Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners


Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners

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What is a Mantra?

What is a Mantra?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as:

How mantras work

The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and why it is not effective for you

How to chant

When to chant

Choosing the right Mantra

The best timing for chanting Mantras

About Mantra Counting

How to attain Mantras? Know the steps to attain siddhi through Mantras

Simple steps that can teach you how to attain Mantras

Effectiveness of Mantra

How to Gain More from Mantra chants


I have heard of meditation, but what is Japa Meditation?

How do you do Japa Meditation?

Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?

Guidelines from Gurus and Masters

Lifestyles which you have to follow while chanting

Prohibited things during MantraSadhana

Mistakes many people do make

How to avoid making these mistakes

Benefits that we derive from Mantra

Step by Step guide to the successful Mantra

What we have learned here

[+ Discover the healing powers and hidden benefits of 50+ Mantras +]

Find answers to your questions and learn where, and how to use Mantras



Mantra as existed for as long as humanity as existed, in the early stages, humans developed Mantras for the purpose of asking something from the Gods or to please them and honor them for what they done for them. Since then, Mantras have had a wide use in the world’s religions; virtually all religions that exist use some kind of Mantra?

Mantras mean praying for something, they are group of words or sound that is repeatedly more times in some periods. Mantras are loop of words and sounds directed to the Gods to help them.

There are many Mantras used by various religious groups .The uses, structures, functions, importance and types of Mantras vary according to the school and philosophy of Hinduism and also of Buddhism.

Mantras serve a central role in the tantric school of Hinduism. Mantras come in many forms, including ṛc (verses from Rigveda) and sāman (musical chants from the Sāmaveda). They are typically melodic, mathematically structured meters, that resonant with numerous qualities.

At its simplest, the word OM or AUM are key words in every Mantra. OM or AUM is the name, the symbols of the Creator. That’s why it is incorporated in every Mantra because Mantras go directly to the Creator. If you want to use them to gain something in your life, you must know that there are different Mantras for different purposes.


Every purpose has its own God or Goddess to refer to. What does this mean? This means that you must mention and have the right items around you when you chant a Mantra to a certain God or Goddess.

There are general words or chants for the Mantras but usually a person can make his own words for the Mantra, when they do this, the Mantra is more efficient and it goes to the right place.

[]What is a Mantra?

For many centuries, the ancient sages of India have known about the great power of Mantras. They studied this secret science, and were blessed with physical prowess, mental strength and spiritual purity.

You will find yourself becoming calmer, more powerful and closer to God.

Are you wondering if this ancient knowledge is lost?

I’m sure you want to know more about what a Mantra is.

Not only that, I’m sure you are curious about this ancient science and how you can use it to change your life. Let me unlock the secrets of Mantra chants for you.

[]What is a Mantra?

A Mantra is a word or a phrase in the Sanskrit language that is associated with particular functions or benefits.

[]The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as:

A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism).

There are many different Mantras, and each of them has different powers and different effects. For example, some Mantras can put you in a deep sleep, while others can wake you up from it.

There are even some Mantras that can set things on fire! Many Mantras are devoted to calming the mind and bringing you closer to God.

Of course you must be wondering-do these Mantras exist, and if they do, can you use them? The answer is yes. However, we will not be discussing such prayers in this article. Today I want to tell you about what a Mantra is.

First, the Mantra acts on a physical level, then a mental level, then the subconscious level, and finally the Mantra affects your soul. Here, you will find yourself elevated to a higher level of spiritual awakening. You will gain divine wisdom and feel the presence of God. You will find yourself caring for and serving God and all his children.

[]How mantras work

Mantras have a cosmic energy associated with them. There is a God whom we pray to and also there is Mother Nature and the natural forces like fire, wind and water. Whenever we chant, we are able to produce the required effect in our lives because these mantras get reflected from these forces and the vibrations tend to bring about positivity in our lives.

The mantras are made up of two words “Manas” which basically means mind and “trai” that mean liberation. Therefore, combining these two forces means to free the mind from something. The way the mantras work is really amazing. The mantras when chanted repeatedly tend to bring a difference to the consciousness. The mantras have this effect because of the vibrations produced from the chant that stimulates different parts of the brain and make certain changes in the brain’s chemical balance which induces a certain amount of relaxation in our minds.

