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Mighty, Gods of Gunslingers

Mighty, Gods




Cliff Sibuyi


[email protected] by Cliff Sibuyi

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Thanks for your support and courage you give me strength to write this novel.

The perfection you seek isn’t perfection, you only dig your own fate –Cliff Sibuyi

All characters in this book are Fictional

And any resemblance to real persons,

Living or dead, Is purely coincidental

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Chapter one

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter four

Chapter Five

Chapter six

Chapter seven

Chapter eight

Chapter nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter elven

Chapter twelve

Chapter thirteen

Chapter fourteen

Chapter fifteen

Chapter one

The beginning

We are told that energy is the ability to do work but this description is misleading because energy is not always available to do work. Energy is the property of objects which can be transferred to another or converted into different forms but never created or destroyed. However, energy can also give birth to certain energy. For instant mechanical energy giving birth to move one meter against force. Kinetic energy a moving object, potential energy a storage by object’s position in a force field and many more. This kind of energy were called nonliving energy. However, let pause it there. Let go back before life came to existed before time, before infinite universe gain visibility. Before the beginning

Some legends say the universe is blank with infinite. (endless boundaries that has no end.) before time and life, the universe was all blank with no visibility. The blankness gain visibility and light was born. It was light that give the infinite universe a visibility as the light spread across the infinite universe. The light cast the image of infinite universe. it reflects shadow of infinite universe. darkness was born. Darkness is the shadow of the infinite universe cast by light because the universe is endless. Imagine the shadow and how infinite it will be? Don’t ask me how the light cast an image of the universe just go outside and stand where the sun shine, you will see your own shadow.

it was light and darkness that gives birth to Mighties (the living energy). Mighties were like their parents. Formless floating in the middle of the universe on top of their parents but unlike their parents. Mighties they can form and take any shape they wish. As the light and darkness continue to spread across the universe endlessly. more and more Mighties are born. It is said that the light and darkness will continue to spread across the infinity universe for eternity. However, Mighties they were bored watching their parents enjoying the fruits of labor for eternity. Seeing their parents mate giving birth to more Mighties. they too decided to copy their patents to kept them busy and they found out that it feels good and enjoyable. lot of Mighties mate together and nonliving energy was born, stars and planet. However, the light and dark spread more and more and more Mighties was born.

Chapter Two

Birth Of Gods

Four twins Mighties was born. Nerdo, Xira, Gerudo and Jaha. this four young Mighties, they have no idea what is going on, seeing their brothers mating like their parents. it was frustrating to them. It’s all new to them. Xira asked his brother Nerdo why don’t they try what tour brothers and sisters are doing. Nerdo didn’t insist as they too mate together and they felt the pleasure their brothers and sisters felt. Xira run to Gerudo her younger sister and tell her about it. However, Xira and Nerdo they never stop. Xira give birth to a being with a sold body, gigantic with blood of a volcano, shape well and strong, The gods. Xira and Nerdo they have to six children (the Gods). Yama, Herdo, Kira, Jira, Debra and El-Basto. Xira and Nerdo first son Is Yama. Arrogant god. Who always hated his own existence. He isolates himself with his siblings and his parents. their last son is El-Basto. the pervert god, who always peek at his Aunt (Gerudo) as he also get caught and get beaten by Gerudo. Gerudo wanted to try it with Jaha as she too envy Xira and Nerdo Children. She wanted the children of her own. She goes to Jaha and ask him to try what their siblings did. Jaha didn’t insist. however, as they about to mate. Gerudo found out that Jaha is different from them. Mighties sex gender is defined by Light and Darkness. If the Mighty is a female, her sex organ is light but if the Mighty is male, his sex organ is darkness. Jaha had both sex, Light and darkness.

Gerudo was disappointed and Jaha was too disappointed. It was nothing they ever seen before. Jaha was cast aside treated as an outcast. Jaha was alone crying but he had no idea what he is capable of. Jaha try to mate his sex organ (light and darkness) and a body solid filled with blood of white light. Angel was born. It was a beautiful creature and strong. Jaha smile as he saw his beautiful creature he created.

Chapter Three

War Of Heavens

He scouts around and planet and stars were all over the infinite universe. He picks few planets and stars since he was bored. he created another creature (dinosaurs) and place them on one of the planet. that planet known as earth but the earth was dark, cold with nothing but sold rock. His creature was suffering, they needed heat, food and energy to survive. He collect many stars, he collected and combine them into one and sun was born. sun giving light and to his creature but still, their creature lack foods to survive, he created plants as plants were born, plants need water to survive. He created ocean. The planet was beautiful but the creature were ugly. when the sun shine upon it. the true ugliness of the creature reveal itself moreover his created lack of knowledge But even so he loves it. However, His siblings were jealous.

“Look what have you done, this is ugly,” they yell at him as they destroy the creature by stone them to death with stars. Jaha run away and find a place and start crying.

His twins’ siblings felt rumors as they approach him. “Brother, don’t let them walk over you” said Nerdo.

“Yes brother, let’s show them that we are stronger than them and how special we are?” said Xira.

Jaha wipe his tears as he looked at his twins’ siblings.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked.

Gerudo step forward, “create the most powerful creature we ever seen,” she said.

“And I will help you with our children,” said Xira. As her six children come forth. The six gods. Jaha just open his eyes wide and he just had an idea. He created a perfect and intelligent Angel. The morning star and he just name it Lucifer.

Lucifer was not that strong but with his intelligent and strategy, helps Xira and Nerdo children win the war. with a help of Lucifer’s strategy. The four siblings twin they drive away their siblings. As secure they had they own space.

Chapter four


Gerudo give Jaha the earth. “Brother just create the creature you created before,” she said.

Jaha was happy with the form of Xira and Nerdo children.

