And never try to change them. You will never convince them to be positive. They will never make that effort. They are too lazy. And too proud to recognize an error. So don´t waste your time.


How to avoid becoming a pessimist

Reaching your objective is not a straight way. You go up, then a little down, and then up again. Two steps forward and one step back, like a dance. (Pessimists never dance, they always take a step back.)


That’s why you have to expect a life with ups and downs. Even if you’re on a high now, it would be smart to think about the unavoidable setbacks of tomorrow. So have a few days “in reserve” to think and recover when lows come. Your official days to recharge batteries.


If you expect lows you will absorb every impact and instead of switching to the pessimist team you will become stronger.



Something you must know to avoid damaging your image

Many specialists in mediocrity will cross your life. But even if you don´t like them, if you are seen with them you will look like one of them. Guilty by association. Fair or not, you will be judged by the people around you. They will affect your image and opportunities.


But many commit the error of surrounding themselves with mediocre people thinking they will shine more so. It´s the manager who wants to look clever hiring only “loyal” but incompetent employees, the popular person who surrounds himself with flatterers, or the wannabe leader who wants to stand out dealing with fools. But they don’t shine, they look just as dumb.



The 3 steps to surround yourself with valuable people

So be clever and go with persons smarter than you because they will accelerate your life. Here are 3 steps to do it:



Step 1: Select only the right people

It´s your life and you choose. So go for the good ones. Rule number one is looking for people with special qualities and design your future with them.


You already know with whom you feel more optimistic and with whom you will achieve better results. So pick only those who pursue their dreams, are caring and easy to speak. They right people will make you better and you will share together the opportunities. One plus one is three.


Design your timetable to increase your time with the right ones and lower your time with the rest. Be kind with this rest but don´t lose your precious hours with them.



Step 2: The George Washington strategy

Perhaps you are in a point of your life where you are surrounded only by negative teammates. Leave them also, even if you are alone.


Get away from pessimists or they will contaminate you. If you have to be with your pessimistic uncle or a negative working colleague, shorten that time. Five minutes and then “I have to go!” will do wonders. If you hang out with Mr. Negative, conversations will always be depressing and good ideas will flee. So better alone. Follow George Washington´s advice: “It´s better to be alone than in bad company.”


There will come better times, believe me. So use your new solitary time to design a plan for knowing the best. You will see immense possibilities if you think calmly.



Step 3: If you don´t find them now be with them indirectly

It´s always better to spend a little time with a quality person than a lot with regular people.


The time you invest with the best, those who inspire you and provide good information, makes the difference. But, if they aren´t in your current circle what can you do?


First know that if you try, it will be a question of time meeting them. So make a long-term plan to design your team of valuable people. It will take some months but you will see results.


And at the same time reach the best persons through their words. Read their books and contact them through Twitter or other social networks. It will be like having the best personal advisor in productivity, health or entrepreneurship for a low price.










“I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book.”

—Groucho Marx



TELEVISION STEALS YOU. It steals the ideas of the book you are not reading and it steals the time to design a successful life. It also lowers your energy and sleep quality. Anyone watching TV for more than two hours daily is clinically dead.



If your life is not what you expect start by eliminating TV

Studies show that TV is more alive than ever. It fills 40% of free time in developed countries. Even when people complain about their lack of time due to work, they watch television as soon as they can. And many are addicted. Just like some persons damage themselves with drugs and alcohol, others kill their brain with 20 hours of weekly TV. They could read, plan or relax, but they lose their life with TV while they say, of course, “I hardly watch TV.”


And ironically in many studies people recognize that television is in the last positions of satisfactory entertainment. Reading is more appreciated. So why do they watch so much television then?


Because it´s easy. Television is a comfortable passive activity. Too comfortable. And making your brain comfortable kills slowly your life. Add to it the distorted information of most programs and you have a time bomb for your mind.


If you spend more than one hour a day in front of this device and suspect your life is not what you want, you know where to begin. As soon as you replace it with 30 minutes of sport, reading or any other hobby, you will get motivated to turn around your life.



The media traps

Many believe TV is useful if you use it “only” for information. Wait a second.


If you knew how carefully manipulated and negative TV news are (and those of many newspapers) you would stop filling your head with this garbage.


Most news are useless. Even when they are labeled as non-sensationalist, they are sensationalist. News are not news, they are bad news. Good news do exist, but they aren´t profitable. That’s why we are invaded with scandals and catastrophes, to think that this is all there is and then become addicted. Because the media need addicts to their dramas and political conflicts. They need buyers of their drug. They need their money. Good news are no gain for them and other obscure political interests. Breakthroughs and discoveries go to a technology section or a weekend supplement that nobody reads.


That’s why you will never hear about great performances or a decrease of conflicts in the 21st Century. They won´t also say how tenacity has produced 1.420 new millionaires today or how new technologies decreased poverty in India this week. And they won´t investigate also the solution of a military conflict. They will only show violence in an “us against them” tone hiding the solution. They need worried clients.


A political scandal or a histrionic declaration sells. Even if they don’t add value to your life, it will seem like it does. Media also know the exact way to tell it to their followers. They will give that news in chapters because this will create addicts asking for more. And so they will sell more advertisement in newspapers and TV ads. It is in their interest demotivating you so that you get hooked day after day saying “how bad political things are in my country” and then return back to their poison.


The end results of the latest murder or a bombing will always have more coverage than thousands of people who do things right and lead by example. But news won’t cover this or people would dedicate their time to improve instead of watching TV.



The 3 Steps to build a motivating information base and eliminate TV

To achieve your dreams you need quality materials. You can’t settle with whatever you get. You won’t have a great life if you follow others rules.


So cut down TV time because you are the main character in your story, not a loser. (Curiously, in TV losers watch TV). Build your own information system to improve your knowledge without television. And therefore follow these 3 steps:


-Step 1: Peace of mind. Watch “serious” news with a smile

-Step 2: Lower you news saturation

-Step 3: Build your powerful base of information



Step 1: Peace of mind. Watch “serious” news with a smile

People read whatever tabloids write, and watch whatever TV offers. They are concerned about how they feed their body but not about how they feed their mind.


So from now on watch the official news with the same smile as if some Martians landed in the parliament. Because you can´t build your life around garbage, political gossips, and scandals. You have a better choice than violence and crimes.




Step 2: Lower you news saturation

Now that you see the news from a more objective angle, try this: be 7 days without reading or watching news. You will notice an increasing optimism and more energy.


Perhaps you think you need to be up-to-date with the news, but if something important happens you will find out (since you are surrounded by a mass of information-junkies).


After these 7-days detoxifying process you will see there is life beyond official news. And you will win time for important projects. A quick glance to the Internet or a newspaper front page will be enough to be informed. News don´t vary much from one day to another, it will be the same scandal with a make-up.


In case you need a more precise information, find a website that summarizes news of your sector in one screen. 2 Daily minutes will be more than enough. You don´t need to read the whole articles. Whether as a generalist or as a specialist, once you find your information web you will cover important news in little time.




Step 3: Build your powerful base of information

Can you imagine a writer trying to write a masterpiece with just a couple of words? Or a painter trying to paint with only a few colors?


That´s why you need more than official news. They lack the true materials to create your life. Pressure groups, politicians or gossip can´t decide what you need to know. You can´t get programmed like a robot. So build your personal information base and pick only what will help you. One day reading official news won´t affects you, but reading only whatever is given to you will poison your life.


So decide first the three fields to achieve your dreams and then choose. It can be business, history, a growing curiosity for economy, philosophy, hiking, or whatever you need. And then find the websites or specialized blogs with the right information. These will be your news. And they won´t have nothing to do with official news. This will be top quality, world experts giving free information so that you progress five times faster than someone who absorbs garbage like a robot.



[] 12








GETTING MOTIVATED CAN BE AS simple as surrounding yourself with beauty. And therefore you don’t need much money. You can transform your current decoration with a low budget.



Ad beauty to your surroundings

First look around you. Do you like what you see? What does your workplace say? And your home? Do they increase your energy? Do you feel safe? Do the colors inspire you to concentrate? Do they motivate you to focus on your dreams?


