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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 3 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc


Diary of Steve the Miner


Minecraft Diamond Series

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Table of Contents

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Why You Should Read This Book

Chapter 1

One Month Later!

Chapter 2

Day One – My New House

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Day Six – The Importance of Water

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

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I wrote this book because I like fantasizing about Minecraft and what would be like to actually live inside it. It has been fun to escape for a while the boring everyday life and live a life of adventure.

My Mineomania world is unique and full of surprises. Steve the Miner could be everyone of us, as new and unexplained situations can easily turn even the bravest into little children.

So, what to expect from the third book of this series?

In the third book of Trapped in Mineomania, you would see more of the Minecraft world from the inside. This time Steve would be rebuilding his house with new and stronger materials, would be constructing a farm, searching for animals and even meeting with the Herobrine. Steve is growing and learning a lot of new things about Mineomania world, the life and about himself.

In this book, Steve already takes things seriously and thinks about the consequences of his actions and about the future. He continues to write his diary and wonder about his real home and family.

I am sure that you all will feel sorry for him, but attention, you should also notice that Steve is different now. How?

Find out how in this book.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will help you realize that life is not always what we think it is. Sometimes even the smallest thing can turn our world upside down.

That is why, Minecraft, although, just a game can turn out to be a very educational experience that would help us in life.

Steve the Miner could be anyone of us, so think about what your reaction would be in his situation.

The third book of the series is actually more about the way Steve starts to grow and see things for what they are. We will see very little of the scared little boy from the first two books. In here, Steve is what we all wish to be – a strong, mature and brave little person.

Chapter 1

One Month Later!

Do you still remember me?

I am that same Steve that got trapped in Mineomania almost two months ago. And this is my diary. It’s been over a month since I last wrote something in here. If you remember – I am all alone, have nothing to protect myself with and the only thing that gives me some hope is my amazing laser vision.

About a month ago, I managed to build a house of wooden blocks. Unfortunately, it catches fire too easily and I had to rebuild it several times.

Anyway, you must be wondering why I stopped writing in my diary. The answer is very simple – I was very busy.

With the passing of every single day, I start realizing that I may never get out of here, so I need to survive. I know that I would never have a real, happy life in Mineomania, but at least I can have a comfortable one.

You know? I cry every night before going to sleep… Don’t ask me why, because it would be difficult to explain. I am a little ashamed of myself, but I cannot help it – I miss my mother, my friends, my toys, my computer (although it is the reason I am here today), I miss everything that you all have…

So, what did I do during this whole month away from home? I learned… Yes, do not laugh – I learned things about Minecraft.

You may think that you know everything, but you are very mistaken. There are so many things about this game you don’t know. For example, do you know that just before the night falls, there is a strange silence all over the Minecraft world? I started calling it the big nothing, because that is the moment when the monsters start crawling out of their holes.

One other thing – do you know that you can use plants and flowers to make colours? I did not know that. I learned it here, in Mineomania.

As you can imagine my days here are long and lonely and without a computer or friends, I had to find some new ways to entertain myself. So, that is how I started painting. At first I used just a piece of coal or some burned wood to do so, but then I started trying new things. And the result was amazing. I am attaching here one of my first paintings that represents me and the world around me (please don’t laugh, I am not a very good painter).

Therefore, I already lost count of the days I have been here and no more know for sure what day it is, or how long I have been here.

So, my next entries would be starting from Day One and continuing that way.

Chapter 2

Day One – My New House


As I already told you, my house burned more than once in the last month or so. I tried to protect it, but for one reason or another almost every week, I had to rebuilt it.

Tired and frustrated with all the building and the time it took to collect the wood, craft it and construct the house, I decided to try something new.

For almost a week now, I have been transporting, shaping and preparing stone blocks. It is a very difficult and hard work, but all I can think of is that my father would be very proud of me, if he can see me.