He said to his sister. “sister, I had an idea, I will create a being in image of Xira and Nerdo children and give them the intelligent and Knowledge like Lucifer something that can never be taken away,” he shouts.

he created human being. “And I will created the creature, I created before but this time, I will improved it and give a beautiful to it,” he created animals. “And I will stain the beauty with green, when the sun shine upon it, the white and blue will reflect on the top,” he created plants, cloud and sky.

It was beautiful but he is worried about his creature. he doesn’t trust his twin siblings and their children. He created an army of Angels and he said to Lucifer.

“Please lead this army and protect earth at all cost,” The angels surrounded the earth so no one will ever have to destroy it. However, the four twins siblings created a home for each Angels, gods and Mighty and it became a time called the seven gates of heaven.

Araboth the home of Mighties and gods However, this time line, it just separated Jaha from his creature, he created. He wish to see his creature time to time. He created a moon and lick it with the time line, it became the first gate, Shamayim. so he can see earth once again when the moon eclipse or lunar eclipse the sun.

He sees sun as a source of life, since humans were immortal that time but animal was not. Humans begin depend on animals as his food. The humans population were growing nonstop, the demand of food became high as the animal reach the brink of extinction. He created the tree of life that give life to more animals “the forth gate Machonon.” He need access to Machonon as he created Raquia the second gate and more and more gate were born. Zabuth the six gate ruled by the two Twins Angel called Sabath and Zabul. Sabath give day to earth and Zabul give night to Earth.

Machon the fifth gate, the home of Lucifer. Machonon the fourth gate as I said the home of tree of life. Is shine light and give life to animals on earth. This gate located on the sun. Shehaqim the third gate, the base training for Angels or home of angels. the second and first Raquia and Shamayim as explain is just a passage that link to all gates and earth. Shamayim is first gate located on the moon. It called the eyes of Almighty because Jaha watch his creature through it. Raquia is the second gate a passage to the tree of life.

Chapter Five

Gerudo First Child

For thousands and thousands of years, things were moving accordingly. The twin siblings live happily after but Gerudo was getting bored because she heard no children of her own like Xira and Nerdo. He approaches Jaha.

“Brother, I can be like this for eternity, I want to have my children just like Xira and Nerdo,” she said.

“Sister, I know that you love me but you saw it by yourself, I can’t mate with you,” he said.

“I know that but just created one child for me, please,” she berg.

Jaha didn’t insist as he created a kindly young beautiful and lovely goddess looks like Xira and Nerdo’s children

“Here is our child just name her the name you want,” said Jaha.

Gerudo just carry the young goddess with her both arms. “I will name her Alameda and I promise, she’ll never leave my side, I will take care of her,” said Gerudo. However, Lucifer was getting bored being alone training the Angels. It bored him. He wanted to do something interesting.

Chapter six

The power of intelligent

He tired of protecting earth. He remembers the powers the six children of Xira and Nerdo use to drive away all Mighty race. He try to copy as he tried it and it work.

He was so happy as he copies all the power of the six children of Xira and Nerdo. (The gods) As he mastered all the power, he think of coping his creature power as he tried to create his own. An ugly creature was born demons. He was angry because he couldn’t create a perfect being like Jaha. He destroy the demon.

He was frustrated. He wanted this power. He advice some of the angel that why don’t they drive away the four twin siblings Mighties so they can rule, human and earth. The angel was afraid.

“no, we can’t do that we are powerless against Mighties,” they said.

“come on, they just an living energy with no intelligent but I have intelligent, with my intelligent combine with our strength, we can do this,” said Lucifer.

Samael stand forward, “I will help you brother, let’s do this.”

“and count me in too?” said Azrael as he too stand forward.

The young Angel sitting at the back, stand up, “I will not allow you my fellow brothers, tarnish the peace those Mighties created,” said the young Michael.

Lucifer chuckles as he stared Michael, “young boy, you still young and powerless, what do you know about peace, do you know who am I?” he asked.

Another young Angel sited beside Mikel stand up, “yes, your Lucifer, who clouded by the power of intelligent think you can take the world,” Raphael point Lucifer with a finger. “as long Michael and I still breath something like that will never happened and will not allow it. Another three young angels stand, Gabriel, Uriel and Joel. “we are in too Raphael, our duty is to protect and maintain peace,” they shouts.

Lucifer use his power, he copy from six gods and he defeated, the five young Angels easily. Some of the angel was impressed with the power of Lucifer. “wow, your strong, we are in brother,” many Angels sided with Lucifer, as Lucifer created a rebel but Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Joel and another young angels, they fight the rebels of Lucifer giving Raphael a time to escape to report this to the home of gods and Mighties.

Raphael get to the home of Mighties and gods in time but Michael and his young siblings were defeated so easily. Lucifer lead his rebel to rebel the home of gods and Mighties. The four twins siblings Mighties and the six gods they wage war against the Rebels of Lucifer. The war waged on for decade.

The rebels were beginning to win with Lucifer intelligent. Jaha look at the young angels that were beaten. He said, “I will give you the intelligent and knowledge that I give Lucifer,” he said. He give them the intelligent and knowledge but instead he divided it among the young angels because he didn’t want somethings like this to happened again.

He said. “combine your intelligent by working together and we shall prevail,” he said.

The young Angel they worked together as they battle the rebels and drive them back to their home. Lucifer and his rebels were powerless.

Chapter seven


Jaha appear in front of them. “I give you perfection and life, is this is how you repay me?” he asked as he take a form of a gigantic human like the six gods.

He raised his left hand. “I will take all your power,” he absorbs all the power all Lucifer and his Rebels power and seal it around the tree of life.

“since, I can’t take, your intelligent, I will banish you all from heavens,” he strike them with lighting as they descended from earth.

“you have no power, the intelligent without power is nothing,” he said.

Lucifer stand up and he laugh at Jaha.

