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Merry Christmas, A Poetry Collection


We’ve heard stories from our parents

About the long ago Christmas

How everyone would sit by the fire

Dance, eat and just enjoy

With their families

Celebrating the birth of Christ

Celebrating the gift of family

Celebrating the gift of life and life

These stories have me wondering

Questioning where such a beautiful,

Such an amazing Christmas ran off to

Has me wondering how we can find it back


This generation knows no Christmas

Christmas to them means drowning in alcohol

Going out to nightclubs

Speed driving in the streets

Which results in Christmas mourning

Than the known Christmas bliss of laughter

They do not know fun with family

Forsaking moments with their elders

For fun with the friends they spend every day with

They wake up on Christmas morning

Nursing their hangovers

While some of their families go to church

And in no way do they feel ashamed

Where did the Christmas spirit go?


My mother once said

Christmas, my child, is about you and I

And the other family we have

It is about showing appreciation for everything God has given

It is about humbling oneself to others

Sharing with others what you never did throughout the year

It is about making moments you can keep forever

It is about reunion


But with all these words,

I still wonder where the beautiful Christmas spirit ran off to




Christmas Appreciation


Seven days before the year ends

Who knows, we might not make it in the next

So my heart tells me to appreciate those

Those I cherish

Those that have contributed to my year

Because life should be appreciating those you love


To my parents

Who have once again suffered my tantrums

My outbursts

But have survived them all

And still have shown me love

Shown me the meaning of care

And have still taught me on how to be the person I am

For making sure I am provided for,

Even during your personal crisis

Thank you


To my family

Who have had moments with me

With all the laughs


But have still held my hand

Thank you


To him,

Who I have loved

Who has taught me to be grown

Who loved me as much

Who has shown me kindness

Who I have shared blissful moments

And tearful moments with

Thank you


To my friends,

Who have achieved the level of craziness like never

To the new ones

Who have learnt my way of life

May we do this again the next year

Thank you


But, to the Most high

Who has given me life, along withal of you

Who has loved us more once again

Deserves the most gratitude

Thank you God for another year






































Christmas Wish


Each year she sits by her old tree

That overlooks the river

The one near the graveyard

She sits here every Christmas

She sings hymns

Share Christmas jokes

Tell Christmas tales

While everyone who passes by

They think she’s mad

Not knowing it is her way of peace


Each year she cooks up a feast

A basin filled with rice

Another with meat

Another with chicken

She makes enough salad

And then she dishes up a container

Filled with the same contents

Leaves the basins to the street kids

And takes the container to the tree


Along with her she carries water

A bottle of wine

Juice also

And hot coco

To keep warm

To keep happy

To succeed the Christmas spirit


She shares with them a few tears

Wondering how grown all three of them would have been

How excited they would have been for the holidays

Trey would drink wine

Ally loves water

While sweet Molly always wanted juice


She sits by her tree

Which overlooks her three children’s graves

Three that were taken from her on Christmas

She brings them food

And wine

So that they enjoy Christmas with her

She tells them jokes and tales

So that laugh along

She is not mad,

She spends Christmas with her kids









































My lips have never felt other

They have never licked


Bit other lips

My tongue has never felt another

It has never tangled

It has never felt the bliss

The bliss people have in a kiss


In my line of thought

I lay by the door rag

Staring up

Admiring the magic of the mistletoe

How it has the power to unite two lips

I wonder why its magic has never fallen upon me

But magic is magic


In a dream

A guy walks over to my sleeping form

Lays down beside me

Looks at what I’m staring at

Then slowly faces me

Takes my face in his palms

And tenderly places my lips on his

In what is my very first kiss


Is it a dream?



It hits that it is reality

When our lips glide gently

Moving in a rhythm

Our hearts beating together

Our hands tied in a knot


Is this the bliss of a kiss?

Is it this powerful?

My very first kiss

Was given to me

Just below the mistletoe





He sits by the rock

Looking at the passing cars

At the happy families

Travelling to the lake for the festivals


He envies those that stop by the market

Buying the whole goat

And chickens

For Christmas


He hears the town kids’ glee

About a man named Santa

Who gives them gifts

For being good children


He wonders to himself,

Haven’t I been a good child?

I have swept the compound daily

And helped in the farms


He thinks Praying to find the answers to his questions

Hoping to find any logic

Just wishing for a voice

Then humbly,

He looks up to the sky and says “Santa! Santa! I need a gift”

“Make my parents well forever” “Santa! I have been a good child”

















We have been waiting

Waiting for so long

We have been waiting for Christmas

Now it is bestowed upon us


We have gotten ready

Ready for Christmas

We have the tree

We have the lights to go


We cut them all down

To make sure all houses could get a tree

Make sure that we all, all

Celebrate Christmas


Our mountains are now empty

Cause they provided us with all the tree they had

So we could have, a merry Christmas

And just be happy in this festive life


Now in January,

Let us not complain

When the floods come

And take down our houses




Remember, we cut down the tree

Just to make sure

That you and I and everyone

Could have a Merry Merry Christmas in December






































Christmas in Malawi


Hymns of a Merry Christmas

Heard from a far

Choirs start singing on Christmas Eve

While people cheer at a bar


He has born


Let’s praise him



Church wakes up at 5

Kids all dressed in white

Praising the new born kid

Praising with a hangover


While they rejoice

Calling on Jesus’ name

Others are on the radio

Criticizing the new MK2000 note


It is a Merry Christmas

Jesus Christ is born

A Merry Christmas

New problems are born


A Merry Christmas

With no electricity

And no water in people’s taps

It is a Merry Christmas in Malawi

Merry Christmas, A Poetry Collection

  • Author: Esther Msiska
  • Published: 2016-12-27 18:05:09
  • Words: 1216
Merry Christmas, A Poetry Collection Merry Christmas, A Poetry Collection