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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 4 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc


Diary of Steve the Miner


Minecraft Diamond Series

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Why You Should Read This Book

Chapter 1

Me and my story

Chapter 2

A New Friend

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Plans for the Future

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11








I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading this book

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to survive in the magical world of Mineomania, how to make friends and how to grow as a person.

The fourth book of the series is filled with more wonderful adventures and discoveries. Steve would be finally able to discover how he got in here and maybe even why. He would make a wonderful friend – the Witch Gray, and with her help would learn things about Mineceraft only people born and living in it know about.

What is more, Steve’s new adventure would take us back to the village where he first woke up in Minecraft and then we would see him get ready to visit the Nether. His travels are more amazing than ever and he… he changes in front of our eyes. Steve is no longer the scared little boy we met a few books back. Now, he knows what he wants and is ready to fight for it.

So, if you are curious of what happens next, don’t hesitate any more, open the book and start exploring it.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will help you realize that life is not always what we think it is. Sometimes even the smallest thing can turn our world upside down.

That is why, Minecraft, although, just a game can turn out to be a very educational experience that would help us in life.

Steve the Miner could be anyone of us, so think about what your reaction would be in his situation.

The third book of the series is actually more about the way Steve starts to grow and see things for what they are. We will see very little of the scared little boy from the first two books. In here, Steve is what we all wish to be – a strong, mature and brave little person.

Chapter 1

Me and my story

Hi again!

Do you remember me? I am Steve, the little, lonely boy, who found himself away from home. I have been living in Mineomania (the Minecrfaft world I created) for a while now and this here is my diary.

If this is the first time you hear about me, here is a short description of what goes on in my life so far:

So, as I said, my name is Steve and I was born in a small town, situated at the foot of a picturesque mountain. One morning, I woke up and found myself inside Minecraft, something that I thought was impossible to happen. I couldn’t find my mother, my friends or my teachers, so, afraid and alone, I started to learn how to survive in here.

My journey away from home has been hard and lonely, but I also found a few friends – a Wolf became my friend and I managed to construct a house and a farm for myself.

This was my home for a while, but I had to abandon it too, as a too many monsters found it. As you can see, the life of a boy in Minecraft is not easy. I am destined to live alone and the few friends I find now and then never stay for long.

By the way, this is my diary and I write it so that I can express my feelings – it is hard not to have someone to talk to…

Just another day of my life in Mineomania…

I stopped long ago to try and keep track of the days I have been in here. Now, for me everything is mixed into a bit nothing and I have no idea how long has it been since I woke up in here.

So, I had to abandon my beautiful house and the farm I build with great difficulty. The reason why, I had to do that was simple – for almost a week, every night more than twenty monsters came to my door and tried to get in. I knew that for a while the wall and the lava would keep them out, but I was also afraid.

Imagine trying to sleep while monsters yell, hiss, cry and so on, just outside your door. The fear that they might get in was so great that at the end, I simply took what I can carry, let the animals free and run…

That was how, once again, I was alone on the road…

Fortunately, the very first day, I found another abandoned Witch’s hut and hid inside. The place was clean and well protected, build in the middle of a swamp and with a clear view in all four directions.

As you all know, Minecraft can be a very dangerous place, especially to boys like me, who had no way to protect themselves, but with their laser eyes (Thank God I had them). I had learned a lot of things since I first came here, but, unfortunately, there are a lot more things for me to learn about.

For example, I still had to learn about all the monsters that inhabit this world and especially about the most dangerous ones. Then there was the matter about how to do things here. In the real world, it is easy to do things, but in here, there were different laws and I needed to learn them. Also, I very much needed to find a friend, or someone who can tell me more about this world.

And what is more, I needed to find a way to get out of here. I longed for my home, family, friends… I wanted to get back, but as I said, I had no idea how to do that.

Chapter 2

A New Friend


So, two days after I found the Witch’s hut I also met the Witch herself. As everyone who had ever played Minecraft knows, the Witch is not supposed to be the Player’s enemy. I, however, have the ultimate proof that she actually can be your friend.

“Hi,” she said when we first met, and I was ready to run away, but something in her behavior made me stop. I was standing in her own hut and I was scared, given Witches reputation.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, worried.

“No,” she answered. “I am just coming from the Nether and there I was attacked by a Blaze.”

