Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve in a New Minecraft World (Unofficial Minecraft


Diary of Steve the Miner


Minecraft Diamond Series



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Chapter 1

Sunday – Trapped in Mineomania

Chapter 2

Monday – Wow, I have laser vision!

Chapter 3

Tuesday – Slimes taste like my Mom’s Spinach

Chapter 4

Wednesday Night – the Enderman

Chapter 5

Thursday – Creepers are NOT good swimming buddies

Chapter 6

Friday – Caves drive me crazy!

Chapter 7

Saturday – I am useless…

Chapter 8

The Second Sunday – How do I find the way out?



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I wrote this book because I like fantasizing about Minecraft and what would be like to actually live inside it. It has been fun to escape for a while the boring everyday life and live a life of adventure.

My Mineomania world is unique and full of surprises. Steve the miner could be everyone of us, as new and unexplained situations can easily turn even the bravest into little children.

So, what to expect from this book?

In Trapped in Mineomania, you would see the Minecraft world from inside. This book gives you the opportunity to explore a new world no longer as a player, who has the power to change and create things, but as one of Minecraft’s mobs.

Steve the miner is forced to obey the strange laws of Minecraft and live by them. He is alone in a place, where the many skills we acquire at school are useless.

How would his Spanish help him, when chased by an Enderman or a Creeper? Or how would he use his great computer skills to find food?

It could be quite a challenge, isn’t it?

If you want to see how Steve the miner would survive his first week in Mineomania, read the book.

Chapter 1

Sunday – Trapped in Mineomania


All around me I can see high mountains, covered with trees, green meadows at the foot of the mountain and something that looks like small colourful boxes scattered around the green grass.

Where am I? This looks nothing like my home town. Where are the high buildings, the school and the church? There are not even streets or any other kinds of paths around here!

I must still be dreaming.

This was what I thought the first few minutes after I woke up inside Minecraft, because this was what happened to me.

But, let me start at the beginning…

My new hot girlfriend is kind of a geek and likes very much to play educational computer games, as she calls them. According to her, Minecraft is the perfect game for a teenager, who wants to develop new skills. (This is a direct quote!)

In other words, I had to start playing Minecraft, just to make her like me more. You see, my social status very much depends on who I am dating, so once I had the most beautiful girl in the school, I was determined to keep her at all costs.

That is how I ended up downloading the game and planting a seed (5825474964779901595), nothing special you see, as I knew nothing about the game and how it works.

The next few hours I wandered around some cartoonish world, where everything was made of blocks and where animals and monsters looked funny and not at all scary to me.

I must have fallen asleep some time after that and was awakened by some strange sound…

This is how I found myself trapped inside this fairytale world, about which I still knew nothing at all.

Mineomania, that is how I named it to make fun of all those, who spent all their weekends in front of the computer, playing Minecraft. Well, I am more of a sports guy, who likes to play ball and stay out of the house as much as possible.

And thinking about it, this might be not so bad after all – I am outside, away from home and school and what is more when I return home, I would be able to tell everybody what is to live inside Minecraft first hand.

It was time to do some exploring…

The cleft I was standing on seamed dangerous, but I was surprised to find out that I can jump and run much faster than in real life. Everything seemed easier in Minecraft. I could feel my body move the way I wanted it, but there were no side effects – I did not get tired or hurt, when I accidentally bumped into a tree.

It was getting dark, so I did my best to descend from the mountain as quickly as possible. My goal was to reach the small boxes I saw from above. I imagined that those were some kind of houses and when I finally reached them, I could see that I was right.

On my way down I saw multiple caves, but they looked dark and dangerous, and I was afraid to explore them.

And anyway, it was dark!

Sunday Night

The coming of the night took me by surprise, although I saw it coming. I was almost at the foot of the mountain and then the village was clearly visible, thanks to the light coming from the windows of the houses.

I proceeded with caution, as I remembered my girlfriend telling me about the monsters that come out in the dark. The village consisted of about ten houses with multiple farms around them. I noticed that, because I was hungry.

Funny, isn’t it – I am not even a real person, but I still can feel hunger! Near the first house there was a small pond of water that was illuminated by the light coming out of the window. I bent over it and finally was able to see how I looked.

My God! My head was a box and my hands and legs looked like tree trunks. My eyes were the same colour, but I had no nose, or fingers, or any other distinguishing thing that made me unique. In other words, I looked just like the average Minecraft player.

What was I going to do now?

It was late and dark, so I went to the only dark house in the village to seek shelter. The house was empty, so I went inside and laid down to rest a little, hoping that when I woke up I would be back in my own comfortable bed.