When I was back home, I was tired to listen to him constantly telling me that I have to grow up and start think a bit more like a big boy. At that time, he wanted me to clean after myself, to stop breaking the bike he brought me and maybe to protect my little sister.

What would he say, if he sees me working with stone and wood, building houses and designing protection mechanisms?

So, today I decided that I had enough stone blocks for the construction of a new house and first destroyed (for the last time) my old one. I used the lava to burn the wooden house and waited for the fire to go down, before I started transporting the heavy stone blocks.

I used the place of the old house for the construction of the new one, because, as you already know, it was protected by the mountain, clean from any bushes and trees and surrounded by a lava river.

As I did before, I left a hole for a window and then closed the door with a three more blocks. The lava was protecting my house, but it never hurts to be too careful, right?

Therefore, after a long day of hard work, I had a new strong and beautiful home.

Chapter 3

Day Two – The Fear of Starvation


I know you would not understand me, but one of my biggest problems in Mineomania was to find food for myself.

I had a protected house, I had learned what to do and what not to do, in order to be safe from monsters, but I still needed to eat at least once a day.

During my first days in here, I would simply wander about until I find some animal that I could cook and eat. Now, however, I had learned the hard way that every time I step outside my small house, I can end up dead.

The fear of meeting some new and unknown to me monster was strong and I had stayed closed in my house for days. It was lonely and I was hungry.

Have you ever been hungry? And I am not talking about skipping dinner, because your mother made carrots and you don’t like them. No, I am talking about staying without anything to eat for days at the time and knowing that if you don’t go out there you might starve to death.

That is what I call the fear of starvation!

That very fear forced me almost every day to get out and search for food. I even tried to kill more than one animal, cook it and bring it back with me, but it did not work.

The meat rooted quickly and I had to throw it away.

For days now, I have been thinking about doing something crazy, something that if someone else told me about, would have made me laugh for hours.

I was thinking about building a farm…

Chapter 4

Day Three – The Plan for My New Farm

That is right! I was going to build a farm, where I can keep a few animals. That way, I would always have something to eat close enough and easy to access.

Now, bear with me, because I still have to think it through. I had a house (a protected house), but where will I keep the animals? With me in the house? No! It is small and cramped even without them.

I thought about tying them outside, but that would be cruel to them and what about the monsters? If I wanted a farm, I needed to build it and protect it from the hostile Minecraft mobs.

So, the first step was to make a plan.

I took the colourful paint I had made for my pictures and sat down in front of my house to design my new farm. First, I drew my house and examined carefully the landscape around it.

I wanted the animals to be close, but not too close to it, so I choose for the farm a small clearing across my house. As you can see, it is close, but not too much so.

I thought that I would bring in it a few animals to eat when I get hungry, but what about the needs of the animals? I could easily find grass for them to eat, but I had no idea how to bring them water.

That is why, I designed a small pool of water, close to the farm.

The plan looked good to me, but the problem was that there were too many little things I had no idea how to do. I planned to construct the farm from wooden blocks and try to bring water with a bucket I had made a few days ago.

Chapter 5

Day Four – I Start Building Again

The next morning, I started the construction of my new farm. I had planned to put some space between it and the house, but the thought about monsters and how easily they can find me, changed my mind.

Therefore, I constructed the farm from wooden blocks, choosing a rectangular shape for it. For door, once again, I used a few more blocks, as I still had no idea how to make a real door.

The blocks in front of the opening were stone ones, as I wanted my animals to be safe. I liked the final result… who am I kidding? I loved the farm I build!

This was maybe the first time in my life that I did something from nothing and with no help at all. I remembered how at home, even the smallest task looked too boring or too difficult for me to do alone. Thankfully, my mother and grandmother were always there to help me.

You may laugh at me (not that I really care), but I was starting to understand what Minecraft was really about. Most of my friends thought of it as a cool way to express the anger and aggressiveness all teenagers have inside and only a few used it as a way to escape reality.

I, on the other hand, was forced (by Whom?) to actually live inside Minecraft and therefore learn the hard way that this cool game is about me growing and learning.

