More One-Minute Relaxation

More One-Minute Relaxation

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

Shakespir Edition

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1, Introduction

This is the forth book in the one minute worries relaxation series. It covers the same ideas as all the other books on computer, goal setting and social skills worries but put together into one book of extra tips. As with the other books, you can dip into it or read it from start to finish.

The second chapter after the introduction is, Stop Worrying So Much. This is about how unnecessary worry is sometimes the only reason for all your problems. Unnecessary worry is from feeling you are a bad person, you’re not a competent person or that you should be a more competent person than you are. Really, it is often just poor self-esteem. It means you can’t do things. And often this is because you are not motivated enough to do them. After all, anyone could go out for a walk or go for a jog if they didn’t have poor self-esteem that meant they couldn’t just get up from their armchair in front of the television and the comfortable warm area they had made for themselves.

In the third chapter, Start Setting Goals Again, the book poses the question as to what goals you should set if all your problems are not just caused by poor self-esteem and you have something that you really want to do that you couldn’t do without a plan. Also, in the third chapter, the second half of it, starting with A Computer, it is about the tools there are to help you make a plan. This is if the first part of the chapter was about the principles of it and talked about the mental tools you’d need.

Then in the fourth chapter, More Short Articles, the book has more articles about how to cope with computer, goal setting and social skills worries. It gives other practical tips not already given about how to use your computer as well as the mental tools that you’d need when using one. Also, it looks at cultural solutions, worries about leaving a legacy and self-help ideas such as self-control, stress, worry about women, guilt and shame and over ambition.

Finally, there is the fifth chapter, Principles. This is a list for quick reference or just for a bit of fun. It offers more of the useful tips and advice found elsewhere also. And this chapter rounds off the book.

If you liked the first three books in the series of goal setting, computer and social skills worries, then you might find some more useful tips in this book and enjoy reading it. However, you do not need to have read the first books in this series as the book you have now can be read on its own. Thank you for reading the previous books in the series if you did and if you did or did not, then the author wishes you a good read and enjoyment from this current small volume.

WARNING: This book is only intended for people who use a computer at home for hobbies and interests and not for work you are normally paid to do.

An example is that the book will suggest people solve many of their problems using computers less such as if they were to use them for only a few hours a week. This is not possible if you have an employer. So this and other advice in this book is not suitable for anyone in employment to use it for that.

Chapter 2, Stop Worrying So Much

Raise Self-Esteem

Achieving goals will make you feel a bit better about yourself because you are not a failure. And the goals you achieve may help improve your life in other ways. Achieving goals can improve your life in many ways, such as improving your social skills means you make more friends and your friendships mean that you are more relaxed. Having more time to read, you feel happier you are better read. And you have the type of conversations you might have craved for a long time about art and lit. Also, doing more exercise you get the body you want. You can get the body you want both for your own self-esteem and because more girls would like you to chat them up.

Media Anxiety

A definition of Media Anxiety might be ‘becoming anxious over consumption of the media, particularly when a large amount of media has been consumed’. This leads to boredom, distraction, and ultimately to stress and anxiety.

It may start with a period of unemployment. When employed, you may more easily have solved your personal problems. So you were not always consumed by worry. Then you have boredom when out of work and guilt over not finding a job. Also, you get worries over health not being so active. And you spend much of your time for want of anything better to do consuming media.

After a time, you may become bored with the media you consume. For example, you might become familiar with the plots of novels generally. Either by intention or by chance, you seek some kind of distraction. Distractions are such as learning a musical instrument, learning to paint or writing. You may also take up a serious subject of study.

The disadvantage of some of these distractions is they use a computer and the hands too much. So you may feel ill but you don’t stop them as you don’t realize or they offer a therapy or you would otherwise be bored. And only when by chance you have had enough of them do you quit but not before then. For serious study, you can study subjects you liked at school or ones you can remember. After you have finished these, you are back to normal media. Sometimes after consuming a lot of media and then consuming less because of doing hobbies instead or not doing much at all, you forget a lot of it and can go back to it with renewed interest. Perhaps, though, you can avoid problems that you didn’t the first time, some of it might no longer be as interesting or you get new problems.

Why It Can Be Difficult To Change Yourself

You may have heard changing yourself will give you benefits. It will improve your health. And it will give you what you want. Some don’t really believe it. They think that if they stay the same, then someone will come along to give them what they want.

For example, when a goal is to make friends, others might make an effort to talk to you. But most will not make an effort to talk to anyone who doesn’t have much going for him or her already. The person someone is looking to meet might be popular with good social skills and something going for them. But this type of person can meet others who have more going for them as well themselves. And they no doubt have plenty of friends already.

Also, there is an implication that they really would like others just to entertain them when they could make some more efforts themselves. However, they say that if you have good social skills and you entertain somebody, then you will get a lot back. But this is only if you have been there yourself. Still, it can solve many problems. And you can tell them if they ask why you are doing it.

You can learn to talk about art and literature. It is about feelings. This is unless you mean feelings are also in psychology, social science or in political books. And you can’t really talk about your health because that is between you and your doctor. This is no matter how much you hear that health is a hot topic. You might want to hear about somebody you know and his or her life. But often people don’t tell you everything about themselves. Art fills this gap.

Also, your personal self is not really all you think. Everything we think is an idea from outside of us or we would have nothing to think. Almost everyone has after all been to school for years, watched thousands of hours of TV and had every opportunity to read. So, really you know where knowledge comes from and what people talk about.

Talking about others is gossip and for small people, talking about events for average people and talking about ideas the highest level of thought or conversation. Ideas are universal and some of them date back in time centuries. So it is not something personal. Perhaps, if you can’t find someone to discuss everything you would like to with, then that would be something you’d feel was personal if it was lacking.

You may only want to be liked and so stick with people you know will like you. This solves many problems. Others may like you for anything or dislike you for anything as well. Also, someone may not see you as you do. Others may not value the things you do or your circumstances.

To be liked, talk about hobbies and interests, and don’t talk about work, politics, gossip, or mundane things. Your friends often only really want to hear about interesting things and to be entertained. Other things are problematic to friendships or not enjoyable for everyone.

You can get what you want from the media. It is what anyone knows and it gives anybody good social skills. Knowing this, you can just talk about what everyone finds interesting and entertaining. And you don’t have to worry about having anything different to say or that is different or special about you. But if you have enough time to spare, then a hobby, as well as just interests and reading, is something good to talk about.

Relaxing Is the Key to Creativity

Have you ever had a problem that has caused you worry, but you stopped worrying because you had to go to work or do the cleaning? Or you decided to make a start on a novel you had wanted to read for some time after all and so forgot your worries. And then inspiration came to you of practical solutions you could do. You might want to recreate this again if you can.

You can distract yourself from problems. And it helps just to relax as well. The brain clear of clutter can solve problems more easily. When you take pleasure from doing some housework that it clears your head, then you are more likely to think positively afterward about things you need to do. They are not such a big problem.

Reducing Stress Improves Time Management

Eliminating stress may be a first but a necessary step to feeling happier. Stress means you don’t manage your time well. Your only goal you need to set yourself if you have been stressed is to reduce stress.

Stress causes poor time management and poor health. Do everything you can to eliminate it. It will pay back the time spent now many times over. You forget or don’t have time for looking after your health if you are stressed. You do unnecessary tasks, spend time worrying and don’t buy things you need. In particular, you waste time on finding information and getting the news. Also, you waste time on talking about poor subjects of conversation such as worries.

And if worried, you write notes and keep records. When you are less stressed, you are more likely to do exercise, eat healthily, wash and clean. And this is all without trying. So you don’t really need lots of reminders or things to motivate you to do these. It is hugely beneficial for your health if you can be more active but you do not at the same time keep many records and do paperwork. Someone may manage their time poorly not because they don’t have practical tools of time management but because they are stressed. But sometimes, time management tools work because of or despite of feeling stressed. For example, checklists work when stress causes forgetfulness.

Goal Setting and Social Skills

All your social skills and other problems as well are caused by not watching enough TV or reading enough. Watching TV and reading are always part of anyone’s goals. So if you don’t do them, then you have goal setting problems by definition.

And you do not read or watch TV enough because something else takes all your time. It affects your health and you feel tired and unable to do normal things.

