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Minecraft: Minecraft Survival Handbook - A Complete Noobie's Guide to Surviving


Minecraft Survival Handbook

A Complete Noobie’s Guide to Surviving in the World of Minecraft

Copyright 2015 Michael Marlon

Published by Michael Marlon at Shakespir

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – A Little about Minecraft Modes

[+ Chapter 2- The First Steps to Survival +]

[+ Chapter 3- Being Aware of Monsters & Mobs +]

[+ Chapter 4- Some Ways to Survive the Night +]

[+ Chapter 5- Top Tricks for Survival +]

Chapter 6 – Tips for Dealing with Monsters & Mobs

Chapter 7 – Tips on Food & Hunger for Survival

Chapter 8 – Some Combat Tactics

Chapter 9 – Minecraft Mods to Help

Chapter 10 – Mods for Hunger in Minecraft

Chapter 11 – Survival Secrets to Keep in Mind

Chapter 12 – Some Cheats to Keep you Safe


About The Author


First and foremost I want to thank you for downloading the book, Minecraft Survival Handbook: A Complete Noobie’s Guide to Surviving in the World of Minecraft.

In this book you will learn how to survive in the world of Minecraft. From learning about the different modes that you can play in, to learning a little more about traps, surviving in the Minecraft world shouldn’t have to be hard. Luckily, with this book it’s made simple and easy. With different mods to guide you, different cheats to use, and a step by step handbook on knowing your enemy and exactly what you’ll need to take your enemy down, then you’ll be able to survive almost any situation in game.

You’ll even learn how to avoid danger by building the right houses, making sure that your shelters are mob and monster proof, and learning how to mine and adventure safely. When you have the right tools and knowledge under your belt, it becomes that much easier to survive in Minecraft.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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A Little about Minecraft Modes

Before you can begin to learn how to survive in Minecraft, you need to lean about the different modes of Minecraft that you can play in. There are actually five different modes in the game. You have Adventure, Creative, Spectator, Survival and Hardcore gaming modes. Survival mode is one of the hardest to survive and it’s an extremely popular mode for Minecraft players to play in. However, you need to still understand the key differences before beginning.


This is where you can interact with mobs, but you’ll need special tools if you want to build or destroy blocks. This will be for when you’re interacting in game levels that were created by other players. Adventure mode is not a popular mode to most players, but if you’re looking to explore, then it’s right for you. Survival is not nearly as hard in this mode of Minecraft.


This is where you can build or destroy with as many blocks as you want. It’s all about letting your creativity loose, and survival isn’t much of a problem. You won’t even need special tools to create in Creative mode. You can fly and you don’t have to worry about your hunger or health status. You don’t have to worry about survival when you’re dealing with Creative mode, so switch to it when you’re tired of your struggle for survival on other modes to give yourself a mental break.


When playing in this mode, you can’t interact. You can only act like a spectator with the ability to fly and observe what’s going on. You will not be able to be seen by active players. You don’t need to survive in spectator mode, you just look around. It’s a great way to get a feel of the game before you actually play it. This is great for younger players as well.


This is the mode that this book will concentrate on and you’ll have to actually learn to survive. This includes building shelters, fighting mobs, surviving hunger, maintain health and even collecting items that you’ll need. This mode is your second hardest mode to survive in, but when you use cheats and mods it’s a lot easier.


This is actually the more challenging mode, but as a noobie, you won’t be spending a lot of time in this mode until you can master Survival. You will not be able to respawn when you enter this mode, so if you die plan to start over. This will be your hardest mode for survival, but you’ll find that many of the techniques in this book will transfer over to Hardcore mode as well, so this book will help even if you want to kick it up a notch.

A Few More Tips to Get Started:

You need to remember that in Survival mode there is night and day, and that some traps are only triggered by certain times. Keep this in mind when making and using your traps. You also have to understand game time. Twenty minutes is a day, and that means ten minutes can make the difference. It’s when you can secure your resources so that you can actually make it through the night. Mobs will emerge from dark areas and when it turns nighttime, that means you’re in danger virtually everywhere.

You will eventually be able to survive at night well enough that you won’t have to hide, but unless you’re going out to look for a fight, there usually isn’t a reason to go. You can mine, but you will need to have lighting. Lighting will be your best friend at night, and torches as well will be your best friend if you do decide to go out at night. Your other best advantage will be a good weapon that still is in good shape. Remember to bring food or your hunger will sky rocket with each confrontation.

