Moore Zombies: Zombie World


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1. Moore Fun

2. Monster Metal

3. Zombie Time

4. Humans Become Zombies

5. Creepy Show

6. The Beating Heart

7. Brain Food

8. The Raven Has Landed

[Chapter 1
Moore Fun]

It is a beautiful undead day at the Moore house. Broheimer and Kamper are hanging out in the kitchen. Their stay-at-home Mombie is busy making tomato popsicles.

Zombies love tomatoes and anything to do with tomatoes.

The two brothers are playing a fun game of tic-tac-toe with pen and paper. Broheimer has taught Kamper so well that every game now ends in a tie.

Broheimer states, “This is pointless. There is no reason to keep playing.”

Kamper says, “Let’s play one more time. I’m sure I can beat you.”

“You are quite wrong,” retorts Broheimer. “However, I accept your challenge.”

The boys take turns filling in another grid with x’s and o’s. Once again, there is no winner.

“Oh, rats!” Kamper declares.

Broheimer responds, “You mean cats. It’s a cat’s game.”

“What does that mean?” asks Kamper.

Broheimer answers, “It means the game has ended in a tie. It’s a tie game.”

“Why do they call it a cat’s game?” questions Kamper.

“I believe it is called a cat’s game,” Broheimer explains, “because like a cat trying to catch its own tail, there is no winner.”

“Funny you should say that,” says Mombie. “Look!”

Sure enough, Gothina’s cat wandered in and started chasing her tail. Her name is Four. She soon stops. Everyone laughs as they watch her eyes bounce around as if she were still spinning in circles.

Four is a strange kind of cat. She wears a skull necklace that Gothina put on her. She also wears glasses due to her poor eyesight. It is not clear if she is named Four because she wears glasses, has four legs, or has four lives left.

“Mow!” yelps Four.

Gothina walks in with Baby Zom on her shoulders. Baby Zom is holding Gargoy with her undeadly grip. Gargoy is Baby Zom’s best cuddle buddy.

Gargoy is barely able to whisper, “Help!” as his eyes bulge out. He doesn’t feel the same affection for Baby Zom. Gargoy hates being squeezed.

Gothina asks, “Did I hear something about the cat?”

Kamper answers, “No, we were just talking about our tic-tac-toe game.”

“Well, who won?” questions Gothina.

Kamper and Broheimer just laugh.

Gothina puts Baby Zom on the kitchen table and shrugs her shoulders. Four jumps up on the table and rubs up against Baby Zom.

“I’m glad you are here, Four,” says Gothina.

Baby Zom releases her grip from Gargoy and grabs Four. Four screams again, “Mow!” Gargoy quickly takes the opportunity to run off.

“Take it easy, Baby Zom,” says Gothina.

She tells Four, “I want to borrow your skull necklace. I feel like looking super creepy today.”

Gothina removes Four’s skull necklace and places it around her neck. She takes her wolf spider necklace off her neck and puts it on Four. “Keep it safe,” she says.

The children’s Pop enters the kitchen. “Hi everyone! What are you up to?”

Broheimer jokes, “No good.”

Mombie asks, “What are you up to, Pop?”

Pop replies, “I have to go to work.” Pop works at Zombie World. It is a big theme park with lots of scary characters, including humans.

Pop continues, “A large crowd is expected today, and I need all the help I can get. Would you kids like to come along?”

“Without question,” declares Broheimer.

“Yeah,” says Baby Zom.

Gothina agrees, “We’d love to help.”

Kamper yells, “Oh yeah!”

“Well then, get ready,” says Pop. “We’re going to Zombie World!”

[Chapter 2
Monster Metal]

Kamper starts to dance around, “We’re going to Zombie World. We’re going to Zombie World!”

Pop scratches his head, “Now, if I could just figure out where I put my keys.”

“How can we go to Zombie World if we don’t have any car keys?” asks Kamper.

Mombie asks, “Aren’t they in their usual spot?”

“No,” answers Pop. “I checked the jewelry box and they just aren’t there. I hate to think they may have been stolen.”

Kamper asks, “Why do you keep your keys in a jewelry box?”