“Oh…” I exclaimed. I had heard many stories about those horrible creatures, but fortunately, I had never seen one. “Are you hurt?”

“Yes, the Blaze managed to surprise me and burn me a little, but it is nothing too serious.”

“I can help you,” I offered. “By the way, my name is Steve.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said smiling. “I am Gray.”

“Really? Who name you like that?”

“I don’t remember…” Gray murmured, visibly confused. “But, I have always been called by that name, although I don’t remember who gave it to me.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I calmed her. “Come closer, you must have some healing potion that will help you get better.”

After that, we became friends. I helped her to apply the potion and Gray allowed me to spend the night in her hut. I liked her and hoped that she will be here when I woke up in the morning.

The next day, Gray was still there and we shared what little breakfast I had. She was much more used to live alone than me and I soon found out that Gray knew things about this world, I had no idea about.

For example, she told me that she had seen the Herobrine. According to her, that mythical creature really existed and was quite friendly. Fortunately, I had already met him, and it was easy for me to believe her words.

Gray showed me a lot of amazing things, such as how to fly with a broom and how to make potions from herbs and a few other ingredients.

“I can help you find your village,” she offered, when I finally shared with her my greatest concern. I was longing for company and the small mountain village, where I first woke up, has been in my thoughts quite often lately.

“Is that possible?”

“Yes, I know where most of the villages are.” She assured me. “But, first I want to show you the world around us.”

Therefore, we climbed on her big broom, after she cast the spell over it and showed me how to stay upright.

Ahhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh…

We shouted, excited and happy to be up in the sky. The world below us looked so exciting that I almost cried.

Rivers, seas, mountains, pools of lava, woods and large planes can be seen passing under us… Gray explained to me all about how the world was generated and pointed the best places to live. I was stunned, but also surprised to find out that there is more in this world than my small house and even smaller farm.

Chapter 3

My New Adventure

The day passed and the next one started… We flew about, and descended to the ground only for food and rest. Gray was a very helpful companion, as she knew everything about this world and was willing to teach me.

By the end of the second day, we were flying over a big forest that ended with a high and snowy mountain. At first I thought that it was the place where I first woke up, but Gray told me that that mountain was in the opposite direction.

This one was a smaller mountain, also covered by snow and inhabited by many interesting monsters (interesting because I was watching them from abouve). Shortly after she told me all this, I can see for myself the multiple monsters wandering about. There were all kinds of monsters – Creepers, Spiders, Endermen and Archers, walking over the slopes of the mountain. We decided not to stop there and continue flying towards a safer destination…

Something new…

The next day, we continued flay till I saw something I had never seen before – the house of another Player. It was nothing like the small box, I used to call home. This one had a much more sophisticated architecture and was beautifully built.

“Do you want to see what it looks from the inside?” Gray asked me and smiled at my expression. “What? All we have to do is to wait for the Player to go out.”

“Okay, then let’s go!” I agreed and Gray directed the broom towards the house.

We waited hidden behind some trees to be sure no one was going to catch us and then, then we walked into the most beautiful house I have ever seen…

I looked everywhere, trying to learn new techniques and searching for useful things I can take with me. Fortunately, the Player didn’t return quickly and we were able to spend almost half a day inside his house.

I had been contemplating the possibility to stay and speak to him, but Gray was firm on the point that Players don’t like each other. According to her, the moment he sees me, he would try to harm and even kill me.

The visiting of the house had been a real adventure for me. I never even imagined it possible to see how other Players live in Minecraft. The experience was very educational and I was glad to finally see something new and care about something else, but my safety and what to eat.

What I learned during those days was that friendships are the most important things in life. Gray, the Witch, was so different from me and yet we managed to find many things that we both liked. We were slowly becoming really good friends, who can count on each other and share everything.

Chapter 4

Back Home

The next days, many interesting things happened to us, but what really got my attention was the legendary battle between a Spider and an Endermen. We saw them standing on a peninsula and staring at each other.

“They are trying to will the other to go away,” Gray explained to me. “The monsters are not good friends and when they met they want to fight each other.”

The Spider and the Endermen were doing their thing, but I can see how the tension was building. The Spider was walking about and looking ready to attack, while the Endermen was transporting blocks and placing them as a way to protect himself.

I really wanted to see what would happen and Gray let me land on the nearby hill and watch them. We settled down comfortably and I prepared for a real life show. It was nothing like watching TV, oh, it was even better.

The scary Spider walked in a circle and watched carefully his high opponent. The Endermen remained calm and slowly turned around to watch what the other monster was doing. He obviously knew that he had the upper hand and did nothing at first.

After three hours, just when we were getting ready to fall asleep, the Spider attacked. The creature aimed for the legs of the Endermen and that was when the tall mob started to act. The Endermen took another block and threw it at the Spider. The first time he missed, but the Endermen continued to throw blocks and finally one of them hit the Spider right in the head and stopped its advance.

“Will he kill the Spider?” I had to ask Gray.

“I don’t know,” she answered softly, not wanting to disturb the scene. “I think that the Endermen will win, but who knows?”

Surprisingly, the Spider let out a high pitched sound and that was when more Spiders started to appear on the mountain’s slopes. Help was coming. The Spiders surrounded the Endermen and he got disoriented. It became quickly obvious that he was going to fall, as the Spiders were coming from all directions.

And then… then something unexpected happened – the Endermen started to teleport behind each Spider with a block in his hands. That way, he was able to kill most of them and scare away the rest.

Once again the mind won over the muscles.

Returning back home…

“You promised me to take me to the village,” I reminded my friend, Gray, the next morning. “I liked it when I lived in the village. I also loved my little home, but it wasn’t safe there.”

“Why don’t you go back home, then?” She asked me.

“Because I have no idea how to get there…” I said with sadness in my voice.

“But, maybe I would be able to find the place for you,” she insisted. “If you really want to return there and live with the villagers, I can help you.”

“Yes, but what if I find something horrible?” I voiced my deepest fear.

“I will come with you,” Gray offered. “I know all about this world and can help you.”

I accepted her help and we spent the night planning about our journey to the mountain village. I already was feeling impatient and ready to go back to the only place a felt safe.

We spent the night talking and trying to make sense of everything that had happened to both of us. In the morning, we climbed back on Gray’s magical broom and flew towards the village, I wanted to call home.

We arrived late at night and I immediately noticed that everything was covered by fresh snow. The houses looked all empty and that worried me. I was so used to the chatty villagers walking around and talking to each other.

I easily found the house I used to call home and with Gray’s help managed to get inside it. The roof had fallen down, but thanks to the well build walls there were still places where the rain hadn’t ruined everything. I found a few items I recognized, but there still weren’t any signs of life here.

My eyes were filled with tears and I had a hard time keeping them in, but Gray was of great support to me and I was able to go around without losing it completely. After searching the house, we did the same with the rest of the houses of the village, finding multiple precious things, but nothing that pointed to what really happened.

My last hope to find a safe home was taken from me.

Chapter 5

My Tragic Story

“Tell me everything that happened to you?” Gray asked me the next day over breakfast.

“I don’t know much,” I explained. “I was sitting in my comfortable room back home and playing on my computer. That is the last thing I remember, before waking up here.”

“Okay, tell me what you remember,” she demanded again.

“My girlfriend offered to teach me how to play Minecraft and although I wasn’t very into it, I agreed to do her a favor. At first, it wasn’t very interesting, but slowly I started to learn more about the game and my interest spiked up. One night, I played till late and fell asleep over my computer. When I woke up, I was over there,” I pointed towards the mountain. “I was looking like this, had no idea where I was and was very scared.”

“This sounds a lot like a spell my grandmother taught me when I was young.” Gray said, and encouraged me to continue.

“I was scared, but fortunately I found this village and for a while I was safe here. Then, one day I lost the way back and wasn’t able to find the village again. That was the reason why I had to build a house for myself and search for food.”

“Can you show me the place where you first woke up?” She asked and pointed east and together we went at the very place it all started.

The place wasn’t very far from the village and there we found the remains of a few fires and multiple other objects, which I had no idea what to do with. There were feathers, wood planes, stones and even bones.

“What is all this?” I asked Gray.

“The ingredients for a powerful spell,” she explained and tugged me away from there.

“You mean that someone cast a spell on me?” I asked really surprised. “But, in my world, there are no Witches or other magical creatures.”