Your home and your office must reflect your values and goals. So redecorate without fear. Perhaps your corporate office is more complicated, but try to give it a touch.



Throw away the excess

First throw away items. The key is living only with what you like. It hurts at the beginning, but it´s liberating.


If you don’t like that painting, chair or screensaver get rid of it. No mercy. It´s better losing money than suffering an uninspiring item. If you feel sorry eliminating that antique give it away. Make a good action, someone will like it.


This is the process: if in doubt put it out of your sight. If after a month you didn´t miss it, throw it away or give it to someone. Have only inspiring objects at sight. And also empty your storage room once a year, you will feel lighter if you throw away useless things, even if you don’t see them.


The moment you get rid of dubious stuff you will feel better. And you won’t regret it later. It never happens. I drove an old car that made my months too expensive in reparations, but I didn´t want to sell it because it had “sentimental value.” Until one day I cut costs and sold it. And that same evening I felt somehow like beginning a new life.


Get rid of the old or the new won´t come in.



Where to find great (and cheap) decoration ideas

You can get terrific decoration tips from magazines or the Internet. You have a lot of blogs and websites with inexpensive ideas for your house or office. And you can do it yourself. So schedule three hours this week to redecorate your surroundings. For bigger changes a weekend is enough, but you can do it also in one morning.


The key is turning the trivial into inspiration. A special lamp, a new orientation of the furniture, or a stylish plate to eat, are easy changes to start with. Later you can paint the walls with your favorite color, change a painting for a brighter one or repaint an old chair. This will do wonders and won’t be much work. It takes less than five hours to enjoy an inspiring decoration.


If you buy a decorative element understand that the trick is having only a few things, but of best quality. Cheap items are on the long run expensive because you have to replace them later. And the worse is filling your house with annoying items. So buy only useful luxuries. It’s like buying a good pair of shoes. You will always enjoy wearing them and won’t occupy the physical and mental space of cheaper tasteless shoes.


You can change your life quality with small details. Your performance can improve just with a new painted room. Quality attracts quality.



The free luxury of nature

There is another luxury few people use. The luxury of surrounding them with nature. But use it. Next time you feel tired, try a walk in the woods, the beach or your favorite park. Maybe you think you don’t have time, but when you see how it recharges your batteries, you will repeat.


You will eliminate tons of stress breathing fresh air and looking at the trees. A walk through your nearest park can be better than any medicine or therapy. The sun, a nice sunset or your favorite street will increase your motivation. So deviate from your usual route and rediscover that small park near your neighborhood. It will be part of your new decoration.


The benefits of nature are free. Running outdoors, hearing the birds or smelling rearranges your internal rhythm at zero cost. You will feel better than with a cake or watching TV. And perhaps you will save the gym´s fee.


So enjoy your new outside decoration with twenty times fewer pollutants than closed places. Walk 15 daily minutes during one week in the nature and you will change. Take deep breaths and look at the sky. Those seconds in trance will be pure energy for your head.



The luxury of laughing

There is another free luxury you must add to your daily decoration: laughing. I told you before about the benefits of smiling. But now think big, laugh. Humor kills stress and cleans your head. And you will think like a machine after laughing.


Serious people think they are too important to laugh. But such a predictable life don´t give them new ideas and lowers their energy (maybe that’s why they are so serious). They never change their viewpoint and their bad results never change also. Think of that permanent serious friend. Where is he?


Laughing is not frivolous. Oscar Wilde knew it when he said that “Life is far too important to talk it seriously.” So don’t be scared of what others think and laugh more. If you smile permanently you will show self-confidence in front of adversity. Look for something funny in a tense situation and it will change everything. Being serious, on the other hand, won’t solve any problem.


When I was broke, with a huge debt and about to lose my home, I decided to joke about it. And that instant I felt better. What a relief laughing about my misery. That day I thought clearer and took 2 key decisions that saved me from bankruptcy.


So from now on stop analyzing your life and look at the fun part. Not only will you feel better, but also it will boost your intelligence. Because only smart people see the funny side. By laughing you combine data and change viewpoints, this shakes you and ideas flow.


Laughing is also the best for your soul. Do you remember as a kid trying to hold back your laughter in the classroom? Weren´t those the best moments of your life? So look at laugh as a key ingredient to your motivation.


Humor movies aren´t useless, they will change your mood and increase your intelligence. You will never lose time laughing. You will think clearer and design better ways to your goals. Like writer G.K. Chesterton said, “Only man can be absurd: for only man can be dignified.”










FEAR KILLS MORE THAN DEATH. It kills subtly but surely. Most people never try anything worth because of fear and so they never achieve what they want. They wait and wait but fear never goes away.



The secret to face fear

First understand that fear is always there and everybody has it. The key is taking one step towards it. Every fear you face, even the smallest one, will build you a better life. You will feel always confident if you first movement is confronting fear. Take one step, without thinking, and you will see that it wasn´t so difficult. And suddenly you got it!


The thrill after doing something that (seemed) scary is amazing. After three seconds of working with that complicated machine, speaking in front of 100 persons or asking for a salary rise, your fear will disappear and your motivation will boost.


What people don´t know is that there is something very good waiting behind fear. So if you want to get motivated fast, find something that scares you and go for it. Only try and you will achieve unexpected results.



If you know the origin of your fear you will eliminate it faster

People act according to their beliefs, but their beliefs are limiting. They feel unskilled and so they don´t apply to better jobs and better relations. Their limiting beliefs hide good ideas and inject more fear, like a virus. That´s why so many live in a mental jail.


So to eliminate fear, first find its roots. Dig in your brain. Take a second look at your beliefs and you will see that your limits are auto suggested. Because you have the same abilities as be the best. Talents are not inborn, but you can develop them. You can manage, earn, seduce, or make people laugh as much as recognized figures. You have no limits.


And therefore think: “If I knew I would not fail, what would I try?” Visualize it. You will master all the skills and knowledge, sooner or later you will achieve it. How far would you go then?


Perhaps you suffered a difficult childhood being a victim because others seemed better than you, but don´t worry, many people grew up in the worse situation and then turned into the best. They said that the key was saying “I can.” The moment they decided to succeed they broke their limiting beliefs and exceeded their peers.


So think all is possible and an emerging force will destroy any obstacle. Nobody is better than you. Accept that your skills are limitless and you will accomplish what others. And much more.



Problems? Yes, thanks! The unofficial way to progress thanks to problems

He has a problem,” do we say when someone is doing badly. It´s the official negative connotation. But why don´t take advantage of that unique possibility? Don´t commit the strategic error of running away. Look at the problem like an additional tool. Like planning or concentrating. Good players always see an advantage. That crisis with a colleague showed you who not to trust. That lost client made you find a new kind of customer who bought much more. That lost PC documents made you more organized and prevented bigger future losses. Like Richard Bach said “All the problems bring a gift.”


Every obstacle is a hint to find the fastest way. You need problems to improve. They are your chess game against the world. The key to make you smarter. So don’t be afraid of obstacles because they are a training for your mind. You will love designing strategies. You will love playing the match.


A crisis will be your best way to solve hidden conflicts and progress. You need crisis to change on time and prevent future disasters. You need data to know which direction to take.


But never run away or the problem will always follow you.



3×3: The definitive technique to eliminate your 3 main worries

Here is a method for eliminating your 3 main current worries: work 3 minutes on each of them. Only 3 minutes! In this concentrated time you will eradicate worries and solve 60% of the problem, if not 100%.


So in 9 minutes you will eliminate your 3 main concerns. Not bad for only 9 minutes of your day. Here is a practical example:



1. Getting rid of Worry Nr.1

Imagine you have to discuss a complicated point with a client. So start counting 3 minutes:


In 2 minutes write in a paper your best arguments and visualize yourself saying them.


In the third and last minute schedule an appointment with your client. If he is out, leave him a message. Even if he isn’t available, calling him will take weight off your shoulders.


Now the problem is much smaller.