Pop responds, “Well, they are made from metal, and they are important to me.”

Broheimer understands, “They are precious metal.”

“It makes sense to me,” concurs Gothina.

“That’s just silly,” says Mombie. “Let’s see if we can find my set of keys.”

After Mombie and Pop leave, the kids hear a clinking sound. They look around but don’t see anything.

Gothina asks, “What is that noise?”

“It sounds like metal against metal. I’ll bet it is the jingling of Pop’s keys,” says Broheimer.

Baby Zom lets go of Four and hops down from the kitchen table. Four makes a clean getaway. Baby Zom starts pulling drawers open, one at a time. When she opens the bottom drawer a blood curdling scream comes forth. Baby Zom peers in and sees Gothina’s pet, Monster.

Monster is a nervous creature that is easily scared. He likes to hide in dark places.

Gothina exclaims, “Monster!” She sees that Monster is indeed holding Pop’s set of keys, as well as a tool and a sock.

“Bad Monster!” yells Kamper.

Monster jumps out of the drawer and scurries off before anyone can grab him.

Kamper yells, “Hey, I need my sock!” Poor Kamper can never find a matching pair of socks. Mombie always blames it on the sock monster. She doesn’t know how true that is.

Baby Zom is also slightly upset. Not only did she lose hold of both Gargoy and Four, but now she has missed grabbing Monster.

Pop comes back with Mombie’s set of keys. He asks, “Did I hear someone scream?” The children all laugh, but they don’t tell him anything about Monster.

“Well, let’s go,” says Pop.

[]Mombie watches and waves as Pop and the kids hop into the Moorevette, which is the family car.

Gargoy quietly reappears and climbs onto the front grill of the Moorevette. He loves going for a drive.

Gothina’s raven flies overhead. He is the raven named Never Moore.

Broheimer usually drives because he is an excellent driver. However, Pop sits behind the wheel today.

When the Moores get to the theme park, they drive under a huge sign that says Zombie World.

Baby Zom rolls down her window. The Moore zombies hear eerie music coming from the park’s front gate. It is the type of music you would hear during a frightening scene in a scary movie.

Pop drops the kids off and says, “I’ll go park the Moorevette.” He hands each of his children a free pass to enter the park before he drives away.

Gothina, Broheimer, Kamper and Baby Zom go to the nearest entrance.

As they walk through, two Zombie World employees approach them. They are dressed in black uniforms and are wearing dark sunglasses.

Suddenly, one of them grabs Kamper by the arm. “Excuse me,” he says. “Follow me please.”

As Kamper is dragged off, he gulps with fear.

[Chapter 3
Zombie Time]

The two Zombie World employees take Kamper to a booth with a table. His siblings follow him. Broheimer calmly states, “Don’t worry, they are security guards.”

Indeed, each guard is wearing a shirt that says Zombie World Security, and each has a name badge. One of them is named Sarge, and the other one is named Ranger.

The one called Sarge is a big, burly man with a very deep voice. He has black hair that sticks straight up. He lets go of Kamper’s arm and says, “I’ll have to search your backpack.”

Sarge empties the contents of Kamper’s backpack onto the table. It seems like a million items spill out.

“Good gombie!” exclaims Gothina.

Ranger is a smaller, slender man with blonde hair in the shape of a helmet. He starts to sift through the objects.

There is a wolf whistle, a cat whistle, a flashlight, a golf ball, and a game of Hungry, Hungry Humans. There is also a fork, a bottle of ketchup, and a brush. There are assorted bags and cups, Kamper’s nose, and much more. Too much to name.

“Why do you have a brush?” asks Gothina. “You never brush your hair.”

“I use it as a back scratcher,” responds Kamper.

Baby Zom opens up the bottle of ketchup and takes a sip.

Ranger picks up Kamper’s nose and declares, “Aha! I knew you guys were zombies!”

The Moore children aren’t worried about being discovered as zombies because they know that Sarge and Ranger are also zombies. Actually, zombies come from near and far to visit Zombie World. It is the one place that they can be themselves without worrying about being detected by humans.