The First Steps to Survival

The first steps to survival is to make sure that you have everything that you need to survive during the day as well as at night – when Minecraft is most dangerous in Survival mode. That means it’s necessary to have shelter. It doesn’t matter if you are on your first day or your hundredth day.

Without shelter, you’re begging to get your character killed. This is why wood is incredibly important because it is the first thing that you’ll use to build your house. However, cobblestone is a little better, and you’ll learn that it provides a little more protection from everything that wants to hurt you as well.

By now, you already have a crafting table to utilize. If you want quick shelter because if you can’t get back to your home, then you can dig a hole in the sand to protect yourself. You’ll need to add a bed, and then you can lay in it until the sun comes up again. A small hut is easy to build as well if you can’t get back to your fortress.

Make sure that you have at least two torches in your shelter if you want to be safe. It doesn’t matter if this is a temporary shelter or your permanent one, but if you’re creating a new permanent or at least large shelter, you’re going to need more light. This will keep dangerous monsters or mob from spawning.

A Little about Preventing Hunger:

Hunger can and will kill you in the world of Minecraft as long as you are playing in Hardcore mode. Take the opportunities that you have to collect food because it is a necessity, as you’ve probably already learned. If your health drops below thirty percent, it’s important to remember that you won’t be able to sprint. You can only starve in Hardcore, though.

If you ever switch to Peaceful mode, you don’t have to worry about hunger anymore. There are a few things that will dwindle your health a lot more quickly, such as healing yourself. It will cause your health bar to go down a lot. If you attack or fight someone, then you are going to lose points on your hunger bar. Just make sure that you choose your battles wisely, because something as simple as jumping can cost you health as well. Sprinting jumps will cost four times as much, so be careful with this action as well. Sprinting in general will drain you.

The only way not to drain your health or energy bar is that you stay in your shelter or bed in the same place. Remember that in Hardcore mode your hunger is going to be that much worse and it’ll be easy to die from hunger. So make sure that you’re in Survival mode or you’ll need to put a lot more thought into how you’re going to keep hunger at bay, and you’ll need to stock up before you go out.

Being Aware of Monsters & Mobs

There are a few things that you need to understand about monsters and mobs if you’re going to survive them. This will help you to know what to do when you see these mobs or monsters coming. These are all present in Survival mode. If you know your enemy, you’re much more likely to be able to defeat your enemy. So when you get to studying, your survival skills will skyrocket.


This is one of the most common types of monsters. They are green in appearance and they lack arms and can attack, but they can also explode. They can actually injure you without being close. Their range is sixteen blocks. A bow and arrow or a diamond sword will work well to destroy them. A normal sword can work as well, but it’s less efficient.


Everyone knows what a spider is and when they’re seen during the day in game they are usually peaceful. You can actually kill them if you want to gather the string or cobwebs. Remember they’re immune to cobwebs and poison, so they’re much harder to kill. Bow and arrows or even an ax or sword will do the trick.


There are often in water or hiding under trees. They’ll actually run into the sunlight, and they’re literally burning to attack you. This means they can set you on fire when they touch you, so you need to be careful. If it’s not sunny, your problems will only multiply.

You’ll have to kill zombies most of the time if you can’t retreat into shelter. A pack of zombies can often overrun you, but you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to take a single one. Just remember that the moment you attack a single zombie, they alert others where you are. They’ll start to spawn out of your sight, just waiting to attack you. You can kill a zombie using standard methods.


This wouldn’t be a hard monster if they didn’t have a bow, but that makes it a little more complicated. What makes it more complicated is that they are usually pretty accurate with this bow as well. Digging a trap for a skeleton to fall into is usually best. You’ll find that they can be hard to kill using a projectile weapon.

Spider Jockeys:

You’re not going to find these nearly as much, so they aren’t much of a worry. It’s a spawning mix between a skeleton and a spider. A Spider Jockey will usually have a sword or bow and they’ll attack you with it. To defeat it you’re going to want to slay the spider first, and then you can deal with the skeleton afterwards.


These come in different sizes, but they’re an aggressive mob. Smaller slimes won’t harm you, but they’ll follow you around. You can use lava to kill them or drown them in water. The bigger slimes are harder to kill and they have sixteen health.

