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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 2 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc


Diary of Steve the Miner


Minecraft Diamond Series

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I wrote this book because I like fantasizing about Minecraft and what would be like to actually live inside it. It has been fun to escape for a while the boring everyday life and live a life of adventure.

My Mineomania world is unique and full of surprises. Steve the Miner could be everyone of us, as new and unexplained situations can easily turn even the bravest into little children.

So, what to expect from this book?

In the second book of Trapped in Mineomania, you would see more of the Minecraft world from the inside. This time Steve would be trying to build his first house and deal with more hostile mobs. He would be starting to slowly realize that Mineomania could be his home forever.

In this book, Steve starts to realize that he needs to take things seriously and think about the consequences of his actions and about the future. If he wants a home – he has to build it; if he wants food – he has to find it; if he wants to be safe – he has to take care of it.

The challenge is still here and we will start feeling really sorry for the helpless boy that is forced to live by himself in a scary new world.

If you want to see how Steve the Miner would survive his second week in Mineomania, read the book.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will help you realize that life is not always what we think it is. Sometimes even the smallest thing can turn our world upside down.

That is why, Minecraft, although, just a game can turn out to be a very educational experience that would help us in life.

Steve the Miner could be anyone of us, so think about what your reaction would be in his situation.

Chapter 1

Monday Again – Desperation!

Hi, I am Steve the Miner. And I have been living inside Minecraft for a whole week now…

Monday morning of my second week here, found me sitting near the lake and crying like a little baby.

Not cool, not cool at all…

Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ‘till we see the sun[[
]]I know we only met, but let’s pretend it’s love[[
]]And never, never, never stop for anyone[[
]]Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young[[
]]Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (and live while we’re young)[[
]]Tonight let’s get some[[
]]And live while we’re young.

The lyrics of my favourite song were running through my mind, reminding me that I am all alone here.

And live while we’re young.

Right, as if I had a choice…

I had spent the whole night desperately searching for a way out of here. But, I had found nothing. The landscape changed often, but there was no door, no path, not a sign that would show me how to get out of here.

I remembered that I came here in my sleep, but I had slept plenty of nights since then and still not returned back home.

A week passed since I woke up in Mineomania. A week away from home and from the people I loved. I wondered what my mother was doing. And my little sister? Were they missing me? Did they notice my absence?

Last night a lot of monsters passed close by, scaring me quite a bit. They also got me thinking about what would happen, if I die here, again. Would I simply wake up in my bed? Or, would I die for good, never seeing my family again.

A horrible sound made me look up. A horde of zombies was coming my way, and I was sitting in the shadows, where the sun could not reach me. And zombies? Zombies do not like the sun. Without losing any more time, I ran out in the open, keeping away from the shadows and the zombies that continued to move towards me.

I ran for what felt like hours and when I stopped there was no one around me. The sun was illuminating everything around me and I knew that until it was up, no monster would approach me.

The problem was that the day would end too soon, and I would be once again left alone in the dark. My only weapon was my wonderful laser vision, but I needed sleep, I needed rest, I needed some place, where I could feel safe.

Once again the desperation was overwhelming me, leaving me scared and lonely in Mineomania.

Chapter 2

Tuesday – A new plan!


When I got tired of feeling sorry for myself, I went in search of some food. I was still hoping to find the village and have a safe place to spend the night.

I ate a cute rabbit for lunch and continued my search for the village. Strangely enough, every time I thought I had found it, I would find myself in front of another dead end. The village had disappeared from the face of the earth and I was losing hope of ever finding it.

Tired and exasperated, I sat down to think about what I was going to do next. A plan was slowly forming in my mind and I was starting to consider doing something new.

What if I build my own house?

The thought would be ridiculous in the real world, but here in Minemania maybe there was an easier way to do so. At my age back at home it will never pass my mind to start such a project, but here I simply needed a home. And if I wanted one, I had to build it myself.

But how do you build a house?

I thought about it and even after an hour still had no idea how it would work. So, I decided to start by making a plan. Let’s see what I am going to do and need for the building of a house. Here is the plan I made that day:

h3<>. Find the right place for my first house.

h3<>. Find the necessary materials.

h3<>. Design the house.

h3<>. Start the construction.

