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Minecraft: Minecraft Traps - 55 INCREDIBLE Minecraft Traps to Trick Players and


Minecraft Traps

55 Incredible Minecraft Traps to Trick Players and Mobs

Copyright 2015 Michael Marlon

Published by Michael Marlon at Shakespir

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Traps 1-10

Chapter 2: Traps 11-20

Chapter 3: Traps 21-30

Chapter 4: Traps 31-40

Chapter 5: Traps 41-50

Chapter 6: Traps 51-55

Chapter 7: Tips & Tricks


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First and foremost, I want to thank you for downloading the book, “Minecraft Traps: 55 Incredible Minecraft Traps to Trick Players and Mobs”.

In this book, you will learn how to trap different players and mobs with fifty-five traps that you can make yourself in the world of Minecraft. From easy to hard, these traps should prove useful in your Minecraft adventures.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: Traps 1-10

In this chapter you’ll learn your first ten traps that are going to help you to trick various mobs and players, and they’re simple and easy to make. So let’s begin with trap one.

Trap #1 A TNT Mine

This is a TNT based trap, and it’s one of the simpler traps to make. You’ll need TNT blocks, sand or gravel blocks, matching blocks to the floor, and pressure plates. Once you have your materials, you can get started by digging a hole that is two blocks deep.

In the hole, you’re going to place a block of TNT, cover it with a block that matches it, and then put a pressure plate on top. You may be wondering how it works, but as soon as the pressure plate is activated, so is the TNT. After just a few moments, the player will be exploded as well as a chunk of the floor.

Trap #2 Fail Safe

This trap is great to use as well, and you’ll find that it’s also a pretty basic TNT based trap to make. All you need is a lot of TNT and a trigger. Just remember that this trap is meant to be a last resort. This is where you’re outnumbered and there’s no way to stop people from looting.

Destroy them along with everything else. You’ll be rigging your base with TNT, usually below the floor. It all gets connected with a button, lever, or trigger; a single trigger. Dive straight for the trigger and activate it. It’s that simple.

The way you’ll make this trap is to place an entire layer of TNT below your base, and then you’re going to connect it using redstone dust. Remember that if your trigger room is too close, you won’t survive the explosion either, so if you want to survive, make it a safe distance away.

Trap #3 Hallway Pressure Plate

You can turn any hallway into a pressure plate TNT trap, and it’s really simple. Underneath the walls you’re going to want to line it with TNT, and then you’re going to place pressure plates on top. Remember that they’ll only blend in if they’re the same material as the ground.

Trap #4 Daytime Block Trap

This is a trap that won’t work at night, so remember to keep that in mind. Under any block, you’ll want to put a daylight sensor underneath it. You can then hook it up to any trap that you choose to, and this should stop any player. You’ll be using redstone dust to hook it up.

Trap #5 Villager Bait

This is a trap that you’ll use if you have any zombies walking around, and it’s easy to do. All you have to do is enclose a villager in where zombies can get to him. This will attract the zombies, and you can put it a little away from your house to keep them out of the area. This way you can run around a little more freely.

Trap #6 The Miner Trap

This will trap any greedy miner, and it’s also an easy trap to make that shouldn’t take too much time. You’re going to need precious blocks that you’ll place out in the open. Underneath them, you’re going to need to rig up a daylight sensor to a lot of TNT. Once the miner breaks the block, the light will then reach the sensor causing it to explode.

It’s best to make this trap at night so there’s no way of it backfiring on you. Remember that you’ll need to use redstone dust to trigger it. Diamond ore blocks are usually the best. You’ll need to dig a hole under the block before placing the TNT inside of it. Then place the censor on top, and then place the precious block. Redstone wire should connect it. The disadvantage of this trap is that it won’t work if they break it during nighttime.

Trap #7 TNT Zone

This is a trap that is perfect for taking out mobs that are chasing you or your friends. You’ll need to pull the lever as you run through, and the TNT drops. Make an obsidian bottom so that when it blasts it doesn’t deform the landscape, and then put floating TNT on top where you’ll pull the lever down so that it drops on top of the people that are chasing you.

Trap #8 Pond Trap

Start by digging a nine by nine hole, and it should be at least three blocks deep. You can make it deeper if you prefer. You’re going to want to line the bottom with TNT blocks, and then sand is placed over top. The area will then need to be covered with wooden pressure plates. The pit should then be filled with water. This trap works when a player starts to fish in the pond, as soon as the fishing line is dropped the pressure plate is triggered.