Therefore by producing such relaxation to our mind and body, mantras are able to make us spiritually inclined and make us mentally alert towards situations around us. It is also a super healer and it energizes life energies that can be transmitted from one person to another. This energy that is also called “Prana” can also be used to heal diseases and physical conditions by focusing on the disease itself or the affected body organ that requires healing.

We often tend to talk about Chakras whenever we talk about chanting mantras. These Chakras are the energy centers which basically get activated when we chant a specific mantra. Therefore, that Chakra gets activated, and we are also able to increase our life force.

So, mantras are actually not magic words that get you anything you want. They are logical and their every word creates an energy.

[]The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and why it is not effective for you

There are different reasons why your Mantra is not working and why it takes too much time to show results.

1.Wrong pronunciation is the biggest reason for Mantra’s failure.

2.You do not know how to chant.

3.You don’t have enough time to do the Mantra.

4.You can’t find a suitable place for chanting.

5.Lack of guidance and trained Guru (Master).

6.Distractions and lack of focus.

7.Lack of concentration and faith.

8.Mental chatter and physical restlessness

We are simply too preoccupied with a lot of things today. Work, family, friends, health and money are concerns for which we battle every day. We turn to Mantra chanting to find solutions and get benefits.

But sadly, most of us do not do it correctly. We simply can’t chantour Mantras correctly without the help of a guru or a guide (our Book – The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras). We don’t spend enough time to learn chanting the proper way.

If we don’t chant our Mantras properly, we won’t gain all the benefits. All your efforts will be lost, and your mind will not get the inner peace that it desperately needs.

The biggest problem people have is that Mantra does not fully work. Many people do not reap all the benefits of Mantra. Are you one of them? Or if you are searching for a solution, you are at right place?

Are you having a difficult time chanting your Mantra, and is this affecting your Mantra chanting benefits?

Do you struggle with your Mantra because you cannot find a reliable guru?

Are you pressed for time every day, and simply cannot squeeze in time for chanting?

Are you familiar with the correct ways to chant?

Do you do a lot of effort, but the Mantra doesn’t show any effects?

Avoid this situation NOW and search for a solution why the Mantra is failing.

[]How to chant

● Taking bath or washing hands, legs and face can clean impurities of your aura and prepare you for accepting positivity.

● Sit eastwards or northwards.

● Sit on any insulated rug or in case of non availability, you can use normal rug.

● Use rosary of 108 beads. Crystal, rudraksh and wooden beads rosaries are easily available in market.

● Make a gaumukh position of fingers and hand to turn beads.

● Chant 1 time Mantra and turn 1 bead. So you can chant Mantra 108 times in one rosary.

● Chant 11 rounds of rosary daily. Chanting of any Mantra can be done for 108 times to be more effective and if performed continuously 11 rounds, it delivers good and quick results.

● Do try and understand the meaning of the Mantra before chanting it. Use all your focus when praying.

● Mechanically repeating the words will bring you no benefits, and will be futile.

● Pronunciation plays a very important role in Mantra’s benefits so pronounce them correctly

● Just sit relaxed with closed eyes and observe our breathing in and out for sometime after chanting.

[]When to chant

Best time for chanting are Bahumurat (when night meets morning- Time 4:30 AM to 6:00 AM) and Sandha (when day meets night- Time 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

You can Chant internally, whenever you need help.

[]Choosing the right Mantra

The right mantra can be chosen depending on the need of the hour. Different people would chose different mantras depending on what they require in life. Your needs can be anything from positivity in life to health, happiness protection or success.

Accordingly, you tend to choose your inner motivation to chant that mantra with conviction. You choose a particular mantra depending on the sound and depth that can move the right vibrations in the universe. For example if you are looking forward to quick results, then you should choose a mantra that is dedicated to Lord Shiva because he gets impressed quickly. If you want success in studies, then you should choose a mantra that is dedicated to MaaSaraswati.

Similarly Lord Ganesha can give you a happy married life, Lord Hanuman can give you physical strength and Kubera can give you wealth.

Likewise, there are lots of mantras dedicated to different Gods and forces which can be chanted wherever the need arises and should be used at the right time.

We explain every mantra in detail, its benefits, which problem it solves, where you can use it and how you use it in your life. So this will help you to easily select your mantra.

[]The best timing for chanting Mantras

The mantras should be chanted either early in the morning preferably before the sunrise, around 4 A.M or by sunset around 5 or 6 P.M depending on the prevailing season.