“who said, I wanted power, I rebels against you because I wanted to rule this creature and thanks to you, I will use them against you someday,” he said

Jaha didn’t respond to Lucifer, he just ignore him and understatement Lucifer intelligent. Lucifer begins to influence humans bad things, showing them the true power they possess within them.

Lucifer said to humans, “Behold, I’m the truth and light, I will shine my light deep inside within your heart… there is no such things as gods, we are the gods here just follow me and I shall show a path became a god.” Humans as they listen to Lucifer.

Chapter eight

Birth of apocalypse

The stories of gods and Mighties faded into myth amongst humans, the lies and deceit was born (conquest). Lucifer taught human to fight and (War) was born. As human wage war against each other as they fight. Lucifer, taught them to kill each other, (Death) was born. Since then because humans were immortal that time. Their death is nothingness.

Lucifer taught human about wealth and selfless, Famine is born. The stronger humans who wins the fight shall be treated as kings and ruled over the world and the weaker shall starved and die by hunger. Lucifer and his rebels hailed as gods, human beings to offer sacrifice to them. he ruled the earth for thousands of years. Lucifer met with a young beautiful girl called Lilith. She married to Lilith and give birth to half humans and half Angels. as Lilith inherent Lucifer evilness, He cheated on Lucifer with his best friends Samael.

Lilith was cheating on Lucifer, when Lucifer is away. and she give Samael many children as the children give birth to another children.

Lucifer climbed the mountain and looked to the sky. He said, “you see Almighties Jaha, this world is mine and you cannot do nothing about you,” she laugh, “I still defeated you with my intelligent,” he said. As the moon eclipse the sun.

Chapter nine


Jaha saw his human waging war against each other, erasing each other to nothingness, human was corrupt. That peaceful earth was no longer a peace earth. It was corrupted.

Jaha was angry, he wanted to destroy them but he realize that, it will take him another thousand years to build time and new creature.

he came up with an idea. He said, “you, your children and humans, you no longer immortal, I’ll take your immortality, you will grow old and die but your death, it will no longer be a nothingness but beginning of joy or sufferings. Your souls will ascend upon the heaven and it will be judge by your own doings,” he said.

Jaha convert the tree of life in to paradise as he divided the Machonon gate into Two parts. The power his sealed around the tree of life, it became the lake of infinite fire. It became a hell.

Samael saw that if he keeps follow Lucifer, he will end up suffering. One days he wakes up as he climbed the mountain, Lucifer used to climbed.

“My creator, the Almighties heavens, please forgive me. I should never listen to Lucifer,” he pray.

Jaha head his plead, “I heard you my child, I will forgive you and give your powers back,” he said as he give Samael his powers back. “now you will ascend the heaven, I will give you and rule the fifth gate, your duty will be torturing all the rebels lead by Lucifer but bare this in mind, if you betray me again I will erase you from existed.”

Samael nod his head as he bow down, “I promise, I will never betray you again but I have one request my lord.”

“what is it?” Jaha asked.

“please shall you ascend the woman, I love with me?” he asked.

El-Basto step forward. “woo, a human woman, is she beautiful, I had they wear plants too, please can you show me her panties, I wonder what they looks like.”

Gerudo came running as he was annoyed by El-Basto. “you prevent, you’re not tired peeking on me, now you want to pick on human woman,” he punch el-Basto away.

“but you don’t were pants and beside human are like us, it wouldn’t be a bad Idea if I fall in love with human.”

Jaha growl as he glanced at El-Basto. El-Basto flinch with fear run away. “I will granted your wish, who is she?” Jaha asked.


“that evil woman?” he yelled at Samael.

Samael nod his head, “I love her, I promise, when she’s with me, she will change.”

Jaha listen to Samael request as he give Lilith some power and ascend upon heaven and he became the first perfect demon.

Chapter Ten


Years later Lucifer died as his spirit was imprison to Hell but the four twins siblings were cautious about Lucifer. They need someone who can look after him and guide the souls of human to tree of life or hell.

The first son of Xira and Nerdo volunteer. As he hate staying with parents. It will be a good place for him if his alone. Yama. Ruled the fourth gate Machonon as he was given the gun of exile and the scythe is called the Grim reaper. This weapons Inverted by four twins’ siblings. The gun erase souls include energy into nothingness but except for living energy. the scythe stab and drag souls and act as a key to open the Fourth gate of heaven Machonon. Each gods was given its duty except for El-Basto who refuse to leave Araboth as he enjoys peeking at his Aunt (Gerudo). The peace was stored again but not for along.

The child of Gerudo (Alameda) was playing outside the gate, as the moon reflect the sun. it open the windows that Jaha use to watch his creature. The windows suck Alameda. Gerudo shout, “No my child,” she run to rescue her child, they were both suck in.

El-Basto was worried that his Aunt is gone and they’ll be no one to peek at, he too run. “El-Basto, no don’t,” Xira yelled. El-Basto Jumped through the window followed Gerudo.

Xira wanted to Go after her son but Nerdo stop her. “let her go.” He said.

“why, he our son, do you know where this window of time take him,” she asked.

Nerdo nod his head, “to human world,” he said.

Xira shook her head. “no, Gods and Mighty are forbidden to go there,” she said. Jaha appear in front of Xira. “sister, don’t worry, your son won’t harmed them,” he said.

“how will you know that,” Xira asked.

“come on, just look at him. He doesn’t care about anything else, all he cares about is human girls.”

“what are about human boys?” he asked.

Jaha sighs, “he will hurt them of cause, if they hurt their precious human girls,” said Jaha.

“so are you agreeing with that?” Xira yelled.

Jaha looked at her sister, “I Give Human men power as they rule earth, I’m not sure whether they treat Human woman well but so far as I examine earth, human woman were the one who is suffering,” Jaha sway head and looked at Xira. “your son loves Human woman that mean he will protect them from those savage human men,” he said.

Xira Jerk her face and looked away, “I hopes so.”

Alameda and El-Basto they travel in the endless time as the gate showing them the future, past and present. Gerudo was holding Alameda’s hand, they fall on earth on a small island that became to be known as Crescent island. El-Basto fall to the different location that became to be known as tribe island.

El-Basto memories was erased as he forget what happened and what is he doing in this place. Gerudo because she a Mighty she was fine but his child Alameda was damage from mind and body. The endless time line called seven gates damage her.

Chapter elven

Gerudo Second love

Gerudo she held Alameda to her arms as she call out to Jaha.

“Jaha please save our child,” but Jaha couldn’t hear him. Gerudo she look around as she see human, she copy the image of humans as she take a form of a beautiful woman and did it to her child. She knew that she had to do something about it. She found a mountain as she bore a hole. Gerudo carry Alameda as he tendered Alameda body but Alameda shows no signs of healing. he stay on the mountain for decade while trying to heal Almeda but there is no improvement on healing Alameda’s body.

Gerudo knew that he had to do something or she will lose her only child. He started to build a home for her and her daughter that became known as a bless heaven. it was built with gold because of humans greediness, they try to chase away Gerudo so they can take over the gold but Gerudo transform into a gigantic monster defeated them single blow.

Gerudo was feared called goddess some called her princess, he was worship as the goddess of sand as they offer fruits to her as sacrifice but Gerudo had no use of the fruits berceuse is a living energy. She doesn’t depend on food to live. She give the fruits to the people who are victims of famine (Poor people) and they revered her as God as poor people pray to Gerudo to asked for food when they hungry. However, when the time goes on. Alameda was still sick as Gerudo begin to research how to return to her home but he met a young man standing alongside the sea who was looking at the sky.

Gerudo thought the men will be scared for her and run away but the men didn’t as he continue looking at the sky.

“is it true, that there is life out there, I wonder?” said the young men asking Gerudo.

Gerudo approach the young men as she sit beside her, “do you want to know it so badly huh?” Gerudo asked.

The young men chuckles, “why not, look it, it’s full of stars and it so beautiful.

Gerudo chuckles, “Really?” she asked as she too looked at the sky. “I never, view the stars in this perspective,” she said.

The young men sway his head and looked at Gerudo. “what is your name?”

Gerudo smiles nodding his head, “Gerudo and you,”

The young men chuckles, “Alexandra Momoshi but call me Alex,” he said.

Gerudo chuckles, “such a beautiful name.” she look at the young men as she gazed back at the sky.

“but not like you, your beautiful, I know people of this nation revered you a goddess and they fear you but you don’t look scary to me,” he said.

Gerudo giggle, “Alex, your not falling for me aren’t you?” Gerudo asked.

The young men shook his head, “no, I’m just speaking the truth besides, isn’t possible for a human to fall in love with god?” he asked.

Gerudo flick a smile, “Alex, your such a curious human, you know but it never been tasted,” Gerudo gazed at the young men, “don’t think of trying it on me because I won’t allow you.

“will you kill me if I try,” he asked.

“if I killed you, I won’t be that goddess you just describe me, I will be the fearless goddess your people feared.” She said.

“then what will you do?” he asked.

“there is a god out there, he’s a pervert, he always falls for me as he tries to peek on my bath and the funny things, I always caught him as I beat him up but he was brain headed because he’s God. he can’t be killed then I begin to get use to him but I never fall for him,” she said

Alex started laughing, Gerudo widen her eyes as he looked at Alex. “what so funny?”

Alex shook his head. “nothing, it the first time, I heard a god can peek on another god, is just new to me you know,” Alex sway his head and look at Gerudo and Gerudo looked at Alex as they both sway their head together and looked at the sky. Gerudo and the young men they always met at along the sea every day. Gerudo begins to fall for the young men. He began to trust the young men and she gives him the access to her temple.

Alex was shock with the beauty of the Gerudo temple. “beautiful, where did you get these golds?” he asked.

Gerudo sway her head and look at Alex, “you’re not greedy, are you?” she asked.

Alex shook his head as he bow down, “no, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to disrespect you,” he asked.

Gerudo chuckles, “don’t worry, I was just joking, I can sense human instinct and I don’t sense any does why I give you access to this temple,” Gerudo smile as she bite her index finger.

“follow me, I want to show you something. Gerudo take Alex to where her daughter Alameda is laying. “who is she?” Alex asked.

Gerudo sighs as she fold her arms across her chest. “my daughter, we caught by the gate of time and we travel an endless time and then we fall to this world. Unlike me she couldn’t withstand the flow of time, it damages her mind and body,” she said.

Alex looked at Gerudo, “how come? is she not a god?” he asked.

Gerudo nod her head, “she is?”

“why you withstand it when she can’t, you’re the same aren’t you?” he asked.

Gerudo shook her head, “can I trust you?” Alex nod his head. “I will tell you everything,” Gerudo revert back to her original form. A formless gray aura floating, she thought Alex will get scared but the young men didn’t, instead he said. “Wow beautiful,”

Gerudo revert to a human form again. “are you not scared?”

Alex shook his head. “no! I’m so happy, so your the one who give birth to gods like her,” he points at Alameda.

Gerudo nod her head. “however, unlike her we are not considered as living beings, we are living energy, a Mobile energy with no form just like my original form,” she said.

Alex nod his head, “yes I understand, so why you bring me here and told me all these things… I mean is beyond me?” he said.

“look at her, she looks exactly like you, the form and shape, you humans are created in a shape of her, so I told you this because I thought you can come up with something that can help me heal her,” she said.

Alex shook his head, “yes we have doctors but they never heal gods before, it will be a new to them,” he said.

“did you hear what I said earlier, you humans are reflection of gods, an image meaning there is no different between you and gods. The only difference is that god heal fast, they immortal and strong, they can shape shift like me and gigantic,” he said.

Alex open his eyes and he glance at Gerudo, “ok, let try it, I will call doctors,” Alex look around the temple. “since you don’t want people messing with your gold temple, lets carry her to the safe house, I know,”

“what is that?” Gerudo asked.

“house is a Temple we human stay in, those buildings you see down the mountains,” he said.

Gerudo and Alex they carry Alameda to his home. Alex called the doctor and the doctor check on Alameda and they found out that Alameda heart is stop beating does why her body is unable to heal.

“The heart has stop, how long she been like this,” the doctor asked.

“14 years,” said Gerudo.

That freak and scared doctor, “and she still alive?” Doctors asked. Alex clear his throat, Gerudo wanted to talk and tell the doctor the truthy but Alex nudge her as he interrupted her, “no doctor, she kidding, Alameda just fall from the mountain,” he said. Gerudo wanted to speak but Alex interrupted her again. “please Gerudo can we have a talk outside,” said Alex while dragging Gerudo outside.

“why you tell him that?” Alex asked.

“I told you, I’m a Mighty, I’m forbidden to lie,” she said.

Alex shook his head, “ok, I understand that, if your unable to lie, let me do the talking ok, I don’t want your daughter power get to the wrong hands,” he said.

Gerudo open his eyes wide as he started to get angry, “what do you mean get to the wrong hands?” he asked.

Alex calm down Gerudo, “wait, I will explain it later when your daughter is heal, do you want your daughter to be healed?” he asked.

Gerudo nod her head. “good, let me do the talking ok?” he said. They get inside as the doctor Jump start Alameda heart. Alameda heart start pounding as her healing process began. She was healing so fast that even doctor was surprise and shock. After she fully heal she regain his conscious but lost his memory.

She doesn’t remember anything, Gerudo run to her daughter as she hug her.

“my child, your heal, I was worried about you, you know,” she said. Alameda sway her head as she looked at Gerudo.

“who are you?” Alameda asked.

“my child, is me your mother,” Gerudo get back as she wanted to revert to her original form but Alex saw it as she stop Gerudo.

“Gerudo, can we speak again outside,” he shout.

Gerudo stop as she sighs. Alex drag her outside again. “what are you doing, I said don’t do anything before the doctor go,” he asked.

“why?” Gerudo asked.

“people know that the goddess of sand exist in this earth but they don’t know it is you. All they know is that goddess of sand lock herself on her trample, showing your true form, it will bring fears to human,” Alex explain this to Gerudo. Gerudo begin to understand not only understand but fall in love with him. However, the doctor tell them that Alameda will need time to recover his memories but he cannot promise that Alameda will ever recover her memories. Gerudo didn’t mind whether Alameda lot her memory or not. She took care of her, nurtured her as her own daughter.

One day Alex visited Gerudo on her trample as they chat, Gerudo was already in love with Alex but Alex had no feeling for Gerudo. When Alameda go to her room leaving Gerudo and Alex alone. Gerudo started to act like a girl who is blushing. She was wasn’t really blushing. She a Mighty after all. Living energy don’t blush but she study human nature very well. As she acted like a girl who fell in love on a boy.

“Alex, do you remember what you said to me?” she asked. Blushing precedence was not cool but Alex fall for it.

“no, what it is?” he asked.

“what will happened if a god fall for human?” she said.

Alex nod his head, “yes, I remember that,” he said.

Gerudo flick a smile as she make her face more beautiful, her tilt grows bigger, her hip and butt also grows. She transforms herself to a woman that a man cannot resist.

“do you want to try it?” she asked.

Alex gasp as he just sweating, “what do you mean?” he asked.

Gerudo held Alex’s hand, “can we talk in my room,” she asked as she dragged Alex to her room. Gerudo mated with Alex and he felt what her siblings Xira and Nerdo felt. This mating continues for years as Alex and Gerudo we being in a relationship after the year. Gerudo give birth to two twins. A boy and the girl, Alameda name the boy Arche and name the girl Angel. Alex thought Gerudo many things how humans lives and Gerudo she became adapt to it as she was the first Mighty to gain intelligent of humans. This intelligent help her in her research and she found out how to return to her home but because, she has children and fallen in love with a human man. She had no reason of going back.

Chapter twelve

Alex last request

Gerudo and Alex relationship grow stronger not until when time pass. Alex is a human, is destine to grow old and died but before she died. he said to his wife, “I want you to promise me something,” he said.

It was a said moment Arche and angel were grown also with their children beside them crying. Gerudo nod his head. “whatever, it is?” he said.

Alex chuckles, “always hide your powers, human are savage they will try to experiment things with our children,” he said.

Gerudo nod his head because she’s a Mighty, Mighty are unable to cry. “I promise, I will protect them after all is my children too,”

“don’t be too hard on humans, treat them as your family but beware with those people called scientist,” Alex said. Gerudo heard it but she had no idea what Alex was talking about. “and one more thing, what happened I dead?” Alex asked.

“don’t worry, I will send you to a place where you will always be happy, I promise to visit you every day,” she said. Since Gerudo learn how to open gate, she summons Yama.

“Gerudo, what are you doing here and why you summon me in the human world,” Yama yell as she saw Angel and Arche along their children. Yama get angry. “humans are forbidden to see me until their death, I will kill them.” Yama draw his scythe as he wanted to strike Angel and Arche. Gerudo transform to a gigantic human as he punched Yama away. “shut up and listen, I’m the Mighty Gerudo, I will not allow you hurt my children,” she yelled.

Yama widen his eyes and he bow down, “forgive me, I didn’t know is your children,” he said.

Gerudo revert back to her human form, “I want you to take his soul to the tree of life, I will see here time to time,” she said.

Yama shook his head, “you can’t visit him from time to time, Mighty are forbidden to enter there,” said Yama.

“shut up,” Gerudo yelled as she wanted to transform again but Alex stop her, Gerudo calm down as he look at Alex eyes, “why, your living me for good,” she asked.