Magma Cubes:

You’ll find these mobs in the Nether and they’ll do damage when they jump on you. They also come in different sizes. When killing them you’ll need to use a sword or bow.


Witches can actually kill you and they’ll use different potions to do it. They can also use a potion to help themselves in a fight, but they’re immune to almost all magic and most potions, so don’t attack them this way. You’ll want to kill them with arrows and stay out of the range of their potions. Some people sprint in to attack them, but this is much riskier. They have a twenty-six health, so they’re much harder to kill.


These aren’t something you need to worry about most of the time, because they’re harmless most of the time. They’ll become hostile when you look them in the eyes directly. So your white cross that shows your perspective should never go directly across their eyes unless you want them to attack. They’re hard to slay because they can transport while attacking.

Killer Bunnies:

These look cute and cuddly, but the red eyes should give them away. You’re rarely able to fight one off, so the best tip for surviving is just to avoid it. They will kill you before you can even blink.


Many players believe these look cute and cuddly at first too, but they’re deadly as well. You shouldn’t risk stumbling upon them in a stronghold as they will attack in swarms. Just be careful of killing them because the moment you do it’s going to respawn and it’s only going to respawn with a larger number. Again, it’s best to avoid these if at all possible. You don’t have much of a chance at fighting them off. You can use flit and steel on them as well, but you can also use a cactus on them to cause damage.


These are larger mobs, but you’ll find them in the Nether as well. They’ll shoot fireballs from their mouths while floating around, and they have a long range of attack. Luckily, they won’t attack or pursue if they don’t have a line of sight. The best way to kill them is by deflecting a fireball at them or using an arrow. They only have ten health.


These are creatures that you’ll find come from the Nether as well, and of course they do shoot fireballs. They can be killed with normal weapons, but you can also use rain and water. Just remember that they are immune to fire and lava, and sadly they have twenty health.

A Little about Hostile Mobs:

Most mobs aren’t hostile, but you’ll find that there are a few that are. Hostile mobs are obviously hostile and these are mostly your monsters, but there are some mobs that will only turn hostile if provoked. For example, you’ll find that a Zombie Pigmen will not attack you until you attack it, and then they will attack in a hoard.

Some Ways to Survive the Night

When you’re still new to surviving in Minecraft, the night is your greatest enemy. You need to know how to survive it quickly and effectively. You shouldn’t spend too much effort on it and it shouldn’t take too much time to prepare. Remember that it takes only twenty minutes for the day to turn into night in the Minecraft world, so you don’t need to spend too much time preparing. A lot of these methods are about house building, as your house is actually your first line of defense. If you’re new to the world of Minecraft, venturing out at night isn’t actually wise. It is when you’re looking for an adventure or a fight, but not when you’re looking for safety.

Using Caves:

Caves are a quick and easy way to hide, but you need to clear them out before the sun goes down. It’s a great way to get some rest, and you can make it into a room quickly. You’ll be protected by various layers of dirt and stone, but they can be the home of mobs that are dangerous. Just clear it out beforehand, and then you don’t have to build walls, so it still saves you time. Make sure that you have a sword, pickaxe, and numerous torches to l

Using a Hole:

This is basic and as stated before, a hole with torches is a great way to go if you don’t want to spend too much time on your shelter. This is great if you’ve lost track of time, and you can expand outward once you’re down there. All you have to do is dig down for three blocks, and then you can fill in the top, but remember to place your torches. It’s important to be careful when you’re digging back up though because when you do it’ll open you back up to mobs and monsters. It’s an affordable place to live, as you don’t have to use a single block to make it.

Have an Island Ready:

This can be a little more complicated, but it’s a great way to make sure that you survive the night. Almost no mobs or monsters will spawn in the water except a squid, so the likelihood of getting hurt is extremely low. You need to swim straight down until you hit the bottom, and then use a tower of blocks until you break the surface of the water and are on top of it. Afterwards, you’ll then make a platform. This is usually safe enough, but just to be sure it might be best that you put up walls.

Treehouses for Safety:

If you want to still be safe, you need to make sure that you’re off the ground. A treehouse can help with that as well, and it’s not that hard to build one. It’ll keep you up and away from the mobs that are roaming around below. You can build a ladder as well, and remember that mobs can only block over a single block. They can’t jump over two, so this will keep them away, and it’s a simple trick to do so.

