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[_Mack and Hazel relaxed at the Royal Flophouse in Mack’s room. The first thing _]

Mack said to Hazel was, “This time he may have gotten it right,” and _he referenced the _

_newly completed book that was written in an attempt to preserve the legacy of their small _

[_town. Hazel replied, “Well what has he done different?” Mack had no answer, for he was _]

_only concerned at this point with the amount of money that Doc had acquired on his most _

_recent trip to Moss Landing with Suzy. It was clear that Mack was jealous, as he spent _

_most his time wondering how he might get his hands on some cash as well. Hazel was _

[_dozing off but Mack continued anyway. “I know a guy. His name is John. He was born in _]

[_the late 1890’s in Salinas. He resides in the Santa Cruz Mountains these days. Hell, he’s _]

[_got to be around my age.” Hazel still wasn’t listening but Mack described his apparent _]

_genius idea even further. Mack continued for what seemed like hours, finally saying, _

[_“He’s an engineer or some shit, but he is desperately trying to get his writing career _]

[_started. That son-of-a-bitch does that shit for fun.” And Hazel eventually responded, “I _]

[_think we owe it to ourselves to continue documenting our story.” Mack was shocked that _]

[_Hazel was actually listening. Mack replied, “Ok, let’s give this guy a chance.” Hazel _]

[_shouted back with excitement, “I’m going to get the ball rolling. You should get in _]

[_contact with your guy.” Mack said with confidence, “I am sure he will do it.” Turning _]

[_towards Hazel Mack proclaimed, “I thought you would be President by now.” _]

[_Doc finally had a smile on his face. This was something that wasn’t typical for a _]

_man like him. Mack headed up to Eastern Biological to talk with him. He knocked on the _

[_door and Doc let him in. Mack sparked the conversation, “I’ve never seen that look on _]

[_your face. Suzy really got under your skin huh?” Doc responded, “Well, I think I’m in _]

[_love. Never felt that feeling before.” Mack felt happy that the boys and Fauna and the _]

[_girls had finally done something good for Doc. “You want to get a pint of Ol’ Tennis _]

[_Shoes?” said Mack. Doc responded, “Sounds good buddy, I could kill for some whiskey _]

[_right now.” Doc and Mack went down to Joseph and Mary’s place to get a couple pints _]

_of whiskey and a few pints of beer. They headed back to Eastern Biological, grabbed the _

_rest of the boys, and conducted a minor party in the laboratory. Everyone who attended _

_held up their glass and gave a giant toast to Doc. Doc still had a smile on his face. _

_Mack went back to the Royal Flophouse. He turned his head and faced Hazel, _

[_“Maybe Doc is truly happy.” Hazel shrugged his shoulders towards the feeling of love. _]

_For he had once suggested that the Presidency was in his grasp, and he grew a love for _

_this dream. Hazel still had faith that it could possibly happen one day, but he knew that it _

_would require a great deal of work. Fauna could not believe that Hazel was still pursuing _

[_his desperate dream. Mack turned towards Hazel and said, “I hope Doc had a swell time, _]

[_for he was with Suzy after all,” as he looked towards the strip, which coincidently _]

_encompassed the whole town of Cannery Row. No one there had ever seen Doc so happy. _

_Something in him made him feel complete. And everyone in Cannery Row agreed that _

_they had never experienced nothing so powerful in their whole life. For even Fauna _



[_began thinking of the right time to put up Suzy’s golden star. Maybe she didn’t want to _]

_rush the gun, however, she knew that Suzy was different, and the boys were different, and _

[_that everyone got along with Suzy; for she was the one who finally sparked love in Doc’s _]

_insides. He remembered the first time they had met, that one time where he had pulled _

_her chair out for her, acting like a gentleman, something that he always knew how to do _

[_but didn’t typically implement. Maybe he thought as if he should treat her differently, like _]

_she was the one for him. Maybe Doc had felt as if he had found that one in three billion. _

_Maybe she truly was the answer to all his problems. _

_Doc sat in his chair and contemplated his current situation. That low voice in him _

[_cried, “She will never leave you. She will always be yours. No matter the circumstance, _]

[_she will be yours.” Then his high voice said, “Get to sleep.” And he eventually did get to _]

[_sleep, only to have awoke from that frequent dream; the one with Suzy that he always _]

_wanted to see come true. Alas, she was his. She laid beside him, and Doc could tell by the _

_expression on her face that she was truly in love as well. For Suzy had found something _

_she had never found before, not even throughout all her hustling days in which she had to _

[_survive by any means necessary. “We all knew from the start it would happen,” said _]

[_Mack. He continued without waiting for a response, “In all of our fuck ups, we always _]

_cared for Doc, and we always tried to do the right thing. We may have saved his business _

[_with that microscope. He doesn’t know it, but we all are aware that he will eventually be _]

[_successful.” In that exact moment, Doc looked at Suzy and thought of when they first _]

[_began. He turned at Mack, and he relayed the statement she had once told him: “Brother, _]

[_you’ve got yourself a girl.” It reminded him of a movie he knew, in which the statement, _]

[_“Come live with me and be my love, and we will all the pleasures prove.” Doc knew he _]

[_had Mack’s support, so he continued ranting to him about how Suzy was the only one _]

[_worthy of being his. Both Mack and Doc bought a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes and drank the _]

_night away, awaiting desperately for Merry Monday. _

_ _

_ _

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Table of Contents


Those Who Attended



Another Night of Love



Li Chong’s Return



Hazel’s Quest 1



Gay’s Story



Doc’s Paper


VII.! Hell Froze Over


VIII.! Li Chong’s Fate



Doc’s Paper 2



Enter Old Jay



Exit Joseph and Mary


XII.! And Everybody Knew


XIII.! Hazel’s Plan


XIV.! Doc’s Speech


XV.! A New Epidemic


XVI.! Merry Monday


XVII.! Congratulations Doc & Suzy


XVIII.! Angry Old Jay


XIX.! Mack’s Child


XX.! Hazel’s Plan 2




XXI.! Fauna Steps Down


XXII.! Doc vs. Man Unknown


XXIII.! Doc’s Plan


XXIV.! Hazel’s Return


XXV.! Merry Monday Pre-cursor


XXVI.! 3 o’clock Sharp!


XXVII.! A Grand Opening


XXVIII.! Hazel’s Campaign



Mack’s Child 2


XXX.! Doubling Down



Gay Goes Home


XXXII.! Hazel’s Speech 2


XXXIII.! Mack’s Child 3


XXXIV.! Enter Hazel’s Competition


XXXV.! Enter Sharon and Ace


XXXVI.! Weaker Than an Ace


XXXVII.! Ace is in Trouble


XXXVIII.! Doc’s Big Break


XXXIX.! Fauna Gives Birth


XL.! Ace’s Plan


XLI.! The Game


XLII.! Suzy’s Story


XLIII.! Freaky Friday 1




XLIV.! Freaky Friday 2


XLV.! Doc’s Big Break


XLVI.! Exit Ace


XLVII.! Enter Andrew


XLVIII.! Whitney No.2 Serves His Country


XLIX.! Doc’s Party



Doc’s First Day



Mack’s Child 3


LII.! Doc’s Been Busy


LIII.! Doc’s Speech 2


LIV.! Doc’s Bachelor Party


LV.! The Wedding


LVI.! Where They Ended Up

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_I. _

_Those Who Attended _

_ _

_ _

All of Cannery Row was there; of course they were. The Grizzly Flag was closed

down for the night. The lights were out in the Royal Flophouse because Mack and the

boys were in the street celebrating Doc and Suzy’s fate, one which involved them

being reunited, and one which predicted them falling in love; only few men get to

experience that form of love. Gay’s room was still left how it was before he went to the

war and never returned. Fauna actually let the girls leave the Grizzly Flag so that they

could celebrate as well. Fauna was more excited than most, for she knew that one more of

her girls had finally received a golden star, the highest honor that any girl could receive

working at the whorehouse. Suzy was desperate once, but she soon moved on to better

things; she finally got out of the life. She was still working at the local diner, and she

finally obtained her typewriter. She intended on learning the trade to help Doc write his

paper, as his right hand was still broken. She was fully ready for the challenge; she knew

how important it’s completion was to him.

And Doc and Suzy were gone; off to Moss Landing. Doc only had one good hand,

so he was glad Suzy knew how to drive that old and rusty truck; it was fortunate that

Mack and the boys trained her how to drive in a matter of hours prior to departure. Doc

looked back at everyone who resided in the streets, and then looked at Suzy who was

trying desperately to drive straight in Doc’s truck. If Doc was going to be the man who

lead to Suzy acquiring her star, Fauna had to be there to celebrate her accomplishment.

She would never admit it, but Suzy had become like a daughter to her, and all Fauna

really wanted for her was to be happy. Fauna knew that Doc and Suzy were meant to be

together; remember when she predicted that Suzy, a Pisces, was going to marry a Cancer?

And when they dined together for the first time they realized it, as they had eaten their

signs. So it was apparent that they were meant to be.

This was considered a special occasion for all of Cannery Row. Everyone who

attended was fully equipped with either a pint of whiskey or a pint of beer. Clearly, this

party would beat their last one. How could anyone forget the one in which the Royal

Flophouse was auctioned off to Doc, as it was rigged for him to win regardless. No one

ever talks about that party. It was the second party that the boys had tried to throw for

Doc that ended in disaster. That particular party left Doc’s heart in critical condition, as it

ended in Suzy running out of the building and out of Doc’s life. The whole town was now

glad that they had finally done something nice for Doc. J&M had brought several bottles

of champagne, as well as a barrel of whiskey; enough booze to fuel the whole town. The

entire crowd decided it would be appropriate to fill up everyone’s glasses with

champagne and have a toast to Doc and Suzy while they disappeared into the night. Doc

was smiling as he drove away because that empty feeling in his stomach had subsided,



and even if it was only for a minute, every time he looked at Suzy he felt that love within


The party continued long into the night. No one called the cops because all of the

cops that were there, holding tall glasses of hoppy beer. They were essentially off duty,

however, they still made sure that no one got too carried away. There was as an endless

supply of alcohol, and an endless supply of testosterone. Luckily only one man got out of

hand, breaking bottles and picking fights. The rest of the town of Cannery Row radiated a

great deal of energy in the streets. Not too many people disliked Doc, as he always lent a

hand to any resident that needed help; he was a master of all trades, so he was always

called on for this purpose. And he almost never failed; he always knew what to do.

Eventually the party died down. All of Cannery Row was now faced with that awful

reality that they would have to go to work in the early hours of the morning. Let’s just

say on that particular morning, all of the positive energy that once filled the streets had

transformed into bad thoughts and bad luck.

Fauna went back to the Grizzly Flag and opened her dresser drawer. She pulled

out a golden star from within, and placed it right above the wooden board that was

covered by Suzy’s picture.




_II. _

Another Night of Love

It was a long trip to Moss Landing, but it was not a silent trip. It almost appeared

as if Doc never stopped Suzy’s conversation, but he did utilize that typical trick he often

used in situations like this; his plan was always to resist talking and drop little clues that

would continue to spark the conversation somewhat. So many laughs were shared, so

many smiles. And finally they arrived. It was still dark, but luckily for Doc, that is the

time in which the sea animals arise from the bottom of the ocean. Doc had a hard task

ahead of him, as he could only lift rocks with his left hand. Fortunately for Doc, Suzy

wasn’t no fool, and she knew that she could complete any task that Doc sent her way. She

knew it was going to be hard work, but she also knew how important it was to Doc to

acquire all of the various life forms that they would be searching for on this trip. They

started a fire on the beach and admired the stars; Suzy even showed Doc some

constellations that he had no idea existed prior. They opened up a bottle of Ol’ Tennis

Shoes and shared a few drinks in the dark, with the moon shinning bright, illuminating all

areas of the tide pools. They cooked up some fish; a perfect meal before going collecting.

Suzy loved how motivated Doc was for this occasion; she had never seen him in such a

productive mindset.

The collecting would not be easy, as Doc received an order for several different

sea creatures. Doc had a lot to gain from this trip. A few days prior, Old Jay, working

now at CalTech, sent Doc a tall order. He was to pay Doc a dollar per sea specimen, and

he would include a bonus if Doc exceeded expectations. This trip also was to inspire Doc

enough to finally write his paper. He knew the more specimens he acquired, the more

equipment he could purchase for Eastern Biological. As said before, it was a tall order.

Doc set a goal to acquire over 200 frogs, 20 squid, and 100 starfish. Doc felt that with

Suzy’s help it was to be an obtainable goal. Of course he planned on giving Suzy a cut

for all of her help. After all, she was still living in that tiny boiler; she knew at some point

she would need another form of shelter. She always pondered living at Eastern Biological

with Doc, but she didn’t want to rush the gun. For the first time ever, she wanted to take

this relationship to the next level, only to continue to grow.

Finally, it was time for work. Doc and Suzy put on their rubber boots and gloves;

these creatures can have nasty defensive tactics, so using gloves is absolutely essential.

Gloves also gave them a better grip on some of the rocks they would need to move in

order to get at the sea specimens. Doc wanted to start with the frogs, for they would be

the easiest to acquire; there is an abundance of frogs in a secret pond in Moss Landing.

They can easily be caught among the rocks. Doc had his giant bucket close, and with his

giant net he was able to reel in roughly 5 frogs per scoop. It took three hours to acquire

100 frogs, which alone would lead to a $100 payout. And then 5 hours after the first

attempt to snatch these frogs, Doc and Suzy were able to snatch around 200 more. The



starfish are on of the easiest to acquire because they just stick to the rocks and slowly

move. After another two hours they were able to obtain 100 starfish. Lastly they went for

the squid; they hide deep under the rocks so they are often covered and unnoticeable.

Suzy and Doc had their legs emerged in water as they moved the rocks out of the way to

get a clearer view of the squid. By the time the collection was over, they didn’t meet their

goal in that area, but they did obtain around 10 squid, which would be about an ordinary

amount for one day of collecting; this single trip had netted Doc over a few hundred

dollars. Not bad for a single day’s work.

Suzy and Doc returned to Cannery Row the next day. The work was done, and

they were both excited to return. Doc knew Old Jay would be happy with the result. Suzy

slept at Eastern Biological that night because she had not slept in over 24 hours. Doc still

had work to do, however. He had to transfer all of the specimens safely, something that

would require him to be extremely careful. He began organizing his bundle, organizing

and labeling every dead creature. Doc saw dollar signs, but he had plenty more

equipment that he needed to acquire. Luckily, Mack and the boys gave him that giant

microscope the night he took off down the road with Suzy. Although his friends would

never do it, it was that gesture that allowed Mack and the boys sleep in the Royal

Flophouse permanently without ever needing to pay rent. Once he finished his work, Doc

left Suzy sleeping and walked to Joseph and Mary’s to get a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes. He

drank long into the night. Doc shipped his specimens to Old Jay the next afternoon, and

received a giant check three days later.




_III. _

[_Li Chong’s Return _]

_ _

Doc slept with Suzy in the boiler. For whatever reason, on that particular night,

Doc didn’t want to sleep alone, especially now that he didn’t have to. His bed was lonely,

old, and broken; you could hear the squeaks from all the way down the hall of Eastern

Biological. Suzy wouldn’t ever admit it, but she was quite afraid of some of the animals

that Doc stored in his laboratory; maybe that is why she didn’t always stay there. And

ironically, Doc didn’t like staying at Suzy’s place all the time because she had such a tiny

bed. Doc is a relatively tall human being, at least by our societies standard, and he could

never get to sleep there. Additionally, Doc was a night owl, and Suzy was an early riser.

At Suzy’s, Doc could only sleep in until roughly seven o’clock, right when the sun hits

the boiler windows. At that point Suzy would already be getting ready for work; she still

worked at that little diner on the outskirts of Cannery Row. From the time she usually got

ready, until the time she went to work, Doc would stay in her bed as long as possible,

complaining about how early it was in the morning.

Eastern Biological didn’t typically open until ten o’clock, which gave Doc enough

time to drink his morning beer, and run down to Joseph & Mary’s for a pint of Ol’ Tennis

Shoes. I guess you could consider him an alcoholic, but who cares if he still gets all his

shit done? After Suzy went to work, Doc headed back up the stairs to his laboratory. He

decided that for one day at least that he would shut is brain off completely. No thinking,

no nothing. He stayed in bed for roughly another four hours after he killed his pint of

whiskey and his case of beer. After he was dry he went back to Joseph & Mary’s for

some more booze. He knocked on the Royal Flophouse and dragged Hazel and Mack

back to Eastern Biological with him. Coincidently, Mack and Hazel had also planned to

do absolutely nothing on that particular day; maybe there is some oneness linking all of

us. Joseph & Mary even showed up, although he was still quite scared of Doc, as Doc had

previously broken his hand punching him in the throat; nobody makes a pass at his Suzy.

He didn’t know that Doc actually did feel bad about it. It is safe to say that the boys got

drunk and more of Doc’s equipment got broken.

Doc and the boys were so wasted that they failed to recognize what was going on

across the street in the vacant lot next to the lab. They didn’t even notice the loud noises

coming from across the street. The entire vacant lot had been fenced off, creating a

barrier between the street and the boiler. Suzy was not aware of this however, as she was

at work, and Doc and the boys were not aware because they were slowly losing touch

with reality. Doc was playing his phonograph so loud that it completely drowned out the

noise from the construction within the vacant lot. It should be noted that this isn’t no tiny

lot; it has to be the size of Jupiter. Construction crews were everywhere, in conjunction

with a plethora of heavy machinery. Someone must have had some serious cash to

acquire that much manpower and equipment. Someone had bought the lot, but no one

knew who. Whoever it was, they were being sneaky about it. They had construction

crews working almost around the clock. Who could afford such a thing? It appeared that



this unknown man was attempting to build two separate structures of massive proportion,

something which would take up the entire surrounded area.

Suzy got off work around five o’clock. She soon discovered the fence around the

boiler, which had become her permanent home. At first she was confused, and then she

finally realized what was happening. She had been blocked from her home. A

construction worker stood at the end of the fence on the side that was being restricted.

Suzy addressed the man, “Excuse me sir, but you are blocking my passage into the boiler,

which is now my home.” The man replied, “I’m sorry miss, but I cannot let you pass

through.” This angered Suzy to some degree. She then continued the conversation, “Can’t

you just let me in real quick so that I can grab some of my things? I only have one set of

clothes with me, and they are the ones I am wearing.” The man replied, “Miss, I am not

going to tell you again. Kindly get the fuck out off this property.”

Suzy had nowhere to turn but to Doc. With tears in her eyes, she climbed the steps

to Eastern Biological where Doc was looking at the empty pads of paper with a glass full

of rocks and Ol’ Tennis Shoes. It was just another regular day for Doc, little

responsibility, and a desire to write a paper in which he couldn’t start. He was still

missing something; or maybe it was writer’s block. Either way, he was not being

particularly productive. Suzy knocked on the door and Doc informed her to enter his

home. Suzy had to speak with Doc, for h e was the only one she could really depend on;

well, except Fauna. Suzy told Doc about the incident that had occurred. Doc

simultaneously became furious with a temper that no one should ever have to witness.

Doc then responded, “You just point the man out and I will take care of it.” In the back of

his mind, Doc thought back again to the event in which he broke his hand punching J&M,

and how that set him back for months. Still, Doc was not going to let this fly. He marched

right down to the construction site with Suzy in an attempt to spark confrontation.

At that exact moment, J&M was himself sipping on a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes,

and you could see in his eyes that he was worried; he was very worried. He knew that

whomever the lot now belonged to would, when finally opened, steal a great deal of his

business. He would hear the construction crews working consistently, eagerly trying to

finish the job. There were two structures being built, one much bigger than the other, but

both fairly massive. J&M still stared at the once vacant lot and pondered why he didn’t

himself buy the property. It didn’t matter anyway, that’s not what happened. Although he

was never depressed, he did own a gun, and he may have had an intention to use it, but

that little voice in the back of his head assured him otherwise. J&M acquired the gun

initially for protection, however, he did like to go out to the range and fire off a couple

rounds. He never shot at anyone, as no one had ever robbed his store, but he was ready

for it if it happened. He had too much invested into that liquor store to give it up and try

something knew. J&M took his gun out and held it in his hand; he felt the weight that

possessed so much power. Before he got some bad ideas, he put the gun away and went

back to working the counter.

Doc and Suzy walked to the vacant lot, right in front of where the construction

worker was standing. Doc faced the man and said, “You upset my girlfriend, and I would

like you to apologize.” The man simply laughed and said, “Keep that bitch on a leash.”

Doc couldn’t control his anger. “Get the fuck over here and fight,” replied Doc. A section



of the fence opened, and the man walked to where Doc was standing. “You don’t want to

do this you fool,” said the now angered construction worker. Doc got into his stance and

a fight began. Doc was on the defense initially; he wasn’t going to throw a punch until

the enemy did; this way he would be able to claim self-defense if something serious

happened and the police got involved. The construction worker made contact with Doc’s

face as he threw a cheap shot at him as had his head slightly turned. Doc spit out a little

blood and said, “You hit like a fucking girl.” And so it was on, Doc was waiting patiently

for the right moment to strike. He was looking strictly at the man’s shoulders, so that he

could determine whether, and where, the punch was to be thrown. The man threw a right

hook and Doc saw his opening. He blocked the man’s right hand with his left, leaving the

man’s face exposed, so that he could knock him out with a one-punch blow; the man laid

unconscious on the ground.

Doc slapped the man in the face with the palm of his hand, waking him up. His

eyes were still rolled to the back of his head. Finally, the man was conscious. Doc

addressed the him, “Ok sir, we are going to go in for five minutes and grab all of my

girl’s things. Do you have a problem with that?” The man still terrified of Doc agreed to

his terms. Doc and Suzy crossed the fence and headed to the boiler. They tried to grab as

many of her things as they could in such a small time frame. Together they were able to

walk out with the following: Suzy’s cot, her makeup, her curtains, her pictures, her

wardrobe, and as much food as the two of them could carry. They climbed out of the

boiler with all Suzy’s stuff and headed back to Eastern Biological. The construction

worker was still lying on the ground with what appeared to be a broken nose, and maybe

a concussion; Doc felt inclined to say one last thing, “Have a good afternoon, sir.” They

successfully transported all of things to Doc’s lab and decided a drink would be

necessary. They went down to J&M’s for a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes. Suzy handed the

bottle back to Doc and said, “Can I stay here for the night?” Doc replied, “Anything for

you,” and they both smiled, passing back and forth the bottle. Doc then continued, “You

can take my bed for the night and I will take the cot, and we can figure everything out in

the morning.” Doc knew he wanted to sleep next to Suzy, but his bed was far too small

for two people.

A few months later the construction was complete. In the end there stood two

giant buildings, adjacent to each other, one a housing complex, and one a two-story

convenient store that had just about anything you could ever want to buy. Doc and the

boys were still hesitant to go there. For starters, they had no idea who the owner was, and

no idea to whom the money was going. They all felt bad for J&M, as he was slowly

losing customers. Doc and the boys still consistently went to J&M’s place; it just felt

more natural. Doc never was fond of switching his daily routine; J&M’s was more

beneficial because it was closer to Eastern Biological. Slowly as more and more people

moved in to the new complex housing complex, the new store was always filled with

people. Lord knows how many locals, and tourists, went into that damn store. It was

tearing J&M apart.

And finally the man emerged; it was Li Chong.



_IV. _

Hazel’s Quest 1

And one day Hazel was gone; he left nothing more than a note. He never told

anyone he was going, he just left. The note read, “Hey boys, moving out to Monterey.

There is a good university here named Monterey Peninsula College; I had a sudden desire

to learn” After Mack recited this letter to the boys he pondered how Hazel could possibly

afford such a trip. Monterey was very close, but between tuition and rent the boys all

thought that he would be bankrupt in a month; they felt bad about the pessimism,

however, they knew that Hazel’s action may be best for him. Mack thought that it was

possible that he received some form of financial aid, however only God knows how that

would even happen. I guess if it was his dream, he was finally living his dream, one that

involved him becoming educated. Hazel knew there was so much more out there for him

than there was in Cannery Row. He was tired of the countless nights of drinking and

messing around with the boys. He knew there was something more for him. He knew that

if he put his heart and soul into something that it would most likely come true. The boys

figured that the proper thing to do was to go grab a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes from J&M’s

and have a drink in honor of Hazel. Mack and the boys lifted up their glasses and Mack

said, “To Hazel! May he find what he is searching for, and may his many adventures be

joyous.” The boys had tears in their eyes as they pounded down their drinks.

It turned out that Hazel had an uncle that lived in Monterey, a rich uncle, one who

put up Hazel’s tuition so that he could attend college. I think Hazel was motivated by

Fauna’s astrological prediction which stated he would one day become President, and as

much as Hazel tried to fight it, he really did want to become President. Hazel enrolled in

the following classes: government, political science, mathematics, and biology. In a way

his schedule made it appear as if he really wanted what Doc had, an education, all the

way up to his Ph.D. Hazel had spent so many hours at Eastern Biological that the thought

of maybe owning his own laboratory one day, which he perceived as the most noble

choice of profession. It was to be an accelerated Associates program; he would later

major in Political Science, and minor in Biology. Hazel would only have to sacrifice one

year of his life to be on the right path to achieving his dream, whatever that was; only

Hazel knew. He was motivated however, and he knew he could take on any challenge as

long as he put in hard work, and maintained a positive attitude and outlook on life.

After one full year of education Hazel returned home, the one place he had ever

considered home, the Royal Flophouse. Mack and the boys were all there, sipping on

some jug wine they grabbed from J&M’s. Hazel walked in the door and saw all of the

boys lounging as always. Mack, very shocked, addressed Hazel, “Hazel baby! The boys

and me missed you while you were gone. Hell, we had a many cheers to your safe

return.” Eddie and Whitney No.2 also rose from their chairs to greet Hazel. The boys

grabbed Hazel a glass and cheered one more time. Everyone was happy to see Hazel back



at home. Mack then introduced an idea, “Hey boys! Let’s go to Doc’s and bring him into

the celebration.”

Doc was sitting outside Eastern Biological at the top of the stairs smoking on a

pipe. The boys noticed that he was holding a pint of whiskey, drinking it straight out of

the bottle. It was clear that Doc had not made any progress on his paper. Suzy was there

too. She had just slept at Doc’s because her home had now been incinerated. I think Doc

had a strong influence over her because she was also polishing off a pint; it was ten

o’clock in the morning. I guess Doc wasn’t going to open shop that day. You could tell

he was frustrated with the progress he had made on his paper, however, you could also

tell he felt whole. It was something Doc had been desperately searching for. For once

there was not a hole in his heart, it was repaired with fresh tissue. Mack and the boys

climbed the stairs, and Doc finally noticed Hazel. He was filled with excitement. “Hazel

my boy!” he said, “Where the hell have you been all this time?” Hazel was also excited

and addressed Doc, “Well let us inside and I’ll tell you all about it.” Even Joseph & Mary

followed them into Eastern Biological; he brought with him a few bottles of whiskey that

he took from his personal stash.

At one point even Fauna snuck out of the Grizzly Flag to say hello to Hazel, for

they had not seen him in over a year. She left management up to the girls for several

minutes in hope that they would not burn the place down during that time frame. In the

end it was Doc, Mack, Hazel, J&M, Eddie, Whitney No.2, and Fauna, as previously

mentioned. There was plenty of alcohol in the place so they did not have to worry about

going dry. They all raised a glass to Hazel for all the accomplishments he achieved; he

had actually done it, obtained a college education, and everyone thought the odds were

very much against him. Doc opened up the conversation, “So Hazel, what did you learn

in all that time in school?” Hazel responded excitedly, “I learned a lot Doc, a lot. I think I

learned so much that even you would be proud of me. All we ever want is your

approval.” Doc replied, “Well, tell us something then.” Hazel responded, “I took

government and political science. Learned all about the constitution and stuff. Did you

know we have the right to bear arms? And we can say anything we want? And we are

protected by the Constitution?” And Doc was curious, “What amendment is that Hazel?”