That is right – I am not only taking care of myself all alone, but I am being forced to learn, discover and do things I never needed before.

So, my advice is – if you ever start playing Minecraft, not be lazy, but try to find some new thing every time you play and learn something from it.

I can do everything…


YOU will never get me…

I shouted to no one in particular, but it felt good to hear my voice.

Back home, when my mother would take us to church on Sundays, I always liked listening to the songs they sang there. I did not really know any, but it always amazed me how all those people managed to sing together.

You know – they were not a choir or anything, just a group of people that meet once a week in church. But, they made me feel like a part of something, something bigger that I did not know, but all the same belonged to.

That day in Mineomania, I felt the same. I felt like I belonged in this strange and illogical world. Why? You would ask me. Because I was creating…

And, sorry for my rambling…

Chapter 6

Day Five – Pigs Smell Bad

You must be wondering what I learned on that particular day? Nothing pleasant, I can assure you.

So, here is how it all started.

I wake up early in the morning, still euphoric because of the great work I did the day before and ready to continue in the same spirit.

Now that I had the farm, I needed animals to put in it. It would do me no good to have the building, if I have not the animals. I was aware that there were a lot of animals wandering around, but which ones should I bring home?

That was when I started considering what I liked eating. The truth was that up till that moment, I ate whatever first came my way – rabbits, cows, sheep or pigs. Everything was good, as long as I could beat the hunger.

Things were different now – I had a choice! I realized that I could choose what to bring with me home and what to eat each day. And it was a decision not difficult to make it. I liked pork and I loved beef. So, the choice was made – I will be looking for cows and pigs.

To my great surprise, the moment I walked away from my home, I was surrounded by a herd of cute pink pigs, all friendly and happy to see me.

That was when I smelt it – it was horrible. Pigs really smelled bad!

Uhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ughhhhhhhhh…

I exclaimed, and ran away from them. During my time here, I have eaten a lot of pigs, but this was the first time I walked among so many of them. I had a hard decision to make – I would have either lived without pork meat, or live with the pigs’ smell.

The boy I was before would have no problem choosing – the smell was too strong and bad, after all. But, the boy I was becoming had gone to sleep too many night hungry and knew that a little smell was worth the tasty meat.

As a result, I managed to separate two of the rosy pigs and bring them home with me. When we were close to the new farm, I shot at the gate whit my eyes and the pigs went straight inside. After that, I had to put a few more blocks to close the hole in the wall and relax for a while. After all, I had all the time in the world.

Now that I had the pigs, I needed to find a few cows. It took me a while to find them, but finally I was able to find a small herd of three big cows and four little ones.

Slowly, I separated two of the big ones to take with me and left the third caw to take care of the little ones.

The walk back to my house was slower this time, as the cows did not listen to me and stopped every few feet to eat or look around.

I was forced to take a fallen branch of a tree and lead them a little forcefully to the farm. Once again, I opened the gate, but for my dismay the pigs tried to get out.

Shoo, shoo…

I started yelling.

Go back inside… shoo, shoo…

The animals scared easily and all four of them entered the farm.

That is how I not only built a farm, but also found the animals to put in it.

Chapter 7

Day Six – The Importance of Water

The first thing I did when I woke up the next morning was to go and see how my new animals were. I was happy to see that they were fine and happy to be in there. I went to cut and bring them some grass, but the problem with the water was still unsolved.

I went to take some water for them in my bucket, but knew that I needed to find some more permanent solution. I examined carefully the terrain around the farm and chose a clear space across the clearing. On it, I built something like an open box of stone blocks. Then I used the bucket to fill it with water.


It wasn’t an easy job to carry the water from the lake, but I knew that that was the only way. When I filled the pool I saw that it was very ugly with no ornaments, so I had the brilliant idea to craft it a little.

I used my laser vision to do so, but unfortunately I did not aim well and ended up shooting the block and destroying the pool.

Ohhhh, nooooooooooo…

I shouted desperately, as now I needed to redo all the work.

On my second trip to the lake I walked slower, as I was already tired. The day was coming to its end and I knew that sooner than later the monsters would be coming out.

In fact, I could see something black and strange swimming in the lake. I could not see them clearly, but those strange creatures were coming and going. Each time I would come close to the water, one or two of them will swim closer and look at me with their deep black eyes.

I was scared…

Shoo, shoo…

I tried to use the same tactic I used with the animals, but these monsters were not easy to scare. I needed almost ten tours to fill the pool with clean water, so I almost ran all the way to the lake.

When the pool was filled I took the animals out of the farm and let them wonder about and drink as much water as they wanted.

I was happy and could see that they were happy too, but the sun was going down and there was no time to lose. I closed them inside the farm once again and went inside my house. When I was closing the door, I already could hear the Zombies coming my way.

It was going to be another long night in Mineomania for me…

Chapter 8

Day Six – Am I Going Crazy?

The next morning I was still shaking from fear and exhaustion. I had spent the whole night huddled inside my house, scared and worried about what was going on outside.

That night, for the first time I heard some strange noises, which were very similar to human cries. I had never till then heard anything that sounded like this.

After two months in here, I am able to recognize the sounds of most of the mobs, but this one was new.

In the morning, I exited carefully my house and looked around before jumping over the ditch filled with lava. I could see that nothing was out of place, but I also could not shake the feeling of uneasiness.

That is when I saw him!

A shadow passed near the farm and ran towards the woods. He, or it, I am still unsure what it was, looked a lot like me, with the exception of the eyes.

I saw them when he reached the first trees and turned around to look at me. His eyes were glowing and seemed made of gold. I have never seen anything like them before, and I had seen plenty in here.

That was when it hit me – I have seen the Herobrine!

The Minecraft manual was full of stories about this mysterious creature that many insisted they have seen. My girlfriend, however, informed me from the very beginning that the Herobrine does not exist.

How wrong was she! I just hope that one day, I will get back home and would be able to tell everyone about him.

He looked at me for a long minute and then turned around and disappeared in the woods. I tried to remember all I had read about him – he builds pyramids and tunnels, hides from players and is very difficult to find.

The Herobrine is not dangerous to players and usually would run in the opposite direction from them.

If that information was correct, why did he stay here the whole night? Because, now I was sure that it was him, who made that strange noise.

Was he dangerous? If the manual was wrong about his existence, his behaviour and his fears, maybe it was also wrong about how dangerous the Herobrine was.

For the hundred times I was scared for my life. I had just learned how to protect myself from the other hostile mobs, what was I going to do with this one.

First, I needed to see what was the Herobrine doing near my farm. I examined it carefully, but there was nothing out of place. The animals were still sleeping and the door was closed, as I left it the night before.

I walked around, careful not to miss something and a new idea started to form in my mind. What if I surround my home, farm and pool of water with a high fence?

Chapter 9

Day Seven – The Wall

Once I made the decision the rest was easy – first I prepared multiple stone blocks and carried them closer to the house. I tried to make them identical, but that wasn’t always easy.

Then I took a half burned branch and started to draw a straight line from the foot of the mountain and all around my house, farm and water. I was not sure how long my wall was going to be, as the important thing was it to serve as a barrier between me and the rest of the world.

I worked slowly, as I was constantly stopping to look around or to listen for some strange noise. The presence of the Herobrine was constantly in my mind and I could not shake the feeling that he was watching me from somewhere.

That evening, I left my animals out of the farm to drink water and eat some fresh grass and continued with the building of the fence well after the sun was already hidden behind the mountain.

I could not spend another night like the previous one…

The result of my hard work was amazing. Now my home had double protection and I could let the animals out of the farm, without worrying that they might get lost.

Oh, dad if you could see me now…

I exclaimed, once the fence was finished and I could admire my work.



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