I thought that the best place for my first home in Mineomania would be somewhere close to the mountain, so that it can be protected by it. I knew how important that would be in the future, and especially during the night.

Then, I would need materials to build it, and for now I thought that my best option would be wood. I could use my laser vision to cut down a few trees and then see how I can use them in the construction of the house.

Next came the problem with the design of the house and because of my current situation, I decided to start with that. I went near the water and found a clean strip of sand to draw on.

The design I came up with was simple and rather childish, but I never was one for the art.

That is it – four walls, one door and a window, and finally a roof, if I can figure how to make it.

Tuesday Evening

That same evening, I tried for a last time to find my lost village and finally decided that it would be better to stop doing that.

Once again, I find shelter inside a cave, sticking this time close to the entrance, in case there was some monster hiding in the shadows.

According to my plan, tomorrow morning I was going to look for a place to build my new house.

Chapter 3

Wednesday – Building a house

So, how do you build a house in Minecraft from the inside?

This was the question that bothered me during the night, throughout the morning. My first job was to find the right place for the house. I had already decided that I would be building my house near the mountain, in some secluded and well protected place.

I started exploring from the air, making sure to stay away from the animals and monsters I saw wandering around. After one hour of searching, finally I found a beautiful spot near a not very high mountain, a small lake and a secluded plane.

First of all, I cleaned the place of the bushes and grass with my laser vision. I had a real fun shooting at things and watching them disappear. Bush after bush and flower after flower, the place for my new home was slowly opening up.

Once the place was clean, I started thinking about the next point of my plan – I needed materials to build my house.

All around me there were trees and stones, but I have no idea how to use them. The only way to find out how that would work was by trying out a few new things.

At first I started shooting at the trees and stones, but all I achieved was to destroy them. So, I opted to aim better and started carving wooden blocks. My first try was a disaster, but after a while I was able to make perfect wooden blocks.

I tried the same with the stones, but it turned out to be much more difficult. Most of the times, I ended up breaking the stones, instead of carving them.

Bang… bang… bang…

The stones were exploding all around me and I was having the time of my life. Who does not like shooting at things and destroying them?

Well, after lunch, I started putting the wooden blocks on the ground, which I have cleared beforehand. Block after block my house walls were raising around me.

Shh………, sorry. I forgot to leave space for the window!


That is right, I shoot up my window. Now, my problem was how to make the roof. Wasn’t it supposed to have some kind of support?

Anyway, I tried to put the first block and it remained pending in the air, but did not fall down.


Everything was great! Finally, I had a safe place where to sleep and hide from monsters and bad weather. All I needed was to put a window and a door at my new house and I can rest for the night.

My new house looked like a wooden box and had nothing in common with my home back in the real world. But, it was mine, I have made it and that made it special to me.

Chapter 4

Thursday – Zombies are stupid creatures

I slept through the night in my new house, after closing the door with two wooden blocks. I thought that it would be better to sleep in a house without a door, than to have to face some scary monster.

In the morning, I simply shoot the blocks and there was my door opened wide!

I was hungry and happy, so I wandered around, making sure to remember well the direction I was coming from. I knew only too well, how easy it was to lose my way here, and now I had a home to return to.

On a high hill, I saw a few cows eating grass, while looking really cute. I was not going to eat a whole cow, but I thought that it might be interesting to see how they act when around people.

I approached one of them, making sure it could see me well. And, oh, it was so friendly and cute. I played with it for a while until the night started to fall over Mineomania.

That is when I heard strange noises coming all around me. I looked around and there they were… five Zombies coming my way from everywhere.

This was bad… this was very bad…

One of them was coming at me from behind, another was approaching from the left and three others were closing my way out of here. The caw was looking very scared and taking slow steps back. I was completely alone and also very scared.

So, what did I do?!

I started running and jumping around like a mad person. The Zombies tried to follow me, but I could see that they were much slower than me and a bit disoriented. Therefore, I continued my jumping and running, until I was able to find a way out of there. I run between two of them and made it quickly back to my new house.