Hazel grew confused, “I forgot, but I know it was one of them.” “What else did you learn

Hazel?” said Doc, who was growing even more interested. Hazel went on, “I learned

about animals and stuff, and I learned all about mathematics. Same sort of stuff that you

done Doc.”

Eventually the party died down. Fauna went back to the Grizzly Flag and saw the

girls sleeping in their street clothes; typically, this was something that Fauna would not

approve of, however her happiness in seeing Hazel again for the first time in ages

decreased her frustration. She left the girls alone and let them sleep. Hazel was the last

one standing. Everyone else had left and gone to sleep, but Hazel had one more question

in mind, “Say Doc, what if you let me work at Eastern Biological for a bit? I could even

intern or something.” Doc replied, “I don’t know Hazel, you guys pretty much wrecked

me with your drunken shenanigans last time. Remember how much of my glass you

broke?” Hazel began to think that he had Doc on the line, and he only needed one more

statement to hook him, “I’ll work for food and shelter, and I’ll help you collect on your



next trip to Moss Landing.” “Ok Hazel, you got yourself a job. I’ll pay for your food,

your rent at the Royal Flophouse, and give you five cents for each specimen you

acquire,” replied Doc. Hazel addressed Doc one more time, “When do we get started?”

Doc was tired so he said to Hazel, “We get started bright and early in the morning. Good

night Hazel. Great to see you old friend!”

_ _




_V. _

[_Gay’s Story _]

_ _

_ _

Mack and the boys never went into Gay’s room, they had left it exactly how Gay

had left it. His bed was still made perfect, his dresser remained neatly stacked with his

clothes, and his family pictures, and his pictures of us, reminded them of how Gay had to

be in a better place. The war was hard on all of us. Doc had been drafted, however, he

had a safe return. Gay wasn’t so lucky. About a year or so after Doc returned from the

war, the boys got a message that mentioned Gay was missing in action. He went out on a

routine mission and never came back. There was hardly any record of his disappearance.

No one could find him, so they just sent out a little note saying that Gay was brave and

died serving his country. The boys always hoped he would return one day; that’s why

they left his room how it was. They knew the odds were against them, but they still

hoped, and prayed, that Gay would eventually return.

Of course only Gay knew his story. He had been shipped overseas for the war. He

wasn’t the brightest of the bunch, so he was stuck in First Infantry Division. Unlike Doc,

Gay had to see battle. He had a few close calls, but he always made it back to the base.

Gay wrote to the boys one time, saying that he was still alive, that he missed them, and

that he was going to come back to Cannery Row because he was determined to. It was a

routine mission. Go out and get supplies from the town and return to base camp. Gay was

sent on the mission with just a handful of men. I guess they didn’t expect an ambush.

While walking through the town, several of those God damn Chinamen hopped out from

the bushes and started firing. Gay was more terrified than he had ever been in his whole

life. He knew he had to survive, but he didn’t know if he could take another man’s life to

do so. Gay hid in a bunker and waited there until the battle was over.

Here is the real story, that only Doc and Mack and the boys found out later. They

were almost sworn to secrecy. Gay remained in the bunker until he was finally safe. He

finally rose out of it and looked around at his surroundings. He didn’t even want to go

back; for it was awful at base camp. He thought long and hard about it as he ate some

protein from the little supplies that he had. All in all, he had a few protein bars, a jug of

water, some matches, his gun, a little money, and several maps that documented the exact

location where he was. He had heard of a beautiful place in the southern parts of Asia.

Gay used his map to direct him to the highway, and then he hitchhiked as far as he could

from where he was at. He knew that if he ever got caught fleeing the scene he would

certainly be court marshaled. But he wasn’t going to go back, for it was hell. Once he

arrived at the town he was searching for, he used some of his remaining money to obtain

shelter for the night. The story is a bit hazy at this point, however the rumor goes as




Gay had met a beautiful Asian lady, she was the most beautiful girl in the whole

entire diner where he typically went for breakfast. The two hit it off, and the rest is

history. They traveled the world together, throughout Asia, and all throughout desirable

spots in Europe. He wasn’t even thinking of his wife, for he knew that she treated him

with no respect. He wasn’t ever happy with her, and that wasn’t love; it was just a poor

substitute. Eventually the Army caught on. Gay had been seen in various different towns

from many military officers; they had actually been watching him for quite sometime,

waiting for the time in which they could strike. Gay had no idea it was coming. Military

men knocked down his door and cuffed him right in front of his girl. The United States

military went easy on Gay, so to speak. They shipped him right back to America and put

him behind bars. In a way, it felt good to be home, even if he was incarcerated.

Gay did his time. He spent two hard years in the pen. Gay was a smart man, so he

had no trouble getting through prison. Gay spent all that time playing cards, learning how

to gamble properly. He didn’t have much money sent to him, and none of his friends

knew he was there, so he had little money on his books. He spent all his time playing

cards, learning strategy, and ultimately improving his game; he even learned how to base

deal, a trick in which he could win even more money off the Blacks and the Mexicans.

Using that trick was dirty, and if he ever got caught he might have got himself in some

serious trouble. He always had several games going simultaneously. He had to trim

enough smokes of the Black guys so that he could live the life he was accustomed too,

but then he had to lose enough money to the guards so that they would continue doing

favors from him. He had it down to a science. Prison was fairly easy for Gay.

Gay had to get back to Cannery Row. He just had to. He always missed it when

he was overseas. Gay literally hitchhiked from where he was incarcerated to California

where his home existed. He missed Mack and the boys. He even missed Doc,

surprisingly. Gay had always thought that Doc was an interesting fella, ignoring almost

all of Doc’s major flaws; and Gay knew there were a lot of them. Gay barged into the

door of the Royal Flophouse where Mack and all the boys were sitting, drinking off a jug

of some cheap wine. Mack and the boys thought that they had seen a ghost. No way it

was physically possible for Gay to return after going missing in the war. They all gave

their hugs, and Mack grabbed a glass from the kitchen and gave it to Gay. Mack said a

few words before his toast, “Gay. You’ve always been a great friend. Something was

missing when you were gone. We left your room exactly how it was when you left for the

war. They said you were dead, and me and the boys thought you were dead. But now you

are here, reunited with us once more. To Gay’s return!” After a few drinks, Gay told

Mack and the boys about his entire story. The boys were absolutely shocked when he was





_VI. _

[_Doc’s Paper _]

_ _

_ _

_ _

Of course Doc kept a few of the specimens for his own personal research, research that

may possibly lead to him completing, or at least starting, his paper. For whatever reason, this

paper was something he had to do. He had to write it. It was eating him alive. I guess it was his

trip to Moss Landing that inspired him to neglect his writers block. He needed Suzy desperately.

He could not write or type with his right hand, it was expected to be healed in several months.

Doc spent some of the money he had made to buy a queen-size bed, in which they could both

sleep comfortably. Eastern Biological was finally clean. Suzy spent endless hours cleaning up

after Doc; he was a mess in that department. Doc learned to write with his left hand, so he was

still able to scribble down his ideas when they came to him. Doc was never able to turn his brain

off as he found a new found motivation not occurring prior.

The next morning Doc went to J&M’s for a pint of whiskey, he always found that alcohol

was quite a motivation. Doc wasn’t an alcoholic or nothing, but he drank quite a bit. In fact, he

was almost always drinking, but that son-of-a-bitch could get anything done hammered. He

always did that throughout college, enjoying his twenties, but still obtaining his Ph.D. This was

an incredible feat for someone so young. Suzy stayed sober, for she knew she had only a few

weeks of typewriting experience. Suzy was a quick learner. She became flawless with that damn

typewriter. She was ready, and now Doc was ready. Doc turned to Suzy, “I still don’t have a

title.” Suzy replied, “You can do it Doc. You have to do it.” She continued, “I’ve gotten pretty

good with this typewriter. I bet your title will just come to you in your sleep.” Doc sipped his

pint one more time and pondered what he was going to say. “Ok Suzy,” Doc said, “Let’s get

started. Let us see what sort of ideas will run through my mind.” And this is what Doc recited to


It is clear that we are not the only intelligent life form on this planet. In fact, we are just one species in this eternal universe, and maybe we are not so different. I’ve been a scientist for quite sometime. In fact, I own Eastern Biological. I have much experience, and I think you will enjoy what I have to say. This is my attempt to share knowledge to the world. Knowledge about nature and science, combined together in one universal theory. I have seen it all, and analyzed it all. I have collected more specimens than I can count. And I always ponder; do they have thoughts? And are they just like our own? Is our form of life any more superior than their lives?

After Suzy finished typing she turned to Doc, “That was beautiful,” she said. Doc replied,

“That’s just the start. I think I know how to finish my paper.” Suzy responded, “That’s great

Doc! You need to finish your paper. You just need to.” Doc was spent. That little quote was

about all he could handle for one day. Hell, he had been more productive with his paper in one

minute than the last few months of his life. Maybe Suzy inspired him. Or maybe he was doing it

for himself this time, not for love. Doc took the rest of the day off. He was dry and he didn’t

want to be dry. In fact, he was so proud of himself for just that little passage. It was exactly how

he wanted to start the paper. He just needed to find a connection between sea specimens and our



own, and for some reason he felt that some Ol’ Tennis Shoes would do the trick. Surprisingly

Doc often had genius ideas while intoxicated, and sometimes the answers would come to him in

his sleep. He did have a few good ideas on that day and he wrote them down on his yellow pads

of paper. Doc was ready for chapter one.

Doc was dry again, and he was ready to walk across the street for some beer. For some

reason he just felt like a break in routine. He snuck past J&M’s and went right across the street to

Li Chong’s. He felt it would be appropriate to finally visit that sneaky Chinaman. His store was

open almost 24 hours a day, which was something J&M could not do. Suzy stayed at home and

cooked a nice dinner for the two of them. Doc walked in the store and that little bastard was right

there across the corner. I don’t think he recognized Doc it had been so long. Li Chong turned to

Doc and said, “Hey Doc! Lon time. How you been?” Doc replied, “I’ve been busy, collecting

and stuff. Working on a paper. Trying to finish it. And on top of that, I might have found love.”

Li Chong of course stocked Ol’ Tennis Shoes so Doc bought a couple pints. On his way out he

said, “Say Li, how did you get all the money for this?” Li Chong’s answer was long, but the

story goes as follows. That son-of-a-bitch hit a jackpot playing penny stocks. He bought $10,000

shares of a company once at 17 per share, that dropped down to .02 per share during the

recession. After a few months the company began to rise and hit 25 per share. Li Chong cashed

in on all his shares, netting him a profit of over $100,000. He found it hard to say goodbye to

Cannery Row, but one day he just left. He said he traveled the world and he had seen it all. Doc

was jealous but Li Chong continued, “I finally got bored with the world and I wanted to come

home.” And still he went on, “That’s how I can afford all this stuff. And I can retire now with

this complex and this here store.” Doc missed Suzy so he tried to get back as soon as possible.

He said, “Goodnight Li, glad your back home.” For the first time in a long time Li Chong felt

loved. He had hardly felt that before.




_VII. _

_Hell Froze Over _

_ _

_ _

_ _

_ _

Mack wasn’t getting any younger, and his teeth weren’t getting any straighter. In fact, he

was still missing a few after that night when Doc clocked him after he and the boys trashed

Doc’s laboratory. Mack hadn’t found a girl in quite some time. He was slowly getting lonelier

and lonelier as each day passed. He would never admit this to the boys however. Maybe drinking

was Mack’s only true escape from reality. Maybe he drank to forget his first wife, his love who

passed away. He hadn’t found that form of love since, and he didn’t have much confidence that

he would every find it again. It’s not like any of the boys had a girl either. Just Doc now, which

surprised a great deal of people, as his past predicted that he didn’t intend on having any feelings

with another female; Doc was always just too busy with his work. Mack woke up on this

particular day feeling more lonely than was typical on a sunny day in the Row. He got up in the

middle of the night to take a walk and still this didn’t cheer him up; even the bottle of whiskey in

his hand for once did not cheer him up. None of the boys knew about this, as Mack was always

good at keeping secrets.

Mack had always been close with Fuana. He often relaxed in the Grizzly Bear Red

Room, in which the girls would come to relax as well after a long day of hooking. Fauna wasn’t

getting any younger either, and she had now surpassed the point in age where she still couldn’t

perform her work. Fauna was essentially the boss, and the girls did all the work. Mack knocked

on the door at the Grizzly Flag very early in the morning; he still hadn’t returned from his walk.

Fauna was up early as well, and luckily for Mack, she heard the desperate cry of the knock on

the door. Fuana could see the depression of Mack through his eyes; it was very noticeable. Fauna

let Mack inside and brought him up to the Red Room for a morning drink. Fauna had some

brandy so they both passed the bottle back and forth for what would seem like hours. It is safe to

say they were both extremely under the influence; I doubt either of them could even operate a

vehicle at that point.

They must have drank for hours, swapping stories, and talking about the hardships of

each others lives. And then it just came out, “I’m lonely!” said Mack to Fauna. Fauna was sd for

Mack, “I’m sorry dear, what’s on your mind?” Mack told the story, as he was thoroughly

impressed that someone would actually listen to him, or even care. He didn’t want to talk about

it, but it was the elephant in the room, and he felt he needed to be completely honest with Fauna.

Mack continued his story, “You know I really miss my ex-wife. I never felt that love before. I

never felt so close to someone. And then one day its gone, and maybe it will never return.”

Fauna was heartbroken to see Mack that heartbroken. “Mack honey,” Fauna replied, “Your going

to be just fine.” And for whatever reason Mack felt better. Maybe everyone just has to get it out

sometime. They drank brandy for the next four hours, and at this point Fauna had to open the

Grizzly Flag. The conversation was over, and Mack had gotten it out. All his pain, all his



troubles. As Mack was leaving Fauna called his name. Mack turned around and Fauna

approached him. As she got a few feet closer she went in for a kiss and said, “Mack, I’ve had m

eye on you for quite sometime.




_VIII. _

Li Chong’s Fate

Doc and Suzy woke up to the loud noises caused by the sirens. The flashing lights from

the cars lit an ugly scene; this wasn’t common on a typical morning in Cannery Row. Mack and

the boys weren’t sleeping anymore either at the Royal Flophouse, everyone went to their front

porches to get a better view. The view of Li Chong’s wasn’t clear as it was in the previously

vacant lot. All Doc could see was yellow tape around both his store and his complexes. Mack

and they boys had a better view, but they still could not make out what was happening. And then

Mack realized what had happened. He took a seat outside on his front porch and watched the

scene develop. The loud noises were caused by the sirens, and you could see the flashing lights

from the police cars all throughout the sky; this was an ugly scene. Mack saw a body lying face

down in front of Li Chong’s store; he was face down so you could not make out who the person

was lying dead in the street. No one could go past the yellow tape, but you better believe that

people gathered around it. No one was talking, everyone was just taking in what they were

looking at, a dead man with several bullet holes in his chest.

And the story didn’t emerge for days. The cops were still investigating this horrible

tragedy and they didn’t have too many leads, although the police would never admit it. Still,

Mack and the boys tried to extract some information. “Excuse me Sir,” said Mack to the

policeman, “What exactly happened here?” In response he replied, “I am not at liberty to say

given that this case is under investigation.” Mack replied, “That’s quite alright Sir,” and he

extended his hand. After the handshake was done, Mack had successfully transferred twenty

bucks secretly to the cop. The man immediately began to talk, “Well, this is all we have

gathered. Li Chong was walking back from his home to his store in the middle of the night.

Allegedly what happened was a hooded man approached Li Chong from behind and shot him

with a 7.65 mil Luger. This information was gathered because one of the neighbors saw it

happen, they just couldn’t make out the face.” Mack felt sad for Li Chong, as him and the boys

had bought many pints of Ol’ Tennis Shoes from his store. The boys had a moment of silence for

Li Chong, and they swore to raise a glass for him when they returned home.

It hit Doc the most, for he had just been into Li Chong’s store the night prior. Doc

thought Chong was the luckiest guy in the world for all his successful investments; but I guess he

wasn’t so lucky. Someone had murdered him in cold blood, and Mack and the boys thought that

they would get their hands dirty and solve the mystery for themselves. It was a terrible way to

go, shot in the head point blank; at least he didn’t feel anything. Maybe he is in a better place,

with an even bigger complex, and an even bigger store. There was a funeral for Li Chong, and

not too many people attended, for he did not have many friends in America. But Doc, Mack, and

the boys, and a few other local customers attended. They listened to the priest speak as they

lowered Li Chong’s body 6 ft. underground:



I guess death will come to all of us, no matter how much we tend to avoid it. If it is going to happen it is going to happen. None of us, even Li Chong, could decide his fate; for it was fate. It should be left up to God. But what about forgiveness? What is forgiveness, and can we forgive all that ask for it? For we do not know who committed this terrible crime, and we may never know, but what we do know is that Li Chong is in a better place. It is a place that he will be, dining with his family and friends. And as for the murderer, what shall happen to him? Will he ever be forgiven? Will God just smile and look the other way? What about God’s Wrath, or his power to save us all? Where was he? Know this, he did not turn the other way, and there will be justice for Li Chong. We can only pray that we can find out who did this.

Even Doc began to cry. It was not very often that you would see him break down. He is always

so strong, or at least pretends to be. Maybe he finally was having feelings. It was dark, yet

beautiful, with a scent of love and peace in the air. That sneaky Chinamen was probably in a

better place. Wherever he was, he would never be forgotten.

That bastard J&M purchased all of Li Chong’s property, including the store and the

complex, literally a few days after the funeral. Guess he saw the opportunity, and in most cases,

it is better to take that opportunity. Either way, he became an outcast. He was still gathering

business at the store because he was essentially a monopoly. If Doc and Mack and the boys

hadn’t had such a drinking problem they would not have went there. No on liked or respected

J&M anymore, but they were forced to stay in contact with him. He was never invited again to

parties at the Royal Flophouse, or at Eastern Biological, and he became more lonely than ever

before. He wished he could go back and make better decisions, but he couldn’t, and he had to

live with his guilt; karma is a bitch.




_IX. _

[_Doc’s Paper _]





“I’ve got it!” said Doc to Suzy, “I know what I want to call my paper!” Suzy was

strangely excited and asked, “Well Doc, what’s it going to be?” I think it came to Doc in his

sleep. “I want to call it, [_Are We So Different? _]” he said. He thought it was a good idea at the time, but he always had racing thoughts, and often times he couldn’t tell the bad thoughts from the

good ones. “I think it is a great title Doc,” said Suzy. What was more important than the title

however, was the fact that Doc did find the answers in his sleep, and the voices told him how to

write his paper. The low voice had subsided since he met Suzy, so the higher voice said, “Doc,

you have to write this paper!” I think by that point he was convinced. He spent the rest of the day

at his desk writing on his pads. Of course he was next to a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes, drinking it

on the rocks. He wrote and wrote for several days, constantly avoiding important tasks like

eating, and staying hydrated. Doc’s body had probably never been replenished considering the

amount that he drank. Once Doc finished scribbling on his pad he went to Suzy for help.

By this time, Suzy was a master of the typewriter; she knew that thing better than

anybody ever known anything in their lives. She was good, damn good. That was very fortunate

for Doc, as he would spend countless hours reciting his thoughts to Suzy, so that she could

document his insanity. One day they did four chapters, and the next day they did six. The paper

was finally coming together. They finished that paper in less than a week, printed and

everything. It was finally ready. He had finally finished. Doc knew that somehow this would

bring some good fortune his way. But what else did he need? He had money and a girl; I would

say most men would kill for a setup like that. At last, the paper needed an ending, a proper

conclusion. Doc decided he would do it in an impromptu fashion. He made sure that Suzy was

ready and recited the following passage:

In Conclusion, I have decided that all mammals have their differences, but quite a bit of similarities, and that fact often times gets overlooked. I have seen life and death, seen the eyes of an animal as it takes its last breath. Death comes to all men, and all forms of life. It is inevitable. Death is a part of life. What about our thoughts though? What type of thoughts could be going through an animal’s mind? We will never know, but we can hypothesize. Through my research I have proven that most intelligent life feels emotions, and all life lives and breaths. Maybe we come from the same ancestors, and maybe, just maybe, we will understand the beauty of life so that we can grow and grow.

It was only a rough draft, but Suzy thought it was a perfect ending to his story. She literally felt

that Doc had hit it right on the nose. Even though it was a draft, Doc sent it to Old Jay anyway. A

few months later he got a letter back from Old Jay, saying congratulations on your research, and

we want to send you out to a conference at Monterey Peninsula College



_X. _

_Enter Old Jay _

_ _

_ _

_ _

_ _

After a long night of drinking, Doc and Suzy woke up ready to begin the day. Suzy

essentially volunteered to be Doc’s assistant, someone who would also take care of the finances.

Let’s just say, she might have been more invested in Eastern Biological than Doc was. The

laboratory was always clean, which was near impossible given how messy Doc was; he had this

terrible habit of not caring, as he was constantly overwhelmed by laziness. Hazel came in to

work around 10 o’clock, holding a liter mug of beer, ready to take on the day. The interesting

thing about how Doc ran his laboratory, as opposed to others, was that drinking was aloud, and

almost encouraged. Doc felt that some of the best ideas arise drunk, and as long as no one broke

anything, it didn’t matter. Just as any other day, they started by investigating the specimens in

Doc’s tanks. The octopi, starfish, and frogs had still all survived. Doc would never tell him, but

Hazel was in fact doing a great job of keeping those damn animals alive. Over several months of

working at Eastern Biological, Hazel began to pick up things quickly. Doc would only have to

tell him instructions once, and somehow he remembered everything Doc had previously said;

this was never the case before.

And then Doc’s biggest fear happened, Old Jay barged in the door, of course without

knocking; he didn’t care much for manners. Doc knew that this would get very interesting,

however, Doc allowed Old Jay to stay because of his recent help in giving Doc some work. Old

Jay had met Hazel before, the night he conned Hazel into losing a bet that was rigged. Old Jay

had never met Suzy however, Doc had this sixth sense that the two would butt heads. The first

thing that stingy bastard did was say, “Hey Doc, what you got to drink around here?” Doc was

easily angered. He replied, “You have tons of money, you go buy some. Stop being such a cheap

bastard.” They had already gotten off to a rough start, but that type of bickering was typical of

Doc and Old Jay. They were both relatively intelligent men, so often times they forgot that no

one else could understand their conversations. Although he was very hesitant, Doc introduced

Suzy to Old Jay, “Jay, this is Suzy. One could say at this point she is my better half.” Jay replied,

“Nice to meet you Suzy, let me know if you ever get bored with this guy. I have more money and

a way better lab.” Doc grinned at Old Jay, “You better shut your goddamn mouth.” Suzy was

also angered, “Jay, if you lay a finger on me I will end you.” After two death threats Old Jay finally backed off.

Eventually the tension in the room subsided. Once Jay had a few drinks he calmed down.

And once Suzy got a buzz they both forgot about the whole thing. Mack and the boys saw Old

Jay’s car parked outside Eastern Biological, so they figured there might be some drinking

involved at Doc’s place. They went up the steps and went inside, as Old Jay had forgotten to shut

the door. Old Jay, of course, went to the kitchen and ate everything he could find, including the

dinner that Suzy had made for Doc specifically. Luckily, Mack and the boys brought a jug of



wine, as well as a jug of whiskey, because they knew Doc would eventually run out of alcohol

with all them around; this was in part to Old Jay grabbing one of the other jugs and chugging it

down, getting it all over his shirt and face. God, what a foul human being. Old Jay was smart

though. Got himself a good job at CalTech where he was making good money, and still living off

his father’s very generous inheritance. He still was the cheapest guy you’ve probably ever seen.

Old Jay broke a few records, a few beakers, and had spilled whiskey all over the freshly

washed sheets that Suzy had put on the bed. She secretly hated Old Jay, but as he was Doc’s

friend, and employer, she had to continue biting her lip. As we all know by now, this is very hard

for Suzy to do. After quite a few drinks, Old Jay finally got to business. He wouldn’t have done

it sober, but he admitted drunk that he was quite an admirer of Doc’s paper. Doc passed a bottle

to Jay, and Jay let him know how appreciative he was for the work Doc had done. “Hey Doc,” he

said, “I have a seminar in Santa Cruz this month, at the Civic Center. One of my lecturers backed

out and I need another guy to fill his spot.” In the back of his mind, Doc’s high voice said,

“Vacation! Vacation! Vacation with Suzy!” “I’ll have to think about it,” said Doc, “I don’t know

if I’m ready yet to share my paper with the world. I still don’t feel as if it is complete.” Old Jay

replied, “You’ll be fine. I’ve never seen you scared before.” “I’m not scared!” said Doc, “Fine,

I’ll do it, I’m not a weakling.”




_XI. _

_Exit Joseph and Mary _




The police still had no leads; Li Chong’s death was still in vein. His family back home

put up a big reward for anyone who could present any information possible to lead to his

murderer’s capture. Still that didn’t work. People of Cannery Row were afraid. Residents prayed

for any form of arrest so they could begin to feel safe in the streets at night again. Cannery Row

was never a violent place, but now there was a different feel to the atmosphere. A few people

tried to cheat the system, providing the cops with faulty information to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately for those souls, the police always found out, and in turn those individuals would

be booked into jail themselves for lying to a police officer. It was just bad business. In a weird

way, Mack and the boys, and even Doc, missed Li Chong. That goddamn Chinaman. Sneaky

bastard, with a heart full of gold. He had let Mack and the boys stay at the Royal Flophouse,

practically for free, for as long as the boys could remember. Sadly, it was really only Mack and

the boys who mourned for Li Chong.

No one had bought from Joseph and Mary’s for quite sometime. Doc, Mack, and the boys

all went to J&M’s old place, where an African American gentleman had bought it off of him

straight up for $5000. No one really knew his story. No one really ever asked. He did beat Li

Chong’s prices, had the same selection, and luckily due to this tragedy involving J&M’s and Li

Chong, he had more and more customers each day. He wasn’t a bad man, he wasn’t a shy man,

he was just one man trying to live the American _ dream_. And God knows he most likely had a

much harder ride; Black men were not fully accepted still, and there were few who consistently

put graffiti all over his building. No one knew who did it, the town just decided to forget about it,

for they had no real connection to this gentleman, and no one even knew his name. They just

bought from him because he owned the only liquor store in the Row that didn’t involve handing

J&M money. Sure J&M lost business, but he still maintained a steady living. He had enough to

pay his rent, his mortgage, and dine like a royal king. But still he was lonely, being an outcast

and all. None of the boys wanted to face him, Doc didn’t like him, and even local customers

caught word of what he had done, and they eventually stopped going to his store. J&M was

going broke.

Doc finally had a good conscious. He figured he owed J&M a visit. He felt almost as if

Joseph and Mary had been forgiven due to his frequent times of loneliness. You could tell it

really effected him. Doc had threatened to rip out his throat prior for making a pass at Suzy, but

then J&M changed face, and helped Doc pick flowers for Suzy; they essentially called it even.