Chapter 2

Monday – Wow, I have laser vision!


The sun coming in through the window woke me up early in the morning and at first I thought that I was in my room at home, but then…

Some weird humming noises came from outside, just when I realized that I wasn’t home. I went close to the window and watched how tree weird looking men stood in front of the other houses and simply looked around.

They were dressed in brown and violet robes and had their hands folded in front of them.

“Hi,” I said to them cautiously. “My name is Steve.”

My voice was robot like, sounding distant and not at all like my normal voice. Two of the villagers looked at me, but then turned the other way and continued with their chatting.

I walked out of the hut, heading their way and thinking that maybe I would be able to get them to talk. I needed information on how to get out of here and they were the only people around that could help me.

The village was beautiful with small rectangular houses and farms near them. I had no idea what to do next, but I was hungry and needed something to eat first.

“Can you give me some food, please?” I asked another villager, who had Blacksmith written over his head.


What was I doing wrong here? And then I remembered that if you want something from the villagers you have to trade with them. I had no idea how that worked, and what is more, I had nothing to trade for food.

So, I walked away, trying to distract myself by exploring around. The world around me seemed strangely silent and bare. Yes, there were trees, grass and clouds in the sky, but I could not see any birds, insects or animals.

And the silence, the silence was the worst part. Once I left the village, I could no longer hear the chatting of the villagers and there was no other sound around here. I could hear myself walking, but that was all.

I wandered around the whole day, looking for other people until it became obvious I would not find any. There was also no way out of here. No matter how far away I went, it was all the same – grass, hills, woods, mountains, etc.

Monday Evening

The night was falling again, when I realized that I had nowhere to spend it and what is more – I was starving. I turned around and started to walk back to the village, when something passed in front of me.


I shouted and run in the opposite direction. What if it was one of those monsters that everybody was so excited about? I had no weapons or skills, and what was more, I had no idea how to kill them.

But it was no use, as I was in some kind of swamp and running was not easy. It was dark, but the moon was bright in the dark blue sky, all round and yellow. I looked around and there it was, some kind of greenish box, hopping around and definitely coming towards me.

I walked backwards, putting more distance between us, but the thing would not stop. It jumped and crawled… until…

I could hear it making some very weird smacking sounds. It sounded like someone walking through the mud or even jumping into it. And then there were more of them…

I could see them coming from all directions, all heading towards me. What were they? And what did they want from me? I walked until my back hit the trunk of a tree and I had nowhere else to run.

I could count six of them, all looking and coming right at me. One was especially close and I focused my attention on it. I thought that those might be slimes. Truth be told, I had no idea what they really were, but I had read about them in Minecraft tutorial.

The slime was at about five blocks from me, when something strange happened. I was looking at it, trying to will it to turn around and leave me alone, when a laser-like beam came out of my eyes and hit the slime.

Cool, I have laser vision…

Chapter 3

Tuesday – Slimes taste like my Mom’s Spinach

That is right, last night I discovered that I had laser vision and spent the whole night shooting at slimes. It was really great.

Every time I would hit a slime, it would turn into multiple smaller slimes that would continue to hope around. Therefore, I had multiple shooting targets at which to aim.

Finally, I had found something fun to do in Minecraft! I continue to shoot at slimes until the sun was coming up again and my stomach started to loudly complain. I needed food and I needed it now.

An idea came to my mind – maybe, I can eat slimes?! I could not remember much about them, but if I was correct, most of the Minecraft mobs were either good to eat or able to drop some food or items.

So, let see how slimes taste like…

I aimed at one of the smallest ones and killed it with my laser vision. The beam coming out of my eyes was red in colour and obviously very powerful, as the few times when I could not aim properly and hit a tree or a stone, they would either burn or be completely destroyed.

The slime had turned a little brown at the edges and I thought that that means that it was cooked and ready to eat. I approached it carefully and took it in my mouth – it tasted horribly, just like my Mom’s spinach surprise would.

Wow, this is so not cool!

Tuesday at Midday

After tasting the slime and discovering that out there were things worse that the vegetables my mother tried to make me eat, I continued my way back to the village.

I was a little afraid that I may not find it, but around midday, here it was, standing at the foot of the mountain. I walked inside it and went straight to the nearest farm.

I was so hungry that I did not care to whom it belonged and started eating whatever came my way. There were potatoes, carrots and pumpkins, and although I hated carrots I still ate them.

It was too long since I ate something.

The villagers were walking around me, but no one was actually disturbed by my actions. Therefore, I ate and went in the abandoned house to hide inside and sleep a little.