Alex chuckles shaking his head, “I will be watching you all the time,” she said.

Yama stand up, “Gerudo, you didn’t let me finish, you can visit your human men to a tree of life but not time to time.”

“What do you mean brother?” Alameda asked.

Yama looked at her sister, “when a Mighty travel through gate, it disrupts the flow of time gate, souls of human they get trap in the time flow as they did when you and Gerudo absorb by the eye of Mighty, I had to travel through time and collect the souls that were trapped,” said Yama.

“So what should we do for mother to see his love again,” Alameda asked.

“she must make an appointment in every 50 years and I will stop the souls of human from entering the gate of time that way the souls will trapped in this human world and when your mother is done, the souls will enter the gates again,”

Gerudo didn’t insist, Yama take the souls of Alex as he guide it to the tree of Life. Arche and Angel did the same too living Gerudo with grandchildren Kiara and Cairo.

Chapter thirteen


Cairo was the first son of Angel and Kiara was the son of Arche. However, Cairo and Kiara was different from their parent. they didn’t inherent their Grandfather nature (human nature) but instead, they inherited they Grand Mother power. That Cairo has an ability to lift thing with his mind and Kiara has an Ability to control sand and change his body to any nature because it’s was unlike Gerudo, Alameda named this powers gene gods but as the time goes on Kiara and Cairo power grow as they were able to shape shift like their grandmother but to Gerudo didn’t mean a thing to her because it’s just a portion of her power. Until 50 years after Gerudo return from the tree of Life, Cairo and Kiara give birth to many children within that 50 years but not all of them that inherited Gerudo powers. Some of them we totally humans as some they have this gene gods but it was different from Kiara and Cairo as they never grow old. Gerudo didn’t realize it, she thought maybe they shape shift as young until when Cairo Refuge to share an apple with Kiara that was offered as sacrifice. Cairo and Kiara begin to fight but instead Gerudo she takes the apple from them and gives it to the poor people.

Kiara and Cairo yelled at their grandmother, “grandmother gives us our apple,” their body grow bigger and get gigantic. Gerudo realize that her Kiara and Cairo did not only inherent her power but her anger too. They skin change to gray inheriting their grandmother appearance, her ears glows big like a cate like but their face remain humans. They tried to punch the grandmother. Their transformation cause them to lost control as they destroy Gerudo temple. However, Alameda stop them. This was another problem since Cairo and Kiara inherent their grandmother anger, Kiara and Cairo, they don’t know to control their anger when a human is not listen to them or do something to hurt their friend Kiara and Cairo will get angry and hurt the humans. When they report it to Gerudo, Gerudo yelled at human telling them that her grandchildren are gods and they should be treated with respect. However, humans they begin to fear Gerudo as they called her a witch. Humans started to mock and stone Gerudo and her grandchildren. Gerudo get angry.

“you mock my children, I will not allow you.” She yelled. Gerudo transform to her gigantic human, “I’m the mighty Gerudo, the ruler of this world,” she yelled as she defeated human with one blow again but human didn’t give up as they stand up and fight against Gerudo.

Gerudo realize that if she keeps fighting with human, humans will became extinct, so she came up with an idea, she created an army using the dead human (Zombies). The human worst night mare. Zombies were not attacking human but surround Gerudo temple but human overcome their night mare engage zombies. The war wage against zombies and human. This war continues for decade. Nerdo and Xira couldn’t take it anymore. They wanted to descend to earth to stop the war and their sister but Jaha stop them. They waited for the moon eclipse the sun.

Chapter fourteen


Jaha came to appear to Alameda. He said, “my child, I’m your father, your uncles wanted to descend on the earth to stop the war and your mother.”

Alameda memories they all return back. “Father, where I’m I?” she asked.

“in the mortal word, please stop your mother and her grand Children from destroying my beautiful creature,” he said.

“but how? Mother her children are strong and how will I stop her grandchildren,” she asked.

“take this?” Jaha give Alameda a corpse build with gold.

“you cannot destroy a race like us but you can transfer it from one location to another, just use the tool and transfer her back to her home, it will also prevent her from returning to human world.” he said.

Alameda nod her head, “but beware, if the copse get open, Gerudo will automatically transfer back,” he said.

“I don’t understand?” she asked.

“is the same process when human die, their spirit ascend to heaven as they pass first gate and second gate and then hell or Tree of life but your mother is unlike human. she don’t die is an living energy. Instead for her to go to hell or Tree of life. The flow of time will sent back to Araboth until someone open or break that copse,” he said.

“so what about me father?” she asked.

“Alameda, your special, you have the power to shine good at human heart, just believe on your power and your mother grand children with change,” Jaha just disappear. Alameda sneak on her mother as she cover her with the copse.

Gerudo shout her last words “Alameda wait, I’m pregnant,” Alameda heard her mother but it was too late. The copse sealed her as she was transferred back to Araboth. Gerudo found herself back to Araboth with her pregnancy but she couldn’t give back because she was sealed. “what happened, what is wrong?” Gerudo asked his siblings Xira and Nerdo.

Nerdo stand up as he giggle, “we brought you back sister,”

“welcome,” said Xira

“what about this, I can’t give birth with this form,” she yelled.

“you’re an Mighty sister, you can try something else,” said Xira.

Gerudo growl as he run to Jaha. “send me back right now, my children need me,” Gerudo yelled.

“no! I won’t let you destroy my Creature,” Jaha yelled back.

“your creature are corrupted and greedy, I won’t let your creature hurt my children, send me back right now,” he yelled.

Jaha jerk his face, “your children are in good hands, their safe, you don’t belong in a mortal world you belong here,” he said.

“I will go by myself, I don’t need your help,” said Gerudo.

Chapter fifteen

Fate decided

Gerudo wait for the another the gate to open again as the gate open, Gerudo enters, he travel through endless time but at the end She return to Araboth. She don’t understand it anymore as she run back to Jaha.