Sarge states, “There is a lot of stuff here, but nothing appears to be suspicious.” Kamper scoops all of his junk back into his backpack.

Ranger looks at Broheimer’s wrist and says, “Nice watch.”

Broheimer agrees, “Yes, I love it. It’s a top of the line, solar powered, voice-activated, smudge proof, on wrist system that supports fingerprint recognition and theft prevention.

Kamper adds, “Yeah, and it tells the time, too.”

“Very impressive,” replies Ranger. “It would unfortunate if you lost it somehow.”

Broheimer is wary, “I’ll be sure to be careful.”

Sarge asks the children, “Have you seen anything unusual?”

“I usually just see the usual things,” responds Kamper.

Ranger glares at Gothina, “How about you?” She nervously grabs at her necklace and answers, “Um, well, we just got here. We haven’t really seen anything yet.”

Kamper sees that the security guards have radios on their belts and blurts out, “I just love your walkie-talkies!”

Just then, the kids hear a voice call out from Ranger’s radio. “Has the raven landed?”

Ranger holds his radio up to his mouth and answers, “Not yet.”

Sarge tells the Moore children, “You are free to enter the park. Let the nearest security guard know if you see anything strange.”

The kids walk off as the security guards stare on.

Kamper thinks out loud, “Isn’t everything you see at Zombie World kind of strange?”

“Those security guards were strange,” responds Gothina.

“Yeah, and unusual,” says Kamper.

Baby Zom asks, “Mean?”

Gothina restates, “Are they mean? I’m not sure. I can’t quite tell. They certainly made me feel nervous.”

Broheimer agrees, “Their tactics are meant to make you feel nervous. They wanted to see how you reacted. They are obviously up to something.”

As the kids walk into the park, they see humans and zombies of all ages. The humans have no idea that they are amongst real zombies. Baby Zom whimpers. She is terrified of humans.

“Don’t be scared, Baby Zom. I’ll watch over you,” says Gothina. She takes the snake off her arm and places it around Baby Zom’s arm.

Gothina tells her, “Most humans are afraid of snakes. This will help to keep them away.”

Just then, Pop shows up and asks, “Do you know what time it is?”

Broheimer checks his watch and answers, “It’s zombie time.”

“Good one, bro,” responds Kamper.

“Actually, you’re right,” Pop says to Broheimer. “Gothina, I need your help.”

“What do you need, Pop?” asks Gothina.

Pop responds, “I need you to turn some humans into zombies.”

[Chapter 4
Humans Become Zombies]

Gothina is shocked. She exclaims, “You want me to turn humans into zombies?!”

Pop laughs, “No, not really. I want you to make humans look like zombies.” Humans are really into zombies. It is the latest trend.

The kids follow Pop to the Become a Zombie area. There is a dressing room full of everything a human would need to look like a zombie.

Gothina and Baby Zom sit down at a table in the center of the room. Pop takes the next two children in line and brings them to Gothina.

A girl with brown, curly hair and freckles says, “Hi, I’m Samantha. This is my brother, Nate.”

Nate has short, black hair and braces on his teeth. He asks, “Can you really make us look like zombies?”

“Of course,” responds Gothina.

Pop tells Gothina, “I know you’ll do a great job. We’ll meet up with you later.” Pop, Broheimer, and Kamper walk away.

Samantha puts her tote bag down and says to Gothina, “I like your fake scar.”

“Thanks,” says Gothina, “I made it myself.” Baby Zom giggles. Secretly, she knows that Gothina’s scar isn’t fake, and she also knows that Gothina isn’t lying.

One day, when Gothina was younger, she was running around with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately, she was holding them with the pointy end up. When Gothina tripped and fell down, the scissors cut her face. Mombie sewed it up, but it left a scar.

Nate starts to reach for Baby Zom’s arm, “That snake looks so real.” Both Baby Zom and the snake hiss. Nate quickly pulls his hand back.

“That’s because it is real,” laughs Gothina.

“What a strange baby,” Nate says.