Computers cause social skills problems because you have nothing to talk about except computers and they affect your concentration. As well, to use a word processor, you need to do a lot of reading. So you use your eyes lots. And doing other reading away from your computer may cause eyestrain if you do both. Also, radiation from the screen can affect your concentration even after you stop using a computer. As well, a poorly ergonomic desk can cause aches, pains, and problems concentrating. Computers have buttons and are interactive and so interesting to use. Some find editing work satisfying. And, really, you can’t do it except on a computer. So you overuse your computer. Websites and making notes with a WP may be educational, entertaining and informative. But it has a downside in radiation and no air above a desk. So that means you’re not really concentrating and learning from them.

The easiest way to learn all about computers is to read a manual and learn what all the buttons and menus do. It is impossible to use a computer productively without knowing this. They make working with computers easier and faster.

Also, it is impossible to learn how to plan as a business does if you are just a Home Computer User. And almost none of it would be relevant anyway. Planning skills are academic and business subjects. And they are not appropriate for the Home Computer User for the type of ‘work’ he or she does.

The easiest solution is not to have a computer. You won’t have one if you don’t feel they offer you genuine benefits. Radiation affects your concentration and means you can’t get any possible learning, educational or productive value from it in any normal sense. And this was even if they weren’t other problems with computers that obviously nobody wants as well.

If you still use a computer, then follow all health advice. It really could give you a lot more productive and healthy computer use and it may be a dozen times over more healthy and productive. However, if you still have problems even after a while trying to use computers better and more health-consciously, then give them up and do something else.

Health advice is not to use a computer for too long each day, to take adequate breaks and for posture and ergonomics. As well, you can use speech recognition if you’re not a trained typist. The productivity features of powerful software can mean you work faster and the work is easier and less frustrating. So you spend less time on your computer and you are less stressed. And the creative work or any other work you do is a lot better standard and you can produce more of it.

Worry Will Kill You

Many self-help books say, ‘Don’t worry’.

It is no good someone who says, ‘Don’t worry about it, that’s my advice’. You still worry the same. Self-help books take the time to answer your questions.

Worry will kill you eventually and stop you living a normal life long before. If you worry, you waste your time in fruitless endeavors. You might do things only because you are worried and for no other reason.

Also, you talk to your friends about your worries when they would rather talk to you about other things. And you haven’t done things to talk about anyway because you only did things out of worry. Spending time worrying, you also forget about exercise and other genuinely important things.

Do You Have Problems?

What should you do if you have problems? You may have heard that low self-esteem is a cause of so many problems. Taking responsibility increases your self-esteem. Start doing something about your problems today by going online, going to the library or bookshop and watching TV. That means you do something about your problems rather than waiting for someone to help you. And helping yourself as soon as possible, you solve your problems better. Others may not be about to help you. And helping yourself, you can start now. To help yourself, read the science, self-help books and anything else you can find. Really, the authors have taken their time to write the book to help you. That doesn’t mean you don’t at least have to read it. These books are written for a reason because they have been proven to help.

Problems with Self-Help Books

If everyone who had at least some problems read about a dozen self-help books, then all their problems might be solved. The problem with self-help books is someone who needs help often doesn’t read enough of them. Or they don’t until it is too late. They know there are many different self-help titles but they only buy one. They go to the shop and as they don’t see a book they want, they leave and don’t go back another time and sometimes not for years. The shelves are restocked. They get new books in. Buy them. Or buy the ones they do have on the shelf. Or order them. Also, there are good books in the library or somebody might lend you some of theirs.

First Things First, Your Health

‘Read books about things that stress you. Knowing facts will reduce the stress you feel’.

As long as you are ill and stressed, then you will not live well. Some don’t prioritize healthy activities because they take time and people have other things they want to do. However, better health might mean that you do more of any goal. You will learn a subject better if you spend more time and effort on it. To do this, you need your health.

But then, books are, as well, stressful if you think you should be better educated or more widely read. Still, any book is decent and so don’t worry about what ones you are reading. They will all tell you about the same things. Some people know them already. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to catch up. Instead, enjoy reading for its own sake. Or you can read just to pass the time.

Always stop everything to go out for a run, a walk or do some other exercise. Other things like keeping to your diet need more planning such as for what you will buy at the shops. But you can just take your coat and go out the door for a walk whenever you feel like it and the weather is good or you can put your jogging pants on and go for a run almost anytime. It is good to do any exercise. And it is time never wasted.

Health Is a Personal Choice

The only goals you might need are to do some exercise, eat and sleep better, wash and clean and not to do anything else that is unhealthy. Then, you will be healthier almost certainly.

Don’t worry either who else is unhealthy. Your health matters first.

Think back to microwave ovens. They could cook a meal quickly and conveniently. But microwaves were dangerous. Nevertheless, they were not banned as some wanted. One reason was jobs. Another is that health is a personal choice. When some think of the financial and other costs to the country of poor health, they would like everyone to be healthier. But politicians say that you cannot force someone to do exercise and to look after their health. In addition, the government can’t afford the financial cost of public health programs.

When you hear somebody say that they don’t want a microwave oven, mobile phone or anything else, then some people they know might try to persuade them to have one anyway. They will say that they are moaning and making too much of it, call them a technophobe and tell them they are worrying needlessly. And they will tell them as well that it is no different from crossing a road and just like something everyone already knows. Also, people might tell them that they are starting to worry others and not just them. And as they say ‘worry kills’, so then they are killing their friends as well.

There are alternatives for almost all harmful products and as well, you can even still have the convenience. For example, you can make quick meals even with a gas or electric oven and you don’t need a microwave. As well, you can try out many different exercise programs when some of them only may have a good appeal to you or you feel some programs are definitely better. Also, you can choose between different kinds of healthy lifestyles. For example, you might feel that one healthy lifestyle has real advantages over others. This could be from research as a consumer. Or some of them have particular advantages for problems you know you already have, they suit your level of fitness or fitness goals or it is for other reasons. Often, it is just what you can afford but that still gives the benefits you want. And one could appeal to you because of the type of person you are such as it is environmentally friendly when you are a conservationist. Different health programs mean you become slim or you get muscles or something in-between. They do when there are different healthy body shapes to choose from. But you wouldn’t want to have some shapes even if it did mean you were fitter. As well, a particular fitness and diet program might fully address all the concerns you have and another doesn’t. Or the information you read about it could have been within your general knowledge, at your educational level or made sense from what you already knew about diet and exercise.

Take A Break, Relax, and Think Through Your Problems

Some say, ‘write it all down’. But sometimes it is better to relax, look out the window and think through your problems. Think of what you know already. And look up anything you still want to know. This can give you solutions because you will find out what others have already said. When you are not able to find what you want, think that the Internet is getting better all the time and you can look it up later. And think as well that until you do find the answers like that, you won’t let now not knowing them worry you.

Not ‘writing it all down’, you don’t have to worry about other people seeing what you’ve written, being embarrassed by something you said or getting health problems from handwriting or typing. And not ‘writing all of it down’ will save time. This is when writing is slower than thinking. You may find that you worry about certain categories of things only. Think of what category something you think is in. This may help to demystify thoughts in your head and make them less confusing.

When you think of things that worry you in an odd moment, don’t go to your writing desk to write notes about them but instead take a break, look out a window or make a hot drink and think through them. And don’t have lots of papers or computer files. At least, this works better sometimes if at other times it might actually help to write them down. But you don’t have to write them down all the time.

As well, look through any paper or WP files you have already on any topic of worry. And think that you have already done a lot of work towards helping your problems. So you don’t have to wear your fingers out now.

Thinking when out for a walk rather than using a computer or paper, solutions may come more readily to you. Either this is on your walk or after you get back. When out for a walk, you might remember things you have forgotten or think things through more clearly from the fresh air and from the pleasant things you experience. Perhaps, you can see flowers and walk through the grasses in local parks, you can stroll down sweet smelling avenues, you can look in the windows of shops or sometimes go in to buy something or you can look up at buildings of architectural interest and admire them.

Change Yourself Today

‘Every day you try to succeed but every day you fail’.