Doc just couldn’t handle the thought of anyone else being with Suzy. Doc broke his routine once

again, just as he had unexpectedly gone to Li Chong’s a few nights prior. Doc walked back down

to where there once was a vacant lot and entered Joseph and Mary’s place. “Hey Doc,” J&M

said. Doc looked around the place and noticed how much work J&M had put into his store. It



was flawless, and everything you could ever want was there. And somehow, he lowered all his

prices to keep up with the competition; J&M had never officially met the Black fella that stole

his business across the street. Doc said to J&M, “Business been good?” J&M continued to tell

Doc all about his life, from start to finish. After Doc went to grab a liter of beer and a pint of Ol’

Tennis Shoes, he noticed something off about his surrounding. J&M was holding something in

his hand, but he wasn’t quite sure what it was. Doc asked, “How much do I owe you? And what

is in your hand?” J&M had completely forgot what he was holding, only to realize it when Doc

asked. J&M responded, “Let’s just say it’s on the house Doc. Thanks for coming in.” He still

was avoiding Doc’s second question.

Doc took a closer look, “Oh wow, that is quite a piece you are packing,” he said to J&M.

Since it was in his hand J&M had to respond, “It’s a 7.65 mil Luger. I keep it for protection. You

never know when you are going to need it. You know what I mean Doc?” Doc knew exactly

what he meant. “Well, I was in the war,” he said, “so I know a thing or two about guns.” J&M

had no idea that Doc had served his time like many men of the Row. Doc continued, “As a

matter of fact, I had a similar pistol, it was a 9 mil though. Never had to fire it thank God.” J&M

most likely had less experience with a gun than Doc did. And at that exact moment, a thought

arose in Doc’s head, something about an article in the newspaper he had just read. It was on the

tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t pinpoint it. “Ok J&M, I’m out of here. Thanks for the

booze,” Doc said. And the two said their goodbyes.

And after a half of a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes it came to him. Doc figured out what was

in his head the whole time. It was an article they did on Li Chong’s death. It had a few details in

there, but not too much was known about the case. Then Doc put it all together and thought, “I

got it! The murder weapon was a 7.65 mil Luger. J&M owns one, and he clearly had motive.”

Doc had to get this information to the police, if nothing else but to bring justice to Li Chong. He

didn’t want the reward either, he just told the poor family to keep it. The cops were on scene

instantly. I mean they surrounded the place. There must have been twenty cop cars outside

J&M’s when it was all said and done. They aimed their pistols at the front door, and one cop

shouted, “Joseph and Mary, come out with your hands up! We know it was you!” The store was

silent. There was no such response. J&M wasn’t going to give up. Eventually the cops barged in,

and what they saw was incredibly disturbing.

J&M was sitting behind the counter of his store with a point-blank gunshot wound to the

head. There was blood everywhere. At first they considered it a homicide case, that was until

they saw the note. J&M had left a note, confessing everything, confessing the murder of Li

Chong. After the confession he ended with a message for Cannery Row:

People of Cannery Row, I am sorry for what I have done. I have taken a man’s life over greed, over money, little pieces of paper. I have shamed myself, and my community. I now live as an outcast, and it get’s lonely sometimes. I still love you all, and I will always remember the times we spent together. You were all my friends once, and that’s how I will remember you when I am hopefully in another place. Maybe with this action there will be justice for Li Chong, and maybe, just maybe, I will be forgiven. With love, J&M.

All of Cannery Row cried; even Doc.



_XII. _

_And Everybody Knew _

_ _

_ _

_ _

The scent of death filled the streets of Cannery Row that night. No one was at the Grizzly

Flag, no one was getting drinks at La Ida’s Pub. The streets were empty. And no one could sleep,

not a single soul. Doc and Suzy were up drinking whiskey and talking about stories of Li Chong,

and J&M, although Suzy didn’t really know either of them; in this instant however, Doc did all

the talking, and Suzy did the listening. Doc was always very found of Li Chong for his hard

work ethic, and his good will to let Mack and the boys stay at the Royal Flophouse for all those

years. He would be missed. And on the other hand, J&M had always been a good friend. There

were countless nights where Doc, J&M, and Mack and the boys, would stay up drinking and

breaking shit. Doc never really cared about the damage because it was always a swell time. J&M

would be greatly missed. Just one little mistake on any given day could cost you your life.

Mack couldn’t sleep so he went over to the Grizzly Flag, outside of the window that

peaked into the Red Room. Fauna was sitting there working on some of her astrology stuff. She

still believed in it, even more so now that it predicted Doc and Suzy would get together. As it

was Neptune’s retrograde, she figured she would mess around with some charts that night,

maybe she was influenced by the death of J&M. It hit Fauna hard too, but not as hard as Mack.

Mack threw a rock at the window and because the room was completely silent, Fauna could hear

the noise that arose from the contact. She looked out the window and saw Mack. She had never

seen him look so sad. Eventually, Mack climbed in the window, and he and Fauna shared some

brandy, giving a toast to both Li Chong and J&M; for neither of them deserved their fate. For the

first time since he had lost his wife, Mack broke down and cried, so Fauna in turn comforted

him. She told him that he could let it out, and that she would not tell anyone about it. He finally

cracked and described every one of his emotions. And Fauna listened to every word. They shared

a few drinks and Mack fell asleep on the couch. They didn’t have to be secretive that night

because Mack often hung out with Fauna and the girls on a regular basis; he wasn’t a regular,

never partook in the activities, but he was always welcome at the Grizzly Flag.

Doc saw Mack sneak out of the Grizzly Flag early in the morning. Doc was usually up

listening to his phonograph, sipping on scotch, and getting mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Suzy was up too, for she couldn’t sleep with the phonograph playing, but she knew how torn up

Doc was, so she just ignored it and let Doc have some alone time. I think only Doc was

suspicious of them, for this was not the first time he had seen Mack enter the Grizzly Flag during

a late hour. Most nights Suzy would make him come to bed, as she knew that everyone at some

point has to shut their brain off; Doc always had trouble doing so. He always had too much on

his mind. Doc hadn’t even told Suzy what he had just witnessed. For he had a strong friendship

with Mack, and he was never one to exploit someone’s secrets. If Mack was in love, Mack was

in love. Doc had known Mack’s wife, a very generous soul. She passed away way too soon. No



one should have to leave Earth that early. Life is really not fair. Secretly, all Doc wanted was to

see Mack happy, as Mack had pretty much not been with anyone since his wife. Maybe he was

afraid to love again, because he was afraid of getting hurt again.

Doc witnessed Mack going to the Grizzly Flag almost every night. If Doc didn’t know

any better, he would have thought Mack was the most steady regular the Grizzly Flag had. Still,

Doc kept the secret. It ate him up alive not telling Suzy, but he figured it was the best way to

handle the situation. Doc knew he probably would eventually spill the beans during a drunken

night of blacked out fun with her. Somehow none of the boys from the Royal Flophouse noticed

Mack sneaking out of the house at night; by the late hours of the night, most the boys were

already passed out, in a deep sleep due to the amount of alcohol consumed. Even the girls at the

Grizzly Flag had no idea Mack was over there that much. He always snuck out around 4 o’clock.

I don’t know how Fauna could run the Grizzly Flag properly with so little sleep. Most of the time

she took naps during the day, leaving management solely up to the girls. All in all, they did a

pretty good job. Nothing got burned down or anything. They still made their money, so Fauna

still made her regular nap time.

One night Mack and Fauna decided they would do something different; sneak out of the

Grizzly Flag for her, and sneak out of the Royal Flophouse for him. They wanted to finally go

out, but they knew they had to keep it secret. They found a nice restaurant down the street; I

think it was called Eddie’s. It was in the outskirts of Cannery Row, so it was secretive enough

that they could have fun without being scrutinized. They had a plan. Mack was going to say he

was going out for a long walk on the beach, and Fauna told the girls she had to go to San

Francisco and pick up some outfits. So they implemented their plan, snuck out successfully, and

entered Ernie’s. What they didn’t know was that Hazel was out for a walk at that same time, and

he witnessed what was happening. Never in a million years would he expect Mack to be with

Fauna, I mean he hardly approved of whorehouses. But as mentioned prior, Fauna didn’t hook

anymore, she just ran the show. Hazel hid behind the shadows and witnessed as Mack and Fauna

entered the restaurant holding hands. Hazel had to tell someone. Immediately after he returned

home, Hazel told the boys what he had seen; Gay, Eddie, and Whitney No.2 were all there to

hear the story. They went next door to Eastern Biological to tell Doc, however he had already let

it slip to Suzy, and Doc told the boys he knew what was going on. And the next day everyone in

Cannery Row had heard; in a small town people walk fast, and word travels even faster.




_XIII. _

[_Hazel’s Plan _]

_ _

_ _

_ _

At this point, Hazel had been working with Doc at Eastern Biological for over a month.

He was learning a lot, and he was determined to learn more. Doc took Hazel on like a son. And

Hazel respected that so much that he would even show up to work on Saturdays, when Eastern

Biological was not open, and Doc was usually getting drunk. Still, Hazel worked away. He fed

the animals, checked the salt levels in the tank, and even documented the changes he had noticed

in their appearance, as well as in their behavior. Hazel really never looked at animals that way

before; he never realized their beauty. And Doc was holding up to his end of the bargain. He was

providing Hazel with food and shelter; however, Doc owned the Royal Flophouse so he was

basically paying Hazel’s rent anyway. Of course Doc paid him more than that, for Hazel had

actually become a necessity to running Eastern Biological. Suzy helped around the laboratory

too, doing anything she could possibly do to help out Doc, for she was madly in love with him,

and although Doc never showed emotions, you could tell he was madly in love with her. After

all, Doc was counting on Suzy to help him type his speech that he said he would do for Old Jay.

Doc still didn’t really understand why he agreed to it. He wasn’t doing it for the money, he had

plenty now that his lab was in full force, he just wanted to share his profound information with

the world. His arm was almost healed, but he still needed Hazel to take down his notes, and Suzy

to type up his research.

Doc had another order from Old Jay, a much taller order. He was to gather together 50

squid, 100 starfish, and 500 frogs; Doc could get about five or ten bucks a pop for each of these

specimens, so he took it upon himself to make a trip back to Moss Landing. This time both Hazel

and Suzy would come with him; as I said, his arm still wasn’t one-hundred percent. Because of

his faithfulness, Doc decided he would additionally give Hazel two dollars per animal acquired,

on top of wages, which Doc never intended on prohibiting anyway. He would have paid Suzy

too, but the two were essentially sharing their finances. Doc told Suzy she didn’t have to work if

she didn’t want to, but Suzy was never one to sit around, so she still woke up every morning and

went to the diner to cook and serve customers. Although it wouldn’t seem like it from her past,

Suzy really did enjoy talking to customers. She learned all the regulars by name, and even knew

what they wanted before they ordered. She was moving up too. Started as a waitress, now they

were training her as a manger, and she had only worked there for several months. I guess Suzy

was good at her job.

Once they reached Moss Landing, they unloaded all their gear, had a few drinks, and then

got ready for the grind. They made a fire and ate so that they would have energy to gather all

night. The trip was a success. They exceeded expectations. Doc would scout the locations,

determine the best environment in which these animals would live, Hazel lifted the rocks, and

Suzy scooped them up with a net; they were a perfect trio. In the end they returned quickly with



all of the specimens; none of them would survive too much longer in the buckets that Doc was

transporting them in, but it didn’t matter much because Doc wasn’t shipping them alive. All in

all, Hazel came up on around one-thousand dollars, and Doc came up on several thousand more,

once he safely transported all the specimens to Old Jay up in San Francisco, of course. Doc

decided to take Suzy on a one-day trip there; maybe he figured he would try to be romantic, or at

least be a gentleman. He took Suzy to the pier, and to downtown San Francisco; they saw all the

standard attractions that are present in the city. Doc was in love. He knew he was in love. His

higher voice said, “You’ve got to do it! You’ve got to do it!”

Hazel still went to Eastern Biological while Doc was gone; Hazel had earned enough

trust by this point that Doc gave him the keys. He went to check on all the animals when Doc

was away. Suddenly, Hazel had another interest. He couldn’t stop thinking about all he had

learned in college regarding government and political science. In the back of his mind he knew

he would be a good politician; hell, Fauna even predicted he would be the President. From that

day on, while Doc and Hazel were working, Hazel would ask all forms of questions to Doc about

the subject, as Doc knew almost everything about anything. Doc would teach him during the day

when they were working, and then Hazel pondered things at night. Doc gave Hazel a copy of the

Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. constitution. Hazel read these documents every night before he went to sleep. He felt like his studies had filled a void that was previously punctured

through his heart.

Doc only did one thing with his money. He went to the jewelry store and bought the best

engagement ring that money could buy.




_XIV. _

Doc’s Speech 2

And the speech was one day away; it was a Sunday, and the event was to be held at the

Civic Center in Santa Cruz. Everyone was to be there. Mack and the boys, and even Fauna and

the girls, were actually going to make the trip. Of course Old Jay would be there, which in a way

annoyed Doc. Doc was a procrastinator, so of course he had put off the completion of his speech

until the very last minute. It was almost 2 o’clock in the morning when Doc had finished reciting

his speech to Suzy; he still needed her to type it for him. His arm was finally healed, but Doc

couldn’t type as fast as Suzy, because she had gotten pretty damn good. Doc turned to Suzy and

said, “All I need is a conclusion!” Suzy responded, “Doc you can do it. I know you can. Turn off

your brain and let the words flow out from your mind to your mouth.” So Doc did just that, and

he began telling Suzy the conclusion that he had concluded would work for this particular case:

“What form of personality traits do we share with common mammals, or all life forms for that matter? We share many genetic traits with them, as most animals walk on either two or four legs; weren’t we once a non-bipedal species at one point as well? We have all evolved from common ancestors. We possess feelings, and most animals, we believe, possess feelings as well; of course there is an exception for animals with much smaller brains than that of a bird. What does a bird think when he flies throughout the air, looking to feed her children, looking to do anything they can do to survive? Isn’t life all about survival anyway? All your life you have been force fed the story about Darwin, and his scientifically proven hypothesis of evolution. How can some believe that we have only been in existence for 5000 years? There needs to be a vast amount of time in which this process plays out. It’s because this is what you were told growing up you whole entire life, making you go to church and listen to one man recite passages that one could read and interpret on his own free time. Evolution has been a proven theory for several centuries, and I think it would be wise to not avoid its importance. So in conclusion, we all evolved together, growing stronger as the years passed by us. We were not simply created from Adam and Eve, who the latter was

created using a rib from Adam’s body. We have been forced to believe this nonsense for quite sometime, and I think we are finally ready to move past organized religion, accept we are all connected, that we are not alone, and that it is possible to come up with an universal theory that could one day maybe link science with evolution with religion.”

Doc knew that the religious references might be a little much for a conference about his research

at a profound university. He still enjoyed mocking religion, and he still ignored it due to his

many years of experience regarding that field. Doc turned to Suzy, “I like it, but I am kind of

nervous.” She responded, “I have never seen you be nervous before. It’s almost nice to know that

you are so passionate about something that you even get nervous.” After passing back a bottle of

Ol’ Tennis Shoes back and forth, Doc and Suzy finally went to bed. At this point Doc had to

wake up in a matter of hours. He had a hard time falling asleep, so Suzy comforted him, “Your

going to be alright Doc.”



_XV. _

_A New Epidemic _

_ _

_ _

_ _

_ _

No one knew how it had happened, what it was, or where it even came from, but a subtle

yet dark disease travelled through Cannery Row. Doc and Suzy were the first two people to

suffer from it. Everyone knew it didn’t start with Doc, but they also knew that any association

with someone who is ill can lead to a transfer of illness. While Suzy recovered with hot tea and

soup, Doc recovered from drinking straight tequila out of a jug; I guess he figured the alcohol

would settle his throat; either way, it worked. Doc closed down shop for a few days, and he had

to postpone several important trips because he just did not have the energy to go. Even Suzy

wouldn’t go because she knew she would be of no help either. This hurt Doc’s finances a bit, but

he was still constantly acquiring more business, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Nearly

everyone went to Doc for their problems, or to find some answers, and he would always greet

them with open arms. Doc was a good guy like that, however, his personality may often have

suggested otherwise. Soon Doc had so many customers that he even hired Mack to help around

the laboratory. Of course he didn’t have much knowledge in the field, but Mack figured it would

be a form of paying Doc back. Doc was doing well, and he didn’t care much about the money, so

he was always available to help the boys out; the boys only went to him unless they really

needed it, and it was often times needed for booze. Doc and Suzy recovered first, so they

secluded themselves in the laboratory until this wide-spread epidemic passed.

Mack got it next. And after that it spread throughout the Royal Flophouse. This meant

Hazel, Eddie, Gay, and Whitney No.2 came down with it as well. They tried Doc’s tequila

method, but it just didn’t work. The boys were so sick that they didn’t even drink for one night.

This was something Doc and Mack hadn’t done in years. Maybe it was time they cut back on

their alcohol consumption, but I don’t think any of them would have had confidence in being

able to do it. Doc was still paranoid so he didn’t let Mack and the boys enter the laboratory until

they were completely healed. This made it so that Doc was getting incredibly backed up on work

without Mack and Hazel there. Suzy did what she could, but eventually Doc let Mack and the

boys come inside. They both were dying to get back to work, as they needed money for the

depletion of booze. At the end of the work day, Doc, Suzy, Mack, and the boys, decided they

would have to make up for the several nights of sobriety. Doc played the phonograph so loud

that the whole town could here it, and he was fully prepared to wake up in the morning with

some broken records. In the end, only one of Doc’s beakers and two of his records were broken.

Not a bad consequence for a heavy night of drinking.

Then eventually it spread through the Grizzly Flag. Fauna got the worst of it, but it hit the

girls as well. They even had to shut down for a few days for fear that they would get the

customers sick and lose business. Disease filled the air, and it just simply wasn’t safe to operate a

business in that fashion. The girls recovered in a matter of days, however Fauna laid in bed for



over a week. She didn’t move, she didn’t drink, and she didn’t want to eat. She was much older

than the girls, so it made sense that it would affect her longer than the rest. Everyone in Cannery

Row wondered why Fauna wasn’t getting any better. It had been going on for several weeks at

this point; she pretty much stayed in the Red Room in quarantine. Everyone was getting worried,

but Fauna refused to go to the doctor, for she did not have health insurance, nor the money to pay

for it. She had several symptoms that were not common to the other people who experienced the

epidemic. She was constantly having feelings of severe fatigue, and she experienced much

nausea, which sometimes lead to vomiting. And the other strange part was that she was having

food aversions. It was not looking good for Fauna.

Eventually Doc paid for Fauna to finally go see a professional.
















_XVI. _

Merry Monday

And finally it was Monday. Doc had only gotten about four hours of sleep; he always

functioned however, even sleep deprived, so who cares? Suzy eventually got up and made Doc

breakfast, and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. The conference wasn’t until 3 o’clock so Doc had a

little time to get ready. He picked out his nicest suit, with his nicest shirt, and his nicest tie. For

the first time in a long time, Doc actually wanted to look professional, for he knew this was

actually important in this particular case. He was still nervous, but Suzy continued to comfort

him. Doc even shaved his beard. He had not shaved in years, almost since he moved to Cannery

Row to open up Eastern Biological. He spent many years in college before that. He was a very

educated man, and Suzy really respected that about him. Doc had a hard shell, but a heart of

gold, and that is what Suzy finally saw in him. Mack and the boys went over to Doc’s to wish

him good luck; they were to be attending. Fauna and the girls were also going to make the trip

for it couldn’t be more than forty miles to Santa Cruz. Mack offered Doc a drink and he didn’t

even take it. Was Doc finally becoming serious about his future?

Doc and Suzy arrived on scene first, for Doc had to be there a few hours early, and he

actually left on time. Doc was dreading seeing Old Jay, but he was going to have to face him at

some point. Doc walked up to Old Jay and said, “Hey Jay, you ready to do this?” Jay looked at

him and said, “Hey idiot, hey Suzy, you better not fuck this up.” Jay’s statement instantly

angered Doc, “Well remember, you were the one who forced me into this.” Old Jay returned

with another remark, “Relax buddy, I was only kidding. I have faith in you.” Doc couldn’t

believe Old Jay actually gave him a complement. He figured it had a skeptical tone however.

Suzy believed in Doc too, she was so happy to see him sharing his profound knowledge with the

world. She knew people would enjoy Doc talking about all his quests, as his life story was

incredibly interesting to her; it’s probably because she loved him. “Ok Doc, I am going to do

your introduction in roughly thirty,” said Jay.

Fauna and the girls, and Mack and the boys, finally arrived at the Civic Center. Santa

Cruz was such a beautiful town, a town built entirely in the redwoods. They didn’t have too

many redwoods in Cannery Row, so it was a treat to everyone. There must have been room for

about five hundred people, however only about one-hundred showed up on their free will to

watch the event. Suzy turned to Doc, “Good luck baby! You’ll do fine! I’ll even be in the front

row to make you feel safe.” “Thanks baby,” said Doc to Suzy, “I think the nerves finally

subsided.” He was lying of course, as he had almost never been this nervous. And finally Old Jay

introduced him, “Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to introduce my good friend, and one

of the smartest guys I know, Doc!” And everyone who was there cheered with excitement, for

there had been flyers going around town for months. Doc was finally on, and suddenly the nerves

really did subside. Suzy gave him a kiss and he walked on stage and greeted the audience,



“Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Anderson. I have studied science, mostly biology, for roughly twenty years of my life, which would mean I would have had been ten when I read my first science book. I received a Bachelors of Science in Biology at USC, I obtained my Master’s degree from CalTech, and I received a Ph.D, also in biology, from Notre Dame. You could say I have had my fair share of learning, as I feel knowledge is the path to

enlightenment. I was shipped off to war when I was young, mid-twenties or so. I had owned a laboratory called Eastern Biological before, and after, the war. As a matter of fact, I put Jay in control of my lab when I was away; safe to say that he almost put me out of business.”

And the crowd laughed, although Old Jay didn’t find it too funny. He didn’t like being mocked,

even if it was in good fun, as he was in front of an entire audience of young students that he

would one day like to acquire for his own personal gain; he didn’t care about the students, that

stingy bastard was just looking for another way to make money. He knew Doc was an interesting

guy, and he knew that if he represented Old Jay’s company he would gain more business. After

the crowd shared laughs, Doc went on,

“In my time running Eastern Biological, I have dealt with a vast amount of animals, from all realms of the food chain. They all seem to exhibit the same behavior at times, and I start to wonder if we are really so different. We both have brains, and we both are made up with the help of DNA. Animals can feel emotions, can they not? Animals can care for their young with love, and they can supply them with food, so that evolution can continue. Isn’t it strange to think that one of the main similarities of our several species is that we can love? I’ve felt love, and I’m sure we all have felt love, and we know that love is a roller coaster ride, but it is the one thing we can always fall on, the most important aspect of life.”

Doc heisted for a moment, as he finally had interpreted what he had said, and that given his past

of lost loves, and minimal feelings, he knew now what love really was. He was madly in love

with Suzy. And just at that moment Doc froze.

Doc suddenly had a change of heart. He wasn’t even focusing on his speech anymore, as

his brain was running wild with thoughts of Suzy. I think it was that he had finally listened to his

own advice about love, despite hardly ever experiencing it. And just then, Doc had an idea. He

looked at the notes that he had prepared and ripped them up; he even threw them on the ground

with a dramatic fashion. Everyone in the room was shocked, for they were not quite processing

what they had just witness. Did this guy really just rip up all his notes? Old Jay was now raging

with anger. He felt as if Doc had just betrayed him. Doc addressed the crowd, “I had something

prepared, but I think I would rather address the crowd using an impromptu style.” Old Jay almost

went up on stage and ripped the microphone right out of Doc’s hand, but he didn’t. He knew that

would be campaign suicide. Doc continued, “I would actually rather do a dramatic representation

of what I am talking about. Suzy could you please come up here and help me demonstrate it.”

Suzy was shocked, but she still obeyed Doc, and she walked right up the stairs and stood right

next to him. She would do anything for Doc, for she was also madly in love.

Doc continued with his demonstration, “Ladies and gentleman, this is Suzy, the love of

my life. See, humans do have an easier time acquiring love, because they are much more

advanced, but we all have the capability of being in love, as do they, so that we can all share a

common pool of knowledge, a pool made up solely of feelings.” Suzy was confused because she

still had no idea what Doc wanted her to do. She just found out that Doc was switching from the

speech they wrote to something they hadn’t practice; impromptu isn’t very easy to pull off. Doc

then addressed Suzy directly, instead of the crowd; for to him, she was the only one in the room.

She was the only one there that mattered. He continued his speech,



“Suzy, from the first time I laid eyes on you I knew I was in love with you, like two souls being resurrected into new bodies, in which our souls have shared this same love before, in whatever way that is possible. I am still not sure if it is. What I am sure of is that I am in love with you. I know it now, as soon as our roller coaster ride ended, and we went on the carousel, a ride which travels in perfect concentric circles. If you left me I would never love anyone the same again, and maybe not ever love anyone again. I would feel so much safer if I knew you were mine for good, so I guess there is only one way to find out.”

At this point fire came out of Old Jay’s ears, and he instantly left the building and

heading back to his other laboratory in San Francisco. He had a long drive to shake it off. Doc

wasn’t finished however; he was not done with his speech. As he stared into her eyes he went

down to one knee, “Suzy, I want you to be mine forever. Will you marry me?” Doc pulled out

the massive rock that he had bought with the money he had received from his latest trip to Moss

Landing. It was the most beautiful thing that Suzy had ever seen, and this was the most beautiful

thing that anyone had ever done for her; she still was shocked, almost like she was paralyzed and

couldn’t walk or speak. And finally she said, “Doc, I am madly in love with you, and I have felt

that past love before with you in another life. I know it. We are meant to be. Of course I will

marry you David Anderson.” Everyone in the building cheered and clapped, for they had

probably never seen an event so beautiful in their whole life. Mack and the boys had tears, Fauna

and the girls had tears, Suzy had tears, and for the first time ever, Doc had broken down with

tears in front of an audience. Doc didn’t care about Old Jay, he never really liked him anyway.

He was such a rich and stingy prick. Doc was sure glad it was over, for asking Suzy to marry him

was way more of a stress than completing his speech.

The next day Doc mailed Old Jay’s check right back to him. I think secretly he knew he

was going to do that the whole time; hence why he never cashed it. He would be fine without it.




_XVII. _

Congratulations Doc & Suzy

I think Doc got more respect and admiration for his dramatic shenanigans than he would

have if he read his prepared speech. Everyone could tell that the two were truly in love, as they

were both smiling wider than ever before. Doc’s void even disappeared, which greatly surprised

him. Now he had something more to live for, something that he hadn’t felt in a long time; he felt

it the first time he laid eyes on Suzy. As it was unexpected, no one really had plans for what to

do afterwards; everyone just figured they would go back to Cannery Row and drink and party

like always. Doc wanted the night to be special however, and so did Suzy. College students

flooded the stage trying to get an opportunity to talk with Doc. Quite a few of them even asked if

he would let them work at Eastern Biological, but Doc really had no interest in employing

college students. For he was once in college, and he knew exactly how they operated: drinking

first, studying second. Besides the plethora of congratulations, Doc also received many other

comments. Most of them went as such, “Hey Doc, you are the man. None of us would have had

the nerves to do that.” Then after that generic opening statement they would always say

something like, “We are all going downtown to party. The boys and I would love to buy you a

drink.” Doc and Suzy wanted to do something special so they said hell with it. It was determined,

Doc and Suzy, Mack and the boys, and Fauna and the girls, were going to go hit the bar scene in

Santa Cruz. Fauna still felt ill but she wasn’t going to ruin the mood. Despite the sickness, she

went out like everyone else.