Samantha adds, “The snake really completes her zombie look. Check out her brain. It also looks real. I just love her cute, pink bow. If it weren’t for that snake, I would love to touch it.”

“Let’s get started,” Gothina says. Gothina is a zombie fashionista. She uses makeup to apply fake scars and wounds onto the humans. She makes it look like they have dark circles under their eyes.

The humans pick out some old, tattered clothing and put them on over their clothes. Gothina gives them fake, ugly teeth to place in their mouths and tangles up their hair.

Now the humans look like they have rotten teeth. They also look like they haven’t brushed their hair for at least a year.

For the final touch, Baby Zom picks up a bottle of fake blood made from ketchup and water. She squeezes it onto the humans. The red liquid drips down from their heads and onto their faces and clothing.

Baby Zom squirts some of the ketchup mixture into her mouth and says, “Yum!”

“Don’t drink the blood!” shouts Gothina. The humans laugh.

Baby Zom is a little less afraid now that Samantha and Nate look like zombies.

Gothina admires her work and tells the humans, “You’re all done. What do you think?”

Nate and Samantha look in the mirror. “Wow, we look amazing,” exclaims Nate.

“You did a great job!” says Samantha. “By the way, I really like your necklace.”

Gothina grabs at her necklace and holds the skull. “Yes, it’s a favorite of mine,” she responds. “Just so you know, I really like your tote bag.”

“Thanks,” replies Samantha. “I was searched by security guards on the way into the park because of it.”

Gothina says, “That’s interesting. My brother always carries a backpack, and he was also searched. Those security guards were kind of scary.”

Samantha concurs, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think they were real zombies.” Baby Zom giggles.

“Well,” states Samantha as she picks up her tote bag, “many thanks to you.”

Gothina and Baby Zom walk out of the dressing room along with the two zombified humans.

Nate says, “Maybe we’ll see you around!”

After Samantha and Nate leave, Gothina and Baby Zom suddenly realize they are being watched. They see Sarge and Ranger hiding behind a row of bushes.

Gothina tells Baby Zom, “It looks like they are following us. Let’s get out of here!” Baby Zom nods.

[Chapter 5
Creepy Show]

Pop, Broheimer, and Kamper are enjoying a walk through Zombie World. There is nothing more interesting than watching the human race.

Pop asks, “Are you ready for something really creepy?”

“Unquestionably,” Broheimer answers.

Kamper exclaims, “I’m all about creepy!”

They stop in front of a big sign that says Creepy Show. There is a large, red arrow pointing to the entrance.

Pop says to Broheimer, “I need you to lead a tour through the Creepy Show.” He hands him a microphone and says, “I’ll meet up with you boys later.”

Broheimer knows just what to do. He has done this before. He takes the next twenty kids from the front of the line and leads them inside.

Kamper sees that some of the kids are just plain humans. Other humans are dressed up as zombies. Some of the zombies are their natural zombie selves. Interestingly, other zombies are disguised as humans.

Broheimer leads the mixture of children to a dark area that has pictures and statues of both humans and vampires. They are dressed up in the type of clothes that people wore a long time ago.

Mirrors and coffins surround the space. Strings of garlic cloves hang from silver crosses. There are some burning candles on a table.

Broheimer provides a brief history of vampires. He knows that there is no such thing as vampires. However, humans and zombies have a fascination with them.

He speaks into the microphone, “Vampires like to suck people’s blood. As you can see, some of the humans have bite marks on their necks.”

“It is said that vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors,” Broheimer continues. “They are afraid of garlic and crosses.”

One human asks, “Why is it so dark in here?”

“Sunlight kills vampires,” Broheimer says. “They sleep during the day, and only come out at night.”

Another human questions, “Why are there coffins in here?”

Broheimer tells everyone, “Vampires like to sleep in coffins. They keep the sunlight out.”

Kamper notices a picture of a man who does not look like a blood sucker. He asks, “Who is he?”

“That is Bram Stoker,” Broheimer explains. “He was born in Ireland. There are many authors who have written about vampires, but one of the most well-known is Bram Stoker. He wrote the book, Dracula, which came out in 1897.”