However, spiders are a monster that will pose a threat, but they can’t climb on a ceiling. When you use a tree, the natural mushroom shape is going to protect you. However, if you just use a huge mushroom it will work as well. You can build on top of it or hollow one out.

A Little about Building for Survival:

When you’re building anything for survival, you need to make sure that you have light. Light is extremely important to protect you, but having a bed will also protect you, and it’s rather simple. You don’t have to worry about too much as long as you’re in bed at night, but if you want to roam around other precautions will need to be taken to make sure you’re safe. Having some traps will help as well, but make sure that you have a door they can’t get through.

To make sure that spiders aren’t an issue, you can even put a gate around your home that’s two blocks high. This way mobs won’t be able to get through, and it won’t take much time to make. However, the size of your house will depend on how many blocks you use for this safety precaution.

Top Tricks for Survival

About Death Matches:

This isn’t an issue most of the time because players won’t actually attack you, but it’s not impossible in the world of Minecraft. To survive, you have to be prepared and surviving death matches isn’t as hard as you might think. Even if just a group of players is attacking you and it’s not a ‘match’ this is a fair tactic to employ.

If you’re fighting against different players, then you need to make sure that you don’t waste your energy in the beginning. It’s actually smarter to run around until there are only one or two players left before engaging, as this won’t waste your hunger or health bar nearly as much as fighting and it gives you a much better chance of winning. However, you’ll find this won’t stop other people from trying to attack you.

When Fleeing Don’t Go Up:

When you’re panicking and wondering if you need to flee or fight, fleeing is usually your best option, but believe it or not you can flee in the wrong way. For example, it’s not good to flee upwards. Don’t climb up high structures to flee unless you don’t have a choice. Fighting will often be better. This is because there is an issue with getting back down. You’ll be taking damage as you run back down because you’re technically always falling, so you’re now taking unnecessary fall damage.

When Fleeing Don’t Jump in Water:

You may think that the water may break your fall if you need to get off of a high spot quickly, but it’s not always wise. You need to think about your situation before you decide the best way to get down. It’s important that you make sure that you don’t jump off of something into water if you’re afraid whatever you’re running from could come after you. In the water you’re moving a lot slower and it’ll mean that you can take damage.

However, many mobs and monsters don’t go in water, so this is really only an issue if you are about to get attacked by another player. Of course, watch out for squids. Going under water to try to avoid arrows is unwise as well, since you aren’t invisible when you go underwater. You’re actually more of a target because you’re moving incredibly slowly.

About Avoiding Fall Damage:

Fall damage is going to happen. You can’t always avoid it, but you can try. You can usually avoid fall damage by dropping into water, but this isn’t always true. If you’re trying to avoid fall damage, then you need to make sure that the water that you’re using is at least two blocks deep. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if it is. If you don’t know, then you’re taking a risk. If it’s two blocks deep, then it’s okay to jump into. Just don’t try to use it as an escape route because, as you already know, it’s going to slow you down.

When Facing a Creeper:

Creepers are going to pop up no matter how much you try to protect yourself. Don’t panic, you don’t usually have to flee. You can fight a creeper rather easily. The best strategy to face a creeper is to hit them, and then you’re going to want to run back out of their reach. Then you can hit them again. However, your running should be sprinting because you’re moving a little quicker and easier. Staying out of their reach is extremely important or you’re just taking unneeded damage.

Getting More Wool:

Remember that wool is flammable. You can also use it to build a bed, so carrying it around with you is actually extremely useful. Wool can be important in the world of Minecraft, so it’s incredibly important that you collect it. Most people will just kill sheep to get the wool, but you’re getting less in the long run. You actually need to sheer the sheep if you want more wool. You can even use wool for archery ranges to make targets, and this will help you to sharpen your skills with a bow and arrow so that you don’t have to worry about mobs and monsters nearly as much.

Gold isn’t Wise:

A lot of people like gold, but it’s not actually wise to use it for things like weapons or armor. It may look nice and flashy, but it won’t do much else. Gold is a weak material, and so you don’t want to waste it on something that it won’t be good for. It’ll only end up getting you killed, especially if you’re using it for armor. Gold may look pretty, but for the most part it isn’t practical, so don’t waste your precious time trying to find it.