Who knows what the next day would bring my way…


Chapter 4

Wednesday Night – the Enderman

I slept through the night and most of the next day and when I woke up I still hoped that I would see my room and all the little things I missed so much right now.

It was dark when I got outside and the village looked empty, as all the villagers were hidden inside their houses. The moon was shining bright and I considered what to do next.

My first stop was at the nearest farm, from where I ate some vegetables. Then I wandered out of the village in search of a sheep or a rabbit. After my disastrous adventure with the slimes, I remembered that there were other animals out there, which I could easily cook (with the help of my laser visions) and eat.

So, I went into the night in search of food.

It was dark, but the rectangular moon was providing enough light for me to see where I was going. I had already discovered that if I jump high enough, I can see around me at a quiet a long distance. This way I was able to easily spot a few sheep in a meadow.

When I was close enough, I pointed at one with my laser eyes and shoot at it. The sheep was immediately roasted and I was able to finally eat something that tasted like real food.

But, just when I was relaxing and thinking of going back to the village, an Enderman approached me from between the trees.

All I knew about the Enderman was that this Minecraft monster lived usually at The End and was damaged by water. It could teleport when in danger and usually is not dangerous to players.

The monster was close to me and I was looking right at it, curious to see this strange being. That, however, was my biggest mistake.

Little I knew that there was more than one way to make an Enderman angry.

The monster opened its mouth and shook with rage, while making a threatening sound. It continued to shout while running towards me, clearly intending to attack me. Its long legs and arms dangled from its body, dangerously long and heavy.

At first, I remained immobile, too scared to do anything, but when the Enderman came too close to me, I turned around and ran. I could hear it running after me and uttering that loud sound that could make even the most courageous person afraid.

I desperately tried to remember what to do, but the fear was blocking even my thoughts. A few times I turned around and shoot at the Enderman with my laser eyes, but it was not affected by them and continued its pursuit.

Suddenly, rain started to pour over me and I relaxed a little. This I knew – Enderman does not like rain. I looked back and there it was, looking up at the sky and clearly no longer interested in me. And then the monster simply disappeared, by probably teleporting itself in some cave or dungeon.

This was my first near death experience and hopefully the last one…

Chapter 5

Thursday – Creepers are NOT good swimming buddies

The next morning, I felt much better after sleeping well with a full stomach. Thankfully, my encounter with the Enderman had ended well and I promised myself never to look at one again.

I left the village early in the morning and went to find some breakfast. This time, I ate some roasted pork and decided to take a bath in the nearby lake. My mother would be proud of me, if she could see me right now – I was cooking (or sort of), I remembered to wash up and I even cleaned after myself in the hut.

The water was bright blue and, although, there was not a proper beach, the terrain was descending gently and I was able to enter the water without great difficulties.

There was no fish or any other animals around and I took my time swimming around and enjoying the clean and cool water. That was the moment when it hit me – I had no idea how to get out of here. I mean, I had been in Minecraft almost five days now and still did not know how I got here in the first place.

Those thoughts brought me down considerably and I exited the water to sit on the shore. I even cried a little, imagining my mother and all the little things she does for me.

Lost in thoughts I did not see another monster coming my way. After my adventure last night, I was very cautious about the scary Minecraft mobs, so when I saw the green Creeper approaching me, all I can think about was to run, and run fast.

Stay away from me… please, stay away from me…

The Creeper was only five or six blocks away from me and was starting to hiss loudly. This time, however, I knew what to expect. My girlfriend had taught me that these creatures would hiss, flash and explode when close to a player.

Therefore, I had no time to lose; I needed to run as fast as possible, to get away from it.

Fortunately, I was able to gain speed and put a distance between us. God, what would happen, if I get killed inside Minecraft?

I will need to be more careful in the future and stay away from mobs that may hurt me in some way. Now I was sorry, I had spent so much time laughing and making fun of my girlfriend, instead of learning something about the Minecraft world.

My life here would have been much easier, if I knew more about the creatures that inhabit it and the way things worked here.

Chapter 6

Friday – Caves drive me crazy!

Thursday night I was not able to find the village. It was as if it had simply disappeared. I suppose that after I run from the Creeper, I lost my way and now was not able to find the only place where I felt safe.

This was a big problem for me, as I had no orientation or something to point me the right way.

I wandered around until it started getting dark and finally decided to sleep in a cave that I found, while searching for the village.

The cave was not a big one, but at the far end of it there was a small passage that probably led deep into the mountain. I was cold, as the mountain was covered in snow and, although, there was a waterfall of lava nearby, I hesitated going there.