Everyone headed to downtown. They followed Doc to the Del Mar Inn, where he bought

three rooms, and I bet you can guess who was staying in each one. They decided they wanted to

hit almost every bar on the strip, starting north, and ending south. The furthest bar down the strip

was called Red Room Lounge; it was kind of ironic since there was a Red Room Lounge in the

Grizzly Flag. Doc told all the college kids that he would be at the Lounge initially, so quite a few

of them came by to celebrate with him. Doc walked in the bar first. The smell of cigarettes was

overwhelming. Doc decided to be dramatic once again. He hopped on the bar, to the bartender’s

discontent, and made an announcement, “Hey Everybody! My name is Doc, and I am the

luckiest man in the world. I just asked this beautiful lady to marry me and she said yes!” He

received a standing ovation, and the crowd had no idea what was coming next. Doc continued,

“In honor of our recent event, I would like to buy everyone in the room a shot of Ol’ Tennis

Shoes.” Doc shelled out the cash, and everyone got their free drink. The bartenders were not

aggravated anymore because they made a good amount of tips through this arrangement. Of

course everyone in the room cheered to Doc and Suzy simultaneously, and pounded down their

shots. That was the best drink of Ol’ Tennis Shoes Doc ever had, as it consisted of a splash of

fulfillment. Fauna was sitting in a booth near the back, and Mack went to comfort her. Everyone

from Cannery Row knew that they were together, but no one ever mentioned it to them.



After a few rounds at the Red, the boys headed down to a place called The Blue Lagoon.

No one knew it initially, but they eventually found out it was a bar for queers. Cannery Row was

pretty advanced in that regard, so at this point no one had any prejudice to anyone who was

there. In fact, Doc bought them all a round as well. Gay was probably the most drunk out of

anyone. While everyone was taking singles, Gay was taking doubles. He could hardly see

straight after just two bars. The dance floor was packed. Mack even dragged Fauna out there; she

wasn’t into it, but she pretended she was for Doc and Suzy. Eddie was pretty loaded up too. He

was a good guy to know in a place like this; if trouble started, Eddie was the one to go to. He was

probably twice the size of anyone there. Gay had his drink on the dance floor, but then again, so

did pretty much everybody else. In his drunken state, Gay decided he was too dehydrated and

lazy to continue holding on to his drink. Instead of doing the responsible thing and put it on the

ground, Gay thought it would be a good idea to throw his drink into the crowd; he was definitely

mistaken. He just happened to have hit one of the most intimidating guys in the bar, and the man

was not too happy about it. The man charged towards Gay, and Gay was defenseless. He was in

trouble. Eddie was watching the whole time however, and the instant he saw this occur, he was

ready for trouble. Eddie decided that the best thing to do for all of them was to run at the guy and

tackle him to the ground. Eddie got on top of him with his fist clinched. Eventually the man

waived the white flag and left the bar. And Gay and Eddie took more shots.

They then went to another bar with plenty of pool tables. The bar was actually upstairs on

top of the Blue Lagoon. Fauna and the girls stayed back at the gay bar because they were tired of

drunk idiots hitting on them; and additionally they enjoyed dancing. The girls were not used to

going out on the town, not having to act like professionals. They got drunk just like everyone

else. After what happened at the Blue, the gang knew that something was bound to happen again.

Doc left Suzy alone for a minute: to go to the bar to get drinks for them. This guy must have

been eying her from the corner, because as soon as Doc left her side he went up to her. He

opened with a cheesy pickup line and asked Suzy if he could buy her a drink. Just then Doc came

back with the drinks and kissed Suzy and said, “Hey baby, who’s your friend?” Doc really didn’t

care who he was, but he was trying to make a point. He could tell the guy was embarrassed

because he immediately walked away. Doc couldn’t have cared less. Suzy hugged Doc, and they

both took a drink and shook it off.

This wasn’t the end however. The man was finally exiting down the stairs when Doc

turned to Mack and said, “Solids or Stripes?” And then it happened. The man scolded at Doc,

“What did you say to me boy?” Doc was always fast with a comeback, “I said, ‘Solids or

Stripes’, are you not capable of understanding that?” Now Doc and him were face-to-face, point

blank. There was a stare down for what seemed like hours. The man had several friends with

him, and at this point it was just Doc and Mack. Doc knew he couldn’t throw the first punch, but

he also knew he wasn’t going to back down. Doc yelled, to the embarrassment of a man, “Get

the fuck out of here before this gets really ugly!” Mack was ready for war, and he also got right

up in this man’s face. No punches were thrown. All of the man’s friends were obviously too

scared to fight, because they escorted this chump off the premises. Doc and Mack would have

been ready to throw down, and Mack would have backed Doc up no matter what.

Eddie and Gay disappeared. Everyone was so drunk at this point that nobody had noticed.

The bars were about to close so they ended up at this dive bar called The Asti. It also smelt like

cigarettes. It was a small little bar, a few pool tables, nothing else, but it was only place that was



still open at the end of the night. I guess that is why people migrate from north to south, they are

following the protocol of each club’s hours. Doc once again became dramatic, announced his

engagement, and bought a round for everyone at the bar; luckily for his depleting finances, there

were only a few regulars there. The whole crew shared a last drink, reminiscing on old stories

and sharing laughs. Doc and Suzy were holding hands. They were so in love.

After 2 o’clock everyone went back to their hotel rooms, everyone but Gay and Eddie.

No one had a single clue where they had been. At around 4 o’clock, Doc’s hotel room phone

rang. It was Gay, and the first thing he said was, “Doc! It’s Gay. I’m in the county jail with

Eddie.” Doc was not surprised, for he had seen how much the two of them drank that night. The

two weren’t going to get out until 9 o’clock in the morning, so Mack and the boys were going to

have to stay a little later than expected. Doc and Suzy, and Fauna and the girls, were back in

Cannery Row early. I guess they just missed the place. Cannery Row was home, and although

Santa Cruz was beautiful, it would never replace home. On the way back, Mack finally asked

Gay and Eddie what had happened. Gay answered the question,

“Well, after the pool hall we ended up at a park. We both blacked out so we swung on the swings for awhile and shared a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes. Next thing we remember is that we were on a random street, ripping of

construction signs, and no trespassing signs, and no parking signs. We were just being stupid. Then we threw

everything in someone’s backyard and we started to bolt. Next thing we know, two cop cars pull up and put us in cuffs. They didn’t charge us with nothing because we were cooperating, however, we had to stay in a freezing ice box with no shoes or sweatshirts. I guess people can hang themselves with their shoelace. We saw some really

strange people in there, Mack, the craziest of the crazy. Murderers, drug dealers, pimps, we saw it all. Hell, one guy even said there was a continental breakfast before he passed out on the cold tile. We didn’t believe him, and we found out later it was a homeless shelter breakfast down the street. You would not believe what he told us. Said he was on a ten-day meth binge. Don’t know how the son-of-a-bitch is still walking. Thank God we are free now. The cops saw my flask in the morning when they gave me back all my things and one guy said, ‘I’ll see you back real soon,’ and I replied, ‘I’m never coming back here.’”

And that was how Doc and Suzy spent their first night engaged. No one had ever seen them so









Angry Old Jay

Old Jay couldn’t sleep that night. He was far too angry. You would have thought his child

had just died the way he was pouring that whiskey down his throat. What did he care? He had all

the money in the world, plenty of business, why did he care so much about a few college

students? Deep down he was actually happy for Doc, but Old Jay didn’t care much for being

outdone. And he didn’t like Suzy very much. He never did forget the fact that she used to work

at the Grizzly Flag. Doc didn’t like that much either, but he knew that sometimes you have to do

whatever you can to survive, by whatever means necessary. Doc saw past that anyway, he cared

more about the true beauty that she exerted both externally and internally. Old Jay knew he had

to do something. He couldn’t let Doc get the best of him. For Doc was inferior to Jay in some

ways, smaller lab, less money, but he was always jealous of Doc’s kind soul. Doc never tried to

scheme anyone to make a quick buck, or use anyone for his own personal advantage, Doc was

just a legitimately good guy, and this angered Old Jay even more.

Doc and Suzy, and Fauna and the girls, left Santa Cruz around 9 o’clock, making it home

by roughly 10 o’clock. Mack and the boys stayed a bit later, as they spent most of the morning

trying to figure out where the jail was that the cops had locked Gay and Eddie in the night prior.

They didn’t get charged with anything luckily, but they sure had to spend a rough few cold hours

shoeless in the jail. Guess the guards figured that was punishment enough. Once the gang made it

back to the Royal Flophouse they all passed out. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes

later when they heard a loud noise coming from the road, as it had burned the car’s tires while

the vehicle drove up. Mack woke up the boys and said, “What the hell was that?” Gay

responded, “I don’t care, my head hurts, I need some sleep.” Eddie also agreed with Gay. Mack

looked outside the window. He saw a beautiful Chrysler De Soto, had to be an early 50’s model.

It drove right up into the driveway of Eastern Biological. And then Mack saw that it was Old Jay.

The boys were ready for war.

Old Jay exited his car, slammed its door, and walked up the stairs to Eastern Biological.

He literally kicked in the door and walked inside. Doc and Suzy were still laying in bed, but the

knock surely got Doc out of it. Then he saw Old Jay. He looked like he had just been on a ten-

day drinking binge. He had bloodshot eyes, his hair was a mess, he looked like death, had a

bottle in his hand, and a look of terror in his eyes. He actually wanted to kill Doc. “What the fuck

was that!?” said Jay. Doc replied to his remark, “Sorry Jay, I had to see about a girl. Did you

ever think that some things are more important than science?” Smoke flew from Old Jay’s ears,

“You ruined my reputation there, Doc!” “I didn’t ruin shit,” said Doc, “those kids liked me more

for those antics than they did for your incredibly long and boring speech, about God knows what.

I saw half of the kids falling asleep when you were talking.” Old Jay responded, “You son-of-a-



bitch! I should strangle you for what you did to me!” And now things were getting ugly, real

ugly, and Old Jay had finally snapped.

I think we all knew what was coming next. Old Jay took a swing at defenseless Doc. He

was defenseless because he had no intention of hitting Old Jay, as that would not make the

problem any better. But Old Jay did take a swing, and he hit Doc right in the nose, luckily for

Doc it was a straight shot. He instantly got a black eye, but his nose wasn’t crooked or nothing. It

didn’t even knock Doc to the ground, he just wiped away the blood from his mouth. “I’m not

going to hit you Jay, if that’s what you are trying to get me to do,” said Doc. Old Jay hit Doc in

the face again and said, “Fight me like a man!” And as soon as Old Jay was about to throw the

third punch, Mack and the boys jumped in. It took no more than a half of a second for Mack to

realize what was happening; he ran at Old Jay and speared him to the ground. “No one hits Doc

in my town!” Mack said, while he was on top of Old Jay with his fist clinched. It really looked

like Mack wanted to kill him. Old Jay said, “Ok Mack, I’m sorry. Please, get off of me.” Mack

didn’t like his statement much, so he punched Old Jay right in the nose, just as Jay had done to

Doc, but this punch definitely made Jay’s nose a little crooked. “Get off the ground, get in your

car, and never come back here again,” said Mack to Old Jay while he looked at Jay’s blood on

his fist. And then Mack got off Jay, and Jay did what Mack told him to do. The last thing anyone

ever heard Old Jay say again was this,

“That’s it Doc. Never again! Never again will I give you business, or lend you a hand, or nothing. And your damn right, when you left me your lab during the war, I never ran it, I let all the animals die, and I stole all of your good glass. I did this to gain an edge on you, to gain superiority. I didn’t ever want Eastern Biological get as big as my lab. And the war did wonders for me. You were gone, and I was stealing all your business. I have more money than I can even count, and you and your gang of idiots will never have the sort of pleasures that I have. I am better than all of you. I will always be better than all of you. Hey Doc, congratulations on marrying that whore!”

Gay and Eddie had to restrain Doc because he was going to kill Old Jay if he could have got his

hands on him. Mack walked Old Jay back to his car. Such a shame that Old Jay was going to get

blood all over the seats of that beautiful De Soto. Eventually Gay and Eddie let go, as Doc was

calming down, and Doc went to the porch to say one more thing to Old Jay,

“So long friend. We have shared many good times, and I will still remember those. But I do not want anything to do with you. I don’t want your business, I don’t want you hanging out at my laboratory, and I don’t care to know what you think about my fiancée’s past profession. And I don’t want your stingy ass around here anymore breaking my shit and eating all my food. Your right, maybe I am inferior to you. Hell, you have more business and a way bigger lab. But you are a sad little man, and you will never find love. You can only have real love when you love someone more than yourself, and unfortunately for you my friend, you will never feel the love that I share with this amazing woman.”

Old Jay started the ignition and drove back to San Francisco. No one ever saw him again.




_XIX. _

Mack’s Child

Fauna went to the Doctor. She was pregnant.




_XX. _

_ _

[_Hazel’s Plan 2 _]

And once more, Hazel was gone. He left nothing more than a note. The boys discovered

it fairly early in the morning, so he must have left around 4 or 5 o’clock. The note read,

“Hey boys. I’ll miss you all, but there is something I must do. I found out that there is an election coming up for governors, mayors, accountants, the works. A few weeks earlier I wrote a letter to the State Capitol. They had an internship position available and they invited me to work with them in Sacramento. I’m only going to be an

assistant, but I know its important to start low, and obtain enough experience to officially run for mayor myself.

Hell, I can dream can’t I. If there is any truth to Fauna’s astrology, she predicted I would be president, and I think I could be a good one. Call me crazy, but anything is possible. Have a drink for me back at the Flophouse, tell Doc where I have gone. I was too scared to break the news to him myself. It’s hard to tell him that his most reliable employee has left abruptly. Tell him I just needed to follow my dreams. Tell Doc, I’m sorry.”

And once again, the boys shared tears over Hazel’s disappearance. Which only lead to one thing,

purchasing a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes.

For once the very quite Whitney opened his mouth and shared some incite to his point of

view, “Hey boys, why do you suppose he done it? Like, leave without saying goodbye.” Mack

was quick with a response, “Maybe he thought it would be easier to say goodbye that way. Not

having to see our faces and all.” Whitney was still in the conversation, “You think we will ever

see him again?” “Of course we will see him again,” said Gay, “Cannery Row is home. You never

forget or want to leave your home.” Whitney was then silenced, like he had forgotten what he

was going to say; and he did. The boys passed around the bottle, pondering what they were going

to do with Hazel’s room. Doc didn’t care about the rent, so they didn’t have to worry about sub-

leasing it. They decided they would do what they did with Gay’s room when they thought he was

dead; they just left the room exactly how Hazel had left it.

The boys passed around the bottle. They must have been there drinking in the Royal

Flophouse for over four hours. That’s a lot of time of doing nothing. The boys never got tired of

drinking however, who would? It makes everything more fun. Often times it is worth the

consequences of the next day. The boys were crushed. It’s hard to lose one of your most beloved

friends. Still, they knew what Hazel had to do. They knew there was more out there for him than

what he had in Cannery Row. No one doubted that Hazel could be president, and no one had

seen him this motivated in a long time. “Let’s share one last cheers for Hazel,” said Gay, “one

more shot to a man who has a dream. Best of luck Hazel!” And all the boys lifted their bottles

and clanked them together one more time for Hazel, and it was the best sip of whiskey any of the

boys had ever had.




_XXI. _

_ _

_Fauna Steps Down _

_ _

_ _

_ _

_ _

Fauna was scared. The Grizzly Flag was not an ideal place to raise a child. But what

could she do? She had owned that damn whorehouse for over five years. How could she just give

it up? But it was no place to support a child, and she knew that. Maybe she could make a couple

thousand off the joint. I mean, if the Royal Flophouse went for around a grand, why couldn’t

Fauna get at least ten? Although she knew she had to sell it, she had no idea how to do so. What

did she know about real estate? She was nervous because she had to tell the girls they would

soon be out of jobs. She went to the only person she could. The only person that would actually

listen, and the only person who had enough power to help, Doc; he was pretty much a jack of all

trades, and he knew how to analyze situations with only the tiniest bit of information. She

knocked on the door, and Doc instructed her to come inside; of course Suzy didn’t mind, for

Fauna was essentially the only person she could count on. Fauna brought up a pint of Ol’ Tennis

Shoes for Doc.

Suzy and Doc were drinking as usual, and Suzy was making Doc breakfast. Doc was in a

good mood, ready to analyze Fauna’s situation. Fauna addressed them, “I have a secret and I

don’t know who I can tell. You two are the only ones I can trust, otherwise the news gets spread

all throughout the Row.” Doc and Suzy already knew half of the secret, but for the time being

they pretended otherwise. Doc faced Fauna and said, “Well what’s the secret?” “You have to

swear you wont tell anyone,” replied Fauna. Suzy entered the conversation, “Don’t worry Fauna,

we won’t. You can trust us.” And then Fauna told her story, “Well it starts like this. Mack and

me have been hanging out secretly. Meeting up in the late hours when everyone is sleeping,

mainly so no one sees us.” Doc interrupted, “So? What’s the problem?” “I don’t know,” Fauna

replied, “it just don’t look too good to have a near junky, and the ring leader of a whorehouse

together, raising a child together.” Then Doc and Suzy told their secret. They let Fauna know

that the whole time Mack and her were sneaking around, the whole town knew about their

relationship; for it was Hazel who had caught them holding hands in the street.

Fauna had to get one more thing off her chest. “There is one more thing,” said Fauna,

“I’m also pregnant, and it is Mack’s child.” Doc and Suzy’s jaws dropped. They knew about the

relationship, but they didn’t know about the pregnancy. It makes perfect sense now, all of the

symptoms of her sickness were similar to that of someone bearing a child. Doc then asked, “Are

you sure it’s Mack’s?” “Positive,” she replied. Doc suddenly had a good idea. He turned back to

Fauna and said, “We can all agree that the Grizzly Flag is not a good place to raise a child,

right?” And both of them agreed with Doc. “What are you saying Doc?” said Suzy. And then

Doc let his idea out, “Let’s auction off the Grizzly Flag. You can take all of the profits and get

yourself a nice, quiet, and warm home. Hell, you could even let Mack stay there.” Suzy and

Fauna were convinced. They were going to hold a party at the Grizzly Flag, turn it into a huge



event, and make some money off the place. There was still one problem lingering, however.

How was Fauna going to tell the girls that they would soon be out of work? Fauna thought that

the best thing she could do for the girls is to help them out financially until they got back on their

feet. She agreed that she would help all of them find a new place, and would pay their rent for

three months. Fauna knew that this was the best thing that should could do for the sake of her

unborn child.




_XXII. _

Doc vs. Man Unknown

And the party was upon them. The auction was ready to take place. Fauna felt so

confident that the Grizzly Flag would be bided up heavily, so she decided not to put a reserve on

the bidding. The party was held at the Grizzly Flag, in its honor. Fauna was almost in tears the

whole day, but she put on her makeup and washed them off. Doc funded most of the event. They

decided that to raise money for Fauna; there would be a two dollar cover charge that would go

entirely to Fauna’s new house deposit. Part of the money would also go to the rest of the girls, so

that they could easily find shelter. If you paid the cover fee you were granted a free buffet, and as

much booze that you could possibly consume. Because it was essentially Doc’s party, the

females had to wear nice dresses, and the males would have to wear a suit and tie. Doc always

enjoyed dressing sharp, and this event was no exception. Everyone was having a swell time. Doc

and Suzy were there, Fauna and the girls were there, Mack and the boys were there, and about

half of Cannery Row showed up, as most of them were satisfied customers at the Grizzly Flag. I

guess these regulars probably hoped that the person who won the auction would keep it as a

whorehouse. For without it, cheating men would have to stay with their wives exclusively. The

turn out was great, and the cover charge raised over five hundred dollars for Fauna’s cause, and

the tips provided satisfaction to the workers deliberating the occasion Once again, Doc shelled

out a ton of cash.

The auction was to begin. They felt it would only be appropriate if Fauna said a few

words beforehand, even though she had nothing prepared. Still, she raised her glass up high, the

crowd followed, and addressed the crowd on an impromptu impulse,

“My name is Fauna. I have owned the Grizzly Flag for over twenty-five years, which is probably longer than some of you in the crowd have been alive. Over the years we have satisfied many of paying customers, with them never leaving without having a swell time. I have my girls to thank for that. They helped me run the place, allowing us to be a very functioning and thriving business. We appreciate everyone of Cannery Row who came to us, and all of us here appreciate you all for your support. Whatever happens with my home after I sell it, I hope you just treat the place with love and respect. Cheers!”

And everyone had a cheers to the Grizzly Flag.

The Auction started at $400 dollars, way below asking price, but with this sort of sale you

know that the price is going to get bid up. They would be satisfied with about $5000, but they

hoped that there would be many interested buyers, and expected to net around $10,000. It was

really up to the bidders, and how frisky they were feeling on that particular day, and how much

money they had in their wallets; it was a cash only sale. Fauna really didn’t want the place to end

up in the wrong hands. Two men were interested; let’s call them Guy 1 and Guy 2. Guy 1 started

it first, “Five-hundred dollars!” and the price immediately jumped up $100, a pretty good start.

Guy 2 even topped him, “One-thousand dollars,” a statement that greatly raised the stakes. The



first guy answered back, “Fifteen hundred!” Now Guy 2 was silenced, he didn’t know if he even

had that much cash on him. He hesitated for a bit and then opened his mouth, “Two-thousand

dollars!” Guy 1 couldn’t match it, and he knew he couldn’t continue. He had actually only

brought fifteen hundred, so he was tapped out. And the bidding died down. No one was

interested anymore, the crowd must have thought that even that asking price was too high for the

place. The auctioneer addressed the crowd, “Two-thousand going once, twice …” “Five-

thousand dollars!” yelled someone from the back of the room. There were so many people

present that no one could see his face. The auctioneer continued, “Five-thousand going once,

going twice …” “Ten-thousand dollars!” said Guy 2. He was convinced that no one could match

that, and Fauna was happy because that was her ideal asking price. And the auctioneer continued

his rant, “Ten-thousand going once … ” “Thirty-thousand dollars!” said the unknown man in the

back of the room. The crowd was silenced. Who the hell could put up $30,000 dollars for a place

in Cannery Row? They couldn’t think of anyone that could possibly make that form of a raise.

With Fauna excited the auctioneer said once more, “Thirty-thousand going once, twice … Sold!”

Fauna was so happy. With that money she could find a nice place, support the girls, and have a

little money left over for herself, and her child.

The man in the back of the room finally revealed himself as he walked to the stage. It was






Doc’s Plan

Doc knew exactly what he was going to do with the Grizzly Flag. He kept it a secret

however, he told no one. He didn’t even tell Mack and the boys what he was doing. I suppose he

wanted it to be a surprise. Even Suzy, who knew the most intimate details about Doc, was not

informed; they almost never held secrets from each other. Any time anyone would ask Doc what

his plan was he would respond, “It’s going to be like Disneyland.” No one really knew what he

meant by that, but Doc was always a strange guy, often attempting to make ridiculous analogies

whenever possible. I guess he took pride in his quick reaction time. He had construction crews

out there around the clock. He must have been paying them double time to put in that much hard

work and dedication. The exterior was to be left alone, it was the interior that would have a

drastic makeover. There were fences around the entire building. Doc would know if there was

anyone entering the premises. After all, Doc wasn’t sleeping, he often times fell asleep in the,

what was once called, Red Room Lounge. He wouldn’t even let Suzy inside. No one was to

know what Doc was up to.

The construction was easily viewable from the Royal Flophouse. Mack and the boys

would stay up half the night drinking Ol’ Tennis Shoes and pondering what Doc was up to. They

knew that whatever he was doing, it would be done to perfection. Doc was all about perfection,

although he would always claim that there is no such thing as perfection in real life. Doc hadn’t

slept in two weeks but he was almost done. He was putting the final touches to the building, and

he was excited the completion was near. And then he was finished. He even let Suzy sneak in

quickly, so she could see what he had done. Doc knew that he could trust her. He almost felt bad

he had been hiding it from her the whole time, but she was excited that everyone in Cannery

Row would additionally get to experience this same excitement. Doc needed a name though,

something that dedicated the building to the Grizzly Flag. And then it came to him, he was to

name it, Fauna’s Flaghouse.

Doc finally went back home to Suzy and slept at Eastern Biological. I guess after putting

in all that time and effort, you want to escape from it a bit. Doc sent out a letter to everyone in

Cannery Row. The letter announced that Fauna’s Flaghouse would be open for business on a

Monday. His letter consisted of an invitation to his party; and Doc got many responses. He was

finally ready to open for business. Whatever he had in there, he was planning on making some

money off of it. Everyone knew that Doc would be a successful business owner; he already was.

Doc had run Eastern Biological for over ten years. Everyone knew that Doc would make money

off of his investment. Doc was always good with his money and his investments. He had been

playing the stock market for years, and finally Doc’s stocks were taking on extreme value. He

was pulling in plenty of money from Eastern Biological, but no one knew Doc had that kind of



dough. I mean, $30,000 is a lot of cash to put up to own a piece of property. But the Grizzly Flag

was built in the early 1900’s, and someone must have shelled out a ton of cash to initially to

build this giant two-story building, which just happened to be the biggest building on the block.

Doc never talked much about his finances, he only would tell Suzy. Doc was so bad with money

that Suzy started keeping track of his check book. She would also have to go through his mail

everyday to make sure there weren’t no checks that Doc had not seen. It was a Sunday, and the

party was to be thrown on a Monday.




_XXIV. _

Hazel’s Return

Hazel came home late that Sunday night. If he was coming back from his Monterey loft,

he must have left at 10 o’clock pm. Mack and the boys were still up when he arrived. “Hey boys!

I’m home!” said Hazel, “I hate to say it, but I missed you guys.” All the boys stood up and

greeted him. Mack turned to Hazel and said, “Hazel baby! Where on Earth have you been?” In

fact, Hazel had been busting his ass at that internship, learning almost everything you need to

know about government and politics. He had the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.

Constitution memorized by this point. “Well boys,” he said, “I have seen the light. And this light

leads to politics.” Mack replied, “What the hell are you talking about Hazel?” “I know some

stuff. There is an election coming up: Monterey County election. Hell, I’d have half of Cannery

Row on my side if I ran. And Doc knows everyone in the god damn city. Every resident has

come to Doc at one point or another.” Gay chimed in, “Hazel, don’t get ahead of yourself. You

have only held an internship, you need much more experience to get into office.” “Well Gay,”

said Hazel, “A man can dream cant he?” The boys all agreed, and gave Hazel their support. If he

wanted to run for mayor, Cannery Row would help him run for mayor.

Mack and the boys filled Hazel in about what had occurred since he had left. “Hazel

baby, you have no idea what has happened here recently,” said Mack, “Fauna sold the Grizzly

Flag, and Doc shelled out $30,000 to buy it. Then he got a construction crew. No one knows

what he’s got in there, but he is having his grand opening tomorrow.” “What’s the dress code?”

said Hazel. And Mack responded, “You know Doc, dress shirt, tie, leather shoes.” The boys all

shared a drink for Hazel and his quest, celebrating his safe return. Then Mack suggested, “Hey,

let’s go over to Doc’s and let him know Hazel is back. Hell, he must have missed you around the

lab.” “Let’s just let him rest,” said Hazel, “he has a big day tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see

what he has behind those doors.”




_XXV. _

Merry Monday Pre-cursor

Almost all of Cannery Row agreed to attend. They were all just as curious as the boys to

discover what Doc had created; they all knew it probably would bear similarities to Disneyland;

a Disneyland for adults. The party, or whatever Doc had planned, was to start at 5 o’clock, and

Doc had a few very important things he had to do that day before hand. Doc was the worst

procrastinator of all time, so of course he would wait until the day of the event to fill people in.

Doc needed help with the whole event, but he was so secretive about it that no one had any idea

how to help out. Doc stayed up all night drinking. I guess he had nerves or something. What if

his creation wasn’t good at all? The first stop he made was to the Royal Flophouse. “Hello

boys,” Doc said as he entered the door without knocking, “I’m here because I need your help.”

