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Mother's Day

Mother’s day

“Happy mother’s day mom.”

My mom was utterly shocked. She never expected this.

“Really!!! You never wished me before.”

“Everybody is celebrating mother’s day with their moms. Taking selfies, posting on Face book and Instagram, buying gifts for their mothers. And yet I never did any of those. So I am feeling really sad.”

“Oh no, don’t be sad for that. You don’t have to do all of those things, my child.”

“But didn’t you feel a little sad when all your friend’s children got them gifts while I gave you nothing.”

“No, maybe I thought about it for a little while. But after that I just left it. Besides what is there in a gift given on a particular day?”

“But I always get happy whenever you give me anything. It gives me the feeling that you love me very much.”

“Oh my god, so was that the only time you felt I loved you so much? So all the things I did especially for you. You don’t remember any of those, do you? Now I’am feeling sad.”

My mom’s face went sad. And I felt really angry at myself for making her sad on the day I had vowed to make her happy.

“Oh no mom, I have hurt you many times before. But not today. Don’t get hurt today because of me mom.”

My mom laughed.

“No my dear. I was kidding. I’am your mom. I don’t need appreciation for the things I do for you. I will never even think in that way.”

“But you do need my love, don’t you? You want me to regularly say to you that I love you.I greatly regret never doing that.”

“Why? You don’t have to do that.”

“What do you mean? How else will you know that I love you?”

“I will always know that you love me.”

“How come?”

“You are my son. I’am your mom, that’s why.”

“What if I told you I never loved you until today?”

My mom smiled.

“I know when you are lying too.”

“All the time?”

“Most of the time. And for the rest I will give you the benefit of doubt as I trust you to do the right thing. Again because you are my son.”

“I actually love you so much mom, more than anything in this world. I was so worried that you didn’t know that.”

“Don’t worry for such silly reasons dear.I will always know.”

“But don’t you think that if I start expressing the love I have towards you, you will become very happy and will love me so much more.”

“No, I don’t think so. Sure I will be a little happy. But that won’t make me love you even more.”


“Because I will always love you the same no matter what you do. Never less and never more, always the same.”

“Still if I say that I won’t ever fight with you again. Won’t that urge you to love me a little bit more?”

My mom laughed again.

“I know for sure that you won’t keep that promise. And even if you do, what kind of life would that be? So boring. Don’t you worry dear, your mom loves you the maximum she can and she will always do so.”

“What if one day I become really successful beyond your wildest dreams?”

“Well that will make me so happy. But I will only love you the same as I would do when you fail in some thing that I greatly wished for you to succeed.”

I thought for a while.

“Finally I know what will make you say it. What if I told you that I’am going to take even more care of you when you get old than you did for me?”

My mom smiled.

“That won’t make any difference. Do you really think I’am doing all these things for you because I expect you to take care of me in old age? As long as I’am your mom, I don’t need you to do anything for me to make me keep on loving you.”

“Ok mom I admit defeat. But on this mother’s day tell me one thing that you want me to do. I will try my level best to do that. You can take that as the gift for this mother’s day as well as for all the following ones. So mom what do you say?”

My mom thought for a minute. Then she smiled a victorious smile indicating that she had got the perfect answer to give me.

“Simple, I want you to always be good.”


“Always think about only good things. Do things good for you and at times good for others also. You can ask me if you have any problem in distinguishing between good and bad. Keep in mind always that you are a good boy. If you are good, then that means I did a good job in bringing you up. Never forget that.”

“Thanks mom.I won’t ever forget that.I love you mom. You are so special. Can I get two of you?”

“No unfortunately you get only one of me in this life. So you have to grin and bear whatever shortcomings that I have. No choice.”

We laughed.

But she really didn’t have any shortcomings. She was made to be so perfect. Not only she, all the moms in the world are simply made to be perfect.


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Hi, I ‘am Sreehari P V,23 years old and a mechanical engineering graduate from Kerala in India.Thank you for reading. Please do leave your review. I can be contacted directly at [email protected] Thanks again.

Mother's Day

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  • Published: 2017-05-14 21:20:21
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Mother's Day Mother's Day