“what happened to me, why when I tried to enters the gate, it bring me here?” she asked.

Jaha start laughing as she didn’t respond. Gerudo punch Jaha but Jaha continue laughing, “if you want to release an anger on someone release all your anger on me after all I’m a Mighty like you, I feel nothing but I won’t let you destroy my creature because of your savage children.”

Gerudo yelled at Jaha, “my children are not savage, I will kill you brother,” Gerudo yelled as she transforms into a big gigantic scary monster. She begins to punch Jaha but Jaha didn’t fight back. He let himself get beat by Gerudo after all he a Mighty like her. no matter how much and how longer Gerudo punch here it won’t make a difference. He can’t be destroyed. Gerudo punch Jaha for decade without stopping. After decade passed, Gerudo begin to realize that is pointless punching Jaha. as she transform into a human form and started crying. “please Jaha, tell me what is happening to me,” she berg.

Jaha stand up as he look at Gerudo, “your dead in Mortal world does why the gates of heaven sent you back here when you try to go back,”

“dead!” he yelled.

“not really dead, let say temporary dead, when someone open the copse, you will automatically wake up in the mortal world.

“damn you, you use a sealing copse that we use on our brothers,” Jaha giggle nodding his head. “but is not that copse, this copse just teleport you back and block you from going back as long the copse is close. The gate of time, know you as a dead soul. When you entered the gates the gate of time sent the dead to hell or tree of life but your mighty, it sent you back to your home.”

“Damn you Jaha, I hate you and I promise once someone open the copse, I will erase all your creature with my bare hand.”

Jaha chuckles, “good luck with that sister,” he said.

Gerudo get angry as she growl. Jaha stop as she look at Gerudo. “you surprise me you know, not moment are go your crying taking a form of a human that you deceive the human men to fall for you, now you take a form of a monster again, tell me that cry were you pretending?” he asked.

Gerudo just punch Jaha, “shut up, have you ever see a Mighty cry before.”

Jaha giggle, “as I thought,” but something came up as he reverts back to her original from. “El-Basto, my love, where are you?’ he calls.

Xira and Nerdo sighs, “Sister, I don’t know why you search for that pervert,” said Xira. Gerudo look at Xira. “where is he?” she asked.

“He couldn’t resist peeking your bath, when you absorb by the gate of time, he had no reason to remain here so came after you,”

Gerudo transform in to a woman form, “you mean El-Basto is in a mortal world right now?” she asked.

Xira nod his head, “yes, he even forgets about you now she peeks on human girls.”

Gerudo screams, “that pervert, I will kill him when I get to earth.”

“Gerudo come down, there is no way we can allow you return to the mortal world, by the time you return to human word, it will be the end of earth’s fate,”

“what do you mean, the end of earth’s fate?” Gerudo asked.

Jaha appear in front of Gerudo. “I will be betrayed twice by human,” he said.

Gerudo just to mumble, “but, but…”

“there is no but, we have spoken, we will destroy earth,” Nerdo said.

“so, the human must suffer for my sins,” she asked.

“no, it will be their sin for involving gods in their problem. Gods and Mighties must not involve in the problem of humans. Whether they fight killing each other we must not involve does why I created hell and tree of life so they can be judge when they died,” said Jaha

Gerudo revert back to her Mighty form. “with or without your permeation, I will return to the mortal world and I will not let you destroy earth,” she said.

“sister for real which side are you on? Human or us, you want to destroy human next things you don’t want to destroy them,” Xira asked.

Gerudo shape shift to a human form and looked at her pregnancy, “I promise Alex that I will treat them as my family,” she said.

“but your waging war against them with those dead humans army you created,” said Xira.

“I was not waging war against them. Those zombies were not attacking human, they just surrounded my children and protect them. Is human who engage them and they end up paying for their ignorance,” she said.

Jaha appear in front of Gerudo, “so tell me what is the different, your zombies were killing human,” he said.

“my zombies will not kill any one if they stay away, those who have ears to listen and eyes to see they stay away but those who are ignorant they meet their early dearth. Bother, when I return there, I will destroy humans who will stand on my way,” she said. It was the last worlds of Gerudo. Gerudo sit at the gate, when the gate open, she watch over her children. However, Alameda on earth he form peace with human as he lead Gerudo children into a righteous path. However, those who transform to a monstrous creature like Cairo and Kiara, they are immortal as they are blessed with internal youth inherited from Gerudo. Alameda realize that after a hundreds of years, Cairo, Kiara and the children, children of Kiara and Cairo. Cyrus, Cantor, Yohan and Karo were like Kiara and Cairo. Because they don’t die, Alameda try something to do something to separate them from the world of mortals because they no longer mortals. Alameda time to stay to the mortal world was limited. He asked his father what to do. Jaha created a place hidden beside the Shamayim. They called it Moshi world. Moshi world is an invisible gigantic world that only race like Kiara and Cairo can living in. those who cannot transform they remain on earth as they continue breading spreading the name of Momoshi.

Momoshi were directed descended of Arche and komokichi just get involve because we directed descendants of Angel but Alex clan name will live long enough than you can imagine. Alameda name the race werecat because they have ears like cats when they transform. A were cat it said that he is born after hundreds of years. As the time passed. Alameda ascended heaven as she return to her father and mother. However, Gerudo didn’t give her attention like she did long ago. Gerudo used to sit in front of the gate of time watching her children while polishing her pregnant. Since she can’t give bath unless the copse open. Gerudo nurtured her child from her womb.

Alameda saw it that her mother hate her, she begin to feel guilty of what she did to her mother. Jaha saw it that Alameda was not enjoying seeing a mother sad like that. Jaha volunteer to stay at Alameda side all the time while Gerudo will sit in front of gate waiting for someone to revive her. that where it all began as Tom Hon (Terry Wilson) will revive her? the earth fate is at the brink of extinction.

