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Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah

Shakespir Edition

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The story is based on a true story shared by my wife before start of our first night (due to an underlying fear). She told about a case of a distant relative whose marriage was annulled by court of law or otherwise due to problem in penetration on her first day though both of them were known to each other for a pretty long time. I met the lady after our marriage. She was a beautiful lady, at least 20 year older than us. When I met that lady she was a lecturer of a college. Hope she is still alive with good health.

I came across similar two cases in last thirty years where their husbands abandoned them following legal process or otherwise. Out these two, one became a mother of a son once she got married to another man. In my story, I combined this character with the first one.

In a male dominated society, we blame a lady if she has some defects in her body to satisfy her husband. Normally the husband is quick enough to condemn the lady without going into detail or before taking all sorts of remedial medical recourses. But if a lady wants to take similar action, the society including her own parents try to convince her to sacrifice her desire.

In my story I want to covey only one thing, a husband or a wife, before condemning the spouse for any physical shortcoming, he/ she should consult specialists before coming to a final conclusion. Due to advancement of medical sciences, most of the physical disorders can be treated and with some patience they can live a happy and longer life. Further, pointing a physical defect is as traumatic for a female as that for a male. Therefore, one should avoid such mud slugging, at least in public.

I thank all my readers once again for their support. I am also thankful to Shakespir for providing the platform to publish this book.



Chapter I: The Beauty


Why her parents gave her name Manorama, I do not know. Manorama means extremely beautiful. But this Manorama was not even moderately beautiful. Her left eye was relatively much smaller than the right eye. However, in two criterions she was much above an average girl; one was her height and the other one was her intelligence. From class I to class X, she was the first girl in her class. So naturally she was the most liked girl among the teachers. I also had an excellent relation with her due to her intelligence and extremely likable behaviour. Moreover, her elder brother was my classmate. She was three year junior to me.

Her father and my father were classmates in their college days and therefore both the families were always in touch in good days and in troubled days as well. When we were young, we used to play together. But as we grew we stopped playing together. But visit to her house had not reduced till I went to college. However, our meeting became limited as my friend studied in a college situated at Tezpur, our District Head Quarters and I went to Guwahati. However, Manorama came to Cotton College after her matriculation where I was studying my graduation. His parents gave me her responsibility as a reliable family member.

As she was a nice girl, I did not have any problem from her during her stay at Guwahati for one year. However, I left Guwahati and went to Delhi after my graduation and our contact had been almost broken. She continued her studies in Cotton College next three years.

After her graduation, she was married to an engineer who was also from a known family of many decades. But just after six months their marriage was annulled on the instance of her husband. In his petition, he claimed that she was not a girl. Whatever might be the reason, she did not contest.

After that tragic incidence, she again joined her studies and went on to get a Ph. D in education and joined a college as a lecturer. All these information were passed on to me by my mother who kept a track of the events as a typical Indian lady who are more concerned about others’ daughters than their own.

Chapter II: The Meeting


A few years back, I met Manorama in a bus while both of us were going to our home town. Still she was slim compared to my bulky body. I could recognise her immediately, but she took few seconds to recognise me. Once she recognised me she exchanged her seat and sat with me for next six hours.

‘I heard that now you are posted in Guwahati?’ She asked with some excitement.

‘Yes, I have been at Guwahati since 1989. You are also in Guwahati, is not it?’ I asked her with equal enthusiasm.

‘Exactly not at Guwahati, I am working in Mirza College. But I am staying at Jalukbari.’ She told me the specific places. Mirza and Jalukbari both are in the periphery of Guwahati.

‘You have two children, how old they are now?’

‘Son is eight and daughter is five. Daughter is in class one and son is in class III.’ I told.

I found her a changed lady in terms of her out look to the society and to a male counterpart. As I knew her unfortunate marriage ordeal, I intentionally did not want to talk about that. But she was not adverse in talking about that six months’ married life.

‘Many people talk many things about me and my marriage. Most of the people blame me. Some talk about my behaviour towards my husband and his parents. Some claim that I am not even a woman. I do not know how they came to that conclusion!’ She paused for a moment.