Trap #9 Natural Landmine

You’re going to dig a hole that’s four blocks down, and when you’re two blocks down, you’re going to place a block of TNT. A layer of gravel can go on top, and a tree should be on top of it, meaning you’re building this trap under a tree. You’ll have to use a wooden pressure plate, so when a player chops the tree down, the trap will be triggered.

Trap #10 The Sand Trap

This trap is similar to the natural landmine, as you’ll be building the same type of hole. Add a layer of sand above the layer of TNT, and then put a pressure plate on top of it. As soon as it’s stepped on, the TNT is ignited and the player is blown away. Of course, you can make this a bigger trap if you choose.

Chapter 2: Traps 11-20

Let’s move on to some lava traps that are sure to help you get rid of players, mobs, and monsters. They can be just as easy to make as the TNT traps, and they can be just as fun. Remember to tweak the size as you see fit, and try to keep it where it blends in to the landscape.

Trap #11 Molten Moat

This is a moat of lava, so you aren’t going to get it to blend in all that much. This is a home defense trap, and you’ll just create a lava moat around your house. You’ll have to dig a trench around your house that is two to three blocks deep. Next, you just fill it with lava. It’s really that simple. Never put this with a wooden house, and monsters are going to fall into the lava. It may not be enough to trick players.

Trap #12 Zombie Trap Door

This is another fairly simple lava based trap that will attract zombies because they’re attracted to doors. You’re going to want to create a three by three pit, expanding it later if you feel necessary. Make sure you leave the middle block standing, and on the pillar you’re going to need to put a door down. The rest of the pit will be filled up with lava.

Trap #13 The Floor is Lava

You’ll need twelve lava buckets, carpet, and some dispensers to be able to make this trap. Just keep in mind that once this trap is activated, it’s actually pretty hard to turn off. Start by creating a simple room, and it should be a square. Replace a few blocks with dispensers. A trigger should be placed on the wall, and lava buckets should be in each of the dispensers. Then just connect them to the dispenser, covering the entire floor with carpet. Once the trigger is accidentally activated, the lava will burn whoever is in the room to a crisp.

Trap #14 Drown the Mob

Getting away from lava and into water, you’ll find this easy trap useful for taking out various mobs. This is a trap that is easy to make, and it should drown any mob that falls into it. Make a moat around your house or around anything that will attract a mob, and then you’re going to want to fill it with water. Make sure to create a strong current that flows in one direction, only hook it up with a covered area that is narrow, and this should force the mob underwater. They’ll essentially drown and be completely out of the way.

Trap #15 A Basic Water Trap

Sticking with water, you can make a basic current trap by digging out a five by five square. You’re going to need to dig in the center a three by three square. Make sure it’s two blocks deep, and fill the five by five square with water. You should do this on the corners, and it’ll flow towards the center. The mob will fall into the water, pulling them to the middle so that they get stuck.

Trap #16 A Trick Pool

You’re going to need a trench that’s five blocks deep, and at the very bottom you can fill it with dangerous lava. A row of signs should be on the level above, and then you can fill the next layer of the trench with water. This will trick both players and mobs, as they’ll think it’s a pool. Due to the signs, they’ll fall to their deaths in a pit of lava.

Trap #17 A Trick Moat

This is very similar to the trick pool, and it’s yet another easy to do water trap. Dig a trench that’s only one block side, but make it as deep as you want to. It has to be at least four blocks deep. The very last layer needs filled with lava, and signs should be a row above still. The rest of it should be filled with water. This will trick them into thinking that it’s a basic moat, but when they try to pass the player or mob will fall to their death.

Trap #18 The Secret Passage

Secret passages are often way too tempting to pass up, and this trap makes sure that it’s used to your advantage. A short tunnel of about two blocks long should be leading away from your home. Then, you’re going to dig a deep hole at the end. It should be thirty to forty blocks deep as well as filled with lava at the bottom. The passage entry should be covered with a painting and sign. When they get too curious, the player will fall to their death.

Trap #19 The Lava Wall

A lava wall is a great addition, and it is much like the lava floor trap. The dispensers are just on the wall instead of on the floor, and they’re camouflaged by paintings that are hanging up. Lava will fall out of the walls, killing the person in the room as it’s flooded. Remember to place the trigger like a lever, and make sure it’s connected to the dispenser.

Trap #20 Torching It

Make a five by five hole that is three blocks deep, and put a block in the center of the hole. Place a redstone torch on each side of it. Put redstone dust on top of the block, and then put a valuable block two blocks above it. Then place a lever on the bottom side of this valuable block. Then place TNT at each corner inside the hole. Redstone dust can then be used to connect the TNT, and then you’ll want to cover the hole with dirt.

Chapter 3: Traps 21-30

Trap #21 Suffocation

You’ll need sand, sticky pistons, a lever, and redstone dust to make this trap. You’re going to place the trigger in plain sight. You’ll need to create a room that is two blocks wide, but it can be as long as you want. Make a roof, and place the sticky piston in it. A lever will need to be placed in order to activate the trap.

Behind the lever, you’re going to have to go to the other side of the wall and put a torch there. It’ll create an inverter to make sure the ceiling stays in place when the lever is deactivated. The pistons will retract when activated, pulling back the ceiling. The pistons need to be connected to the circuits, and make sure to place sand on top of the ceiling. It should be piled about two blocks high.

Trap #22 The Decoy

This is for when you’re worried about players deciding to grief your house, and having a decoy home is sure to be helpful. You’ll want to fill the floor with TNT, and you’re going to want long rows of TNT leading away from the house as well. Next, you’re going to want to set up pressure plates that are inside the home. When they run away from the house, an explosion is going to follow.

Trap #23 The Rollercoaster of Death

This is going to be built out of rails, and you should have a mine cart that will travel down the hill. It should then make a sharp turn, and end abruptly. The end of the path needs to be obscured from view, and place a sign that will help to encourage people to try it. At the end, you’re going to want to have a lava pit that they’ll fly off and into. You can sometimes re-route other rails into lava pits as well.

Trap #24 The Fake Door

This is where you build your house, and you’re going to have a lava pit right inside the front door. It should be literally on the other side of the door, and the person who doesn’t know it’s there will fall right into the lava. You’ll need a hidden side door to really get in, and usually a tunnel works best.

Trap #25 The Spider Spawner

You’ll have to get a spider spawner for this, and then you can use it for your advantage. The spawner should be in a mine, and you can put mineable ore around it. It’s usually best to place gold or diamond around it. Give away the location in chat, but make it look like an accident, and other players are going over to investigate. When they go to mine, the spider spawner is unleashed.

Trap #26 Lever of Doom

You’re going to need to have your house built out of an indestructible material, such as obsidian. The floor should be dirt though, or even wood. A layer of TNT should be underneath, and a lever should be installed on the floor which will trigger the TNT to explode. Once the lever is pulled, then everything gets blown up.

Trap #27 The Lava Lesson

Most players won’t look up when they actually climb a ladder, and this can be used to your advantage. Just place a ladder in your two story house, and at the very top of the ladder, all you have to do is place lava. This can be held in place by the ladder, so don’t worry about it falling. If they go up to loot your upstairs, they’ll get lava in the face instead.

Trap #28 The Cactus Moat

This is very similar to the lava moat, but it makes use of cactuses instead. Dig a trench that’s three blocks wide and three blocks deep, and you’re going to want to fill it with sand at the bottom layer. A row of cactuses should be placed on every other block. Make a checkerboard pattern if you want to make it wider, and monsters are just going to fall in. This won’t work on players, though.

Trap #29 The Inviting Door

Players are usually going to recognize a pressure plate, but when it’s in front of an iron door, it looks like you’re purposefully hiding something, and that’s when players get curious. You need to build a fake house for this to work and you can even build it into a cave or the side of a mountain. A chamber is going to need to be put underneath and fill it with dynamite. Put gravel over it, and lay down a pressure plate. When they go to open the door, then they’re going to explode.

Trap #30 The Bed Trap

This trap is perfect for when people want to stop in at your house for a night without asking, but it’s considered to be pretty cool. A bed should be placed in the corner of the house, and make sure to break the block behind it. That should also be the block in the corner. Break the block below it too, and fill it with lava. The bed should be surrounded with half-slabs the rest of the way. He won’t be able to spawn because of the slabs, and instead he’ll spawn in the lava pit outside.

Chapter 4: Trap 31-40

Trap #31 A Controlled Boom

This is pretty much the same as a controlled explosion, and you’re going to dig a three by three hole. This should be four blocks deep like most of your traps. The hole is going to be lined with obsidian so that the explosion is controlled when it’s set up, and you should be able to fill it again afterwards because of it.

The center needs to be filled to the brim with TNT. No one should be able to see the TNT or the obsidian, so fill it with gravel or sand. To attract zombies, you’ll want to place a pressure plate between two doors to attract them, and it’ll attract other monsters as well. Then boom, and yet it’s been controlled.

Trap #32 Winning Whirlpool

You’ll always have the advantage over your enemies when using this wonderful trap. This is a trap that is mainly used for mobs, and it’s actually a barrier. This is best used when your base is a water entrance. Players can use a boat to get around it, but mobs can’t, so they’ll sink to the bottom.

Start by creating a hollow column of sand, and this should be four by four blocks. It should be all the way to the bottom of the body of water, and the column should be filled in by using sand blocks. This will help to remove the water. Now in the center, empty the column by digging out the sand blocks. Now four blocks of dynamite goes in the bottom of the now empty column. Ignite, and get as far away from it as possible. It’ll leave an empty space, creating a vortex of water as it tries to fill it.

Trap #33 Doors of Hell

This is a trap that only works if your house has two iron doors. Place a sticky on the wall. It should be in the middle. You will then wire the piston to a lever, and you should be able to reach it easily in a safer part of your house. This way when you know an intruder has entered, you can trap them between the two iron doors. Then, flip the lever and the sticky piston will go off, crushing your intruder.

Trap #34 Simple Arrow Trap

You’ll need to set up a dispenser and fill it with arrows. You’re then going to wire it to a pressure plate using redstone. This is simple because the moment someone walks over the plate, arrows will fly at the player. You can set it clear across the room, and you should still be able to kill the player, and this way they’ll be a little less suspicious.

Trap #35 The Flaming Killer

You’ll set up an arrow dispenser by wiring it to a pressure plate. You’ll still be using redstones. However, you need to add lava between the arrow dispenser and the player that it’ll be pointed at. The arrows will go through the lava, catching on fire, and killing the other player or at least doing significant damage.

Trap #36 Hidden Poison

Dispensers are commonly used as decoration in the world of Minecraft, and once again you can take advantage of that fact. You’ll need to build your home, using a dispenser floor, but load one with poison. A pressure plate should be nearby, and wire repeaters from it to the dispenser. It’s not dramatic, but it will kill the player that’s trying to loot your home.

Trap #37 Locked in Iron

It’s always great to see your enemies in a cage, and you’ll find that it’s exactly what this trap does. Make a slab of stone and place it two blocks off the ground, and you should be able to walk underneath it but barely. You’ll then need four iron doors to place around the slab, and then put a pressure plate under the stone slab. That’s all you have to do. You can trap people and monsters.

Trap #38 The Deadly Chest

You’ll need to start by digging a hole that is two blocks by two blocks, and it should be eight to nine blocks deep. Next, you’re going to fill this hole with water, but place a chest at the bottom. Wait until someone goes to get the item, and then you can put lily pads on top so that the person drowns.

Trap #39 Basic Tripwire

Remember that you can’t see a tripwire from the bottom. You’re going to want to make a hallway that is at least three blocks high, and then put the trip wire, connecting it to lava or anything else you want. The moment a player jumps, they will be killed.

Trap #40 Enticing Greed

You need to dig five blocks inside the ground, and make a field of TNT. Link them to pressure plates. Cover it up, and then place signs around the trap telling people to find the hidden chest or home. People are greedy, wanting the challenge, and they’ll start searching, and as they search the pressure plates will trigger the TNT. This will kill the other players.

Chapter 5: Traps 41-50

Trap #41 The Booming Chest

This is a great trap to use, and you’ll need to dig a hole that’s four blocks deep, and three blocks of TNT will need to be put inside of it. You’ll then want a grass block, and then put a chest close to the TNT. Add a sign that says something valuable is inside, but don’t put anything on the inside, as it’d be wasteful. Remember where you put the TNT down, and then dig a hole by digging two blocks deep and then three blocks wide. A pressure plate will then need to be put by the hole, and use redstone to lead to the pressure plate and TNT. You’ll then want to build a grass house that surrounds the chest, and an iron door will need to be placed there. It’s up to you if you want to place an enter sign around it. They’ll get blown up the moment they enter.

Trap #42 Another Doomed Door

You don’t have to fill this one with lava, instead make it a TNT based trap. Of course, you’ll find that you can make a vortex of water too if you have the time. This is the TNT version, but feel free to play around. You’re going to want to have an iron door to attract people and make sure it isn’t destroyed. Next, create a large cave underneath it by digging down.

The cave will then need to be filled with TNT, and you can finish the trap with a pressure plate. You’ll blow the intruder away, and you can put a landmine around it or a chest on the other side of the door to attract people. Just remember that whatever you use to attract people should be something you can spare. Some people just put a bed on the other side so that players think they have a place to rest.

Trap #43 Catch the Disrespectful

Not everyone in Minecraft is going to be respectful of your property, and you can punish the people that aren’t, rather easily. All you have to do is start by creating a powered rail, but don’t power the first rail. Just power all the rest. A minecart will need to be put at the top of that rail, and add a switch so that the player can choose to make the cart move.

Then you’re going to want to place a sign around the area telling people it’s your mine and add that it’s valuable, such as a gold or diamond mine. On the sign, tell people “do not enter”. Only greedy people will fall for this trap, so you can feel good just in punishing them. They’ll get trapped when they go in. you can even add lava at the end if you choose to kill them instead of trap them.

Trap #44 The Fake Tree

Build a box out of wood that is rectangular, and put it on its side. It should be ten blocks tall to be effective, but you can make it taller if you choose to. Put a cobblestone box at the top of the rectangle, but make sure to break a hole in the bottom of the cobblestone. Fill it with gravel, building it down to the floor of the wooden box. A chest should then be placed underneath the gravel. The cobblestone box should then be filled up with lava, and then add leaves. This will help to blend it into the forest. When they try to chop it down, you’ll burn the person up.

Trap #45 A Snowy Trap

No need to use lava when you have snowballs, and you’re going to load up a dispenser with them. You’re then going to need to aim the dispenser towards a pressure plate that you connect it to. It should be right next to a normal pit. The player will then walk across it, and snowballs should knock your enemies into the pit. If you want them to die, add lava in that pit.

Trap #46 Monster Farming Trap

You will need to take a stack of four sticky pistons, and then make sure to craft a stairway so that you can access them rather easily. You’ll then want to build a redstone circuit, connecting it from the sticky pistons all the way to the switch. You’re then going to need to create a redstone NOR latch, connecting it. You’ll then need around twenty-seven Redstone repeaters, helping with delays, and connect them using more Redstone.

Trap #47 The Button Bomber

You’re going to build a shelter for this, and it’s similar to the exploding chest. The shelter should be built out of wood, and inside you’re going to place a chest, bed, or anything else to make it look like an actual home that someone could spend the night in or loot. You’re going to need an iron door on the outside, linking it to a button that will trigger the TNT you place on the inside. Before placing the door line TNT around the wooden structure, and then make another outer layer of stone brick to make it look like an actual house. This way the player doesn’t see the TNT until they’ve already entered and triggered the explosion.

Trap #48 The Prickly Snowball

This will be a variation of the lava trap, and you’re going to build a one by one block ledge with a pit of cactuses behind it then you’re going to need to place dispensers that you’ve previously filled with snowballs pointed at the trap. You’ll then need to establish a trigger, such as with a pressure plate so that the snowballs are triggered and you can force the player into the cactus pit.

Trap #49 Flying Chickens

This trap is a little more hilarious, as you’ll be shooting chickens at the person instead of snowballs or arrows. You’ll need to get chicken eggs, filling some dispensers with them. The eggs should spawn chickens, but you’ll want to put the dispensers on a cock, making repeaters. The chick will push the player out, and you’ll have a lava pit for them to fall into, just like the trap above.

Trap #50 A Different Lava Pit

You’ll need to dig a five by five hole in the ground, and this can be anywhere as long as you make sure to blend it in later. You’ll want to leave the four corners untouched, but then dig three blocks down. You’ll then dig a plus sign in the very middle. In the middle of the plus sign, dig down several blocks, about eight or nine blocks down, but you can dig deeper if you prefer. Just inside the hole, you’re going to need to place a sign to keep the water from flowing out. Add water to the four corners, and then put lava at the bottom of the hole below the sign.

Chapter 6: Traps 51-55

Trap #51 An Arrowed Greeting

You will need to set up a doorway and hook it up with a pressure plate placed directly in front of it. Connect this pressure plate to a dispenser that you’ve filled with arrows. Set that dispenser inside the doorway, and as soon as an intruder tries to break into your home it’ll be set off. An arrow will greet him right in the face, and utilizing a repeater will make this trap that much more efficient. It’ll kill creepers too.