“Anything for you Doc,” said Mack, “what can me and the boys do?” Doc turned to Eddie, “First

off, I need you to be the bouncer. There is going to be underage kids trying to get in, and there

might be some fights along the way. Can you do that for me buddy?” “Anything for you Doc,”

said Eddie, “you just show me where to stand.” Then Doc looked at Mack, “I need a guy behind

the bar. I know you can make a mean Manhattan, just pretend like your experienced and they

will think you are experienced. Can you do that for me buddy?” “Sure Doc,” said Mack, “I can

make a mean drink if you need me to.” Then Doc addressed the rest of the room, “Whitney No.2,

Gay, Hazel, I need dealers.” “What do you mean dealers?” said Gay. Doc responded, “I have a

high stakes poker game going and I need reliable people that can deal out a hand without fucking

up. Can you do that for me boys?” “Of course Doc,” the gang said simultaneously. Lastly Doc

looked at Hazel, “And Hazel baby, I need you to be my banker. You keep track of all the money

that comes in and out of the door. Can you do that?” “Sure thing Doc,” said Hazel, “You can

count on me.” Before Doc exited he said, “Ok boys, get there at 3 o’clock sharp. I’ll see you in a

matter of moments.”

Doc had one more stop to make. At first he literally thought he was going to the Grizzly

Flag to ask Fauna a question, and then he remembered that she didn’t live there anymore. Doc’s

generous offer for the Grizzly Flag allowed Fauna and the girls to get their own place. Their

place where they didn’t have to hook anymore. They could just be themselves, and live life like

normal people. Doc knocked on the door. “Come in,” said Fauna, and Doc entered the door.

“Fauna, girls,” said Doc, “I’m here because I need your help.” “What can we do to help Doc?”

said Fauna. “I need some help with my fiesta,” Doc replied, “can you and the girls work for me,

serving drinks, and pleasing customers?” The girls all agreed that they would help him out. “You

don’t even have to do no dirty stuff,” said Doc, “all I need you gals to do is look pretty and be

yourselves, and have a few drinks on the house while doing so.” “I think we can do that,” said

Fauna, “what time should we be there?” “3 o’clock sharp, not a minute after,” said Doc, “and it

wouldn’t help if you all dressed sexy.” Doc left the room, he would fill in everyone on the plan

when they arrived at 3 o’clock. It was to be a grand occasion.



And Doc had now done everything he needed to do to make his grand opening special.

Everyone was on board and he really appreciated that fact. Deep down he knew that the gang

would always be there to help. Doc was excited to see his plan come to life. He had put in over

two weeks of work with little breaks in between. But he was ready. And he knew there would be

plenty of people attending. It’s a common agreement that once Doc takes on a project, he puts

his heart and soul into it. This time would be no exception. It was 2:59 pm.





















_ _

_XXVI. _

_ _

[_3 o’clock Sharp! _]

Everyone who was to participate in helping out Doc knew that when Doc said 3 o’clock

sharp, he meant it. By the time the giant clock on top of the tower hit 3 o’clock, and rang its bell,

Suzy, Fauna and the girls, and Mack and the boys, were standing behind the giant wooden doors

that guarded the entrance. “What you think he got in there Hazel?” said Mack. Hazel responded,

“I don’t know Mack, but knowing Doc, whatever he has planned involves consuming alcohol.

Hell, he might even have Ol’ Tennis Shoes on tap.” At this point everyone had pretty much

forgotten their role, as Doc told them last minute, so they figured Doc would fill them all in

before the party started. Fauna addressed the gals, “Ok girls, I know I am not your boss anymore,

but whatever Doc has us do, do it with a smile.” They all nodded and agreed that this plan of

action was the best move for everyone. Suzy said, “Doc’s hardly even let me in this place. I still

don’t really know what he has planned.” And Mack replied, “Either way, Doc needs us tonight,

so let’s not let him down.” After it was concluded, the gang passed around a pint of Ol’ Tennis

Shoes, waiting for Doc to open the door.

And as the clock bell rang, the doors to Fauna’s Flaghouse were finally opened. “Hey

fella’s,” said Doc, “thank you all so very much for being here.” Mack was the first to respond,

“Anything for you Doc! We are all here to help.” Doc formed a smile and then said, “Ok. Let’s

get to work!” Everyone entered the premises simultaneously and were shocked, and also

terrified, as to what they saw inside. It was literally Disneyland for adults. And just like the

Grizzly Flag, this wasn’t exactly legal. Doc would have to haggle with the police quite a bit to let

him keep the Flaghouse operating. Everyone owed Doc a favor for something, so I guess Doc

just figured that the cops would solely turn a blind eye. It wasn’t like the girls were going to be

hooking or anything, but Doc had literally everything in his club that he thought his customers

would find enjoyment in. Doc still didn’t worry about the police, as he knew that he would

always let them in for free, no cover fee, no nothing. Doc was going to give the cops the

opportunity to actually enjoy themselves while off duty. No crime would be committed while

Fauna’s Flaghouse was open, because everyone in Cannery Row was to be there. Doc knew he

was going to have to give the cops very thourough treatment.

What was hidden behind the doors of the Flaghouse was astonishing. He had two full

stories of entertainment, every type of fun imaginable. The first thing seen upon entrance was the

downstairs bar. There must have been room for about twenty-five stools that fit along its edge.

The counter tops were perfect marble, and the back of the bar had been covered in beautiful

photographs of the gangs past; a beautiful painting by Leonardo DiVinci hung over a fish tank

which housed hundreds of fish that Doc had acquired over the years. Doc had about every type

of alcohol you could ever want behind that bar: whiskey, brandy, vodka, tequila, gin, wine, and

beer. Beautiful crystal glasses hung from the top of the bar, all sparkling and clean. There were



even poles running along the bars, which would be used for ladies in sexy clothing dancing on

top of them; just like a strip joint, but cleaner. Everyone knew that Doc wouldn’t allow hooking

in his club. He had never even been a member of the Grizzly Flag. He just found no enjoyment

in that sort of thing.

Facing the bar in the Flaghouse you could see the game room to the right hand side. It

was probably the biggest room in the whole joint. He had another bar back there, not as big of

course, but still consisting of the same alcohol selection. Doc had it all in that room. He had

several big pool tables, brand new, with felt that had never been touched prior, no marks, no

nothing. Next to the pool tables were a few shuffleboard tables. And then next to those were the

craps tables. And gambling was allowed inside this room. Any pool shark who had a buck or two

could play a round of pool and rob defenseless opponents. Then, if you were good at

shuffleboard, well, you could bet on that too. And it goes without question that the craps tables

involved gambling. Along the edges of the walls were several slot machines that Doc must have

gotten shipped in from Las Vegas; there is no way he could have acquired those otherwise.

Whereas the whorehouse was illegal for its hooking, Fauna’s Flaghouse was going to be illegal

for its gambling, but no one would care. It was the closest thing a man could get to Vegas

without having to hitchhike the whole way there.

To the left of the bar was a dance floor. No one even knew what type of contraption Doc

had in his club to play his music, but the sounds were loud and crystal clear. He must have

dropped thousands on a new phonograph, which could project sound fluently through the air. He

had fancy decorations all throughout the room. A disco ball hung in the middle of the floor to

light up the room, and illuminate the walls with an arrangement of pretty colors. There was even

a stage in there. It looked like he had speakers hanging everywhere, and a sound system that

would evenly project the music throughout the room. You could tell that he was planning on

having live shows at his club, as the Flaghouse had a stage that stood about 6 ft. tall. And next to

that was the dinning area. It was a secluded room in the back of the joint. Doc had sound proofed

it so that you would not be able to hear the loud raging music from the dance area while dining.

The kitchen was in the back of the dining area. There must have been ten stove tops in that damn

kitchen, and about every other appliance you would ever need to cook up a meal for starving

customers. And that was the downstairs of Fauna’s Flaghouse.

The upstairs was just as impressive. Doc had really done some interior decorating on

what was previously just an empty building. As expected, there was another bar upstairs; once

again, not as big as the main bar, but it wasn’t tiny either. This bar differed from the others in

only one way; there were two television sets within the room that were typically playing local

games; Doc’s game of choice was usually football, as he had always been a fan of the San

Francisco 49ers. Doc also installed a little booth in the room so that he could have his own

bookies. If they didn’t know before; they knew it now, Doc loved gambling. He was pretty good

at it too. He had been playing cards since he was a kid. Hell, what else do you think he did

during his free time in the war? He played cards, and he could make them transparent. Doc was

planning on taking whatever bets he was offered through his bookies. He would bet on anything;

a horse race, a sports game, whatever he could make a buck on. Give that guy a chance and he

would bet on a one-legged dog race.

Doc left the Red Room almost exactly how it was. He didn’t make any major

restorations. It still had its fancy couches and red bulbs. There was still the poker table in the



middle, but he also added another pool table to make the experience more enjoyable. Adjacent to

the Red Room was the poker room. There were four tables that were to be operating

simultaneously; hence why Doc needed dealers. He set up the additional poker table, a blackjack

table, a three-card poker table, and a roulette wheel. Doc had planned it so that in order to even

get inside that room, you had to have at least one grand in cash. If they were to be playing 1-3

blinds, the minimum you could probably sit down at that table with would be $300. And lastly

were the rooms; the rooms that had once belonged to Fauna and the girls. He redecorated all of

them, and had them readily available for people who couldn’t get home, and needed a place to

stay. He would charge people the standard rate to get in to other places in the area. Doc wanted

everyone to have fun, but he wanted them to do it responsibly, so that no one would be killed or

hurt after they left the joint. And that was what Fauna’s Flaghouse had to offer.

Doc brought everyone to the Red Room. He passed out some fine Cubans. I guess Doc

figured he wanted to open in style. They all passed around the cigars while Doc explained to

them what he needed of them. “Suzy, could you come up here a moment?” said Doc. She stood

up and walked right next to Doc. Doc reached in his pocket and grabbed out a key. He addressed

Suzy again, “Baby, this is the keys to the joint. I am giving them to you. I want you to own it.”

Suzy was shocked, and confused, “Why me?” she said. “Because I love you, and I know I can

trust you,” replied Doc, “this is my creation, I want you to make sure it doesn’t get run into the

ground.” “Thanks Doc!” said Suzy, “I won’t let you down,” and she gave him a kiss. “Fauna,

girls,” said Doc, “I need you to help Suzy run the place. Fauna, I need you to manage the joint. I

know how much experience you have in that regard.” And Fauna agreed that she would do so.

“Girls,” said Doc, “I need you to look pretty and serve customers. You don’t even have to do no

dirty stuff. Just be yourselves.” The girls also agreed that they would do this for Doc.

As for the boys, they had different roles. “Mack,” said Doc, “I still need you behind the

main bar. I know you know what you are doing.” “Ok Doc,” replied Mack, “but what about the

other bars?” Doc responded, “I’ve hired other help for those. I just need you to run the main

one.” “Hazel baby,” said Doc, “I need you to keep track of all the money that comes in and out

of here tonight. There is going to be a lot of high stakes gambling going on, and I don’t want the

banker to end up short in the drawer.” Hazel nodded and told Doc he could do that. “Eddie,” Doc

said, “I need you to be the bouncer in the front. Watch the door, and if anyone gives you any

trouble they are gone.” “Sure Doc,” said Eddie, “I think I can handle that.” And lastly he

addressed the rest of the boys, “Gay and Whitney No.2, I need you as dealers. Gay, take the

poker table, and Whitney, take the craps table.” Gay and Whitney were the only other two people

in the room who really knew the ins and outs of gambling. And now everyone knew their parts.

“I have a few other people I have hired to help out tonight, but I’m counting on all of you. Let’s

just make this grand opening special,” said Doc. And he continued, “Ok, go home, get changed,

be back here at 5 o’clock.”





A Grand Opening

There was a giant red tape around the building. I guess Doc wanted to make his grand

opening special, destroying the tape in the manner in which a mayor would cut the red tape for

any other business being started. But because these activities were not all legal, Doc decided not

to invite the mayor for this occasion. The clock tower rang; it was 5 o’clock. There must have

been a line of fifty people outside and around the corner. Everyone was wearing either a suit and

tie, or a fancy dress; there was a heavy dress code for this event. It was just as Doc intended. Doc

decided that for this special event he would charge $10 at the door, and that fee would provide

you with as much alcohol and food that one could possible devoir. Suzy had been at the

Flaghouse all day. She had spent that time cooking and designing special entrees for all the

guests. Mack was there most of the day too, as he was prepping the bar, making sure he had

everything ready to go. They were finally ready for opening. The giant doors opened, and Doc

and the boys came outside to the front porch; they were holding giant scissors. Doc opened his

dialogue to the crowd with a quick speech,

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Fauna’s Flaghouse, an entertainment parlor inspired by Fauna herself. In fact, she will be essentially running it for me while I am away on important trips to Moss Landing, or other ideal beach locations for acquiring specimens. Today we will dine like giants, and drink alcohol like Jesus on the night that he turned the water into wine. I hope you enjoy what is behind these doors. Most importantly, I want everyone to have a good time. A cover charge will get you unlimited food and unlimited drink. Everyone is welcome here, and no one will be discriminated against, despite their ethnicity or their external attributes. And now is the time we make this official.”

Doc grabbed the scissors from the boys and cut the red ribbon. It was finally time to get the party


The boys and the ladies figured they were all going to make a little dough from this

event. The girls would be serving drinks and making tips, the boys would be dealing out cards

and making tips, and Suzy would be making money as well from all of the fine diners. Once the

door opened, people bum rushed the bar like they hadn’t had a drink for months. Within ten

minutes, Mack had made around $50. He stressed out at first, but then after he made a few

drinks, and had a few himself, he finally calmed down. Once people got a little loaded up they

started tearing up the dance floor; Doc didn’t have many upbeat albums initially, so he made it a

point to buy some more club type music for the future. Luckily for Doc, no one really started

trouble on the dance floor. I guess it was because everyone had to pass Eddie on their way in. A

great deal of people started the night out with a nice meal. Suzy was doing the cooking and most

the waitressing; at this point, she had been working at that local diner for almost four months, so

she knew how to cook. There were several pool sharks in attendance, and you could tell who

they were by the amount of time they were scouting the tables, and by the way, the manner in



which they did everything they could to convince people they couldn’t play the game. Whitney

No.2 was making money at the craps table as well. That was probably the most popular section

of the whole joint; he was making more than anybody. Fauna made sure she kept all the girls in

line, ensuring them all to act as professional as possible. Shuffleboard was happening too. Doc

probably played shuffleboard for hours, never being without a scotch rocks in his hand. You

could tell Doc was getting pretty intoxicated, but he knew he had to compose himself, as the

safety of his club was at stake.

Next, Doc ended up at the sports book. The San Francisco 49ers were facing the Dallas

Cowboys, and he was getting 7 to 1 on his money. Doc put down a bet of $1000 on the game, as

he would net $6000 if his team won; it just so happened the 49ers were Doc’s favorite team. It

was the 4th quarter, two minutes left, and they were dead even; both teams with 17 points. San

Francisco had the ball, and on the opponents ten. All they needed was one touchdown or field

goal to win the game; they had under two minutes. Long story short, the 49ers won, and Doc

made his $6000. Not a bad start to the night.

Hazel was in the Red Room sipping on fine scotch, counting all of the incoming money,

making sure the drawer was not off at all. As he puffed his cigar a beautiful lady walked in. “I’m

sorry,” said the lady, “I was looking for the bathroom.” “Right down the hall,” said Hazel. And

the lady began to walk away. Hazel finally got past his nerves and said, “My name is Hazel!” as

she continued to walk out. Then suddenly she turned back and faced Hazel. “I’m Alison. Nice to

meet you Hazel,” said the lady. And Hazel had a smile on his face. It had been quite sometime

since he had had a dame; only because he was too busy with his quest to acknowledge them. But

this girl was different. “Hey Alison, how about a drink?” said Hazel, as his nerves finally

dissipated. “Sure, I’d like that,” said Alison. And Hazel passed his bottle of scotch to her and

they had a few laughs. He knew that if he let her go she may never return again. “I live down the

street,” said Hazel, “right over there. We call our place the Royal Flophouse.” “Well Hazel,” she

said, “maybe I’ll stop by real soon.” And she finally left, and Hazel still had a smile on his face.

He knew he was instantly in love.

By the end of the night you knew that you could find Doc at the poker table. They were

dealing out a new card game called Texas Holdem, something that clearly Doc discovered with

the help of his knowledge of Texas culture. There were two other men at the table; we will call

them Player 1 and Player 2. The blinds were set at $1-$3. Doc was on the button and he looked

down at pocket Kings. He made a raise, “$12!” Player 1 folded, and Player 2 made the call.

Unfortunately for Doc, the flop landed an Ace. Doc knew that if Player 2 was still in the hand, he

probably was holding an Ace. Player 2 lead out with a bet, “$50,” he said, “and there is plenty

more where that came from.” Doc was burning a hole in the man’s face; he was looking for a

tell. Doc folded the hand and the man flipped over a bluff. He thought he had gotten the best of

Doc, but Doc was really just looking for information. Doc noticed that the man had a twitch in

his eye while he was bluffing that hand.

On the next hand Doc received ♠8 ♠9. It was his favorite hand, so he raised it up, “$50,”

he said. And Player 2 once more called Doc’s bet. The flop came down: ♠6 ♥A ♠7; Doc had an

open-ended straight flush draw. He made a large bet once more, “$500,” he said. And Player 2

called. The turn came down an ♦A. Player 2 had most likely hit a huge hand. Doc didn’t have a

made hand just yet. Player 2 made a bet of $1000. Doc liked his draw so he made a raise of



$1000. Player 2 played back at him and called his bet. And the river came down ♠5. Player 2

obviously liked his hand, because he most likely made a full house with that river card; he made

a bet of $3000. And Doc made his very risky move, “I’ll raise you the Palace Flophouse! I’ll

consider it a net worth of $10,000.” The man was hesitant to put that much on the line, but he

clearly liked his hand. He was holding ♠A ♦6, which meant he had hit a full house. Player 2

made the call and flipped over his two cards, “Full House,” he said, with a smile on his face.

Then Doc flipped over his hand; Player 2 was stunned. Doc showed his cards and said, “Straight

Flush!” Doc made over $20,000 off one hand of poker alone.

Everyone had a good time and the customers were very happy. The night was a success;

everyone made a great deal of money, especially Doc through all his gambling. Mack was great

behind the bar; he only messed up a few drinks. The girls looked gorgeous, so they were making

great tips as well. And people really enjoyed the restaurant. Suzy had done a great job. And Gay

and Whitney No.2 didn’t even mess any hands up. And only a few people got out of control;

Eddie was there in a matter of moments to break it up. Out of the whole night, he only had to

kick out a few people for being far too belligerent. The place wasn’t even that torn up the next

day. I guess everyone from Cannery Row decided to treat Doc’s kindness with respect, all

leaving without breaking something in the house. All of the gang slept in the rooms upstairs. The

next morning no one felt well. Doc busted out a bottle of Ol’ Tennis Shoes and passed it around

the circle within the Red Room. “Great party,” said Doc, “thank you all for all your help.” The

group responded simultaneously, “Anything for you Doc.”





Hazel’s Campaign

The next morning Hazel went to Eastern Biological and met up with Doc. Hazel needed

help, and Doc was always the first guy you could turn to in a situation like this. Hazel walked in

and said, “Hey Doc, I need a favor.” “Hey Hazel,” said Doc, “did you have a fun time last

night?” Hazel instantly responded, “Of course Doc. You built a good joint.” Talking about the

party was not why Hazel was there, however. Hazel had a grand design. He found a way that he

could live his dreams. “Hey Doc,” said Hazel, “there’s an election coming up in a few months. I

was thinking about running.” Doc was slightly surprised, “You think you are ready for that

Hazel?” “I think I am,” Hazel replied, “but I need some help.” Doc thought about it for a second

and then said, “What do you need me to do?” “Well Doc,” said Hazel, “I want you to be my

campaign manager. Hell, you know half the county, and all of Cannery Row. Everyone respects

you. You’d be perfect.” Doc thought about it for quite some time and then he decided the he

would help Hazel out. “Go home and work on your speech,” said Doc. Hazel looked confused

and said, “What speech Doc?” Doc stared in his eyes and said, “Your campaign speech. You

need to figure out what your views are on certain policies. Politics is a dirty game. I’ll have

something set up for you in a week. We’ve got some work to do.”

After the meeting with Doc, Hazel went back to the Royal Flophouse. He was ready to

break the news to the gang. “Hey boys,” he said, “I need your help.” “What is it this time

Hazel?” replied Mack. Hazel then began to tell his plan to the boys. “There is an election coming

up,” said Hazel, “I need you guys to help my campaign.” Mack replied, “Hazel baby, are you

sure you are ready to take that leap?” “I think I am,” said Hazel, “hell, I’d have all of Cannery

Row on my side.” Mack pondered what he had just been told, and agreed that it might be a good

idea after all. They then discussed a plan. Mack knew that he had worked for most residents of

Monterey county, which could lead to a series of voter’s persuasion, combined with a major flip-

flop. Gay and Eddie vowed that they would go around town handing out flyers and posting signs

that read, “Hazel Green: the right choice for your city Mayor.” Gay and Whitney No.2 weren’t

really assigned tasks, they just knew that they would have to contribute in some way. Everyone

was to do their part, which meant that Hazel had to start working on his speech.




_XXIX. _

Mack’s Child 2

Fauna was finally starting to show. She wore dresses way past her size to conceal the

bump. Luckily Doc, Suzy, and the girls knew, so Fauna didn’t ever have to hide it from them. It

was just Mack who had not known. Fauna still had to tell him that she was pregnant, and that it

was his child. She just had no idea how to do it. She hadn’t seen Mack in awhile because she

pretty much just stayed at home, and left the managerial duties to Suzy, who was fully capable of

running things herself. The best chance she had to get alone with Mack was to spend a night at

the Flaghouse, hoping that he would come in for a pint. The Red Room would be a perfect spot

for them to converse. She was going to wait for the right moment; and for her the right moment

was probably at the moment where Mack had a few to drink. I guess she thought that would

make things easier; hell, if she wasn’t pregnant, she would have had a drink or two herself. Doc

and all the boys were downstairs at the bar, performing their typical antics. Mack felt like it

would be time to smoke a cigar, so he went up to the Red Room to do so; Doc had turned the

Red Room into a smoking parlor. And then Fauna saw her chance.

Mack entered the room, and Fauna was sitting in her chair going over her books. She had

spent a lot of time away from the Flaghouse, however, she was still the manager, and she still

had to perform her duties. “Hey Mack,” she said as he entered the room. “Long time Fauna, what

is new?” replied Mack. “Come sit down on the couch and I’ll tell you,” said Fauna. So they both

sat down on the couch and Mack put out his cigar. Fauna looked into Mack’s eyes, “There is

something I want to tell you,” she said, “but you have to keep it a secret.” “Ok, sure,” said Mack,

“I ain’t too good with secrets no more though.” “Well,” Fauna replied, “that’ll have to do.” They

sat in silence for a few moments, as Fauna was still nervous about how to break the news to

Mack. “Ok Mac, I’ll be blunt,” she said, “I’m pregnant, and it is your child.” Mack froze, lost his

breath, and almost passed out. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t know what to feel, and

he didn’t know how to act. Mack looked at Fauna and said, “I’m not ready to be a father!” and

he ran out of the room.




_XXX. _

Doubling Down

Hazel couldn’t stop thinking about Alison; he stayed up half the night thinking about her.

She was incredibly pretty, and she seemed so sweet, two things not common of people in the

Row. That morning he got an unusual knock on the door. No one usually came to the Royal

Flophouse at that hour. Everyone was usually sleeping, because everyone was usually nursing a

giant headache, often caused by staying up until the very early morning hours. Mack opened the

door and said, “Hazel it’s for you.” Hazel was surprised, who could possibly have come to see

him? Hazel walked to the door and was stunned by what he saw. Alison was standing right

outside the door. No way this was possible he thought. Hazel even pinched himself to make sure

he wasn’t dreaming. “Hey Hazel,” said Alison, “I was hoping that you might be able to take me

out tonight. Somewhere fancy.” Hazel, still stunned, addressed Alison, “Of course, I know a nice

place we can go to. Say 7 o’clock?” Alison agreed that 7 o’clock did in fact work with her

schedule. Hazel hadn’t been on a date in ages, and he was nervous to go alone. So he had a

thought. “Hey Alison, do you mind if I ask my friend Doc if he and his girl want to go also?”

“Not at all,” she replied, “the more the merrier. I’ll see you at 7 o’clock. I’ll meet you here.”

“Sounds good,” said Hazel, “I’ll see you then.” And she was off.

Hazel immediately went to see Doc; of course Doc and Suzy were the couple he was

thinking could come along with him. Doc even knew how shy Hazel was, so he would most

likely lend a hand in sparking the conversation. Doc and Suzy were drinking wine when he

entered, and clearly Doc wasn’t going to open the shop. I guess when you come up on $20,000

off of one hand of poker, you probably don’t have much motivation to work hard and grind out

even more money. “Doc, Suzy, how are you two doing?” said Hazel. Doc was quick with a

response, “What do you want Hazel?” It wasn’t in an angry tone or anything, but clearly Doc

knew that Hazel had come for a reason. “Well Doc, I need your help, again. And Suzy too,” said

Hazel, “I got a date tonight, but I’m too scared to go alone. Come with me and we can do a

double date.” “I don’t know Hazel,” said Doc, “I have plans.” Really Doc had nothing to do, and

Hazel knew it. “Oh come on Doc, please. I need you to start up the conversation when I run dry,”

Hazel replied. “Fine Hazel, Suzy and I will do it. Make sure you and your date are here at 7

o’clock. I’ll set up everything,” said Doc. “Thanks buddy,” said Hazel, “I owe you big time.”

And Hazel left Eastern Biological.

Alison showed up at the Royal Flophouse right on the dot. Hazel was dressed sharp, as he

knew that whatever Doc set up, it was going to be classy. Hazel was just as clueless to what was

going to happen as Alison was. Alison looked amazing. You could tell she was really trying to

look nice to impress Hazel. They walked up to Eastern Biological and Doc greeted them at the

door, “Hey Hazel, ma’am. My names Doc, and this is my girlfriend Suzy.” “Nice to meet you,”

said Alison, “I am very excited for a good night on the town.” They exited the building and



headed down to the restaurant. It was a nice place called Shadowbrook, with a dinning area that

was adjacent to the beach. In fact, you could even walk outside the building with your drink and

head down to the shore, if that’s what you fancy. They had a full bar, of course, because Doc

wouldn’t go anywhere without one. They walked in the door and Doc addressed the host, “My

name is Dr. Anderson. I have a reservation.” “But of course Sir, your table is all ready for you.

The host sat them at one of the bests tables in the place; a fireplace was crackling and there was a

clear view of the beach from their table; they even got to watch the sunset from that damn table.

The waiter immediately walked up to the table and said, “Doc, what can I get you and

your friends?” Doc figured it would probably be appropriate to not order any hard alcohol, so he

ordered the most expensive bottle of wine that the place had to offer; it had to be an one hundred

dollar bottle, so everyone figured that Doc was planning on covering the entire tab. Doc didn’t

care all that much about money, so he was planning on paying anyway. The wine came fast. The

waiter popped open the bottle right in front of the table and poured each glass individually.

Everyone at the table raised their wine glasses and had a cheers. “Before we drink,” said Doc, “I

would like to make the cheers.” “Sure Doc, go ahead,” said Hazel. “To Hazel! May he be the

best mayor that Monterey County has ever had,” said Doc. And they all drank the wine.