Don’t Waste Diamonds:

When you’re using diamond armor, you need to realize that it isn’t much better than iron armor. So you really shouldn’t waste your diamonds. You need to make sure that save your diamonds for something that is going to be a little more useful for you. A diamond pickaxe will get you more in the world of Minecraft than diamond armor ever will. Only use it for armor if you have an excess.

Collecting Blaze Rods:

You already know that Blazes are actually dangerous, so you need to get past them, and that’s exactly what this hack will allow you to do. You want fire resistant potions when collecting blaze rods because you’ll then be able to collect them safely. You’ll be immune to blaze fireballs and blaze rods are going to help you craft other items that will help you with survival. Just make sure that they don’t hit you with a melee attack because then a fire resistant potion just won’t help you at all. Remember to take another weapon as well because it’s better to be over prepared rather than under prepared.

Tips for Dealing with Monsters & Mobs

Monsters and mobs are going to be your biggest threat, and you already know which ones are out there. You even know how to kill most of them, but with knowledge on your side, you’re going to survive just fine. You’ll find that from Cave Spiders to Endermen, it’s not that hard to find their weaknesses. That’s exactly what this chapter is meant to help you with.

Dealing with Cave Spiders:

Cave spiders can be an issue for many players, so it can be hard not to get killed. You’re going to want to bring a bow and a bucket of lava with you into caves if you’re worried about them. A bucket of water will help with cobwebs as well. However, if you’re using a bucket of lava then you’re actually lighting the area as well. It’ll help to make sure that they won’t respawn nearly as much, if at all.

Dealing with an Enderdragon:

Enderdragons can be incredibly dangerous as well, but they will take damage when you throw a snowball at it. Snowballs can easily be turned into a long range weapon and they’ll deal a single heart of damage each, but they’re quick and simple to obtain.

To Escape Endermen:

Endermen can be extremely difficult and dangerous, but you need to find a way to escape them before you get killed. The easiest way to escape is to stand in water. They can’t get to you in water, but remember that if you’re in a one block water with land around it, you aren’t actually safe.

So just be wise, and use it when you can to make sure that you escape just like you need to. Putting a pumpkin on your head will also keep them away. And if you want to protect your house, then just put water around it. When you’re fighting one, it’s best to hit in the legs. This severely lessens the chance that they’ll be able to teleport behind you. You can also pour a bucket of water over them.

Dealing with Spiders:

Minecraft seems to love spiders and they’re actually a common enemy that you need to be prepared for. Spiders can be difficult to deal with if you can’t sprint, and this is because they are actually faster than your walking speed in Minecraft. So walking away isn’t the wise option. You’re going to want to sprint backwards and punch at them if you want to escape with your life.

Dealing with Skeletons:

As if zombies weren’t enough, you’ll have skeletons to deal with as well in your fight for survival. When you’re dealing with Skeletons, you’re going to want to make sure that they can’t shoot you. If you’re sure that they can shoot you before you can flee, then you’re going to need to get a little creative. You can block the arrow with your sword, and then you can attack them before they shoot again. This is a great way to escape with your life intact.

Tips on Food & Hunger for Survival

Hunger is going to be one of your worst enemies because it’s going to put your life in danger if you don’t have your hunger bar full. It affects your health and it’s time consuming to keep collecting, and even cooking food. You would most likely rather be mining, crafting or adventuring, but in Survival mode it’s realistic and that’s why these tips and tricks on how to deal with hunger should help.

Wait on Restoring Hunger:

It’s important that you wait to restore your hunger because otherwise you’re wasting some of your food. If eating something will only restore four parts of your hunger, then you need to make sure that you eat when you’ve lost those four parts. You’re wasting it if you’ve only lost two because your bar can’t get any more full than completely full, and you’d have to make another piece of food for later. Just never let yourself go critical.

About Breeding & Killing Livestock:

You need to make animals follow you if you want them to breed, and for cows and sheep you can use wheat to do this. Wheat seeds will make chickens follow you and later breed. Carrots will then make pigs follow you and do the same. Bones will tame wolves, meat will restore their health and make them breed as well. If you want to tame an ocelot, you’re going to need to use fish.