These times are said to be the best because, the energies of the nature are at their peak during these times and if these are harnessed at this times, one can really succeed in life.

[]About Mantra Counting

You must have seen somebody at home chanting mantras and then either doing something with a thread of beads with fingers. They are basically chanting mantras and counting them.

The fact is that the mantra needs to be chanted for a fixed number of times, mostly 108 times. It is done for these many times because there are 108 deities in the Hindu mythology and therefore each of them are remembered during chanting.

But there are also times when the chant is done without the thread. In such a time, the different segments in both hands are used. So, while there are 12 segments in each hand, one hand is used to count the total number of all the counts, the other is used as a multiplier. So, one hand can be used for 12 segments and the other hand can be used for 9, thus making 108 times.

[]How to attain Mantras? Know the steps to attain siddhi through Mantras

If you think that only understanding a few Mantras will make your life peaceful and make you attain complete success, then you are only partially right. It is very important that you attain and understand the true essence of Mantras to apply them for the improvement of your life. Since Mantras have a divine and a transcendental appeal, they can truly affect your life if you know how to attain Mantras.

[]Simple steps that can teach you how to attain Mantras:

Try to prioritize your goals of attaining a Mantra: at first you have to prioritize which Mantras you want to attain. Mantras are dedicated to the aesthetic appeal of your life, and they affect your physical, material and overall well-being of your life-cycle. Therefore you must try to concentrate on the exact Mantras that you want to attain.

The path of truth and concentration is a must for you to be able to attain the best benefits of any Mantra: initially you will find that you get distracted very easily when you start concentrating on attaining Mantras. Whether you chant the beejMantras, the yoga Mantras or the mediation Mantras, or even the normal Lakshmi, Kali or the KuberMantras, you will find that you need to concentrate more on each and every syllable of the Mantra.If you want to attain the goodness of the Mantras, then you need to maintain a peaceful mind, a calm state of psychological sense and also a positive mentality. Only then you will be able to attain the best benefits of any Mantra.

You must try not to indulge in any sort of physical activity, conversation or wasteful indulgence in order to get the exact advantage of Mantras: it is true that you will be affected by negative vibrations when you start practicing attaining Mantras. But you have to be patient, try to meditate and keep your consciousness on a still point,then you will gradually feel that the positive energy associated with the Mantras get infused into your soul, your body and your whole being. You can generally start chanting the Mantras during the morning, the dawn, and you can start chanting the Mantras with a refined heart, a pure, clear and clean mind, and then you will be able to attain the best effects of any Mantra.

Try to evolve as a complete human being: you must be aware of the fact that in our ancient and traditional Hindu mythology, we have a bounteous nature of each and every Mantra which can transform your life in attaining the ultimate glory and success. For instance, when you slowly concentrate on the image and the symbolic appeal of Lord Ganesha, and you start chanting Om GanapateiNamah, then you start feeling a rush of positive thoughts and feelings which create a pulsating and a poignant effect on your surroundings and also on your mental framework.

If you want to get closer to the Almighty, then you need to get closer to your Mantra first: it has always been a basic, as well as an informal, tenet of all the religions that you can attain the course to divinity, or you can chart your passage to divinity, by getting a closer introspection of your own ‘self’ or ‘being’ by realizing the undisputed potential of the Mantras. You can attain Mantras after you are born, you can even attain siddhi through sadhana, and also by implementing puja or ritual methods. Your mind is an infinite storehouse of multiple resources that can lead you to a higher state of salvation: for instance, if you utter the following Mantra about a hundred times, by using a ‘japamala’, then you will be able to attain not just a Mantra, but also a philosophical understanding about the greater truths and the ultimate profundity of life:

“OM NamahShivaya” (125000 times)

Or plain and simple:

“Hare Rama Hare Krishna” (125000 times)

You will instantly feel not just a rush of adrenaline through your veins, but you can gradually attain the best discourse about life, the best and the most wonderful thematic approach to living in general.

Repetition is necessary and you must try to understand the full implication of not just each of the words, but also each syllable of any Mantra:the famous Nineteenth century Bhakti saints, and the flowers of ShriChaitanya Deva of Bengal, were admirers of a greater and a higher form of self-contemplation and analysis of the mind. They believed that constant repetition of Mantras can help a person to attain a positive way of transcending the suffering, the negativities and the worries of the world. In fact, Lord Buddha himself was an early user of these meditative techniques which could help a person to attain any Mantra. References can therefore be found among the Tibetan monks and monasteries, where we find that they chant and meditate on higher levels of consciousness, and only then they attain a suprahuman sense.