Alison immediately responded to the toast, “Hazel,” she said, “you never told me about

the fact that you were running.” “He sure is,” said Doc, “and I am his campaign manager.”

Alison was very shocked, and proud of Hazel for even attempting to run. And Doc continued,

“Yeah, he has a big speech tomorrow. He figured out his policies, but we can’t tell you because

all this is secret. “Well Hazel,” said Alison, “I am confident that you can do it!” Hazel smiled

and said, “Thank you Alison. I’m going to give it my all.” Then they raised their glasses one

more time to Hazel. It was the best sip of wine that Hazel had ever tasted. “Hey, Alison,” said

Hazel, “Can you come with me tomorrow? Stand on the podium with me, pretend you are my

wife, because it looks better that way.” “Sure thing Hazel, I’ll help you out. Whatever you need,”

replied Alison with a smile.

Doc and Suzy finally left after dinner and a few drinks. Hazel and Alison stayed at

Shadowbrook all night; all the way up until the point that they closed. Hazel and Alison finally

went separate ways after Hazel walked her to her door. “Goodnight Alison,” said Hazel, “I’ll see

you tomorrow.”




_XXXI. _

Gay Goes Home

The morning of Hazel’s speech, Gay was packing up his things. Mack noticed it first, and

then Hazel barged into Gay’s room immediately after he woke up. “Gay,” said Mack, “where

you going?” Gay could never lie to the boys. He slowly answered Mack’s question, “Living with

you guys has been great, but I miss my wife.” “You haven’t seen her in like five years Gay,” said

Mack, “don’t you think it’s better to never go back?” “I miss the comfort of a woman, and

throughout all these years apart, I still miss her,” said Gay, “I have to go back to her.” Mack and

the boys knew that Gay had already made up his mind, so they didn’t even bother trying to stop

him. “Ok Gay,” said Mack, “whatever you think is best for you and your future.” “I just have to

let her know that I am not dead,” responded Gay, “hell, all of you got the letter that mentioned

that I was missing in action.” Gay continued, “Goodbye boys, I will miss you all.” And Gay

walked out of the room; the gang never saw him again.

Gay took a cab all the way to his old home. The fair must have been over ten dollars. Gay

didn’t care however, he was just excited to see his wife. He was hoping that she would still be a

resident of his prior home. Luckily for Gay, she hadn’t sold the house; it always reminded her of

Gay, her husband who was missing in action to her knowledge. Gay knocked on the door and his

wife Miri opened it. She stared into his eyes and she could not believe what she was witnessing.

“Hey baby,” said Gay, “I’m finally back! I’ve missed you.” Miri’s eyes rolled to the back of her

head, she lost her breathe, and passed out on the floor. She hit it pretty hard, but she was fine.

Miri said to Gay, “Are you a ghost?” “No dear,” said Gay, “but I have quite a story for you. “But

they said you were dead,” said Miri, “missing in action.” Gay then explained to her his entire

story, of course neglecting the part about travelling the world with an Asian broad. He explained

how he escaped from the Army, and how he had hiked throughout all of Europe. “Gay,” said

Miri, “I’m so glad you are home!” And then Gay spoke, “And this time I’m staying for good.”





Hazel’s Speech 2

The speech was to take place at 3 o’clock. All of Cannery Row, as well as all of

Monterey, were to attend. I guess there are still people who care about politics. Doc set it up with

the television company to record the whole thing, and broadcast it live, on the local community

station. It wasn’t going to reach out to too many people, but any publicity is good publicity. Doc

went over to the Royal Flophouse early. He barged in and said, “Hazel baby, get up, it is time to

get to work.” Hazel was still half asleep when he responded, “Ok Doc, give me an hour and I’ll

head up to Eastern Biological. “One hour,” said Doc, “and not a minute more.” Hazel was finally

awake, as he knew how important his speech was. Doc continued, “We need to review your

speech quickly before you go on. “Ok Doc,” said Hazel, “I’ll be up in one hour.”

Hazel was really nervous, but he was strongly convinced that his views regarding the

sake of the county of Monterey would be widely accepted. He took a shower and recited his

speech in his head. He got out of the shower and ironed his shirt. Doc had laid out a plethora of

nice suits, ties, and t-shirts for Hazel to pick out his outfit. Hazel selected a blue coat and pair of

blue pants. He had a white undershirt, and picked out a bright red tie. For some reason, just

wearing those nice clothes made his nerves subside slightly. Hazel went over his note cards.

Luckily, he had actually practiced his speech the night before. He was ready. He didn’t even

have a drink that morning. Hazel decided to stay sober.

Hazel arrived at Eastern Biological at the exact time Doc had expressed. “Hey Hazel,”

said Doc, “Looking sharp baby. You look like the President of the United States.” “Well Doc, I

am feeling good,” said Hazel, “So let’s go over my speech.” “You want a drink?” said Doc.

Hazel responded, “No thanks Doc. I’m trying to be responsible.” “That’s what I wanted to hear!”

replied Doc, “but I’m not staying sober myself.” Hazel really didn’t care. He knew that it was

Doc who set the whole thing up. He figured that Doc deserved a drink. “Ok Hazel,” said Doc,

“start from the top.” “Alright,” said Hazel, “but I quickly want to try to turn my brain off for an

hour or so.” Doc then replied, “Ok, we will take it easy. Just tell me all the things that you are

going to talk about.” Hazel stalled, and then he addressed Doc, “Ok, [* *]I want to focus on some

economic issues such as unemployment, disaster management so that we can be prepared when a

disaster does spike, and additionally …” Doc interrupted, “I think that covers almost all of it

Hazel baby. Go get some rest, we will leave at 1 o’clock.”

Hazel came back to Eastern Biological with Alison right on time. Doc, Suzy, Hazel, and

Alison got in Doc’s new car, a 1954 Ford Deluxe Convertible Coupe; that ride had some zip. The

speech was to take place in a giant auditorium in downtown Monterey. As mentioned prior, it

was to be broadcasted on television to every resident within the city that were fortunate enough

to own a telivision. Doc and Hazel went over the speech; they both knew how important it was to

his campaign. They arrived early, and Hazel was trying to kill his nerves. “You’ll do fine,” said



Doc, “I have faith in you.” “Thanks Doc,” Hazel replied, “I think it is going to go well. I’m

going to have a lot of the crowd on my side. Hell, all of Cannery Row is going to be there.”

Hazel was on in ten.

And then it was time. Hazel was on. The announcer gave Hazel an introduction, “Ladies

and gentleman, it is my pleasure to announce the future mayor of Monterey, Hazel!” “Thank you

Sir,” said Hazel. And then he began. He was nervous but he knew Doc had prepared him a

proper speech. “Hello residents of Monterey,” began Hazel, “My name is Hazel Green, and I

want to be your choice for Monterey County mayor.” The crowd shared a quick round of

clapping. Then Hazel got very deep,

“I would like to get right down to business, and I will fill everyone in on my ideal policies, so that you may decide if I am the right man for the job. The war is over, so I think we should be spending less money on the military and investing more money into community programs, as well as better and cheaper medical bills. I don’t mean cut out all of the funding, just reduce it. Then we could take that money and invest it into education. For those kids are our future, and we should provide them with the equipment necessary for them to thrive in this environment. I think we need to address a problem which is apparent in our society, but never talked about; I am talking about

unemployment. There are too many men out of work; we need to decrease the amount of men and women out of

work. Additionally, we all should be granted the opportunity to retire at a younger age. We need to invest more money into retirement, and to social security. If you choose me as your leader I will try my best to improve the conditions of every issue I have mentioned today. My name is Hazel Green, and I would like you to vote for me for Monterey County Mayor.”

The crowd cheered for what seemed like minutes. Chant’s even began, and everyone chanted as

one, “Hazel! Hazel!” Doc was proud for what Hazel had done. And Hazel was proud of himself.

And Alison turned to Hazel and gave him a kiss.





Mack’s Child 3

Mack bought a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes and walked over to Eastern Biological. He

couldn’t get what Fauna told him off his mind; he had been hitting that damn bottle for several

days. He went to the only two people he could trust, Doc and Suzy. “Hey Doc, Suzy,” Mack said

as he barged in the building, “I need to tell you something. But you can’t tell anyone.” “What’s

on your mind Mack?” said Doc. Then Suzy chimed in, “You know you can tell us anything

Mack.” “I know,” Mack said, “but this is a huge secret, and I can’t tell the boys.” “What is it?”

replied Doc. “Ok, so you both know I have been sneaking around with Fauna for a few months.

But she dropped a bomb on me the other day Doc,” said Mack. “God damn, what is it Mack?

Tell us already,” said Suzy. “Ok,” Mack responded, “well, Fauna is pregnant.” Doc and Suzy

acted surprised, but they both already knew. “I don’t think I am ready to be a father,” said Mack,

“I don’t even know what to do.” “Well Mack,” replied Doc, “you’re not getting any younger.

This could be your last chance.” And Mack was silenced because he never thought about it in

that way. “Go see Fauna,” continued Doc, “you both need to work this out. You cannot put it off

any longer.” “Yeah, your right Doc,” said Mack, “I’m going to go over to her place.” “Took a

long look at yourself Mack,” replied Doc, “and then figure out if your ready.” “Good plan Doc,”

said Mack, and he walked out the door and back to the Royal Flophouse.

Mack then walked over to Fauna’s new place and knocked on the door. He had actually

bought some flowers on his way there. Fauna opened the door and said, “Hey Mack, how are you?”

“You know Fauna,” said Mack, “I’ve been doing some thinking. Here’s some flowers for you.”

Fauna let him inside and they both sat on the couch. There was an elephant in the room and they

had to address it. “Let’s not pussy foot around it,” said Mack, “let’s just be blunt and be honest

with each other.” “Well Mack, then let’s be blunt, I don’t expect you to raise this child with me,

but I still want you to love it, and at least try to be a good father,” said Fauna. “I think I am ready,”

replied Mack, “I want to help you raise this child. I’ll be there for you whenever you need.” And

Fauna smiled, and Mack smiled, and they knew they had to prepare early for being good parents.





Enter Hazel’s Competition

His name was Dr. Bush; he was the Republican candidate for this local election. He was

born in the South, but moved to Monterey once he made his money. He was old school. He

opposed almost all of Hazel’s policies. He supported less taxes for major corporations, using a

trickle-down tactic, and he supported putting more money into the military, just in case another

war arose. He didn’t give a shit about education. He didn’t care about the kids. He was an

entrepreneur and made a fortune in the oil industry. He had connections to the biggest of

franchises, and he wanted to eliminate taxes for the rich as well. He was a very evil man, but he

had the support of almost half of Monterey County; in Monterey lies men of much wealth. It was

going to be close. Politics basically comes down to who has more friends, but that is the system

that was established, so that is the system they implemented. He had an evil look in his eyes at

all times. Part of the reason he didn’t care about education was that he never had to go to school.

He just inherited a plethora of money from his father. Who was going to win, the Republican or

the Democrat?

And it was voting day. The poles opened up around 8 o’clock. No one was home, but the

streets were flooded because everyone was waiting in line. People seemed more interested this

time around, and they received twice as many votes as the year prior. Unfortunately, the results

wouldn’t be out for several weeks. So Hazel had to wait patiently, stressing every moment of

every day. Hazel knew that he had Cannery Row won. No way none of them were going to vote

for Dr. Bush. He was evil, and the whole town knew it. Everyone was strongly liberal. Doc,

Suzy, Mack and the boys, and Fauna and the girls, hoped desperately that Hazel would win. I

mean, who would vote for a doctor of pure evil; an accomplice to the devil? Any honest person

who wasn’t obsessed with money would clearly understand that Dr. Bush was just trying to help

his own business, and the businesses of all his friends.

Before Doc and Hazel return to Cannery Row, the whole gang spent hours decorating

Fauna’s Flaghouse. They were going to give him a party regardless of if whether he won or not.

On the way home, Doc turned to Hazel and said, “You did a great job Hazel baby.” “Thanks

Doc,” said Hazel, “I really think I can win. Who would vote Bush?” Doc and Hazel walked to

the Flaghouse for a drink, something that was much deserved for Hazel. They walked inside and

everyone yelled, “Surprise!” Then Fauna said, “Hazel, we wanted to throw you a party because

we are proud of you, regardless of the outcome.” “To Hazel,” she said, “The next mayor of

Monterey County.”




_XXXV. _

Enter Sharon and Ace

A giant bus pulled up onto the streets of Cannery Row, and only two individuals exited;

exiting the bus, you could tell that they were not from around here. The man had a top hat, and a

fine suit, carrying not much more than a briefcase. The woman wore a long dress and had

enough makeup on her face for two people. They entered the best local hotel, and they

disappeared behind the glass doors. Doc had been watching the whole time through his window,

so he was instantly curious to who these people were. Doc told Suzy about what he had seen, and

she agreed that those two individuals from out of town could be slightly dangerous, or at least

dangerous to the sanctity of the Row. Hazel and Alison were sitting in front of the local liquor

store and were sharing a bottle of Ol’ Tennis Shoes. Just then, Hazel witnessed the two tourists.

They were heading right towards him, obviously to get a pint from the liquor store. And then the

man reached out to Hazel, “Hello good Sir,” said the man, “My name is Ace, and this is my wife

Sharon.” “Nice to meet you both,” said Hazel, and he shook Ace’s hand.

Sharon addressed Hazel, “This is sort of a weird question, but I’m looking for a woman

named Suzy. Do you know her?” “But of course, she’s a good woman, she’s working down the

street at Fauna’s Flaghouse,” said Hazel. Ace responded, “Is she working right now?” “I believe

she is,” said Alison, “I think they open up in thirty. Would you like to have a drink with us?” The

out-of-towners were surprised, and pleased, with Hazel and Alison’s sweet generosity. “Drink

with us for a bit, and then head down there,” replied Hazel, “Suzy’s doing really well, she works

the kitchen, and does waitressing, but Doc gave her the keys when he fixed it up, so she actually

owns the joint.” “Whose Doc?” said Ace. “He is probably the most respected man in Cannery

Row. He works at that building over there,” said Hazel, and then he pointed to where he was

talking about, “Suzy and Doc are actually engaged.” “No way! I’m going to have to meet this

guy,” said Ace, “I have to make sure he’s treating her well.” “I’ve never seen anyone so happy,”

said Hazel.

The Flaghouse opened and Suzy was the only one there, well besides Eddie, because he

always needed to watch who walked in and out. Doc was up at Eastern Biological, as he wasn’t

feeling like working at the Flaghouse on that particular day. He just drank all day instead, but

that is not the important part. Sharon and Ace walked into the Flaghouse; Suzy looked like she

had seen a ghost. She also looked like she was terrified to talk to either of them. “Hey sis,” said

Sharon, “it’s been way too long.” Suzy pinched herself, and she was then convinced that she was

in fact awake. “What are you doing here?” said Suzy, “I’m not going to come home. I am happy

here, and I am in love. What more do I need?” “I need to make sure I approve,” said Sharon, “he

better not be like that last guy. He was a tool.” “He’s not dumb like the last guy. He’s smart, he

even got a Ph.D,” replied Suzy, “so how about we share a drink and catch up? Ace, I hope things

are going well. I know how up and down gambling can be.” “I’ve been fine. Just noticed that you



have a poker table here. Now you’ve got me excited,” said Ace, “when’s high-stakes night?”

Suzy replied, “Doc has the big game going every Friday night. Hell, he even sits down and plays

a bit. Buy-in is usually around a grand.” “Well, looks like I’ll be playing then,” said Ace, “let’s

see how good your boy really is.” “Well, I bet he could beat you,” said Suzy. “We will see about

that,” responded Ace, “You just make sure he sits down at the table on Friday night.”





Weaker Than an Ace

Ace and Sharon stayed up in the empty rooms upstairs in Fauna’s Flaghouse; even Suzy

didn’t go home to Doc at Eastern Biological. Suzy, Ace, and Sharon shared a pint over breakfast.

They had all decided that it would be best if they went to Eastern Biological to introduce the

family to Doc. Doc had seen them going to Fauna’s Flaghouse from his window, but he still

didn’t know who they were. And all of them showed up. Doc was not expecting them, for he was

still wondering where Suzy stayed away last night. Not like he thought she was cheating or

nothing. “Doc,” said Suzy, “this is Ace and Sharon. Sharon is my older sister.” “Nice to meet

you Sharon, Ace,” said Doc, and he reached out his hand to Ace and made sure he held a strong

grip. “How about a drink?” said Doc, and they all decided that would probably be a good idea.

“Hey Doc, Suzy was telling me you got gambling at your new club,” said Ace, “I play a bit

myself. “Well Ace,” Doc responded, “you’re in luck. Tonight is high-stakes night.” “What’s the

buy-in?” replied Ace. Doc knew there was really no limit to how much you could buy in for, for

it was a cash game. Then Doc addressed Ace exclusively, “Small timers usually come in with a

grand, and ballers usually walk in with thirty or so.” “Ok, I’m in,” said Ace, “What time should I

come by?” “Usually gets hot around 10 o’clock,” said Doc, “don’t be late.” The two men shook

again, and Ace and Suzy went back to the Flaghouse. Ace took a little nap; he wanted to be wide

awake for the game.

And the game was on. Eddie guarded the room thoroughly, making sure only card players

entered it. Ace and Doc sat adjacent to each other, and there were two more players. These were

not men to mess around with. Boris was connected all the way up to the top of the Italian mob.

And Harry had contacts too. You didn’t want to get in deep with these men; it’s not just money

that you will lose, could be your life. That’s why people only played with what they could cover,

because Harry and Boris were frequent visitors to Fauna’s Flaghouse. They were good too. They

weren’t no fish. Just like Doc, they both had a glass of scotch directly behind their chips. Almost

everyone enjoys a good buzz while playing poker, and Doc always had a cigar in his mouth. Doc

bought in for $30,000, Boris bought in for $50,000, Harry had roughly $10,000, and Ace was the

short stack with only $5,000. Mack was dealing out the hands, knowing that he was going to be

making some decent tips. Additionally, he just enjoyed watching people play poker. I guess he

figured he could learn more about it from that perspective. They must have played 4-handed for

two hours before they started to get drunk, acting a tad bit more risky.

And no one could have predicted what happened next. Mack dealt out the cards and the

hand began. Harry was first to act, and he peaked at his cards, and finally threw them in the

muck. Boris was on the button, and he made a raise up to $100. Doc looked at his cards and he

was in the small blind. They were awful so he threw them in the muck. Ace liked is hand,

however; he got dealt: ♥A ♦A. As he looked at his pocket aces he knew he would be able to



take Boris to the cleaners; but he also knew he had to play it slow and draw Boris in. Ace made

the call of $100. Then the flop was laid out, and it consisted of: ♦3 ♦5 ♦7. Ace was first to act

with his diamond flush draw. He laid out a raise of $500. And without hesitation, Boris raised it

up to $2500. Ace made the call. The turn card was: ♦K. Ace had just hit his flush, and it was the

nut flush. He knew he had just hit the jackpot, and he made an outrageous bet, “$10,000,” he

said. Boris instantly raised him up to $20,000. Ace was just thinking about the trip he was going

to take to Hawaii once he won this hand. How could he loose? He had reeled Boris in. The river

card was: ♣7. At this point, Ace made another outrageous bet. “I’ll will raise you,” said Ace,

“hmm … $50,000.” Boris looked at his hand for quite sometime. You could tell he wasn’t sure if

he had the best hand. And finally he spoke, “$150,000.”

Even Doc was nervous at this point. Doc didn’t have that kind of money on him, and he

sure as hell wasn’t going to risk that much money on a single poker hand. Ace thought about it

for quite some time. At this point he really liked his hand, for he had the nut flush. He finally

addressed Boris, “Well sir, as you can see I can’t match you. I’m about $100,000 short.” As

mentioned prior, Boris wasn’t a man that you wanted to be in debited to; once you’re in his

pocket it is hard to crawl out. “That’s quite a raise, and I do not have enough to continue,”

replied Ace. And then Boris smiled and said, “I’ll lend you the $100,000.” Ace was shaking at

this point. That was almost more money than he had made throughout his entire life playing

cards. “I’ll see you,” said Ace. And Boris continued, “If I loan you the money, I expect to be

paid in a week. Crystal?” “Crystal,” said Ace, and he turned over his cards, “nut flush.” Then

Boris flipped over his cards, he had: ♠5 ♠7. Boris had hit the full-house. Unfortunately, Ace

wasn’t thinking about his outs, he was instead thinking of his dream vacation to Hawaii. “Full

boat,” Boris said, “one week, not an hour later.” Boris cashed out and walked back to his

complex. Ace left the Flaghouse and puked everywhere. Doc witnessed the whole thing.





Ace is in Trouble

Doc walked Ace down to La Ida’s Pub and bought him some scotch. He knew it wouldn’t

help much, but it wouldn’t hurt neither. They must have had five rounds before Ace was ready to

talk about it. “What am I going to do Doc?” said Ace, “I only have maybe $25,000. That means

I’m $75,000 short. Where am I going to get that kind of money?” Doc comforted Ace and said

“Don’t worry. I’ll think of something.” “Regardless of what happens Doc, thanks for trying to

help. Man those Italians are sneaky sons-of-bitches,” replied Ace. In a way he knew that

somehow Doc would think of something. They left the pub and went their separate ways. Ace

was still staying in a room at Fauna’s Flaghouse. It was dark at this point, so it wasn’t easy for

Ace to find his way back to that place drunk without getting lost.

Boris was at the bar with two very large men; they obviously were also part of the mob,

and once again, you don’t want to be in these guys’ pockets. “Hello Ace,” said Boris, “You only

have six days left.” Ace was terrified, but he responded, “Don’t worry. I’ll get the money.” “I

sure hope so,” said Boris, “do you know what happens after six days?” Ace had an idea of what

would happen, however he didn’t want to think about the possibility of not being able to pay

Boris. “I swear I’ll get the money,” he said, “I’ll figure something out, I promise.”

Unfortunately, Ace wasn’t going to get out of this easy. He just kept going over that hand in his

head, wishing he could go back to the moment where he made that call, and make a different

decision. “Six days,” said Boris, “and if you do not have it by then, then you are mine.” Ace

puked again, for he knew he was in serious trouble. And Boris continued to tell Ace what would

happen if he didn’t pay on time. He mentioned quite a few things. He told Ace he was going to

chop of his fingers for everyday that he missed the payment. He also mentioned that if he didn’t

have it by then, that Doc’s club would be at stake. Ace was sad that he had put Doc at risk, just

one day after meeting him.





Doc’s Big Break

Doc slept while Suzy looked at his messy pile of unopened letters. Doc hated paying

bills, so he usually just didn’t open them. He hated it so much that he hardly even opened letters

in which paychecks lie within. Suzy usually opened them herself, because she knew Doc would

never get paid if he never opened them himself. And Suzy was his accountant at this point. She

took it upon herself to find out what Doc had in those damn letters. The first few were bills, so

she pulled out the checkbook, wrote the checks, and stamped the return letters. The next few

consisted of several paychecks, big paychecks. Hell, he must have had $30,000 within that pile

of paper. The last letter however baffled Suzy. The return address was not one she recognized, or

one that she may have recognized, but she had no possible idea why they would be sending a

letter to Doc; the letter was sent from Monterey Peninsula College.

There was only one connection between Doc and that university. Doc had presented his

speech at the speech at the Civic Center, however the entire event was backed by the university.

But he never finished his speech because he ripped it up and proposed to Suzy instead. Why

would they be sending Doc a letter after those crazy antics? Holding the letter made Suzy smile.

It brought her back to the night when she knew that she wanted to be with Doc forever. She had

the intention of tearing up the letter, and not showing Doc, if the paper happened to be negatively

charged. And then Suzy read the letter silently,

“Dr. David Anderson, we here at Monterey Peninsula College have acquired a copy of your paper and we felt it was very compelling research. We loved how you were able to make several connections between primitive animals and our own species. We also know about your credentials, and we know you are highly qualified. We would like to

offer you a position at our university. You would be teaching advanced biology, and you would be granted your own laboratory on campus. We are aware you are the owner of Eastern Biological, so we will do everything we can to make sure this arrangement can work with your current schedule. I know this may be unexpected news, so we will give you one week to make your decision. Think hard and clear. Best, Bob Hogan (Dean).”

Suzy got very excited. She couldn’t wait to tell the news to Doc. But she didn’t know quite how

he would react to it. Regardless, she was still excited for him.





Fauna Gives Birth

It was a Thursday, a very sweet Thursday in fact. The birds were chirping at the crack of

dawn, and the sun was shinning bright. Doc and Suzy drank coffee and watched the sunrise; even

Mack and the boys took a quick peak. Fauna and the girls were up as well. They had worked for

around ten hours before Suzy closed down Fauna’s Flaghouse. It was another money making

night. Doc had created a joint that was actually more visited than that whorehouse ever was; no

offense to Fauna of course, she ran a good place. Fauna was feeling sick again, and she lay in

bed for most of the morning. The girls were up drinking and counting all the tips that they had

made the night before. Fauna experienced something weird, and she couldn’t explain it. Then she

figured it out, her water broke. “Girls,” Fauna said, “we have a problem.” Becky responded,

“What is it Fauna?” “My water broke.”

The girls had to respond fast. Doc had the fastest car, and everyone knew that they would

make it to the hospital faster in it than the ambulance. Becky ran to Eastern Biological, Missy ran

over to the Royal Flophouse, and the rest of the girls comforted Fauna. Missy reached the

Flophouse and screamed, “Mack! Mack! It’s happening! You and the boys get going ‘cuz we are

heading down to the hospital.” Mack jumped out of his bed immediately, put on his clothes, and

ran to Fauna’s as quick as possible. Becky ran to Eastern Biological as fast as possible as well.

“Doc! Doc!” she said, “Fauna’s water broke and we need your car.” Doc responded immediately,

“Here are the keys,” as he threw them across the room to Becky. “Go as fast as you can. Don’t

worry about the speed limit, just be careful and make sure Fauna get’s there safely.” “I won’t let

you down Doc. Ok, I have to go,” said Becky. Doc woke Suzy up and they both got ready. Doc

hated kids, but he was still excited for his two friends that were about to bear a child. The girls

took Doc’s car to the hospital while all of the boys took a cab. Mack was scared and nervous.

Fauna and the girls made it to the hospital safely; thank God. The rest of the gang arrived

shortly after. Doc and Suzy were a little late because Doc had to go to the liquor store and get

some Cubans. A cigar should always be a part of a big celebration; that’s just how it works. They

brought Fauna to her room, and Mack stayed right there with her the whole time. He didn’t want

to miss this for the world, and he wanted to be there for Fauna throughout the whole process.

Maybe he was ready to be a father, but still, all the boys questioned it. They waited in that damn

hospital for hours, desperately hoping that Fauna would pop already. Although they weren’t

supposed to, Doc and the boys passed around a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes; they had a secret cheers

for Mack and Fauna. Doc couldn’t wait to open up those cigars, and even Suzy, who hated

smoking, planned on having a puff or two; in her mind it was a tribute to Fauna, the most

influential woman that was present in Suzy’s life. She just hoped and prayed that the baby would

come out healthy with no complications. Doc just kept smelling his cigar.



And then it was finally happening. Everything worked out alright. The baby came out

cleanly, and it was healthy; it was a boy. And there weren’t no complications neither. They still

needed a name. Finally, it came to Fauna. She looked in Mack’s eyes and said, “Let’s name him

Mack Jr., in honor of his father.” “I love it,” said Mack, “welcome to the world little Mack.”

Finally, Doc and the boys, and Becky and the girls, were allowed in the room and were able to

see the baby. Doc would never admit it, but he thought the baby was actually a little cute; and

remember, Doc hated kids. No one had ever seen Fauna and Mack that happy. They now had a

beautiful family. The boys all stepped outside and smoked the Cubans; it was the best cigar that

Mack had ever smoked.




_XL. _

Ace’s Plan

Everybody was at the hospital, except for Ace, who was sitting at home, trying

desperately to find a solution to his problem. It was still Thursday, and the money was due by 12

a.m. Saturday morning. He was at the bottom of a bottle, and he had been for about five days.

And that whole time he didn’t come up with nothing. He looked at his hands and thought about

how awful it would be if he lost his digits. He also thought about how awful it would be if Doc

lost Fauna’s Flophouse; but he knew Doc wouldn’t stand for that shit. Boris knew how important

Doc was to the community, and he would never attempt to take his club away from him as it

would cause too much havoc. It was essentially a scare tactic for Ace, claiming that Doc was in

serious trouble. In Cannery Row, it ain’t too easy to come up with $75,000 in one week. Ace had

that hand repeating in his head the whole time. He just thought about the situation he was in now,

and how nothing could change it at this point. Ace was out of options. He thought about getting

out of dodge.

And then it came to him. There was a horse race at 12 a.m., and it just so happened that

one of the horses, named Little Pony, was priced at 100 to 1. Hell, all Ace would need was

$7500 to make back that $75,000. The problem was that Ace didn’t have $7500. He had the

burden of trying to figure out how he could get enough dough to put down the bet on that horse.

Little Pony was often defeated, and there was some serious competition in this derby. Ace didn’t

have any choice. This was his only option and he knew it. But was this the best plan of action?

Was it possible someone would loan him the money? It was doubtful. He was in trouble. There

was only one man that he could turn too.

So he went to Doc. He was going over his morning checklist to make sure all his

specimens were still accounted for. Ace knocked on the door and said, “Hey Doc! I’m here

because I really need your help.” “I saw the hand,” said Doc, “and I know what kind of trouble

you are in. I just don’t know how I can help you.” “Well I got a plan,” said Ace, “I just need

$7500.” “Are you kidding me?” said Doc, “I want to help, but I can’t afford that.” Ace thought

for a moment. “How about I work for you for free,” said Ace, “I’ll do whatever you want until I

pay back the debt.” Doc thought about it for awhile. For he knew that Ace was Suzy’s sister’s

husband, and he needed help. “Alright,” said Doc, “I’ll spot you the $7,500, but you better prove

your worth.” Ace could not believe that his future brother in law would help him out that much

without even knowing him for more than a day’s time. Doc wrote the check, and Ace cashed it.

Doc and Ace got there early. They put down the bet on Little Pony. The odds hadn’t

changed, and Pony had a lot of potential. He was up against a very strong stallion. His name was

Pharaoh, and he was undefeated; Pharaoh was just that good. This didn’t make Ace any less

stressed. And the race was off. Little Pony actually had a good start. Out of twelve horses, he

was fifth. And Little Pony was looking good. He gained some ground and moved up to third.



Ace was getting restless. He was so nervous. Pharaoh was out in front, but Pony was gaining

some serious ground. Hell, he must have had about a 10 ft. lead. But Little Pony wasn’t giving

up, and he gained about another 5 ft. on Pharaoh. And then they were neck and neck. No one

could believe it. Everyone who bet on Little Pony was grinding their teeth. When you see 100 to

1 odds, you bet it. It was the longest two minutes of Ace’s life, and the horses were on the final

stretch. Little Pony was in first, but just slightly. And then he pulled away. He had gained ground

on Pharaoh and he was in control of the race. The last 100 yds. were not so beneficial for Little

Pony, however. Pharaoh pulled away and won the race; Ace was crushed.

First thing Ace did after the race was buy a bottle. At this point he may have had only

three dollars in his wallet; it all went to alcohol. He went to Fauna’s Flaghouse and thought about

what had just happened. He was out of options. And then after two pints it came to him. He had

to go to Doc. Doc was the only man that could possibly beat Boris at Holdem. Ace knew that

Doc wouldn’t put up no $75,000 for someone he had just met, but he also knew that Doc did

have that kind of money. Ace walked in and said, “I almost won the horses. Doc I know I already

wasted $7,500, but I need a favor.” Doc always had people asking him for favors. “What do you

need Ace?” said Doc. “I need you to use your brain Doc,” said Ace, “you can beat Boris and

save my life. They are going to kill me if I don’t pay by tomorrow.” Doc thought for a moment

and said, “Ace my boy, I have an idea.”




_XLI. _

The Game

Doc made sure he got some rest that night. He didn’t even drink. Suzy had never seen

him act like that ever. So she knew that he must have been planning something important. Ace

was Suzy’s brother in law, so of course she was aware of the situation. Suzy was scared for her

brother by marriage, and she knew that being a relative of his could possibly put her in danger as

well. She did not want that kind of trouble. She had overheard Doc an Ace’s conversation, so she

knew that Doc had discovered his plan of action. He always had a plan. His mind never shut off.

Doc was always thinking, whether it was about biology, philosophy, or any other topic of

interest. “What are you going to do?” said Suzy as Doc woke up. “You’ll see,” said Doc, “don’t

worry Suzy, I have a plan.” It was Friday, so it was high-stakes night, and Doc knew that Boris

would be there. Ace had less than twelve hours to come up with $75,000, and if he didn’t have it

all by then he would be in Boris’ debt.

Two hours to the deadline. If Doc had something planned, he sure wasn’t in a rush to do

it. Doc turned to Ace, “You have to go talk to Boris and figure something out.” Ace agreed that

would be the best plan of action given the situation. Ace was very scared, but he walked with

Doc over to Fauna’s Flaghouse where Boris would be drinking before he played. “Do you have

my money?” said Boris as he and Doc walked into the poker room. “I am a little short,” said

Ace. “How short?” said Boris. Then Ace revealed the truth, “The whole way.” “Surely you must

have something,” said Boris, “or you might be losing fingers.” And then Doc entered the

conversation, “I’ve got $75,000 and I’m looking for a game.” The whole room was silenced.

“We start with a few racks, and play heads up. And the game doesn’t end until someone has

acquired all the chips in play,” said Boris. Doc agreed to the rules, knowing he could possibly

save Ace’s life.

And the game was on. Someone was either going to win or loss $75,000. That money

would be enough to pay off Ace’s debt. Mack dealt out the first hand, and Doc woke up with

♦10 ♥10. Doc raised it up to $5,000, and Boris quickly re-raised. Why would he act so fast? If

Doc went too deep in this hand the pot would end up too large to fold. Doc had a decision. He

noticed something however. He saw Boris throw his chips into the pot in two different ways:

nicely stacked, or thrown into the pile loosely. This hand he threw his chips in the middle instead

of neatly stack them, and Doc had figured out Boris’ tell. Doc concluded that when Boris threw

his chips in the pot loosely, he was strong, and when he stacked them nicely, he was weak. Doc

folded the hand while taking a big hit to his stack; but he gained some useful information. In

heads up poker, it is more about the man than the cards. The next hand Doc was dealt: ♦A ♥A,

and he was on the button. He made a sizeable raise. “$10,000,” said Doc, and Boris made an

instant call. The flop came down: ♠A ♦10 ♦J; Doc had three of a kind. He made another

sizeable raise, “$20,000,” Doc said, and Boris instantly called again. At this point there was



almost $40,000 in the pot. The next card that came down was ♠J; Doc hit a full house, and Boris

was still in. Doc checked the turn so that he could make it look like he was week. Boris checked

behind him. The river card was a ♠4, a card that was clearly no help to either of them. Doc

checked again, and Boris put all his chips in the pot; nicely arranging, and counting them as he

did so. If Doc’s read was on point, Boris was weak, and he was trying to buy the pot. Doc

thought for what felt like hours and finally made the call. Boris flipped over his cards; he had

♣10 ♣J, Jacks full of Tens. He turned to Doc and said, “Beat that Doctor!” And then Doc flipped

over his cards, “Ace’s Full,” he said, and Boris, shocked, knew that Ace’s life was no longer in





_XLII. _

Suzy’s Story

All of Cannery Row was feeling sick, and hardly anyone got any sleep. Another party in

honor of Hazel’s campaign, and hopeful success, was thrown, and it raged long into the night;

the streets were crowded with happy drunks. The streets were silent the following day, however,

littered with trash and beer cans. Sharon left her hotel and went to Fauna’s Flaghouse, where

Suzy was opening up. “Can I get a cup of coffee sis?” she said. “I’ll brew a fresh pot,” said Suzy,

“what a night, huh?” They both could tell that they were still a bit tipsy. “I had a good time,” said

Sharon. Sharon wasn’t just there for the coffee and the conversation. “I need a job,” she said, “I

could work behind the bar, or I could be your waitress.” Suzy wasn’t so convinced. “I don’t

know Sharon,” said Suzy, “remember the last time I gave you a job?” “I swear it wasn’t me!”

Sharon replied, “it was an electrical fire!” “Well that’s not what the cops told me,” said Suzy.

“Ok, fine,” and Suzy continued, “I’m going to start you out at minimum wage. You have to earn

your keep around here.” “Deal!” Sharon responded, “Scratch that coffee, make me a drink.”

Sharon wasn’t just there for the job, the coffee, and the conversation. She had another

motive. “Say sis,” she said, “have you ever thought about coming home?” “No!” Suzy quickly

replied, “I’m never going back there.” And the room was silent for a moment. Even Eddie left

the room to get some fresh air. He knew this was not a situation he wanted to be caught up in.

“Well, what about Charlie?” said Sharon, “He still misses you.” “Then he can miss me,” replied

Suzy, “I don’t want him or his ring. That’s why I gave it back.” “He said he can change,” said

Sharon. Suzy stared into her eyes and said, “I don’t care if he has changed. I will never forgive

him. End of story.” Sharon gulped down her drink, “Get me another,” she said. And then she

reached another sensitive topic. Sharon addressed Suzy once more, “So, I like Doc and all, but is

he really the right one for you? I mean he can’t provide for you like Charlie could.” “Charlie

could only provide for me because he inherited all his money. Doc actually made his,” said Suzy,

and you could tell she was starting to get angry. “Ok sis,” said Sharon, “answer me this. Do you

really love him?” “Yes, I really love him.”





Freaky Friday 1

It was Friday night, meaning it was high-stakes night, as usual. Doc usually didn’t miss

it, and he always liked to be around the club just in case Suzy got in to trouble. But Doc had

something else in mind. He had received a huge order from CalTech, of all places, and he was

going to have to go to Moss Landing to collect more specimens. It was a tall order. Doc was

going to need a truck, and Doc was going to need some help. They were to leave at 5 o’clock.

Doc needed Eddie and Mack to go with him, so he put Whitney No.2 in charge of the poker

table, and had Boris bring a few extra guys to guard the place. You can never be too careful. Doc

didn’t like Fauna’s Flaghouse to be open while Eddie wasn’t there protecting the place, but on

this particular night, Doc really needed Eddie’s help. Doc would need him to lift giant rocks,

ones that Doc couldn’t move on his own. Between the three of them, there was nothing they

couldn’t do. Doc loaded the truck, and he, Eddie, and Mack, headed to Moss Landing.

They brought enough booze to kill a horse. They arrived at Moss Landing, started a fire,

cooked some fish, and waited until the tide was high, so that it would wash sea specimens up into

the shore. That wouldn’t happen for a few hours however, so Doc, Eddie, and Mack just got

drunk. From the distance Doc saw a man in the shadows. It appeared that he was there for the

same reason, but this kid looked particularly young. He must be intelligent if he was doing this

type of work thought Doc. While Eddie and Mack stayed by the fire, Doc went up to the young

boy and addressed him, “My name is Doc, I am out here to collect specimens, are you doing the

same?” “My name is Andrew. I just do this for fun,” he said. Andrew continued, “I go to school

at Monterey Peninsula College. They got a good biology program up there. In fact, they said they

were expecting a professor with a Ph.D to begin teaching there.” Doc thought about it for a

moment and said, “Well, he sounds like an intelligent guy.” Andrew replied, “They say that he

can catch anything, and that he wrote a beautiful paper.” “What was the paper about?” said Doc.

“It related our own genetic makeup to the genetic makeup of animals,” said Andrew. “Sounds

interesting,” replied Doc “Do you know what it’s called?” Andrew stared into Doc’s eyes and

said, “I think it’s called, [_Are We Really So Different? _]”

Only Doc realized the coincidence of this meeting. Doc knew that Andrew was referring

to the paper that he wrote; he kept it silent. He didn’t want the kid to know. “I run a lab,” Doc

said, “it’s called Eastern Biological, right here in Monterey in Cannery Row.” “I have heard of

that place,” said the kid. Then Doc had an idea. “Hey Andrew, what about you intern for me at

Eastern Biological? I could really use a hand.” Doc continued, “Well, you know where it is.

Come by sometime.” “I will Doc,” said Andrew. Andrew was so excited that he even helped

Doc, Eddie, and Mack collect the much needed specimens. “This is a good place for starfish,”

said Andrew, and he pointed to a giant rock formation where there was a plethora of tide pools.

With Andrew’s help, Doc was able to obtain several Octopi, starfish, frogs, barnacles, oysters,



clams, and many others desirable life forms. As usual, Doc was to pay Eddie and Mack per snag.

Doc even gave Andrew a few bucks for helping out. The collection was over, and the gang

headed back to Cannery Row.




_XLIV. _

Freaky Friday 2

Suzy and Sharon were behind the bar. Whitney No.2 was going to be dealing. As Doc

wasn’t there, high-stakes night only featured two people: Harry and Boris. They had both bought

in for around $100,000; Whitney No.2 was thus going to be making some good money. There

were only a few regulars present. It was pretty dead for a Friday night, but the real action was in

the poker room. Several regulars even entered the room just to watch some of the action.

Someone was going to lose, and lose big. As mentioned prior, Boris had two of his men working

the front door, and two of his men watching the poker room. Most of the regulars were at the bar,

getting drinks from Suzy and Sharon. Suzy felt naked without Doc there, but she knew he would

be home soon. It was around 2 a.m. at this point. Doc planned to be back by 3 o’clock. And the

game was on, and both Harry and Boris were trading large sums of money back and forth. It was

the only game going, so it had drawn a lot of attention.

And what happened next was completely unexpected. While the game was still going,

and most people’s attention spans were occupied, three men in masks snuck up on the guards in

the front yard with pistols. If they were trying to hit the club like that, the guns had to have been

loaded. They told the guards that if they made a sound they would be taking their last breath. The

burglars had rope as well as guns; they tied the men up and continued inside. They walked in

with their guns pointed straight at Suzy, and eventually tied up everyone in the bar; tape was

placed around everyone’s mouth, including Suzy and Sharon. No one made a sound, and the

armed men were safely inside. Suzy was hoping that Doc would barge in the room at any

moment, but Doc was still around thirty minutes out; there was nothing he could do to protect his

beloved Suzy. The three hooded men then walked up the stairs, and headed for the poker room.

They knew that they would have to be very careful.

And the men barged into the poker room with their guns, and they told everyone in the

room to raise their hands high, and not make any sudden moves. Unfortunately for the hostages,

no one made any noise. Everyone in the club was in trouble, and everyone knew what these men

came for. Guns were aimed at both Harry and Boris. “Do you know who I am?” said Boris, and

the men kept their guns focused on him. “I don’t care who you are,” said one of the burglars,

“keep your hands held high. Boys, snag all the money in front of these two men.” Boris turned to

one of the men and said, “I’ll find you. You know you’re a dead man right?” At this point

everyone was still tied up, and everyone kept their mouths shut. There was nothing they could

do, and they all knew that they couldn’t call the police. Nothing that had happened in Fauna’s

Flaghouse that night was legal. So calling law enforcement was not the best option.

Doc, Mack, and Eddie returned to Cannery Row around 3 o’clock. They all wanted a cold

beer, but they had to unload everything they caught into Eastern Biological first. Once that was

completed, they all headed to Fauna’s Flophouse. Once they arrived they saw the carnage. They



saw everyone in the building tied, and taped, up. Doc immediately untied Suzy, while Eddie and

Mack untied everyone else. “What happened Suzy?” said Doc. “Three men barged in with guns,”

replied Suzy, “they had us at point blank so we couldn’t make a sound.” “What did they take?”

said Doc. “They took it all,” replied Suzy. Doc thought for a moment and then said, “who was

playing cards?” “Only Harry and Boris,” said Suzy. “And where are they now?” replied Doc.

Then Suzy informed him that they both still had their hands tied upstairs. Doc barged in the room

and untied Harry and Boris. “What happened?” he said. And then Boris spoke, “They are dead

men. I will find them.” Who would have the balls to steal from Boris, or Harry, for that matter?

Someone must have been very desperate. Boris had an army behind him, and someone was going

to lose a life.




_XLV. _

Doc’s Big Break

The Flaghouse was closed the next day. Doc still had his money, but clearly Boris and

Harry took a big hit. They had both lost around $100,000. Boris had his connections all the way

up to the top of the Italian mob. And Harry, although not as highly ranked, also had some

connections with the organization. These were not men who you mess with. Hence, anyone

desperate enough to steal from them had to accept that they needed a death wish. The mob

doesn’t take kindly to things like this. Boris didn’t blame Doc, as it was his men that were

guarding the club that night. Doc was still going to do anything to help; no one gets away with

something like that in his club. And unfortunately, everyone who was there the previous night

had lost everything that was in their wallets or purses as well. Doc could close the club down that

day because no one had money for drinks anyway. Because Doc didn’t have to worry about the

Flaghouse that day, he looked at a letter he had recently received.

He stared at the job offer from Monterey Peninsula College. It wouldn’t be that much

more pay, however, Doc would get to work with the most advanced equipment. That fact excited

him, but he also knew he still had a laboratory to run. It did say in the letter that they would work

around his schedule so that he could still operate Eastern Biological. Doc knew that he would

have to hire more help. Hazel was his best employee, and now he was clearly occupied with his

own drama. We all knew that Hazel was going to age faster due to the stress caused by his new

position. Hazel never slept, and he was always working. Mack was Doc’s best shot to run the

lab, or maybe that kid he had met the other day would be interested as well. Hell, he was young,

but he knew what he was talking about. Doc then picked up his pad and pen.

Doc wrote a letter for roughly thirty minutes. Suzy didn’t even bother him because she

knew Doc was in his zone, that state of mind where he actually became productive. She didn’t

even know what he was doing. The words just flew through Doc’s mind, and he wrote the

following on his paper,

“To Whom This May Concern, my name is Dr. Anderson. I recently received an offer to reside as a professor at

your aspiring university. I will admit that I am very interested. But, I will also admit that there are still complications. I have to run my lab, so I will need a very flexible schedule. If this request could be completed, I would be more than happy to be a professor at your university. I would like to operate the best equipment available, and I want to conduct my own research, as well as take on students for their master’s research. If the position is still available, I would like to take it. Please reply with a letter. Best, Dr. Anderson.”

And just like that, he had accepted the job.




_XLVI. _

Exit Ace

The next morning Ace was in the river; he wasn’t swimming. His hand was missing a

few digits, and his skull was missing a piece of flesh. There were two other men in the river.

They just happened to be the security guards that were working the door when the robbery

happened. The police had no leads. No one had witnessed anything, so no one could provide

information. The case was essentially cold. The cops clearly wouldn’t pay attention anymore.

They had given up after 24 hours. It wasn’t until they caught Boris that the whole story was


As the myth goes, once Boris was robbed point blank, he asked Doc if he could interview

some of the witnesses who also got robbed; maybe one of them had seen something. It turns out

that one individual spotted the men getting away in a bright red convertible; and Boris and Doc

witnessed a red convertible outside the premises of a scummy hotel later that night. As they were

watching from Eastern Biological, three masked man emerged from the car right in front of the

hotel; and there was a getaway driver still in the car. Boris had him whacked first. The robbers

had most likely come up around $150,000 each for this stunt; but they weren’t going to get away

with it. It was apparently a risk worth taking for these men. They must have been very desperate

for money.

One of the Italian gangster working for Boris discovered the same red convertible outside

the local hotel. They saw a man exit it, but they couldn’t make out his face. It was a face that

they had never seen before, but hell, they were all wearing masks. The Italians waited outside the

hotel, armed with the most dangerous guns you could probably purchase; hell, you couldn’t even

purchase half this machinery. Right after the red car was noticed, a blue truck entered the parking

lot. Two men got out and entered the hotel room, and the Italians were shocked. These were the

two men that were outside working the door at the Flaghouse the night of the robbery.

Obviously, this was an inside job. The Italians snuck up into the hotel and circled the room. Let’s

say it wasn’t difficult to exterminate three men who were not armed, especially since the Italians

carried silencers. The mobsters had a problem however. They were going to have to steal the red

convertible and get away; they had to dispose of the bodies. They wrapped the three dead men in

carpets, and placed them in the trunk of the car. They drove to the river and dropped the bodies

in it.





Enter Andrew

Doc and the boys were still drunk when they woke up. They had hit the bottle pretty hard

the night before. I mean, no one really knew Ace, but they still were acquaintances, and no one

should deserve that fate. Sharon was torn up about it, which made Suzy torn up about it. Let’s

just say Suzy wasn’t in a good mood that morning. The boys kept drinking. They figured that

since they were still drunk, it wouldn’t matter anyway. No one could believe that Ace was the

culprit. I guess Ace figured he would try to get even with Boris; but he sure went about it the

wrong way. You don’t mess with Italians. Ace should have known that. He played with fire and

got burned, and unfortunately it cost him his life. He wasn’t a bad kid, but he wasn’t that bright

neither. The boys had another depressing cheers to Ace.

And then they heard a knock on the door. “Hello,” said a voice from outside the lab.

“Come in,” said Doc, “and what do you want?” You could tell Doc was feeling sick by the tone

in his voice. “Hey Doc, it’s Andrew,” and the voice was now coming from inside of the room.

“Do you want a drink?” said Doc, and now he could see Andrew. “Maybe in a few,” replied

Andrew, “I have a question for you.” “What is it?” replied Doc. And then Andrew revealed his

motive, “Well sir,” he said, “I’m at the point in my education where I need to intern. I’ve never

had an internship before.” Doc might have normally said no, however he was a few drinks deep,

and he was going to need someone to watch the shop while he was teaching in Monterey a few

days a week. “How about this,” said Doc, “you intern for me when I am away. You won’t

answer to me; you’ll answer to Mack. He is going to be your boss.” “That works for me,” said

Andrew, “I won’t let you down Doc.”

Suzy went threw Doc’s mail. “Baby,” she said, “you have a letter here from Monterey

Peninsula College. Open it!” “Fine, fine,” replied Doc, “I don’t want to know the response. What

if they turn me down?” “They wont Doc, just open it,” said Suzy. Then he opened the letter,

scanned through it, and read the hearty part, “We are happy to inform you that you have been

offered a teaching position at Monterey Bay Peninsula College.”





Whitney No.2 Serves His Country

Whitney No.2 was making plenty of money dealing cards, but he wanted something more

with his life. He kept thinking about Ace, and how the same thing could have happened to him if

he didn’t know how to operate a fire arm. I guess Whitney was more familiar with the war than

most because a majority of his friends were in attendance as well. He left Doc’s place and went

back to the Royal Flophouse. Whitney wanted what Doc had; a nice steady job, and a real

passion for something. Whitney never had no passion for nothing like that. Hell, he wasn’t even

that talented, but he was a jokester, and everyone enjoyed listening to his dry sense of humor.

Whitney wasn’t satisfied with this. A life of constant drinking and holding down crumby jobs

just to get by. He wanted to find a position were he could move up the ranks. He wasn’t too

picky, just a job where he could support himself, and eventually a wife.

Later that night the boys were back at Eastern Biological, doing the same thing as the

night prior. No one had any desire to go to work. “Hey Doc, I got a question,” said Whitney.

Then Doc responded, “Well what is it?” “Tell us about the war,” said Whitney, “I want to know

what it is like over there.” “I’ll be honest Whitney, it’s hell. You don’t want to have any part of

military or war in general,” said Doc. He was not in favor of Whitney’s plan, mostly because he

had seen what the war had to offer, and Doc never wanted to go back. Mack argued otherwise

however, “Well Doc, if Whitney wants to serve his country, what’s wrong with that?” “Hey

Whitney,” said Doc, “you think you could take a man’s life?” Whitney thought about it and said,

“Well I don’t know Doc. I think so, if I was doing it for my country.” “Think about it Whitney,”

replied Doc, “before you get in over your head.” Whitney had a lot to think about. What else

could he do to be a better citizen of this fine country?

Whitney went to the recruiter’s office. He should have known that if he walked in there

he wasn’t leaving without signing papers. Secretly he knew that, hence why he didn’t tell the

boys he was going. Within five minutes of talking with the recruiter Whitney had signed up. He

wasn’t smart enough to be an engineer, so he got stuck in infantry. That is hard work, being

placed in that sector. Whitney returned home, and only Mack was there. Eddie was up working

security at the Fauna’s Flaghouse. “Hey Mack,” Whitney said, “I did it. I don’t know why, but I

signed the papers.” “That a boy Whitney. Way to serve your country!” said Mack. “I have a

request though,” replied Whitney, “don’t tell Doc what I done or where I’m going. I don’t want

to get a lesson before I ship off.” “Don’t worry Whitney,” said Mack, “your secret is safe with

me.” And the next day Whitney was gone. Shipped off to boot camp, only to be shipped over

seas directly following its completion. Whitney had a smile on his face though as he grinded

through boot camp. He knew that he would be doing a favor to this country, and that his friends

would ultimately be proud of him; even Doc.




_XLIX. _

Doc’s Party

Mack and Eddie were drinking at the Royal Flophouse, looking at Gay’s, and Whitney’s,

empty rooms. To Mack and Eddie, home felt a little empty. It was only a few days ago that

Whitney left, and was only about two weeks since Gay went back to his wife. They didn’t have

to worry about subleasing the rooms however, because Doc still owned the Royal Flophouse.

The boys were almost shocked he still owned it, given the amount of times he raised the Royal

Flophouse during poker hands. “Hey Eddie,” said Mack, “I was thinking. Doc’s wedding is in a

few months.” Eddie was slightly confused at what Mack was getting at until he asked, “So, what

about it?” “Well,” said Mack, “I’m not too good at this type of thing, but don’t we have to throw

him a party a few days before he gets married?” “That’s right!” said Eddie, “it is our obligation

as friends. We must throw Doc the best party ever.” They both agreed that they had arrived at a

good idea. “But Eddie,” said Mack, “we thrown him so many parties at this point; we have to do

something different this time. Hell, we don’t want to break all of Eastern Biological again.” Then

the room got silent, and both Mack and Eddie were thinking. “I got it!” said Mack, “Let’s take

Doc to Las Vegas!”




_L. _

Doc’s First Day

Doc brought Suzy along with him for his first day at the university. He was only

lecturing one class, so she would only need to find something to do for several hours. After his

lecture, Doc was planning on taking Suzy deep into the redwoods; he wanted to show her so that

she could understand what true beauty really was. Mack was watching the laboratory, and Fauna

was watching the Flaghouse while Suzy was away. Fauna loved working there. Every time she

walked through it’s doors she was reminded of the Grizzly Flag. All the girls experienced the

same effect as well. They too considered the Grizzly Flag home for several years on end, and

now it was gone. At least they were still able to look out their windows and see that wonderful

glow coming from the clock tower. Fauna knew that her wages from the Flaghouse alone would

not be enough to support her and her child, or Mack rather, if he decided he wanted to take on a

fatherly roll. And the place she was temporarily staying at with the girls did not have enough

room to house a family.

Doc walked down the halls to the lecture room and got prepared for his class. He knew

what he was going to talk about, and he knew it didn’t have to be much more than reviewing a

boring syllabus. Doc noticed a wide range of faces, a wide range of races, and a wide range of

ages. He was surprised that he was actually younger than some of the people in the room. Still,

he knew he was qualified enough to be there. Doc addressed the room, “My name is Dr.

Anderson, I will be your professor this quarter for Advanced Biology I.” Immediately after

starting his opening line, some student interrupted, “Do you really own Eastern Biological?” Doc

turned to the student, “That’s right,” he said, “I’ve owned it for over ten years.” Doc was

shocked because he had never known anyone to know where he worked, or even what his lab

was called. The student continued, “I hear you can catch anything.” Doc smiled, “Well, I do

what I can,” he said. You could tell the kid was anxious to ask another question. “Did you really

write Are We So Different?” he said, “everyone here has read it, and everyone here thinks you

are a genius.” Doc’s smile grew bigger, he always thought that if he could only reach just one

person with his paper that it would all be worth it. “Yes, I wrote it,” said Doc, “and I have been

working on a new paper. I’ll make sure everyone knows when it is published.” Then the student

was silenced and the clock hit 1:45. It was time for the students to leave and go do whatever

college kids do these days.

Doc went back to his office and Suzy was downtown getting a drink. Doc wasn’t worried

about her being there alone, for he knew that she could take care of herself. While Doc was

waiting for Suzy to come pick him up, Andrew walked in the room. “Hey Doc,” he said, “just

wanted to come by and see how your first day was going.” “I think it went well,” said Doc, “a

few of them kids even knew about my paper. I didn’t think anyone even read it.” “Of course they

read it,” replied Andrew, “you are basically a legend around here.” Doc didn’t feel like he was a



legend, but he was proud of his accomplishments. “Say, Doc,” Andrew said, “what do you think

about taking me on as a graduate student?” Doc was interested, but it seemed like it was too soon

to already mentor a graduate student. “I’d have to think about it Andrew,” said Doc, “I don’t

really have any ideas right now on things you could go on.” And then Andrew said something

that surprised Doc, “I have an idea,” he said, “it is a little far out from what we normally do.”

“I’m listening,” replied Doc. Andrew then explained to Doc, in the time it took for Suzy to get

there; his bright idea, and how he could use laser cavities to achieve mass communication. Doc

knew it was a very intriguing idea, but Doc’s specialty was biology, not optics. Hell, what did

Doc know about optics? Luckily, Andrew had already typed up a rough draft of his report, and

he showed it to Doc. Doc scanned the document properly, desperately trying to understand the

concept presented in the paper. Once Doc finished, he turned to Andrew and said, “Let’s do





_LI. _

Mack’s Child 3

Mack went over to Fauna’s early with some flowers he had picked. I guess that is about

as romantic as Mack ever gets. He is just not very good at that type of thing. But he was trying,

and no one disputed that. “Hey Fauna,” said Mack, “I brought you some flowers.” Fauna was

actually flattered because no one had hardly ever brought her anything. “Thanks Mack,” said

Fauna, “come inside.” And Mack entered the house. He could tell it was not a place in which one

could effectively raise a child. Between Fauna and the girls, there was hardly enough room for a

cradle. Doc had been helping Mack out with all the finances for the child. He knew that Mack

couldn’t support a family solely by dealing cards and watching over Eastern Biological while

Doc was away. Mack knew he had to do something, but what? He had barely made minimum

wage all those years as a handyman, and dealing didn’t make him much more than that; dealing

was just preferred because it was easier work. Mack walked into Fauna’s room and saw his child,

“Hey buddy,” he said, as he stared into his son’s eyes. Just looking into his son’s eyes filled

Mack with joy, something that he had never felt, or felt once, but he had just straight forgotten

about it. And just like that, Mack had a plan.

Mack went back to the Royal Flophouse and looked into the empty rooms. Whitney No.2

and Gay were never coming back, so he knew those rooms were currently acting as a waste of

space. He had his plan, but he needed materials, which meant he needed help. And who else

would you turn to in a situation like this besides Doc? Mack walked up the steps to Eastern

Biological, where the door was open, and Doc was beside his pad with a pint of whiskey writing

something down, even if it was just scribbles. “Hey Doc,” said Mack, “what you writing?” Doc

looked up at Mack and said, “I’m working on a new paper.” Mack could see that whatever Doc

was doing, he hadn’t gotten very far. “You didn’t come to talk about this Mack. What do you

want?” said Doc. Then Mack mentioned his idea, “Say Doc, I want to find a better place for

Fauna and my boy to live, but I’m going to need some help financially in order to make this

work.” “Go on,” said Doc. Then Mack explained his situation, “I just need some money for

materials to get started, and I promise I’ll pay you back.” Doc looked slightly confused as to

what Mack was up to, but Doc was always willing to offer a hand to an old friend. “You take

whatever you need, on one condition,” said Doc. “What is that?” replied Mack. Doc handed

Mack the money and said, “You just make sure you get your girl and your boy a good home.”

Mack took Doc’s money and went to the hardware store directly after he bought a pint of

Ol’ Tennis Shoes from the liquor store. Doc had essentially given Mack full control over his

project, no matter how much money it was going to cost him to do so. On Mack’s first trip to the

hardware store, he bought a sludge-hammer, a saw, gloves, glasses, and a crowbar. When he

returned he went into both Gay’s and Whitney’s rooms and grabbed everything within worth

taking. Then Mack really did some damage. He put on his gloves and glasses, grabbed his



sludge-hammer, and made several large dents in the wall between his and Whitney’s room. The

Royal Flophouse was a mess. There was wood and drywall everywhere. Mack then took his

sludge-hammer and broke down the wall that divided Gay’s room with his own. He cleaned up

the mess, unloaded all the debris in the dumpster, and went back to the hardware store.

Mack worked on his project for two weeks straight, making many more trips to the

hardware store. His goal was simple however, to provide his family with a warm and loving

environment. By the time Mack was finished he had done a complete makeover of his housing

complex. Mack had been a handyman for quite some time, so he knew exactly what he was

doing. He wasn’t no amateur or nothing. In the end, Mack had created a place in which he,

Fauna, and the baby could stay. What was once Mack’s room, was now part of a master

bedroom, which had its own bathroom. Mack turned Gay’s room into a new kitchen. He built

brand new cabinets, installed a stove, a full sink with running water, and wired up a fridge and a

stove. Whitney’s room, which once was adjacent to Gay’s room was now another bathroom.

Mack had installed a bathtub, a toilet, and another sink in this space. He had essentially created a

single apartment within the Royal Flophouse, which provided enough room so that Eddie could

still live there peacefully.

Mack ran over to Fauna’s house. He knocked on the door and said, “Baby, I have

something I want to show you.” Fauna answered while she was holding the child, “What is it

Mack?” she said. Mack looked into her eyes and said, “I want it to be a surprise. Let Becky

watch the baby for a moment and come with me.” Fauna knew Mack was excited, and she knew

that if Mack was excited about something, it meant that it was special. “Fine,” said Fauna, and

she handed the baby to Becky and walked with Mack to the Royal Flophouse. They opened the

door and Fauna saw what Mack had done. “Oh my God,” she said, “Mack it’s perfect!” And she

gave him a kiss. “You’ve done it baby,” said Fauna. Mack immediately replied, “Done what?”

Fauna smiled and said, “You’ve made a beautiful home for your new family.”




_LII. _

Doc’s Been Busy

And while Mack was remodeling, Doc was remodeling as well. However, Doc’s changes

didn’t involve taking a sludge-hammer and bashing down the walls with it. Doc was interested in

acquiring new equipment. Sure, he was a biologist, but you would have thought Eastern

Biological was a photonics lab with the amount of machinery he had inside. I think it was

Andrew’s idea that made Doc want to make this slight change. Doc had learned a little about

optics in his education prior, but he always focused on biology. Still, the thought of carrying

information within a core layer across vast differences never losing any intensity was intriguing

to him. And that is why he bought all the equipment. Doc and Andrew were going to design,

build, and test Andrew’s idea at Eastern Biological, instead of using the school facilities. For the

first time in a long time, Doc was financially stable. And this meant that he could afford all of his

equipment. He still had use for the giant microscope that the boys had given him in what feels

like years ago.

Andrew came over to the lab everyday after he finished his studies. Suzy was starting to

get bored because all they would talk about was optics, and intensity patterns, and all the other

subtleties that were associated with the field. She kept her mouth shut though, because she knew

that whenever Doc got truly motivated he could accomplish anything. And she became further

annoyed that whenever Andrew wasn’t around, Doc was writing his new paper. By this point,

Doc had been working on that damn paper every night for three weeks straight. The university

had set up another seminar for Doc so that he could speak about [_Are We Really So Different? _],

but he was light-years away from that paper at this point. He wasn’t going to tell anybody, but he

was going to present his new paper at the seminar instead. He figured some of the students would

be disappointed, but he also knew that almost everyone on campus had read his paper, so some

may hypothetically enjoy some fresh material. Doc only had a few days to finish if he wanted to

pursue his plan, but he was almost done. This paper was a little more abstract, a little more

controversial, but Doc had to share his new found knowledge with the world.




_LIII. _

Doc’s Speech 2

It was the day of the seminar. Only Mack and Eddie were going to make it, as Gay and

Whitney No.2 were gone, and Fauna, Suzy, and the girls, were running the Flaghouse. Doc put

on his finest suit, and wore his finest tie. The boys took Doc’s car and made the trip to Monterey.

Mack and Eddie weren’t even going to attend, they just wanted to go to the downtown bar scene.

Mack was going to be the wingman, helping Eddie pick up girls. Eddie was a good looking guy,

and he was huge, so Mack didn’t have to work too hard. The auditorium was packed. Doc had

clearly made an impact on the campus, despite only have been employed there for a few weeks.

He was still shocked that his first paper had even reached the students on campus. It made him

feel satisfaction, as he had put his heart and soul into something and it arose interest. He was so

excited about his new paper, and he hoped that the students would get excited as well. Doc

walked up onto the stage and reached the podium.

The whole crowd clapped once he was on the stage, and Doc had to pause a moment for

the noise to settle down. “My name is Dr. Anderson, and I wrote [_Are We So Different? _],” said

Doc, “but I would like to share something different with you.” The crowd was silenced, but I

think it was because they were actually excited, and they really did want to hear what Doc’s new

paper was about. “In my new paper I try to open they eyes of people who have not previously

enjoyed optics,” said Doc, “and I believe I can convince you all that there is potential in this

technology.” And the whole room clapped again, and now everyone was very excited to hear

what Doc had to say.

Doc then preceded to summarize his paper into words that everyone could understand:

“I have taken on a new project with my associate Andrew, who is actually a student here at Monterey Peninsula College. We have invested many hours and have acquired a plethora of equipment in order to obtain these results. It has occurred to me that we are still very limited in our forms of communication. At this point and time there have been many brilliant individuals who gave their lives to their field of research; it takes all types of people to make the world go around. If we investigate further into the field of photonics, I believe that we can send signals through wires further and faster than we ever could before. Andrew and I have built, and tested, a new optical fiber design that has allowed us to transmit information long distances without losing power, achieving a high intensity return.

Throughout the length of the paper I will be covering optics, and relate it to the field to biology, even if it is just to sea specimens on a micro-scale. I will assure you with complete confidence, this design will change the world.”

Everyone clapped, and then listened to the rest of Doc’s speech; no one left the building. Doc

had hooked everyone. After the speech, Doc had many students come up to him, saying that he

did an excellent job. Doc was satisfied with the result.




_LIV. _

Doc’s Bachelor Party

“Baby,” Doc said as he lightly tapped Suzy on the face to wake her up, “baby, the boys

and I are leaving.” Suzy was awake but only half there. “Ok baby,” she said, “be good!” Doc had

no intention of being bad. It would be the longest Doc and Suzy would have been away from

each other since they got together. Suzy wasn’t worried however, because she trusted Doc. “I

will. I’ll call you every night. I swear.” Mack and the boys walked up to Eastern Biological

where Doc was already drinking a pint of Ol’ Tennis Shoes. Gay’s wife let him leave the house

for the trip, and even the Army let Whitney out for the weekend. Doc was in the war, so he had

connections all the way up to the top. “You ready Doc?” asked Mack. “I’m ready,” Doc said,

“but I think we should have a drink and a cheers.” The boys passed around the bottle and each

took several shots, everyone but Gay. He wasn’t much of a drinker, so he was going to drive

Doc’s car all the way there. Doc gave Suzy a kiss, and the boys walked out of the lab. “Let’s hit

the liquor store,” said Mack, and the boys stocked up.

It was about a nine-hour drive, so of course the boys were drinking. They basically drank

the whole way there, stopping at various bars along the way. The boys all knew that drinking in

the car was illegal, but the cops didn’t usually pay much attention to that sort of thing during that

time. And I don’t know how, but Doc, Mack, and the boys made it to Las Vegas safely. Once

they reached Vegas they walked to the Pink Flamingo and checked in to their rooms. They did a

little more pre-drinking, and put on their swim gear. It was about 106 degrees outside. The boys

then walked to the pool. They chose the Pink Flamingo because it was known to have the best

pool area. They were selling 64 oz. Long Island Ice Tea’s for only ten dollars, and the pool was

packed with beautiful women; there were beer models walking around the premises serving

drinks. It was like heaven for alcoholics. And after a few 64 oz. drinks, Eddie was determined to

pick up some girls.

Eddie saw a girl he found to be gorgeous. She was the most beautiful girl in the whole

area, and Eddie was feeling bold. One thing that is important to note is that she was a Budweiser

model, serving endless rounds of beer throughout the pool area. Eddie went up to talk to her once

he got the balls. He must have been talking to her for five minutes before he came back. “Doc,”

he said, “this girl was in to me. She told me, go buy a Bud, and find me over there.” Doc was not

impressed. “Eddie,” he said, “that girl’s job is to make you buy Budweiser, and obviously it

worked.” “No man,” said Eddie, “she was into me.” Doc was shocked that Eddie didn’t listen to

his analysis of the situation. Eddie must have bought ten more Budweiser’s before they all left

the pool. And he must have given the model around five dollars a beer.

Once the boys got out of the pool they went back to the hotel and got reckless. Doc must

have smoked 100 cigarettes on the patio outside the room. The boys thought it was a good idea

to start throwing stuff off of the balcony. They threw the Bible out, and they threw their trashcan



off. Doc didn’t care if they threw stuff off his own balcony, as long as it wasn’t stuff in his room.

And the boys knew if Doc said it, he meant it. Mack and the boys didn’t get in trouble however.

Mack noticed someone’s room open, and he could hear that they were in the shower. Mack went

in the room and stole their Bible and their trashcan. The cops went up to Doc’s later that day to

talk to him about the shenanigans. Luckily, Doc and Mack still had their trashcans and their


All the boys went to gamble, but Doc had an alternative motive. He wanted to buy

something for Suzy. And if the boys broke those souvenirs, Doc would kill them. He must have

bought her one-hundred gifts. Anything from cups and mugs to decks of cards. Doc took a long

walk across the strip. He had never been to Las Vegas before, so he took it all in. He must have

gone into every hotel on the strip. He walked around with a giant tequila drink the whole time.

Mack was losing a lot at the Roulette table. Who would possibly gamble all their money

on pure luck? Within five minutes, Mack was down roughly three-hundred bucks. He was about

ready to quit. He was down to his last hundred dollars. He was going to play one more round. He

spread all of his chips across the board. He bet on almost every number. There is no way he

could lose right? Next thing he did was pick up all the chips and place every one of them on

double zero. The odds are not in favor of the player when you bet double zero; it’s something

like 33 to 1. Still, he did it anyway. And the dealer rolled the ball on the wheel and all bets were

final. That thirty seconds felt like hours to him. He really needed a win, and sure enough, he hit

double zero.

It was 9 o’clock at night. Doc and the boys were getting ready to go to the Ghost Bar.

They were all wearing their best attire; suits and fancy ties. They took a limo to the bar because it

was very far from the hotel. The Ghost Bar was at the very top of this very tall building. The

boys paid their twenty-dollar cover and took the elevator to the top. This club was amazing. It

had a huge bar inside with a dance floor, and outside bars on the balcony. You could see the

whole city from 53 stories up. Doc paid for all of the boys’ drinks. He didn’t care too much

about money, he just wanted everyone to have a good time. After a few minutes, Eddie spotted a

girl across the balcony. “Hey Doc,” he said, “how about that girl over there?” Doc responded

instantly, “She’s a three and a half.” And within five minutes Doc saw Eddie dancing with the

girl, asking her to come back to the hotel. She whispered in Eddie’s ear, “How desperate are


Whitney wasn’t feeling well. He had so many drinks at that point that they were about to

come out. Whitney found a janitor’s closet and puked in the trash can. Within thirty seconds, a

bouncer escorted him to the kitchen, where the owner and some bouncers were. He couldn’t tell

you for the life of him what they said, but they kicked him out of the club. He had to wait in the

casino until the boys got finished up there. He waited there for over two hours. The boys were

hesitant to leave because Eddie was making a pass at this Latina princess. Eventually she told

him that she had a boyfriend. Eddie was not amused. She was a tease. They all left, found

Whitney, and took a cab back to the strip; the boys weren’t done yet.

Doc was honest with Suzy, telling her that he was going to go to a strip club on his mini

vacation. She didn’t care, as long as he came back to her, and didn’t run off with another dame.

The boys ended up at a strip club. They were even serving steak. It was heaven. The boys were at

the stage for over three hours. At one point a stripper knocked one of Eddie’s drinks on his lap.



Without hesitation, he got up and moved to the chair adjacent to it. It didn’t even phase him. I

think secretly he wanted to seek out this particular stripper. Hell, it’s not like they were hooking.

Well, at least he thought that they weren’t hooking on top of the stripping. The dancing stopped,

and the boys thought that the girls were on a break. When they looked around they noticed that

there was no one else in the room. And then they looked at the clock; it was 5 am. They were so

wasted at this point that they had to stumble back to the hotel and pass out. Mack even had to

carry Whitney the whole way. He kept blurting things out that made no sense. They finally made

it back safely, and they all slept like babies.

The boys were so ill by the morning that they decided they couldn’t handle another night

in Vegas. They got in the car and drove home.




_LV. _

The Wedding

It was wedding day. Suzy had previously been religious, so she wanted to get married in

a church. Doc had attended Notre Dame to achieve his Masters degree, so he suggested the giant

church on campus. It was a far trip I know, but Doc had no problem paying the fees for

everyone’s flight. And as expected, all of Cannery Row was there. Mack was the best man, and

Eddie, Whitney, and Gay were groomsmen. Suzy had her three sisters, one being Sharon who

was her maid of honor, and the others being bridesmaids. It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in

the sky. Suzy had wished for it, so maybe God answered her prayers. Who knows, but it sure was

nice out. There was to be quite a party after the ceremony, as Doc wouldn’t have it any other

way. Suzy looked amazing, and Doc was anxious to see what she looked like on this beautiful


It was time. The ceremony had begun. Doc was the center of attention, as he was already

standing in front. Mack walked up with one of Suzy’s sisters, Gay with the other, and Eddie with

the other. Suzy had yet to walk down the aisle. And then she started walking towards him.

Everyone was standing as she slowly strolled up the aisle with her father. She looked absolutely

gorgeous. She walked down to where Doc was standing and stood adjacent to him, with her eyes

directly focused on his. The Priest began to speak. He went through the usual routine, and then it

was time for the vows. Doc was to be first. He was so nervous, and he really hoped he wouldn’t

break in to tears while doing it. And then he spoke,

“Suzy, I love you. And I think I have always loved you, from the moment I first saw you at the liquor store, of all places. There was just something about you and I knew I had to have you. I swear since the time we got together officially we have never been more than a day’s time apart. That is something special. I know that is something special. With this communion I am promising that I will never hurt you, and that we will be together until we grow old. I admire your work drive. It is one that I don’t have. Or, didn’t have until I met you. In a way, you have changed me for the better. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you, and this event proves my dedication. I love you.”

And Doc had a tear run down his face.

It was Suzy’s turn,

“David, I love you, and in a way I think I felt it the first time I met you as well, when you had that silly beard. Hell, you even punched out a guy that made a pass at me, and put out flowers, and brought me chocolates. There is

something special about you. I will never love anyone else like I love you. I never want to be with anyone else, and I hope that we can grow old together. I am so proud of you for all your accomplishments. You have achieved so much at your young age. I am excited to spend the rest of our lives together, and I want you to know that I am madly in love with you.”

Then there was a giant party; a reception for the ages. As mentioned prior, all of Cannery

Row was there. There was unlimited food, as well as unlimited booze; and we all know how the



boys like to drink. Thirty minutes into the night they were all hammered. Mack had his speech,

and Suzy’s dad had his speech. Now it was time to party. Doc quoted that this was the best day

of his life, and all the boys agreed that he was probably right. Doc had a tough shell. He always

pretended he didn’t want intimacy, when deep down he really did. Doc and Suzy had their first

dance and it was beautiful. I don’t think there was a person there who didn’t have a tear flowing

down their face. Then the dance floor opened up. Everyone was drunk, and everyone was having

fun. Hell, they even snapped a few photographs. And finally it was time to go, and everyone

went back to their hotels.

There was a bar within the hotel that was open late, real late. Everyone was poured a

shot, and everyone there had a cheers to Doc and Suzy. Doc gave her a hug and a kiss. They

were truly in love. After a few drinks most everyone wanted to go to bed, including Doc and

Suzy, but Mack, Gay, and Whitney were not ready to call it a night. Holding beers, they tried to

jump the fence around the pool and hop into the area for a late night swim; of course it wasn’t

open, but they didn’t care. The hotel security came out there and kicked them out. The boys then

noticed an open door with the lights off. They were curious. They walked in and saw all the

interior of the bar and the restaurant. There must have been fifty stoves and ovens in that place.

They got hungry, so they stole a loaf of bread and put it in Gay’s bag. As they left the room the

cops were waiting. They had known the whole time, but were cool about it, and they even let us

mess around while knowing we were somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. They grabbed

some beers and sat on the steps outside. Mack could see Orion’s Belt in the sky, and he even

showed Gay where it was, describing what it was shaped like. And just then there was a shooting

star; as you can see, it was a beautiful day.




_LVI. _

Where They Ended Up

Suzy gifted Fauna Fauna’s Flaghouse. I guess Suzy figured it was time to do something

else, something where her true skills could be utilized. The girls turned the rooms upstairs into

their bedrooms, and they never left the building once they took it over. They hired a few new

bouncers to watch the high-stakes room, but they still employed Eddie to work the front door.

Eddie had other things going on as well, but he still needed the income to pay his rent, the rent

that Doc never claimed. It didn’t matter. Doc owned the building, what did he need their money

for? The girls did very well for themselves. For the first time ever they were making good money

without having to hook. Those days were now long behind them. The girls learned how to cook,

learned how to serve, and even learned how to balance the books. They ran a smooth business.

Eventually they would all move on, even Fauna, but they spent countless years living at what

was once that damn whorehouse.

Eddie grew tired of being just a bouncer. Sure, he did it on the side, but his real passion

was boxing. He had been boxing since he was a kid, and with his build he could do very well for

himself. And he did. He spent years in training before he first went into the ring, however, once

he had finished training, he was a complete beast. He even got himself a belt. Eddie only held it

for a year or so before some young gun came in and won solely from the points. Hell, he didn’t

even knock Eddie out or nothing, he just played defense, and it worked. Still, Eddie made good

money boxing, but he knew he could only take so many blows before he got himself injured. He

even found a dame too. He met this broad while working at the Flaghouse. She came in and he

was instantaneously in love. Eddie stayed in Cannery Row the rest of his life.

Gay never left his wife. He even grew happier the more he was with her. I guess that is

the meaning of true love. He spent several years working as a mechanic until he opened his own

shop. He also did very well for himself. He didn’t fix any car that any average joe brought in, he

bought his cars cheap, and then fixed them up, and sold them for a hefty profit. He would do full

on restorations, and would sell his vehicles at auctions. Subtracting labor and parts, Gay must

have profited around a grand per car he flipped. He was good at it too. This was convenient

because he had himself a child; a little baby boy. His shop was enough to provide his wife and

kid with a big, warming home, and he never fell behind his payments neither. No one would

have believed it, but after a few years of owning the shop, he sold it and became a writer.

Everyone figured it was Doc that inspired him to do so. I mean, Doc had written around ten

papers by this point, each one better than the last. Gay hit it big on one of his novels and his wife

never had to work again.

Whitney No.2 spent most of his life in the Army. He had gone through countless tours by

this point in time. He became a sniper and was shipped overseas. God must have been looking

out for him because in all those tours he never got shot. A bullet skinned his arm one time, but



that was the worst of it. He received a Medal of Honor for his bravery. He was credited with over

fifty kills. Unfortunately for Whitney, the memories always haunted him. You could tell he was

still hurting from his experience. After a few years he returned home. He actually moved back in

to the Royal Flophouse, where Eddie’s, and Fauna and Mack’s, room were still being occupied.

Eventually he found a wife and had a family. His wife never let him go on a tour again.

Hazel held his position of mayor of Monterey County for two terms. He was re-elected

after the fine job he had done during his first term. The citizens of Monterey loved Hazel because

he was a spokesperson of the people. He wasn’t like other politicians who do the job just so they

could get re-elected. Hazel wasn’t like that. He really cared about the people. He never became

president, but he did become the governor of California. He was successful with his job. After

his days as a politician faded, he went back to work for Eastern Biological. At this point, Doc

had given the keys to his lab to Andrew. He trusted Andrew to take care of his lab, unlike Old

Jay, who didn’t do so. Andrew and Hazel were very respected scientists, in both biology and

optics. Andrew even got a Ph.D. and earned himself a few patents for his research in optics. He

changed the world of science forever.

Fauna, Mack, and their child eventually left Cannery Row for somewhere more tropical.

After much debate about moving, they both decided that Hawaii would be a peaceful place to

raise a child. Fauna opened her own club, and there was no hooking involved. Mack worked

behind the bar of the restaurant. He was becoming quite a good bartender. Everyone in town

knew about his work, and the bar was quite successful. Eventually their kid grew up and left the

town. He moved back to California, right back to Cannery Row, a place that his father always

spoke very highly of. He ended up going to USC and got a degree in biology. Because of this

accomplishment, Doc let him work at Eastern Biological as well.

As mentioned before, Doc gave the keys to Eastern Biological to Andrew, and Suzy left

the keys to Fauna’s Flaghouse to Fauna. Doc continued to teach at Monterey Bay Peninsula

College and he eventually became tenured. Suzy even got a job as a school counselor for the

same university. Doc loved to golf and he wanted to live somewhere near a course. He ended up

building a house in Santa Cruz, right on a golf course called Pasatiempo. He built a giant house.

It had everything you could possibly want, including a giant wine cellar, as they were both very

found of wine. Suzy and Doc became addicted to it’s taste, and the left the Ol’ Tennis Shoes

alone. Even though they were constantly busy, they still found a way to have a good time. They

eventually had a child named Thomas, and Suzy became a full time stay at home mom. Doc,

once single and alone, now had a beautiful family. And Doc and Suzy grew old together, never

having a dull moment.




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Merry Monday

Merry Monday is a novel written by Steven Borella, an independent writer and Electrical Engineering graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Based on the works of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday, Merry Monday continues the story of these lovable characters, providing an ending, something that has much been anticipated by die hard Steinbeck fans, as he purposely left the story open for debate. The novel is based primarily in the town of Cannery Row, a beautiful place located in the heart of Monterey County. Doc, Mack, and the rest of the characters, continue their conquests in order to achieve the ultimate goal; the American dream. This novel was completed with the help of John Pilge; editor and inspiration.

  • Author: Steven Borella
  • Published: 2016-02-25 02:05:12
  • Words: 49172
Merry Monday Merry Monday