Just remember that ocelots and wolves won’t provide you food, and if you want an animal to breed you have to give them two of their corresponding foods. However, always keep in mind that if you kill an animal that is a baby, you won’t get any meat at all. If you’re going for animals that restore your hunger the most, that would be cows and pigs. They will restore four hunger. Always make sure that you have four adults left when you’re done killing part of your farm for meat.

Keeping Your Food Alive:

If you’re going to tame an ocelot and wolf or even, just worry about them being around. You need to ask yourself if your pens for chickens and sheep are full-proof. Ocelots will kill chickens and wolves will actually kill your sheep, so always be careful. Make sure your pens are extremely safe. Otherwise, you are going to lose livestock which just wasted your energy to collect and keep, but with them killed you’re not going to get anything back from your investment.

Restoring More Health:

Cooking your food will actually give you more health than just having raw food, so it’s important to bake potatoes and cook meat if you want to have something that will really help your hunger levels. It’s important to stock up on cooked food as much as possible in Survival mode. You never know when you’re going to need it. Remember that if you want potatoes and carrots, it’s usually best to go to a village to get them. As far as cooking your meat, if you can use a flame enchanted weapon then when you kill the animal the meat is automatically cooked.

Rotten Flesh Can be Used:

Rotten flesh can be used. It’s not your first choice, but sometimes it’s all you have, especially if you’re in the nether. You’ll find that it gets worse if you don’t eat anything at all. Rotten flesh will restore two hungers, but it will deplete one, so you’re at least getting something out of it. If you need it, then eat it if you want to survive. Just remember that if you sprint, you’re going to use this up a lot faster. You can give rotten flesh to your wolf to eat as well if you need them in good health.

Eat a Spider Eye:

It’s important that you eat when you need to if you need to regenerate health. You may only have a spider eye on you, and yes it is poisonous. You need to make sure that monsters and mobs aren’t around you when you eat it because it will poison you for five seconds. Poison isn’t going to kill you, but it will weaken you enough that mobs and monsters can give that final killing blow.

Some Combat Tactics

You’re going to need defend yourself against various mobs and other dangers, so usually a sword is best. Just make sure that you make it out of resilient ores. You’ll need different tactics for different enemies and you’ll find that everything takes practice.

Using a Sword:

You’ve already found out how useful using a sword is in Minecraft, and you will need to craft one and use it properly. You can kill someone with a sword even if they’re armored, and if you manage to do so, then you can take their armor as well. Of course, you need to find a sword that will hold up, so make sure that you repair your swords as necessary. You’ll need to learn how to use your sword in an effective manner so that you’ll be able to fight enemies off as soon as they get close.

Using a Bow & Arrow:

This is one of your more ideal weapons, but it does take some practice to master. However, it is one of the most difficult weapons to craft. You’ll need to get the strings by harvesting them from spiders, and the arrows need to be made using flint, feathers and a stick. Arrow are actually dropped by skeletons, so going after one may prove useful. You can also use your bow and arrow to break mine carts or boats if the need ever comes up.

Sealing the Perimeter:

This is a tactic that is great when you’re trying to protect your home or shelter. You need to seal it off completely, and then you can get up and down using a ladder. It’s a great way to keep mobs out because in the world of Minecraft they can’t climb ladders. Just remember that creepers will actually explode, so you don’t want them near you. Make sure that you find a way to chase them from your house so that you don’t have explosion.

Minecraft Mods to Help

Sometimes you’re going to need to turn to a mod to get what you need for survival, but they’re easier to use than you may think. These mods will help you survive more easily. Armor and weapons will be your best friend, so that’s the mods that you need to start with.

Extra Utilities:

From extra blocks to new items, this will give you more to protect yourself with and that’s one of the reasons you’ll want to download it. It’s quick and easy to install and you’ll have more tools to work with in your belt, so make sure that you get it now. It’ll also help with creativity, so you can enjoy the creative side of Minecraft as well.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/225561-extra-utilities+]

Redstone Arsenal:

You’re going to get even more tools and weaponry to use when you download this. You’ll be using the power of Redstone Flux with this mod, so you’ll have a lot to make sure that you kill all mobs and monsters. It’ll even help you to protect yourself from players.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/redstone-arsenal+]