“It could have been someone from this end,” Gray suggested. “But anyway, most spells could be reversed, so if you were brought here by a spell, you can also be returned back by a spell.”

“You have to help me with that,” I pleaded my new friend.

“Sure,” Gray smiled at me. “But, right now we should go away from here. There is no telling what can happen, if someone sees us.”

“The person, who cast the spell?” I wondered.

“Yes, you saw what happened to the village. Whoever did that must be the same person, who brought you here.”

Now what?

Now that I knew what really happened to me and the village, there was more for me to look forward to. I wasn’t any more desperate and alone. I had even a friend.

“Thank you for everything you did for me,” I said later that day. “During these last days, I have learned so many things about myself and what happened to me. Thank you, my friend.”

Chapter 6

What it means to have a friend?

The next few days we traveled around and I felt how our relationship became stronger that ever. We shared things and I told her about my dreams and wishes for the future. Gray was very supportive and it was easy for me to open up and share.

That was why, when one day Gray told me that she has to go, I was very surprised. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“I am needed at home,” she explained. “I cannot explain it, but there is something that is calling me back home.”

“I understand,” I said sadly. “I know what it is to want to be home.”

“Do you want to come with me?” She offered.

“Thank you, but no,” I shook my head. “I need to find more about what happened to me. I think that it would be easier if I stay here.”

Gray, the Witch, left later that same day, giving me a warm hug and promising to come back, as soon as possible. I told her where I will be and she walked away. That day I once again was left behind and alone…

As it turned out, I still had a lot to learn about Minecraft, as only two days later, I was captured by a Player. It all happened very suddenly. I found another house near the mountain and waited to be sure that no one was inside it. Then I walked in, right into a water trap, built right in front of the door.

The Player came an hour later, asked for no explanation, helped me out of the hole, tied my hands and legs and threw me into an empty room.

“I will deal with you later,” he said in an angry voice.

Afraid and unsure how to act around him, I tried to untie my hands, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get free.

I could hear him walking around the house and the very thought of him coming near me was scary. The potions, which Gray left me were inside my pocket, but I couldn’t reach them…

And then… then I heard a friendly voice calling, “Steve… Steve…”

“I am in here,” I answered and Gray came through the window and untied my hands. She helped me out of the window and we ran away from the scary Player.

“Thank you, my friend,” I said to Gray, once we were safe. “I don’t know what would I have done without you.”

“What are friends for if not to help each other?” She smiled at me.

“How did you know that I was in there?” I asked.

“I had a vision and immediately came back for you,” she explained. “I had to wait for a while till he went to sleep and then I broke the window.”

Chapter 7

Plans for the Future

After we get away from the Player, Gray took me to some deep woods and let me rest as much as I needed. She said that we had all the time in the world. Surprisingly, she was right again. We spent a whole week there, just lying around, resting, talking and making plans for the future.

I wanted very much to find some way to return home and leave all this behind me, but Gray insisted that there is a circle in life and I had to wait for it to be completed. According to her, there were certain months that had to pass before we could try any spell and I had to accept her explanation.

“You see,” she said. “My mother used to say that the most powerful spells take time to wear off. And the spell that brought you here is among the most powerful I have ever seen.”

“So, what would we do now?”

“You could use the time you have here to see everything there is to be seen and to learn a few more things.” Gray offered.

“But, what if something bad happens and I get killed?” I expressed my deepest fear. “I am afraid that if I die here, I will die also in my real life.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I would be here to protect you.”

“Thank you,” I agreed. “What do we do first, then?”

“I want to teach you how to defeat the Minecraft monsters and then I will take you to the Nether. You would like it there.”

“Okay, let’s go…”

Chapter 8

Facing my Enemies

The next day, turned out to be a very interesting and dangerous one. Not only the weather was bad, with the rain falling as if it was the end of the world, but also because a few hostile mobs found us. The monsters came from above, from underground and even on water. I was the first one to see them, but it was Gray who fought them away.

“Go away,” I shouted, but the two Creepers and the Archer didn’t react.

Gray was much more successful – she threw potions at them and almost everyone of them hit the mobs. I stood beside her and watched carefully her back, so that nothing could surprise us.

We spent the night fighting against them, I was tired, but Gray refused to run away. “You have to learn how to defend yourself,” she insisted and I had to agree with her. If I was going to survive a few more months in here, I needed to be prepared for everything.

