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Mint and the Golden Compass


Head In The Clouds

Mint and the Golden Compass

By Samie Foster

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters and events are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely fiction.


Mint and the Golden Compass

By Samie Foster

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 Samie Foster


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Author’s Notes

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This is an odd duck in my collection of projects. This is a short story I wrote with idea of creating an epic adventure. But overtime the initial storyline never evolved into anything other than concepts of what might be. The characters have been recycled into other projects. And the lead Mint is being written into an entirely different adventure all together. So because of that, I’m throwing this into the wilds for free as everything here will most likely show up in other stories of mine one way or another.


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Mint and the Golden Compass



She spent up to five hours down on the ocean floor. Joey helped her, putting just as much time and effort in as she did. They picked and scrapped coral off of a square structure. It appeared to be a stone block at first. But Mint was sure it was a box containing something greater. He grabbed the edge of once they believed to have it out of the coral. He pulled back the box. It broke away from the ground. Bits of coral and dirt began to float up in form of a fog in the ocean between them. They had it.

Mint swam upward, toward the surface. Joey followed. He held the box as he swam. She grabbed the edge of the boat and pulled herself onto the deck. A minute later Joey popped up setting the box on deck. Mint pulled it back as Joey climbed on the deck. He pulled the mask off.

“Damn it, that thing is heavy!” Joey said.

“Well it’s made out of stone Joey. What did you expect?” Mint said pulled her wet suit off. Underneath she wore a halter top and shorts.

“It could have been made out of wood,” Joey brought up.

Mint smiled at this while pulling the bun out of her hair.

“What? They had wood back then!” he exclaimed.

“The natives, who buried this, didn’t believe in hurting nature to hide it. So stone was the one thing that they could make it out of.”

Joey was now pulling off his wet suit. He was a typical guy with shaggy brown hair. His age was twenty years old. He was just a camera man for K21 News briefly before he joined Mint on this insane goose chase.

“So the natives stole it from the pirates and threw it down here?” Joey asked.

“According to legend, the pirates would find gold, become cursed and would kill each other. And then it would just sail out on a boat by itself. Then more sailors would find it. It was just a vicious cycle. So these natives that seen the seamen come and go every few months decided to end the curse and put it where no one can find it.”

“So if it’s cursed, why did we do this?”

“Because we’re greedy,” Mint said walking up to the box.

She had shoulder length brown hair, and freckles. One eye was green. The other eye was brown. She was a very odd girl that had pulled him into this. She grabbed a flat head screwdriver out of a tool box and stabbed it beneath the lid. She pounded on the structure with it until she found it useless. She gave up resorting to a crowbar she found below deck.

“Isn’t the box a piece of history Mint?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” Mint said. “I really don’t care much about the box. Can you give me a hand Joey?”

“Sure thing,” he pulled out his knife and used the same method that Mint was already using.

It was a minute or so later when they get it open. They pulled the lid off and peered into the box. Inside they saw it. It was a solid gold compass.

“Sweet!” the both said in unison.

Mint picked it up and looked over it.

“The compass doesn’t point north Joey,” Mint said. “It leads the way to the largest treasure that has ever existed.”

Joey smiled at Mint. He couldn’t believe that they had actually found it. “Miller time?” he asked.

“Hell yes,” Mint said.

They went inside the cabin of the boat that consisted of three small rooms. They went to the kitchen. Mint sat on the table and set the compass down right beside her. Joey grabbed a hold of a beer in the fridge and began to turn the top.

“What about mine?” Mint said.

“There isn’t any. Someone must have broken in and stole your lemonade.”

“Come on.”

“There isn’t any.”

“You forgot to pack it?”


“Let me see,” she said jumping off of the table and pushing Joey out of her way. There, as she looked in the fridge, she saw two bottles of pink lemonade.

“You liar,” Mint said pulling one out.

“Well you were gullible.”

“No. I’m not.”

“And in denial.”

“Am not,” she said closing the door and looking at him.

“So you think we will actually find treasure?” he asked.

“Well, always dream big right?”

He looked into Mint’s face. She was a pretty girl. She had invited him along because she claimed she couldn’t trust anyone she knew. He was dying for an adventure. So she said she needed help to find a relic and would pay him when the job’s done. He knew nothing about Mint before this adventure. They didn’t know each other at the beginning of the trip. They became friends. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to…

“I don’t like that noise,” Mint said walking away from Joey and toward the window of the cabin.