You must always remember that the attainment and fulfillment of any Mantra depends on your purity or ‘shuddhi’ of mind, body and soul. You actually absorb the true essence of the Mantras when you try to listen to your natural soul, beyond the worries and frets of the world. Be blessed, be happy, and encourage the great God to illuminate your soul!

[]Effectiveness of Mantra

At the end of the day, it all depends on your heart. It all depends how much of purity or dedication you hold towards chanting mantra. Whenever, you need to chant the mantra, you need to do it with full conviction and focus.

It is okay when you are not able to focus on chanting for the mind will wander into infinity, that is normal as a human. Therefore, try to speak or chant the mantra in a volume where you can listen to your own self and thus focus all your attention on your voice.

Doing this will not only keep you focused but it will also keep a level of conviction in your chanting.

[]How to Gain More from Mantra chants

This is just as important for getting the desired results. The results of any work, including chants depend on these factors:

● Method and procedure

● Intensity

● Mood

Now let us talk about each of these points in further detail.

The Methods of Chanting

Following the correct method of chanting is the first step towards getting bountiful results. You should chant with the correct pronunciation and proper count to get maximum benefits.

Intensity of Chanting

Often, hard work and intensity is the only thing that separates the successful people from the failures. To get the best results out of chanting a Mantra, this is what you must keep in mind!

Mood during Mantra Chants

Mood, or motive, is very important for Mantra chants. This is the most important question you must ask yourself, what you want to achieve by chanting this mantra?

When you chant Mantras, you should not simply go through the motions and wait for results. Your devotion and faith prompts God to shower you with blessings. This is why different people achiever different results when following the same process.

Use the Chants to achieve physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. The positive energy you get will give you a beautiful inner radiance. This is why yogis look so serene and content.


Mantra japa is a practice of repetitive muttering the same Mantra for an auspicious number of times, the most popular being 108, and sometimes just 5, 10, 28 or 108. Japa is found in personal prayers or meditative efforts of some Hindus.

“Those who have tried meditation often vouch for its healing power, but those who have not tried it yet have doubts about the time and determination needed to make it part of their daily routine. “

Others may complain of being constantly distracted by many thoughts that cloud their mind during meditation-time, and this preoccupation makes the whole exercise useless.

Have you faced similar problems?

Or maybe you are looking for a practical and more effective technique of meditation.

If so, read on,

[]I have heard of meditation, but what is Japa Meditation?

“Japa” means chant a Mantra more than one time. In this mediation you will choose a Mantra and then meditate on this Mantra along with chant it again and again.

This Mantra Meditation can offer you a host of incredible benefits.

It is very easy to do and can be performed almost anywhere. Even though it is so easy, it is not very well-known just yet.

[]How do you do Japa Meditation?

There are three ways to do Meditation:

Maanas Meditation: Here you do not speak out loud, you just chant the Mantra in your mind.

Vachak Meditation:Vachak means “to speak softly”. The Mantra is chanted in a low voice.

Kirtan or Sankirtan Meditation: Here, the Mantra is chanted loudly with singing. You can even use musical instruments.

[]Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?

You may be wondering which meditation technique applies to your situation given that all three techniques are so powerful and useful.

In this fast-paced world, we find ourselves stressed and unable to control our mind and thoughts.

Compared to our ancestors, we are constantly surrounded by a variety of external stimuli (television, internet, books, and smartphones) that try to grab out attention.

This can easily frustrate and agitate a restless mind.It would be best to chant the Japa out loud and engage our ears and tongue in earnest prayer.

“Our minds are already trained to focus attention on external stimuli. Chanting the Mantra out loud and engaging two sensory systems will allow the purifying power of this mantra to affect you more profoundly.”

The Vachakjapa meditation technique is thus said to be the easiest and best method for purifying the mind.

[]Guidelines from Gurus and Masters

Here are guidelines from Gurus and Masters. If you really want that Mantra which you choose to solve your problem in no time, you have to follow all rules.