‘When your marriage and subsequent annulment had taken place, I was in Delhi. I was shocked and became very unhappy to hear all those development. I cannot believe one thing; your behaviour was not good to your in laws and towards your husband.’ I defended her.

‘Yes, those who knew me from my childhood would never believe that I could ever misbehave with any elderly couple. Further Jatin’s ( her ex husband) parents were known to me for so many years.’ She again paused for few minutes.

Bus was moving at high speed. I could not muster the courage to know her view point.

‘Do you know, my father died of heart attack after annulment of my marriage?’She asked me.

‘Yes, my mother told me that unfortunate incident.’ I tried to make her understand I was kept myself well informed about her.

‘Oh, you are tracking me!’With a smile she said. I did not answer.

‘Why do you not get married again?’ I asked her.

‘It is difficult to get a suitable match for a spinster. It is much more difficult for a divorcee. So far I am concerned, people doubt about my sex even. How I shall again get a match?’ She sighed.

I kept mum for a long time. I wanted to know about her own assessment on being a complete woman. Had she ever felt any sex drive? Had she a regular menstruation cycle and so on? But I dared not to ask those personal questions.

The bus stopped at Orang, a small town famous for Rasgulla (a sweet mostly prepared by Bengali people). During that time we talked about her college and our common friends whom I could not meet for a long time.

As bus started moving she made an interesting comment, ‘We are together for last two hours, but you have not asked a particular question which every male has asked me within half an hour if I allow someone to talk with more than half an hour!’

“What was the question?’

‘Have you consulted a doctor? If yes what was his/her comments? I am fed up with those questions.’ It appeared she was somewhat annoyed with herself.

‘I did not ask that question because it is too personal and it may hurt your sentiment!’ I clarified my position.

She looked at me as if I did a mistake. Then she said, ‘For the first time I met a male who does not want to hurt my sentiment!’ I could not understand whether she really appreciated me or she made a fun of my statement. Silence ruled for few minutes.

After few minutes I realized she was dozing and after another few minutes her head rested on my shoulder. Then I felt her softness. She was exactly of my wife’s age; but she maintained her body much better way than my wife: I thought. I started enjoying her soft pushing on my chest and other parts of my body due her sleep and jerking of the bus.

Chapter III: The Evening Tea


On her request I visited her for a cup of tea. Actually, I had not visited their home for a pretty long time as her brother, my friend Arun was posted at Dhekiajuli, a small town coming between Tezpur and Guwahati. Therefore, Aunty while welcoming me, complained, ‘I thought you have forgotten the road leading to our home!’

‘No, Aunty, after death of my father and shifting of my mother to my brother’s place, I seldom visit home.’ I wanted to explain my position.

‘Who is looking after your properties?’

‘Now a days, one of my cousins from maternal side is staying in our house. He is staying with his wife and their small children. The first child is going to school, second one is a toddler’ I gave her details of my cousin without asking.

In the mean time, Manorama appeared. Before any welcome gestures, she started her apology, ‘I want to tender my unconditional apology for my rude behaviour on that day after taking tea at Orang!’

‘I understood your agony in answering those unsolicited questions. Perhaps you might have thought, I knew everything on that account, I pretended to be goody-goody to you! Therefore your trash remark was justified. But believe me, I am not aware of any facts on that account and I did not ask those questions to avoid hurting you.’ I tried to explain her.

‘I realized afterwards what you are explaining now. I believe what you have said on that day. That is why I am apologizing to you.’ Her voice was choked with emotion.

‘Can we change the topic now?’ I tried to make a lighter atmosphere. She also smiled and request to carry on my talk with Aunty and went to kitchen for preparing tea.

After tea, Aunty had left me with Manorama to talk freely. After few tit bits, Manoroma again came to the same topic, what I did not ask her.