The technology you’ll find in EnderTech is going to help maximize your survival chances as well, and you’ll find that you have some expensive and configurable mechanics in this mod. You change the configuration if you don’t like the balance because you think it’s too energy expensive. You’ll find tanks, health pads, charge pads, recipes, exchangers and much more.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/223428-endertech+]

Adventure Backpack:

You’ll find that adventure backpack is extremely useful to your survival. This is because a lot of the backpacks you’ll get have special abilities, but more is going to be added as well since it’s actually still in development. You’ll also be able to get a sleeping bag so that you can sleep anywhere safely. You’ll get piston-powered boots with this mod which will help with survival because it’ll help you to jump a little higher and run a little faster.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/225063-adventure-backpack+]

Balkon’s WeaponMod:

You’ll get a lot of different weapons that you can use with this mod. For example, look forward to spearing a zombie’s head because you’re going to get a spear. You can also cut a skeleton in half with the halberd you’re going to get. You’ll get an old musket, mountable cannon, and even training dummies that you can practice on. This is a Forge mod.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/balkons-weaponmod+]

Modular Armor:

You’ll need CoFH Core 3.0.2, but you’ll get modular armor with this mod. You’ll also get editable recipes and you’ll get editable values. You’ll even have upgrades like a solar helmet, auto feeder, long fall dampeners, poisons, calf shields, and jetpacks, so this mod is worth the time to download.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224011-modular-armour+]

Armory- Armoring the World:

This mod allows you to make armor just as you’d want armor. It’s all up to you, and that’s what makes it so great in enhancing your chances of survival. Even the strength of the armor can be modified. You can even choose how your armor is going to be affected by the environment. Armor is what defends your life when you’re attacked, and there are small and large modifications that you can use.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:


More Swords Mod:

Swords are your main defense in Minecraft, so having a few more of them is sure to help as well. With this mod it works on both client and server, so it’s fairly compatible. You’ll have strong, practical blades and even magical swords to choose from. There’s even a Vampiric Blade that is sure to help, and it looks cool.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/more-swords-mod+]

The Last Sword You Will Ever Need Mod:

The title is self-explanatory, and you already know that swords are essential to surviving in Minecraft. With this mod, you’re going to survive a lot easier. Not only will you get an amazing sword, but you’re also going to get great armor to go with it.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:


Mods for Hunger in Minecraft

Hunger can be dangerous in Minecraft, and even though it isn’t going to actually kill you, it puts you in the position to be killed a lot easier. It’s important that you increase your chances of survivals by making sure that you know what you’re going to do about hunger.

Cooking for Blockheads:

Remember that cooking your food will make it restore more hunger, but it’s sometimes hard. However, if you want to add more cooking features so that you can survive a little easier, then this is the mod for you. However, it can be overwhelming, so it’s not the best way to survive. It just gives you that little extra boost that might make the difference.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:


Fast Food:

This mod isn’t going to help much, but it’ll make food a little more readily available. Sometimes the hardest part of making sure you have enough food is collecting it. Not cooking it, and that’s where this mod will come in handy. You’ll get some new ingredients to work with as well, so it makes surviving a little less boring.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/223553-fast-food+]

Extra Food:

It is usually best to not have to worry about hunger at all, and with this Minecraft mod you don’t have to worry about it nearly as much. It has over twenty more foods added, and you can create them so it’s a lot easier. You’ll even be able to make a cookbook so that you don’t have to spend so much time creating your own recipes when you’re trying to create food.

It supports 1.7.10, and you can download it here:

[+ http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/222348-extra-food+]

Survival Secrets to Keep in Mind

Zombie Proofing Doors:

You can zombie proof a door pretty easily, and this will make you a lot safer, especially at night. Just raise it up a single block because then they can’t actually get in. It’s simple, easy and it won’t cost you too much to do.

Save Yourself from Lava:

You can save yourself from lava by placing a bucket of water down, but this is when you’re falling in lava. So just make sure that you keep a bucket on hand because you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Battling Silverfish:

Use a lighter when battling silverfish because it’ll stop them from reproducing. When you kill a silverfish, you already know they reproduce in larger numbers, and this makes them dangerous. When you take that away, they aren’t much more dangerous than other mobs or monsters.

Battling a Wither:

When battling a Wither, try to lure them into a small space. This keeps them from moving as well as they could have in an open space, and you’re much more likely to kill them without taking on too much damage. You’ll also kill them quicker.