2. Getting rid of Worry Nr.2

Imagine you have to finish a stressing report about the impact of your competitor’s new product. So start counting 3 minutes:


Write down your main ideas as fast as you can and don’t care about mistakes. Write anything your intuition says about that product. Since 3 minutes pass quickly you will write full speed.


After this time you will see that:


1. You started the report (most important).


2. You have the backbone of your report.


3. All you have to do now is refining a document.



3. Getting rid of Worry Nr.3

You have to reschedule your timetable for the following months and you don’t know how to begin. Too many decisions at once.


So start counting 3 minutes:


In the first minute, write a list with all the trips and events. In minute 2 put them on your calendar. And in minute 3 rearrange those events starting by the most important one. Do it fast since they aren´t the definitive dates. So you will lose the fear of deciding.


Seeing the dates on the calendar will change everything. Seeing a certain order will help you to fine-tune them later. And your subconscious will keep working. The following days it will click and you will complete the perfect timetable.




9 Minutes! Only 9 minutes passed and your 3 main worries disappeared. You can now pick them back and finish without effort.


Use this 3×3-Technique today for your worries. What 3 concerns bounce now in your head? Think that in only 9 minutes you can turn your problems around and solve at least 60%. Acting kills fear.


When I teach the 3×3 Technique there is always someone skeptical believing that the problem will remain. And I laugh because I know what will happen. Once this person begins, the main worry disappears. Even the most skeptical get impressed by how fast they solve problems once they attack. It was only 9 minutes from the bottom to happiness. Only 9 minutes to feel free. And better: they have a tool for all their life.


There comes a time when you must stop thinking and act. Only action solves challenges. You can´t wait for things going better consuming yourself in preoccupations. So ask: “Which 3 concerns do I want to beat in 9 minutes?” And then forget about getting it 100% right and act fast. Perfectionism is the enemy when attacking problems.



The “gradual courage” method


A comfortable method to overcome major fears (better said: those you consider major fears), is to divide your courage into steps. One step at a time and you will overcome any obstacle.


So first analyze what exactly makes you fearful. Go to the cause. Don´t waste your time fighting symptoms. Be honest and ask, what I´m really scared of? Think it thoroughly because the cause is usually hidden. Fear of an opponent may be fear of winning. Fear of launching your own business may be fear to survive three months without income. Fear of speaking in front of 100 persons may be fear of responsibility once you inspire them. So analyze first what you scare.


And once you find your real fear, divide your courage. First take easy steps, then tougher ones. So when difficulty arise it won’t be hard since you strengthen yourself before. Inertia is your friend.


So make your list and choose: fear of dogs, fear to ride the elevator, fear to speak in public, fear to speak with someone of the opposite sex, or any particular fear you have. Pick the easiest fear to win your first victory and divide it into several steps. If for example you choose the fear of riding an elevator your steps can be:


1. The 1st day you get in for a second and go out.


2. The 2nd day you try it for five seconds.


3. The 3rd day you try it for ten seconds.


4. The 4th day you go up just one floor.


5. The 5th day you go up just two floors.


6. And so on…


You will see how your phobia disappears so.


Then you attack your fear of dogs for example. First you watch them, then you get two meters closer, then one meter, then you touch a small dog for one second, then for two seconds, and then you increase the size of the animal. You will see how with “gradual courage” you can deal with anything. With this method in little time you will go by elevator to the last floor of the Empire State or play with a Doberman.


But keep trying and attack bigger fears, for example setting up your own business. Follow again the gradual-courage strategy:


1. Look for people who have accomplished it.


2. Plan to get to know them and talk to them.


3. Offer them your help for free information in exchange. So you will get valuable advice to win clients, deal with suppliers, and discover pitfalls.


4. Continue reading about business in your free time to discover more tips.


5. Look for more people and websites that could help you to get customers.


6. Begin your business with 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Win experience with little tasks like opening account books, contacting possible providers and making little operations to get trained with finances.


7. Make little sales and see money pouring in. You must see benefits not only revenue. Sales minus expenses must be a positive number or close to zero. This is the way to find real business opportunities and never get broke.


8. Start working on your business 3 hours a day.


9. Invest more time in your business.


10. And so on…



With the gradual-courage method you will be surprised of how fast you eliminate your fears. The first easy steps with results will push you to continue. Sometimes a small daily progress may not seem much, but take small steps during two weeks and you will see. With each step you get mentally stronger and learn a lot.


Perhaps you think “Ok, but overcoming a great fear is not the same as overcoming a small one!”


It is.


It is the same process. Your fear of dogs can seem nothing compared to speaking in public, but what you did to overcome your fear of dogs, your technique and new mental power, will also help you for “great” fears. Confidence accumulates.


The technique to stand in front of a dog is the same you need to speak in public. The only difference is the position in you ranking of fears.











ARE YOU DEMOTIVATED BECAUSE YOU need more time? Your days seem too short, so much to do and so little time. How can you get organized?


First know that the most sophisticated time-management software or the best agenda won´t work. When I say this to friends who bought the latest apps or PC software they look surprised. But I continue: “You bought a nice agenda and your productivity app has very nice graphics, but they won’t solve your time problem.”


Getting organized won´t give you more time. Stop trying it or you will get frustrated. First understand that there is only one truth in time management:


It´s never a question of time,

it´s a question of priorities.



Only when you have your priorities crystal-clear, time will appear.



The way to always “have time”

Imagine you discover a book that describes a process to earn an extra 30% with your current job. Would you read it? Of course. Not because you have nothing else to do, but because it would be a priority. You would have time. Of course you would.


Then why people “don´t have time” to read more and discover advices to solve their time-management problem and live better? Why don’t they do such an important thing instead of pursuing little tasks? Because they don´t know their priorities. And they don´t know their priorities because they don´t invest a second thinking on what they really need for their future.


And since they don´t know their priorities they never work in something influential for the long term. They lose their time in trendy tasks, but this doesn´t help their long term goals. And then they complain that they never achieve something remarkable.


But they have time to achieve big things. The key is focusing only on priorities and eliminating everything else.



The question you should always ask yourself

If you go to somebody’s desk and find a pile of papers, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t have time. He didn’t manage those papers because it wasn’t his priority. Like Gandhi said: “Action expresses priorities.” Otherwise he would have time. Because there is always time for priorities.


So forget the concept of having or not having time. Focus on priorities. From now on your only question will be: “Is this a priority?”



There is never time for everything, but there is always time for the important

Most people seek success desperately but never isolate the time to learn the skill or read the book that will solve their life. They always delay the action to succeed in the long run. Not because they don’t want to act. Not because they don´t want to succeed. They delay it because they think they will have time someday. So it isn’t their priority right now. And this is their mistake: not investing their time only in priorities in the long run.


Some of them even buy the books they need with the intention to read them, but then they don´t read these books. Because today they don’t have the time. They don´t also have the time to make that decisive call, learn that skill, or think and plan. Why? Because they never organize their priorities. If they have free time it´s better to rest or watch TV, but never to plan the future or read the book that would change their life.


I know you have your priorities somewhat clear since you are reading this (keep reading!), but redefine your priorities again to internalize crystal clear what´s important for your future. Only so will you go against all conventions and don´t wait for someday to work on your priorities. Because someday will never come. You must steal time from other tasks today. Priorities or failing.



It´s not the unfinished tasks what prevents your success,

it´s the tasks you let into your life because of not defining your priorities.



How to establish your priorities

Urgencies will interrupt you. You will have to solve a staff problem. A blackout will last longer than expected. You will have to redo that work because your PC broke in the worse moment. You will have to reorganize your timetable because of someone’s error. You will call the bank ten times in your busiest day to solve a problem you didn’t cause. And you will have to pay an unexpected bill because your car decided to break down. Urgency after urgency, you know what I’m talking…


But with clear priorities you will succeed despite all incidents. You will continue motivated where others abandon. You will confront any incidence and quickly return to your important activity. Priorities will give you energy.


So therefore think only in the future you like. Which big project must you complete? What can you do today to get closer to this long-term goal? What additional skill do you need? Design your plan.


For example: is your health your most important goal? Then exercising will be a priority. Is learning Spanish the most important for your career? Then reading books in Spanish and calling your Spanish friends will be a priority. Are your relationships important? Then reading about psychology and strengthening your network will be a priority. Is launching that product vital for your future earnings? Then working on it is your priority also. Once you have clear priorities, you will overcome urgencies and time thieves easier. And you will have time for your health, your Spanish, your relationships or your product if they are your priority.


I know you have now more of twenty pending tasks. (Who doesn´t?) But the key to succeed isn´t to "get organized" and attack them all. The key is focusing only on three priorities at most and eliminate the rest. So begin investing at least a few minutes in those priorities also in the busiest days. Stealing time for your priorities will develop the habit of investing more time in your important things. Keep this strategy until you focus 80% of your time only on them.


Years fly, so better identify your priorities. You can’t fall in the trap of daily urgencies. Fight like a lion for your dreams. If you try, you will always find hours for your great goals. There is always time for what is important.


Because you have time. You have time to deal with unpleasant urgencies and time to focus on your priorities. The key is concentrating 80% on what´s important and left the rest undone.


And what will happen with those unfinished tasks? Nothing.










STRESS. A LOT OF PEOPLE love to talk about how stressed they are.


My work is so stressing…”

What a terrible week…”

I can’t stand it…”

Life is too stressing…”


I´m tired of hearing it, because this is what I have learned about stress: stress comes from knowing what is right and not doing it.


So from this basis, here are 3 tips to free yourself from stress:



1. Knowing the true origin of stress

Write on paper a list of situations and people who stresses you. Review this list and find out how to solve each case. I´m sure you will find the solution. Actually you knew it always, but you didn’t do anything. And this is what stressed you, not what you wrote in the list.


Perhaps there is some person in first position of your list, a colleague, a relative or a boss. And I bet you know what you have to do. Perhaps you must get rid of him or her politely… or apologize because it was your fault… or fire him. But this doesn’t stress you. Your lack of action stresses you. No situation will worry you if you do something.


Keep revising your list and you may find another classic stress: your weight. And here the same, you know what to do, something as simple as making a plan to eat less and exercise more. It’s not your weight what stresses you, it’s knowing that you don´t do anything to eat less and exercise more.


Continue revising the whole list and then take the bull by the horns with one stressing situation. Do something. Once you try, it will be easier than it seems. The best solution is simple: look your enemy into the eyes and take a step. The other option is coexisting with stress, not recommendable.



2. A peaceful way to get rid of stress

You will be more motivated to solve any stressful situation if you love your environment and have a place to disconnect.


I’m not the best at relaxation, but I have learned to disconnect despite so many projects and trips. Even with thousands things to do I always know that I have my home and my city to enjoy. Because I live in a city I like, I love its rhythm, its sun, and its people. And that beats all disadvantages. And I also like my home, I envy those who stay when I travel.


So find an environment where you can relax and also work, even if it is a little place. One room to work and another to rest is enough if you have a low budget. You don’t need a mansion to feel good and kill stress. But you need to surround yourself with things you like: your favorite furniture, your favorite books, and your favorite paintings. Even if you can’t hang them all you will notice them. They will irradiate their energy.


You must love your environment. If you can´t move to your favorite city, design your favorite home. And if you can’t design your favorite home, rebuild a room or a corner. Start by a comfortable chair, the place from where you will organize the world, and then continue with your table, the walls, and the floor. Paint or change them until you find yourself comfortable.


And in the long run plan to move to the city and house you like.



3. An alternative way to get rid of stress

Find a hobby. Nothing special. It can be painting, collecting key chains, playing pin-ball, or simply walking through the mall. The key is disconnecting. Something to lose yourself where you don’t have to think. Schedule a moment in you day for this relax.


Add to it a complete relaxation day per week. No work. No papers. No laundry. No dinner with friends. Nothing. Only relax.


If you can’t take a day per week or think it´s too much (it isn´t), start with one “relax-day” per month. But stick to it. You need one day to go wherever you want or do whatever you want. Not only will you recharge and work more when it´s time to work, you will also get 3 good ideas that day, without effort. One day off will do more for you than a week with a full timetable.


And now a story that will help you to kill your stress:



The story of Philipp

There are many studies about people suffering stress. But they focus on the causes. What matters is your reaction.


Here is the story of Philipp, a client of mine. I will show you how he went from Philipp Stressed to Philipp Motivated. You will see how changing his reactions changed his results:


Philipp Stressed, before transforming into Philipp Motivated, made exaggerated movements. He was foolishly ambitious and very stressed. But he was not a fool. He knew that some persons got better results without stress. So there had to be a solution.


Philipp knew he was too desperate about getting money and power. He wanted to be the fastest and was never satisfied even if it damaged his personal life. But those cool people getting better results while enjoying their personal life? Something was wrong. Stress and rapid movements couldn´t be the only option to win. And the price in health, family and friends was also high. So he decided to change.


I told Philipp to observe his actions during one week. But first he had to be honest. Why was he so ambitious?


Philipp saw that it wasn´t for the good of his people, it was only to please his ego. After this observing himself became easier. That same week he noticed that he run everywhere as if the police followed him. Why not pause, think, and win time making plans and saving unnecessary actions? A minute without moving seemed before a minute lost, but now it could be time to get ideas to produce faster.


He also recognized his wrong belief, based on his education, that he had to kill himself every minute to succeed. But this exhausted him and lowered his energy. Working till late at night to get results couldn´t be the only option. In the beginning it gave him some results in money and status, but with too many wounds along the way. Suffering couldn´t be the only way to prosper.


I told Philipp that it was not about brute force, but about quality actions. It was not about running, but about thinking. It was not about trying to do everything in a day, but about concentrating only in crucial tasks. It was not about many tasks, but about priorities. It was not about working 14 hours, but about also enjoying free time to oxygen his mind. It was not about making a thousand contacts, but about surrounding himself with the few good ones.


So he switched to think about quality time, not quantity, and he decided to invest 20 daily minutes (not much, but a lot for him) in free time. He understood that resting and playing would allow him to concentrate better later. He also thought about relying more on others and delegating to maximize his results. So he would focus on the important issues to maximize his results. His key was now working less but on decisive projects.


So after those 7 days observing his movements and thinking about quality time he changed. He decided to commit to excellence using his mind. He also recognized that the old Philipp Stressed never stood out because he didn´t isolate time to plan and relax, he was struggling not producing. “I was too focused on myself. I only spoke about myself and started all my phrases with “I.” Thanks to asking for opinion to my wife I heard the hard truth. Then I understood why she was successful in his career and me not. She listened to others and if someone talked to her, she never interrupted to tell her point of view. I had a lot to learn from her.”


After recognizing his foolish selfishness and his stress, he also stopped blaming the circumstances. There weren´t enemies everywhere. He was the only responsible of his situation.


In the next weeks Philipp invested one hour in daily planning and three hours of concentrated work in the morning in his project number one. “Now I enjoy more free time,” he told me. “For example before, on the way to work, I didn´t appreciate the view. I lived always in a hurry and didn´t notice the world around me. If I played basketball, I didn´t also enjoy the match. If I dined with friends I went back to my problems. I felt somehow important so. But now I look around, watch other people and feel better seeing that there are other lives, other persons to learn from and a whole world to enjoy.”


And Philipp’s results changed. His personal business won more clients and he reduced his to-do list. Now he concentrates only in one main project at a time. He thinks more and isn´t scared to recognize errors. Thanks to enlarging his thinking time he had new ideas to win more clients and time. And his permanent bad mood has also disappeared.







[“Every addition to true knowledge
is an addition to human power.”]

—Horace Mann



I LIKE THE SENTENCE OF Albert Camus: “The true university of these days is a collection of books” but I would give it a slight variation: “The true university of these days is a collection of audio books.”


Have an audio version of your favorite books to boost your career and your motivation. Imagine how far would you go increasing your knowledge by hearing audio courses in your walks, in your kitchen or driving. What could you achieve knowing more about business, psychology, sales, Internet, health, technology or time management without changing your agenda?


Successful people fill their life with audio books. So never travel or cook without your weapon to progress. You will gain years of advantage over your competitors being smarter without effort. Take advantage of thousands of audio books in CD´s or mp3´s to benefit from. You can take them everywhere in your mobile phone or tablet. Anything you need to go far, you can learn it driving, in your daily bus trips, or eating a sandwich. Your possibilities are limitless if you use your time wisely. Your time on the road or washing dishes can turn you into an expert. So be creative. Where can you pick additional minutes? Raise your profits combining your “lost time” with audio books. Experts are better paid.


Most people don´t use this hidden advantage, but with an effortless knowledge gained while cooking or walking you will think months ahead of others. Imagine conquering that big client, being persuasive in meetings or developing long lasting relations easily.



These numbers work for you

In Europe statistic shows that we spend an average of 260 yearly hours in the car (valid numbers also for America and Asia), and in big cities this number doubles. With more population causing bigger traffic jams you could take a seminar and hear two audio books per month. How much would you increase your salary in a year so?


If you hear in the car something that makes you grow, you will get out of traffic jams fully motivated. The satisfaction of going to work and returning home knowing more is priceless. Just that feeling makes it worth, not to mention your new knowledge, better decisions and new power. Nothing to do with your angry character criticizing politicians of football referees when listening to the radio in the car or the kitchen.


So find the audio books you need because you can “read” them without effort. I can´t describe what I learned driving back home or preparing dinner. Today I enjoy driving and preparing my meal only because of what I learn. I would have only a third part of my actual skills if I didn´t take advantage of my bus trips or 15 minutes walks.



Get motivated… while turning into a better negotiator, entrepreneur or what you want

If you leave your thoughts at the mercy of the news, you will do what politicians or other interests want you to do. And this won´t match with your goals. But if you use your time wisely filling gaps with audios, you will progress incredibly in the next months. You will turn into a top negotiator, salesman, or entrepreneur. You will become an expert in whatever you choose.


Thanks to the increasing offer in audios, if you want motivation, or learn Russian, or know about merge and acquisitions of companies you will find the course. With audios you have the luxury of the best teacher only for you. And you can repeat this master class always.


Do you need to know something and don´t find time to read? Do you want to triple your productivity? Then get the specific audio book and you will see how you get better in your chosen field in one week while driving or taking breakfast.



The true mastery

Try also to repeat a great audio again and again to fix it in your mind. You will program your subconscious with wise movements faster and develop a new skill in record time.



Your motivation to the roof while you brush your teeth

If you knew your potential, if you knew the skills and the magnetic personality you could develop, you wouldn’t hesitate in absorbing information in your car or your kitchen.


So from now on leverage your time walking, traveling or cooking. You will be the best in your field so. Beat knowledge records while you drive or wait a queue. It will be your secret competitive advantage.


The only reality is that you can achieve whatever you want, but therefore you need time for the right information. So maximize your time with specific audio books in your breakfast o brushing your teeth.


Learning without effort will give you all the solutions. You will decide right and win allies because you solve them a problem. “How do you know so much?” will they ask. And your motivation will go to the roof.









“Millions of persons seek for immortality, but they don´t

know what to do in a rainy Sunday evening.”

Susan Ertz



MAYBE YOU ARE SO IMMERSED in yesterday and tomorrow that you don´t realize how today escapes. Instead of enjoying the moment and creating motivating thoughts you tend to worry about things that won´t happen.


But if you know how to live the moment you will achieve happiness now. And be more productive.



The error most people do with happiness

All the happiness you desire is already in your mind, so be careful not to hide it. Appreciate the smile of a friend or the great study you are working on now. Don´t wait for the money, your own business, or your own ship. They will come faster if you live the moment. Never postpone happiness for the day you will be richer or famous. Live the party now.


Think about today. Concentrate in this promising project at work and enjoy the evening if it is Saturday. Absorb the moment with all your cells. At home don´t think about work and at work don´t think about domestic issues. Practice full engagement. Don´t lose energy worrying. Resist to think of a past that won´t return or to fear a hypothetical future. 95% Of your concerns won´t even appear, and for the rest there is a solution. So jump to the now. Don´t be like most people who live in all places except in the present. This confusion makes them unhappy and ineffective.


For example I´m writing now this chapter and I´m concentrated in the words and the message. I feel good so. But if I would write thinking on finishing the job, I wouldn´t enjoy it and my productivity (and income) would decrease.



The art of enjoying the moment

So never wait for the perfect moment or you will wait for happiness forever. Use this exact moment to design the plan to reach your goals, to write 100 lines of your book or to get in shape. Concentration will produce more concentration in a self-perpetuating attitude.


If you want to achieve your goals live the present. Intensify every moment and you will leverage your skills. You will finish more projects and meet people who before was “out of your scope.”


Only deviate from the present if it is for planning a great future. Ambitious goals will reinforce your present moment thanks to visualizing your dreams. So you will jump to your current project like another step to your big goal.


If you combine the sun, the rain or the laughs with future goals, you will be happy now. This is living well. This is getting motivated.



The “only-rich” paradox

Some rich persons achieved money neglecting their character and health. They decided to have money first. They didn´t live the moment. Their only concern was money. So they didn´t train their happiness muscle.


But then happiness never came. Life with infinite fun never appeared. And their bad health made it all worse.




The environment is the same, but the difference is you

Worry is a state. Have you ever felt relieved after a positive outcome and minutes later went back to another preoccupation? It is the trap of negativity. Your worries attract more worries. Negative thoughts contaminate your attitude and this attitude attracts more negative images that hide good opportunities.


But eliminating worry can be as easy as watching negative feelings appear like watching a comedy show “Look at this negative thinking, how ridiculous he is…” And then accepting only the positive ones.


Your situation is the best you can have. If not take a look to a third world country or remember that there are people dying of starvation. You are a lucky person. So repay that luck committing to excellence living the moment intensely. Instead of asking for things, give thanks in advance for what you have. Visualize the good to come. You will be happier and also produce more.


Happiness is living the moment. It can be now pursuing a financial goal or later in your second house in the Alps. But it emerges from your inside. Happiness is the cause and prosperity the effect, never the other way round. You can have it all if it’s clear in your mind and pursue your objectives. So enjoy the actual moment to finish a big project faster, improve a habit or make a better plan. A person living the moment is powerful.


If you live the moment circumstances are the same, but the difference is you. Which is a lot.








“Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.”

—Benjamin Disraeli



NO ONE WHO WAS LUCKY in love, wrote a best-seller, or won an Olympic medal, achieved it without persevering. Many weren´t even the smartest, skilled or attractive, but they pushed through where others gave up.


So you are special because reading a book to improve is also a sign of perseverance. You have the most precious skill.



How to reach your goals and get motivated even if you aren´t skilled

You can make your life a torture quitting, or an exciting experience persevering. It depends on you. But the highest motivation will appear if you continue in spite of frustrations. Just persisting will motivate you. You don´t need the best skills, you will learn it all in the way.


What for most seems impossible is possible if you persevere. You don’t need to be a genius to do something great. Regular people achieved extraordinary things only by persevering. Just like you if you keep going where others quit. If you continue nothing will stop you, and motivation will grow by itself.


We live in a fair universe where you can progress without limits if you fight. But the prize will come only if you insist. And it´s fair so. Otherwise lazy people would also succeed.


Churchill´s famous words

English Prime Minister Winston Churchill summarized his life with his famous “Never, never, never give up.” He demonstrated that an iron will could achieve any victory. His will to endure and never complain led him to overcome political defeat after political defeat. He affronted every type of obstacles during his political career. He never complained. He always persisted.


So he was well trained when as Prime Minister during World War II England resisted the Nazis and achieved the most important victory of last century.




The fast way to increase your assets

The universe wants you to get stronger. He wants you to fight to get wiser. He will give you all what you want if you ask it by persevering.


So see each resistance, even the smallest one, as a possibility to reach another level. Like a video game. With this mindset continuing will be easy. Like Ralph Waldo-Emerson said: “Act and you will have the power.” The other option is choosing the easy path. But in addition to a life of unaccomplished dreams, you will also live unmotivated. So better play the game. You will fight and grow. But you will also win a spirit of enjoying life in spite of obstacles. Challenge after challenge getting happier. So embrace difficulties to learn from them and build an asset nobody can steal. A tree on a wasteland will support much more wind and storms, but he will grow stronger than the rest.



Do you choose the easy or the hard way?

If you cold-approach in the street the headhunter of an office nearby, only the first words will be a prickle. But you will boost your career possibilities. If you sit down to design on paper all your future plans, only the first two minutes will be hard. But you will design a series of goals that will transform your life. If you quit smoking, only the first refused cigarettes will be hard. But your new health will transform you. The results after hardening your character are unique.


Easy things are comfortable in the short term, and high-value things are uncomfortable. No one likes the nervousness before attacking. But this sensation is short. It hurts only at first. Once you start everything goes downhill, and the results will be everlasting. Quite contrary to the unimportant results of making an easy phone call or revising emails.


But 95% of people always choose instant gratification. T omorrow they will improve. But as the Chinese proverb says: “Choose an easy life and you will get a hard life. Choose a hard life and you will get an easy life.” That’s why the 5% of people who take the hard road get all the benefits. Their initial discomfort is the price to their dreamed life. Their happiness begins with a hard task first.


So when deciding between easy vs. hard what do you choose? The I-will-try-later-and-now-let´s-do-something-the-easy-way or the hard-things-today-are-sweet-to-remember-tomorrow-way?



The “harder” you make it, the easier your life

The more you suffer in peaceful times, the less you will suffer in the storm. So if something scares you now, do something scarier. Once you jump to the water, the rest will be a piece of cake.


I remember beginning my career where I had to teach a technical seminar to many people. So to overcome that fear of speaking in public I made it as scary as I could. I decided to spoke in public to all my department (I was new) and asked them to be as negative as they could in my presentation. They should make faces of disapproval and difficult questions.


And it worked. In that presentation I learned everything that could go wrong. But it wasn´t so bad! After one minute (I remember it took exactly one minute), I lost my fear and transformed into the most confident person in the room. When “the public” asked something, they were more scared to ask in front of others than me to answer. After setting the bar higher I realized that hard things weren´t hard once you begin.


So be like the tennis players who train with better adversaries. Be the army that does exercises in peace times. Or the ship crew that always follow the bad weather. You will get stronger and your victories will last forever.



The fight easy vs. hard will last all your life. In work, love and personal goals you will always have to choose between easy or hard. Hard will give you everything you wish in life, but easy will be a smooth death. You choose.



Persevere… but only in your priorities!

What are your dreams? The first thing you need to know to get motivated is your three most important goals. Which projects will make a difference in your future? Where do you have to persevere?


Perhaps you don’t have clear priorities, but don´t worry, it happens to many people. If so look at you pending plans and ask which will have the most impact. You have a sixth sense to notice it. You will recognize the one of your great collection of plans that will have 80% of the value. So take ten minutes, one hour, or one week, and discover your main goal. And then make it your absolute priority.


Even if your biggest dream seems impossible now, once you focus on it you will see the first results and win energy to continue. The moment you know your priorities, a smile appears. You detect a lot of stupid things not to do. “How couldn’t I see this before?” And your thoughts will be brighter because you focus only on two or three main tasks. Because it’s not about persevering. It’s about persevering smartly. So focus only on projects that will influence in a year. Or better, in ten years. Lengthen your timeline.


Successful people have the ability to do only what is worth in the long run. This could be writing a novel, being always honest, or learning Chinese. They don´t write emails with trendy topics or go to all meetings to be seen. They only think long term. So ask constantly: “Is what I’m doing now the best for my next ten years?”


To achieve your goals avoid temptations and focus on what makes the difference. Think you will get a 1 million dollars check if you dedicate only to priority tasks (because you will receive it if you do so). In what work would you focus today for that check? What would you sacrifice?


Don’t get trapped on the 97 little tasks that cross your way every day. Identify the activities that will boost your career and persevere on them. The formula is always: 1. Focus on the important, and 2. Persevere.


Never give in to temptations. Allow some luxuries and relax when it´s time to relax, but 80% of your time persevere on defined goals. You will get more motivated if you see progress, even if they are little steps.



By persevering in their priorities, Marie Curie discovered radioactivity and Einstein how to split the atom and generate energy.


Other scientists said it was impossible. They also worked and tried hard. But not in their priorities.




Thousands of millionaires ate rice and yogurt for some time

Does this sound you? Looking for a job during months and finally the moment to give up. Your morale at the bottom. No money and no future income. Life is testing you.


When you pursue something big you will want to quit hundred times, but it´s the ticket to succeed. So don´t quit. Thousands of millionaires survived on rice and yogurts for some time. They lived from money borrowed from family or friends. But they persevered till the end. Continuing or dying was their motto. Everything was an extra step. They even enjoyed overcoming obstacles. They got addicted to the feeling of becoming stronger and wiser. And then one day they got their first sale. And then came a second one, and then a third… and then the big money. But money wasn’t the great satisfaction, it was the mental strength won by persevering.


So persevere, because you can play in the first league, no obstacle can stop you. A new attempt, a new book read and suddenly an unexpected push where you will make it. I´m sure you heard the classic example of Edison inventing the light bulb after thousand failed experiments. He always came up with a modification. And when asked what would he had done after failing 100.000 times, he said “I would had tried again.” Use this for your troubles too, never give up.


So are you stuck? Then change your direction. The best result can be around the corner doing something differently: a new marketing channel, a different promotion, a new logo, a different retailer, combining two ideas, associating you with your competitor, or a brainstorming exercise finding the solution by thinking on the worse outcome in spite of the best one. This last try can give you the necessary hint to succeed.


When you progress, you always reach a sticking point. This is normal, you go up and then you stagnate, the usual growing process. But in this part is where you must stand up. When practicing a new skill, there is always a moment where it seems you don’t progress. No matter how much you try, you get stuck. But you aren´t stuck. Things need to get fixed in your brain. It´s your desert journey. The moment to persist in spite of the conditions. So resist. Do the extra effort, do the small variation, try the new idea.


Many people abandon in those tricky impasses. They don’t understand that stagnation is part of the process. But to achieve mastery the desert trips are key. You must keep going.


Successful athletes, artists and entrepreneurs train hard, but they also have a point where they can´t beat a record or produce better products. Yet they keep fighting until the next level. They know they must push through. So never get disheartened by a setback. It’s a sign that you will reach a higher level. All spectacular achievements had it-can’t-be-done moments.


Say “Where everybody quits is my great chance to succeed” and you will make a difference. No one can stop a ray.



The worst pain is regretting you didn’t persevere

All valuable things in life have a price. And persevering is the lowest one. If you persevere you will finish earlier and obtain in a short time what others will need a lifetime, or too much money. Because in the end you will always suffer one of these two pains:


-The punctual pain of effort


-The endless pain of not having tried



So better choose the pain of effort because it only lasts seconds while the pain of regretting lasts a lifetime.



1 mm is the distance between failure and success

You only need to write one phrase to start the three books that will turn you in an expert. You only need to put your running shoes for a five-kilometer run and create the habit that will save your life. You only need to say Hello to contact the decisive person in your career. It´s all in your favor if you try.


So therefore train yourself with little things. Begin small. Use the boring moments. Persist with that screw that doesn’t get fastened, cooking your favorite plate until it tastes perfect, and selling to that little client who still hesitates. Successful people gained their skills training with little issues. So start to train with daily challenges and soon you will enjoy bigger victories. You will see that nothing was so difficult as it seemed. In the end it was a millimeter what separated you from the rest. A last try, an extra minute of concentration, a slightly different approach, and you got it. Success is about perseverance, not about talents.


This excerpt from one of my books will inspire you never to quit:



Never Quit. In The Last Lap You Can Win The Race

Right at the end is where your results will be astonishing.


So never get discouraged if at first you don’t see changes in your new business or personal life. You are doing well if you try. Even though it seems nothing happens, your future is at stake. A good strategist knows that success comes unannounced, it may be just around the corner. So persevere.


When you begin to move with an ambitious plan, on the first days everything stays the same. But hold tight, something big is moving. You are telling the universe you won’t stop until you make it and he will give you everything.


Great actors went to hundreds of auditions and just before quitting they became the best role. Great authors resisted lows during months and in the last moment their book boomed. Smart companies waited for months without profits but when they competitors abandoned they won all the money.


[T he 20/80 Rule applies here too. It´s during the last 20% of your way where you will achieve 80% of the goal. And in a few _] _cases [_ it will be in the last 5% where you achieve 95% of the goal. On the first part you did the toughest job: winning skills. And even when you didn’t notice results, something big was moving. _]


But most people quit just before the victory. Some even worked for years towards a great goal and after the hardest part they quit in the last minute. So take always an extra step. Decide to persist. A little result, then another one, and finally your dream.


[] 19








SIT FOR 30 MINUTES CALMLY by yourself in a room and your problems will vanish. All of them.


Give it a try. Relax completely. No music and no noise. Be only with yourself. Feel the silence. Watch yourself from a camera on the ceiling. And let the minutes pass. You will see how motivation appears and feel physically good. Then a little idea will emerge. Later another diffuse hint to solve a problem. But keep in silence, because greater ideas will come. Let them appear continuing calmly.


This technique to relax and organize your ideas is easy, but only smart people practice it, because thinking in solitude scares many persons. They are so addicted to distractions that being with themselves seems like being in a solitary cell.


But only staying in calm will you reach your greatest bliss. Only then a flow of ideas will propel your life. Do you know why great ideas arise in the shower? Because it´s a solitude time without distractions where your brain reconnects itself. That´s why you will make great conclusions when you walk alone, wait in line or stare through the window. No music, no traffic, and no friends to distract you from producing solutions.


Your daily bombardment of calls, conversations and senseless interruptions only hides those solutions. So the best way to design great strategies for your life is disappearing a while. Genius only comes from loneliness. So look in your interior to find solutions.


And there are two ways of doing this, the passive and the active way. Here they are:



Your passive factory of motivation

Generating motivation and ideas passively is easy. It consists simply in relaxing and listening to the silence.


You don’t have to meditate in the woods or have a perfect room for this. You only need a quite place and doing nothing for 30 minutes. Absolutely nothing. Just listen to the silence. Just wait. Within a few minutes, the world will open without a mask. And then an ecstasy with great thoughts will begin.


You can pay thousands of dollars in expensive resorts, but relaxing in your room in solitude is easier and cheaper. The best solution is always the simplest one.






Your active factory of motivation

And there is also an active method to find solutions and get motivated. It works just as well. It consists in thinking actively in your situation and look for improvements. Its strength lies in the extreme force of the last thoughts.


So sit in think about your life. What can you do with that payment that preoccupies you? What strategy do you need to sell more? How can you solve that relation with a friend? Try to think about all at once also. Chaos can help you.


And design strategies for future goals too. How to earn an extra 40%? How to get 2 free hours a day? How to win a new contact? Think of every possibility. Because there aren´t “silly” thoughts. Any “silly” conclusion can revolutionize your life. Even a fantasy can help you. Important is your mind flowing and generating options.


The first thoughts will be obvious, but if you insist better and better ideas will come out. Try different point of views and combine ideas, the more conclusions, the better their quality.


And if you feel inspired, keep thinking actively. 30 Minutes of thinking can end up in 2 hours solving your biggest financial, career or personal challenges. You will find a solution to what seemed impossible. Many combinations will flow wildly in such a session and you will design winning moves that otherwise would take months.




When clients ask me for advice, I always say that the solution is within themselves. “Sit down and the solution will appear.” Many look disappointed, but once they try they get fascinated.


So give yourself 30 minutes of thinking. Add pen and paper if you want. You will come with various solutions to your challenges. Guaranteed.



The benefits of looking within yourself

It sounds like a cliché but it’s true: motivation is inside your head. People struggle looking for happiness. But happiness is within them. They don’t know that all they need they can produce it in their head.


Many even reach certain financial success, but when it´s turn for their inner life, they fail. And since they refuse to seek within themselves they feel empty. They prefer the solution of expensive vacations, psychological treatment, risky sports or alcohol. They think that only material goods will give them eternal happiness. But being alone with themselves would be much more effective.


The outer world can offer you temporary pleasures, but don´t neglect your inner world because there are the real solutions. So be smart and look in your mind. There you will find answers. If you rely on the outer world you will end depressed. You will achieve a material goal and say “So what?”


Endless studies proof that people who practice spirituality are healthier and live longer. And it´s an easy skill. You don´t need to meditate or change your way of life. You only need 30 daily minutes to think and relax. This will make you happier than money or the return of an old friend.


Begin with five daily minutes thinking in a relaxed posture and you will immediately gain a new confidence. Everything will become simpler. You will find a lot of solutions to your “insoluble problems.” And you won´t need a Zen-style empty apartment. You won´t also have to give up material goods. You only will have to think some minutes in a quiet room. This will be the solution to any productivity, financial or personal problem. Your new friends and money will be produced at home.



The amazing story of Victor Frankl in the concentration camps

Many people managed to survive in subhuman conditions building a parallel world inside their minds. The story of Victor Frankl in the Nazi concentration camps is the proof. In 1945 he described in his book Man’s Search For Meaning, a book I encourage you to read, how he and other prisoners created universes inside their minds to survive suffer.


And you too can create big things in your imagination. In the worst prison you can build mentally a parallel world to escape any suffer. But why not create an inner world also for pleasure? You would be happy without friends, weekends, and hobbies. Don´t reject those pleasures, but have another weapon to be happy, just in case.


You can activate your brain’s happiness chemistry whenever you want. You can create the will to dance, go from sad to happy or turn a boring moment into something exciting. You don’t need an outside world to have fun. Because you seek feelings, and feelings are produced inside you. Fun and happiness are in your mind. But only if you look for them.



The 4 Keys to a powerful inner world

You choose to get depressed or happy. You decide to program your mind for success or failure.


Many persons say life is full of suffering and bad luck, but why people in Africa keep smiling in spite of terrible wars? It´s selfish to complain because there will always be someone who does worse. So use the privilege of your powerful mind. Use it to go where you choose.


If you train your mind to be positive and think about your goals, you will attract the best persons. People want to be and do business with Mr. Positive. Aren´t you drawn also to great people? And the universe will also help you if you focus on your parallel world of dreams.


Here are 4 keys to designing an inner world that will take you where you want:



1. Have always a strong desire. Have a dream transcending everything else. It can be a financial, spiritual or personal goal.



2. Seek only positive company. Positive people who make you feel confident. People with whom you can act relaxed and work in your dreams.



3. Use self-suggestion. If you repeat in present tense something you want to achieve as if it were done, you will have it. Say for example “I build my business fast!” If you tell yourself you are the best, you will program your subconscious and then act like the best.



4. Give thanks for how well things go. I´m sure you will find some victories. Once you give thanks, things go better. Think also you have just begun and that the best is to come. Because it’s true.








YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE. YOU have to drop weight to fly higher. Otherwise old wounds won’t let you progress. So forget past grievances. You will design and enjoy an exciting future if you get rid of anger. Too many people destroy their emotional life with past fights. But to enjoy mental health you must forgive.


You can achieve the greatest challenges, but therefore you must eliminate the black holes that absorb your energy. You must get rid of the bad memories that consume so many people.


And you can do it in a moment, as soon as you decide to forget them, a new energy will make you more efficient. You will see that you have nothing to lose forgiving the villains. You only lose if you think about them.


So don’t review past fights anymore. “I should have said this… I deserved more respect… They treated me bad…” Forgive and forget. It´s over. Do it only for not satisfying your enemies remembering them.



You will feel thousand times better forgiving

You must forgive classmates, ex-friends, teachers or family members people who attacked you in the past. Forgive anyone who harmed you regardless of how traumatic it was. You will feel better once you forgive.


Perhaps you think forgiving is not easy. But it is. Try this exercise: remember a bad old situation and say to your enemy: “I forgive him, he didn´t know what he said. He acts so with all the people.” This is the most effective way to overcome it.


So don’t blame that old friend. Don´t blame your old boss. Don´t blame your parents if they made mistakes. They did what they could with what they knew. Forgive them and you will feel better without unnecessary load.


And don’t blame also broken relations. Forget what they said or what they did to you. Take your part of responsibility and let it go. No matter how bad an old relation ended, make your life easier thinking it was your fault. Because many times it was. So adopt the power of saying “it was my fault” and instant liberation for you.


There will always be annoying people in your life. So why invest in them? Let them go. Co-workers, bosses, and friends who troubled your life were useful to discover other possibilities. Thanks to them you are smarter and know better ways to succeed. You learned more from them than from your friends.


Thanks to your enemies you are stronger. So forgive them and wish them the best. And each time frustration emerges, erase it again. Think “It makes me stronger and it was also my fault.” You will feel better and use your energy in something more profitable.


If you want to be free, you must forgive. The best present to yourself is forgiving. No revenge, no tricks, no counterattacks. Revenge takes too much energy and risks. The universe is fair and will put everybody in its place. As the ancient Chinese proverb says: Wait by the river long enough and the bodies of your enemies will float by.



And forgive yourself

And also forgive yourself. You must bury negative feelings of guilt. “If only I had done this…” “If only I had said that…” Drop this extra weight too. Why torture yourself with something you can´t change? Accept what you did because your past choices were based on your knowledge that moment. That unfulfilling job as an accountant was then an option because you didn’t know your talent as an independent consultant. That now broken relation was then an option because you didn’t know a better partner.


In the past you didn’t know as much as now. So forgive yourself for erroneous acts and commentaries. You were more inexperienced. Everyone made mistakes then.


And if your feeling of guilt for something you did to somebody remains strong, talk or write to him or her. Tell that person you are sorry without waiting for a reaction. And then you will be free.



You will be free forever with your new forgetting skill

Think of your closest partners. You can be sure that they also have their frustrations, lost battles and regrets. You think you are unique but they suffer too. They think about themselves as much as you, (which means they don’t have much time left). Many of them live a more resentful life than you. But instead of seeing their circumstances as challenges, they sink more and more remembering old movies. So don´t think your situation is bad because everyone goes through the same. In fact, others think you never faced obstacles. Since everyone believes they are the center of the universe, they suffered more than anyone and you are a lucky person. And this point of view can help you, your past failures aren´t so important for the world as you think.


Guilt is useless. So forgive and a new energy will transform you. Anger will transform in desire to do things. And if anger returns, which will, forgive again. Insist, become an expert in forgiving. Fill your time only with good future scenes and you will live these good scenes. Because you become what you think about.


So be smart and don´t fall into the trap of victimhood. Forgive. To succeed get rid of the past. Never say “I should have done this…” or “Poor me…” Unconditional freedom will be your new mantra. So you will enjoy true peace. By forgiving you will eliminate what holds most people from progressing. Where others go in circles, you will ascend.






Everyone thinks of changing the world,

but no one thinks of changing himself.”




DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH would you gain motivating others? It’s the karma, what you give comes back to you… but increased.


So now accelerate your motivation motivating others. You will gain better humor, new contacts and good advice. Since most people are focused on themselves and depend on others opinions, it doesn’t even occur to them to motivate someone. “Motivate others? I have to motivate myself first,” most people think. But this is too short-sighted, because if you motivate others, first you motivate yourself, second you gain a more productive person, and third you win a friend.


And the best way to motivate others is changing yourself. The best way to inspire others is getting better. That´s why you will motivate people 10 times faster if you act first as you would like them to act.


So be a role model. First motivate them without expecting anything. “I like your project Jane, you are doing great,” or “You look slim John, sport is doing you well.” And then act as you want them to act. Not only will you inspire without looking like a preacher, you will also make them more productive because they will follow you. Do you remember doing something right and then others copying you?



You will motivate anybody by improving yourself

Take advantage of your daily opportunities to be a model. If you improve your physical shape for example, you will feel good and live longer, but you will also irradiate a brighter personality. And this will inspire others to do more exercise and have more energy. The moment they see you less overweight and in shape (everybody notices it), they will imitate you. They won´t say a word, but you will be their role model. And you will win a more productive team.


Not long ago a friend of mine started working out to improve her physical appearance. She told me how people’s reactions changed. She was surprised by how people copied her. Within two weeks many of her employees started doing exercise. She thought no one would care, but she was impressed by how she led by example. She won an admiration she would never have accomplished through words. “Now they work faster for me and with fewer objections,” she told me. “They accelerated their working rhythm to follow me.” By changing her physical shape and energy she managed to change others.


Improving is sending a message. People notice details. Nothing is missed. Every time you improve, you motivate yourself and also your team. You become more of a leader. So if you adopt a new skill, use it also to motivate. Improve without showing off and people will copy you.


If you go for example from not speaking Spanish to speaking a little, an army of people will try to speak Spanish with your Spanish clients. If you improve your vocabulary in your language, many will try to express themselves as well as you. Even when they think that a few words are enough, if they see you convincing a room with your wider words range, they won´t want to lose that train. (Besides that people find leaders in those who speak better).


Or how about listen more? When others see you how you listen and look at the eyes, when they see you not answering the first thing that comes to your mind, they will want to copy that charisma.


The possibilities to motivate others through example are endless:


- If they see you working more concentrated and without interruptions, they will be motivated to enjoy its benefits and be more productive.


-If they see your strong character treating well even those who are “unimportant,” you will motivate them to do the same and create a good atmosphere.


-If they see you saving time using new technologies, you will motivate them to learn new software tools to be more efficient.


Your own improvement is better than 100 theoretical talks. You gain a new talent and at the same time you achieve a difficult thing: convincing others. So choose your next improvement looking for your benefits but also for the improvement you want in others. Don´t wait for anything in return. But you will see incredible results and gain a great leadership tool.



Your big opportunity

Motivation is within you. Many don’t know it because there is a business around extern help that sells costly treatments. It´s not in their interest that people think for even 10 minutes. They would discover ideas and solutions to be happy, and goodbye to their million-dollar business.


But everything changes the moment you decide to succeed. From that point everything helps you. Even the “bad things.” Most people get depressed when they lose a job… they hated! But it’s the big opportunity to jump to their dream. Losing their job is the signal (in fact it´s mostly provoked by their subconscious mind). Then much better possibilities appear. It may be the best that ever happened to them.


Once you decide to succeed you will get these advantages:


1. You will appreciate good things you have now and take opportunities you otherwise wouldn´t see.


2. You will plan your future better because being motivated makes you think clearly.


3. Nobody will steal how you enjoyed a laugh, you designed an encouraging plan or built a solid attitude.


4. You will say goodbye to ALL crises. Depression will disappear.


5. You will achieve your dreamed lifestyle.


6. Your personal life and work objectives will merge and everything will flow.



And never forget to live the moment. Most people think only being rigid they can build empires. But fun is more effective. You can create great things taking a warm bath or laughing with friends. So enjoy your breakfast, that bus trip, that small discovery, or that friendship. Smile. Don’t suffer today because you will achieve your goals if that´s your purpose. And you will achieve them much faster if you live the moment motivated.


So now find something big. A purpose that will give you wings. Energy to wake up in the morning and conquer the world. With motivation living the moment and a big dream doubts will disappear. The universe will put all opportunities at your disposal and you will always choose right. So give your life meaning:


What is your big dream?


What legacy do you want to leave?


What would you devote your soul if you knew you couldn’t fail?


While most say “It can’t be done,” successful people say “I will do it.” Like you. So follow your North Star. Thousands of people went far with no education and no money thanks to a big dream and motivation.


And if your situation now is bad, persevere. Remember that you can be just a millimeter away from succeeding. In every big success the last moment was always the darkest. But one step further and the big success came for the one who didn´t abandon.


So from now on live the moment and pursue your big dream as if there were no tomorrow. You are the hero of the movie. And you will succeed. You have an irresistible interior force.



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Motiavation. How To Enjoy It Every Day Motiavation. How To Enjoy It Every Day