Trap #52 Scavenger Hunt of Death

This scavenger hunt is simple but deadly, and that’s just what you need to kill an unsuspecting player. It’s an obvious trap, and you’re going to create a minefield of TNT that you cover with stone and stone pressure plates. Some of the pressure plates should not rest on TNT, as this will give the player a sense of false security. This will make them step on the ones that are connected to TNT.

Leave a sign telling people there is hidden treasure, and you want to make this area very wide, and refill it when it goes off. You’ll be surprised how many curious players will meet their doom in a large enough mine field with enough inviting signs. To make it really interesting, you can have arrow dispensers hooked up to certain plates around the edges as well if you hide them well enough.

Trap #53 The Mob Trapper

This is a simple trap, but you’ll have to kill the mob in the morning so have your weapons handy. You’ll want to dig a five by five square that is just one block deep, and then you’ll need half slabs. Surround the area with half slabs. The material won’t matter at all. Mobs will be able to walk into it, but you’ll find that they can’t get back out, leaving you the ability to kill them in the morning or just the next time you decide to check the trap.

Trap #54 The Simple Trapdoor

This is another great way to trap players to kill later, and you’ll find that all you need to do is dig a two by two hole. Don’t fill it with anything at all if you don’t want to, but put trapdoors over it, so that when someone walks over it, they’ll fall in. They’ll be easy to kill later on, so check it often to make sure that your trap isn’t full. When you’re dealing with large amounts of traps, it’s easy to forget about the easy ones that should be placed around your home.

Trap #55 The Sign of a Zombie

Zombies can be a huge issue for players in Minecraft, and you may forget how you can easily just trap them or trick them so that they aren’t an issue anymore. Just remember that zombies are attracted to signs just as much as they are attracted to doors, and that’s why this trap works like a charm. You’re going to want to make several of these simple traps at a time to make them most effective.

To make it really interesting, you can make a minefield of them where you have other blocks that are full of TNT and hooked to pressure platforms. In these one by one holes, dig them four blocks deep, and put signs at the entrance of the deeper holes. Dig a channel that connects them so that you’ll have tons of monsters and zombies trapped and following their way deeper to make more room for more trapping.

[] Chapter 7: Tips & Tricks

There are many tips and tricks that are going to make it a little easier to make it all. These tips and tricks are going to make you be an expert at traps in no time at all. The first tip is that all material should be collected before you start. This is so that you don’t have to step away from your trap and forget where you are. You should always be able to create a trap right away, and it shouldn’t take forever.

Practice models are also a great trick if you don’t think that you’re doing something right. Without having built a trap before, it’s easy to accidentally skip a step, and this can keep the entire trap from working. So it’s important that you know what you’re doing, and sometimes that takes a few practice runs.

Make sure you have enough space before you start building. This will help to make sure that you don’t get stuck and all of those materials are not wasted. So would your time, so make sure that everything is planned out beforehand.

Make sure that you’re careful with all of your traps, but especially those that work with lava. It’s too easy to mess up and actually find yourself being the one killed, and then all of your hard work would go to waste. So be timely, but try to keep from rushing. Test the traps you can, but remember that you can’t always test lava traps without dying.

Practice is extremely important when you’re dealing with redstone circuits, so if anything is too tricky, practice before putting too many materials in it. You never want to sink materials that you can’t afford into a trap you don’t understand or something that you can’t figure out. It’s best to make sure that you know how to build every part before continuing.

[] Conclusion

Thank you again for downloading this book!

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Michael Marlon, an avid gamer and lover of all things Minecraft, was born in 1991. Growing up in the city of Brooklyn, NY, his family all loved to play video games. When Minecraft first came out, it was love at first sight. They created family game nights around Minecraft and learned all the hidden secrets they could.

Years later, Michael Marlon is still an devoted Minecraft player. He discovered that he could use his years of playing to teach people how to advance in the game. He practiced his teaching skills on all of his friends until he had his game plans down pat.

Now, he has chosen to combine his passion for the game of Minecraft with his love of writing. Michael has been rapidly publishing as many handbooks needed to enhance all types of player experiences. He also writes and publishes Minecraft stories for the next generation of Minecraft lovers. It’s a full life of Minecraft, but he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

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Minecraft: Minecraft Traps - 55 INCREDIBLE Minecraft Traps to Trick Players and Minecraft: Minecraft Traps - 55 INCREDIBLE Minecraft Traps to Trick Players and