The end

Read Gunslingers Dawn of Apocalypse Coming soon.


The gunslingers dawn of apocalypse is not been publish yet but I will give you a summary what will happen.

On the book two Gunslingers revive of Gerudo, Tom Hon manage to revive Gerudo as Judy told the Monster G that if Gerudo is revive, her brothers will destroy the earth and at the end Tom Hon finally did revive Gerudo. He committed the sins of betrayal as the earth was fated to be destroy.

However, this what will happened to book three. Tracy the older sister of Palma will meet up with a handsome young man call Ernest. She fell in love with him as she take him to her father to introduce her lover. However, Kharisma appear after that as she explain to Palma and his whole family why she came. Medley requested Palma to marry Kharisma, so she could go after her father (Dexter) in order to protect her son from being abduct by her father but Palma refuse as she still in love with medley, this cause Palma to be a psyche as he started to abuse Kharisma. This make the young men Ernst angry as he engages Palma in battle. Ernest defeated Palma easily. Palma didn’t understand where Ernest got his power, as Palma he tries to get back up and fight Ernest. Tracy come out crying saying Medley and her son are missing. Palma knew it was Medley’s father (Dexter) who abduct them as Palma and the whole family hunt Dexter down as they found Dexter holding medley son and tied Medley. Palma manage to rescue medley as he engage in battle with Dexter, Dexter defeated Palma easily as Palma was badly injured but he manage to snatch his son from Dexter as he give it to Medley. Dexter asks her daughter to hand over his grandson or he will kill her. Medley refuse. Dexter got angry as he run toward Medley as he was intended to kill her but Ernest intervene as he knock Dexter with one punch away. Dexter too was surprise as Dexter reveal his true power but still Dexter has no match against Ernest. Ernest yelled at Dexter for trying to kill a woman, his yelled make Ernest reveals his true identity. They found out that Ernest is the pervert god (El Basto). Dexter knew that, he don’t stand a chance against El Basto. Dexter take advantage of El Basto weakness as he use Kharisma’s body and show El Basto Kharisma breast. El Basto low his guard as he get to excited seeing Kharisma’s breast. Dexter manage to punch El Basto as he flew away. Leaving Curl with no choice but to fight Dexter but he too was defeated easily. Dexter head to Medley who held Kyle and ask her to hand over the baby but Medley refuse. Dexter draw his gun and shoot at Medley but the injured Palma jump in as he took the bullet for Medley. Palm just fall down as he lost conscious that make Medley believe that Palma is dead. Medley cradled Palma as her hands was stain with blood of Palma, Medley shout to her own father vowing that he will kill him, this cause Medley to awaken the fury called the revenge of fury. She rampage against her father but still Dexter was able to fight back against this fury. However, while Medley use this power of fury, she was injuring her body as she was at the verge of her dearth. Palma wake up as he stop Medley before she died. Palma, Medley and Curl was defend less against Dexter. Dexter take the baby but Palma manage to stand up as he was prepared to died. he engage against Dexter but he was weak as he fall down before he could get to Dexter. Dexter decided to kill them all so they won’t get on his way in the future. He draw his gun as he point at the Palma who is lying on the ground helpless as he was about to pull the trigger. Zero intervene and punch Dexter away before he shoot Palma. Zero and Dexter they engage each other in battle but their strength were equal as they ended a draw revealing the true identity of Zero who happened to be Frank Judy. As everyone was shock this give Dexter a time to escaped with the child. Dexter use Kyle blood to summons Yama in order to see his dead wife again at the other side. As Yama appear, Yama got angry for being summons on the human world as he draw his scythe tries to strike Dexter down but Dexter lied as he call himself a child of Gerudo. Yama didn’t believe it but he use the baby as a prove as Yama found out the boy is a Werecat. Yama let Dexter see his dead wife at the tree if life, where Dora yelled at him of what he did to her daughter Medley. Dora told Dexter that she saw everything as she refusing to speak with me calling Dexter a evil men. Dora asked Yama to return him to the tree of life but Dexter bow down to ask Dora to give a minutes and hear what he wanted to say. Dexter told his wife that he only wanted to make things right, he was not intending to hurt his daughter. Dora held her grandson for one last time as he told Dexter to return her grandson to her daughter and apologize to him until she agree, if medley don’t forgive him when Dexter died she will never let her enter hell or tree of life for eternity. Dora asked Yama to return her to the tree of life Yama return Dora to the tree of life and he disappear too.

El Basto fall at the strange house where he found a woman in bath, where he get carry away of his perverseness but he heard no idea that the woman is married. The husband of the woman just come up with a gun and shoot at El Basto but the bullet just deflected away by El Basto body. However, he sense the presence of Gerudo, El Basto teleported himself to where Gerudo is, El Basto found Gerudo in the Tom Hon hide out where Gerudo, escort them to her temple so he can awaken his zombies but before he do so. Gerudo requested to see his lover for the first time, however, El Basto warned Tom Hon and jack that his brother Yama is ruthless, if he see a human, he will cut them in half but Tom Hon and jack refuse as they too wanted to see Yama. While they walking el Basto told Gerudo everything and that he can see the future before things happened. El Basto told Gerudo that she too has the power to see the future before it happened. Gerudo didn’t understand, el Basto explain to her when they absorb by the window of mighty that they travel to an endless time past present and future. El Basto help Gerudo to see her future revealing that Tom Hon will betrayed her and steal his power and Jaha, Nerdo and Xira will destroy the earth as she see herself being sealed again by his siblings. Gerudo didn’t told Tom Hon what she saw but instead she asked el Basto that if their anything she can too to change the future. El Basto shook his head saying that he cannot change the future unless he disrupts the time of seven gate of heaven.

Read the full story on Gunslingers Dawn of the apocalypse.

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