When the sun came up, the monsters went away and we were finally able to rest. That was when Gray gave me a number of useful tips on how to fight most of the monsters that live in Mineomania. The information was indispensable for me and I was careful to remember every word she was saying.

With time we fell asleep and had the rest we both needed. The next day, Gray continued to teach me useful things, including how to make potions and then use them. I tried a few of them and was surprised to see that I didn’t need to be a Witch in order to do magic. Gray explained that the magic came naturally to her, but if I wanted, I also could learn how to do it.

Wow… I thought and put all my mind into learning how to fly on a broom, how to heal my wounds, how to make things move and many, many other things…

Can you imagine what it felt to be able to do things you never imagined doing? I certainly never thought about being able to do it. With Gray’s help, I managed even to elevate over the ground and descent down, as if I was walking on the stairs.

Chapter 9

The Nether

After learning all there was to learn, Gray invited me to help her to prepare everything necessary for us to visit the Nether…

“What would you say, if we go to the Nether?” She asked me one day.

“I would like it very much. But, would we be able to return back in time?” I asked, knowing full well how dangerous the place was.

“I have been there multiple times. You will like it and with everything I know, we would be safe enough.” Gray calmed me down. “I thought you like adventures?”

“Yes, I like them,” I agreed. “Just make sure, I get back in time for the spell to work.”

“Okay then, in order to pass between the two words we need a Nether Portal.” Gray started to explain things to me. “We would need a lot of things for the construction of the portal.”

“Tell me what to do,” I said and we proceeded to do the work.

First, we needed to dig up a few diamonds and make a diamond pickaxe, which we would use to find obsidian. I was a bit scared to go underground, but with the Witch by my side I was ready to face everything. She found a deep cave and we started exploring it. When Gray saw something on one of the walls, she told me to start digging there and slowly, we were able to found diamonds.

The work was hard, I got easily tired, but Gray gave me some potions and I became strong again. Once we had enough diamonds, Gray brought me back up and we started crafting a diamond pickaxe. It was easy, because Gray used her magic to unite the materials and make sure that it is well crafted.

Gray let me read through her books and learn new spells and potions, and when I wanted to try something she stood by my side and made sure that I didn’t burn something or even myself.

When we had the pickaxe ready, we proceeded to dig up obsidian. Gray had explained to me that in order to reach the Nether we needed a Portal made of obsidian. The finding of enough obsidian was harder than I thought and we had to work almost two days, before we had enough.

The rest was esier – we made the Portal and arranged the things the way they were supposed to be.

That was going to be my last night in the Overworld and I was feeling a bit scared, and if it wasn’t for Gray, I probably would have stayed there. Mineomania had been home for long week now and I was scared of what was coming next.

The next morning, we lighted up the portal and Gray tugged me through it. The feeling was frightening, as I felt fire burn my skin and needles go through my legs and hands. Gray had told me about the sensation, but I still was surprised, especially when something got hold of my head and suck me through the portal.

Red, orange, black, gold, yellow… colors keep changing before my eyes. I was afraid, but I knew that I wasn’t alone, Gray was holding my hand and speaking into my ear. I took from her strength and when I opened my eyes, I was inside another world.

We were in the Nether…

Chapter 10

A scary new world

The moment I stepped into the Nether the realization of what I had done came down on me. I had left a fairly secure place for the living Hell. As you know, the Nether looks a lot like what we think Hell would be, with lava and fires going on all around you and mobs that could scare the Devil himself, walking about.


I muttered in awe. Everything around us was different, but nevertheless beautiful. The colors here were all darker, but also brighter. Even the black looked alive to me. That must be how people feel, when they step on another planet.

The lava and the fire were encompassing everything around us and I was afraid to put my foot down, in case the ground was burning. Gray, however, looked calm and so, I slowly calmed down too.

We were standing on a high hill, from where I could see miles around. The only mobs I could see were a few burning Blazes, that looked as if the fire was coming out of them. I watched them go through fire and not get burned, walk through pools of lava not die, touch burning stones and still stay alive.

“They are born of fire,” Gray explained to me. “Nothing here can hurt them.”

“So, how do we fight them then?”

“With water and ice,” she laughed at me. “The same way you will put down a burning fire.”