You may want to change and to be better at something such as painting, playing a musical instrument, or at social skills or your studies. Maybe, you want to live a more fulfilled life by listening more to your inner self. However, you can’t. You spend all your time on your problems, trying to make time and writing To Do lists.

This all stresses you. When stressed your memory is poorer, you think through your problems less well, you damage your health using a computer and handwriting too much and you neglect doing exercise. This causes more stress in a vicious circle.

Reducing stress as much as you can, and in any way that you can, your life may then improve. You will think more clearly about your problems when you do think of them, do more without trying, feel better and be healthier. And there is a virtuous circle of worrying less about some things causing less worry about other things.

How After Years You Can Stop Worrying

Not worrying, you can improve your health. Some worry about women, about changing the world, being a success, their career, making friends, being a better person, finding fulfillment and their health. To try not to worry overall too much, you can eliminate as much stress of any kind that you can and that might be about these or any other worries. Remember that your health is a genuine worry. This is when many other worries you have may not be real. Making a plan to improve your health can be a bit stressful to start with. But when better health is your only plan, then it is less stressful overall.

Think if anything has caused you stress recently. Something that still stresses you may stress you enough that it is too much. And something that is stressful can cause stress about other things. For example, one respondent who spoke to the author had reduced many sources of worry but had not thought that his attempts to read more and sometimes all day often made him feel ill. When he just watched TV, he felt better. As well, he said to himself that he could remember more of the TV anyway.

Doing exercise is beneficial for the body and helps with mental stress. Worrying about your future health can cause stress. Doing something about your health now will reduce this worry. And this is as well as improvements in fitness you might notice. You’ll feel good right away just knowing that you have made a start even if you didn’t have very rapid gains. But then, you can make rapid progress sometimes as well. So you can do some exercise. And start today!

Take Some Time to Think

‘Goal setting is so you can decide on what is important to you’.

Think through what you want to do with your life that will make you happy. And do things that genuinely would make you happy. Making a plan can often really work. You can succeed in lots of things if you first just had a plan.

For example, a goal may be to start reading more. And you may have this as a goal because you’ve wanted to read more for some time but never got around to it. To achieve this goal, you’ll have to find the time to read. And you can make a plan about how you’ll find this time. You might read more if you just had some kind of a plan for how you used your time and other things.

Chapter 3, Start Setting Goals Again

Time Management Is Easy, You Are Doing It All Right All Along

Simply by changing how you think of your time use, you can manage your time better. And you may find as well that you had not wasted as much time previously as you thought you had.

Try having categories for, ‘all things you have to do’, ‘goals’ and ‘things you don’t have to do’.

‘Things you don’t have to do’ should be easy to eliminate. When you can’t eliminate them, there must be some reason for it. For example, include doing therapy such as writing notes to yourself as ‘all things you have to do’ because you have a need for it. This is even if you might like to be able to cope without it. Having breaks is not, ‘things you don’t have to do’ because everyone needs rest. As well, socializing is also a human need.

Try To Achieve Some of Your Goals

Often it’s easier to achieve a goal by thinking you’re a success if you have at least done some of your goals. For example, if you want to read more, then all you have to do is at least some reading. And then you’ll get some understanding of books against the very poor understanding you already had.

It is impossible to change habits too much for reasons such as eyestrain and the need to reflect on what you’ve read.

Easy To Achieve

Any goals should be easy to achieve. This means that you can do them easily and still have time to spare. For example, when you are going to be at home for most of the day, you can watch one movie, one documentary or drama and read part of a book. You can do this even if you think you should do lots more. Anything else you can do tomorrow.

Don’t think of how many books you could finish in a week or how many films you could watch in a month. You don’t have to try to work out, for example, how much spare time you have and how many books you could read in it.

Watching some TV every day should be more than enough to keep a conversation going to friends. And watching some TV is enough to keep occupied. Don’t do nothing, however, but keep it going even if it is just a bit that you keep it up.

Don’t criticize anything anyone tells you that they had to do very little to be a success and think you know better. They’re probably telling you the truth. And although you may not know quite what they mean because you are not them, it is a fact that things really can be easier than you think.

Eliminate or Reduce

You can eliminate time wasting. Or you can just reduce it. When you do something instead of a goal, eliminate doing this task. Or reduce it if you can’t eliminate it.

For example, eliminate hobbies and interests that your friends aren’t interested in. And you can write a diary to help you think about your life. But instead, you can think through your day on your walk home. This may be quicker and make you feel you’ve thought about your life better even.

Think of an easier and quicker alternative. Instead of making your own notes, you can buy published notes. Also, don’t duplicate notes even if you have to look up things in different files. Or you could do without making a note of something. Then the notes you do keep will be essential and to hand. As well, you’ll probably organize them better as there are fewer of them and they are more important and relevant. And you’ll have more time and concentration to read them.

An example might illustrate this. You worry that channel hopping is wasting your time and affecting your concentration. And you feel it would be better not to try to do it less but instead to try to eliminate it. You want to eliminate it so you don’t have to think about it or problem-solve it more. Problem-solving how to eliminate it, though, is a different approach to reducing it and may give more answers. To find answers, you could copy what others do. For example, they type in the numbers of the channels. With a little effort to remember these channel numbers, you can do the same thing. If you want to know what is on, you might find it convenient to buy a TV guide. However, if you don’t find buying a TV guide convenient, you may still be able to reduce channel hopping by some feature of the software or channel guide such as categories of TV.


Don’t have any goals for your spare time except just what gives you pleasure now. This reduces stress because you do not have to do hard-to-achieve goals that often don’t matter anyway. Have things you do rather than ambitions or goals. But still have goals you really should have such as keeping your house clean and doing exercise. Don’t bother with any other goals you don’t really need.

To Manage Your Time Better

Really, don’t have any ambitions except to have a few friends, keep yourself fit, and read and watch TV a bit. Also, get up in the mornings, cook, clean and not much else. Write a list of things to do. Keep a notebook of books you have read and make a note of days you did some exercise. Keep an appointments’ diary.

How You Really Waste Time

Some think goal setting is all there is to manage your time better. But you may still waste a lot of time even when you’ve done a goal-setting plan. This could be because you don’t do goal setting well enough. Or it could be because you started doing it just to begin with. And once you had started, you then had many word processor and spreadsheet files and many pieces of paper you had written on that you couldn’t manage. So take your pick! Perhaps, try to do goal setting better to start with and if you really can’t do it without feeling stressed or it taking too much time in itself, then stop doing any. Still, it is a principle of goal setting that you keep it simple and you prioritize only those goals you particularly want to do.

Personal Priorities

What are personal priorities? Personal priorities are priorities you may have in your personal life, such as for how you use your spare time. They are different from priorities you might have at work.

Socializing is a human need. But you can improve your social skills. Also, you don’t need to socialize so much as you think you do to fulfill this basic need. You could transfer this time directly to other goals.

TV will give you more conversation than books as everyone watches TV. And TV is easier to remember than writing. However, you may get things from books you can’t from TV. It is impossible to concentrate on reading for more than an hour at a time. And you can only read for pleasure up to a few hours a day. But you can concentrate on TV for longer.

Exercise is more task-like. You can just stop everything and go out for a run or a walk.

Don’t however, when you find you have more time on your hands start a project to fill the empty hours, such as learning a musical instrument or learning computer software or doing some recreational study. Instead, just take a nap or have a relaxing bath. That is, unless you really are bored. And so you want to do something to pass some time in which otherwise you would be doing nothing at all. But remember your original reason for doing a hobby or recreational study that you felt bored and had nothing else you wanted to do. Other things are such as reading novels. Then, you don’t become frustrated and stressed about getting good at a hobby, being a commercial or critical success in it or any other mistakes you might make so that you feel stressed and anxious. The aim is to feel less bored and stressed and not more. Also, it is to improve your social skills by you being able to say that you have a hobby and by you being able to keep your mind occupied when you are bored with reading and not the reverse, that a hobby can make your social skills worse.

How to Manage Your Time to Look After Your Health

Trying to live a healthy life is the most important goal you can have. Whenever you have a choice to do a healthier option, you should do it. And you should feel happier for it.

For example,

Using a computer is bad for your health because of carcinogens and damage to hands from typing. And radiation affects concentration.

Handwriting is bad for your health generally. It affects concentration because of the movement of the pen in front of your eyes.

Using a desk is bad for your health because there is little air above a desk.

Doing exercise, a balanced diet, and decent sleep is good for your health.

Avoiding stress is good for health.

Using a mobile phone or microwave oven is bad for health, or possibly as well a wireless computer.

Anything else you’ve ever read that is bad your health but you still do it.

When you know something is bad for your health, then don’t do it. When it is good for your health, then do more of it. You really could do more exercise. Or you could use your mobile phone less.

Should you still want these things, you can then consider the alternatives. For example, texting is quicker than calling or you can have a loudspeaker on your phone. Also, you can use a computer less but still use it a bit. Drink water more. Use speech recognition when you can. Convert text to speech so you don’t have to read from the screen.

When you want to live a healthy and so happy life, then you have to make healthier choices. And when you still want the benefits of something that might be unhealthy, then you can compromise and use it less. Or you can otherwise reduce the harmful effects.

A Computer

Computers offer real benefits for solving problems and achieving goals if used correctly. If not used correctly, then it can waste time and not get you any nearer achieving your ambitions. A computer that you may have in your home is the same tool as used by businesses and professionals. If you use it at home, then you may use it successfully only if you do it completely as a hobby. Alternatively, you would have to have good computer skills from your work or from a school or college course. At least, this is true often for spreadsheets and WPs.

Whilst there is software for hobbies and entertainment, many hobbies are also now a business, work or professional opportunity. They are if you are any good at them. If you were not very good at them even as a hobby, then you may not keep them up for long. And you would not want to keep them up for long as well if you didn’t get people interested in your work if you posted it online. As well, opportunities for posting your work online may mean you take a hobby seriously even if you wouldn’t have done so otherwise or not as much. This brings its own pressures that may mean you decide to keep going with it or you give it up.

Computers can help you solve personal problems by you being able to get advice online. Also, you can use WP and spreadsheets to help remind you of things and to make notes. However, your notes have to be organized and well written up to be of any use to you. If your notes are poor, they may instead waste more of your time and mean you get into poor health from the overuse of your computer. Some people use features such as copy and paste, bookmarks and as well web links to do less writing than handwritten notes. But some people with a computer will make more notes and spend more time on them.

In short, computers offer benefits if you know how to use them, but if you don’t, then they can cause you very major problems with managing your time, looking after your health and with poor social skills.

How to Use a WP

You can solve your personal problems by going online and as well, you can make any notes you need. And you can make better use of these notes than you can paper notes. You do this by making use of the editing features of a WP. You can rewrite it in your own words and edit it for your own experiences and understanding of the subject. This is one way that personal goals can be achieved and problems solved.

A computer may be essential to organize a lot of material and it will help you to understand it. And interactivity helps you learn it as you criticize more what you read. Also, you find learning easier when you have resources such as the Internet and a WP to help you. And you will understand any subject you worry about better.

How to Use a Spreadsheet

You can use spreadsheets for notes as well, such as something that is more a list than a long text. Also, spreadsheets are used for doing calculations.

A budget is a planning tool. Having some money, you can get things to help you to do your goals. But these things have to first be purchased, planned for and are part of a budget.

A Mobile Phone Organizer

Try using the organizer on your mobile phone. And see if this solves all your problems for home admin or for making To Do lists or notes. You may not need anything more complicated once you have tried it.

Indeed, it is quite the reverse, as systems that are more complex mean you are less likely to cope with using them. And this is just by common sense. Doing the real life thing better is not always directly proportional to how much information you have anyway. Also, the complexity in the paper or computer system does not necessarily reflect the complexity of the real thing.

However, solving problems and reducing worries about things is often just from having enough facts and information about them. So go online and find out all you want.

Chapter 4, More Short Articles

People Want To Write For the Wrong Reasons

Some people want to write and post stuff online to make their parents and other people feel proud of them. This could also be a creative work of any kind such as a short story, painting or drawing, and video or photography. Also, it could include any other online activity such as chat rooms, bulletin boards, leaving comments on media websites, asking questions or anything else. But this is when in fact their parents neglected them and put them down. Or teachers put them down. Perhaps, they told them that they were useless on a particular subject. And if they do write and they are published, their parents will just take it as an opportunity to put them down some more in various ways there are open to them now.

For example, they might say that they have upset members of their family or their friends who are recognizable in their story. And so please withdraw it or tell the publisher to do so. If they still don’t want to, then they might say there could be serious consequences for them or their family because they could be sued in court or the person might just become violent. This is no matter if they thought the person was never violent from how they remember them when they were growing up. But their parents will tell them that the truth is different and their relatives or friends in common that they also know are serious people who need to be considered in that light. As well, they might say that they have upset some other person who might be violent because of something they wrote inadvertently in their book. They might have written a crime novel and included somebody’s real modus operandi that they want to keep quiet, as it is not known generally. Alternatively, they could say that a friend of theirs has read their book and it is not a very good publishable book. In fact, it is so embarrassingly bad that he should withdraw it immediately if only out of shame for being such an incompetent or too emotional a writer.

And the list of things that they could say if somebody posted online to do them down and make them feel worried or ashamed would go on for a very long time. Really, it opens up almost anything that you can think of that might mean you could criticize somebody and make him or her feel worried. It encompasses how they use their time, their ambitions, perhaps getting poor social skills and health problems from using a computer too much or telling people that they are somebody and then having to explain why they withdrew it or why they published in the first place. As well, you have the actual content and all the things that can be said about that.

The real problem is that at the root of their writing or art is the hurt they got from their parents. To put it in common terms that you might read in the newspapers, their parents were really abusing them and then apologizing and things like that only to gain their trust and so allow them to continue the abuse. And if their books and stories have anything to do with their feelings about their parents, then they are unlikely to be good works of literature. This is because their feelings date from when they were small children. But there are also other reasons as well why hurt and often the abuse got when still a small child are not good things to write about even indirectly.

You Need Breaks

It was an idea from business and industry in the 18th century that people who worked in factories needed breaks and time off. This benefitted their social skills, their physical and mental health, their family and social life, if they could have any hobbies and interests and almost every part of their lives. As well, an idea was that without these things it was pointless to pay them or to make anything for them to buy.

Industrialization meant mass production. And mass production meant that to make a profit you had to sell things to ordinary people and not just the idle rich. As well, these things had utility and unless people had good lives, no product could have any utility at all. And this was even food if people are living lives that were next to animals. The main point that was made at the time was to do with health and safety at work, working hours, breaks and time off.

Also, it was having some recreational activities that they could do. Either they had to have been organized by other people as a community effort or they could pay for it. Particularly, for some people, payment was the best method for them to get anything they wanted. Really, there was a separate community market from a consumer market and some people were better able to get their goods in either. Today, computers are an important way that people can get entertainment and do activities. And they get this from either community or consumer markets. But you still can’t overuse computers such as if they are your only way of getting any kind of entertainment, news or sport.

Can You Actually Read!

Often what you hear about computers reduces to is if you have reading and listening skills and you do not just watch video. The idea is that when you have other skills than to watch video, you will not use your computer all the time. As well, this is the only thing stopping you. Despite a controversy over whether people actually prefer video, perhaps because it is really so much better in many ways than older technology, researchers maintain that people must realize that there are still advantages to using the older technology. Then, they would not just watch video.

A video has flashing images when people move on the screen or the scene changes that can perhaps cause epilepsy eventually. And this is all television and video if it is watched too much. As well, it is not just film with specific warnings for it about strobe lighting. Or clicking on too many links on web pages also has a flashing effect. Reading from the screen does not have such a big effect although having large text, scrolling or using Page Up and Page Down also has some effect like this. Also, any screen will flicker.

Computer Ill Health and Leaving a Legacy

It is just that if you are already in poor health, then perhaps, you should try not to use a computer too much. It really makes anything else look insignificant in comparison if you would not be able to drink, chat or live normally or no longer be here to do anything. Also, you might worry about poor health, pain, becoming housebound or not living very long even with the best treatment. And this is often only because you are spending a lot of time on your computer plus all of the other stress involved if you can self-publish or post things online.

Just think that you can’t possibly hope to change the world if you have health concerns. You couldn’t if you were either not able to afford medical expenses or not able to get adequate treatment on the public health. Also, it is just feeling sick and ill that you don’t want as well. And this is when living to an old age is something everybody wants but doesn’t always get. This could be for themselves or others. But particularly, it is for them if given a choice. And the fact they have a choice themselves is enough to say decisions that affect them are fair without analyzing too much or being too political about it.

Also, you may not even want to leave a legacy if you really were short of time. You wouldn’t when you could do much more in that time if you knew that you were dying young. And somebody, in fact, may shorten his or her life trying to leave a legacy that involves using a computer to write or do some art that he or she hopes to be remembered by after death.

And in a short while after their death, peoples’ online accounts may be deleted because of inactivity. Or people they knew or other readers or viewers who did not know them would no longer be interested anyway. This is because you can see a lot of art in a short time and particularly with the computer tools to help you. You might get a picture the first time you see it. With writing, some readers know that often writers only have one idea that they write about all the time. And after reading one book by them, they might not be bothered to read another one. The same would be true of any other art form. Also, if the video, photograph or another art was a high standard, then it might be indistinguishable from any of the thousands of professionally produced books, videos, photographs and artworks that you see every day on the newsstands, in the bookshop or you can see thousands of new examples of all the time online.

Also, if a book was about the writers’ own life and you were a reader who knew the writer personally, then many books often being about negative things would make reading such a book a bit embarrassing. As well, if somebody they knew read the book and they could see that it was a poor standard of work, then it might leave them with a bad feeling about their previous friend who wrote it. This is just from people’s general knowledge of literature that they’d know if it were poor and not worth reading. At least, they will think that it would not have been worth their friends’ efforts in writing it. And somebody might think that as anyone would know what makes a good read, then they have a right to feel surprised at their friend for writing so poorly. They might wonder why their friend could not have done better and not just have written even a half-decent book. Really, their friend if they enjoyed literature at all should have done so. And the same would be true of any art that anyone attempting it should have made a good effort of it and not something that was a poor standard, idiosyncratic or otherwise bad. At best, it shows a poor range of artistic and intellectual skills that are not as good as any normal person would have. And the person who knew them might think that their friend should have had some idea about what he wanted to do before he put pen to paper or whatever other mistake it was that he made. At least, a normally competent person would not have wasted so much time. They must surely have had some idea about how to do it properly if they had any other friends or could have asked anyone or just bought a book on it.

It seems then that any attempt to leave a legacy by doing art when you’re an amateur can rebound on you. And the only way you could leave a decent legacy would be if your creative work were a good standard. At this, it was as good a standard as anything in the shops or by a well-known author. However, if it were such a decent standard of work, then it really would be just the same as any professional artist or writer. So really, you’d have or have had a profession of artist or writer that was what people said about you. Then, people might keep your works only because they were just a good read like anyone else’s that they might have on their shelves. And this would be the same for keeping your paintings or any other of your creative works.

As well, still, they could possibly say that you were just a hobbyist or you were learning about it. Hobbies and classes are no better type of conversation than anything else is. This is when if an amateur all often anyone would say of you afterward was that you did some creative writing lessons or you went to an art class or attended a hobby group.

After a while, people will find any conversation boring. And this is more if you talked about it all the time and had no normal conversation in-between. Also, many people did these things themselves years ago at school or college. Then later, they don’t think they are worth mentioning but listen if you want to talk about them yourself.

Nonetheless, why would you care if you were dead anyway? You couldn’t possibly know anything about it. In the meantime, you still have a life that you can lead. And you might be in better health if you did not use a computer too much. This is either to do hobbies or to try to be a professional writer or artist. Instead, you could have better social skills and better friendships and relationships if you just watched a bit of television, looked at some online videos and read books.

People Need Excitement

It is not something anyone wants to feel bored and nor does anyone want to feel that they have no purpose in life. People will often get bored and listless if they have no challenges or excitement. So they look for excitement and controversy just because it is exciting and controversial. This is despite all you hear that talking about controversy is poor social skills and it is despite everything else you hear about it as well.

Excitement could be a violent movie. And for some, the movie is enough. But others act out what they see. Some people who would be violent in real life don’t act violently having seen a violent movie. Others normally pacific become violent after seeing one. Which of these two reactions is greater numerically? Perhaps you could legislate to reduce the overall level of violence in society if you knew which one was more and which one was less. Still, violent movies sell. And so making them boosts the economy. Also, they are entertainment just like any other movie with a story, setting and with characters. They can be watched by anyone. So violent movies are generally allowed whatever else they say about them.

People who want money, status, women and power may want them not for the sake of getting them but also for the rush they get when they just think about them. This motivates them to work towards them. You can get money legally or illegally. It often depends on which way you feel is easiest or is most open to you how you try to get it. Also, status is available legally or illegally. Examples of this are that illegally obtained status is somebody being respected in his community for being something like a drug dealer. Women are available as hookers in one way or another to any men.

Power is often up for grabs by definition. There is a ‘legitimate’ way of gaining power such as to stand as a candidate in an election. Also, you can have influence if you do a long training as a journalist. Then, there can be a longer practice as a journalist before you write your own column. Or you could work in a university and write. Eventually, you could apply for an influential post or something else like that such as your writing getting more readers or critical success.

A shortcut is creating a stir as an artist. You could even have only a little technical skill and only a short period of training and people still hail you as an influential artist. Other shortcuts such as with a job promotion are to threaten other people in the promotion race. Also, you can be promoted just by knowing somebody and no other reason why you’d get the post even if you did have qualifications. Or you can have plenty of tips and other helping hands from family members who did it themselves or from other people you know. Other people also have just as good qualifications but who get nowhere in their careers for these and other reasons.

Some things have real benefits and some don’t. Many people hate their boring jobs. And they only live for the evenings and the weekends. At least, some other peoples’ jobs are not boring. Luxury can really feel better and be more comfortable and relaxing. A bigger house has more air circulating in it that is better for health and furniture can be arranged in more than one way. Really, things that people want often offer genuine benefits but they also often have their own downside. Interesting jobs are sometimes stressful. Rich and powerful people often make very few genuine friends. They are asked for money or for favors all the time. Or others are nothing but jealous even when they want to be successful like they are in a few years’ time. These favors could just be money or it could be something else they can do for them.

People when young are motivated often just by the excitement of wanting things and not just that they will have them when older. This is when people often only really make good money when they are perhaps already in their forties and fifties. Really, they must know that they are likely only to be successful by that age and not sooner. But some might live in hope of getting rich quicker. It is the often the thrill of cutting deals and working on a plan for success that keeps them going and it is not just having it even if it were possible just to have it now.

Expensive goods confer on the owner things other than their practical benefits. This is even when the silly thing is that this is often just marketing. People get a physical high and excitement anticipating it that motivates some people to work at it all the time and to try for so very long. And when they really do get it if they do, then they often look like overweight middle-aged businessmen that you see and that as young men they never thought looked attractive.

Think before you try to turn a hobby into a more professional or business proposition. You might not end up looking the cliché that you have in your head of a writer. Instead, and particularly if it is not all your own work that you publish, you might end up looking the cliché of a businessman or woman. People might seek to talk to you more as a businessperson than as a writer if you did succeed in putting what you do onto a business or professional basis. And this is even if there was the same cliché of being a middle-aged successful writer in the future once the Internet has been going for a few more years still. There might not be and writers might be all young or teenagers such as you could see when looking at their online profile.

People often want to hear about anything that is controversial. But after centuries of having controversies, it seems, that if you analyze them, they always reduce to a very few simple elements. Somebody stands to gain! And they lie and cheat or engage in violent activity to get what they want. This is because they feel they are not mistaken in thinking that if they get what they want, it would have real benefit. Then, they may also not be bothered to stick within the law and nor whether they do other people down and nor if they happen to make other people worried and anxious by lying to them. It is as if you have made a list of advantages and disadvantages. But in the end, you only feel happy if you get what you want or keep it. And other peoples’ disadvantages don’t count. Particularly, this is not if they are just worried by innuendo. Also, when people like these actually say that they suspect something is a lie and even they suspect it quite accurately, what the lie actually is, then why become ill and say at other times that they are struggling with irrational and hopeless fears.

You hear it said that the first rule of being successful is you don’t obey any rules. People already successful make the rules to exclude new people. Often, as well, knowing this, morals are a luxury. They cloud your judgment. Or others get what they want and you don’t. This is just from being too moral when personal morals are not important to your goals but will instead have a downside. You don’t get what you want often, people will tell you, just because you do stick to the rules or you have morals. Others didn’t and got all they wanted. As well, everybody knows this just from reading the newspapers. Logically, rule breaking means you are more likely to be successful. So you don’t worry if it is illegal or immoral as these are in fact rules.

More examples of being different that might mean you’re a success are that you could break the rules by being more creative. Or you could do something different to others just because you were without fear of being called names or denigrated when you knew your plans really made sense.

Also, people lie about their motivations for doing things if what they do is public. Or they try to hide things that are not already public. These two things are often what create most controversy. There is a reason to doubt what people like this say but some people will never hear a word said against them unless they just admitted it all. It’s stupid really! They are not going to do that ever. No, they aren’t, are they? They are not. And it is all forgiven and forgotten afterward. So there are more reasons not to get upset about it.

‘Some poor people are bothered it seems as they don’t expect the rich and powerful to lie to them. Yet, really this is stupid when you think about it’.

‘People might know as well how it works by now. They must have seen things in their own lifetimes or in the history books’.

‘Worrying about controversies is sometimes just a type of high. When the truth is revealed, it is no longer important to anyone’.

‘Everyone knows that politicians are liars’.

People who talk about things but don’t know the truth are called names. So they are even keener to find out the truth or even they become obsessed by it. Really, it is often just an ordinary swindle. And that is all that they are worrying about. Once it is exposed, the people involved are shown to be no better than common or even quite petty crooks in some of the things they did. Anxiety levels go to zero and hardly anybody even a day or two after talks about it anymore.

Yet, if you asked other people when it was controversial, you would be criticized severely or even physically attacked. They never suggested any answer because they already know the answer when this sort of behavior had never been a problem for them themselves. There is no answer people could give if thinking politicians are lying to you is the reason for your anxiety. Afterward, people are told if they are told anything that it is not worth talking about anymore and it wasn’t at the time. It is not when the people they are talking about are just crooks or it is some other reason like that.

Controversy sells newspapers every day for years or even for decades. And contrary to popular opinion, newspapers often don’t tell the truth. This is even when they know what it is. It would sell more newspapers for one day but less for months or even years after. So they keep the controversy going. And it seems that this cycle has continued for centuries. It is in the history books but some people don’t seem to have read them. So it still surprises some. Or it is just not possible some people think to have politicians who lie all the time if democracy is to work that causes anxiety.

One way out of it that some people have is to say the truth is not as important as you think it is. Politicians are lying but not just to you and not about things that directly concern you. They may still be doing good works you’d agree with and doing them quite genuinely. Or they have not done something yet that could really get you down if they did. Until then, you have no need to worry. So don’t get upset by controversy or not knowing the ‘truth’ about everything.

They say it is good social skills never to talk about any controversy. But that is often all anyone does talk about. If there were something genuinely not controversial you could say about any subject, then the same people who tell you not to talk about controversy would now tell you that what you were saying was boring and they were not interested in it.

There are beautiful women, as we said earlier, who will date poor men if only because some beautiful women are also poor themselves. And there really are beautiful women as well who like and want to date rich men but say it is not just because of their money. But then, if it was a man dating an attractive woman, it might obviously have genuine benefits to him. What’s wrong with wanting some extra benefits from whom you marry or from their money? Nothing wrong with it some would say. Also, she may really like him for having money. Some women think having money and success is a desirable quality in a man. Perhaps, her own father was rich. Or her own father was in fact poor but talked all the time about making money one day. But then, he never did anything about getting rich in the end.

Any woman, even an attractive woman, is unlikely to marry just for money when she like anyone else can only legally marry one person. Marriage has other cultural associations everyone has heard of that means she would likely not want to go through a wedding ceremony to a man she wasn’t in love with. Also, in a marriage, she would not have the freedom to come and go as she pleased and it would be hard to date other men even discreetly.

They say that marriage is a financial arrangement that is age old and you get to have sex as well. As well, they say that it was not tainted with ideas about prostitution or paying for sex until some comedian decided to make a few jokes about it.

An average person’s girlfriend might still expect expensive dates. This is even if she pays her half. Dating is often a big expense for most men. Most girlfriends as well will quite probably like a partner to drive so they don’t have to take the bus and they often like a man who has a nice home, a large apartment or his own house and who isn’t sharing a fleapit. And who’s to say anyway that a rich person and a poor person can’t fall in love. Or aren’t there as well plenty or rich girls who at least wouldn’t want to marry a poor man, have worries over money or slum it for real.

Writers often write about rule-breakers. And artists often paint nudes. So it is not worth sticking to rules about how hard you work or for how long each day if you are going to be an artist or writer or make any art. Even if the art were joyful, then it would be unattractive if the maker of it became in poor health.

A Basic Contradiction in What Many People Say

There is a basic contradiction in what many people say. And if you let it, it can really begin to get to you. Still, the funniest thing is that you were likely told the truth many years ago as the youth that you once was. It seems that people don’t want to lie to children. Or this is at least about some things that they don’t tell lies to them. About the only thing that they do lie to them about is that they will always be told the truth even when they are adults. Or they lie about the life they will have as adults.

But it seems that it is not telling lies to say how things should be and not how they really are. And this is if only because that is how they really are supposed to be that it is not really a lie to say it. Also, many people work to make things as they should be but do not succeed. There are thousands of books written about how things should be and very few written about how things really are. And the joke is that people in their jobs often only do work that is about how things should be and not how they really are. As well, they say that you really can’t worry about a few crooks if that is all you are really talking about when you complain about anything.

Eventually, reality bites and the crooks raking in the cash are written into the history books as being a good thing and not a bad thing. The crooks that before were called crooks are now ‘political activists’ or ‘respected business people’ or they are ‘part of their communities’. Also, people say something like, ‘people who succeed think outside the box’. Still, when young people ask about this, older adults make drastic threats to them not to break the law. Nor did people in the past, these older adults say, actually break the law. This is not what they are talking about and they were not saying this despite what they appear to have just said. It is all really a bit confusing.

But it seems young people with their gym lessons and fit bodies don’t really think about it until they become adults. Then they wonder about the treatment they got as children. And they wonder what people said or didn’t say. They might now become anxious. And this is why so much advice is about doing exercise. It is so people just stop worrying. This could be about how they are treated now or were in the past. They think they have been told lies only because they are fat. If they had some muscles to flex, then they’d forget their worries.

Sometimes people complain about women saying that a woman told them that she genuinely couldn’t cope and asked for their help. They are not believed! At best, they are accused of being sexist and it could be worse. And when they say eventually that they heard somewhere that if a woman can get anything she wants just by flirting with men or sleeping with them, then she can’t be bothered often to get anything she wants any other way. It is just so easy doing it that way. Yet millions of people will tell a man who has been beaten up because of saying that women are like this, that they didn’t believe him. But this is just because he really has been beaten up and they don’t want to dispel the illusions he has about women who might talk to him when he was really just talking about hookers. He may think that women are fine noble creatures but anyone else can see the girls he often spoke to had tits. As well, he got the idea from somewhere it was all said about women when it was actually often mainly said about men. Women have always generally been described as weaker and more compliant. Now, come to think of it, he is confused if he thought it was something different. Or he thought both at the same time that women were strong and weak that was even more confusing.

They say that nobody likes a loser. And particularly, no woman likes a loser. But then why are so many people losers if everyone has heard of this? It is just that there is so much for losers to do other than getting women. They have computers, alcohol and other addictions. Also, they have soft furnishings to lounge around in and feel comfortable no matter how fat they are getting. And you have television and books that would normally get women interested if men talked about these books, TV shows and films. Instead, though, men occupy all their time on a hobby or listening to the same songs repeatedly.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the feeling you are living a good useful life and others appreciate you for what you are and what you have done. Criticism leads to poor self-esteem. As well, not having genuine friendships does. Also, poor relationships do. Worries about the body such as poor physical appearance or other health problems also cause low self-esteem.

Cultural Solutions

There are cultural solutions to lots of worries. It seems that some people might not have realized these cultural solutions were available all the time.

Exercise has a long cultural history dating back millennia.


Perhaps, you think that you are really being too ambitious to start with, but others tell you that things you have problems with are perfectly normal things to do. And they say that nobody else has problems with them. If you wanted to read more, then you really could just do less of other things that take up too much of your spare time. But you can’t read more. You can’t when you want to do all these other things as well. Once you start, it seems that then you often develop a hobby better and it begins to take more and more of your time. It is that you are good at it and enjoy it but it is just too time consuming.

Exercise is a perfectly normal thing to do. A fit body is an ambition that almost anyone can achieve and one that is worthwhile. Also, it is within anyone’s normal mental abilities and physical resources to understand what is needed and to do it.


‘Don’t make it too hard for yourself if you can help it’ is good advice.

Try self-control if you’ve tried everything else. For example, it may be useful to try self-control if you are not doing things you know you should do but don’t. Really, you know how to do them but still don’t do them. To use self-control to help your health, you need to improve your self-control to do any task including tasks that affect health. You can try to exercise a bit more self-control to build up your ability. Self-control is like a muscle and responds to training in the same way. If you worry about not having done something even though you tried to do it, think you are at least exercising this muscle.

Always, try to have a goal of ‘keeping it going’. And this can be your most important goal. Successfully keeping it going is more important than any other successes or failures. Perhaps, just try following all the health and other advice you have heard as well as you possibly can. And don’t worry too much if you sometimes don’t do it all. Instead, work towards your goals despite any small failures you may have along the way. Finding solutions, any solutions, to your personal problems, health problems, keeping fit, losing weight and self-esteem issues will help you. If you did everything that might work for you, then you may succeed. Also, if you have a goal of keeping it going and not feeling too stressed over any successes or failures along the way, then you might succeed. You may still live the life you want and be happy. As well, you will have made the first steps you would have had to make to succeed at anything. Alternatively, you will have taken the first steps to just having a normal life. Anything you do, you should try to do well, such as to use your computer well. And follow any health, any diet or any exercise advice. Or do any hobby so you get more enjoyment from it. Then your worries may be over.

You can think well of yourself if you have done some of your goals, done a little better, done them at all or felt you might do them better next time. Trying to exercise some self-control, you don’t feel so bad about occasional lapses. You can improve still further the next time. And you don’t have to feel that you are a failure and give up just because you did not get perfection. Instead, work on it. Don’t give up on health even if you give up on anything else. Keep working on it. And do your best with any resources that you have outside of yourself or from within yourself. Look up or ask for any advice that you may not have had yet. Or look up advice that you want reminding of. Try having a goal just to prioritize personal hygiene if you really know that this is a problem for you. You could try to do all you can to have good hygiene regardless of any of your other problems. Cook, clean, and wash regularly, get some fresh and don’t forget to go out occasionally somewhere nice.

Health Problems

If you don’t get a computer, then you may save yourself health problems. Some say you get these health problems quite inevitably from using a computer even for just a few years. Computers might quite likely eventually hurt your hands, give you a bad back or cause eyestrain. Particularly, they will do so if you overuse them. As well, you will have time for non-computer hobbies if you don’t overuse your computer. So the worry Computer Users have of making time to do other hobbies, or not becoming computer bores, seems to have an easy solution. Don’t have a computer!

Do you think that there are health problems from overusing computers, but not from a sensible use? Then how much is too much? Computers offer benefits to the User. But they offer more benefits when you spend more time on them. This is if you are just talking about normal benefits without arguments over radiation or health. And you may feel that the more time you spend on them, the more the benefits keep flowing.

Less computer time is a hard-to-define goal because really you might not use a computer at all if you thought too much about all the health advice you get about them. Some perhaps ignore health advice because they have heard other more positive reports about computers. Or they don’t think it will happen to them such as if people at times have given them lots of computer tips. And so they use their computer all they like when cutting back would cause a worry of if they should be using one at all. As well, it seems that many people you meet think computers are excellent problem-free technology to have in the home or at least normal decent people don’t have problems with something they got from a shop.


There are many causes of stress. Examples are work, going online, relationships, family arguments, getting older, illnesses and disease, people moving away or dying, financial worries, worries about health care, computers, making time for everything and many other worries. It is not so important to talk about each individual worry. You don’t have to when things you can do will work for any worry. Things that always help for stress and for health generally are to do more exercise and to get an early night.

Also, you can keep your living area clean, neat and presentable. This is for friends when they visit. And it is pleasant for you to live in yourself. Also, you will then be able to find things better. As well, you can have your home reflect your personality so your house is also your home. And you can try having a healthier diet. Take up any other health tips or advice as they often really do work well. They reduce health anxiety and they give a better self-image such as if you are able to lose weight or girth.

If you don’t feel tired, then you will be able to do more of anything. You can also try drinking less caffeine or any other health tips that you hear about. Also, you may find that you save money if you don’t buy snack food and nor other things purely for comfort or because you feel low. Nor do you have to pay for a cab when you can walk. Having a healthy diet and doing some exercise means you can better enjoy things that otherwise you might not be able to do. You can go to the park, go into town or go on vacation. And you can do so without feeling tired, needing the toilet or having to take medication with you. Also, you will generally feel better about yourself if healthier and you have a better lifestyle.

As well, you can try to improve your social skills by regularly watching TV or reading. When you read or watch TV, you are taking an interest in current affairs and have things to say about anything going on in society, culturally or in the news. It makes friends, more friends, and better friends. Even your existing friends will like you better, they will be more giving to you and they will tell you more about their lives and the things they think. If you don’t have good social skills, then it is almost impossible to hear how other people talk about themselves. This is when you’d like to hear what others think. You cannot learn about it all from books even if you did read them. When you have been doing exercises, then you may just want to slump in front of the TV and not bother with hobbies or other interests. That is not a bad thing if you are also doing something else that is constructive like an exercise program.


Also, you could for the sake of argument try not to worry that you don’t understand women. Instead, you can be the musclebound cliché of a man who does not understand them. And you can be this because many women would probably still like you. By doing exercise and getting a better physique, then you at least have something you can offer even if it is only that you’re physically fit. But perhaps, your brain is better as well for it. You can also improve your appearance by moisturizing, paying attention to your grooming, personal hygiene, clothes and your posture. And you will find that if you work on your physical fitness and grooming, etc. for even just a short time, then attractive girls may fling themselves at you.

If you had a very attractive girl who wanted to date you or to sleep with you, then would you really want anything you did on your computer? Also, would you think it good conversation or anything else that was worthwhile? Nobody like that would probably care about doing it anymore! Doing exercise is a good way to get an attractive girlfriend.



Using your computer


Touching paper


Using a portable sound recorder


Touching other things

There is no good reason to do anything ugly in this wonderful world in which we live when so many enjoy all mod cons, computers, friendships, lots of people to talk to, E-readers, mobile phones, smart TVs, recorded and catch up television and digital radios. Also, there are lots of cheap high-quality print publications and newspapers. And there are many public parks and tree-lined avenues. People have clean homes, their own kitchen and their own cooking facilities. Then, there are good books anyone can read and as well, there is everything else. Doing another hobby might improve your social skills or be a different creative outlet for your energies. As well, you might have a worry that it is not such a good hobby the one you are doing and that your work is not so good that it justifies doing it. This can lead to poor self-esteem.

Perhaps, if you feel that you’re a computer addict, try to modify your computer use a bit to be more hygienic. Do some dictation when speech recognition is working and don’t do all typing. Also, use a portable sound recorder and use the sound recorder on your computer to cut the amount of typing and keystrokes. A portable sound recorder can be downloadable or non-downloadable. And don’t bother doing it anymore when you’re feeling tired and anxious or you have already done a decent amount that day that anyone would want to have finished doing. Read old stuff to see if it still makes good sense now. And you can ask yourself whether you really need to add anything new to it that would be better.

Use your computer all you like but with some rules about using it and telling yourself you will at some time get off it and do something else. Also, you can use your computer still but with less key-heavy programs such as video playback. But a lot of screen time is also unhygienic. Perhaps, just take some time off to relax and do nothing. After you feel less anxious, then you can stop using your computer as much. Always take a break after you have used your computer for an hour. And if you have used it for a long time such as 3-4 hours in a day and as well, you’ve been concentrating, you will probably have done quite a lot of work. Look back on it and you’ll see how much you’ve really done. Take a break from your computer and use your portable sound recorder or handwrite notes. Still, paper or using your voice is also unhygienic. Instead, you can just see what’s on TV or a video you have and watch a bit of it. This, though, is if you don’t then watch for too long that would be too much screen time.

A prime mover in feeling less anxious and so using your computer less is to have better personal hygiene. Stress also causes sweating that is unhygienic. So avoid negative others and situations. As well, if you do too much keying, touch too many pieces of paper or talk too much, it is unhealthy, unhygienic and time consuming and it will eventually cause stress and worry over health. When stressed, you do not plan your work as well as you could do otherwise. And you are less likely to manage your time even to have enough time to do one hobby let alone more than one.

Poor self-esteem means you might have difficulties doing any kind of problem solving. Reading self-help books can improve your self-esteem and solve some of your problems and worries. If you were not so worried and anxious, then you might be more mentally and physically active. For example, you would probably do more generally if you were not so obsessed with only one hobby that you are stuck on.

One problem is negative others and situations. Often, it is a woman who is the problem. But you have no one else you can see. Perhaps, still don’t see her anymore. Instead, you can plan how you will get another girl once you have looked after yourself a bit better and your social skills have improved. And whatever personal or relationship problems you have, you really should try to keep up your personal hygiene. As well, making some big change like not seeing somebody who is negative can really help as well. So can cutting down a bit on your computer use.

Guilt and Shame

Better self-esteem and doing more exercise is in a virtuous circle. Doing exercise and so having a better body will increase your self-esteem and it is guaranteed to do so if nothing else is. Exercise can also help you to stop thinking negative things. Improving self-esteem improves self-care, hygiene, the amount of exercise anyone takes and helps you keep to a diet. As well, people with high self-esteem often do anything they try to do better.

You may not switch your computer off late at night when you feel you have no reason to value yourself or your health. Also, your computer makes you feel temporarily better. This is all poor self-esteem. When you otherwise know that something is the right thing to do, then you won’t do it if you have low self-esteem. Something for you to play with is more attractive. As well, something that promises improved self-esteem is attractive. And this is even when it is a long-term goal or a hard-to-achieve goal.

Exercise motivates you to get to bed early so you are not too tired to do exercise the next day. As well, better self-esteem from doing exercise and feeling a bit more tired because you have had a physical workout means you are happy to go to bed. Exercise is proven to give people better self-esteem and you can feel the improvement in a short time. Anyone is capable of learning some things. And you can tell how well you are able to learn things about your health by how physically fit you get. You can watch your progress and see your muscles grow. Also, you might lose weight or girth. It shows your progress by how much you lose. Really, it is not much of any kind of effort for you to jot down your latest measurement.

Sticking To a Health Plan

There is sometimes confusion because some people think that sticking to a health plan is like sticking to anything else you say that you’ll do. And saying you’ll do what you say you’ll do is a moral matter. It is about having moral fiber. As well, you have a brain but don’t use it. If you did, you would see that some things are really very simple and easy to solve. You should learn all you can about anything. It would help you solve any problems to do with it. Also, good general knowledge helps you generally in life. Solving problems are something you did at school. Not being able to follow even easy advice is, though, still due to a lack of morals some will say. Starting a keep fit plan or healthy diet is all you need to do. Problem solved! What is stopping you putting more of your efforts into doing more exercise? And why don’t you make more efforts to solve your own minor problems that you have in keeping to a personal health plan? There is no good reason. You only have excuses. Really, you just need to put your mind to it. You should do a few simple things to get fitter and healthier. Then your problems are over.

Try A Few Things Only For Getting Started

To work on one or two things only, you can try to solve your personal problems and, as well, you can do anything that means you have better self-esteem. Also, you can do a bit of exercise and eat healthily. Read anything that might help you. Apply yourself to learning it. Gain all you can from it. Worrying about anything lowers your self-esteem. So don’t worry about learning at home as an example of a needless worry. You can just revise some study skills. Nor worry that you find it hard to learn or study if you really might know there is now a good reason such as drink, drugs, or bashes on the head that you might not find any kind of learning easy.


Perhaps, you think that you are really being too ambitious to start with, but others tell you that things you have problems with are perfectly normal things to do. And they say that nobody else has problems with them.

If you wanted to read more, then you really could just do less of other things that take up too much of your spare time. But you can’t read more. You can’t, as you want to do all these other things as well. It seems once you start, then you often develop a hobby more. So you are better at it and enjoy it. But it may still be time-consuming. Decide instead on your real priorities and then keep to them.

Chapter 5, Principles

Creative arts involves using a computer, a VDU, a keyboard or speech recognition.

Material can get out of date because of social, technical or other change.

You have the computer’s tools to help.

The complexity of the real task creates problems even when you have a computer to help you.

Worry and anxiety get in the way.

You can only read for about 3 hours a day and you can only look at a screen for about 4 hours a day. Therefore, if you do creative writing for 3-4 hours, you can’t do normal reading or television afterward.

Also, you need to take breaks, which are often inconvenient to take if they are frequent and you have nothing to do with your break.

You need to organize your writing so you have work ready to publish that you have written recently.

Not having time for anything else will make you into a computer bore. And you will lose friends and be unhappy generally.

Watching the text going across the screen affects concentration and ways around this are to type from handwritten notes, use copy and paste, and use speech recognition as it inserts a line at a time.

Having an ergonomic desk and office chair improves concentration.

Following all health advice about computers will improve your concentration and make using computers easier.

You can make a note on a paper pad.

Talking or dictating is bad for oral hygiene and it is bad for personal hygiene as well. Computer keyboards, computer screens and sitting at a desk are also unhygienic. However, if you wash your hands and don’t do it for too long, then there should really be no problems.

Doing more than one of your own works at one time can cause a cross-fertilization of ideas, but so can reading a published book by someone else. This is much more than a TV show or film can do. TV is different from books when books use only words for their effect.

People who have read an awful lot in recent years and watched lots on television become bored and so need a toy to play with. Or people might write because they have a lot of spare time on their hands and don’t just want to read or watch television all day. Or they need a gimmick for them to read more or watch more television. Sometimes people forget their original purpose and they become stressed through a lack of direction. They can suffer from a lack of direction if they take too long learning the software. Yet more people might write because they feel they have something to say, such as personal experiences that they have had and they set them down so they do not forget them. And because they feel these experiences are worthwhile to them, they think others would also like them.

You can still read print publications at least sometimes.

Complexity is not something that you want. And you don’t want it just because your computer can help you with it and so you should be able to manage it. Often complexity does still make it harder and less manageable. To reduce complexity, you can have fewer files you’re working on.

When you feel less stressed and you have a better work-life balance, then you feel less stressed about your writing as well and do it better and faster. You also have things you can do yourself off or on your computer to learn how to write better so your work needs less proofreading and editing.

‘Write what you know’.

‘Fiction is called fiction because it never happened, not to anyone and definitely not to the writer’.

‘Write what you know’ is common advice given to writers. But what do you know? If you read a lot, then you might know about a particular genre and could write one yourself.

If you write fiction where people you know, or even people you have never met, aren’t recognizable, it is less stressful. And writing about a fictional world that is not the same as the real world people live in, have their lives in and care about is less stressful.

Don’t do anything excessively all the time. Yet, it is good to have a hobby. But still, do enough of normal things to talk about.

Computers can cause money worries or help them. Digital media content and websites are often normally priced, cheap or even free and you can get bargains shopping online for almost any type of product. But computers themselves cost money and have running costs.

A joke is that ‘if you don’t know what anyone can tell about you from your browsing history, then perhaps you really should get a computer. This is as you don’t seem to read many books or get out much’.

Take the advice of the Google chairman who said in November 2014 that if you are doing something on your computer or online you don’t want anyone to know about, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it.

A computer has its own advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are things such as health concerns, if a computer is better than paper or other technology or if you should just leave others to use computers, then sit back and enjoy their efforts.

The End

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