‘I want to share something which I am not sharing even with my brother. I am sharing with you because I found you different from others. You care not to hurt the sentiment of a lady whose sentiments have already been in the auction market.’ She paused for a moment and started again, ‘I went to a lady gynaecologist to discuss whether I am a woman or not. After a thorough check up, she told me that I am a perfect woman; only I may need a small operation to make the opening little wider.’ While telling me about her very personal matters she was looking outside through the window avoiding any eye contact with me.

After two to three minutes silence, I asked, ‘Have you done the operation?’

‘No, I did not go for it. I did not find any reason to go for it. If I find any reason to do that, I shall definitely go for it.’ Her answer was an angry expression mixed with sadness.

‘ Your ex- husband instead of going to court, he should have gone to a doctor!’ My voice was also soaked with sympathy for the young lady who was looking to the dark sky through the window.

‘He was not fool. He was in love with another girl. Due to family pressure he married me. But with two unsuccessful attempts with me he went to court for annulment of our marriage. I could not defend my case as I was also not sure whether I am a woman or not.’ She started weeping.

For few seconds I became motionless, but after few seconds I stood from my chair and went near to her. Patting on her back I said, ‘Please do not cry. Please!’

‘Let me cry. For the first time I am crying before a male. I always hate to cry before a man, but today I feel to cry to wash out my sorrow stocked inside my heart. Give me your support to cry me out!’ Telling those sentences she embraced me and cried little loudly. After crying for few minutes she stopped crying and loosened her grip.

‘I am sorry. I do not know what you are thinking about me.’ In an apologetic voice she told.

‘It’s alright. I am happy to be the first person to flush out some of your sorrow and emotions!’ Letting her going out of my arms I told her.

After her emotional burst, we sat for another half an hour. When I told her that I am leaving for Guwahati next to next day, she invited for dinner on the next day. I could not refuse her invitation!

Chapter IV: She Is a Perfect lady


When I reached her home it was drizzling. As soon as I reached their home, Aunty welcomed me and said, ‘Today the weather is not good. How you have come today?’

‘My cousin has dropped me by his scooter. I am carrying an umbrella. If rain does not subside, I have to take a rickshaw from the town!’ She knew that I did not have any vehicle there.

‘Arun told me that he would come today and he would be able to drop you at your residence by his vehicle. That is why Manorama invited you for dinner. Otherwise she could have invited you for the lunch. At the last minute, he had to change his programme due to fever of his younger son.’ Aunty was apologetic.

Manorama emerged to the drawing room at that time and scolded her mother, ‘Before giving a cup of tea, you are talking how he will go after dinner.’ Then she again vanished to bring a cup of tea.

‘Do not worry for me Aunty, I have a habit of walking.’ I assured Aunty.

After dinner the weather turned to worst. It was raining cats and dogs.

Finally Manorama with great difficulty told my cousin that I would not be coming due to heavy rain and I would stay back at Aunty’s home. Practically staying at my cousin’s place or at Manorama’s home had no difference for me.

By 11 O’Clock my bed was arranged at drawing room. Manorama gave a bottle of water and told me if I need something, I should call her, as her room was next to the drawing room.

Normally, I do not have a good sleep at a new place. So I was just lying on the bed for next one hour or so.

In the darkness I saw someone approaching my bed. I was about to ask who was there; but before I could utter a word a soft hand stopped me from uttering any word.

I realized on that night, whatever I heard about lack of feminine nature of Manorama was totally wrong. She was a total woman with all the qualities of a perfect woman. She had the seducing power, she was soft and her private part was not explored at all. Therefore, it was little bit tighter and penetration was difficult initially. She felt pain but she encouraged me to continue and I found easier after few minutes of our love making.

While seeing off at the gate on the next morning she asked me, ‘Do you have any doubt that I am a woman?’

‘No. At least I do not have an iota of doubt on that account. You are a perfect lovely woman! Should I thank the bad weather for the lovely night!’I said with a meaningful smile.

‘Not exactly! I would not have allowed you to go on a different pretext if weather would have been good. I am waiting for the whole day for a favourable night; though I was little bit apprehensive about the final result.’ She said with a twinkle in her eyes.