I had heard multiple horror stories about lava and what it can do, so I stayed away from it. The night was going to be very cold, but I hoped that my Minecraft clothes would be enough for me to survive it.

I was afraid of falling in the lava and this time actually dying. So, the cave looked as a good option considering the alternative. I went inside and simply laid down, as I had no means to start a fire or light a torch (it never occurred to me to use my laser vision).

I did not sleep at all that night, as from both outside and inside the cave were coming strange and very scary sounds. I could recognize the hissing of the Creeper and the yell of the Enderman, but the rest were a mystery to me.

Minecraft was a dangerous place, especially during the night and I was beginning to learn that I was not equipped to deal with it.

In the morning, after a crazy night, I considered going outside, but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to explore the cave. Now, that I could see, it was easy to find a fallen branch and make it into a torch with my laser vision (now that I had a whole night to think about it).

I walked into the tunnel that started at the end of the cave and saw that there were multiple tunnels that leaded in different directions. It was exciting, but I was also a bit afraid. I knew that most of the monsters lived in the dark and what better place for them then than the caves?

I choose to explore the middle tunnel and for the next half an hour walked amidst grey and black blocks. I could tell that I was going deeper underground, until I saw the light. The tunnel had another natural entrance that faced some deep and dark ravine. What was I thinking of?

I traced my steps to the place where the tunnel separated into two smaller ones and this time chose a different direction. I could feel myself getting tired and scared with each new step, but the hope that I would see the sun was still there.

After what seemed like ages my tunnel ended into a dungeon, where I can see a monster spawner. Now, this was scary! It was one thing to face a single monster, but to face a group of them, was too much for me.

That was about it. I did not even wait to see what kind of monsters were coming out of it, before running towards the exit of the dungeon. It was a long run that left me exhausted, but finally I saw the light.

I found myself high in the mountain, with multiple animals walking around. Okay, so far so good. It was still sunny outside, so no monsters in sign.

I promised myself that I was never going again inside a cave. If I remembered well, I could find there many useful things and materials, but truth be told, I had no idea how to collect them (once again, my inexperience was showing).

Therefore, no more cave exploration…

Chapter 7

Saturday – I am useless…

What should I do now?

After a few days spent in the Minecraft world, I found out that my survival skills do not go much beyond breathing. That is absolutely right. I was almost killed twice by hostile mobs, lost the only place that I reminded me of home and almost get myself killed in the caves.

And to think that in my world (the real one) I was a real bad ass, with many friends and awesome qualities. I was the best basketball player of my class and not a bad student, considering the rest of my friends.

But here… here I was no one… Even the rabbits, I ate, were more brave and equipped to survive here.

Look at me now…

I had no home, no food, no other human friend (or animal, for the matter), no way to get out of here and no means to protect myself.

I was very much like a newborn baby that needs someone to take care of it.

Therefore, I spent the whole day lying around and feeling sorry for myself, while desperately trying to remember something that can help me to survive.

Saturday Evening

By the time I was ready to start crying, I remembered that Minecraft players usually can fly and look at the world around them from above. I thought that it would be really cool, if I was able to see around myself and find some safe place or at least my lost village.

So, I stood firmly on the ground and started jumping. At first nothing happened, but then I felt that it was working. When I reached a certain high I could feel my body floating in the air and when I moved my legs I started moving in the direction I was looking at.

This right here was the only bright moment in my day. I flew higher and looked around. I could see far away, where the mountains disappeared in the clouds.

Below me there were trees, mountains, plains, hills, lakes and small islands. I could see also multiple animals wandering around and even a few monsters. But, there was no sign of my village or any other shelter for me.

The night was coming… what was I supposed to do now?

I was desperate, but still had a little hope that I would find my village.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? A city boy like me was trying to find a small mountain village inside Minecraft, so that he can hide inside a hut.

I just hoped that life had no more surprised for me, because this one was big enough.

This is how my first week in Minecraft ended…

Chapter 8

The Second Sunday – How do I find the way out?

After a crazy night and even craziest morning, I decided that I should focus on finding my way out of here. Therefore, no more explorations or wandering about, what I needed was to find a way to get out of the world I created.

This time, however, I would make sure to search methodically and not to lose my way. I was kind of excited, to tell you the truth. Who would not have been in my place?

The fear of never going home again was still there, but now that I had a plan, I felt a lot like Superman. It is true that I had only laser vision, but that was already something, right?

I used my power to mark the rocks and trees, I met on my way, so that if I had to go back or lose my way again, I would know where I was. It was kind of cool and I felt a lot calmer now that I had a plan.

But… Mineomania was a cool world, but it was not mine…



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