The group moves on to the next area where they see a statue of a large, ugly man with bolts sticking out of his neck. His skin is green.

“Who, or what, is that guy?” asks one of the humans.

“Most people know him as Frankenstein,” Broheimer says. “Frankenstein is actually the name of a book written by Mary Shelley which first came out in the year 1818. She was a famous English author.”

Broheimer asks the group, “Have you ever told or listened to ghost stories, maybe in a dark room or around a campfire?”

“Yes,” answer many of the children.

“It is said that Mary Shelley was challenged to write a really scary ghost story, and so she did,” Broheimer informs the crowd. “In her book, a scientist creates a monster and brings him to life.”

“Eww! That’s really creepy,” says one of zombies. Even zombies get creeped out from time to time.

Broheimer nods his head in agreement. “What is really interesting is that in Mary Shelley’s book, the scientist is named Victor Frankenstein. However, over time, people started to call the monster[] Frankenstein.”

The group moves on to another area.

Kamper points to a picture of a man on the wall. “Who is he?” asks Kamper.

“That is Edgar Allan Poe,” Broheimer tells the crowd. He was a famous American author.”

A human says, “He looks kind of creepy. Do you have to be creepy looking to write creepy stories?”

“Not necessarily, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt,” replies Broheimer.

Broheimer continues, “Edgar Allan Poe wrote all sorts of eerie tales. One of his most well-known stories is called ‘The Tell Tale Heart’. It is about a madman.”

“What was he mad about?” asks Kamper.

“I meant mad as in crazy, mentally deranged, delusional, out of his mind,” Broheimer responds.

The children see a large black raven. It kind of looks like Never. One of the zombies asks, “Why is there a raven?”

Broheimer informs the crowd, “Another one of Mr. Poe’s better known stories is called ‘The Raven.’ ”

Kamper whispers to Broheimer, “I’ll bet Never would have liked that story.”

As if on cue, Never flies in and lands on the fake raven’s head. He cocks his head from side to side and stares intently at the children.

“Look,” says a human, “A raven just landed on the raven. You guys think of everything.” The kids all believe this was a planned part of the tour.

As the humans and zombies move into the next room, Broheimer and Kamper hear some static. They turn to see Ranger and Sarge in the corner of the room. A crackled voice comes over Ranger’s walkie-talkie asking, “Has the raven landed?” He answers, “Not yet.”

“I’m confused,” whispers Kamper to Broheimer. “Why did he say the raven hasn’t landed yet? We just watched Never, the raven, land on the other raven.”

Broheimer responds, “They are speaking in code. It means they are waiting for something to happen, and whatever that is, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Ranger and Sarge stare at them and then leave.

Kamper is worried. “I don’t know why they are still following me. I think they’re up to no good!”

Before Broheimer can comment, he realizes that the group of kids suddenly became very quiet. They hear a strange noise. Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

“What’s that sound?” everyone asks.

Broheimer tells the group, “It is the sound of a beating heart.”

[Chapter 6
The Beating Heart]

Broheimer leads Kamper and the group of children to a huge room that actually looks like the shape of a real heart.

“Now, for those of you who would like to listen to the story of ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ ”, says Broheimer, “please enter at your own risk.”

All of the zombies and humans enter, save for Broheimer. The door closes. The sound of a beating heart continues to play over the speakers.

Broheimer takes his place outside at the special effects machine. There are all sorts of knobs and switches at his fingertips. He starts to read the story over the microphone. He pushes buttons for the sound of thunder and the bright flash of lightening.

Broheimer continues to play the sound of a beating heart, but he speeds up the sound as he tells the tale. Towards the end of the story, the heart is beating faster and faster and louder and louder until the very end. Then he switches off all sounds and turns the lights off.

It is now pitch black in the heart chamber, and silent, but only for a moment.

Broheimer has to hold back his laughter as he listens to terrified screams. The heart door opens. Zombies and humans alike come running out, yelling and shouting, and stumbling over one another.

Kamper’s eyes are big and wide. He cries, “That was really scary! That was frightening! That was bone chilling! I think I’m going mad!”

“Sometimes being scared is exciting and fun,” Broheimer muses.

“Yes, I loved it!” exclaims Kamper.

“If you really want a good fright,” says Broheimer, “try reading a scary book, in your dark bedroom, all alone and at night. Now, that’s scary.”

Kamper is still running around in circles as he answers, “I’ll try that sometime.”

After all the kids calm down, Broheimer announces that the tour is over. He tells them they may buy most everything they just saw at the Creepy Show Gift Shop.

Before Kamper can enter the store, he feels a tug on his arm. Kamper turns to see yet another Zombie World security guard. She is a woman dressed all in black. She is obviously a human.

The woman states, “Excuse me sir, you are not allowed to bring your backpack inside. You’ll have to leave it in our storage area.”

Kamper can’t help but wonder if she knows that she works with real zombies. He follows her to a small room and places his backpack down amongst numerous other backpacks, purses, and tote bags.

Kamper walks into the gift shop and looks around. He sees vampire figurines, little Frankenstein dolls, and coffin key chains. There are author trading cards, board games, t-shirts, and postcards. As he is shopping, two kids approach him.

“Hey, didn’t we see you at the Become a Zombie area?” asks the boy. It is Nate, one of the humans that Gothina dressed up.

Kamper replies, “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“Yes, you do,” says Samantha. “Your friend, Gothina, turned us into zombies.”

Kamper says, “Oh yeah, I remember you guys. You look so different now.” He continues, “My name is Kamper, and Gothina is my sister. She really did a great job.”

Nate declares, “It’s nice to meet you. We were in the heart chamber with you. That was really frightening!”

“Yes,” says Kamper. “That was really fun in a creepy kind of way.”

Samantha says, “Look at all this cool stuff! I wish I could buy everything.” She picks up a toy beating heart.

Kamper says, “Wow, I want one.”

Nate states, “It even comes with batteries. You should buy it, Kamper.”

“I think I will,” replies Kamper.

Broheimer comes around the corner. He is holding a copy of ‘The Tell Tale Heart.’

“Hello, Samantha and Nate,” Broheimer says. “Gothina really changed your looks. I also saw you two in the Creepy Show tour.” Broheimer has a great memory. He never forgets a face.

Kamper’s stomach makes a loud gurgling noise. He tells Broheimer, “I’m starving! Let’s buy this stuff and go get some food.”

The Moore brothers make their purchases and go to the storage area to get Kamper’s backpack. Kamper places their new items inside.

Samantha and Nate follow. Samantha picks up her tote bag and states, “We’re also hungry. Do you know a good place to eat?”

“Sure we do,” answers Kamper.

Broheimer states, “Now that you’re zombies, you should eat what zombies eat.”

“What would that be?” asks Nate.

Broheimer and Kamper answer at the same time, “Brain food!”

[Chapter 7
Brain Food]

Broheimer and Kamper lead the way to the Brain Food Court. Samantha and Nate follow.

Gothina and Baby Zom are already there. Each girl is slurping from a delicious bowl of noodle. There is nothing better than noodle with a blob of ketchup on top.

“Gothina!” yells Samantha. “I missed you.” Samantha gives Gothina a big hug.

Nate says, “Those noodles look yummy.” Baby Zom giggles. She knows that humans eat noodles, but zombies eat noodle. It is one long, seemingly endless noodle.

Kamper puts his backpack on the floor. Samantha sets her tote bag next to Kamper’s backpack. The kids look around at all the food stations. They see vendors selling everything from noodle to blood juice.

Broheimer states, “I believe I’ll get a basket of bones with toe jam on the side.”

Kamper says, “I’m going for the great green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts. I think I’ll have some tomato custard with that.”

Samantha and Nate are grossed out. They look at each other and say at the same time, “Let’s have what Gothina is having.” They line up for some noodle, but find they don’t have any money.

Nate says, “I left my wallet in your tote bag. I’ll be right back.”

Samantha says loudly, “You really should be more careful where you leave your wallet. Someone could steal it.”

Kamper and Broheimer sit down with their food and start chowing down. Samantha and Nate come back, each with a bowl of noodle, and sit down with the Moores.

Samantha looks at Broheimer’s food and says, “That really looks yucky. What does it taste like?”

“It tastes just like chicken,” Broheimer jokes.

Nate shrugs. “Hey, did anyone notice those strange security guards today?”

Baby Zom’s ears perk up. Gothina replies, “Yes, Baby Zom and I thought they were following us. They made us nervous.”

Samantha agrees, “That’s funny! We thought they might be following us. Nate and I think they are up to no good.”

Kamper blurts out, “Yeah, those security guards were at the Creepy Show. Oh, and a lady wouldn’t let me bring my backpack into the Creepy Show Gift Shop.”

“That reminds me,” adds Kamper, “I want to show you the beating heart that I bought. It’s really neat.”

Samantha looks toward Nate. There is a worried look on her face. Samantha gazes down at her bowl of food and screams, “Worms!! There are worms in my food.”

Gothina is surprised, “I’m sure they are not real. They are probably candy made to look like worms.”

Nate yells, “There are worms in my food, too. Real, live worms!”

All eyes turn toward Samantha and Nate.

Nate yells out, “That’s disgusting. I demand my money back!”

Baby Zom picks a worm out of Nate’s dish. Sure enough, it is a real worm, wriggling and squirming about. She pops it in her mouth.

“Don’t eat it,” blurts out Gothina. She pulls the worm out of Baby Zom’s mouth and looks at it. “Oh, it’s just lovely,” she says.

Kamper looks at Gothina’s bowl of noodle and says, “That’s weird. There are no worms in Gothina’s food.” He also sees that there are no worms in Baby Zom’s bowl.

Meanwhile, the entire Brain Food Court is in a panic. Humans and zombies are picking through their meals trying to determine if there are any living creatures in their food.

Samantha and Nate go up to the counter to get their money back.

Broheimer looks at Gothina and asks, “Where is your skull necklace?”

Gothina feels her neck and says “I don’t know. I didn’t know it was missing. I wonder when I had it last.”

Baby Zom states, “Here.”

Broheimer calmly asserts, “I’m fairly certain I understand what is going on.”

Samantha and Nate come back to the table. Samantha says, “Thanks for dressing us up as zombies, and thanks for the tour of the Creepy Show. I’m afraid we’ll have to leave now. I feel sick to my stomach from eating those worms.”

Nate reaches out with both of his hands to shake Broheimer’s hand as a thank you gesture.

Kamper is concerned. He asks Samantha, “Do you need a barf bag? I’m sure I have one in here somewhere.” He fumbles around inside his backpack. He finds a couple of bags. He asks, “Would you prefer paper or plastic?”

Gothina says, “Um, Kamper, that’s kind of gross.”

“Yes, you’re right,” thinks Kamper. “We better go with plastic. I have all different sizes.”

Gothina is beside herself, “Really, Kamper?”

Kamper continues on, “How much do you think you will throw up? Small, medium or large?”

Samantha doesn’t answer.

Nate is still awkwardly shaking Broheimer’s hand as they stare at each other.

Kamper decides, “We better go with large.” He starts to pull out a big plastic bag.

Samantha finally responds, “Thanks anyhow, Kamper, but we really must be going.” She nervously glances toward Nate.

Kamper takes another look inside his backpack and says, “That’s weird. Where’s my beating heart? It isn’t in here. I don’t see Broheimer’s book, either.”

Meanwhile, Nate says to Broheimer, “You can let go of my hand now.”

Broheimer responds, “I will gladly let go of your hand, once you let go of my wristwatch.”

Just then, the sound of crackling is heard again. Everyone turns to see Ranger and Sarge. The Moore kids think it is strange that Pop is also standing with the security guards.

A voice over the walkie-talkie asks, “Has the raven landed?”

Ranger picks up his walkie-talkie and answers, “Yes, the raven has landed.”

[Chapter 8
The Raven Has Landed]

“What do they mean the raven has landed?” asks Kamper.

Broheimer explains, “It means that what Sarge and Ranger were waiting for has finally happened. In this case, it means that Samantha and Nate are in big trouble.”