‘You told me you had not gone for an operation so far!’ I wanted to know the truth.

‘I told you half of the consultation with the doctor. She told me if I shall be ready mentally well in advance for the mating, use some lubricant and if my partner is sensitive about my problem, I do not need a surgical operation. I found a sensible person in you, I was thinking whole day for the night and I also used some lubricants many times praying God to bless me this time!’ She unfolded everything.

‘Thanks for your faith in me! I do not know whether, you are fully satisfied or not. However, I am sorry to inflict some injury in the process!’ I told with genuine concern. ‘Use some antiseptic on your injury!’

‘Do not worry, injury will be healed soon. You have given me all happiness I was aspiring for! I am not sure, I have given you pleasure or not!’ She said coyly.

‘You have given me maximum pleasure one woman can give to a man. I look forward some more intimate moments!’ I told.

‘Then come again to my residence at Guwahati. Everyone thinks I am incapable of doing those things. Therefore, your visits to my residence will be beyond doubts!’ She invited me with an open heart.

‘Sure darling, I would like to meet you again and again.’ I left the place with a good memory.

Chapter V: She Left Very Next Day


Originally she was to go back to Guwahati after two days. But she decided to go back to Guwahati on the same day I was to return. She wanted to accompany me to Guwahati so that she could spend some quality time with me.

But God has a different plan for us. I could not accompany Manorama as I had go to eldest maternal uncle’s place as he had a mild heart attack. I met Manorama at the bus stand and promised her to meet her at Guwahati on my arrival.

She said, ‘I want to have a steady relation with you without disturbing your family. Will you be able to spare some time for me?’ Her eyes were moist.

I promised her to keep a steady relation with her. As the bus moved, I saw her face was glowing with the expectation for a steady relation with me.

Whole day I was busy with doctor and nurse for the treatment of my uncle. When next day doctor declared my uncle was out of danger, I left for Guwahati by an evening bus.

While crossing a railway line before Balipara, my co-passenger told me, ‘This is the place where yesterday morning the ghastly accident took place between a bus and a train.’

I saw the mingled body of a bus near the railway line. When I was crossing the ill fated bus, I could see the name of the bus. My whole body started trembling. It was the bus by which Manorama and I were to travel. I did not travel by this bus due to my uncle’s illness; but Manorama travelled. With a trembling voice I asked my co-passenger, ‘Is there any casualty?’

‘Yes, ten died on the spot and rest were injured.’ He told me as if nothing serious had happened.

‘I was to travel by this bus yesterday. But one of my relatives (I am referring about Manorama) travelled by this bus.’ I murmured.

Then I immediately telephoned my friend Arun to ask about Manorama. My worst fear came true. She was one of the victims of the accident. I could not stop my tears. She was all along unhappy for last one decade; but she wanted to start another chapter of happiness. But God had a different idea. I reached Guwahati at around 10 PM without taking even a cup of tea. After reaching Guwahati I told my wife that I had taken my dinner on the way.

When I told my wife about the accident she said, ‘Thank God, you did not travel by that bus. Sorry for that unfortunate lady who could not be happy in her life. She was rather relieved of the pains of not being proper woman (she also knew the rumour that she was not a complete woman). God gives peace to her!’

I was about to tell my wife, ‘Manorama was a complete woman in all respect.’ But I did not say anything. I recalled the only night with her. How beautiful that night was!!!!!



The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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In a male dominated society, we blame a lady if she has some defects in her body to satisfy her husband. Normally the husband is quick enough to condemn the lady without going into detail or before taking all sorts of remedial medical recourses. But if a lady wants to take similar action, the society including her own parents try to convince her to sacrifice her desire. In my story I want to covey only one thing, a husband or a wife, before condemning the spouse for any physical shortcoming, he/ she should consult specialists before coming to a final conclusion. Due to advancement of medical sciences, most of the physical disorders can be treated and with some patience they can live a happy and longer life. Further, pointing a physical defect is as traumatic for a female as that for a male. Therefore, one should avoid such mud slugging, at least in public.

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  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-06-27 02:50:19
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