Dealing with Blaze Monsters:

Blaze monsters pose a serious threat to your survival in the Minecraft world, and you’ll need to find a way to kill them quickly and effectively. This is why you should carry snowballs around with you and it doesn’t take up too much room in your inventory.

Climbing Walls:

When you’re getting away from something or trying to build something to protect you, then climbing walls can be incredibly helpful. It’s almost impossible to do unless you have a water bucket, but if you do, then you’ll be able to climb walls easily.

Hiding Your Name:

If you don’t want to get attacked, hiding your name can be incredibly important at certain times. Your name will be hidden if you’re crouching, but you can also stand by a wall, sign or chest that blocks you if you want to hide your name.

Cooking Bacon:

If you want to get cooked bacon, you’re going to want to set a pig on fire. You can use a fireball, and then you have quickly slaughtered and cooked food that you can store to restore your health later on.

Using Milk:

Poison can hurt you but not kill you. It’ll leave you open for attack, and one of the best ways to cure it is to use milk, so you’ll want to carry it around with you. It’ll help to restore your health by curing you, helping you to increase your chances of survival.

Some Cheats to Keep you Safe

Remember that if you want to use cheats, you have to have your cheats on. Cheats are applicable in Survival mode, so it’ll be easy to make sure that you survive when you pair these with everything else that you’ve learned.

Cheat #1 Healing Health:

Your health is what’s going to keep you alive, and healing it can be time consuming. When using this cheat, it’s a lot easier. Just type in heal [health points]. You can refill to an indicated level as well. Just type in health [min, max, or infinite].

Cheat #2 Getting Away:

Sometimes you need to get away quickly, and if there’s a platform over your head it can be a quick and easy escape route. All you have to do is use location: ascend. You can go to the level below by typing in location: descend.

Cheat #3 Damage:

You can even toggle player damage by typing in player’s damage: damage. There’s also toggling the fall damage by typing in player’s falling damage: falldamage. Mobs can’t cause you damage with mobdamage. Player’s fire damage: firedamage.

Cheat #4 Items:

You can keep items by toggling it with: infinteitems. You can keep your items by using: keepitems. Items are important to your survival because it’ll give you what you need for health and protection.

Cheat #5 Kill:

You can kill mobtypes easier as well to make sure you survive just killall [mob type]. You can kill just about anything nearby with: killnpc [all, animal, or monster]. You can even kill something you’ve instantly with: instantkill.

Cheat #6 Growing Plants:

Growing plants means that you’re growing food that much quicker, and it’s important that you do that without wasting precious daylight time when you’re trying to survive. For wheat trees you can just type: grow, and you can use: instantplant to get a plant to grow instantly.

Cheat #7 Light:

Light protects you in the world of Minecraft, and having permanent light can be best. You just toggle: light.

Cheat #8 Freeze a Mob:

This isn’t versatile, but it’s a cheat that can come in handy when a mob is going to kill you. The cheat command is: freeze.

Cheat #9 Confuse a Mob:

The cheat command is confuse and this will stop them from killing you as well. It’ll give you time to escape, but don’t just stick around and test your luck.

Cheat #10 Defuse TNT:

TNT can possibly kill you and that’s why you need to be able to defuse it. If you don’t know how to do this on your own or you don’t know what’s best, then you’re going to want to use the cheat command: defuse.


Thank you again for downloading this book!

I hope this book was able to help you to survive a little more easily, and you’ll find that it’s incredibly simple to survive in Minecraft. From the steps that you’ll take to ensure you have the right mods and cheats, all the way to making sure that you know your enemy and the perfect way to defeat them, you should have everything you need to survive.

The next step upon successful completion of this book is to just implement these methods so that you can do exactly what you need to not only survive, but dominant the playing field.

Thank you and good luck!

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Years later, Michael Marlon is still an devoted Minecraft player. He discovered that he could use his years of playing to teach people how to advance in the game. He practiced his teaching skills on all of his friends until he had his game plans down pat.

Now, he has chosen to combine his passion for the game of Minecraft with his love of writing. Michael has been rapidly publishing as many handbooks needed to enhance all types of player experiences. He also writes and publishes Minecraft stories for the next generation of Minecraft lovers. It’s a full life of Minecraft, but he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

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