As soon as I was inside it, I blocked with two wooden blocks the door and finally was able to breathe again.

This was the third or fourth time I was almost killed by one of Minecraft’s mobs. Until now I was fortunate enough, but who knew what would happen the next time.

I was trembling uncontrollably, although, I was safe inside my house, and was able to sleep only much later that night – hungry and alone in a very scary world.

I cried again that night, feeling sorry for myself and lonelier that ever. When I was back home, I always complained that I never had enough time alone, but now all I could think about was to have someone to be with.

A friend, someone to be with that was all I wanted, but I supposed it was too much to ask.

Chapter 5

Friday – Protecting my house

The next morning, I still remembered well the fear and danger of the previous night, and was very cautious to open the door of my house. Outside, everything was covered in snow, something that surprised me a little, but I thought that it must be because I was so close to the mountain.

I looked up and wondered what would be to reach the top of the mountain. First of all, however, I needed to eat something, so I walked down to the plane and found a small herd of rabbits. After cooking and eating two of them, I returned to my house and decided that it would be better to close the door, even if I was outside it.

Then, I started climbing the mountain, slowly advancing up the snowy and steep rocks. The mountain’s slopes were naked and higher I went, more desolated the nature around me was.

But, when I was on the very top of the mountain, I looked down and saw something unbelievable. The world below me was amazing. All around me were rising high and covered with snow peaks, while under me was the wonderful Mineomania. Planes, hills, woods, mountains – I could see it all.

What I did not see was a sign of human presence. My suspicion that I was all alone here was once again confirmed.

I stayed on the top for a long hour and then started descending, heading back to my house. Imagine my surprise, when just above my house I was greeted by three Creepers, who as soon as saw me, started walking my way.

I ran as fast as possible down the slope in the opposite direction of my house. It was not a wise thing to lead the monsters to my home, so I tried to confuse them and take them away from it.

This new encounter made me think about the safety of my house and I remembered that while reading about Minecraft, I have enjoyed greatly the part that spoke about traps. I needed to make one, so that my house would be protected from the hostile mobs.

The easiest thing to do was to dig a ditch around the house and fill it with lava. Most of the Minecraft monsters were afraid of the sun and of the fire, so the lava would be just the perfect material for the task.

Therefore, I dig the ditch with my laser vision (thank you, God, for giving it to me) and used the nearest pool of lava to fill it with liquid fire.

At first, everything was okay, but, I do not know how, at a certain point my house caught fire and started burning.

Oh, no, no… please, no…

I shouted at no one in particular, desperate to save my new home.

There was water nearby, but I had nothing to carry it and anyway – the wood was burning very quickly.

Chapter 6

Saturday – It is never too late to learn new things!

That evening, my home burned to the ground in the matter of few minutes. I learned the hard way that nothing lasts forever.

I watched it burn from the nearest hill and felt a new kind of pain fill my heart. Minecraft was not a place for a boy like me. I still knew almost nothing about this world and the one thing I actually managed to create, I destroyed after only two days.

The next morning, I started rebuilding my home. This time the process was easier and in the matter of a few minutes, I had it ready.

The ditch I made around it, was at a safe distance, this time, and when I put the lava inside it, I did it very carefully and slowly.

It is never too late to learn new things, after all.

My house was not a state of the art building and I could see that it was missing a lot of things, but it was still a home to me and was very happy to have it.

With the lava running all around it, I was able to rest safely inside, as no monster would dare to come through it. To get inside myself, I had to jump over the river of lava, something that was not very easy, but I learned quickly how to do it right, and by the end of the day I was a master jumper.

That night multiple mobs approached my house, most of them were cows and rabbits, but I also saw a few Archers and Zombies, as well as one Spider.

Thanks to my trap, however, not even one of them was able to reach my house, as after coming near the ditch they would go back quickly. I laughed at them from the other side of the ditch and only when the Archer pointed his bow at me, I ran inside the house.

I did not sleep that night, as I was still a little scared for my life and the fire was still vivid in my mind. I knew that there was no way for the lava to reach me now, but unconsciously I still feared it.

In that I was very much like the monsters that were chasing me. The lava could very easily burn me to death and I was not prepared to find out what was coming after death. The pastor in our church was always telling us that there was some beautiful place for the good people, but I was not very sure how that really worked.

Just before the sunrise, I watched an ugly Zombie try to reach my home. It stepped right inside the stream of lava and burned to death in the matter of few seconds. The quiet night was filled with its desperate cries and I felt the blood freeze in my veins.

Life is so fragile and precious…

Chapter 7

The Third Sunday – I am still useless …

After two weeks spent in Mineomania I can say that I am as useless as I was when I first came here. My house was a very fragile wooden box, I had no friends or even pets, and if I wanted to eat, I needed to go out and hunt for food.

The only almost human beings I have seen so far were the friendly villagers, but I had no idea how to find them again.

Therefore, after a night spent in my house, I walked out of it in search for some food. It would have been so much easier, if I never feel hungry again.

The day was magnificent and I could see the sun shining in the sky. A few rectangular clouds were standing right above me and there were rabbits playing on the plane under my house. I ate two of them and then wandered around, searching for something to do.

My life was very lonely…

I missed very much my cool friends and even my school. What wouldn’t I give to be back at school, right now? My family and my girlfriend were constantly on my mind, and I often wondered if they knew I was missing.

I had watched enough fantasy movies to know that, although, while in here the time was passing, in the real world, it might be still the same night I fell asleep in bed two weeks ago.

Oh, if there was a way to know what was going on at home!

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a movement amidst the nearby trees. I could see something or someone moving there, so I went in that direction, curious to see what was going on.

Imagine my surprise, when I saw someone that looked a lot like the villagers, with the exception of the hat. Oh, I knew what that was!

I had met a Witch!

What did I know about Witches? Very little, to tell you the truth. I knew that they could be dangerous, but not always. They lived in some kind of Witch huts and knew how to make potions. Cool, right?

The Witch that I saw, however, was not interested in me. On the contrary, she was trying to escape from me, as fast as possible.

I could see her running amidst the trees in the opposite direction from which I was coming. Her hands were folded in front of her and she was making some strange noise, like some kind of chatter.

I tried to call her back, but she would not even look my way. So, afraid to lose my way back, I let her go and returned to my house.

But, life here was getting lonely…

I needed to find something to do, or I may go crazy…

Chapter 8

Monday – Conclusion – I may never find a way out of here!

That was when the idea of writing a diary entered my head. I had come to terms with the horror of never returning home again, so if I died here, at least my diary could serve to those, who might come to look for me.

I had family and friends, after all, they would miss me and I was sure that my best friend Ben would find a way to come after me.

That is how I started searching for a notebook to write into. I knew that I could trade with the Librarian for a book, but had nothing mine, so that was also impossible.

That was why, I chose to do something very unusual – I made small wooden plates and started writing on them with a piece of coal.

That is how my first adventures in Mineomania were documented and how they one day would reach the world. I stored the plates in my house and made sure to number them correctly.

I started my diary with the first day I woke up in Minecraft and continued narrating everything that happened to me during the following days. I was careful to remember everything and also added my thoughts and sentiments about what had happened to me.

I decided to write every day after that and continue my diary until I find my way out of here.

That day, I made also another discovery – just above my house was starting a tunnel, which looked a lot like a cave. I ventured inside it and was amazed to find that it was very long and completely empty.

That now was cool!

I thought that I could use it as a hiding place, where I could run in case that my house is no longer safe.

The tunnel was running almost vertically down, into the heart of the mountain and as far as I could see, it was empty and safe.

I explored it carefully and found a few side tunnels that run right and left, deeper into the mountain. Fortunately, they were also empty and there for me to use in the future.

I was already considering storing in them my diary, as there was always the danger for my house to burn again. I also thought that it might be wise to store in here some food. I really should find some way to collect and store my food. It was dangerous and not practical to run around every day in search for something to eat.

So, even if I never find my way out of here, at least I would not die from boredom…



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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 2 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc

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Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 2 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc Minecraft: Diary of a Stoic Steve Book 2 (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (The Undisc