“What noise?”

“Sounds like a motor boat,” Mint said looking out the window.

She squinted looking through the glass. There in the distance she saw a shadow of a ship.

“Shit!” Mint said. “Please don’t let it be pirates,” she mumbled to herself as she ran over to the cabinet and grabbed a set of binoculars. She then looked through them adjusting the focus.

She saw a boat. It was about that same size as theirs. It was a bit ran down and overcrowded. They were a mixed crowd of what looked like at first glance homeless men. But she quickly noticed that they were armed with guns and machetes.

“Pirates?” Joey said.

“Pirates,” Mint answer red.

“Ahhh shit.”

“Yeah. And they’re almost here.”

“Start the engine?”

“Too close for that.”

“Then what?”

“We’re going to have to fight them,” she said turning to Joey. “You know how to shoot a gun?”

“I uhhhh……never really-”

“Well don’t worry about. It’s not that different than a camera really. You just point and shoot. Only instead of a red light, a bullet comes out of the gun.”

She took off. Joey quickly followed her deeper into the boat to her sleeping quarters.

“We’re going to kill them?” he said following her.

“Not if you shoot them in the leg. It’s their choice to die if they’re insane enough to keep on fighting.”

She opened her top drawer and pulled out a shotgun and tossed it toward Joey. He held it nervously in his hand. He couldn’t believe this is happening.

“Since you’re less experienced, I think you should have the bugger gun. You have six shots.”

Mint then pulled out two pistols.

There were sounds of people talking. Many footsteps from the kitchen area. It was a language they never heard before. They both looked up toward it.

“I guess we better get started.”

“And make for damn sure that they don’t get their hands on the compass,” Mint said knowing that he had it in his pocket.

“Sure,” he said.

The two of them went up the steps into the living quarters. There were a few windows so it was easy to pass through without drawing any notice. Mint dashed to one side of the door to the kitchen. She nodded her head to the other side. Joey quickly did as she directed. He held the gun loosely in his hand not knowing a single thing that was going on. He then looked up at Mint. She held a pistol in the air with both hands. She had a gun that was slipped in her belt for easy access after her first one ran out of bullets. She was confident. She was not scared in the least. It was at the moment when he realized that she had done this before. He was astonished. Her eyes looked at him.

“Safety,” she mouthed.

He looked at his gun. He fumbled with it and eventually managed to take the safety off.

She listened to the voices in the kitchen. They were searching and cursing in a cross between multiple languages. The steps got closer. The door opened. The man didn’t bother to look as he stepped through. Mint shot him. He fell dead. There would be a moment of confusion and Mint took advantage of it. She grabbed her second gun with her left hand. Mint moved into the door way as quick as she could. She saw a group of men. The exact number she didn’t have time to count. She just made two shots before moving out of sight at an angle. She hit two. One was hit in the shoulder. Another one was hit in the chest.

The pirates quickly went toward her. Mint backed against the wall. The next thing she knew a machete flew through the air toward her. She ducked as the bent knife sunk into the wooden wall behind her. She back away. The pirate was focused on her stepping through the doorway. A gun was aimed right at her.

“Joey!” Mint screamed.

Joey turned and shot the shotgun blindly through the door. The pellets scattered creating multiple holes. Thuds followed the blast. Joey stepped around the doorway and blasted the two men in the kitchen.

He paused and stepped back. Five bodies lay on the floor. He had actually killed people. He felt sick. He began to slowly back away.

Mint climbed from behind the table. She moved up to the door and through to the kitchen with one gun again. One was on the deck outside. She could see him at an angle through the window. He was a large dirty brute with a very large gun. He was about to enter. Mint met him at the front door with the gun to his head catching him off guard. He was stunned to find her there. He froze as though the steel tip of the gun paralyzed him.

“Go home,” Mint said. “And that goes for any of you that are left.”

He was silent. She was hoping that he was smart and would say, “Okay.” Yet she seen his hand slide into his jacket and was pulling a knife. She shot him.

That was when she heard the glass shatter. The back of the boat. Joey! She ran back to the living quarters, to witness the broken window and Joey nowhere in sight. Mint jumped through onto the deck to witness four remaining pirates. Joey was held down onto his knees. A machete was held to his throat.

“You shoot and he dies,” a man with an odd British accent said taking a step toward Mint. He was a captain. A wanted a man. A pirate. She met him many times before.

Mint held her guns on the crew, but now knew that it was a lost cause.

“I have nothing you need,” Mint lied.

“No. Actually you have everything I need.”

“Okay. Take the compass then.”

“Oh we are taking more than the compass.”

“Then take everything else. Leave us in open water. Let Joey go.”

“You take me for a fool? This boy is the last surviving member of the bloodline. His blood breaks the curse.”

Mint tilted her head looked at him oddly.

“You’re off your rocker Mundus. There is no curse.”

“You know this guy Mint?!” Joey said a bit shocked.

“Regrettably I do,” Mint said.

“Come with us Mint. You’ll be more useful helping me than fighting me. We are not going to stand here all day.”

Mint lowered the guns to her side and let them drop to the floor.

A man walked up to her. As he tried to grab her arm, she pulled away. Another pirate ran to grab her. She was pushed against the rail. They pulled out rope to tie her hands. Whatever punishment they were going to give her was anyone’s guess.

On the deck, there was just a man who had a knife to Joey’s throat and the man named Mundus.

“Get him on the boat,” Mundus said.

Yet it was at that very moment Joey did a bold move. Everyone was sidetracked at the moment and the focus wasn’t necessarily on him. He bit into the man’s hand. He bit in it so deep that it drawled blood. Mundus screamed.

With this sudden distraction, Mint managed to run off. She ran back into the cabin.

Mundus began to raise his gun, but he was too slow. Joey had grabbed the machete from hos bleeding hand and cut right into Mundus’s foot. There was a holler in pain. Joey grabbed his gun. He got up onto his feet and aimed the gun at the two of them.

Joey finally had the edge on these two pirates.


Mint ran as fast as possible. The two pirates were behind her. One had a machete in his hand. The other one had grabbed one of Mint’s pistols. A shot was fired. She was hit in the shoulder. Mint fell forward to the floor. But she was not far from where she needed to be. Joey’s shot gun was just a couple feet in front of her near the broken glass. She grabbed it and rolled over aiming it at the pirates. She fired. The two men were knocked off of their feet.

Mint got onto her feet and walked out onto the deck. There she saw Joey standing. Beyond Joey, she saw a boat sailing off in the water.

“What happened?” Mint asked.

“I gave them a choice to leave. They took it,” Joey said.

“You did good,” Mint said. She smiled. She approved of this.

Joey looked over at her. He saw her bleeding shoulder.

“You’re shot?” Joey said.

“I’ll live. We’re about a hundred miles off the South African coast. I’ll get the boat heading in that direction.”

“What about these bodies?”

“We drop them over board.”

“And everything they said about my blood and curse and all?”

“They’re full of shit,” Mint said. “They believe in a curse that’s not real.”

“And how do you know them exactly?”

“I know a lot of people. They’re just all mad at me?”

“Mad at you?”

“Yeah. A deal was going bonkers, so to avoid more crazy we gave away the payload before anyone got hurt. I guess he’s still mad about that?”

“I guess not. Now why did you get into this business again?”

“My parents died in fire when I was six teen. My uncle swindled money out from the family name. They left me nothing. I didn’t even finish high school. But my brother was in the Iraq war. He said he found an artifact worth money. So I went there. I had to learn about credit card fraud, and ID fraud but I got there. And it got me by for a while after I cashed it in, but I keep looking. Some hunts are better than others, but I’m hoping this will be the best find ever.”

Joey looked at brown haired girl studying her. He was contemplating whether he believed her or not. He wasn’t sure if she was just using him for some odd reason like Mundus said. But somehow he still trusted her.

“Come on Joey,” Mint said. “The pirates aren’t coming back. Well not for a while anyways. So let’s get things moving. There’s hard lemonade sitting on the table with my name on it.”

“I’ll get the boat heading toward the coast,” Joey said simply. He then went to do the job. He now was more concerned with what he had fallen into.



The End


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Mint and the Golden Compass

  • Author: Samie Foster
  • Published: 2015-09-22 06:05:07
  • Words: 2976
Mint and the Golden Compass Mint and the Golden Compass