“I prefer to stay away from them,” I confessed and Gray agreed with me.

“I have killed a few of them,” she said. “But they are very hard to kill and if they managed to touch you, you could burn immediately.”

“What now?” I asked.

“We need to find a place for the night, because standing here is not an option.”

“What is our goal?” I continued to ask questions.

“We have to find an Nether fortress,” she smiled at me and pointed at something a few miles on the left. “There is a cave. We should get to it before the sun goes down.”

Gray walked carefully over the burning stones, showing me the safest way and making sure to stay away from the mobs. I did my best to do the same, but the path was too dangerous and I wished that I was also a Witch.

Monsters were coming from all sides, but the Witch was clever and managed to find the perfect paths that kept us away from them. I asked her why don’t we fly, but she said that this way was safer and we would fly only if we were in direct danger.

The small cave, which we reached after almost two hours was well hidden under a few enormous stones and looked protected from all sides. “We should be safe in here,” Gray said, and I watched her chanting spells and hiding hexes under the rocks.

I watched her amazed by how good she was at what she was doing. Gray was obviously used to what she was doing, as she worked methodically and without losing any time. I stood aside and made sure not to disturb her, while she was chatting. Gray had told me that it was very important not to interrupt the spells, as it might have the opposite effect.

Chapter 11

New dangers and more tears

What I had not expected was to have to face so many dangers. When Gray spoke about the Nether, she did that so calmly that I never expected to find myself in a place where my life was in a constant danger.

The little cave, she found for us turned out to be a horrible place, where the lava was flowing freely and fires could be seen burning even on the walls. A large stream of lava was coming from above in the middle of the cave and I was scared to even think about what else was hiding inside.


Gray showed me a path, build over the lava and we proceeded slowly towards the other side of the cave. By the time, we reached it, I was all sweaty and tired. Gray, once again took pity on me and gave me one of her potions to bring my spirit up.

The next half and hour I walked around and made sure that there were not mobs hidden behind rocks or pools of lava. Gray called after me not to worry, but that was out of the question, I needed to make sure for myself. So, searched and called and thew stones, but fortunately there was nothing.

“What are we going to do here?” I asked her when we sat down on a cool rock.

“We are going to rest, sleep, eat and prepare for tomorrow.” She said calmly.

“What if something comes inside?”

“My spells will protect us,” she smiled. “And anyway, nothing here is as powerful as I am, so don’t worry.”

“How many times have you been in here?” I continued to ask for assurance.

“At least ten, but this is the first time, I am not alone. I am so excited to show you all the amazing things that are hidden in here.”

I felt still skeptical, but her enthusiasm was enough to calm me down a bit. So, I somehow managed to sleep during that my first night in the Nether and woke in the morning to find Gray already up and preparing our breakfast.

We ate, washed in a pool of hot water and headed for the exit. That was when the thing I was most scared about happened – a Blaze was standing in front of the cave and looking our way.

“It must have seen us going in and probably waited the whole night for us to get out,” Gray explained, looking a bit concerned.

She threw at him a potion, but although it hit the monster, he felt nothing and even started advancing toward us.

“It is not affected by my potions,” Gray warned me.

“Why isn’t it going away, it is day now?” I asked.

“The Blaze is not afraid of the sun and in here they are the kings, nothing scares them.”

“What then?” I shouted over the hiss coming from the monster and the streams of lava.

“Run…” Gray shouted and followed her up the hill.




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About the $2.99 price – I’m going for longer books now. The content will be much more than the older books, and the quality should be higher. If you’re not liking the price you can mention that in a review… But I’m putting a ton of time into this stuff.


To the people who leave positive comments, thanks so much. I read them all. Some of them are really funny. Jakes comment really had me rolling. Negative comments are okay, too. If there was something about the story you didn’t like, let me know. I’m not perfect.



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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 4 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc

Escape all of your problems as you enter into a new never discovered world of Minecraft with your best friend Steve the Stoic, for those of you who don't know what stoic means. It is a word used to describe someone who can take pain. You are now able to Download this Epic Minecraft Book for FREE, only for a Limited Time. Get it Today and join Steve the Stoic on his epic journey in the undiscovered parts of minecraft

  • Author: Stoic Steve
  • Published: 2016-03-23 21:20:16
  • Words: 6557
Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 4 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 4 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc