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Michael and Battle Cry Part 1

Table OF Contents

h2=. []Ware House[]

h2=. [][*Attack On The Ware House *][]

3.The Heavenly Angels Head Quarters

4. Battle at the Head Quarters

p=. 5. Angels Remain at Head Quarters

[]Ware House[]

At the campsite Michael and Battle Cry are not far from the warehouse. The other angels are up ahead of them watching the warehouse to see if there is any fallen angels there.

There was a strange sound at the warehouse and when the angels saw when the door raised. One fallen angel came out to see if there is anyone out there spying and the angels went back to the campsite and told Michael what happened.

“Michael“said the angel.

“What is it?“said Michael.

“There is a fallen angel ahead of us and he is at the warehouse.” said the angel.

“OK keep on watching to see if there is anything else is coming. We do not want to ambush this one fallen just in case if it is a trap.” said Michael.

“OK” said the angel.

So the angel went back to keep watch on the warehouse. Then all of the sudden there was a strange sound from the right of them. When the angels looked at there right there was something they did not want to see.

“Boom,Boom,Boom!“The giant was moving to the warehouse.

That got Battle Cry and Michael attention to come quickly to see what is going on.

“What is that doing here?“said Michael.

“ I don’t know.“said the angel.

As Michael and Battle Cry are watching then they heard what appeared to be Hell hounds coming to the left of them.

“This is not good.” said Michael.

“How many angels do we have here with us Michael?” said Battle Cry.

“ We got 10 angels here with us right now but in different positions .” said Michael.

“What are we going to do?“asked Battle Cry.

“We gotta do something but I am waiting to see if there is anyone else coming before I give the signal to attack.” said Michael.

There was a voice behind Michael that made him turn around. He saw Gabriel.

“Is there any news?” asked Michael.

“Yes. There is bad news for what is ahead of you. But the good news is God is sending more angels to help.” said Gabriel.

“What is ahead of us?“asked Michael.

“More fallen angels and hell hounds” said Gabriel.

“Thank you for the update.” said Michael.

Gabriel left and every other angel was waiting on Michael to give the signal. Michael gave a signal to attack the warehouse.

[]Attack On The Ware House[]

Michael turn around quick and saw more fallen angels and hell hounds running into the fight and one of them was going to attack Michael. Battle Cry quickly hit the fallen quick before it got near Michael.

“Thanks Battle Cry.” said Michael.

“Your welcome.” said Battle Cry.

The giant finally got his club and he was about to swing until Michael drive his sword in his chest. Then the giant fell to the ground.

Then right out from the sky more heavenly angels came to join the battle.

“Battle Cry! watch out.” Michael yelled.

Battle Cry turned around and saw something he didn’t want to see. He was cornered by three hell hounds. Right out of nowhere the rest of the wolves came in to help Battle Cry. The wolves took out the hell hounds and the rest of them ran away. Once the fallen saw the hell hounds running away then they start to flee away too.

Once the fallen got out of sight Michael opened the door to see what they could be doing in there. Once they

saw a door leading to Satan’s Kingdom. Then all of them left and went to there headquarters.

[]The Heavenly Angels Head Quarters[]

One of the angels stood up and started to speak.

“We could destroy it somehow” said the angel.

“OK. Even if we destroy it there is still that entrance.

We need someone to permanent remove the entrance so no fallen angels can get in.“Michael said.

“Michael, Michael“Battle Cry said.

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“I saw one of the fallen angels not far from our headquarters.” Battle Cry said.

“Listen up everybody looks like they are trying to attack us without us knowing it.” Michael said.

Michael went on and said forget destroying the entrance for now. We have bigger problems right now.

“Everyone get in your position and keep watch on every corner.” Michael said.

“Do you see that Michael.“Battle Cry asked.

“Yes. It is a fallen scout but do not worry about it. We have this place on high security now.” Michael said.

“When is the lion going to show up?“Battle Cry asked.

“He will come but right now is not the time for him to show up. We got wolves and centaurs here watching the place. There will be more help on the way when the lion comes.“Michael said.

“How did they find us here?“Battle Cry asked.

“Maybe one of the fallen angels followed us from behind without us knowing it.” Michael said.

[]Battle at the Head Quarters[]

Hey it is Jesus.“Battle Cry said.

Jesus was running fast to the castle to his army. Michael and everyone was ready for battle. Once Jesus got to the castle he went straight to Michael.

“Prepare yourselves everyone. Satan and his army going to attack real soon.” Jesus said.

“Hey Jesus I knew you would come but I am leaving I am not going to attack. I gave my fallen orders to attack your army.“Satan said.

“How dare fly over my people thinking you were going to destroy them without me getting involved.” Jesus said.

“I must be going to my kingdom.“Satan said.

Jesus then turned around and told everyone to attack the fallen angels.

Then the battle begins. Michael runs to strike the fallen angels. Then right out of nowhere Michael gets cornered by the fallen angels. Battle Cry then comes to the aid of Michael.

“I don’t think so. You are not going to corner my brother.” Battle Cry said.

Battle Cry and Michael started to strike first then the fallen dodge the attack and they ended up hitting each other by accident.

“Ugh“Michael said.

“Ouch” Battle Cry said.

Michael and Battle Cry got back up. Michael strikes at the fallen angels one of them falls down. Battle Cry then uses his loud voice and the rest of the fallen heard his rage and flee from the headquarters.

“Look they are running again.“Michael said.

“I think they are afraid of my loud voice.“Battle Cry said.

Everyone got back to the castle so they can get a breather for a moment until there next objective. Jesus then goes away for a while.

[]Angels Remain at Head Quarters[]

“What are we going to do about the entrance to hell at the warehouse?” Battle Cry asked.

“I am still thinking about what to do. This is not an easy task to deal with. I forgot to ask Jesus when he was here but there was so much distraction for a lot of us.” Michael said.

“Is there any way we can get Gabriel to send a message to Jesus?” Battle Cry asked.

“Hey Michael Jesus sent me cause he heard you forgot to ask him in person. His answer there is someone at the holy land we need to talk to. We need some recruits.” Gabriel said.

“Listen up everyone I am going to the holy land with Gabriel to recruit some people.” Michael said.

As soon Michael and Gabriel has left the angel headquarters Battle Cry and his pack started to watch the place real heavy.

“Listen up pack we need to stay high alert until Michael and Gabriel gets back.” Battle Cry said.

The wolves howled and went to guard the building.

One of the centaur saw the sky broke open and saw a angel come down.

“Hey I am here to take Michael position until he gets back.” Tom said.

Part 2 coming soon

Michael and Battle Cry Part 1

  • ISBN: 9781311996671
  • Author: Joey R.
  • Published: 2016-03-03 18:40:06
  • Words: 1356
Michael and Battle Cry Part 1 Michael and Battle Cry Part 1