Sarge and Ranger move forward and grab Samantha and Nate by their arms. “Follow us, please,” they demand.

“What is going on?” asks Gothina.

Pop steps forward. “There has been a string of thefts happening at Zombie World,” he says. “We hired special security guards to check into it.”

Pop continues, “Sarge and Ranger have been following Samantha and Nate all day because they suspected them to be the thieves.”

Gothina states, “They seemed so nice at the Become a Zombie area.” Baby Zom disagrees and shakes her head.

Pop tells Gothina, “Ranger and Sarge were watching you. They had to make sure they knew what Samantha and Nate looked like after you dressed them up as zombies.”

Gothina is shocked, “You mean you used me as a guinea pig? A stool pigeon? A lab rat?”

“Believe me, you were in no danger,” says Pop. “The security guards followed the humans to the Creepy Show but didn’t see them doing anything wrong. It wasn’t until they got to the Brain Food Court that they started stealing things.”

The zombie kids look over and see the security guards pulling items from Samantha’s tote bag. They see Gothina’s necklace, Kamper’s beating heart, and Broheimer’s book.

Gothina states with surprise, “I still don’t how or when my necklace was stolen.”

“Samantha gave you a hug when she met up with you at the Brain Food Court,” says Broheimer. “She must have taken your necklace then.”

Kamper asks, “When did they steal from my backpack?”

Broheimer thinks, “As I recall, Nate said he forgot his wallet and went back to Samantha’s tote bag, which she had conveniently put down next to your backpack. I’ll bet he stole the items then.”

Pop tells Broheimer, “You are actually correct. We saw the whole thing.”

Gothina asks, “What about the worms? They were real!”

Pop answers, “When Kamper started to look in his backpack, Samantha put some live worms into her and Nate’s food to cause a distraction.”

Broheimer adds, “The last thing Nate did was try to steal my watch before trying to get away.”

“How could you tell he was trying to take your watch?” Pop asks.

“Easy,” says Broheimer. “It is theft proof. It vibrates when touched by humans.”

“Why didn’t they steal anything from Baby Zom?” asks Kamper.

Gothina says, “Now that I think about it, Samantha said she liked Baby Zom’s bow.” She tells Baby Zom, “I told you my snake would protect you from the humans.”

Baby Zom smiles and pets the snake.

“Bad humans!” says Kamper.

“Not all humans are bad,” replies Gothina.

Ranger walks over and hands a jar to Gothina. He says, “Sarge and I want you to have this.”

Gothina opens the jar and looks inside. Baby Zom and Kamper also take a peek. They see the same kind of worms that were in Samantha and Nate’s food.

“Thank you,” says Gothina. “I’ll put them in my worm farm. I’ll take great care of them.”

“What will happen to Samantha and Nate?” questions Kamper.

Ranger answers, “They were given two choices. One choice was to never come back to Zombie World. The other choice was to work one of the fun attractions.”

Gothina is confused, “Where is the punishment in working a fun attraction?”

Pop states, “We’re talking about an attraction that is fun for the guests, but not for the workers.”

“Oh, right,” understands Gothina.

“Let’s go home,” says Kamper. Baby Zom nods in agreement.

On the way out, The Moores pass by the Rotten Tomatoes Attraction. The line is longer than the zombies have ever seen.

“I guess word spreads quickly,” muses Broheimer.

The kids can see two humans standing in front of a backboard that has smeared tomato pulp all over it.

Never Moore is scampering around, picking up pieces of pulp with his beak.

The two humans are Samantha and Nate, barely recognizable, as they are not only still dressed as zombies, but they are covered in tomato guts.

Gothina almost feels sorry for them. She states, “They look miserable.”

Kamper also feels sorry. “What a terrible waste of tomatoes,” he sighs.

“Well, they made their choice,” laughs Broheimer.

“Oh my gombie,” says Gothina. “We’ve lost Baby Zom! Where could she be?”

The Moore zombies look around. There, at the back of the line, is Baby Zom. She is tossing a tomato from one hand to the other, waiting patiently. There is a big grin on her face.

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