1. Wake up early morning (Bahumurat) – it is very important to wake up in Bahumurat and start chanting. It is very effective for Mantra chanting and it starts from 4:30 AM to 6:00 AM.

2. Regularity – You should chant Mantra regularly at the same time and same place. This will ensure that you remain concentrated.

3. You should chant Mantra after visiting the toilet and cleaning your body parts.

4. You have to always take your bathe before chanting Mantra in the morning.

5. You should do some meditation and Pranayamabefore you start chanting any Mantra.

6. Strictly avoid bad company.

7. Strictly avoid dirty talks and abusivespeech.

8. Strictly avoid cigarettes, booze and wines.

9. Do not try using intoxicants like drugs.

10.Do not watch pornography or any erotic content.

11.You have to follow celibacy during chanting for maximum effect.

12.Read and listen to religious books and songs.

13.The most important thing in effectiveness of Mantra is your FOOD. Try to earn your food through honest means. This will affect your thinking and in turn will be able to reflect your mind while chanting the Mantra.

14.Never eat fast food during the period of Mantra chant.

15.Never eat Spicedfood.

16.Never eat non-vegetarian food.

[]Lifestyles which you have to follow while chanting

The lifestyle you will need to live while you are chanting Mantra is, be yourself and also be a person that does something good for a living.

● Try to avoid alcohol and smoking by all means, for it will interfere with the purity of soul.

● Try to read a lot of literature related to your chanting practice so that you are able to read what you do and also have a sound knowledge of the same.

● Develop a lot of compassion for other people in the society and try to help them whenever you can.

● Do charities every month, you may even decide on a fraction of your income that you can give away.

● Try to educate your children and all those who are related to you, help them to develop the same lifestyle. This will keep you motivated and on track always and you will never reach a stage where you give away your practice.

● Eat healthy food and avoid taamsik food.

● Have sound sleep and chant right after you get up and before you go to bed.

● Try to keep your house clean, so that it can reflect on your heart whenever you chant.

● Love animals and try to feed them food and water wherever and whenever you can.

● Do Surya Namaskar every morning, as this will keep you enlightened always.

[]Prohibited things during MantraSadhana

There are various things that you must avoid doing during Mantra Sadhana, these things will not make your Mantra Sadhana a successful one:-

● Avoid consuming liquor and smoking, these things are considered as the impurities of soul.

● Shun your mind of any kind of ego and try to keep your mind peaceful at all times.

● Do not take any calls or messages on your phone while chanting.

● Keep your place for chanting clean, and it should be a place where you would find maximum solace.

● Avoid any kinds of disturbances.

● Try to focus on your goals; otherwise the whole Sadhana is a waste.

● Try to use some agarbatti and diya if possible.

[]Mistakes many people do make

First, we will tell you some general mistakes that most people do make when they do Mantra.

They don`t clear they mind, and that will make some forgotten thoughts to block or distract them inside.

Second thing is, they don’t believe in what they do. We must be focused 100 % on our goals and on our Mantra. Vibrations will get us to the final destination only if are strong enough.

[]How to avoid making these mistakes

We should find a peaceful place for our Mantra, a place where no one or anything will distract us while chanting the Mantra. Places where it will be we and the Creator alone. When you go to do Mantra, don’t take any devices with you. Disconnect yourself from the modern gadgets and focus your entire mind on the Mantra.

[]Benefits that we derive from Mantra

There are plenty of benefits from this method used by our ancestors for many millenniums. Your soul is more pure, you are more close to the spiritual world, and you are more aware and more prepared for many important tasks in your life.

You are rid of stress and that means you will live longer. It makes us more focused on our spiritual life and less focused on our materialistic life and that is crucial for becoming a human that gets to a higher level.

There are medicinal proofs that Mantra release neuroses that make it clear away all subconscious habit patterns. Embraced by the steady rhythm and by the vibration that connects us, all our thoughts combine wholly with the sound current.

Mantras boost our immunity and make us more resistant to illness. It also boosts our self esteem and make us surer of our qualities and what we can achieve in our life.

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[]Step by Step guide to the successful Mantra

We will give you few tips and some basic rules on how to do it in a right and effective way, because what really matters is the way you chant your Mantras. As we mention before in our previous book, different Mantras have different rules.

First what you need is to decide what you want to use that Mantra for. Different purposes require different preparations and items, different words are used, words that refer to certain Gods or Goddesses. So choose your Mantra according to your solutions and needs from Team Ideal Mantra’s new eBook.

Second thing is to find a good place for that. A peaceful place is what you need to keep you out of any kind of distractions. For this purpose, create a small corner in your home dedicated for this.

Third, always chant Mantras at least two times in the day, once in the morning and second time in the evening (night).

Other salient features of The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life include:

1.There are no excessive preaching and lengthy discussions about why and how you should choose a Mantra.

2.The passages are not tedious. They are short and easy to understand.

3.You get a wide range of Mantras for life protection, health, marriage and life’s many other benefits, and how you should select them by doing a thorough research.

4.How you should understand what your situation is and then how you should select the Mantras.

5.How you should understand which time of the day, night, month and year is most suitable for you to chant the Mantra once or several times.

6.How you can generalize the effect of evil powers and life’s disabilities by selecting the right Mantra which is easy for you to utter, to understand and to ingrain into your mind.

[]What we have learned here

Our ancestors enjoy the benefits of the Mantras and that’s why they leave this legacy for all of us that come after them. We have a key to the success and way of life that was working out for many others before us. What we need now is just to follow the steps and enjoy the benefits when the time comes. One important thing about Mantras is that we must finish them once we start the process of chanting, so, this will require a bit passion from us and a measure of commitment.

Start your Mantra now, follow the rules and tips written in this book and enjoy the benefits of it.

[] Discover the healing powers and hidden benefits of 50+ Mantras

[]Find answers to your questions and learn where, and how to use Mantras

Team Ideal Mantra has over 9 years of experience using Mantras for health, relationships and success. The Team Ideal Mantra has collected their knowledge into a definitive guide that answers some of the most common Mantra questions and it gives readers the guidance to choose the right Mantra(s) for their needs, every time. http://www.idealmantra.com/ebook-sales.html


Mantra’s benefits ultimately depend on you, like how you chant them, your intentions, faith and concentration. Many facts affect Mantra benefits. There is a complete list of do and don’t in Scriptures that we have to strictly follow.

Mantras are not magic words or any shortcuts which change our life suddenly. They are not just like chanting a Mantra and you get money or love. You have to exercise some patience. They take time to show the result.

We can only tell you the Mantras and chanting techniques which we found in Scriptures, Vedas and learn from the masters.

The Mantra benefits which we write on site are taken from old spiritual books and Vedas. We write which our Indian Gurus and Munees from hundreds of years ago. Mantra chanting benefits can vary from person to person.

The Mantra is not for a lazy person who always finds a shortcut. So if anything is going wrong, stop chanting and Please contact any specialist or Guru.

Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners

"Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners" is a sincere effort by the Team Ideal Mantra to produce enormous effects into your lives. The foremost content of creation, sound, has an influential effect on human lives. Mantras being divine sounds produce a physical vibration and can have extremely powerful effects on the mind of people. The Book has a host of guidelines to guide you to this method of physical awakening which would make you a staunch believer of the Mantra Method. The Book is a prime help to the beginners who have decided to make Mantras their guiding light. Some of the highlights of the eBook are as follows: - It presents to the beginners a powerful technology to clean your inner self and take you towards abundance. - This Book contains an array of guidelines explained beautifully to take you forward in this journey. - It teaches you everything, from 'how to get started', how the mantra works' and how to inculcate the essentials of the Mantras into your daily life. This eBook designed exclusively for you is a complete guidance for intoning the chant of each and every mantra with precision. Content Overview :- 1. Introduction 2. What is a Mantra? 3. The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as 4. How mantras work 5. The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and why it is not effective for you 6. How to chant 7. When to chant 8. Choosing the right Mantra 9. Best timing for chanting Mantras 10. About Mantra Counting 11. How to attain Mantras? Know the steps to attain siddhi through Mantras 12. Effectiveness of Mantra 13. How to Gain More from Mantra chants 14. Japa Meditation 15. Guidelines from Gurus and Masters 16. Lifestyles which you have to follow while chanting 17. Prohibited things during Mantra Sadhana 18. Mistakes many people do make 19. How to avoid making these mistakes 20. Benefits that we derive from Mantra 21. Step by Step guide to the successful Mantra 22. What we have learned here 23. Discover the healing powers and hidden benefits of 50+ Mantras 24. Find answers to your questions and learn where, and how to use Mantras 25. Disclaimer

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Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners